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    You might remember reading the Astrology column in the newspaper or online. This site is not like that. This is the site of a Professional Astrologer. Robin has been doing this for decades. She has appeared on television and provides readings for some rather famous people.

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    Put away the image of the little old lady covered in a shawl in the back of a wagon with a crystal ball. This is the real deal. How do I know and why promote her? Well, she is the mother of my children and I trust her with my life. When she says the shit is gonna hit the fan, trust me, it gonna fly!
    What to expect - not the winning lottery numbers! LOL! In speaking with Robin, you just need to be honest about where you are in your life right now and she will tell you what the stars say you can expect in upcoming highlights and, ah, challenges in your life, how long they will last and when it will get better.

Being My Own Self

To visit Robin's site, Being My Own Self dot com, just click on the link or enter this code in your browser

"Your smaller self is never ready to be more. Your higher self is already more. Your fear is the only bridge between the two. Cross it."

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