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    There is all kinds of websites on the World Wide Web. How the hell do you find one you're interested in? Just "Google" it! I have found more crap sites on the Internet that I would ever admit to, but I've found a few cool ones on the way. Enjoy!

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    It goes without saying that Wikipedia is the mother of information. Back in the day, I had a set of Collier's Enyclopedias. Jezz, looking stuff up took forever! Now it's a few mouse clicks away. My father bought the first IBM PC. It had two floppy discs. I wrote programs in BASIC. Now I'm really going out there and let you know that I took computer programming at the local community college. I used punch cards to run the main computer on campus. God, am I that old?!?

    Way back when, LOL, I had a group of friends that got together once a week to watch movies, but not just any movie. On a rotating basis, each person had to choose a film (16mm) from the library choosen only by title. Then we would gather, thread the projector and watch the movie. One such movie was called "Zoom." This video is just about exactly the same movie, except this newer version goes out a bit further. It's an awesome trip. Enjoy.

100 Clouds
One Hundred Clouds
    Just what it says. Tons of pictures of clouds, mostly from airplanes.

Mental Floss
    Since its founding in a Duke University dorm room in 2001, Mental Floss has reached more than 1 billion readers with smart, quirky content presented in a witty, upbeat voice. Our New York City-based team of editors and writers—as well as our worldwide network of contributors—answers life’s big questions, uncovers fascinating facts, and finds stories so interesting that our readers absolutely must share them.
    When you read Mental Floss, you’ll discover amazing things like: why Paraguay loves Rutherford B. Hayes; hilarious Victorian slang you can incorporate into current conversations; the 100 best movies to stream right now; why both ravens and crows form—and hold—grudges; and how a famous board game was used to bust soldiers out of POW camps in World War II.
    The bottom line? Whether Mental Floss is covering history, science, pop culture, language, music, true crime, or entertainment, they help their audience feel smarter.

The Moth
    The MOth Radio Hour is a staple on PBS. The stories you can listen to are awesome. Perfect site for what PBS calls, a drivewway moment ....when you park in the drivway and you just have to keep listening.

    Superdrewby is a really cool site! Here's what Drew has to say about the site and himself ... "Superdrewby is an online community for gays and lesbians to share and discuss issues of interest and to provide a safe, positive role model for young gay guys and girls coming to terms with their sexuality. The Superdrewby mission statement is: 'To provide a safe and positive role model for gays and lesbians on the web.' As for my reasons behind running Superdrewby, I think of myself as a big brother and a lost dog catcher. I have a habit of finding the person at a club that has never been there before, knows no one and is in need of friends. I usually (much the chagrin of my partner and friends) invite them over to our group and try to make them feel welcome!" Check Drew out. You'll love his site. I did ... and still do!

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