Gay News Sources   
Gay News Sources
What's Going on in the GLBTQ+ World

    We live in an ever evolving world and change happens quickly. Here are some websites to keep you up to date from politics to health and to the latests news. There is always something going on and you can keep up to date with these sites.

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The Advocate
is a stalwart of the LGBT media landscape, providing 50 years of in-depth coverage on a variety of topics relevant to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans communities. Launched in January 1967 as a local newsletter in response to a police raid on a gay bar, it transformed into a nationally distributed newspaper within a year and is now a bi-monthly printed magazine and website. Take a look at the trending topics on the homepage to get a feel for what the LGBTQ+ community is discussing on any given day.

Buzzfeed LGBTQ+ News
Buzzfeed LGBTQ+ News
- It’s a site that has a little something for any mood and a huge following of engaged readers commenting on the content and on social media.

- Gay USA is a weekly hour of news, analysis and interviews. Their goal each week is to keep you up to date with the latest developments in LGBT and AIDS/health news in the United States and from around the world.

NBC Out News
Yeah, it's a major news outlet and it has a page just for us. Check it out. I do. Everyday.

is a LGBT site from across the pond. PinkNews made its debut in 2005 and quickly gained attention from readers interested in general, business, entertainment, and travel news and opinions.

Pride Life Global
Pride Life Global
is a one-stop lifestyle resource for the discerning gay man or woman and is based in the UK. Pride Life offers a fresh new perspective of the LGBTQ+ community.

began in 2003 and is now a leading online news source offering a broad range of information on politics, pop culture, gay culture, media, entertainment, photography, fashion, technology, men, music and travel.

The Washington Blade - America's LGBT News Source
Washington Blade
is one of the oldest sources of LGBT news in the U.S., and its experience is evident in its coverage around the DC metro area, nationally, and internationally. It started as a single-page community newsletter in 1969. Through sheer grit and determination on the part of its readers and dedicated publishers, it made it through bankruptcy to continue offering up content from politics to health to local nightlife hotspots.

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