Anytime, Anywhere by Chris James    Anytime, Anywhere
by Chris James

  Sexual Situations
  Rated Mature 18+

Anytime, Anywhere by Chris James

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Author Introduction
    A trilogy of short fictional stories written when I was a teenager--shortly after the typewriter was invented. That was back in the day when chance encounters served my imagination, at least in the first two stories. The third story speaks to my teenage feelings about finding something lasting, and someone to love. For even at that young age I wanted romance ... and a whole lot more.

Story One: Any Time, Any Where (B/B)

All right, it had been ten minutes since Brian had left the rec room to use the bathroom. The other kids didn't seem to notice his absence from the party so I slipped up the stairs. I opened the door to the hallway, wondering what the adults were doing.

The Thanksgiving gathering had been a success for my aunt. After a really decent meal the younger kids had gone down to watch a movie while the adults talked, probably about us. I had four cousins here today besides my two sisters and little brother. Brian was a cousin on my mother's side and they lived in New Jersey.

I only saw him on holidays when the family got together; it had been several months since we had last met. He had grown a bit, throwing off the baby fat and becoming a sleek enticing adolescent of fourteen. Remembering my own bout with puberty had been a time of trial I decided to be especially nice to him.

When I was fourteen the changes in my body had delighted me. I was sure Brian had reached that moment as well and I wanted to share the joy with him. But I was sixteen now and afraid he wouldn't respond to my overtures.

Only the year before we had huddled together in the backseat of my uncle's car and Brian had allowed my hands to explore his body. He had enjoyed the feel of my hand wrapped around his stiff little cock, at least he had said as much. We were just about to get deeper in our exploration when the fireworks ended and his father had returned to the car.

But he had fondled my cock in return and had returned my kisses. Boyish foolishness for sure, but it made me long for more. Now he had left the party which meant he was probably alone somewhere.

I went down the hall but the bathroom door was open and the light off. A quick peek in several of the other rooms showed he wasn't there either. I could hear the laughter of the adults out on the screened porch. November in Florida and it was still warm enough outside for a party. Maybe Brian was out there with them?

A peek through the living room window and all I saw were adults, my folks included. Where was he? I went across the kitchen to the back door and stopped. Why was the garage door open a crack? Was Brian out there?

I opened the door a bit and looked out at the cars parked inside. It was dark but in the second car of three I saw a dim glow. I crept down the few stairs and walked around the first car. Again I saw the glow and realized it was from a cigarette.

Looking through the rear window of my uncle's car I saw Brian sitting in the back seat with a cigarette in his mouth. He looked up with a start as I opened the rear door.

"You're smoking?" I said in my best accusatory tone.

"Quick get in," Brian said. He coughed a little and stubbed the cigarette out in the ashtray.

"Smoking is nasty," I said fanning away the lingering haze in the car. "When did you start smoking?"

"I don't," he said, coughing some more. "I just found it while I was sitting here. I wondered if you'd discover I was gone."

"What brought you out here?" I asked.

"We have some unfinished business, don't we?" he said.

"Oh ... you mean ... "

"Yeah, last summer."

I kissed him and even though I hated the smoky taste of his breath it was wonderful. We both groped each other's crotch and I was surprised at the considerable size of the stiffness I felt, he certainly had grown.

"Damn, you're big," I said.

"Yeah, isn't it great," he replied.

Brian tugged at my belt and unfastened my pants as I struggled with his zipper. His hand slid beneath my boxers and grasped my cock, pulling it out into the open. Before I could even return the favor his head was in my lap and my cock was in his mouth.

I gasped, what was he doing to me? But Brian knew what he wanted and pushed me back on the seat. His lips slid down the length of my cock and I shuddered at the unfamiliar sensation. My cock felt surrounded by a warm moist heat, it was incredible.

I felt his tongue wiggle up and down the shaft and my cock responded by swelling to an amazing size. Brian grasped my balls and began to fondle them with his hand. Oh man, where had he learned how to do this? And how can he do this to another guy?

Despite my turmoil I was amazed at how awesome this felt. Blow jobs had only been the stuff of deep fantasy and here it was happening. Oh sweet momma, this was so good. And deep inside I responded to the heat of his mouth and the sensuous fondling of my most precious possessions, I was coming.

"Oh ... Brian ... I'm coming," I gasped.

He responded by grasping the base of my cock and rubbing up and down with his hand. I felt my cock pushing against the back of his throat as the surge began. I thrust upwards as my body began to tremble. Oh, oh, it had never felt like this before.

I groaned as cum sprayed down his throat, but Brian never stopped what he was doing. After several spurts that seemed to empty me completely I collapsed back on the seat. Brian licked away several errant drops and then sat up licking his lips. I sat there dumbfounded and watched the smile play across his mouth.

"Like it like that?" he asked.

My chest was heaving, my cock shriveling, feeling cold in the open air. He leaned over and kissed me again, only this time he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I tasted smoky saliva and what I realized must be my own cum. I almost lost my dinner as I pushed him away.

"Where did you learn to do that?" I gasped, trying to keep my food down.

"A friend," he said and nothing more.

What kind of friend would ... oh. I stared into that smiling face and suddenly realized this boy knew a lot more about sex than I did. How could that be, he was younger than me? I felt envious and a little concerned, but I knew Brian was proud of his achievement.

Brian reached down and pulled out his cock as I stuffed my limp one back in my pants. His wasn't small anymore and it was standing straight up. I felt inadequate ... did he expect me to suck his cock now? I couldn't do that, I didn't know how.

But he had another trick up his sleeve. Placing his feet up on the front seat Brian leaned over and began to suck his own cock. Granted he could only put the head in his mouth but I was amazed. He stopped and looked over at me.

"Could you at least give me a hand? Tickle my balls or something."

He resumed sucking and I grasped his ball sac. His balls had grown large and I could see hair beginning to grow above his cock. I fondled and he sucked, it was the strangest experience I had ever had.

Brian pushed his pants down below his knees and spread his legs apart. He grabbed my hand and then grasped my index finger. Pushing it down between his legs I felt him poking his butt hole with my finger. Gross, what did he expect me to do? His legs spread wider and his hand pushed the finger insistently against his ass hole.

This had been Brian's show from the beginning and it seems I was supposed to stick my finger up his ass so I cooperated. Pushing my finger into the crack I felt his body shudder. I pushed harder and felt the finger slide into his hole. I had never tried this on myself and didn't know what to expect, but Brian did.

I felt tightness around the finger and then suddenly it was gone and I slid it in up to the second knuckle. Brian's body was rocking back and forth, his cock going in and out of his mouth and my finger plunging ever deeper in his ass. I wiggled the finger around, hoping I was doing the right thing.

Suddenly Brian gasped and I watched his ball sac contract as he came in his own mouth. Shocked I did the wrong thing, I quickly pulled my finger out of his butt. He moaned and took his mouth off the end of his cock. I watched several spurts erupt and dribble down the shaft. Oh damn, how could he eat that stuff?

He sat back up with a groan. "I love the way that feels but it really hurts my back."

"I didn't know a guy could suck his own cock," I said. "I could never do that."

"Guess I'm just lucky," he said, wiping away the come with an old napkin he found in the pouch behind the seat.

"Your friend taught you that?" I asked.

"Naw, he can't do it either. I'm skinny enough and a lot more flexible. Still, it hurts my back and I don't think I'll do it again any time soon." He pulled his pants back up and we sat there in the silence of the garage.

"You ever think about sucking cock?" Brian asked.

"No, I just thought we would like jerk off or something."

"You ought to try it, it doesn't taste bad."

"I don't know about that. What was the finger up your butt all about?"

"You better go wash that hand," he suggested. "I put a finger up my butt and my body goes crazy. It makes me come big time. At least you can try that one on yourself, I recommend it."

We went back inside and I washed up in the kitchen sink. I didn't think I could face the other kids in the basement after my session with Brian and he agreed. We went into my uncle's den and started a game of Monopoly.

I found myself staring at Brian. He didn't seem any different on the outside, like he wasn't acting gay or anything. I just couldn't loose my curiosity about who this friend was and how Brian had suddenly become so experienced.

My uncle, Brian's dad, and my mother found us at some point during the game.

"Oh great, good to see you two are enjoying yourselves," my mother said. "Brian, your father has some good news for you."

My uncle was such a cool guy. He had always been my favorite. "Brian, how would you like to move here to Florida next year?"

"Here?" Brian said. "But dad, what about my school, and your business?"

"You can go to school with Mark, I'm sure he'd be glad to introduce you to some new friends. As for the business, I've wanted to sell that franchise for a long time. I think your Uncle John and I will start up something here, at least we like the idea."

"I know Mark would like to have you living closer to us, wouldn't you Mark?" my mother said.

I nodded in agreement but kept looking at the disappointment on Brian's face. I knew what he was thinking. Moving here meant he would loose that special friend, the one that had taught him so much about sex. The parents finally left us alone and Brian put his face in his hands. I couldn't believe it but he was crying right there in front of me.

And Brian's family finally moved to Florida in June the following year. Brian appeared sullen and depressed, just about what I had expected. It must have been hard to say goodbye to that special friend. It made me more determined to question him about the relationship.

After the movers left our combined families worked on unpacking their house. All morning we worked moving boxes, storing things in cabinets and clearing up the disarray. When lunch arrived I asked if Brian and I could spend the afternoon at the beach so I could introduce him to my friends.

I'd brought along my moped and so Brian and I rode the two miles to the beach in tandem. He liked the ride and so I didn't wait to tell him my surprise.

"I have something for you," I said.

"A plane ticket back to New Jersey?" he said.

"Sorry, can't do that. But I thought since you're fifteen I would give you the moped."

"Really? That's so cool," he said and that brought the smile back to his face.

"I'll have to show you a few things, but riding this baby is a breeze, all the boys down here have them."

"I guess I'm stuck," and the smile went away.

I rode up the Coastal Highway past some of the gigantic mansions of the rich and famous which overlooked the beach. There was a small section of mangrove that was up for sale and I pulled in through the barrier they'd put up to keep cars out. Once over the hump of sand I pulled off the road and we went into the trees where I stopped.

"Where are we?" Brian asked.

"My private beach, at least until somebody builds on this lot," I said.

The trees were full of wildlife, lizards scampered out of our way and birds chattered at our approach. After a walk of only a hundred yards we came to the beach grass growing along the dunes. I picked our way through the sharp blades and we stood at the top of the beach. Twenty feet away the Atlantic threw curls of water at the shore, a sight that always gave me a thrill.

"Oh, this is awesome," Brian said.

"Let's sit over there," I said, pointing at a spot of hard packed sand in the shade of a palm tree.

Brian wiggled his toes in the white sand. "We don't have beaches like this up north."

"I'm sure you'll miss a lot of things from up there," I said.

"Yeah," Brian said, "I'm sure you want to know all about him."

"Only if you want to tell me," I said.

"I suppose you ought to know, you're the only other guy. You remember last Thanksgiving?"

"How could I forget, you freaked me out, remember? But in a nice way, I mean, it was awesome."

"I was never going to tell anyone about him, Mark. You have to promise never to say a word about this to anyone."

"Like, who would I tell?"

"I'm serious," Brian said.

"And so am I. No one will ever hear it from my lips."

"His name is Francis, Francis Delveney."

Brian looked at me. Should I know this name? I shook my head.

"Francis Delveney was my seventh grade math teacher," Brian said.

"Oh my God," I said aloud. "A teacher?"

"He's a sweet and loving man, Mark. I still love him and it broke his heart when I moved here." Brian put his head down but this time there were no tears.

"How did ... when did you ... ?" I stammered. "A teacher?"

"It was over a year ago when I was still in his class. I went to the mall one Saturday morning and was headed across the parking lot when I saw this car pull up by the entrance. I saw a boy get out of the passenger's side. I think he was your age, fifteen or sixteen. I was getting closer when I realized the guy behind the wheel was Francis. He was Mr. Delveney to me back then.

"So this boy got out and leaned back in the window. I watched Francis hand him some money and the kid dashed off into the mall. I was only about ten feet away when Francis started to pull away and the car's engine died. I remembered that he had been late for class a few times and told us it was his car's fault.

"He tried to crank the engine over but it refused to start. About that time I walked up to the driver's side and he saw me. I waved and he rolled down his window. I asked him if the car was dead again and he just laughed. Then old nosey me asked Francis if that was his son he had just let out that the curb. He gave me a funny look."

"You know, Mark, I can be a dumb ass sometimes. Francis was like twenty-seven and the boy sixteen. If I had done the math in my head I would never have asked the question. Imagine him an eleven year old father, duh.

"Well, I hung around until Francis got a tow truck which pulled his car around to the other side of the mall to the service station and still charged him seventy bucks for the tow. He was pretty pissed. Anyway the guy said it would be a few hours to fix and so Francis and I went across the street to the burger place.

"He bought me a hamburger and asked what I was doing up at the mall. I started talking about the arcade and how I was out to beat the Viper game they had. He laughed and said the game was too easy. He'd beaten it in two hours of play."

"That's a hard game," I said.

"Yeah, well I'd spent three weeks trying to master the damn thing. Francis said he had a much more difficult version on his computer at home and it was giving him fits. Right about then the boy he'd let off at the mall came walking into the burger place. I pointed him out to Francis but he didn't respond. The boy got his order and walked right past us to the door. Neither of them said a word to each other, it was weird.

"So I asked what that was all about and Francis said the kid was just out for money and he didn't want to talk to him again. I didn't know what he meant, Mark, but it didn't feel right. Then Francis asked me if I would like to play the Viper 2 game with him and should I call my parents to get their approval.

"It was my turn to laugh, they didn't even know I was at the mall, they thought I had a baseball game until four o'clock. Francis and I drove to his apartment where he booted up his computer so I could play the game. He had all kinds of games stacked on his bookshelf. I could have played there for months."

"He was good at them?" I asked.

"He was amazing and said he owed it all to math, whatever that means. So then things got a little crazy. Francis makes himself a cup of coffee and he standing behind watching me when all of a sudden the coffee is all over me. It wasn't too hot but it had soaked the shirt and pants of my baseball uniform. Francis apologized and offered to wash them before I went home. So I took it off."

"Pretty clever of him, I guess."

"Yeah, I figured that out later. I was sitting there in my boxers still trying to get off level one when Francis started leaning over my shoulder and giving me directions. You know how much I hate that but it was his game and he helped me win the level. His hands started rubbing my shoulders and back. It felt really good and before I knew it I had popped a stiffie right out the slit in my boxers. Francis didn't say a word; he just got down on his knees and started sucking on me."

"I guess he wasn't worried that you'd report him," I said.

"Aw, Mark, you know me by now. It was so unexpected, but I suppose I had wanted my cock sucked since I started jerking off. I mean Francis was taking me through a dozen levels at once. It felt so good and I was horny as hell back then anyway.

"So it didn't take long before I felt like I was going to explode and I told him it was coming. He sucked me down to my balls and I let go in his mouth. He stood up, thanked me and went back to showing me the next level in the game. I beat three levels before my stuff went in the dryer."

"That's it, he sucked you off and that was it?"

"When I finished level three Francis picked me up and carried me into his bedroom. He promised never to hurt me as he pulled off my boxers and started licking my cock again. Man, his tongue gave me an instant stiffie. This time he took off his clothes and lay down on the bed next to me only in the opposite direction. Then he pulled me on top and asked if I would like to fuck him in the mouth."

"Oh shit, my cock is getting hard just thinking about it," I said.

"Then you better whip it out because this gets more intense," Brian said.

He laughed when I started undoing my shorts. "So Francis takes my cock back in his mouth for a moment and then lets it out. He starts licking my balls and that is just the bomb. His hands spread my legs and I realize his tongue is licking my ass hole. I didn't know it could feel so good. Suddenly I realize his cock is right there in front of my nose and I was sure he wanted something back for all the pleasure he was giving me. I licked at the head just as Francis drove his tongue up my butt. My whole body started shaking; his tongue was driving me crazy.

"I pushed his cock in my mouth and started doing what I thought he would like. He went back on my cock and I barely noticed when he started fingering my ass hole. In fact he had two fingers up my butt when I came for the second time. I was a little disappointed that I hadn't made him come but relieved at the same time since he hadn't come in my mouth."

"Jeez ... awesome."

"You keep stroking like that and you're going to make a mess, Mark."

"Uh, huh, keep talking," I said.

"I asked him why he didn't come and he said sucking never got him off. I asked what did and he rolled me over on top of him. I felt his cock poking me in the butt and I said he was gonna hurt me. Francis pulled a jar of creamy stuff from the table and stuck two fingers in it. His fingers slid right up my ass again and I really liked the feel of that. He pulled them out and showed me that his cock was almost as wide as three fingers. Then he proceeded to slide three fingers in me. It hurt a little but I liked that even better.

"So I slid back down and got up on my knees. Francis put his cock against my butt hole and I just sat down on it. Oh, Mark, it felt so good, so right. He was fucking me and I loved it. I rode up and down on him, feeling his cock get stiffer and stiffer. Something like yours is now. And then he blasted a bunch of his jizz in my rear. Aw man, it felt like nothing else, it was the best sex I'd ever had. Squirt over there, will you, watch out for my sandals."

I was panting and gasping when he finished, my cum sinking into the sand. "And that's how it started?" I asked

"Yup, it got crazy after that. I spent every available moment I had with him. We had sex any time, any where. Since he couldn't always fuck me he would suck me off whenever I asked for it. Francis spent a lot of time on his knees in front of me. We did it in the toilet stalls at school and in the mall. He came to watch me play baseball and we did it in the back seat of his car after the game. But it was best when I went to his apartment and he could fuck me. Yes, I love being fucked, Mark"

"I didn't say anything, did I?"

"You better not, you'll have to do the fucking now," Brian said.

"Me, you want me to fuck you?" I screamed.

"Yes, who else? But I warn you, once you try it you'll never go back to girls."

"I'm not interested in girls anyway," I said. "But fucking you in the ass, I don't know about that."

"But you'll try it won't you? If not I may forget how to suck cock and that would be a shame."

"Oh, blackmail. Well, shit. I'll do it, but we have to get condoms."

"No problem, I have one in my pocket and dozens at home."

"I should have known. I may not be as good as Francis," I said.

"He was my first, Mark. No one ever matches your first. I'll get over it in time, but I will always miss him."

"I'll do what I can to keep you happy," I said.

"I know you will. Are you hard yet?"

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Story Two: Determination

Aisle Five, laden with lady's face and body creams, five shelves high. The boy is bent over, looking at the bottles on the bottom shelf. His ass is sweet, he's all of twelve...maybe thirteen. I notice the dark hairs on his legs, he's there already. I want to talk with him.

What about? Maybe the best quality of hand cream to lubricate a cock when pounding it under the covers at night? Hey kid, do you jerk off? Of course you do, so do I. I'm a fucking expert.

I can't do that here, too perverted. Fun yes, the kid is only a year or two younger, but I'm a world apart. I'm going to hang at the skateboard ramps today, watch the boys fly back and forth. Damn, so hot looking, but they wear the worst clothing. Hot and sweaty I can handle, it's often a turn on, but not this.

The look is too baggy. No ass, no bulge. Like what happened to tight jeans? Stupid fashion happened and big cocks were hidden behind yards of fabric. Unlike Aisle Five in his tight little soccer shorts. I'm looking at the crack of his ass right now.

He straightens up and I watch a hand slide down his stomach and reach for the cock in his shorts. Not a playful move, just readjusting the package. It's grown so big so fast. He's not used to it hanging low. Cocks are supposed to stand straight up in your pants when they get stiff.

Stiff? Sure enough, the boy is gaining a stiff one. I duck down the aisle and head for the pharmacy. I've got to be in the bathroom when he gets there. I look back and sure enough his mom is coming down the aisle. The kid won't be able to face her for long, not with a swollen cock.

I look around the pharmacy. One old lady at the counter, no on else in sight. I slide through the bathroom door, a one holer with urinal. Good move, the door has a lock. I pretend to wash my hands and pray the kid does what I expect.

I count to ten and the door swings open. The kid looks towards me but sees the toilet enclosure and b-lines through that door. I pull some towels from the rack and dry my hands. I hear the toilet lid go down, he's going to sit and whack it.

I open the door and step back. The door clumps shut and I quietly turn the deadbolt. I stand stock still, trying not to breathe too loudly. I look around the corner and see his shorts hit the floor.

I pad my way across the floor quietly. I fish in my pocket for a quarter to turn the locking mechanism. I don't need it, the lock has been removed. Brave kid inside, I can hear his hand moving up and down.

Peaking through the crack I see his head back, eyes closed and a hard cock in his fist. I pull open the door and he senses my presence.

"Cool, dude. Going for the big blast off?" I say.

"Shit," he yelps. "Can't I get some privacy?"

I move forward and step on his shorts. His feet are pinned and he struggles free of the shorts, just what I wanted. He's trying to cover his cock as I grasp his mop of hair and raise him up. Pushing back I get him seated on the toilet tank. Cold porcelain, warm skin, I know he's uncomfortable.

I slide onto the toilet seat and pull his hands away from his crotch. Ah, what have we here? His cock was unusual and not at all like mine. This must be what an uncircumcised cock looks like. I grasp his ball sac and he stiffens.

"This isn't going to hurt one bit," I say.

I lower my head to his lap and suck his cock into my mouth. I taste the folds of his skin and inhale the scent of his crotch sweat. Must have just finished a game, he's sweaty. I suck him tenderly and feel his cock swell in my mouth. No words of protest, the deed is done.

Fondling his balls I suck his cock to the back of my throat. He's got four inches, I can handle this easily. I lick at the underside of his cock as I slide him in and out. I feel him shudder. The head of his cock slides in and out of the skin, cool.

Three, two, one. I feel the surge and his ball sac tightens. He gushes in my mouth, not much, but enough. A heady taste, sweet and salty. A pulse or two more and he's done. I lick away the last drop and stand up before him. Reaching down I pick up his shorts.

"Did you win the game?" I ask.

"No ... we lost," he replies, holding his shorts and staring up at me.

"You're a winner in my book," I say and turn to go.

"Hey," he says.

I stop and turn.

"What was that all about, you leaving?" he asks.

"Gotta run, your momma will be looking for you," I said.

He stands up and pulls on his shorts. The stall is very small, he's right in front of me. I feel no fear in this closeness. Maybe?

"If you liked it we could do it again," I suggest.

"I go to Pinehurst," he says. "I'll be at Taggert next year."

He was a sixth grader. He'd be on my turf next year.

"You been to Hammond Park?" I ask.

"Yeah, I go to the playground with my kid sister."


"Yeah, about ten o'clock until noon."

"See ya then," I said and unbolted the door.

I hadn't pitched very hard and he was catching. He liked it, so I guessed we would do it again.

My house backed on Hammond Park, a short walk from the playground. I cleaned out the old tree house and fixed the ladder. I hauled out my old sleeping bag and hung it in the branches to air out. Shit, I didn't even know his name.

Saturday morning I was twelve feet in the air sitting on the sleeping bag and armed with a pair of binoculars. The kid didn't know where I lived, what if his mother came?

Ten o'clock and I started to watch the park through the glasses. Sure enough, the boy arrived on his bike with a younger girl in tow. She was old enough to play alone and there were lots of kids on the swings and slides. The boy looked around and I smiled, he was looking for me.

I walked across the grassy field towards the playground and the boy caught sight of me. I wondered what he was thinking about our meeting this past week. But the smile on his face meant I had no worries.

"Hey," he said by way of greeting.

"I'm Max, but you never told me your name," I said.

"Barry. That's my sister Becky over there," he replied.

The girl was talking to several other kids by the swings.

"Can we leave for a while?" I asked.

"Guess so, she's ten, pretty smart for her age," Barry replied.

"You ok?" I asked.

"About last week? Yeah, that was all good."

"Come on then."

I lead him across the field and through the small patch of trees into my back yard. I showed him my tree house and he climbed the ladder first. I followed close behind, my eyes on the smooth rounded form of his ass.

We stood in the tree house and I pointed across at the playground. "We can keep an eye on your sister from here," I said.

The front of his shorts was already bulging outwards, he wanted it again. "Let's take off our clothes," I suggested.

Barry pulled off his t-shirt and shorts while slipping out of his sneakers, I did the same. We stood admiring each other. His unusual cock and mine stood out from our bellies. I wasn't going to ask him if he would do me, it was just going to happen. I rolled out the sleeping bag and we lay down, my head towards his feet.

"What you did felt really, really good," Barry said, his hand stroking his cock.

"Yeah, I'll bet. I like your cock, never saw one like that before."

"Uncircumcised you mean? My whole family is like that."

"It's fun to play with," I said.

I reached a hand across and grasped his cock. His hand shifted from his cock to mine as I lowered my head into his lap. I slid his cock in my mouth and felt his grip tighten on my cock. I began to suck him gently and felt his breath on the head of my cock.

I knew he'd never done it before, but he had to start somewhere. I slid a hand between his legs and grasped his ass cheeks, pulling him towards me. Barry's mouth closed around my cock and he began to suck.

He smelled of soap and the scent inspired me to take another step beyond what he had already experienced. I pulled off his cock and took his balls in my mouth. Barry hesitated and then kept on sucking. I licked his ball sac and then spread his legs apart. I eased my tongue away from his balls and into the crack of his ass. My fingers pulled his cheeks apart and I ran my tongue across his hole.

Barry gasped and stopped sucking me. "Max, what are you doing?"

"Feels good, don't it?" I mumbled. My tongue wiggled around and then slid in his butt hole. I felt Barry tremble.

"Max, I thought we were...?"

"Go with the feeling, Barry. You don't have to do it." Hell, shut up kid and suck my cock.

I felt his sphincter relax and I went back to sucking his balls. Barry went back down on my cock. I wormed a finger into the crack of his butt and felt the glob of spit my tongue had left behind. I went back down on his cock and at the same time I pushed the finger up into his hole.

Barry shuddered and I felt his ass tighten up. But there was no way he could stop me, the finger buried itself in his butt. He reached a hand down to try and pull my finger out but I pushed it in to the knuckle and felt his sphincter spasm.

"Stop," Barry said, "that feels weird."

"Give it a chance," I said, refusing to withdraw.

I sucked his cock down my throat as my finger wiggled around in his warm, wet ass. I felt his cock swell and knew he was getting close to blasting off. He was still sucking on me but my focus was on him, I wouldn't come for a while yet.

I heard Barry gasp and knew the pressure was building up. I started sucking faster and my finger began to worm in and out. Barry began to thrust with his hips and I felt his sphincter relax. I slid my finger in all the way and wiggled.

"Oh ... oh," was all Barry had to say.

I felt his cock swell, his sphincter started to spasm over and over, gripping my finger and then releasing. Barry groaned and my cock slipped from his mouth as he hit the release point. My throat was spattered with his cum. I drank in every bit of his creamy essence.

I slid my finger from his ass and Barry lay back on the sleeping bag.

"Pretty good, huh?" I asked. "The finger up your butt makes you cum like a race horse."

"Uh, it was awesome," he whispered. His chest was heaving from the exertion. "But I don't feel like doing you that all right?"

"Sure, normal reaction, maybe later," I said.

"Yeah, I will, I promise."

"No pressure, Barry. This is supposed to be fun and I'm having a ball. So tell me, how do you jerk that thing?"

"Oh, because of the foreskin? I usually rub it off. Like lay on my stomach and rub the mattress. Only that can get pretty messy, I lay a towel on the bed first."

"I tried that, didn't do much for me. You'll have to show me some time."

"Are we on for next Saturday then?"

"Sure thing." How could I say no?

"I better get back to my sister," Barry said.

I thought all week about how Barry must enjoy rubbing the mattress so I hauled one out to the tree house Friday night. I had fanaticized about Barry lying naked and humping the mattress. I could almost see his firm round ass cheeks pumping up and down. It gave me an idea.

Saturday, and Barry arrived alone at the park. It seems his sister had gone to the mall with their mom.

"I don't have to be home until four," Barry said, "we could probably do it two or three times today."

Horny little devil, just my kind of friend. "Sounds good to me."

We stripped down and he lay face down on the towel I spread on the mattress.

"It's best if I maintain a slow steady grinding motion, like this," he said. Barry started pumping the mattress with a slow circular motion. The cheeks of his ass were slightly raised and I sat mesmerized by the smooth creamy mounds of flesh.

"So what do you think, want to try it?" he asked.

"You do that, I have another move I want to try."

Barry resumed his grinding and I leaned over and began to lick his ass crack. He laughed and pushed his ass back towards me.

"Oh ... that feels great," he groaned.

I stopped licking, his ass hole was covered in my spit. I crawled up over him and assumed the push up position. Barry was slowly rubbing away as I lowered my hard cock onto his ass.

"Oh, Max," he said.

His rubbing motion made me slide up and down the crack of his ass. Barry changed the motion slightly to allow him to push back against my cock. I was rubbing his sphincter with the head of my cock and it felt wonderful. I wasn't sure I could achieve penetration this time around, but at least he knew I wanted to.

"Uh, Max, I think I'm gonna cum soon."

I changed my angle and now my cock was directly assaulting his butt hole. I could feel him pushing back, he liked it. I could feel the head of my cock pressing on that hole and I wanted him to let me inside.

"Oh ... oh, I'm cuming," Barry moaned.

With that he pushed upwards, probably to allow his cock some shooting room, but it also spread his ass cheeks and I leaned down into him. My cock slid into him several inches and Barry yelped. Oh, it felt so good in the heat of his ass.

Barry bucked several times, squirting his cum onto the towel. His sphincter grasped my cock and I felt each squirt as it left the head of his cock. Then he collapsed on his stomach and my cock was still buried in his butt hole.

"Ah ... it hurts, Max," he moaned. "Don't move, let me get used to it."

I froze; my cock buried two inches in his ass.

"I don't want to hurt you, Barry. I'll pull out slowly."

"No, just don't move. Ah, it hurts a lot less now. I'm getting used to it."

Barry took a hand and reached down under his body. He withdrew and I could see his fingers coated with his own cum. He reached back and spread the moisture on the shaft of my cock.

"Push in ... slowly," he said.

The added lubricant helped me slide deeper into him. He moaned and wiggled his ass as I slid ever so slowly into him until my pubes touched his skin. I had my five inches shoved into him and it was awesome. My first fuck and Barry was taking it very well.

We lay there a few moments. "Go on," he finally said, "fuck me."

I began to move in and out, keenly aware of Barry's breathing. If he drew a sharp breath I would stop and allow him to adjust. Soon I was moving steadily and I could feel my cum pushing up from the depths. Ah, this was such an incredible feeling.

His ass was open to me now and I gave one last push into the heat of his body before spurting my seed into his guts. I pumped on and on and his hole filled with my cum. I lay down on his back and my cock eased out of him.

Barry turned his head back towards me. "I think I'm glued to the mattress." He said and then he began to laugh. Soon both of us were laughing and I suddenly realized how much I liked this boy.

"You wanted to fuck me all along, didn't you?" he asked.

I nodded. "It's just your ass ... I'm in love with your ass."

"You're not so bad yourself," he said.

We lay face to face, my body draped across his and our lips met. I don't think either of us had ever kissed another boy, or maybe a girl for that matter. It soon became the most important thing in my life. I felt his tongue, warm and wet slide into my mouth and I kissed him back. It seemed like hours before our lips parted.

"I think you're special," I said.

"Aw, you say that to all the boys you fuck," Barry said.

"No, I'm serious. I've never done that before," I said. "I guess we should have talked about it first ... I'm sorry if I hurt you."

"Honest? I never did it before either. No, last week you stuck a finger up there and I've tried it several times since then. Once I got past the pain it felt pretty good."

"I came in your ass, sorry."

"Oh, that was the best part, all that warmth squirting inside of me. But I suppose I better go use your bathroom, it's bound to come out."

We dressed and hurried into the house. I sat on the edge of the tub as Barry sat on the toilet. I wasn't sure if I could tell him about all my thoughts and feelings. I wasn't into girls, I sought the company of boys and this one was just perfect. Would I scare him away?

"Do you think we're queer?" Barry asked out of the blue.

"If what we just did is queer then yes, but do you care?"

"Not really, I just don't want it to get around."

"Like I'm going to tell anybody I just fucked you in the ass," I said.

"Maybe I should fuck you back just to be on the safe side," Barry laughed.

"You can fuck me if you want," I said.

"Ok, it's a deal. Next Saturday you get the sausage."

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Story Three: Small Parts

He had the most incredible body I'd ever seen on an twelve year old boy. And as a lifeguard I got to see a lot of boy's bodies. The bronze tone of his skin told of hours in the sun, most of it in the water practicing his stroke. His muscular legs and thighs were made more obvious by the small nylon racing suit he wore. And even when he wore a t-shirt you could sense the rippling muscles moving underneath.

Mike was of average height for his age, somewhere close to five feet. Because of his age I didn't expect to see much of a bulge in that swim suit, but he always wore such loose clothing it was hard to tell. Even before the start of a race he wore a towel around his waist until he got on the starting blocks. And then his hands always seemed to be in the way.

I figured he was shy about his crotch, so typical at that age. I even went so far as to be at the end of the lane when he finished and offered him a hand up out of the pool. He accepted but swung around as his body left the water and sat on the pool's edge. Again he draped a hand over his crotch until his mother brought him a towel.

It went on like that for most of the summer. I was turning seventeen and about to enter eleventh grade, he was the young Adonis I craved to know better. He often smiled at me and I began to understand that it was more than just a friendly smile. Just when he became aware of my interest I couldn't say, but I was sure he knew. Had I been staring at his crotch too blatantly? Maybe he was just hiding his small parts from the world. Did it matter that much? He always covered himself so strategically.

The summer was almost over, the last swim meet swum, the closing party planned. School started in two days and every kid in the neighborhood knew this was their last weekend fling.

I wouldn't see Mike until the following summer and he would already be thirteen by then. Maybe he would lose some of that shyness, I sure hoped so. Just being around him this summer had made my job a delight. And here I was gazing out the office window as he once again climbed out of the pool and reached for his towel. I walked out on the pool deck and started up at the cloudless sky.

"You gonna miss me this fall?" a voice said.

I looked down in Mike's deep green eyes and noticed that knowledgeable smile on his face.

"Sure, I'll miss all of you guys," I said.

"I have to go home. My grandmother is coming over for dinner," Mike said.

"Finished for the day then?" I asked.

"I'll be here tomorrow. Get in my last hundred laps before the pool closes," he said sadly.

"Then how do you stay in shape during the winter?" I asked.

"I do laps in the pool at the gym. They don't have a team so it's not much fun, but it keeps me in shape."

"Smart boy. You'll be a real champ someday," I said.

"Think so?"

"Sure do, you have the build for it," I said.

"You like my body, don't you?" he asked. The question just popped out and lay there between us. "I see you watching me," he added.

"I've never seen an twelve year old look as good," I said, hoping I wasn't saying too much for him to handle.

Mike smiled and gave me a wink as he turned towards the locker room. I had followed him there before in hopes of seeing more. But he never showered or changed. He always took a pair of sweats out of his locker and slid them on over the suit.

But I was forever hopeful and so I slowly followed him once again. The locker room was tile and concrete. It smelled of chlorine and bathroom disinfectant. The overhead lighting was fluorescent and dim, augmented only by the sunlight that peeped in below the eaves. The whole room seemed deserted except that I knew Mike was there.

I glanced down the first row of lockers at the empty benches. Mike would be in the last aisle and so I quickly moved that way. I hoped he wouldn't be startled at my appearance. It didn't matter, he would be fully clothed.

I stepped into the aisle and looked several feet towards where Mike sat facing the wall of lockers. His muscular back was a thing of beauty and I gazed at his flesh for a moment before realizing he wasn't wearing a suit. The whitish flesh of his ass pressed down into the wood of the bench.

"I know you're there, Chris," Mike said.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you," I said.

"You really like my body?" His words were spoken quietly and barely reached my ears.

"I love your body," I said. Maybe I had said too much.

"I thought so," Mike said.

Slowly he turned around. First his thighs and shoulders became exposed and then he twisted around to give me a frontal view. The body was familiar. How many nights had I dreamed of kissing his soft shoulders and rasping my tongue across his deep brown nipples?

But there in his crotch, where the cock of a small boy usually sits shriveled and forlorn, stood a proud man sized cock I never imagined existed. His erection was almost as large as mine and the bush of hair wasn't far behind. His ball sac hung low enough to touch the bench and I'm sure they produced a high caliber cream. I was aroused like never before and knew instantly that he had spotted my erection. He gazed in my eyes with that smile of his which I now knew to be a smirk of knowledge.

"Oh," was all I managed.

Mike blushed and pulled his towel over his lap.

"I'm sorry," he stammered, "I shouldn't have done that."

"No, its ok," I said, sitting astride the bench in front of him. "It was just a shock, I never knew."

"Imagine what it's like from my point of view," he said. The smile was gone, his face suddenly sagging in what appeared to be anguish.

"And you're embarrassed," I guessed.

"Hell yes, wouldn't you be? I'm in sixth grade and I feel like a freak."

"How long ... ?"

"When I was ten it just stared to grow. My doctor knew about it first and said it was normal adolescent growth, although just a little too soon at my age. That didn't help me one bit. In fact he told my parents, and now I feel like a freak at home too. Imagine your mother worrying about how big your cock is? She even tries to talk about it."

"That's too much," I said.

"My father told me it was ok to masturbate, like I wanted to hear about that from him."

"You'll discover we all masturbate, Mike, its natural."

"Oh, I know all that crap. But who wants to discuss it with his father?"

"Do your friends know?" I asked.

"Several do. They just wanted to see it. But nobody my age has anything like this going on."

"I'm sure. So you showed me your deepest secret. What can I do to help?"

"Uh, I can't talk about it here, not now," he said. "Can you meet me up here later, like after the pool closes?"

"That's after nine o'clock. Won't you get in trouble for sneaking out after dark?"

"My room is in the basement, I have my own outside door. I don't have to be back until eleven."

"Ok. I'll be here," I said.

"Thanks," Mike said. "I gotta go.

I sat there while he pulled his suit back on and jumped into his sweatpants. We slapped palms and he was gone. Oh my, everything seemed to sparkle in a different light. If I met him at nine o'clock I knew it would lead to seduction. I had never had sex with a boy so young and had never planned to. But Mike was more than a little kid with a big cock. He was the ultimate virgin at that age.

But he also needed someone to talk with about this, at least that's what I assumed he wanted from me. Could he handle a sexual encounter? I spent the next four hours doing my job in a daze. Every time I thought about him showing me his erect cock I got a hard on. I could have used that image to jerk myself off a half dozen times, but I didn't. No, I would wait and see what would happen between us.

By nine the staff had drifted off and the manager locked up the office. We walked to the parking lot together and he drove home to his wife and kids. I sat in my car and stared into the darkness where I figured Mike would appear. And a few minutes after nine he did.

I saw the white t-shirt and shorts moving swiftly along the sidewalk under the trees. I knew he lived five blocks away and guessed that he had run most of the way. He walked confidently up to my car and waved. I leaned over and opened the passenger door for him. The over head light glared as he got in and then we were plunged into darkness.

"You got out ok?" I asked.

"No problem," Mike said. "Can we go somewhere?"

I figured somewhere was anywhere but here, and that he wanted some privacy for our talk. I started the engine and drove down the lot to the entrance. The sky was clear and I figured it might be best if we stayed outside under the stars. Maybe it was a romantic notion but I wanted to see him under starlight.

Eight minutes later I pulled into the deserted end of the community golf course. We were somewhere out by the tenth green and I had used this spot with boys before because of its isolation. A screen of trees hid my car and the slope fell away giving us a wide view of the sky. I put the car in park and turned off the engine. Mike had said not a word for the whole trip. Maybe he was waiting for me to begin and so I let out a sigh and did just that.

"I've been thinking about this," I said. "If you were fourteen it wouldn't be a problem. I didn't get that big until about then. By fourteen you would be more confident with your body's changes. You would be more sexually aware and proud of how you could perform."

"I jerk off three times a day," Mike said. "Does that surprise you?"

"No, not really. You do it because you can," I said.

"It takes away the feelings I have about ... "

"Sex has a very powerful effect on your body, I'm sure," I said.

"You didn't know about my cock until this afternoon. What is it about my body that you like?" Mike asked.

"The muscles that give it shape are amazing. The tone of your skin is beautiful and I think you're a handsome boy," I said.

"Are you interested in me, ah ... sexually?" Mike asked.

"Honestly, I don't know. No that's not true, I wasn't sure until this afternoon," I replied.

"You have sex with guys?"

"I'm not sure I can discuss that with you."

"I'm too young, right?"

"Something like that," I said.

"What if I really needed to know? Would you tell me?"

"It would be difficult, but maybe under the circumstances I probably should."

"I want to have sex with you, Chris."

"Ok, I guessed there might be something like that on your mind. Can I ask you why?"

"I need to know something important about myself," Mike said.

"So if I've had sex with other guys you think it would be all right for us?"

"Something like that," he said. "I have feelings about sex. Thoughts about doing it with other guys. I don't know why, but I have feelings for you."

"I'm flattered that you think so much of me. You don't have to tell me, but do you think of guys when you jerk off?"

"Sometimes. I read this magazine a few months ago. There was a lot of sex stuff in there."

"You looked at a porn magazine?" I asked.

"No pictures, it was all words," Mike said and he started quoting what he had read.

"Bruce ran his hard cock up and down the crack of John's ass. His cock oozed large amounts of pre-cum and Bruce used his juices to lube the waiting ass hole. Placing his cock against John's pulsing hole he leaned forward and pushed his way inside. John gasped as Bruce stabbed into him, shoving his cock into the heat until he was buried to the hilt."

"Oh my, you read that?"

"I know what guys do when they have sex. Cock sucking, butt fucking, I read all about it. Now you know what makes me jerk off so much," Mike laughed.

"So because of this knowledge you feel ready to have sex," I said.

"Yeah, but only with you," Mike said. "Can we at least jerk off together?"

"Uh, I guess," I said.

Mike smiled and removed his shirt. I looked at the bronze glow of his skin under the starlight and wished I could see more. But maybe the dim environment was best for this encounter. I didn't have long to wait because Mike pushed down his shorts and he didn't have on any underwear. His cock was hard but so was mine. I knew he was waiting to see me naked.

I removed my shirt and the bathing suit I still wore. Now we were both naked.

"Can I touch you?" Mike asked.

"I don't know what you want," I said. "Maybe you should just do whatever you think is right and I'll follow your lead."

He reached for my cock and I looked down as his boyish hand encircled my erection. His hand trembled as he began to stroke me. I reached over and grasped his cock. I had only stroked him a dozen times when he gasped and stopped moving his hand as he shot off. His cum covered his belly and my hand.

"Damn, that happened too fast," he said. One look told me he was about to cry.

"I'll show you how to do it again, trust me," I said. "This isn't over yet."

I licked his cum off my hand and Mike watched me closely. His hand began to stroke my cock again. "Mm, you taste good," I said.

"I thought it was kind of salty," Mike said.

"I think its sweet," I said. "You can stop jerking me now, I want to do something."

His hand stopped moving and let go of my cock. I leaned over and pushed him back against the passenger door. I tongued my way across his stomach, lapping up every drop of his sweet juice. Mike giggled until my mouth met the head of his cock and I licked away the remaining beads of cum.

"I want to suck your cock," I said.

"And I want to suck yours," he replied.

"What happened to just jerking off?" I asked.

"We both knew it was a lie," he said.

I looked up at his face, my mouth hovering above his crotch. "Are you really only twelve?"

"I don't think like a kid anymore," he answered.

We stretched out on the narrow bench of my front seat, each of us head to crotch on the other.

"I'll tell you before I cum," I said.

"You better, I've never done this before," Mike said, and then he put my cock in his mouth.

He wasn't the best cock sucker, but then few boys ever were at first. I allowed him to suck on me for a bit, warning him about his teeth occasionally. Once he settled down I started doing it to him. His cock went from semi-rigid to hard in a matter of moments as only a young boy can perform. When this was done I might even try for a third orgasm if he was up to it.

I ran a finger up the crack of his ass and tickled his little anus. Mike shuddered and thrust his cock deeper in my throat. He easily had six inches in my mouth when I felt his pubes against my lips. What a beautiful cock, how lucky he was. I kept running my finger across his butt hole and felt Mike begin to relax his anal muscles. Maybe he wanted it but he would be too small back there for years. But there was something I could do for him now.

I allowed his cock to slip from my mouth and I tongued his ball sac. Again Mike shuddered but didn't stop his slow assault on my cock. I pushed his legs apart and tongued my way into his ass crack. The minute I hit his ass hole I pushed my tongue into him and began to suckle.

Mike pulled his mouth away from my cock. "Oh damn, Chris, what are you doing?"

"Like it?" I muttered, my tongue continuing its assault.

"Oh shit, it feels amazing, don't stop." And so I did.

"I just wanted you to see how good it feels back there. But you're too small to fuck, it would hurt you. A tongue or a finger is all you can get for now. When you get bigger it will be different, if you still want it."

"You can finger me if you want. I tried it before. But your tongue feels amazing."

His mouth went back down on my cock and I resumed reaming his butt hole. As more and more of my saliva found its way into his hole I figured it was time to resume sucking on his cock. I replaced my tongue with my index finger as I started sucking him again.

As my finger slid in to my knuckles Mike started trembling all over. His cock was completely swollen and I knew if I brushed against his prostate that he would go off like a cannon. In fact what he was doing to me started to feel mighty fine and I felt that inner pressure moving up the channel.

"I'm gonna cum," I said around the girth of his cock in my mouth.

My words made him renew his sucking with a real frenzy. He wanted me to cum and he was going to get his wish any second now. I focused on his cock and began to wiggle my finger in search of his prostate. Oh, there it is.

As my orgasm burst from the depths into Mike's mouth I felt his sphincter begin to spasm around my finger, allowing me to wiggle in further as his cock erupted. I pulled my cock away slightly to allow him breathing room. He was surprised by the volume that filled his mouth but I felt him swallow as I did.

I pulled my finger from the slimy heat of his rectum and again he shuddered. He swallowed several times to clear his throat. I grasped his cock and stripped the remaining blobs of cum from the head of his cock. He lay there with my cock halfway in his mouth and I felt his tongue licking at the remaining drops.

As he allowed my cock to slide from his mouth Mike suddenly spoke. "Now I want to get fucked," he said.

"Too soon, too small back there," I said. We sat up and I grasped his head in my hands. "Too soon, take my word for it." I paused and looked closely at his face. "But you learned something just now, didn't you."

"I like sex with guys," he replied. "I'm queer. Is that what you mean?"

"Come back in five years and I'll give you an answer," I said.

"Why? What does that mean?"

"You're twelve. Girls are totally strange to you now. In a few years you might have girlfriends and maybe one of them will have sex with you. When you've had that experience, and slept with other guys, then you'll have the means to compare what you feel now. Don't rush off and declare yourself queer before you know if it's true, that's all I'm saying."

"But I don't like girls, I like you," Mike said.

"And I like you a lot. I would love to be the only guy you ever have sex with, but how can that happen? I'm almost a senior high school and you're in sixth grade, how is that possible? What would we tell everyone? What about your parents?"

"Become my swim coach. You've swum for years in competition. You coached the summer team for two weeks when Bob left. Come talk to my parents about it."

"You have this all figured out, don't you?" I asked. "Nothing is that easy I'm afraid."

"I told my parents last week that I want to be coached for the winter. If I stay at it maybe I could go to the Olympic trials when I'm sixteen. You wanted to do that when you were sixteen, didn't you?"

"Yeah, and I didn't work hard enough, I would have been blown away by the college guys."

"All I want is a chance, I can do it and you can help me. I ... I love you, Chris." Mike threw his arms around my neck and I felt his little body trembling with emotion. He loves me? But for how long? If I coach him he'll learn to hate the sound of my voice demanding more than his poor tired body can give. His fingers dug into my hair and I heard him sob.

But do I love him enough to do what he asks? And then the fog in my head cleared and I saw the future. This boy would succeed where I had failed, and he would do it because I loved him enough to make it happen. I pulled his head off my shoulder and kissed his cheeks. I put my mouth on his and kissed his lips. His arms pulled us closer and I felt a moment of pure energy pass between us. Yes, I loved him too.

I pushed his head away and stared into his wet eyes. "You'll hate me before this is all over," I said.

"No I won't," Mike said, coming to the understanding that I was accepting his offer. "Then you'll do it?"

"I'd do anything for you," I said, "but I won't fuck you, not yet anyway. But you could fuck me whenever you want."

"I'm worn out now, how about tomorrow? But I will suck your cock again if you'll let me."

"I can't say no to you, can I? When should I meet the parents?"

"Soon," Mike said, "but first things first." He slid his body down mine and began to lick my shriveled cock back to life. I had him home by ten-thirty.

Within days I had Mike's parents in agreement and even a small stipend to cover expenses. For the next three years I had Mike practice twice a day, two hours at a time, morning and night. We attended training camps given by the great and famous coaches at several Mid-western universities. Mike never voiced a negative word about how hard I pushed him.

At fourteen he was six foot tall and had a magnificent swimmer's body that held my focus whenever he came into a room. His family became like a second family to me, and still Mike professed his love for what we did in private. I felt like the luckiest man alive.

At sixteen he dated a girl for three weeks. She fell for his body and the large package he carried between his legs. Oh yes, he grew even more down there. He ended that eventful date and came right over to my apartment. I was in college working on my degree in sports education.

"I got laid tonight," Mike announced. A somber look crossed his face. His mouth twitched and he laughed. "I'm a fag, no doubt about it." We celebrated the event shortly thereafter ... we're still celebrating.

"Anytime, Anywhere" Copyright © 2008 by Chris James. All rights reserved.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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