California Boys by Chris James    California Boys
by Chris James

  Sexual Situations
  Rated Mature 18+

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Author Introduction
    Dear Reader: this is adult fiction about sex between consenting minors, if you can't see the humor in that then leave, you must be over 18 to appreciate the joke.
    The only fiction in this story are the names I gave the characters, all else is true. These were the 1960's. I penned this story after returning from the West coast, life in high school was never the same after that. Read on ...

California Boys by Chris James

Wes had already boarded the plane by the time I managed to find my ticket stuffed in the bottom of my carry on. He was going home to his girlfriend, which is all he had talked about at school for weeks.

Cindy this and Cindy that, it was making me sick listening to him mentally jerking off about all the stuff he was planning to do to her. I guess my Spring Break with him was going to be one long lesson in futility, but that was my specialty.

We both went to Mooreland Prep School, a small private institution tucked away in the rural Pennsylvania countryside near ... well we really weren't close to any really big cities.

Of the two hundred and some students, about half were boarders representing a diverse cross section of America. This was my third year as a day student and I really appreciated the private school atmosphere, no one disliked me here.

The public schools of Buckland County had been a constant battleground for me because I was different than other boys. Somehow the word had gotten out and by seventh grade everyone knew that Derek Bradford was queer.

I was shoved around and called faggot more often than I care to remember. Eighth grade was a crisis point and I came home once too often with a bloody nose for my parents to ignore my problem anymore.

I wasn't a sissy boy and didn't identify with the image most of my peers had tried to force upon me. But I was gay, oh yes, I had no doubt about that. Maybe it was one of the boys I had played with in the quiet shadows of the old mill, or the boy who spent the weekend in a tent with me up by Cooper's Rock.

Eager young lads whose sexual appetites were finally quenched either by mouth or by fist. If they objected I never heard about it, they had always come back for more. All I knew was that someone had told everyone they could find that I was a cocksucker and guess what ... they were right.

So Mooreland had been chosen and at first I was driven, then carpooled, and finally soloed my way to school every day. The faculty were bright, the course of study challenging, it was if this place had been invented just for me. The school had few rules, but one of them was that discrimination in any form was forbidden and that included gays. I was home free.

I slept with a senior halfway through my freshman year and cried at his graduation the following spring. He was a sweet boy from Chicago who taught me that sex was more than a dead run towards a quick climax. The sexual antics of a very few of us might have been known and remarked upon except for one simple factor, no one cared. Moorland was like a place on a distant planet where I arrived every morning and somehow felt like I was finally coming home.

Wes Bishop was a sophomore from California, a place he promptly informed everyone was the land of sunshine and beautiful babes. It was Wes who wore the loud Hawaiian shirts and shorts, even at Christmas in two feet of snow.

By his third week of school the faculty had confiscated at least a dozen pairs of sunglasses which he insisted on wearing to class. By Halloween he was notorious as the campus clown and had a starring role in the fall drama production. Everyone loved Wes and so did I, but I also lusted after him, something he knew about and yet tolerated.

He used to hug me in front of everyone knowing full well it would give me a bulge in my jeans, I think he enjoyed the accolade my cock gave him. I came out to him like I had with all of my closest friends and he didn't bat an eyelash.

"Just don't go having any designs on my body," he said, " I have a young lady at home who gets everything I've got."

"Oh yeah, Cindy. What a lucky girl," I said.

She sent him letters and they talked all the time on the phone. Wes treated her absence as if he was on an extended vacation and Cindy was still going to be his girlfriend when he got back.

I'm not sure when the idea of my accompanying him home for Spring Break first came into our conversations. I suppose it was when he revealed that his father was a scientist, "working in the Aerospace industry," was how he put it. I was hoping to be the first gay astronaut; well it made sense to me, all those days alone with other guys in idea of heaven.

His mother was a MD, PhD, and other assorted things that added up to being a department head at Stanford University Medical Center. I was impressed and wondered if the genes had really skipped a generation, I mean we're talking Wes here.

My folks were thrilled, the tickets bought and now I was sitting next to my boy Wes at thirty thousand feet somewhere over Kansas. He had shifted into suave mode and was trying to con the stewardess into a glass of wine with dinner; did I mention we were travelling first class? She looked us over and gave us a polite smile, we settled for Coke.

Palo Alto was a joy to me and on the ride from Oakland International I enjoyed seeing all the sunshine and every bit of the unfamiliar nature around us. The unusual flowers and trees in every yard kept me fascinated as Wes decided to take me on a walking tour of the neighborhood. We were only halfway down the block when Wes put up his arm and stopped our progress.

"Listen," he said.

I heard only birds and the rumble of cars on the distant highway. But finally I caught the faint sound he had heard ... it was a piano.

"Now there's someone I think you should meet," Wes said. "His name is Terry Wilford; we just call him the boy genius."

"As in smart genius or are you just putting him on?" I asked.

"Oh no, he's a brain. He's sixteen and takes classes at the University, but he parties too. We grew up together and I think he's cool, just don't ask to play chess with him or you'll be sorry," Wes laughed.

We followed the sound of the notes across the yard to the side door of this grand yellow house. The music was louder now and I recognized the piece as Bach, in fact the Pastorale in F Major. Whoever this boy was he played wonderfully and the allure of his technique in this difficult piece made me tingle all over.

Wes knocked on the door and the music stopped.

"Hey Red," Wes called, "you got company."

The door swung open and I smiled as this skinny redheaded kid yelled with delight and threw his arms around Wes.

"Wesley, you're back, I missed you," the boy screamed in delight.

"Terry, this is a school buddy of mine Derek. We heard you playing," Wes said.

"Aw, just piddling around," Terry said. "Derek, nice to meet you."

We shook and I was amazed at the size of the hand that gripped mine confidently, it felt so soft and warm. To say that I was pleased at discovering Wes had such a wonderfully warm and attractive friend living three doors away was an understatement.

Terry was definitely small and slender for his age with a shock of reddish-blonde hair tumbling to his shoulders. What immediately caught my attention were the deep green eyes that sparkled with life and energy as he spoke to Wes while we entered the house.

"So Derek, how are you enjoying California so far?" Terry asked when he and Wes finally finished their conversation.

"Haven't seen much yet," I said. "But I enjoyed your style with the Bach."

"You know music?" he asked.

"I play a little piano, but nothing like you," I said.

"I prefer Led Zeppelin," Wes said.

"You would," Terry laughed, but now he had his eye on me, we shared something.

"Play us some music," Wes said.

"Ok, do you mind the Bach? It's a piece I'm practicing for a recital next week," Terry said.

"No, that's fine," I said, "the Pastorale sounds just fine."

Wes and I settled back on the couch as Terry began to play. The Pastorale had a dash to it and the boy's fingers flew across the keyboard without missing a single triplet or chord, I was stunned. I looked over at Wes who just smiled back; he was used to this kid's amazing talents.

For twenty minutes we were swept away by the amazing energy of the piece as Terry went from movement to movement without hesitation. The most incredible part was that the boy had the whole thing memorized; I couldn't imagine retaining such a complex score in my head.

If he'd been wearing a white tie and tails, Terry could have been giving the performance of a lifetime at Carnegie Hall. But even so, here in this room in front of two uncritical peers, he gave us an astounding moment to remember.

As I watched his hands fly, rippling across the keys towards the finale I was gripped with a longing to know him better. He was in this moment the most beautiful creature I had ever beheld, magnificent in the glory of his music, and I knew I wanted him as the final chord crashed out.

Wes and I both stood, giving the ovation that Terry certainly deserved. He blushed so deeply the mass of freckles on his face almost disappeared and I wanted to hug him.

"Wow, that was amazing," Wes said.

"Awesome Terry, you're a first class concert pianist," I added.

"Aw, shucks," he played the fool, "It's nothin."

Wes was right, the boy was a genius. Terry asked us if we wanted to go to a concert up at the university this evening but Wes and I begged off since we had other plans. I watched as Wes yawned and realized we were both suffering from a bit of jet lag, I suppose it was a bad idea to plan anything tonight.

When Terry's mother came home we decided to split, it was dinnertime and Wes wanted me to meet his parents. We still had a weeks worth of vacation ahead of us, I vowed there would be lots more time to spend with Terry.

"He's something else, don't you think?" Wes asked me as we walked back towards his house.

"Most unusual," I agreed. "I see what you mean by boy genius, but he's so cool about it."

"Yeah, I've never known Terry to put anyone down," Wes said, and then he yawned again. "Lord, I hope I don't fall asleep too early, we just got here."

"I wouldn't worry about it," I said.

"Look Derek, would you mind if I spent the whole day with Cindy tomorrow? I mean we have a lot of catching up to do. Maybe Sunday we can all go to the beach."

"It's ok, I understand. You need to spend the time with her, I'll find something to do," I said. And that something already had a name.

I awoke at seven o'clock the following morning just as Wes was stepping out of the shower. We'd both conked out the night before so I didn't get the chance to enjoy the fact that we were sharing his bedroom.

Now he was standing there combing his hair in the dresser mirror with only a towel wrapped around his waist. It was a good thing I was still under the sheets; he couldn't see my stiff cock as I thought about what was under that towel.

"Sure you'll be ok today?" he asked. "I might be gone until dinner."

"Yeah, I'll just explore the campus," I said. "Maybe Terry will show me around?"

"Good idea, I think you guys have a lot in common," he said and I could see him grin in the mirror.

"Did I ever tell you what a nice ass you have?" I blurted out.

He put down the comb and whipped off the towel giving me a shot of his sweet cheeks as he pulled on his boxer shorts.

"I hope it doesn't drive you crazy," he said. "I mean, I don't mind if you look but you know you can't have it."

"Life's a bitch," I said.

It was about nine-thirty when I rapped on Terry's front door. I stood there for about two minutes before I knocked louder. Finally I heard sounds from within and the door crept open. Terry was standing there in a pair of shorts and he looked like I had just woken him up.

"Hi Terry, did I wake you?" I said.

"Yeah, but that's ok ... what time is it?" he asked.

"Getting on ten o'clock," I replied.

"Damn, it's time I got up anyway. I was up until two in the morning. Come on in," he said and yawned.

I followed him across the house, his shuffling gate telling me he was still half-asleep. His bedroom was so dim he opened the blinds a little before he sat down on the foot of the bed and yawned once again.

His hair was in a tangle but as he stretched I admired the rippling muscles of his thin torso and looked at the mound in his crotch. His chest was still hairless and I saw that the freckles on his face were also splashed across his wide shoulders. The only body hair I could see was a small tuft under each arm and the downy fuzz on his legs, I had to stop staring.

"You look wiped out," I said.

"Yeah, after the concert I came home to do some homework and started reading, I guess the time just got away from me. I'm sorry Derek, I'll come out of this shortly," he said shaking his head. He groaned and flopped back on the bed giving a pleasant definition to the bulge under those shorts.

"You need to get the blood circulating," I suggested. "Roll over, I'll show you what I mean."

He looked up at me but slowly rolled over onto his stomach. I knelt on the bed beside him and began to rub his back and shoulders.

"Oh God, that feels good," Terry moaned.

"Where are your folks?" I asked.

"Oh, they went up to Sacramento this morning to see some guy about an investment," he said. "My mom's into real estate. Oh man, can you get my neck?"

His neck was stiff as I slowly kneaded the flesh and felt for the underlying cords of muscle. I was used to dealing with sore muscles and knew how good it felt when knowledgeable hands plied the flesh and brought soothing relief.

I also knew that putting someone in a relaxed state like this was a way to stimulate that one muscle which brought me so much pleasure. If Terry's cock wasn't hard as a rock by the time this was done then I would never have a chance with him.

I was doing this slowly, giving his body the chance to get used to my hands and ignore the feelings that would slowly creep up on him. My hands moved from his neck down across his back to the top of his shorts, he moaned again.

"Mind if I throw in the legs? Might as well hit every muscle you have," I said.

"Oh you have magic fingers," he replied.

"Well scoot up on the bed, can't have your legs hanging over the edge," I said.

I watched him carefully as he pulled himself upwards and sure enough his left hand managed a quick swipe under his body to rearrange his cock, it was beginning to stiffen. Now was the time to suggest what I wanted.

"Would you mind losing the shorts? I need flesh not cotton under my fingers," I said.

"Uh ... all right," Terry said.

He started to push the shorts down so I helped him tug them down and then tossed them on the floor. His ass was looking real sweet as I spread his legs and knelt between them on the mattress. I knew he would feel vulnerable like this and I had to be careful not to make him aware of the raging hard on in my shorts.

I reached my hands up to the top of his spine and leaned my weight into my arms as I began to press. I heard a crackle as his spine popped and worked my way downward, cracking his joints as I went.

"Oh that feels wonderful," he groaned.

"Yeah, enjoy the ride," I said.

I reached the base of his spine and pressed my thumbs into the flesh of his ass cheeks before working my way back up. I reached out again for his neck and brought my face close to his body to smell him. The tangy scent of his unwashed skin was slightly sour and yet I knew if I licked just an inch of him it would turn to sugar on my tongue.

I worked my way back down and slid my fingers across his ass but only as a means of accessing his thighs. It was still too soon to touch him there, he wasn't ready just yet. My fingers dug into the flesh on the back of his legs and worked down across his thighs to his calves and then onto his ankles.

Taking first one leg and then the other I worked from the soles of his feet up along his slender calves and back up into the thigh muscles below the crack of his ass. Terry was silent now; I was coming close to trespassing on what might be forbidden ground.

I turned sideways and lifted his left leg, flexing his ankle and rubbing hard into the soles of his feet to prevent tickling him if he was that sensitive. That did it, he moaned again. I pushed his foot back against his ass, stretching the joint in his knee before I attacked his calf muscles. When I was done he would be lucky if he could stand for a while, his legs would feel like rubber. I began to repeat the massage on his right leg.

With calves done I returned to his thighs and now he was so relaxed I had managed to spread his legs wide without him even noticing. Now his sweet pink pucker was staring up at me. His asshole had but a tinge of that fine reddish fur around it and I licked my lips in anticipation.

My fingers dug into his thighs and slid up his smooth skin to the crack where his body came together. Casually I brushed my thumbs into the space below his pucker as my fingers dug into his cheeks. I half expected him to protest, but again he was silent.

Working the muscle of his thighs I repeated the move a half dozen times, each assault ending with my thumbs below his hole as my fingers spread his cheeks. If he knew or even thought I was a threat there would have been a tightening of muscle caused by mental rejection, instead he relaxed and I watched his sphincter open like a flower.

Terry moved, his right hand sliding under his body and pulling at his cock until it lay up against his belly.

"Sorry," he mumbled, "you gave me an erection."

"You'd have to be dead not to react to this," I chuckled.

It was time to move on to better things. I kept moving my thumbs in circles under his asshole as my fingers kneaded the flesh around it. I was in this for the long term and I wanted him to know my hands weren't going anywhere else. Now as if on command I felt him begin to push back against me as his ass rose up off the mattress ever so slightly.

It was a natural reaction, his body responding to the stimulation and so I took the next step. If I hadn't had six months of instruction with my senior boyfriend none of this would have been possible. So repeating what I learned I bent down and began to take short little licks with my tongue across Terry's puckered little flower.

There would be a moment of doubt in his mind; was that a tongue licking my ass? After that the choice was all his, until then I decided to lick in earnest using the flat of my tongue instead of the tip. I took a broad lap across his hole and felt him shudder.

"Jesus, what are you doing?" Terry asked.

"You mean this?" I asked, lapping at him again.

"Oh ... Derek ... "

The tip of my tongue centered itself on the hole and I pushed inwards. Two inches of pink muscle sliding past his sphincter and into the heat of his body, he bucked and started to turn around.

"Jesus, what the hell?" he said.

My hand went for his stiff cock and he gasped as my fingers encircled his shaft. My tongue remained glued to his hole but now my hand began to rub up and down as he tried to turn over. He made it as far as lying on his side and then I began to suck on his ass pulling his sphincter towards me as my tongue flicked around inside him. My hand never stopped that slow slide up and down.

"Christ, you're gonna make me cum," he moaned.

My hand went a little faster and I felt his cock swell so I sucked harder on his ass and felt his body begin to tremble as his cock erupted.

"Oh God," he yelled and I took my tongue away in time to watch his spurts fly across the bed. Terry shuddered, his mouth open as he gasped for air and another explosion pulsed from the tip of his cock and sprayed the sheets.

I rolled him on his back and milked the last of his cum with my hand before my tongue lapped at the creamy remains drooling down his cock onto his belly. Mmm, he tasted so sweet.

My head came up to face the astonished look in his eyes.

"Guess you've never been that way before?" I said.

"Jesus, why did you do that?" he asked.

"Because I love your body, and the rest of you isn't so bad either. Was it ... terrible?" I asked.

"Jesus ... I ... it was awesome," he laughed.

"I hope you aren't mad at me," I said. "This is what sex is like for me, I hope I didn't offend you."

"Uh ... so you're gay, I didn't know. It's not that it offends me, I have some gay friends, it was just so ... unexpected."

"There's more to this if you get curious, a lot more," I said.

"I don't know ... I was a virgin until three minutes ago," he replied.

"No hurry," I said, slapping him on the ass. "How's about a shower?"

"Yeah, I guess I'm awake now," he laughed.

He didn't seem at all surprised when I stepped in the shower with him and began to wash his back. I had taken him to a new place, a new awareness of himself regarding sex and other boys; I didn't want him to lose touch with those feelings.

Terry's mind had to be busy processing the events that had just occurred, and with his intelligence I knew it wouldn't take long for him to reach some conclusions. I just planned to keep feeding the equation so he could come up with the right answer.

I ran the soapy wash cloth across his chest and down to his crotch, turning him to face me. He was like a mannequin allowing me to move his body around. He was as tall as I was and so our faces were now inches apart. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. He didn't start away so I put a hand behind his neck and pulled him in. His mouth opened for my probing tongue and he kissed back as I slid my arms around his waist and hugged him.

Our two erect cocks were side by side squeezed between us and yet Terry accepted this completely. The kiss ended and I stood back and became entranced by the passion I saw burning in his eyes.

"You like this, don't you?" I asked.

"I feel weird," he said. "My body responds to your touch in ways I never felt before. I mean I like girls but this is so ... different."

"I like girls too," I said, "just not in bed. Being with a guy seems so natural, I know what it feels like when I touch you. It's as if I'm having sex with myself and your body becomes mine."

"Wow, what an awesome supposition, like transference, "he said. "Can you explain more to me?"

"Not really, but I can show you," I said.

"Please ... " Terry said.

He was like putty in my hands after that, urging me on so he could acquire the knowledge of what I was experiencing. I turned off the shower and reached for the towel. His body was completely mine now as I dried his long hair and wiped the moisture from his skin.

I pulled cum stained sheets from his bed and he fetched clean ones. He lay back on the bed and all that red hair fanned out around his head while his cock stood straight up on his belly. I was once again the instructor, and now he was a most willing pupil. I began again.

Our bodies came together as I lay myself gently on top of him. His arms surrounded me as I kissed him again and enjoyed the passionate return of his tongue to my mouth. It was possible that in his new frame of mind he might just return more than a kiss, I had to find out.

My lips traveled from his lips to his neck and he arched his head back as I nibbled on his Adam's apple and licked my way across to his right earlobe. My fingers sought out a nipple and I squeezed it until it stood out from his chest and my mouth could suck it in. Terry sighed, and I understood the depth of his feeling.

The slow trace of my tongue across his chest to his belly made his cock jump around and sent tremors of delight down his spine. And what a nice cock it was too, skinny boys always looked huge. The flare of the head seemed to mushroom out as I breathed on it, teasing him until my tongue began to wiggle in the slit.

I grasped the shaft of what I figured was a good six inches, oh yes and he still had time to grow longer. But now I was ready to begin the journey that would end with his climax amongst the stars, would he take me with him?

To find out I got up on my knees and straddled his face as my tongue slid down his cock to the soft globes between his legs. I focused on him, telling myself that if he desired it was there staring him in the face and he could use it to please me, or himself depending upon how he looked at it.

I took his balls in my mouth and rubbed my nose in the pucker of his ass as I began to hum. Somehow Bach seemed out of place down here so I chose Beethoven's Fifth. Da, da, da, dahhh. Terry's body shuddered at the vibration that went from my mouth to my nose and up his asshole, I guess he liked the tune.

I allowed his balls to slip free and once again lapped at his pink little sphincter and watched it flower for me. Applying a generous amount of my spit I began to rub the opening with my thumb as my tongue sought other activities.

I had just licked my way to the head of his cock when I felt his lips kiss the head of mine, good boy, what a noble scientist. I opened my mouth and slid his cock inside, feeling him tremble as I let it flow down my throat until I felt his pubes on my lips.

His tongue licked at the sudden rush of pre-cum that moistened my cock and he quickly brought his lips into play as he sucked my cock into his mouth. I didn't want him to try and copy me; it would surely choke him. Slowly I backed off and worked on the top half of his cock and he duplicated my moves exactly.

My thumb was in him now, three inches of digital pleasure that loosened his ass like nothing else had done before. Maybe later I would plow that field and blow his mind, it would be his choice. My sucking was starting to have results as his body gave those familiar shudders that warned of imminent eruption. As if on cue he allowed my cock to slide out of his mouth and almost screamed.

"Oh God ... I'm cumming."

I pushed down and felt him explode in the back of my throat. I eased off as he came, allowing his pearly white cum to fill my mouth and charm my tastebuds with the sweetness of his sugary juice. Like before he blasted multiple sprays of cum and I hungrily ate every drop. I wondered what he would do about me at this point.

But I should have trusted Terry's keen perception of the experiment because he jammed my cock back in his mouth and vacuumed it to the max. He wanted it bad, as if science and the universe demanded my orgasm to complete the test.

It was working just fine but he didn't know what was coming. Could he handle it? He had to, it was part of the deal and so I pulled back out of his throat as I blasted my load in his mouth. At first he tried to swallow and then I felt him begin to choke so I pulled out, spraying my remainder across his face but allowing him the air he needed to gulp.

A final twitch and I looked down to watch the tip of my cock drool a final glob of cum on his chin. Now it was time to make him feel good about what he had done.

I turned myself around and proceeded to lick his face, swiping my sperm off his skin in broad strokes. Terry was still dealing with what I had sprayed in his mouth but I watched his Adam's apple bob as he swallowed. My tongue finished the cleanup chores and I looked down into his eyes for the passion I hoped to find.

"Sorry, it had to be part of the deal," I said.

"It's ok," he said, "it was just so sudden...but damn, it was more awesome than the first time," he said. He smiled at me, "Let me guess ... there's more to this?"

"Not unless you're ready," I said. "I just wish we didn't have a continent between us, I could fall in love with you real easy."

It was Terry who kissed me now, filling my mouth with his tongue and the taste of my own cum. He rolled us over and sat astride me, kissing my neck and nibbling my earlobe. This all seemed familiar and then I knew ... we had changed roles. I can't imagine how but his cock was on the rise again, awesome ... what a boy.

His tongue made a beeline to my crotch and my withered cock twitched but would not rise ... not yet. But he was headed elsewhere and when his mouth took in my balls I knew his destination. Da, da, da, dahh, echoed through my body and then his tongue plugged my butt. Like a drunk sucking the last remains from a bottle, Terry attacked my sphincter. Damn, he was like a maniac on the loose, tongue fucking me to death.

He had to go the last mile, I needed him inside me. I grabbed his head and pulled his face from my ass.

"Fuck me Terry, shove your cock up my ass," I said.

"Uh ... I dunno ... "

"Do it now ... please," I groaned.

I raised my legs in the air and the boy looked down on my hole. Poor kid, he wasn't sure what to do so I showed him. Reaching through my legs I took his stiff cock and guided it down into the soft pucker of my ass. I grasped his arms and pulled him into me, feeling his cock cross the threshold.

"Oh ... God," Terry gasped.

Yeah, I knew just how he felt. I raised my ass up a little higher and pulled on his arms until his body swung like a pendulum and his cock slid completely into my intestines. I started to bounce and Terry got the idea and pumped back.

"Oh yes ... this is awesome," he groaned.

Terry was running high on the feeling, his mouth open and gasping for breath. He was all the way in me now, taking short strokes like he was afraid to back out too far and fall out.

I wrapped his arms around my knees and grabbed his waist, pushing him out and then pulling him in. Now he could use all those inches to slam me and he obliged. For a novice fucker he caught on real quick and I rewarded him by grabbing his hair and pulling his face to mine.

"Fuck me hard," I yelled in his face. His eyes went wide but his body obeyed the command. His cock was oozing because things got real slippery down there. What a kid, this would be his third time in so many hours.

Terry started to grunt deep in the back of his throat, a rutting sound that made me know he was close to exploding. I almost laughed as he started squealing like a little pig and his cock began pulsing in my ass, shooting what remained of his cum inside of me. He collapsed in a heap and lay on me, his body trembling from the experience.

Yeah, that's how it was suppose to be. I had to admit that Terry had thrown himself into the effort without restraint. Did he think of this as just an experiment or was it something else? Did I even want to know what his motivation was? He was only a year younger but our minds were worlds apart...or were they?

"Terry ... are you still in there?" I asked.

"Oh ... Derek," he moaned. His face was buried in my neck, his hot breath filling the space between us.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"I'm blown away," he said. He pushed himself up on one elbow. "That was incredible, where did you learn all that stuff?"

"From another boy," I said, "he was eighteen and I was a freshman. Sex for us was almost a metaphysical experience. He taught me that giving pleasure is better than taking it, you actually have to become a part of the other person to share in the pleasure."

"Yes, I felt that way too," Terry said. "Have you ... I don't know if I should ask?"

"Please, I'm here for you," I said.

"Have you ever done anything with Wes?"

"Wes? I don't think he'd let me," I said. "Oh don't misunderstand, I'd love to but he's never ... "

"Yes he has," Terry said. He smiled at the astonished look on my face.

"With you?" I asked.

"No, but like you I sometimes wish he had," Terry said. "I mean, you're my first, but I've known Wes a long time, long enough to learn to love him."

"I'm sorry. But Wes, I never even knew." I said.

"Maybe I shouldn't tell you but if there's a chance he might...well then I hope he does it with you," Terry said.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"I saw them together," he said. "Wes and Barry, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g," he giggled.

"Barry, the boy with the tree house?"

"Have you met him?" Terry asked.

"Not yet, Wes was going to take me over there later but he went off to Cindy's for the day," I said.

"Cindy, yeah. She and Wes have only been together a short time but it isn't going to last. I think she's already got her eye on another guy, poor Wes," he said.

"Ouch, it's gonna kill him. I mean he calls her all the time, he's really in love," I said. "So what about Barry?"

"Barry is a sweet boy, a senior this year. His dad built him this unreal tree house in their backyard; it takes up almost the whole tree. I mean he's got a kitchen, a bathroom, television, it's awesome. The living space is all carpeted, floor, walls and ceiling...a real party palace in the sky.

"I went over there looking for Wes and heard them up there. They had pulled the ladder up so I climbed the rope swing hanging down behind the place. When I looked in the window they were doing it."

"Doing what?" I asked.

"Barry was fucking Wes like I did to you," he said. "You won't tell Wes I told you, please?"

"No way," I said. "I don't think he'd want me to know about this anyway, does Wes know that you saw them?"

"No, I slid down the rope and came home. I guess ... no, I remember being so jealous, I felt like Wes had betrayed me," Terry said.

"I'll never tell him I know," I said, "maybe there's still a chance you two might ... "

"No, it won't happen now and I don't care if it does. Right now with what you've taught me, well maybe I'll just go visit Barry myself," Terry giggled.

"Barry, so you like him?" I asked.

"Wait until you meet him," Terry laughed. "He's the perfect choice for me, why he's the only guy I know who can beat me at chess."

We took another shower together and this time Terry washed my back. I thought about taking him right back to bed so I could fuck his brains out which was about the only thing left we hadn't done.

But then I thought about it again and decided no. There needed to remain a bit of the mystery about sex for Terry, something that maybe he could only share with Barry the first time around.

It was lunchtime before we got dressed and I decided to go back to the Bishop house and see what was up. But before leaving I pinned Terry to the wall in the entrance hall and kissed the tongue right out of his mouth.

Maybe we would have the chance to do all of this again but I thought not, he was on his own now. I guess Barry didn't know it but he was about to become a lucky guy. Terry held me in his arms and whispered in my ear.

"Thank you Derek, I won't forget what you taught me."

"You're welcome Red; to me you'll always be special," I said. "I wish you good luck with Barry."

I wandered back to the house by way of the university; it was just too soon to leave behind the good feelings Terry had embedded in my soul this morning. The sun was bright and the trees swayed in a light breeze, life was totally excellent. Christ, if I stayed out here too long I'd start talking like them too.

I went back to the house and the housekeeper asked me if I wanted some lunch. I declined, telling her that maybe I'd wait until Wes showed up and we could eat together. That's when she told me he was already home and up in his room, she also said he didn't look very happy.

Uh oh, Cindy had dumped him already. Three thousand miles he'd traveled just to have the girl sink his hopes, poor boy. I climbed the stairs to the third floor, unsure what I could do but knowing I had to help him somehow.

Wes was stretched out on his bed, face down and I could hear him sobbing into his pillow. Maybe I should just back off and let him grieve alone but he'd already heard me. He lifted his face from the pillow and looked at me.

"The bitch has another boyfriend," he said.

"I guessed as much, I'm sorry," I said.

"God I hate women," he said and lay his head back down.

How could I let that statement go? I already knew he might mean that he preferred the company of men and that would be me. I went over, sat on his bed and began to rub his back. I'd never touched him affectionately before, I never thought he'd let me. Now through the fabric of his T-shirt I felt his body tremble as he cried and I tried to sooth his loneliness.

We stayed like this for a while, my hand rubbing him slowly and his body trembling, but finally it was over. Wes sat up and wiped his face.

"I'm sorry Derek, I didn't mean to react like that," he said.

"It's sad when someone turns their back on you even though you've given it your best try to love them," I said.

He looked up at me, knowing I didn't mean Cindy.

"Have I treated you so badly?" he asked.

"No, maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself. You've never been mean to me and I still think of you as my best friend," I said.

Wes reached for my hand and squeezed, "You are my best friend Derek, I love you like a brother."

"Well, I hear incest is nice," I said. Wes laughed, and that's all I wanted.

We spent the rest of the day bumming around and went to the movies after dinner. I knew he was still hurt and would be for some time but at least he'd turned his attentions to me and I blessed him for it. Around midnight we crawled into our respective beds and Wes turned out the light.

I lay there for some time, gazing up through the blinds at the silvery shape of the moon. Even with what I had learned about him I felt my chances with Wes were no better than sailing away up there to the moon. My mind strayed back to the way Red had kissed me this morning, such a sweet and wonderful boy. At least I would have the memory of his warmth and love to take home with me.

I heard a slight sound and then felt Wes' hand on my chest.

"Are you awake?" he asked.

"Yeah, just staring at the moon," I replied.

"Can I join you?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'd like that," I said and threw back the covers.

He was already naked when he came into my bed. I tugged off my shorts and we lay together with my arms around his waist. I felt him shiver and rubbed his back to sooth him.

"Relax, this was meant to be," I said. "No one will ever have to know."

"I have to be honest," he said, "I've slept with a guy before, but it's been a long time and I'm a little scared."

"All it takes is patience," I said, "and a little love."

Just the feel of his naked body next to mine was like a dream come true. I had wanted to give him the pleasure of having my body for a long time. He clung to me and I kissed him softly on the cheek and then the lips. I pulled him on top of me, our hard cocks ready between us. It was gonna be a challenge to be loved by him, my boy Wes was hung pretty big. I knew he was going to hurt me and when he did I would forgive him if that's what loving him meant.

"I want you to fuck me," I said. His eyes got wide, maybe he was only expecting me to blow him but how could I waste such a golden opportunity?

"Are you sure, I don't want to hurt you," he said.

"I'll suffer a little, but only for you," I replied.

Wes spit on his fingers and rubbed them across my asshole. It wasn't enough so I gripped his cock and squeezed until a dribble of his pre-cum rose like a pearl in the slit of his cock. I raised my legs and Wes knelt between them as I guided his cock where it needed to go.

The boy was so eager he was trembling as he began to probe my sphincter. He pushed and I tried to relax as he shoved his way into me. The sudden sharpness of the pain brought tears to my eyes and clouded my vision of the moon but I went flying with him anyway.

His face was filled with wonder as he slid into me. God, he was huge or was it because I wanted him to be? Ahh, the sharpness of the pain was slowly fading and my ass finally accepted the massive intruder.

His slow rhythm finally brought his balls in contact with my ass and I reached around his waist and held him there for a moment.

"God, I love the feel of you inside me," I said.

"Is everything alright? I can ... "

"Just fuck me, please, " I moaned.

The friction of his cock in my chute just about set my body on fire and I urged him to a faster and faster pace. The bed creaked a little and I hoped the sound didn't carry too far but Wes didn't seem concerned. Lord, the boy was pounding it to my ass now, sending all that pent up emotion through his body to the tip of his cock entombed in the depth of my intestines. Oh fuck me surfer boy, I wanted to scream, fuck me.

He was gasping now, the muscles in his neck taunt and straining, his body all a quiver. His cock probed every corner, jabbing my prostate and freaking me out with the messages my brain was kicking out.

He slammed in tight and started to grind his pubes into my ass. His cock was really sticking it to my intestines, sliming me all up inside. Pump, pump, slam, slam, fuck me, fuck me, my world revolved around the shaft that impaled me up the ass. Oh God ... I prayed he would cum and that it would happen soon.

My cock was flopping around on my belly and I grasped it. Wes was on his knees, holding my legs up and plowing into me for all he was worth. His breath was becoming ragged and his throat issued a deep groan.

"Uh ... coming," he moaned.

I started pulling my meat, hoping we could get there together. But his cock erupted inside me, spilling the load from his balls with awesome force. I felt each pulse as his cock swelled and released, filling my ass and bringing a smile to my face.

I was yanking like hell on my cock, still trying to get there when Wes' hand came down over mine. He had this silly grin on his face as he rapidly took over, jerking my cock with all his might. I oozed and his hand became coated in pre-cum as it slid up and down with fury.

His cock was still in me, fucking me, pushing me over the edge and I let go. I came in a gush. Oh God, it felt like my balls were turning inside out as Wes pumped out every drop I had and squeezing me for more.

Three thousand miles we'd flown to have sex like this. I hoped this boy would finally realize something about me. I had been there for him all along, just waiting for him to get off his ass and go for it. Hey, Cindy ... thank you, bitch.

"California Boys" Copyright © 2008 by Chris James. All rights reserved.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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