Catching the Perfect Wave by Chris James    Catching the Perfect Wave
by Chris James

  Sexual Situations
  Rated Mature 18+

Catching the Perfect Wave by Chris James

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Author Introduction
    A trip to the beach can be a hot and exhausting venture on an ordinary day. Here in Florida the best time to go is early, that's when the surfers are out. Pretty much the same in California, the groms come out in swarms there. Surfing is an all ages sport, 6 to 60, they hit the waves whenever they can. I love watching the beauty, the sport and especially the boys. Here's a short surfer yarn, hope you enjoy.

Jerry was always told that he was a handsome young boy with some very amazing talents. At the tender age of six he managed to pull his panic stricken grandmother out of her flaming kitchen before the fire department arrived. "Too much grease, grandma," was all he said afterwards.

At age ten, a year after his father died, Jerry was learning to play golf at the local driving range when a man at the next tee had a heart attack. The boy quickly rushed over and began administering CPR that he had learned from his safety class at school. The paramedics gave him credit for the save and Jerry got his picture in the paper, his mother was very proud.

When he turned twelve his body started to change. Puberty came as no surprise though, Jerry had been expecting it. The book he had read on human sexuality confirmed that everything about his transformation was normal. If anything he was relieved, now he could play games like the other boys.

By the time he was fifteen Jerry was a typical southern Florida kid in looks and talent, surfing was his major goal in life. The contest between man and nature was primal, and the beach was filled with boys who had the same approach to life.

All winter long, cutesy little rich girls from up north crowded the sidewalks of his Florida beach town and drove Jerry crazy. A normal walk to the drugstore became an ordeal of staring adolescent girls. Any one of them would have thrown themselves at the feet of this young tanned boy god. Jerry knew he looked good clad in his baggie surfer shorts, and the small surfboard tucked under his arm gave him status.

Jerry liked the surfing style clothes a whole lot. Short tight t-shirts that accentuated his rippling muscles and the shorts, especially the shorts. Once they got wet you could see the cock swinging between his legs. None of his friends ever wore underwear and there was a deep excitement in that. Their weekend gatherings at Lipton Point were the highlight of youthful enthusiasm throughout the year, but summers there were special.

Catching the Perfect Wave by Chris James

Summer was freedom from the tourist crowd. The intense heat drove them back north in droves. It gave Jerry and his friends the chance to surf unmolested by swimmers in the curling waves. And best of all, the storms of late July and August whipped the surface of the ocean, rolling huge breakers into shore.

Lipton Point beach was private and old man Lipton had always allowed the boys to use it. They would often see the old guy perched up on the deck of his mansion watching them. It always caused someone to bring up the idea that Lipton was nothing more than a pervert who preyed on young boys.

But he never spoke to them and Jerry knew that none of them had ever met him in person. Lipton did leave them notes tacked to a board at the bottom of the beach stairs. Little pleas, like keep the beach clean and always bury the remains of the driftwood fires. The boys usually complied since no one wanted to ruin the best surfing spot within twenty miles.

And then one morning Jerry saw the article in the newspaper. Lipton had been ill all winter and had finally passed away at his estate up north. The article listed the great corporate successes of the Lipton family and their charitable works. The house at Lipton Point was mentioned along with a long list of heirs for the old man's holdings.

Jerry stared at the picture of Lipton and felt sad. Not because the man had died, old people did that. But he was sure the boys would now lose their favorite surfing spot. He hurried off to the drugstore to find his friends and share the bad news.

By afternoon the word had spread and there were twenty boys gathered down at the Point. The house back in the dunes seemed deserted although Jerry was sure the staff was still there. He suggested they send a delegation to the house to ask the big question. Would they be allowed to use the beach?

Suggest something and you'll always end up doing the task yourself, Jerry thought as he walked across the beach towards the driveway into the estate. Not that he was afraid of the people there; it was just that none of the boys had ever spoken to someone at the house.

Just as he reached the edge of the beach he saw a smart red sports car pull up at the gates. Jerry kept on walking towards the driveway and saw a man exit the car and unlock the gates from a keypad beside the wall.

The man was dressed in typical tourist gear, a flowered shirt, tan slacks and sandals on his feet. The guy was about thirty, but since he had long blonde hair much like Jerry's he figured the guy must be cool.

"Afternoon, dude," the guy threw out. "You one of the groms hereabouts?"

"Yeah ... that's me," Jerry replied.

"Great. My name's Andy, Andy Lipton. I suppose you know by now that my grandfather passed away last weekend. Seems he left this place to me in his will, but I've never seen the house before."

"You surf?" Jerry asked.

"Me? Not much anymore. But, yeah, when I was younger. Surfed in California, Hawaii and Australia. Broke a leg down there, heavy boards back then could kill a guy if you wiped out. Bet you got a laminated board, right?"

"Yeah. You surfed Hawaii?" Jerry's eyes were bugged out; this guy was a real surfer.

"Long time ago, when I was in college. Did some real crazy stuff back then, but enough of that. You must be one of the local boys, what's your name?"

"Jerry ... Jerry Tillman. Me and my buddies have been surfing the Point a long time."

"And you're worried about losing your spot, am I right?"

"Yes, sir. Old man, uh ... Mr. Lipton allowed us to use the beach ... "

"I know, he wrote me about it. I suppose he left me the house because of my surfing days. He mentioned that the local boys were allowed to use his beach long as they kept it clean. So don't worry, I can't see any reason to make a change. Just be careful out there, ok?"

"Really, that's so great of you, Mr. Lipton ... "

"Andy, call me Andy. I don't go in for all that Mr. stuff, makes me feel old. Have you ever seen the house, Jerry?"

"No, sir ... Andy. We stay off the property."

"Well, I've never seen it either. Want a tour of it with me?"

"Yeah, sure, if it's all right with you."

Andy left the car parked beside the gate and they walked up to the house. Jerry was in awe of the place. Hell, it was a million times bigger than his mother's place. Andy produced a key for the front door.

"I sent all the servants back up to New York, don't want my grandpa's legacy hanging over my head," Andy said.

The door opened into a vast hallway that ran the length of the house. Jerry could see windows at the end and the ocean beyond. Along one wall a large staircase curved upwards to a balcony looking down into a large living space with a stone fireplace. The whole house was filled with furniture like Jerry had never seen before.

"Oh, man," Andy said as they walked through the place. "This shit has got to go. I feel like I'm in a museum, don't you?"

"It's ... it's awesome. Like stuff I've seen in picture books," Jerry said.

"Exactly, I hate it."

"There's the kitchen," Jerry said, pointing through a doorway to the right.

"Cool, most important room in the house," Andy said.

He walked up to a large stainless steel door and pulled it open. The refrigerator shelves were bare except for a few bottles of water.

"Figures, they left us nothing to eat," Andy said. "Water?"

"Sure, can we go look at the beach?" Jerry asked.

They walked through the living room to the windows that slid open onto the deck. The sand and dune grasses stretched away towards the water at the end of the point. Jerry looked down at the cove and waved at several of his friends. He raised his arms over his head and let out a victory whoop. The boys below responded with a shout, grabbed their boards and headed towards the water.

"Thanks, Andy; you have no idea what this place means to us."

"Not yet, but I'll find out if you guys take care of it. I'm a photographer, that's what I do for a living. Not that I have to work, but just being a Lipton has opened a lot of doors for me."

"What kind of pictures do you take?" Jerry asked.

"All kinds, but I like natural subjects. People, nature, that kind of thing. Would you let me take your picture?"


"Sure. Surfer boy, tanned body, long blonde hair ... a good image. Maybe I could even sell a few, make you some cash."

"I'd get paid? Cool," Jerry said. "When do we get started?"

"Slow down, Jerry. I have a lot of stuff to accomplish around here first, but then maybe you can help me do that too. I'll pay you if you work hard."

"When do we start, boss?"

"Tomorrow, we start first thing in the morning," Andy said.

Within forty-eight hours the auction house they chose removed the last bit of antique furniture leaving behind a huge pile of grandpa's personal effects. Andy waded through the books and papers, placing everything into storage boxes with Jerry's help. The local shelter took away all the clothes, including an odd pair of snakeskin shoes, size twelve.

For his part, Andy spent several hours on the phone badgering interior decorators.

"I'll give you the job but only if you hurry," Jerry heard him say. "Yes, I want it now so find me something. I don't care if it's expensive, just buy it or I'll find someone who will."

Those words produced the required effect and trucks began to arrive with the new goods. The transformation was amazing and Jerry stood back in awe as couches, chairs and tables appeared. Andy liked space and promised the house wouldn't be as cluttered up. The living room was transformed with potted plants, wide soft cushions and a myriad of floor lamps in bright colors.

What had been old now became new, transformed into a modern living space. Jerry liked the results this man could produce. Five days after they started the final delivery truck departed with a roar and Andy shut the front doors.

"Oh, thank goodness that's over," he said, collapsing onto a pile of cushions beside the fireplace. "Now I can begin to enjoy the summer."

Jerry sat in a low chair and looked around the transformed room. It looked less like a living room and more like a piece of the safari jungle he'd visited in Miami when he was younger. "This is just so cool," he said.

"Cool, yes," Andy agreed, "but warm enough."

With that he stood up and began to remove his clothes. Jerry didn't know how to take it when the man finally stood naked. He felt uncomfortable and yet fascinated by the scars on Andy's leg from the surfing accident. He saw Andy looking at him.

"Does this make you uncomfortable?" he asked.

"Uh, not really, it's your house," Jerry replied. "Awesome scar," he said, pointing at the leg.

"Yeah, Australia, I told you about that, didn't I? So, are you going to join me?"

"Join you? Oh, you mean naked?"

"I've been a nudist for years. I hate the feel of cloth on my skin. Come on, give it a try, it's liberating," Andy said.

Jerry saw the gleam in Andy's eye, this was a challenge. He wanted the man's friendship for a lot of reasons and the call for nudity didn't seem too off the wall, why not? Jerry stood and shucked off his clothes.

They stood naked, facing each other. Andy smiled and clapped his hands.

"Good man, Jerry, knew you were brave." His eyes roamed over Jerry's form and settled between the legs. "And hung too. You know, I don't remember if I was that big at your age."

Jerry blushed and looked between Andy's legs, as if he was noticing the man sized cock for the first time. Andy's meat hung long and thick, a whopper. He felt a stir, the blood rushing towards his crotch. Uh, oh, can't get hard now. Why was it doing this?

Jerry excused himself and went to the bathroom. He returned to find Andy standing at the deck railing outside. Across the sand and water Jerry could see his friends out trying to catch a wave. This nudist thing was getting awkward, maybe he should go surfing. Andy seemed to read his mind.

"Why don't you join your friends out there?" he asked, the statement more of a suggestion.

"Low surf, lousy ride really. The tide flow around the Point cuts the waves back this time of day. It should get better later on. We ride until the sun drops and then light a fire on the beach." Jerry smiled and sat in one of the lounge chairs. Andy dropped to the deck and lay on his stomach. Maybe Andy should meet the rest of his friends?

All week long Jerry had kept his relationship with the latest Lipton a secret, but he wasn't sure why. The nudist thing might cause his friends to think Andy was a pervert, but he didn't act like one. Jerry knew perverts, they arrived with the tourists. Since he was little his good looks had caused strange men to approach and offer him things.

You could always tell from their eyes just what they wanted. The look was hungry. Sex seemed to do that to people. He often saw that look in a girl's eyes too, it was scary. And there had been times. Times he pushed out of his mind, when he had given in to the temptation.

Sex with the men was only for the money he told himself. Money was something he couldn't resist and he knew he wasn't alone in the desire. Several times he'd seen a friend or two getting out of a strange car with out of state plates. They never talked about it, why bother? Once done it was quickly forgotten. It was how they survived so it never happened.

He gazed at Andy lying before him. The man had a good body and tight buns. Oh shit, Jerry realized he was admiring the man's ass and turned his head away. Andy had proven himself different. What they had was a real friendship not some perverted thing. The curve of Andy's backside seemed to hold him in a state of fascination as his head turned back again. There were times when he wondered about himself. Why was he looking?

Like the time a few months back, Spring Break to be exact. The guy had a kid with him, a boy almost his own age. That had thrown Jerry off and he didn't see the signs in time to avoid the encounter. But he was broke, broke enough to have done most anything to make fifty dollars.

The guy and his kid were sitting in the parking lot of the donut shop when Jerry came out with his soda. The boy waved at him and Jerry gave a nod in his direction. The man smiled and motioned him over. Jerry found himself standing beside the passenger door looking down at the boy.

"Want to make fifty?" the boy had asked, taking Jerry by surprise. The kid was pimping the man?


The kid had smiled sheepishly. "He wants to see us together," was all he said. It was something new, something he had never considered. He wouldn't be having sex with the guy, just the kid. He asked if that was what they wanted and the boy nodded. Jerry got in.

The guy parked the car behind the supermarket and the boy climbed in the back seat with Jerry. The guy handed him a fifty dollar bill and the boy started to tug down Jerry's shorts. He almost laughed when the kid got his pants down and licked his lips before lowering his head.

But Jerry knew there was more money in this and as the boy started to suck him he negotiated with the guy. Another fifty and Jerry began to blow the boy. He'd never sucked a man's cock before but this kid was hardly past puberty. No big deal really so he went at it fast and almost choked when the kid shot off in his mouth. Jerry spit cum on the car's floor and the guy didn't seem to mind.

Jerry focused on the kids face as the boy tried to handle his cock. Something told him the guy was jerking off in the front seat but he didn't care. The boy finally managed to hit the right buttons and Jerry pumped a heavy dose down the boy's throat. The kid took every bit of it with ease and Jerry knew the kid spent a lot of time doing this.

Probably did the guy all the time, the guy might even be his old man, how gross. Groans and gasps from the front seat told him the event was over. Jerry pulled up his shorts, popped the door latch and split.

Jerry never looked back after these events; he always walked a straight line to the nearest friend's house in case he was followed. He never saw the guy and his kid again. There were several guys he looked out for now. It was crumby the way he had to look over his shoulder sometimes. But hey, you had to be careful.

The way Andy was lying he knew the guy wasn't asleep, maybe he was just thinking. As if on cue, Andy started doing pushups. His legs were spread slightly and Jerry could see lots of cock and balls hanging below the man's belly. Again Jerry realized he was looking, only this time he didn't turn away.

The sky was darkening when Jerry left for home. His mother wouldn't be back until late when the bar closed. He was thankful his mother didn't drink at her job. But he didn't like all the men that hung around her either. Maybe he would swing by the bar on his way back to the Point. He wondered if Andy would be sitting up there in the dark on the deck watching the boys frolic in the firelight. He was sure the man would still be naked.

The thought of Andy's naked ass and the long cock dangling between his legs gave Jerry an erection. The reaction to another man's body was new and yet he didn't seem uncomfortable. Jerry lay back on his bed and rubbed himself. These feelings had been coming to him more frequently in the past year.

Like the time last Christmas he had crawled out his bedroom window at one in the morning. The weather had turned unseasonably warm and the urge to take a plunge in the ocean had been overpowering. He ran barefoot down the silent street to the beach three blocks away. The police patrol car was sitting beside the station house since the town was deserted this late.

Jerry sped across the short boardwalk beside the shops and felt the ooze of sand creep up between his toes. He was about to burst out of the tall beach grass when he saw the glow of a cigarette at the other end of the dune.

He dropped to the sand and crawled forward. The smell of marijuana reached his nose and he hesitated. The glow moved to the left and Jerry knew there were at least two people sitting on the pile of beach chairs at the entrance to the beach. He crept closer.

Jerry was only eight feet from the two sharing the joint and they had no way of seeing him in the darkness. It had to be a couple of tourists, maybe a boy with his girl. He was in the shadow of the grass and as his eyes adjusted he could begin to see them more clearly in the reflected lights of the town.

It was two guys, he realized, friends out getting high on the beach. Pot was something Jerry had yet to try, he just wasn't ready. One guy said something and they both laughed quietly. The one on the right leaned over and Jerry suddenly realized they were making out. Two gay guys, oh shit.

He watched in fascination as the guys kissed and then lay back on the chairs. One had his hand down the other's pants. They were still kissing when the pants started coming off. Jerry almost gasped aloud when he realized they were going to have sex right there in front of him.

He'd never seen two of any kind having sex before. Peering intently in the darkness he could make out the guys bodies as they began to suck each other. Beneath him in the sand, Jerry's cock was hard as a rock. The sucking went on for a while and then distinctly he heard one of them say, "Fuck me ... I'm ready."

Jerry watched as one of the guys rolled over and spread his legs. He got a glimpse of a long hard cock as the other lowered himself down. There was moaning and gasping as the one on top began to push in and out. Jerry felt his body respond and found himself fucking the beach.

He was close enough to hear the sound of their heavy breathing as the man on top pumped away. It was the moans of pleasure he heard from the guy on the bottom that caught his attention. Jerry had never considered being stuck in the ass like that, but the guy seemed to be enjoying himself.

The top man gasped and hissed, "Oh ... I'm gonna cum."

Jerry felt his cock plunging harder and harder into the sand. It wasn't as good as his mattress but it was doing the trick. The top man bucked and twitched, groaning as he came. Jerry bit his lip as he felt the wetness pouring from his cock into his shorts. The man on top was still pushing in and out when Jerry realized this would be a good time to exit the scene.

He backed slowly into the tall grass until he couldn't see the two guys anymore. They were still only fifteen feet away when Jerry picked up a handful of pebbles and threw them back towards the boardwalk. The clatter of stones on the boards in the quiet night was very loud. He heard the two guys react and the clatter as they jumped off the pile of chairs. Jerry let out a loud whistle and heard one of the guys say in a frantic voice, "Come on."

The pounding of their feet running away down the beach was the last thing he heard from them. Jerry pushed himself through the grass and sprinted in the darkness to the cool water. Sitting back in the waves he saw car lights come on up the beach. The two guys drove away in haste and he laughed out loud.

The memory of their moans and gasps made his cock swell. Jerry wondered if Andy had ever fucked another guy. Oh, it was back to Andy again. He wondered how big that cock was when the man got hard. Jerry almost wished he could take that hard cock up his ass. Maybe being fucked would feel wonderful. The swelling increased and Jerry busted a load out across his stomach. His final sexual image was Andy leaning over and whispering, "I'm cumming."

Jerry showered, amazed that his cock was still hard. His mind was still thinking, what if he allowed Andy to fuck him? How would that work? Obviously the man's cock was big, would his asshole take something that size?

Jerry shook his head under the spray of water. What was wrong with him? Here he was thinking about getting fucked, it was just plain crazy. He wasn't a homo...was he? The long slender shampoo bottle on the shelf gave him an idea. Placing the rounded top against his ass hole Jerry rubbed it around. That felt pretty good but the bottle was too hard.

Turning off the water, Jerry dried off and then padded naked into the kitchen where he looked around. The handles on all the kitchen utensils were made of wood, too hard. Then he spied the bananas in the fruit bowl, oh yeah. The skin of the banana he chose was smooth and straight but Jerry knew he had to make it slippery too. Reaching up in the cabinet, he pulled down the can of vegetable shortening his mother used when cooking.

Dipping the end of the banana in the white gooey mess he returned to the bathroom. Jerry lay down on the countertop with his legs in the air. In the mirror he could see his little pink ass hole and he placed the end of the banana against it. Something wasn't right; he needed to be excited for this to work.

He wiped a dab of the slime off the banana and applied it to his cock. Damn, the stuff was really slick. He began to fist his cock until he was hard and then some. The warmth returned and he looked into the mirror again, imagining the banana was Andy's cock.

This time when he pushed the fruit against his hole he felt it yield. It felt pretty good as he continued to stroke his cock and push against his ass hole. In fact it felt downright awesome as the banana moved inwards. He concentrated on stroking, realizing as he did that the banana was slowly pushing deeper into his ass.

It felt tight one moment and then something seemed to open up and the banana slid several inches up his butt. Wow, that did feel good. Jerry began to push and pull on the banana as his cock started revving up for another blast. He arched his back and watched as the banana slid almost halfway inside.

Deep inside he felt a warm tingle and his balls started to feel heavy. The warmth spread throughout his crotch and his cock felt like it was going to go ballistic. Jerry pumped the banana in and out as the feeling increased. This was over the top.

He felt his cock give a spurt and then his asshole started going all spastic with the banana. It was like opening a door to a whole new load of feelings as the banana's length slid all the way up into his ass.

Jerry groaned as his cock sprayed and sprayed ... and sprayed. Great loads of cum gushed out as his asshole twitched and pulsed. It was like nothing he'd ever felt, but it was over much too soon.

He collapsed on the counter and watched in the mirror as the banana began to slide out of his ass. He'd never cum this hard before, or this much he was sure. The banana plopped out and Jerry saw that the skin had broken open and the fruit was oozing out through the cracks. One ruined banana, but it was awesome.

Unfortunately it took quite a while to wash away the shortening, such miserable gooey stuff. But his asshole continued to tingle and his balls felt like they were completely empty. Overall, it was great. He wondered what Andy would think and at the same time knew he could never tell a soul about this.

It was nine o'clock before he hit the beach just below the Point. There was already a small fire burning in the sand ahead and he could see several figures sitting around it. He was shocked to see that one of them was Andy. Fortunately he was wearing shorts but little else.

"Hey, Jerry," Andy called as he approached, "wasn't sure you were going to make it."

The other boys mumbled their hellos as he plopped down in the sand by the fire. He wondered what Andy had been talking about but then the boys seemed relaxed with the stranger in their midst.

"Sorry, I've been boring your pals with surfing stories," Andy laughed.

A chorus of protests went round the fire, he hadn't been boring them at all, it was awesome. Jerry smiled as Andy resumed his story about how the Australian surf had ripped the board from under his feet and dropped his from the towering wave into the depths. He had pushed himself deep; afraid the board would come down and pound him to pieces.

Jerry stared across the flames at Andy's animated face as he spoke and felt a growing warmth inside. He really liked this guy, really liked him a whole lot. Andy gazed back and Jerry realized the man was looking at him, they smiled together. The moment of shared friendship was theirs alone and Jerry felt like he wanted to be alone with the man and tell him about this new feeling.

One by one the boys said their farewells and slipped away from the circle of light. Finally the last one went, leaving Jerry alone with his man.

"I'm all talked out," Andy said, "and my mouth is dry as a bone. Want to come up to the house for a drink? And I mean soda."

"Yeah, sure," Jerry replied.

They carried buckets of sand to douse the fire and then walked across the dunes to the gate. It felt like coming home when Jerry sat down in the living room. Andy brought him an orange soda and they sat in silence for a few minutes.

"I'm sorry I was late ... "Jerry began.

"I missed you when you didn't come ... " Andy began.

They looked at one another and Jerry smiled. "I'm glad you wore shorts."

Andy gave a laugh. "I didn't think your friends could handle the truth."

Jerry reached for his shorts and pushed them down. "Well, we're alone now."

He sat naked under Andy's steady gaze. "Do you know what you're doing to me? I can't imagine you do at your age."

Jerry could see that Andy's cock was swelling the front of his shorts. It was the sign he needed, the man wanted him. Jerry rolled his body slowly and lay stretched out on the couch, his head in Andy's lap. He could feel the hardness pressed against his cheek as he looked up into the man's face.

"Have you ever imagined us like this?" Jerry asked.

Andy's hands stroked the boy's head, fingers weaving through his long hair.

"You're so young, Jerry, when did you start feeling like this?"

"This afternoon, tonight, I don't know. I've had feelings before, except now they make sense."

Jerry knew his cock had gone hard and was standing up from his stomach. Andy stroked down across his chest and Jerry felt a hand grasp his stiffness. Fair was fair and he began to tug at Andy's shorts.

Side by side they lay naked on the couch. Jerry looked closely at Andy's face and saw amazement, concern and yet he knew this was good, the man cared for him.

"What is it you want from me?" Andy asked. "If its money ... "

"I don't want your money," Jerry blurted out. Did he think this was only about money? "I want you ... I want you to love me."

"I do love you, but why ... "

"My father died when I was ten," Jerry said. He'd been over the sadness of that tragedy for a long time. "I won't lie to you. I've fooled around with guys before. It's just ... like I'm looking for something or someone, I can't explain."

"You still miss him, Jerry, I can tell. I'm sure you love your mother but there isn't a man in your life." Andy understood what it meant not to have a father. His had been distant, busy and they had drifted apart very quickly after he started college. "I would love to be the man in your life, but it doesn't have to be like this, we could be just friends. We're going to cross a line here and I don't think you understand how dangerous that is for me."

"Oh, I would never tell anyone, how could I?" Jerry said.

"But someone could find out, one of your friends ... "

"They all suck cock, Andy. We've all taken money to suck cock, we're poor remember, that's what poor boys do sometimes. My mother can't give me an allowance; I'm too young for a job ... "

"Ok ... ok, I see what you're saying," Andy said. Jerry was getting frustrated and he didn't want the boy angry. "You really think you and I can keep this secret?"

"I'll do what ever it takes," Jerry said, "I think I'm in love."

Andy grasped the boy's head and kissed his brow. Jerry wrapped his arms around Andy's chest and laid his head on that wide, muscular chest.

"Then I want you to love me and I'll do everything in my power to make this work," Andy said. "But ... there will be conditions."

"Conditions? You mean like rules?" Jerry said, pushing himself back.

"Yes, rules. You are ... what, fifteen? Boys your age have to do well in school if they plan to get into a good college, and if you hang with me I will make sure the college is good. I don't love my money, Jerry. Money is only a tool for the things I want to accomplish. You have to think that way or else we'll hit a brick wall together. Do we have an understanding?"

Jerry nodded in agreement. "I'm not doing too badly."

"Good. And no drugs. Those things suck the life out of you. It's not just your love I want, Jerry. I want to share our lives, go places, and do things. I'm twenty-nine years old, really, and I don't have much of a family. Grandpa was my closest relative and I'll never have children. That leaves me looking for a partner and there you were, surfing on my beach. I just didn't know how to say anything to you. I didn't want to scare you away. The day you walked up my was magic."

"I promise I'll be whatever you want me to be," Jerry said. "I'll follow the rules ... "

"You already are what I want. Shut up and kiss me," Andy laughed.

The kiss brought their bodies together and Jerry felt Andy's cock press against his stomach. It was big, bigger than the banana, but now he wasn't scared of it.

They lay and rubbed against each other for a while until Andy led them up the spiraling stairs to his bedroom. Through the glass dome overhead a million stars lit their bodies as they lay down on the large comfortable bed.

"I don't know what kind of things you want to d o... " Andy started to say.

"Shut up and I'll show you," Jerry whispered.

Although he'd never sucked a man sized cock before, now it seemed more like a challenge than a concern. He wanted to suck this cock, to pleasure the man, the man he loved. It still sounded crazy in his head but he knew it was what he really felt.

Andy allowed the boy to suck and squeeze, fondle and lick, as he lay back on the bed. Somehow he knew Jerry had a little experience, but not much. The boy wanted to please him and that was all that mattered. He turned it into a mutual suck off when Jerry started to masturbate himself. No way was he going to let the boy waste precious fluids.

Jerry moaned with pleasure when Andy began to suck his cock. Too soon he felt that familiar pressure rising up inside. He reached back and began to rub a finger up and down across his asshole. The banana had shown him how to make things more pleasurable.

Andy was amused when the boy began to stimulate his sphincter. So the kid has experience with that too. He knew Jerry was about to bust and there was no way to stop it. Let him come quickly the first time and put that behind them. It would be better the second time around.

Jerry was sucking away when he felt the need to release. He came deep in Andy's throat, an event that made him gasp for air. Andy wrapped his hands around the boy and held him in as the kid filled his mouth with warm creamy juice. The boy's body bucked and trembled, his long cock pulsing. The kid busted a decent load.

Andy grasped the boy's buns and spread them apart as the spent cock slipped from his mouth. He licked at Jerry's balls and then drove his tongue up the kid's ass. Jerry gasped at the intense feeling, allowing Andy's cock to slide from his mouth.

"Ah ... oh ... that feels so good."

"So you do want to be fucked, is that it?" Andy asked.

"Yes ... yes, please."

Andy left the bed and came back with a jar of lubricant. Jerry sprawled on the bed as he applied the cool slippery substance to the boy's ass. He pushed the pillows under Jerry's butt to raise him up and then he crawled up over the boy's body.

"Have you done this too?" he asked.

"Yes ... but only with a banana," Jerry giggled.

"A banana, "Andy said incredulously. "I hope it was a big one."

Jerry felt the pressure against his ass hole and tried to relax. It would feel good, so very good, he told himself. This had to happen, he wanted Andy to love him and nothing was too much to ask. He looked up into Andy's face and saw concern.

The pressure increased and with his ass all slippery he felt the head of Andy's cock slide in and then stop. The momentary pain passed and he felt Andy resume pushing. his cock invading, sliding deep inside. He groaned and gasped but it felt so right, so perfectly fitting.

Andy took it easy, probing but not plunging this virgin ass. A banana, well at least he was creative. Ah, the heat of the boy's rectum enveloped his cock and he began a slow stroking motion. Sliding his hand down the boy's stomach he grasped the withered cock and felt it stir. He had no way of knowing this would be Jerry's fourth time today but he wanted the boy to come again.

Jerry was surprised when his cock started to regain strength, the feeling of Andy's grasp bringing it back to life. Oh, the heat that hard cock created in his ass as it slid in and out. Getting fucked by a cock was awesome, much better than the banana. He began thrusting into Andy's hand, working in rhythm with the cock in his ass. Their bodies seemed to dance, their eyes locked together. This was fucking wonderful.

Andy wouldn't push all the way in. It would be too much for the boy's first time. It didn't matter; this was just fine. He remembered getting fucked for the first time when he was seventeen and what a disaster that had been.

He felt the boy fucking his grasp with abandon and knew the final orgasm was approaching. Jerry was gasping for breath, beads of sweat covering his lean body. A few groans from them both and Andy spurted his cum deep in the boy's rectum just as Jerry oozed out a few drops of his own.

Jerry felt Andy's orgasm and the warm juices that poured out into his gut had pushed him over the top one last time. He lay gasping on the sweat soaked sheets and moaned as Andy slowly withdrew his cock. Oh, he missed the fullness and the warmth of that cock inside of him. This had been like nothing else, a new first. And Jerry smiled at the certain satisfaction that it would be wonderful like this again and again.

That summer languished, life slowed by the heat of passion and the soaring temperatures of the Florida weather. Slowly Jerry introduced Andy to his mother and to his amazement she understood his need for a man in his life. There was much unsaid, it would always be that way he knew. But it allowed his life to change from the happy go lucky surfer boy to the cultured young man at Andy's side.

There were few so lucky, Jerry's life was secure, and so was Andy's. There won't be too many more summers on Lipton Point, Jerry is off to Maui this year. Maybe they'll do the Great Barrier Reef in Australia this Christmas. In surfing terms Jerry had caught the perfect wave, the ride of a lifetime.

"Catching the Perfect Wave" Copyright © 2009 by Chris James. All rights reserved.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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