Fringe Benefits by Chris James    Fringe Benefits
by Chris James

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Fringe Benefits by Chris James

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Author Introduction
    There are a million different kinds of jobs out there, I've had a few different ones, but nothing like this. I know we've all seen the television shows about private detectives, but none of them ever inspired me to write a story ... until one night.

I was really looking forward to a quiet evening on the job. The nice part was that I felt this one was worth more than the average case. I took on entirely too many losers. This one was gonna be rich, and I had even splurged on a thermos of gourmet coffee and some of those little finger sandwiches.

The subject I had under surveillance was a real creep, at least that's what the wife had told me. As a private detective I wasn't usually judgmental, but since she had fronted half my fee I felt like I had to be on her side.

She said that he was cheating on her so I started following him. He'd come to this same apartment complex three times and I was hoping to get a glimpse of the broad he was chasing. The plan was to get some incriminating photos. Judges and juries love juicy photos.

Fringe Benefits by Chris James

Tonight I'd tailed him to the same building and watched him climb the outer stairs. I knew which apartment he'd be going to, apartment 3D. Just my luck that the place was on the third floor, I couldn't stand heights. The mailbox said "D. Smith," which was no help at all.

Oh, I had tried the door to door salesman routine but some guy answered the bell, I figured she had a roommate. When I inquired if the little woman of the house was home he shut the door in my face. Didn't matter, I'd catch up to her soon enough.

Tonight I'd brought my video camera; it was time to shoot some frames. I stuffed the little Japanese thing in my windbreaker and took a stroll out behind the building. There had been a 'No Pets' sign outside the rental office so at least there wouldn't be any mutts barking or trying to take a bite out of my ass.

The space between the buildings was dark and quiet, nothing here but trash cans and a few discarded crates. I could see lights on in the windows of the third floor but they were so high, maybe if I'd brought a ladder. Too bad she didn't have mirrors on the ceiling of her bedroom. I'd read about some detective who had solved his case by taking shots in the mirror over a subject's bed.

There was a metal ladder affixed to the far end of each building that went up, way up to the roof. Naw, that wasn't for me ... what a chicken shit. Damn, I could probably get a decent shot through the bedroom windows if I went up there. My hands trembled at the thought.

I had been standing in the shadows looking up at the apartment across the way for about fifteen minutes when I heard a scraping sound coming from above me. Looking up I saw a small dark bundle descending the ladder. What the hell? I moved close to the base of the ladder and stood still.

The figure took on definition as it reached the ground, it was a young boy.

"Hey, kid," I said, gripping his arm so he wouldn't bolt.

The boy froze and I flashed my penlight in his face. The dark hood of his sweatshirt framed a young face, his eyes wide with fright. I had a thought.

"What were you doing on the roof?" I asked.

"Nothing, mister ... honest."

"Would you climb back up there if I paid you?" I asked.

"Huh? I ... I guess so."

"Ok, let's go talk," I said.

I lead the kid by the arm back to my car and put him in the passenger seat. He smelled like weed, the kid had been getting high up on the roof. That took balls, one false step and ... splat. He looked all of about fifteen, kinda pale but nice blue eyes ... then he took off the hood and a pile of long blonde hair fell about his shoulders. Wow, he was a knockout ... some girl was gonna be very lucky.

"Want a coffee?" I asked.

The kid nodded and I poured him a cup.

"You're not in any trouble from me, ok?" I said. "But I can tell you that catching a buzz up on the roof is not a great idea ... it's a long way to fall."

"Shit, I've been doing it for years," he said, "ain't fallen yet. So ... why do you want to pay me? "

"I want you to take my camera up there and shoot some video of the stuff happening in one of the bedrooms on the third floor."

"You some kind of pervert?" the boy asked.

"Yeah ... and I get paid for it," I said. "I'm a private detective and this guy I'm following is cheating on his wife."

"Oh yeah? Which apartment?" he asked.


"That's pretty funny ... I know those people," the kid laughed.

"You do? I've been trying to find out who the woman is but with no luck," I said.

"I'll bet," the kid replied. "So how much do I get for taking the movies?"

"I'll give you fifty bucks ... double that if you catch them doing it."

"Sweet deal ... I'll do it," the kid replied. "What's your name?"

"Brian Lance ... Lance Detective Agency," I said. "What's yours?"

"Why you want to know?"

"Hell, kid. I have to put something on the voucher for the money...I work on an expense account."

"Evan ... Evan Childs," the boy replied. "This is good coffee ... you work for a big agency?"

"Naw, just me and the answering machine," I said. "Why were you smoking weed on the roof?"

"That way my mom won't catch me ... she's afraid of heights."

"That makes two of us," I said.

"Nothing like a buzz under the stars," Evan said. "I feel free and easy up there, no one to bother me."

Now it was my turn to laugh. "Up there jerking off I'll bet ... and you called me a pervert. Doing a little peeping in windows on the side?"

Even in the dark I could see him blush ... bingo. Lordy Mama, he was just so cute ... but so damn young.

"When do I get the video recorder?" Evan asked.

Better to change the subject before the kid turned me on. No sense in him finding out that this lone dick would like to see his dick, but it didn't figure in my plans with him.

"How about right now ... maybe we'll get lucky," I said.

Evan knew all about cameras, probably more than I did. He tucked the little thing in the front pouch of his sweatshirt and started to climb. He stopped after a few rungs.

"Sure you won't join me? Nice night to see the stars," he said.

"Not on your life, kiddo."

I watched him climb and disappear over the edge of the roof ... way up there, it made me feel a little dizzy. Who was this kid anyway? He had to live in the apartments ... but who cares, what a knockout. All right Brian, keep it in your pants ... the kid is too young. Not that I haven't played around in the green pastures of youth, but that was a decade ago. Now I'm almost thirty-five and usually on the make for legal stuff, but this one just took me by surprise.

I stood at the bottom of the ladder and waited, glancing at my watch occasionally. Evan had been up there almost an hour and it was getting late ... and then the lights went off in the subject's bedroom across the way. I heard a soft whistle from above, the boy was climbing down.

"Did you get anything?" I asked as his feet touched the ground.

"Boy, did I ever," Evan said with a smile. "It's hot."

"Sure you didn't just take pictures of the stars?"

"No way, man ... you can trust me. Why don't we just go look at them, that way you'll know how much to pay me?"

"All right, sure you won't get in trouble for being out late?" I asked.

"Naw ... my mom's at work, she won't be home until breakfast."

He settled back in my car and I took him home. I have my office in the basement, sometimes I sleep on the couch ... I live alone. My folks left me the house and split for the southwest, Daddy always wanted to be a cowboy. I rarely use the upstairs except to entertain and tonight was supposed to be business. I drove around back and we went in the basement door.

"Holy cow," Evan said, "this place is all yours?"

The kid was taking in the giant size everything, I always spent money large and my television was the biggest on the market. Evan dropped on the couch.

"Yeah ... the taxes are killing me," I said. "Mind if I play back the tape?"

"Yeah ... let's watch."

I hooked up the camera and rewound the tape. I took the remote over to the couch and plopped down next to the boy.

"Hope you got some good footage with lots of skin, I want this guy's wife to get a surprise."

"Oh she will," Evan said with a grin.

I hit the play button and the blue screen turned to fuzz, the camera was trying to auto focus. The picture jumped around a little and then settled in on the light source ... a bedroom window. I could see a bed with the subject sitting on the edge, good picture, all we needed was a little sound and this would be studio quality. Got to hand it to the Japanese, they made good cameras.

The subject seemed to be talking to someone; I was hoping it was our mystery lady. He stood and was beginning to take off his shirt when this other guy walked into the picture. Shit, it was the clown who slammed the door in my face and he was kissing ...

Evan was watching my face and burst out laughing. "Seems your man is gay, Brian."

The kid was laughing pretty hard, about what I'd expect since he played me for a fool.

"Well, I'll be damned, I didn't expect this. And you knew all along, you little rat"

I grabbed Evan and knuckled his head a few times for good measure.

"Do I still earn my pay?" he asked.

"I'll say, two hundred wasn't it?"

"Really? Thanks, man."

We watched in silence as the guys started getting it on, the picture shook a little now and then but everything was quite clear. The Mrs. would certainly pay top dollar for this video, of that I was very sure.

The two guys on the screen were fucking now, as I figured, the subject ended up on the bottom. Evan had captured the whole sexual scene from beginning to end. I was going to congratulate him but when I turned to look his way I saw that he was rubbing his crotch, the little fuck was turned on.

"You've been up on the roof every night watching them and pulling your meat haven't you, Evan?"

His hand froze and he tried to cover the erection that had slid down the leg of his jeans. I reached down and gently lifted his hand, uncovering his swollen cock. I slid my hand over and gave his bulge a squeeze.

"Got a big one there, kiddo. Any juice still left in that thing?"

I unbuckled his belt and slid the zipper down. Evan just lay there, mesmerized by the men on the screen. I hooked a finger down in his pants to snag his underwear ... he wasn't wearing any. Instead I came up against his cock which I pulled free. A nice fat erection it was too, big for his age and just bubbling with pre-cum.

I lowered my head to his lap and licked the end of his cock, tonguing the slit before taking the entire head in my mouth. Evan pushed his jeans down and freed his entire set of equipment. Just the way he liked it, free and easy. He settled back in the cushions and I began to blow him in earnest.

My efforts were rewarded with little growls and moans deep in his chest, Evan started humping his cock up towards my mouth. My hand began to squeeze and knead the fleshy sac between his legs as I sucked him into the back of my throat.

Evan bucked and humped, he was just a kid ... it wouldn't be long now. He gasped and panted and I felt a hand come to rest on the back of my head. He pushed down so gently, encouraging me, willing me to take every inch of his cock. It was only six inches and I swallowed that flesh to the root and nestled my nose in his pubes.

Evan groaned and pushed upwards ... here it comes. I felt the head of his cock swell and the warm gush hit the back of my throat. I gulped his cum, savoring the sweet taste on my tongue. I increased the suction and vacuumed every last drop before allowing it to drop from my mouth. I looked up into his face and smiled.

"Beats whacking your meat, doesn't it?" I asked. "Yes ... " he cleared his throat, "yes ... it was awesome."

"I'll get us a soda," I said.

Bounding up the stairs to the kitchen I wondered what was going through the boy's head, was he gay or bi? It didn't matter to me; it only mattered if he wanted to do it again. I grabbed a couple of drinks and walked slowly down the stairs. The video had ended and Evan was nowhere to be seen. Then I heard the toilet flush and sat to await his return.

The boy was completely naked now ... and what a fine body he had. His cock hung low over a generous ball sac. His muscular arms and broad shoulders covered with that stunning blonde hair ... it would be hard to say no to this boy. He stopped in front of the blue screen on the television and slowly turned.

"Like what you see?"

"You're fine ... very fine, Evan. Nice ass too," I said.

Evan walked over to the couch, turned around and bent over, spreading his cheeks in the process. His sweet little pucker was almost in my face, I looked at it with my detective's eyes ... he was still a virgin.

I gave a kiss to each of his round muscular ass cheeks and ran my tongue across his pink pucker, Evan jumped.

"Like that too?" I asked.

"Why don't you take your clothes off?" He asked.

"I might scare you with my big nasty," I replied.

"Oh ... I like scary things," Evan said.

He sat on the couch and sipped his soda while I stripped. The way he tongued the end of the bottle told me that he wanted us to do something more. As I stepped out of my boxers he reached out a hand and stroked my cock.

"I've never done this with anyone before ... but I sure have thought about it a lot."

"How old are you, Evan?"

"I'll be sixteen in two weeks ... and I'm still a virgin, isn't that a shame?"

He put the bottle down and stroked my semi-hard cock with both hands, it stiffened immediately.

"Oh ... it is big and nasty," he said, licking his lips.

He pulled on my handle and I followed as he maneuvered me onto the couch and spread my legs. His face lowered to my cock and licked the head, and then he looked up at me.

"This is my first time ... I hope I do it right."

I stroked his hair and rubbed my hand across his cheek, the beauty of this boy was overwhelming.

"Just do your best, that's all I ask."

The boy's lips surrounded my cock and he went down on it. I felt the scrape of his pearly white teeth and knew he was trying too hard. Sure enough, he tried to suck it all in and choked. I pulled his head up.

"Sucking cock is a matter of practice, so don't be greedy too soon or you'll choke. Watch the teeth, its real sensitive down there; use your lips and tongue."

"I knew I wouldn't be good at it," Evan said.

"Don't be disappointed so easily. How about we do it together and you can copy me, ok?" I asked.

"I don't know if I can swallow?"

"And cum is an acquired taste, I'll tell you before I cut loose. That way you can decide if you want it or not. Let's just take it easy and enjoy the buzz."

I turned around and we both stretched out on the cushions, each of us cock to mouth. Evan was hard again; another load awaited me in the heat of his hairless balls. I loved the way the head of his cock flared outwards like a sweet little mushroom. The only thing nicer would be shoving my tongue up his little pink pucker.

I licked and nibbled my way up and down the shaft of his cock while Evan copied my every move. I slurped his ball sac into my mouth and felt them nestle comfortably on my tongue. I pulled them away from his body and allowed them to plop out one at a time. His crotch was soaked with my spit as I licked beneath his balls and ran my tongue down to his sweet little hole. I had to give him credit, Evan followed me exactly.

I kissed his virgin hole and ran my tongue around and around, slowly spiraling inwards. My tongue centered itself on the hole and plunged inside. Evan hesitated, gasped with delight and then his tongue shoved its way into my ass. I spread my legs wider to make it easy for him, such a good boy, I was very pleased.

I grasped his butt cheeks and tongue fucked him real good. His sphincter began to relax so I replaced my tongue with a finger. Now I nibbled my way back to his cock and took him all down my throat. He bucked and pumped as before while I sucked and finger fucked him. Evan was still glued to my ass, his tongue and mouth eating away for all he was worth. Guess he had found something he liked to do.

I massaged my finger against his prostate and was rewarded with a mouthful of his boyish cum but I kept on sucking. Evan plunged a finger up my well lubricated ass and went down on my cock. His moves were more aggressive now, more self assured. He was only taking the top half of my shaft but that was just fine, at least I didn't feel his teeth anymore.

I thought about holding back my orgasm but decided the boy would get tired quickly and so I moaned.

"Evan, I'm getting there ... I'm gonna cum real soon."

He put a hand to my shaft and pumped ... he really wanted it badly. I felt my cock head flare in his mouth and he slowed down, bracing himself for the blast. I let him have it, pumping my load down his throat. I felt him gulp, once and twice before he pulled off allowing the remainder to spray out on my stomach.

"That was fun," Evan finally said. "Did I do it right?"

"You did just fine," I replied. God, I love the fringe benefits of this job.

"Fringe Benefits" Copyright © 24 Aug 2009 by Chris James. All rights reserved.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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