Goofy and the Babe by Chris James    Goofy and the Babe
by Chris James

  Sexual Situations
  Rated Mature 18+

Goofy and the Babe by Chris James

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Author Introduction
    In so many stories the adult who finds a young companion is either rich, or filthy rich. It was always from winning the lottery, inheriting from the parents who died in a plane crash or inventing the greatest piece of software on the planet ... yeah, sure. I understand this is fiction, but the best fiction is based upon the truth.
    This little story is filled with fiction and the things money can do, and yet my main character is dismally poor. But if I was in his shoes I would consider myself the richest man alive.

Nate was sure it had all started at that picnic the weekend after Easter, the very moment his life had changed forever. Dean Edwards had given him an invitation the week before, Nate could hardly say no, he owed the man big time. The best part was that it meant the Dean regarded him as one of the best and brightest in the department. Yes, Nate buddy, life is going just fine.

The man throwing the picnic was named Weston, and from what Nate could see he seemed nervous around his employees that afternoon. A guy like Weston was pretty transparent, he'd grown up rich and pampered, and it was a sure bet he'd never played a hand of poker in his life. Events like this were an obligation to the man; he obviously didn't enjoy being here.

Nate had grown up bluffing, it's what you did when you were a gay boy and no one else knew about it. His whole high school romance with Jennifer Parker had been a bluff. Thank God college had killed that deception. Oh yeah, college ... he still hadn't told anyone about his proclivities.

He knew several gay college boys; they were a mite too old for his tastes. In fact he often spent more time socializing with the faculty because they had children. Oh, that sounds bad, and it was. Nate didn't think of himself as a bad man, he just had a thing for teenagers, the younger the better.

The gay thing remained his secret, as did one other thing...his bank balance. For if Nate appeared to be one of the Ivy League go-getters he was anything but. His Aunt Francis had left him a little sum, enough to pay the tuition for a few semesters; Nate was expected to do the rest with his grades and part time jobs.

He studied hard and by his third semester was on partial scholarship, the road ahead was paved with gold. There was more than one faculty Dean who thought well of him, but Edwards was his favorite, he was so thoughtful and caring. Nate had a whole diary filled with dates, birthdays and anniversaries, the faculty wives and children loved him for his small remembrances on those special days.

But even if Nate was aimed at a business degree he spent more time practicing psychology. It took no imagination to understand that a young teenage boy was one of the horniest creatures on the face of the planet. Taking advantage of that was Nate's highest priority, another subject he studied well and good.

Goofy and the Babe by Chris James

Dominic was just turning fourteen when he met Nate at one of his father's company picnics. Dad was one of the major donors to the University's business school and thus social events always included a sprinkling of faculty members. He felt it was a good way to inspire his employees and keep them on their toes with some intellectual stimulus.

Dom could have told his dad that most of these guys were about as intellectual as yesterdays statistics, they were some of the most boring creatures on earth. But rather than sit in the corner playing with his Gameboy, Dom made the rounds out of curiosity.

Nate saw the dark haired beauty from across the yard, not that this was the only kid there but he was definitely the only one worth looking at. He wondered whose kid this was, perhaps one of the Weston Company employees?

The boy was dressed casual like a kid was supposed to be, but he wore nice designer things. Nate pulled at his tie. He had chosen to dress like one of the adults and now he regretted it. The boy made his way around the yard, talking to this person and that; it gave Nate a glimpse of the kid's style.

The long delicate fingers of the boy's left hand were always brushing that long black hair off his face, while the right was always ready for a handshake. The boy finally came near enough for Nate to get a close glimpse of the face, what a dear. Smooth creamy skin and a pouting mouth, flashing a smile like a real politician. But the eyes burned with curiosity and ... yes, amusement, this was all a bit of fun.

Nate studied the shape of the boy's body, imagining him naked. At that age there was no obscene bulge in the boy's pants, but his butt was well rounded. The boy was athletic, he moved like a restless cat on the prowl. Nate could imagine running his hands ... and then he snapped out of his reverie, he was looking directly into those deep brown eyes.

"Hello," the boy said, "I'm Dom, that's short for Dominic. You must be one of the University students."

The eyes sparkled with amusement, straight teeth revealed by the smile, and Nate almost laughed. This was all a great charade for the kid, he was playing grownup ... and he was a master at the game.

Nate smiled. "Hello, Dom ... I'm Nate, are you having fun?"

Dom rolled his eyes. "You must be kidding ... here?"

"You seem to be making the rounds quite well," Nate said.

Dom's face presented a tired expression. "Just scoring points with my dad, and you?"

"University students attend these affairs to learn social skills, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous is supposed to inspire us."

Dom just stared at him and Nate tried to look like he meant what he had just said. There was no telling the boy that he was here for the free eats, he'd already used up his weekly food allowance.

Handsome college boy, Dom thought. But he could tell that Nate felt out of place in this crowd. The upscale university attracted the wealthy set; Nate didn't seem to be one of them. Small clues, like the button missing on the cuff of his sport coat, now there were only two on that left sleeve. A rich boy would have had it fixed right away, or thrown it out and bought a new one.

So Nate wasn't one of them ... good. "Do you live on campus?" Dom asked.

"No, Thank God, I share an apartment off campus," Nate replied. He didn't want to say it was in a rent controlled complex. "Dorms tend to distract from my studies, too much party life. And where do you attend school?"

"Bandicoot Academy, better known as Wicker Middle School," Dom replied.

Nate's eyebrows went up; he had the kid pegged as a private school student. Dom smiled, he got that reaction from most people.

"Oh ... ," Nate said.

"Yeah, I don't fit the mold, but it was my choice. Private schools are supposed to motivate students; I don't need a prep school."

Nate nodded, indeed the boy didn't. What a precocious young man, and hot to boot. He quickly looked around the yard, the party was losing its interest, and now the boy had stolen the show.

Dom knew the guy wanted to leave, but he didn't want to lose contact. This was the first college boy he'd spoken to in a long time; he couldn't allow the moment to end.

"What do you do for entertainment?" Dom asked.

Nate's eyes swiveled back to the boy's face. "Entertainment ... what's that?" Nate chuckled.

"You work too hard," Dom said. "Don't burn out before your senior year."

"How did you know I was a junior?"

"I know lots of things," Dom said. "When's the last time you went to a movie?"

"Movie? Oh yeah, big screen, plush seats ... I remember those."

Dom shook his head; Nate was playing the fool to keep from being embarrassed. "I'm going to see the new Batman movie this weekend ... tomorrow ... one o'clock ... Broadview Mall?"

Nate nodded. "You want me to come with you?"

"Of course, did I give you enough detail?

"You don't even know me?" Nate began.

"OK, so don't come. I was just inviting you to a movie, my treat," Dom said. "You need a break."

Nate smiled; he'd been invited on a date. "Um ... yeah, I do. OK, you win, I'll be there. You aren't going alone are you?"

"I am, do it all the time," Dom said. "I find most boys my age foolish and thus incompatible."

"Oh wow, how old are you?" "Physically I'll be fourteen in three weeks ... " Dom said, leaving the rest open for interpretation.

"I'm twenty-one," Nate said.

"So? Not like we're going bar hopping, is it? I choose my friends carefully; you're on the waiting list."

"Jeez, you're something else," Nate said.

"That remains to be seen, don't you think?" Dom replied.

It certainly did. Nate had a hard time focusing on his psychology studies that night, what had happened this afternoon? He'd never met a boy like Dom ... and that was probably a good thing. That age offered so many temptations, there had been a few, just not recently.

He would meet Dom at the mall, although he'd never been to this one before. But Nate was sure that Broadview was just like all the others. He'd been avoiding malls the past few years since he didn't feel in a position to feed his lust.

His senior year of high school had been exceptional; he was on a roll that year. What was it, ten ... twelve different boys? His brother was off in the Army, he had the car and there were three malls close by. Nate found a job in the security department of Lake Marsh Mall.

All he received were two weeks of training, a small radio and an ID badge, otherwise he wore plain clothes. Teenage boys were notorious for shoplifting; hiring an eighteen year old to catch them seemed to work for the mall's manager.

That first day Nate walked around and smiled at the kids out having fun on their weekend. If he saw anything he was to call it in to the office and track the offender until the uniforms showed up, it sounded like a piece of cake.

The first boy he saw that looked suspicious was dressed oddly and then Nate realized it was because the pants he wore had a large number of pockets. The kid was by himself as he wandered into the Record Rack and cruised the aisles. Nate followed along, pretending to browse the CD's one aisle over.

He had to admit the kid was good, a slight of hand artist. Pick up three CD's, put two back as the third slid into a pocket. The boy looked like he was about sixteen, scraggly hair and a pasty complexion. That Nate didn't find him attractive probably had something to do with the way he accomplished his job, he radioed for help.

The boy walked out of the store and was immediately apprehended by two uniforms. He had six CD's stuffed in his pockets and they led him away to the office as Nate went back to work. No one seemed to notice him, except now the clerks at the Record Rack knew he was security and that was cool.

Shoplifter number two went the same way, only this one stole clothes by discarding his worn out things for something new and then trying to walk out of the store. Again the uniforms showed up and took him away. By the end of that shift Nate received a pat on the back from the manager.

His second weekend started off quietly, but by ten that morning he was on the trail of another boy. Nate figured that girls would shoplift too but he wasn't interested in standing around the women's stores. But this kid was hot looking even if he manifested the traits of a shoplifter.

The boy wandered through three different stores before he made a choice and pocketed a small crystal horse from the gift shop. Nate thought it strange that a boy of about fourteen would choose to steal something silly like that. The kid was very attractive and well dressed, maybe he was just a kleptomaniac.

The urge to steal for no reason other than to satisfy a need to display skill or to resolve some inner feeling made no sense to Nate. What did make sense was that the boy had opened himself up to a criminal record, it would piss his parents off to no end and he would become known as a thief at school. But then maybe that was the point.

The boy was still in the store when Nate cornered him back by the display of posters on the

"I thought you were smarter than that," Nate said.

"Sorry, are you talking to me?" The boy said.

"Yes," Nate said, displaying his identification. "I saw what you put in your pocket. You walk out that door and it becomes theft."

"Oh ... then later," The boy said and turned for the door.

Nate grabbed the boy's arm and pulled him into the back hallway and down by the employee's washroom. The boy didn't struggle as he allowed himself to be led into the washroom where Nate locked the door.

"I don't want to bust you over something so stupid."

"I want to get arrested, call the cops," The boy said.

Nate frowned, something was up here. He put a hand under the boy's chin and lifted it until their eyes met. "I'm Nate ... who are you?"

"Jack in the beanstalk," The boy answered.

"Hmm, nice to meet you, Jack. This isn't a fairytale you know, what you're doing is very real."

"I need to get busted, and my name is Jack ... for real."

"Jack, you have beautiful eyes and a sweet face, I don't want to see you locked up," Nate said. "What can I do to help?"

Jack smiled and his eyes sparkled. "Kill my father and send his sorry ass to hell."

Nate's hand trembled, the boy was dead serious. "That bad, you want him dead?"

"Yes, I hate him ... he calls me a fa ... ," And Jack stopped there.

Nate did the only thing he could think of, he leaned forward and kissed Jack right on the lips. The contact sparked something between them, or maybe it was the moan of desire Jack made as their bodies came together. Nate pulled back and smiled at the younger boy.

"I understand ... I really do," Nate said.

The tears came in a gush and Jack clutched harder, the sobs wracking his body. They spent the afternoon out by the quarry and Jack laid it all out. Nate didn't know what he was going to do, from what the boy said it was already too late for them to become anything special.

Jack wanted to get arrested as a means to stop his father from sending him away to boarding school, a ploy that probably wouldn't work. But now he had a gay friend, someone to talk to and the father didn't matter as much any more. Jack eventually went off to school a thousand miles away, but not until after they had consummated the relationship.

Nate ended up with a friend, but lovers were harder to find. The mall job earned him some money and a bunch of boys willing to trade sex to avoid a shoplifting charge, but none of them was quite like Jack. Yes, senior year was unique.

College on a scholarship meant Nate didn't have the funds to play the field. He would go home summers with a horny streak that needed desperate attention. He worked as an attendant at the local park, and found himself surrounded with dozens of cute young things.

Miles was a skater, fifteen and drop dead gorgeous, at least in Nate's modest opinion. But he was reckless, covered in scabs and bruises which he wore like a badge of honor. The boy smirked at Nate for his lack of skating knowledge, and then dropped his shorts in the tool shed behind the tennis courts.

He wanted it rough, probably trying to relive that early sexual experience which his parents called a rape and Miles called awesome fun. But if at age twelve Miles was ready and willing to take it up the rear, by fifteen he was obsessed. He found a more than willing partner in Nate.

Pain seemed to turn the boy on, that's why he skated. Nate would see him crash after some daring maneuver and watch the boy limp off towards the restrooms. Carrying a shovel, or pushing a wheelbarrow, Nate would head that way and immediately go behind the building and towards the tennis courts.

Miles would be standing by the tool shed doors, out of sight of the courts. Nate would unlock the door and the boy would step inside as his shorts came off. Laying back on a pile of burlap bags filled with mulch, Miles would raise his legs in silence. No lube, no condom, Miles liked it hard and nasty.

Nate often plunged away to the sound of tennis balls being struck; it was a broken rhythm that Miles seemed to enjoy. The boy didn't want to be kissed or caressed, just a hard slamming fuck for which Nate was only too glad to oblige.

It was always hot in the shed; they would pour sweat on one another and stare with eyes locked in a mental embrace. Nate would shove in and start pumping, the only response he would get was the burning passion in the boy's eyes for what they were doing. But he got what he needed in more than one way, for once he ejaculated Nate would quickly pull out and go down on Miles' cock. He had to be quick, Miles was only a few seconds behind in the cum department.

It must have been something the boy ate; it was the sweetest cream Nate had ever tasted. It didn't hurt that Miles was willing to do this two, three times a day if he felt the need. They were both willing, and then summer ended.

The first faculty kid Nate seduced was the son of his English teacher, English 102. The boy used to get out of school and walk to campus. There he would wait until his mother finished teaching around five and they would go home together. Nate was impressed at the boy's willingness to be friendly, that and the gym shorts which revealed he was pretty damn mature for a thirteen year old. His name was Caleb.

Caleb discovered Nate, not the other way around. Nate had a student job with the custodial department, light duties like dusting and cleaning carpets. He was in the small theatre's lobby running a vacuum when Caleb wandered through. The building was historic, there were lots of old nooks and crannies to explore and the boy knew them all.

Like a typical faculty brat he snuck in a side door behind Nate's back and pulled the plug on the vacuum. Nate stared down at the machine which had suddenly gone silent and then over across the lobby at the plug lying on the floor. He plugged it back in and resumed his work until ... it died again.

OK, he hadn't pulled the cord, this shouldn't be happening. This time as he plugged it in he heard a giggle and turned to see Caleb hiding behind the box office door.

"Ahh, a little gremlin is at play," Nate said, and then he laughed.

Caleb revealed himself and joined the laughter. "That was just for fun, you aren't mad at me are you?" He asked.

"No, but you're the first red-headed gremlin I ever met, most of them have green hair."

They sat on lobby chairs across from one another and talked for most of an hour. Nate was riveted by the boy, and not just because he was incredibly bright. Those shorts were loose and he could see Caleb's hairless balls and his cock, his very large cock for someone that age.

Nate tried not to look directly at it, but they were only four feet away from one another and the boy kept his feet up on the chair and his knees bent. The question begged, was the boy flashing his goodies? Nate finally asked.

"You know from here I can see that you're circumcised," Nate said.

"Yes I am," Caleb nodded. "Are you?"

"Yes, it seems to be quite common. I hear masturbation is more fun if you aren't circumcised."

Caleb was silent for a moment. "What else do you know?" He asked.

"Lots of things," Nate replied.

"I only have my mom at home, no guys to tell me anything," Caleb said.

"At your age I had a million questions, I bet you do as well," Nate said.

"What's a blow job feel like."

Caleb had a fat little sausage sticking up from his belly as he lay back on the couch in the deserted actor's lounge. Nate stared in wonder at the hairless balls that seemed huge between the boy's legs. The cock was smooth and all of five inches, a perfect mouthful. But he smiled at the tiny wisps of red pubic hair, this would be a first.

The boy moaned and groaned as his cock was being sucked, and then he tried to pull away as he felt himself cumming, but Nate didn't want to miss a drop. He slid the boy's cock to the back of his throat and held it there; one ... two small shots of cream and it was done. Caleb immediately went limp, but his cock didn't.

"Good for you?" Nate asked. The insinuation being that Caleb had his, now where's mine.

A sigh of contentment and Caleb sat up. "I never felt like that before, just rubbing it doesn't feel at all like that ... what does it taste like?"

"You taste sweet and creamy, you could taste your own any time you want."

"I guess I better do you now, it's only fair," Caleb said. "I just don't know about the swallowing part."

"Then don't, just jack it off on my belly when I'm ready to cum," Nate said. He looked down and saw Caleb's cock was still stiff. "Are you ready to go again?"

"It takes forever for it to get soft, never done it twice in a row before."

Nate smiled. "Then today will be filled with firsts for you."

A good sixty-nine allows the novice to follow the master's lead, and Caleb did very well. Nate had an average cock and the boy worked it well until his mouth got tired. But once he pulled off he resumed jacking, and he was good at that Nate decided.

Second time on the boy's cock left some room for further exploration on what Caleb would allow. It was too soon to rim the boy, but Nate managed a bit of intrusion with his finger. Caleb didn't tighten up, but he didn't spread his legs much. Nate considered it an uncomfortable feeling for the boy and figured after a little explanation they would go there ... next time.

Caleb squirted again, same two pulses, same amount of cream, and then he worked hard to bring Nate off.

"Oh ... it's cumming," Nate moaned and Caleb grasped him harder. Nate gave up several hard spurts and Caleb stroked him through it. And then it was done and Nate felt a tongue lick the head of his cock, what a brave boy.

"You taste kinda salty," Caleb said. "But it smells stronger than mine."

The sex he had with Caleb went on for two months, and then the boy made a big mistake. The knowledge he gained with Nate was just too good not to share, he told a friend what sex was like and the boy told his mother.

Fortunately Caleb didn't reveal Nate's name, just saying it was some guy over at the college. But Nate got the picture when the police questioned a lot of the college employees. He was just a student worker; they never got around to him. He never saw Caleb again, and he didn't want to.

Nate went home for the summer and hoped things would cool off, maybe Miles would be around. But Miles had been a busy boy; he was in the hospital with a broken leg and a fractured collarbone. At least that's what Miles' substitute told Nate, and he should know, he was Miles' boyfriend.

Freddy was as much a sex freak as Miles, but he wore it on his sleeve. No one would ever suspect Miles, Freddy was always suspected of everything. He'd been suspended from school eight times between fifth and ninth grade, it was a miracle that he'd passed. Maybe the schools just wanted him gone, but he was sixteen now and determined to graduate.

Nate was back at the park for the summer, and that's where Freddy found him.

"You must be Nate," Freddy said. The boy had walked up out of the blue and smiled before he spoke. "Miles told me all about you." And that's when Nate learned he wouldn't be seeing Miles for a while.

"I deny most of it," Nate laughed.

"Even the part about fucking his brains out on a regular basis? Never met anyone that enjoyed getting stuffed like he does." That statement made Nate take a second look at the boy, and then ask his name.

"Ready Freddy, that's me," Freddy said.

"Ready for what?" Nate asked.

"Where's that tool shed? I'll show you real quick."

Nate unlocked the door and Freddy stepped inside. "Ok, drop your shorts," Freddy said.

"I was about to tell you to do the same," Nate said.

"Oh, guess we both like to do the sticking in part," Freddy said. "I suck a mean cock."

"Now you're talking, so do I," Nate said, and they both dropped their shorts.

Freddy wasn't kidding; he had the best mouth Nate had encountered in a long while. The boy was fearless, swallowing everything Nate could spew. This would be another great summer.

They eventually got around to fucking one another and Freddy proved up to the task. But they both agreed that Miles was the best fuck in town, now all he had to do was heal. It wasn't until the week before Nate had to leave that Miles was back on the street, minus the skateboard this time. Nate allowed Freddy to go first just to watch the results. Miles moaned, Freddy came and then kept on plowing.

Nate couldn't stay out of the action one moment longer, so he moved in behind Freddy and gave the boy something to groan about. He was riding Freddy's back and looked down into Miles' smiling face, the fucking lasted all afternoon.

Back to college and the grind, at least Nate had memories to carry him through. And then he attended that fateful picnic and got invited to the movies. It was late and Nate had barely looked at his psychology book, now the past was gone, tomorrow would start something new.

Nate went to bed and thought about Dom. Hell, he didn't even know the boy's last name or who his parents were. Somehow he'd just given in to the boy's whim to meet for a movie; there had been nothing overtly sexual in their chat.

Dom was a loner; his intellectual capacity seemed to dictate that. Didn't like boys his own age, did he know that many adults? Nate remembered the eyes; they burned with zeal ... now if only he could turn that to sex.

Yeah, that sweet ass, the small waist ... Dom was hot property all right. Nate masturbated; glad his roommate was out with his girlfriend for the weekend. Maybe he could bring Dom back for an hour or two, the place looked respectable. God, he would be in heaven if the boy would sleep with him, and he was soon lost in the fantasy.

Nate arrived at the mall around noon, he felt it was better to be early than late. He'd borrowed his roommate's car, something that was allowed since the guy never drove the damn thing. Why have a car and not use it? But then he knew the girlfriend had a brand new Lexus, much better than a simple VW Jetta.

The only issue that might come up was Dom's arrival; would his parents just drop him off? He didn't think the boy was going to mention who he was meeting, Nate had the feeling the boy was pretty secretive. He had ten bucks in his pocket and not a dime more; it was a long way until the end of the month and his next measly student allowance.

If Dom wanted to eat after the film Nate had to weasel out of it somehow, he didn't need to spend the cash. He was sitting across from the theatre entrance surrounded by kids of all ages, but he didn't pay them any mind. Batman, at least Dom had selected a movie he wanted to see, something dark and brooding.

He was reflecting on all that when the boy suddenly appeared in front of him. "Great, you came," Dom said, and the smile lit up Nate's world.

He smiled back. "I decided you were right, I need the diversion," Nate said.

"I'm always right, it gets to be a bore sometimes ... I'm just glad you came," Dom said.

The boy paid for their tickets, popcorn and sodas as well. Nate felt a bit embarrassed about all that but the boy was bubbling with excitement about the film, how could he put a damper on such enthusiasm?

High, Dom wanted to be way up at the top so they climbed the steps and found two seats in the center of the back row. The theatre filled in around them but there was still room on either side to give them a little privacy. Nate ate sparingly of his popcorn, he wanted it to last, but then the boy was a great distraction.

"I think the whole thing with Heath was such a tragedy," Dom said. "He could have gone on to become one of the Hollywood greats, but his role in Brokeback was outstanding."

"You saw Brokeback Mountain?" Nate asked.

"Of course, I'm a real aficionado of the film industry, at least the good films and the independent ones," Dom said. "What did you think about it?"

"Great love story, one of the best," Nate said. "Tragedy in the realm of Shakespeare, a Romeo and Romeo world on the edge of hell."

Dom stared at him. "Wow, how perceptive of you, Nate ... impressive."

"It socked me between the eyes, what can I say?"

Dom smiled, about to say something as the lights dimmed and they were off on the entertainment ride. The film was everything it had been advertised to be, and Heath was legend in the role of Batman's nemesis. But Nate could feel Dom lean against him during the tense scenes, and the boy grasped his arm at several points in the film.

Once the lights came up Nate could see the tracks of tears on Dom's face, the boy had embraced the tragedy and made it his own.

"Thank you," Nate said. "Thank you for asking me here and sharing the best film I've seen all year."

Dom smiled. "It's probably the only film you've seen all year ... isn't it?"

Nate nodded. "Yes, it is."

"Come on, we have a date with a pizza," Dom said.

The boy dragged him out into the mall and stopped. "How did you get here?" Dom asked.

"I drove ... why?"

"I hate the pizza here; can you drive us to Pozzuoli's?"

Nate smiled. "Sure, I guess ... it's close to my apartment."

"Then we'll take it to go," Dom said.

Something had changed between them, the relationship had crossed a line and they both knew it. The pizza took an hour of their precious time. It had everything they craved in food, but not in life. They arrived back at Nate's apartment, shut the door and ate in near silence.

"Dom ... " Nate began.

"No, don't ask ... don't tell me anything either."

Dom ate two pieces and paused. "What?" Nate asked.

Dom sighed. "I don't want you to feel like I'm buying your favors."

"I don't ... what are you saying?" Nate asked.

Dom wiped his mouth and leaned back on the couch. "Money is a curse, believe me, I know. I realize that being a college student is rough, especially at a school like you attend. I could tell you don't fit the rich boy mold."

"I do just fine, well adequately," Nate said.

Dom smiled. "I really like you, and it's not just because you're horny all the time."

"Me? When have I ever ... "

"Not yet ... let me finish," Dom said. "I've had guys chase me for years, silly, huh? I understand the sexual part of life; I've just never lived it. Now I've reached puberty, my cock gets hard ... a lot, and I know what it feels like to touch someone. But I'm a virgin, something socially unacceptable to my age group. Have you ever met a fourteen year old who hasn't done it at least once?"

"That's a lie, Dom, you know that."

"Of course it is, but I don't lie, even if I had someone to lie to ... and I don't. I've been looking for a way out of this condition, I've chosen you."

"Do you think of yourself as gay or just trying to advance the learning curve?" Nate asked.

"Good question, how the fuck do I know based upon zero experience?"

"So sex with me is like ... um, research?"

"No, Nate ... I could hire a hooker if I wanted it that way. But you're sweet, I might even say loveable given the chance to prove it. You won't hurt me, you won't laugh at me and you will allow me to indulge my feelings," Dom said.

Nate shook his head. "You're an exceptional creature ... I would be honored. And if you discover that the feelings aren't what you imagined?"

"No harm done, lesson learned and all that. I won't tell anyone, you can count on that. I've tried masturbation with various fantasies to inspire me, men and women, guy on guy ... it just doesn't work. I've read a lot on the internet, but that just seems to prove most people are ignorant. So I chose you because the moment we met I felt something ... something grand."

Nate swallowed, the boy was amazing. "I ... I felt it too," He said.

Dom nodded. "I saw that, you find me appealing."

Nate laughed. "Appealing? Do you have any idea ... no, maybe you don't."

"So how much time will we need?" Dom asked. "I have to be home for dinner at six."

"Then let's not think about beginning today," Nate said. "Maybe we could just get to know each other better."

Dom scooted over on the couch and Nate pulled him in for an embrace. "Are you the affectionate type?" Nate asked.

"Don't know, my parents aren't much for hugging. I did kiss a boy last year, Terry Bradford, he's all out gay."

"And why did you do that ... experimenting?" Nate asked.

"Yup, he's kinda cute, but too girlie for me. He's in my AP English class."

"You take a lot of advanced classes?"

Dom nodded. "All of them ... I wasn't going to mention that."

"Why not, I respect intelligence ... and in one so young it's wonderful," Nate said.

"Um ... then I better tell you something else," Dom said. "A lot of people don't like me because I'm smart ... too smart sometimes. I wanted a college guy like you because ... well, because I am going to attend the University next year."

"What? Oh wow, now that's advanced placement," Nate said. "You've been accepted?"

"Dean Edwards told me yesterday, my parents don't know yet and I asked him not to tell them just yet. Last year the counselors at school decided I wasn't being challenged enough so they tested me and decided high school would be a waste of my time."

"Dom, your parents have to know."

"Sure, eventually ... but this is all my doing," Dom said. "I don't want my dad using this to further his goals; I'm not going to be publicly touted as some kind of freaking genius."

"He would do that?"

"You have no idea. He used me in a commercial about his company's products when I was six, and then didn't pay me. My lawyer says he won't be doing that again."

"Lawyer ... you have a lawyer?" Nate asked.

"Of course, he guards my money," Dom said, and then he grinned. "You didn't think I was that complicated did you?"

"No, but I admire you," Nate said.

Dom leaned up and kissed him, a warm, sweet kiss, and then the boy giggled. "I bet that tasted like pizza."

Nate smiled. "Yeah, it made me hungry for more."

The kissing aroused them both, but Nate also had an eye for the clock on top of the television. Dom sensed the hesitation and sat back with a sigh.

"Oh you know I'm gonna have to do something about this tonight," He said, looking at the lump in his pants.

"You might be the smartest fourteen year old on the planet but you're still fourteen," Nate said.

"I remember that about three times a day," Dom said, making jerk off motions with his fist.

"I used to be like that, now I save it for bedtime after I've built up a load."

"What are you doing next Saturday?" Dom asked.

"You I hope," Nate chuckled.

"Well that's a given, where shall we go?"

"I probably won't have the car, it belongs to my roommate ... and he might be here with his girlfriend, I never know. It's a bitch being poor."

"It's a bigger bitch being rich," Dom said. "I know you don't want my money ... but what if I wanted to give you some ... for us?"

"What are you talking about?" Nate asked.

"A car to take us places, maybe your own apartment ... hey, we could share it."

"Share an apartment ... you won't be living at home?"

"I turn fifteen on August ninth; classes start a month later if I'm not mistaken, I could move in after my birthday," Dom said.

"I don't get it, how will your parents allow this to happen?" Nate asked.

"The car, the apartment ... that's all petty cash. I'm going to hire you as my student aide; Dean Edwards said I would probably need one to get me through the first couple of semesters. So we get an apartment right off campus, you live there and it all looks perfectly fine."

"You're making this up as you go along ... aren't you?"

"Sure, that's what a brain is all about ... don't you want to live with me?"

"This is all so sudden ... but apartments and cars are not just petty cash?"

"In my world they are ... what maybe two, three thousand a month? My trust pays five times that a month in interest; it needs to be spent on something. My grandpa took good care of me; I own thirty percent of my father's company ... that's a big block of controlling shares. Now you know why he listens to me."

Nate sat there with his mouth open, what had he stumbled into here? Dominic Weston was rich, super rich ... and that was a little scary. The thought must have shown in his eyes because Dom reached up and laid a hand on Nate's cheek.

"Nate ... I'd do all of that and more just to be close to you. This is more than an experiment, this is about us as friends ... and maybe more," Dom said.

"I'd love to do all of that, Dom ... it's just so sudden. I don't want anyone to think I'm taking advantage of you, they'll be watching us pretty close because of the age difference."

"Will you do it? Should I ask my lawyer to take care of everything? He will you know, he's been a big help to me. I'll tell him the Dean introduced us and I hired you on, that won't make you uncomfortable will it?"

"If this is what you want, then I'm in," Nate said.

Dom grinned. "This is going to be a grand adventure, you're so sweet."

Nate laughed. "That's my line." He looked down and shook his head. "Is that really all you poking me in the thigh?"

Dom nodded. "Yeah, puberty was kind ... you'll find out Saturday."

Nate groaned, he would have to wait. A few more kisses, a little rearranging of their pants and Nate drove Dom home, or at least to the gates. He remembered coming to the picnic and thinking of how he was moving up in the world walking into such a place.

Dom gave him a quick kiss and exited the car. "Saturday morning, I'll come to your place. But I think you might see me at the college on Wednesday, I have an appointment with the Dean. Will you eat lunch with us?"

"With the Dean? Oh ... I don't know ... " Nate said.

"We'll see ... don't let all this overwhelm you, just let it happen."

Let it happen, Nate thought ... it had already begun. The week went well, even the lunch with Dean Edwards. Dom advanced him as the student aide choice; Edwards thought it a wonderful decision. He even approved of them becoming roommates, Nate got the impression that having Dom on campus made the Dean nervous.

"You said Edwards was behind all this, why is he so uptight?" Nate asked after the lunch ended.

"The library, the science labs, my grandfather built them all but refused to have them named after him. He's been dead three years now; I'm tempted to name something on campus after him. Something small, maybe a water fountain," Dom laughed.

"What a brat ... I have class," Nate said. "Business Law."

"Ah, Torts and Liabilities ... what a bore," Dom said, and then he sighed. "I'd much rather be an English major, but I suppose I'll end up in Business as well. Hey, you can tutor me."

Nate laughed. "I'm not sure I can teach you anything."

"Oh? I think we'll find some things you know more about than I do, we'll see about that on Saturday ... see you at eight."

"Eight ... in the morning?" Nate groaned.

"We're going to have a full day; I'll pick you up for breakfast." And with that the boy strode away across campus.

Nate was in a daze the rest of the week, his life was about to change. He'd never met someone that rich and yet so unconcerned about it, was it the boy's age? No, Dom was fourteen going on forty; he knew what he wanted and how to get it.

It meant being dominated by the boy who would be paying for everything, but was that so bad? Nate didn't touch himself the rest of the week and went to bed early on Friday night. He kept telling himself this had to be great, he had to impress Dom.

Saturday morning, the alarm went off at six. Nate shaved, showered and ... well, you know the rest of it. This had to progress slowly, Dom had to feel comfortable every step along the way. What if the boy didn't like sex with guys, would everything end there?

Dom's denial of any true gay feelings flew in the face of what they had planned. Living together would mean seeing a lot of one another in all manner of being. Nate was ready to go at seven-thirty and he sat in the window ... watching ... waiting.

Just before eight, a silver Mercedes Sports Coupe pulled up at the curb and a man got out, Dom exited the passenger side. He shook hands with the man who was then picked up by another Mercedes and whisked away. Dom patted the car and then looked up at Nate's face in the window, the boy grinned.

Nate fumbled with the door locks and opened it to Dom's smiling face. "So what do you think, is it you?" the boy asked.

"That ... that's our car?" Nate managed to ask.

"Hell yeah, rides real smooth, always wanted one."

Nate grabbed the boy in a hug, smothering him in kisses. Dom giggled and finally broke out in laughter.

"Jeez, you act like that and I'll buy you a new one every week. Are you ready?"

They drove to the iHop for pancakes and eggs. Nate had enjoyed every minute of the ride; he'd never ridden in, much less driven a car like this. Dom took it all in stride; he'd never been to the iHop before.

"So what other plans have you made?" Nate asked.

"My parents are out playing golf today; they'll drink and won't be home until at least nine, I thought we could go to the lake house."

"Lake house, is that another huge mansion they own on the water?"

"Nope, it was actually my grandpa's fishing shack; I fixed it up last year to make it a little more modern. We could go out on the lake if you want ... what do you want?" Dom asked.

Nate's eyebrows went up. "What do I want? I want you to have fun, and then we'll both be happy."

The house on the lake was a cozy log cabin, ala Weston style. The deck out front ran right to the water's edge and adjoined the boat house. Lake Biddle never looked so good; Nate had only seen it from the public docks about five miles away.

Dom produced a hidden key and they were in, turned on the power and opened a few windows to air the place out. Nate flopped down on the couch and the boy was all over him.

"So Mr. Tutor ... what do you want to teach me today?" Dom said with an evil leer on his face. "Basic anatomy perhaps?"

Nate squeezed the boy's butt. "My, my ... nothing basic about that sweet little butt of yours."

Dom stood up and began to peal. First the shirt, then the pants, revealing this cute pair of boxers covered in red hearts. "Your turn," Dom said.

Nate stood up and kicked off his shoes, then came the pants. Finally he pealed off his polo shirt and revealed the red thong he was wearing.

"Oh my, that doesn't hide much," Dom giggled, and then he made a grab for Nate's goodies. They both ended up in a pile on the rug, bodies clutched together, lips locked in a passionate suck fest. And for the first time Dom slid his tongue into Nate's mouth.

This time when they both became erect there was no stopping, and here Nate took control while Dom nearly fainted from the sensory overload. The hot breath in his ear, on his neck, the kisses, the licking, Nate had the boy fired up in short order.

"God ... go ahead and do it," Dom groaned.

"Do it? We're just getting started," Nate said.

By then he couldn't deny that the boy needed something to relieve the pressure. Nate slid his hands down Dom's flanks and slid off the boxers. Rolling Dom on his back Nate kissed his way south and began to suck cock. This first load would come quick and hard, and then they could get down to a day of play.

Dom gave him a groan and shot off within a minute, it gave Nate what he wanted. Now it was time to cool down, allow Dom to recover. A little outside activity, some lunch and then maybe a little fun in the shower before they fell in bed. Nate didn't plan to let the sex go anal, it was too soon ... and it would delay the pleasure for another day.

The day was a wonder of relaxation and growing feelings. They took a runabout out on the lake for a while only to return and sunbathe nude on the deck. Dom used the moment to explore Nate's body.

"I wonder how much hair I'll grow on my chest," Dom said. "Is there any way to find out?"

"If you take after your dad I'd say it'll happen in a few years, but you don't seem to favor him."

"Yeah, I look like my mom ... she doesn't have hair on her chest," Dom laughed.

His fingers trailed down Nate's stomach and grasped some of the pubic hair. He twirled it around and watched Nate's reaction.

"You have a big cock, it's fatter than mine." Dom laid his face on Nate's stomach. "It has a nice shape." His nose made contact and Dom licked the smooth skin. "Tastes good too." His prelude over, Dom began to suck.

It reminded Nate of a kid licking an ice cream cone, Dom was enjoying himself. He was careful with his teeth and he used a lot of tongue, it was delightful. Nate spread his legs and Dom's fingers grasped his balls, gently tugging and releasing.

"Oh yes ... you have me feeing it," Nate said.

Dom slid his mouth up and down the shaft and felt it grow stiffer. Nate didn't think the boy wanted a mouthful, and that was becoming a pressing issue.

"I'm going to cum, babe ... you better back off."

Dom pulled away and began to stroke, waiting and watching for the eruption. Nate groaned and thrust upwards into Dom's hand as he let go. Half a dozen shots went straight up and fell back on Nate's stomach. Dom grinned and then leaned down to lap at the warm fluid.

"Hmm, it tastes a little salty, but I like it."

"Thank you," Nate said, "that was delightful."

Dom grinned and leaned over for a quick kiss before he pulled back. "So when do you plan to fuck me?"

"Babe, I don't want you to get hurt, we'll take our time getting you to relax before that happens."

"Babe, huh? Ok, you can call me that ... I'll find a name for you too," Dom said.

Nate looked down at the goo on his belly. "I need a shower."

Lunch had come with them in the trunk of the car, and Dom brought the cooler up on the deck. "I asked Barton to pack me something, but I have no idea what he sent."

"Oh, is this your creative butler?"

"I don't have a butler, Nate ... he's my father's trainer, so you can expect the lunch to be healthy."

Fruits, veggies and some energy drinks, but there was also a wonderful nut bread and a great cold soup. They ate in the nude, cleaned up in the nude, and then went to bed. The quiet bedroom under the hypnotic blades of the ceiling fan made them sleepy; they cuddled up close and drifted off for an hour.

Dom awoke on his stomach, and the gentle hands rubbing his back felt so good he had to moan.

"Awake now?" Nate asked.

"Umm," Dom replied. Then he felt his legs being spread open and Nate blew softly on his anus. Dom giggled and then groaned as a tongue began to assault his most sensitive area.

The ass Dom presented was everything Nate had hoped it would be, he wanted to indulge himself and thrill the boy, it seems he could do both at the same time. The flesh was soft and creamy, just as he expected. Nate smiled inside as he felt Dom push back, his butt slowly rising off the mattress.

"Oh God ... that's wonderful," Dom gasped.

The best part was that Dom had control over his sphincter; Nate realized the boy could relax it when stimulated. Good, that will make things easier when the time comes. Today he tongued for a while and then began to finger the opening until he was inside.

Dom was still pushing back when he felt Nate raise him a little higher and then slide in underneath. With his cock firmly in Nate's mouth Dom began to gently pump in and out. It felt so good, the mouth so warm and inviting ... and then Nate wiggled his finger deeper.

Dom didn't know what was happening, but all of a sudden his crotch was suffused with warmth and it felt like his balls were going to explode. That finger was doing something to him, and that something was about to consume him, Dom's cock pulsed and erupted down Nate's throat.

Nate rolled them over and slowly withdrew the finger. "Oh God, what did you do to me?" Dom asked.

"A little prostate stimulation, fun huh?"

"If it feels like that when you fuck me then yeah ... now it's my turn."

This time Dom worked hard to bring Nate off, and his fingers explored every crevice. But when he was warned Dom didn't back off and he swallowed every drop. They lay back on the bed, each with their own thoughts.

"So this gay thing," Dom finally said, "It seems pretty obvious to me that I am. Is there some kind of initiation?"

Nate rolled on his side and looked down at the boy. "No, there isn't. But you have to accept that not everyone will understand you, and in some places you won't be accepted at all. If there was an initiation I'd say you already preformed the rituals ... and I love you."

Dom's face lit up. "Love me, are you sure? I mean ... I can be a handful sometimes, everyone says that. I never felt such an intense feeling for someone as I do for you, is that love?"

"Only you can figure that out," Nate said. "It's the most personal feeling you'll ever have, and I have it for you."

"Then I feel it too, it is what it is," Dom said. "So when does all this fucking start?"

"You want me to do it just to shut you up?" Nate laughed.

"If the excuse works for you, bring it on."

"I have to get it up first, you wore it out," Nate said.

"These things happen, we have all afternoon. Two months from now we'll be living together, studying together and sleeping together ... I suppose we'll get a lot of practice then."

"You can count on it," Nate said.

"I am," Dom replied. "Hey, I just figured it out, we could graduate together."

"Ok, how did you come up with that?" Nate asked.

"Three years to your MBA, I could have my Bachelor's by then if I work hard."

"I think you always work hard, you could graduate magna cum laude at this rate."

"That's Magnum Cum Loudly if you please," Dom said, and they both broke up laughing. The laughter slowly subsided and they ended up staring at one another.

"Sorry, that was a joke making the rounds of my AP English class," Dom said.

"Funny boy ... you are so beautiful," Nate said. "How did I get so lucky?"

"We both needed something and we found it. All the money in the world couldn't make me feel like this," Dom said. "I know you think money is important, but it's just a tool. I don't want you to be unhappy if I buy you things, will you promise me that?"

"You can't buy love, babe ... it isn't for sale, so I promise not to get upset. Just remember, all the things you buy are no substitute for our love."

"I feel so rich," Dom said.

"You are rich," Nate replied.

"Not with money, you silly goof ... I mean because of love."

"Yes, Babe. "Goofy."

"Goofy and the Babe" Copyright © 30 Aug 2009 by Chris James. All rights reserved.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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