The Woodlake House by Chris James    The Woodlake House
by Chris James

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  Rated PG 13+

The Woodlake House by Chris James

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An Introduction

    The McGinty house was backed into a corner of just such a screen of trees. It sat on a hill at the edge of some woods which led down to the watershed stream that fed the creek which tumbled into the White Oak River. There were plenty of trees in Woodlake, just no lake, at least none that Pat had seen. All that was to say that the new backyard was in shade most of the time, the grass was sparse, and the leaves piled in drifts which would have to be raked and bagged after the snows departed.
    Even as Pat stood in the falling snow and gazed at the woods he knew there was adventure out there, it only waited for spring to be discovered. That didn’t mean there wouldn’t be any fun this winter. They could still go sledding or watch the cars slip and slide as they tried to make it up the hill in front of the house.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

The Woodlake House by Chris James

Chapter Four

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Chapter Seven

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