Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer    Ocean
by Jevic
The Tarheel Writer
Chapter Five
"Speedos Boys Go Camping"

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Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
Mild drug use
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"I want you to join the swim team," Ocean said. Ian looked skeptical. "Please." Ian sighed. He'd never participated in any team sports, school team or any other team. The closest he'd ever come to team sports was playing basketball in PE class.

"Honestly, Ocean. I'll think about it, but just the thought of it scares me."

"What's there to be scared of?"

"First of all, I've never, ever participated in team sports. Second, I don't want to make a fool of myself. I already have enough attention and I certainly don't want anymore. Does that make sense?" Ocean nodded, but pushed on.

"The coach always has an open swim day before the season starts. No pressure. You just swim a few laps or a lot of laps. It doesn't matter. The coach watches everybody, swim team members or not. He's good and he'll know who he wants to invite on the team. No pressure, Ian. It's this Saturday. Come with, okay? I'll let you borrow one of my Speedos," Ocean said with a grin. Ian sat on the edge of their bed and thought about it, but finally gave in and smiled.

"Okay, okay. I'll go."

"Perfect," Ocean reached into a drawer, rummaged about a bit, then pulled something out. "Here," Ocean said. "Try this on. I wanna see how you look in it." Ian took the small piece of fabric and held it up. It had an attractive pattern on it, but it was very, very small.

"You've got to be kidding me. I'm supposed to wear this, in public?"

"It's stretchy. Despite your cock being the king of huge cocks, I think it will fit. Give it a go." Ian stood up and stripped down to nothing. He slipped his legs in the Speedo and pulled it up. Ian arranged his cock pointing down in front of his balls and straightened the Speedo out.

"Well? How do I look?" Ocean's eyes were glued to the Speedo. "Ocean?"

"Fuck, that's hot," Ocean drooled. "Go to the bathroom and look in the mirror." Ian walked over and looked.

"No way. No way! I can't wear this in public. I might as well be naked. You can see everything. Shit, if I even got slightly hard, my cock would probably pop right out. I can even see the head of my cock right now!" Ian saw Ocean coming up behind him wearing another Speedo. Ian thought he looked hot. Ocean rubbed his Speedo covered cock against Ian's Speedo covered ass. Ocean reached around and rubbed Ian's cock. It swelled at the touch. Ocean put his head on Ian's shoulder and together they watched in the mirror as Ian's cock stretched out the Speedo. "Nope, not gonna happen. I can not go out in public like this." He turned around kissed Ocean. "But I'll wear it for you anytime." Ian rubbed their Speedo clad cocks against each other.

"You can wear shorts right up until time to jump in the water and just wrap up in a towel when you get out."

"You're not gonna let up on this, are you?"

"Nope," Ocean said with a grin. They left the bathroom and went back to the couch. "Just wear it for a few days, like underwear. It will give you a chance to get used to the fit and the feel of the fabric. We'll just wash it each night and you can put it back on in the morning. You sleep naked anyway."

"Okay, okay. You win. I'll go this Saturday," Ian finally relented. Ocean beamed.

Ian wore the Speedo under his shorts to school the next morning. He was thinking about the Speedo and had just about forgot about the Tweet. As they got out of RR, the pointing started. Max greeted them at the steps

"Mornin' boys," Max said with a shit eating grin.

"Looks like somebody had a good time last night, " Ocean said with a grin.

"Got off to a rocky start but ended up great. Thanks for the joint. I think I finally taught Finn how to fuck. I just hope I've not turned him from a straight boy to a bottom boy," Max said a wink. "Ian, you're quiet this morning." Ian had been watching students walk by whispering and pointing. All the attention was making him nervous.

"Everybody's whispering and pointing," Ian said. Max sighed.

"Try not to let it bother you, Ian. I told you yesterday that everybody will have seen the video. Shit, it got over a million hits. What did you expect?"

"Fuck, I hate this," Ian said. A student came up and patted Ian on the shoulder.

"Awesome Tweet. You should go out for the baseball team. You were awesome, just awesome," the student said, then left. Ian smiled.

"See, everything's going to be just fine," Ocean said. "Come on, let's go. See you in Algebra." Ian got several more slaps on the back on his way to homeroom.

Max joined Ian and Ocean at lunch. Finn showed up and joined them as well.

"Ian, I finally saw your Tweet," Finn said with a grin. "Remind me not to piss you off." Everybody laughed.

"So, Finn. Have a good time last night?" Ocean asked with a wink. Finn blushed but nodded yes, then swished his hair.

"I had an awesome time. Max was very patient with me and taught me a lot. I've only been with Tanner and didn't know any other way to, ah, do things. I almost fucked up completely, but Max was a very good teacher. My butt has reminded me several times today already," Finn said with a smile. Max blushed.

"Max is very good in bed. Ian and I have been together with Max," Ocean said nonchalantly.

"Does everybody around here speak so freely about sex?" Ian said blushing.

"Pretty much," Max said. "Ocean has a six inch thick cock and loves to bottom. Ian, you've got seven inches, just like Finn, and you both like to top. I've got eight inches and I like to bottom. So there ya go."

"I might not be such a gun hoe top after last night," Finn said before taking another bite of his lunch. He chewed and continued. "Maybe we should all get together some time." Ian's eyes bugged out, then thought about it.

"Shit," Ian exclaimed. "Tell you guys what. Why don't we go camping one weekend. Ocean has this spot up by the lake that would be ideal. It's where we first had sex and the campsite is perfect. We could leave just after school on Friday and come back on Sunday. It could be a weekend of non-stop marathon sex."

"I like it," Max said

"I've never been camping before," Finn said as he swished his hair.

"Don't worry about a thing. I've got all the equipment necessary. You don't need to bring anything but a change of clothes and a hard on," Ocean said with a grin.

"Cool," Finn said as he secretly gave Max's cock a squeeze under the table. Max grinned.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Saturday morning rolled around and Ian was once again apprehensive about wearing the Speedo in public. He already had it on under his shorts as he rode to the school in Ocean's Jeep. They pulled up and parked next to the pool entrance. There were dozens of car parked there already.

"Fuck, Ocean. I don't know about this. There're tons of people here," Ian said nervously.

"Yeah, Ian, tons of people wearing Speedos too. Don't worry. Come on you'll see." They walked into the pool building. The smell of chlorine hit their noses. "I love the smell of the pool," Ocean said with a grin. Ian looked around and saw dozens of students parading around in their tiny Speedos.

"Ah, Ocean." Ocean turned to Ian. "Seeing all these almost naked boys is gonna give me a hard on."

"Will you just stop." Ocean grabbed Ian's hand. "Come with. We're going to the locker room and change. Then we're going to simply go swimming. Come on." Ocean led Ian to the locker room. He went straight to his assigned locker. There were several other boys there in various states of either dressing or undressing. It was a lot of flesh for Ian to take in. "Put your clothes in here. This is my locker." Ian sat on the bench and undressed. He folded his clothes neatly, desperately trying the stall the inevitable. Finally, he put his clothes in the locker. "Now, come on. Let's go swimming."

Ian followed Ocean out to the water. The furthest two lanes were available. Ocean walked up to one and pointed at the other. Ian stood at the outside lane.

"Okay, Ian. Watch me and just do the same thing. Okay?" Ian nodded. Ocean mounted the start block, took a deep breath and launched himself into the water. He came up and swam freestyle toward the far end of the pool. Ian mounted the block and imitating Ocean, launched himself into the water and swam as fast as he could to the other end. He arrived a few seconds behind Ocean.

"See, that was easy. Do you know how to do the breaststroke?"

"Yeah, I can do that."

"Okay, swim back using that stroke and do it as fast as you can, okay?" Ian nodded. He took a deep breath, dropped under water and kicked hard off the wall. When he came to the surface, he swam the breaststroke to the other end as fast as he could. Ocean beat him, but not by much. Ian grinned after touching the wall.

"That felt good. Can we do it again?" Ocean nodded and pulled himself out of the water. Ian pulled himself out and happened to glance at Ocean's Speedo clad cock. His cock gave a twitch. Ian quickly mounted the block.

"Race me?" Ocean said with a wink. Ian nodded. "Okay, launch on three. One. Two. Three!" Both boys hit the water at the same time and raced to the far end. Ian beat Ocean by a half second. Both were breathing hard.

"Who's your friend, Ocean?" Ocean looked up.

"Hey coach. This is Ian."

"Nice to meet you, Ian. I timed all your laps and I'm impressed. I want you on my team." Ian grinned.

"I think I'd like that coach."

"Good. We practice every afternoon for an hour. Swim Meets happen weekly on Saturdays. We're just like every other team. We have home meets here and we travel for away meets. Check with your parents. I'll need a physical and a permission form from them. See me before you leave today and I'll give you the necessary forms. You boys have fun. This year's team is shaping up very nicely. Good to meet you Ian," the coach said as he reached down and shook Ian's hand. "Good to see you too, Ocean." The coach left to talk with two other boys. Ocean turned to Ian with an ear to ear smile.

"I am so happy for you right now," Ocean gushed. He leaned over the lane divider and hugged Ian. "Come on, let's race back." The boys raced several more laps and finally got out. Ian followed Ocean over to the deck shower and watched Ocean shower the chlorine off. When he finished, Ian stepped in and did the same thing.

"Ocean, hey buddy," a tall red head boy called out. Ocean turned and grinned.

"Tanner! Hey bud!" Ocean gave Tanner a hug.

"You must be Ian?" Tanner asked. Ian nodded and offered a fist. They bumped. "You must be really good for coach to invite you on the team after just three laps." Ian shrugged.

"I was just having a good time."

"Well, congrats. I'm the team captain, so welcome to the team. You need anything or have any questions, I'm happy to help … with anything." Ian didn't miss the innuendo. "We'll get you an assigned locker Monday," Tanner said with a grin. Ian caught Tanner's glance at his Speedo, but thought nothing of it until he noticed a second then a third glance. Ian gave Tanner's Speedo a glance and saw that Tanner had to be at least half hard. Either that or he was hung like a horse.

"Thanks Tanner. I appreciate that," Ian said with a knowing smile.

"Saw your Tweet," Tanner said with a grin. Ian took an unconscious breath. "That was cool. You went off on those fuckers good. Thanks for doing that." Tanner patted Ian on the shoulder and walked off.

"See you Tanner," Ocean called out. It was at that precise moment that Ian added two and two and came up with four.

"Ocean," Ian said breathlessly. "That was Tanner." Ocean looked at Ian like he was crazy. "Finn's Tanner?" Ocean's mouth dropped open.

"Fuck," Ocean said.

"I don't know, but he was definitely checking my Speedo out. I saw him look at least three times. I got a glance at his and he was either plumped up or he's hung."

"I've seen him naked and don't remember him being above average."

"Then he was at least half hard. And we need to get dressed. Mine is twitching and I'm about to sport wood. Let's go," Ian said with a wink.

They got back home just in time for lunch. Once they finished, they headed out to the garage to clear out a space for RR.

"Hey guys," Dennis said. "Most of that stuff you can just pile on the curb. Anything that we might want to donate, put that in a separate pile to the side."

"Sure dad," both boys said at the same time. They looked at each other and grinned.

"That's so cool how you two do that," Dennis said with a chuckle. "I'll leave you to it then." Half an hour later, Ocean was sweeping the last of the dirt out the door. Ian pulled the Ranger Rover key fob from his pocket and held it up.

"Why don't you park it, Ocean," Ian said with a grin. "Right after we take a little spin." Ian tossed the key fob to a grinning Ocean. They got in RR, buckled up and headed out.

"Where to?"

"I need team Speedos. Do you know where to get them?"

"Sure, local sports store carries them." Ten minutes later Ocean pulled up in front of the store, but had to parallel park and there was only one space. He nervously pulled RR up in position.

"Watch this," Ian said. He pushed a button. "Take your hands off the wheel and your feet off the pedals." Ian pushed the button again and RR parked itself perfectly in the space. Ocean was grinning ear to ear. They jumped out and headed inside.

There was only one clerk on duty at the small store and there were no other customers. The boys walked up to the counter.

"Hey Ocean, and you must be Ian?" the teen behind the counter said in greeting. Ian frowned. "I saw the Tweet." Ian smiled and nodded his head.

"Hey Jacob," Ian looked Jacob over as he and Ocean chatted. He was cute as hell with a mop of dirty blond hair pulled up into a bun. His blue eyes were beautiful and his face was model perfect. Ian felt his cock twitch.

"Ian?" Ian looked at Ocean.


"I asked what size do you wear?"

"I've no idea. I've never even owned a Speedo before." Jacob came around from behind the counter with a tape measure.

"Can you pull your shirt up and just push you shorts down a bit please?" Jacob said as he dropped to his knees in front of Ian. Ian gulped and pulled his shirt up, exposing his flat tummy. He pushed his shorts down until his pubes just started to come into view. Jacob reached around Ian with one hand and leaned his head in to within an inch of Ian's quickly lengthening cock and grabbed the other end of the tape. Jacob brought the tape together just below Ian's belly button. "Twenty-eight," Jacob said looking up at Ian with a wink. Jacob got up and went behind the counter. He came back with two Speedos. "The dressing room is right over there. One of these should fit perfectly. I'm giving you one a size smaller, just to be sure. Go ahead," Jacob said pointing the door fifteen feet away.

Ian closed the door behind him and turned to see three mirrors giving him a good view of his body. He sat on the bench and stripped. He held up the slightly smaller Speedo and decided to give it a go first. He slipped it on and pulled it up. Ian strained to get his cock and balls completely covered. No matter how he arranged the Speedo, there was just no way to completely cover everything.

"Yep, that's too small," he thought to himself. He shucked that pair off and held up the other pair Jacob had handed him. "Well, here goes nothing." Ian pulled the other pair on. He arranged his cock and balls and straightened the Speedo. His cock and balls rested comfortably in the Speedo and Ian smiled. It was a perfect fit. He dressed quickly and headed back to the counter. He handed the pair that fit to Jacob.

"These were a perfect fit."

"Thought they might be. You're a big boy" Jacob smirked, "and this cut gives the equipment a little more room." Ian blushed. "Nothing to be ashamed about. I check in at nine on the hard." Ian gulped. "So how many pairs do you want? I suggest two for the season."

"Sure, sounds perfect," Ian said with a grin as he glanced down at the lump in Jacob's shorts. Ian completed his purchase with his new debit card. The boys headed back out to RR and Ian's curiosity got the better of him.

"I take it you know Jacob?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, he graduated last year and was on the swim team. Why do you ask?"

"Why do I ask? He was fucking hot, Ocean!"

"And as straight as the day is long."

"If he's not gay, he missed a great opportunity," Ian said with a snort.

"Your gaydar must be more finely tuned than mine," Ocean said with a laugh.

"He was blatantly obvious to me. I even felt like he was coming on to me. So, no. He is not as straight as you think he is, Ocean."

"I thought you were straight when I met you?"

"I was, but then, like you said, I met you and the switch flipped from straight to gay," Ian snapped his fingers, "just like that. Besides, who could resist that gorgeous model perfect face and delicious hot bod?" Ocean looked at Ian and smiled.

"I am so lucky to have you in my life."

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Friday afternoon finally arrived, after what seemed to be an endless week. Their camping trip was this weekend. Ocean and Ian had already loaded RR with the camping gear and their backpacks. All that was left was the cooler and Max and Finn's packs. Speaking of Max and Finn, they came walking across the yard carrying one backpack.

"Ready to go?" Max asked Ian.

"Ocean is upstairs loading up the cooler. Here, let me take your backpack." Max handed it over and Ian loaded it in RR. Ocean showed up struggling with the cooler. Ian ran over to give him a hand. Together, they loaded it in the back of RR.

"We're taking your Range Rover?" Finn asked excitedly as he swished his hair.

"Yep, we sure are. We call her RR for short. Of course, RR could stand for Rolls Royce too, but that's our little secret," Ian said with a grin.

"This car is so cool. Thanks for inviting me," Finn said with complete sincerity. Ian smiled and gave Finn a hug.

"I'm glad you're coming along. We'll have a great time." Ian pulled back from the hug.

"Okay, all set. You guys ready?" Ocean asked.

"All set. Even brought an extra bottle of Swiss Navy," Max said with a grin.

"Ah, but did you happen to pack my little buddy? I've been missing him."

"Yep, he's in my backpack."

"Who's in your backpack?" Finn asked, swishing his hair. Max, Ocean and Ian grinned.

"I'll introduce you to him tonight. Okay, guys climb in and let's get this weekend started," Ocean said. Dennis came flying out the door just before Ocean shifted into gear.

"First of all, especially you son. I know Ian trusts you enough to trust you with his heart, but I just need to say this." Dennis looked Ocean in the eye. "This is a quarter million dollar vehicle. Do not take even a baby chance with her. Understand?" Finn's eyes bugged out.

"Yes, dad. I will be careful."

"Good, now put this somewhere safe," Dennis said as he handed over a zip lock bag with a dozen joints. "They're all sex weed joints. Didn't think you guys were headed to the woods to mellow out. So, have a good time and no driving after smoking or drinking and speaking of that, here ya go," Dennis said as he handed over an half gallon bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Run. "You have Coke?" Ocean nodded. "It's my favorite drink," Dennis said with a smile. "Have fun boys." Ocean shifted in reverse.

"A quarter million?" Finn asked breathlessly. Ian looked at Finn and smiled.

"Yep, and she'll climb a tree if you ask her to."

Twenty minutes later, Ocean slowed down and shifted into four wheel drive. Tighten your seat belts boys. This pig path gets a little bumpy."

"Pig path?" Finn asked as he swished his hair,

"It's actually an old forest service road," Ocean explained.

"I don't see anything but trees and undergrowth," Finn said in a worried voice. "I'm a city boy and know nothing about the woods."

"Not to worry, Finn," Ian said. "Ocean and I have been here before. I guarantee you're gonna have a great time." Ocean started down the road as Ian soothed Finn's worries. "When we get to our campsite, Ocean and I will set up everything. You guys just help by unloading RR. Once we've set up camp, we can go swimming or maybe explore a bit if you want to. Then Ocean will start a fire and we'll have a few drinks." Ocean drove through a particularly deep rut and RR bounced.

"I didn't bring a swim suit," Finn said.

"I didn't either," Ian said with a grin. "We'll just skinny dip."

"Swim naked?" Finn asked with a squeak.

"Got it in one," Ian said with a wink.

"I've never done that before," Finn said swishing his hair.

"You've never been fucked before and that turned out alright," Max pointed out.

"That turned out fantastic!" Finn said as he grinned. Ocean turned the last corner and pulled up to the campsite.

"Here we are gents," Ocean said. The boys got out of RR and checked the campsite out.

"Good spot, Ocean," Max said as he looked around.

"This is so cool," Finn said with a grin while swishing his hair. "We're going to spend the whole weekend here?"

"Yep. The pine needles are really soft. We'll spread out a sleeping bag and hang out," Ian explained.

"Where's the bathroom?" Finn asked, looking around.

"See that little path over there?" Ian asked. Finn looked and nodded. "You just go down that path about twenty or thirty feet. I'll dig a hole in a bit and I'll leave a roll of toilet paper in a zip lock bag down there. When you're finished with your business, just dump a little dirt on top. If you just need to piss, just find a bush along the little path," Ian explained.

"Really? Just shit right out here in the woods?"

"Bears do it every day."

"Bears? There's bears out here?" Finn's eyes were wide and Ian knew he chose the wrong words.

"No, Finn. There's no bears out here. That's just a saying. Now, there might be a cute little chipmunk or two, but no bears. Okay?" Finn visibly relaxed and nodded.

Ocean and Ian got the tent set up quickly. Ocean took care of the dining fly while Ian loaded the backpacks into the tent. Max and Finn brought everything else and put it under the dining fly.

"All we need to do is spend about fifteen minutes gathering enough wood for our fire. Any size will do. Just drag it back here and make a pile right over there." A short time later the boys had a nice wood pile.

"Ian, can you help me with the sleeping bag?" Ian nodded. Ocean and Ian spread out the sleeping bag on the same spot from last time. They both kicked off their shoes and walked on the sleeping bag.

"Hey guys, kick off your shoes and join us over here." Ocean said. Max and Finn kicked off their shoes and joined the boys on the spread out sleeping bag. Ocean headed for the cooler, grabbed four glasses and filled them with ice.

"Ian, can you give me a hand?" Ian held the glasses as Ocean poured Captain Morgan Rum in each glass, then added Coke to each one. Ian passed glasses to Max and then to Finn. When they all had their drinks, Ocean proposed a toast.

"Here's to a fun weekend with good friends and lots of hot sex," Ocean said as he held up his glass. They clinked their glasses together and each boy drained his drink.

"Welcome to our campsite where clothing is … optional." Ocean said and he and Ian started stripping. Max nudged Finn and nodded. In less than a minute, four cute naked teen boys stood on the sleeping bag. Ian noticed that Finn looked a bit nervous while repeatedly swishing his hair. He glanced at Ocean and Ocean nodded. Ian walked over to Finn. He glanced at Max, who nodded back.

"Hey, Finn," Ian said as he wrapped his arms around Finn's neck. "We're going to get to know each other, all of us in fact, are going to get to know each other quite well before the weekend is over. I want to break the ice, if you will, and get us all comfortable with each other. Is that okay?" Finn nodded. Ian leaned forward and captured Finn's mouth with a searing hot kiss. Ian glanced up and saw Ocean and Max making out as well. Ian reached down and grabbed Finn's hard cock. Finn reached down and took hold of Ian's cock and gasped. They broke the kiss and looked down. Their cocks were almost identical in length and thickness.

"Wow, we're virtually the same," Finn exclaimed, swishing his hair.

"Hey, let us see," Ocean said. Finn and Ian turned and showed off their cocks. Ocean stepped over and dropped to his knees. He reached out and grabbed both cocks. "They sure do look the same. Let me check for sure." Ocean took Ian's cock and deepthroated it. He came back up and turned to Finn's cock. He sucked it in and deepthroated it too. He came back up and smacked his lips. "Yep, pretty much identical. Max, I think you should check too." Max walked over a knelt down.

"I've had both of these cocks in my throat. Ian's first, then Finn's. The first time I sucked Finn, I thought something was familiar. Now that they're side by side, they really do look the same. Lemme check too." Max deepthroated Finn, then deepthroated Ian. "I've come to the same decision as you Ocean. Pretty much the same."

"Well, I'm glad you two shits have come to an accord," Ian said as he put his hands on his naked hips. "Now that you've roused our attention, do you really intend to just leave us literally hanging?" Max and Ocean looked at Ian. "I thought not, now chop, chop, let's be sucking some cock." Ocean grinned at Max.

"Do as I do," Ocean whispered. Max nodded. Ocean stood up and looked at Ian.

"All hot and bothered, are you?"

"Of course, I'm hot and bothered. I've got a hard on, thanks to you and Max. We're up here to relax and have a good time and … oof!" Ian said as Ocean picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. "Hey, what the fuck Ocean?" Ian heard a squeak and looked up. Max had picked up Finn. "Ocean, put me down right now. I'm gonna see red and you don't want to see that." The next thing Ian knew, he was flying through the air and landing in the water. He sputtered to the surface only to be splashed in the face as Finn landed in the water beside him. Ian wiped the water out of his eyes and looked at Ocean and Max howling with laughter. Ian saw red. He stepped out of the water and walked straight up to Ocean, bringing his nose within inches of Ocean's nose. Ocean's eyes widened as he realized he might have gone too far. Next thing Ocean saw in front of his face was the water. He sputtered to the surface only to see Ian standing on the shore. His face looked furious and he was holding the key fob to RR in his hand.

"Ian, I'm sorry. I went too far and I apologize." Finn crawled out of the water with some help from Max. They watched Ocean and Ian.

"Do not ever treat me with disrespect, Ocean Nolan. Next time you do, I will hurt you." Ian smiled and tossed the key fob in the water.

"Noooooo!" Ocean dove where the keys landed, but it was too late. They were on the bottom. He whirled around ready to scream at Ian but pulled up short when he saw Ian's angry expression. Ocean took a deep breath. "Okay, okay, okay!" he said holding up both hands up in defeat. "I understand. It wasn't that I threw you in the water. It was that I laughed at you. I'm sorry." Ian smiled and held up the spare key fob.

"I'm not a complete dumbass, Ocean. And you will be paying for the replacement key fob that will probably be at least five hundred dollars." Ocean hung his head and took a deep breath.

"Of course, Ian. I promise to never make sun of you again." Ian smiled.

"Come on up here ya big lug," Ian said as he helped Ocean out of the water.

"Finn, did you watch that?" Max said excitedly. Finn nodded. "That's what I'm talking about with relationships. Respect and understanding." Finn grinned and swished his hair.

"I was thinking more along the lines of sucking dick and pounding butt. That's the kind of relationship I'd like to see and, participate in." Max grinned and kissed Finn, who wrapped his arms around Max and pulled him into the water.

The clothing optional campsite was occupied by naked teenage boys for the rest of the afternoon. It was after sunset when they all gathered on the sleeping bag in front of a nice campfire with fresh Captain Morgan and Coke drinks in their hands and bellies full of steak and baked potatoes. They sat Indian style in a semi-circle facing the fire.

"I have never eaten a steak that good, Ocean. Thank you," Finn said as he sipped his drink.

"There's something about eating a meal prepared over a fire that just makes it all the more better," Ian said.

"Here, here! A toast to the chef," Max said. They all raised their glasses and drank to the wonderful meal Ocean had prepared.

"So, who is this friend you have packed away in your backpack, Max?" Finn asked swishing his hair. Ocean grinned at Max.

"Why don't we introduce him to Finn?" Ocean suggested. Max crawled to the tent. He rummaged around in his backpack and found what he was looking for. He returned to the sleeping bag grinning.

"Finn, meet Mister Realistic," Max said as he handed the dildo over to Finn. Finn took it and looked at it in wonder.

"This is a dildo, right?" Max nodded. "I've never seen one in person, let alone hold one. This looks so realistic it's scary. This, this, dildo is fucking huge. What is it? Twelve inches?" Finn asked, swishing his hair.

"More like ten. Lemme see it," Ian asked. Finn passed it over. "Watch this," Ian said with a grin. Ian ran his tongue down one side of the dildo, then the other. Then he sucked in the balls. Finally, Ian gave the dildo a long swipe from balls to the head with his hot slick tongue. Now that it was spit slick, Ian shoved the dildo all the way down his throat to the realistic balls and slowly pulled it back out. He passed it to Ocean with a grin. Ocean shoved it down his throat to the balls and pulled it back out. He passed the dildo to Max. Max looked at Finn and winked. He shoved it down his throat to the balls and pulled it back out. He passed the dildo back to Finn.

"Well?" Max said in expectation. Finn squeezed the dildo. He felt the realistic balls and rolled them in his fingers. He swished his hair, looked up with a smirk and shoved it down his throat until the balls rested on his chin. He stuck his tongue out and licked at the realistic balls then he pulled it back out. Ian was the first to clap before Ocean and Max joined in. Finn relished in the approval and swished his hair.

"So, I think it's time we smoked one of dad's sex joints. What do you think?" Ocean asked. Nods of approval came from all around. Ocean reached into his day pack and pulled out the zip lock bag. He reached in and pulled a joint out. "Wow, dad really rolled some fat ones for us," Ocean said as he held it up.

"Hell yes," Ian said. "One sex joint and the hot sex starts. My cock is twitching thinking about it. Fire that mother up." Ten minutes later, Ocean was on his knees sucking on Ian's dick and Max was on his knees sucking on Finn's. Ian groaned as he stood in the light of the campfire and enjoyed the hot blow job Ocean was giving him. He leaned over and gave Finn a quick hot kiss.

"Let's switch," Ian suggested. Finn and Ian switched places. Finn stood in front of Ocean, who grabbed him by the balls and sucked him down to the pubes. Finn groaned in appreciation. Max watched Finn's face and his expression of pure lust. He looked up at Ian and opened his mouth. Ian tapped his cock head on Max's tongue, then eased in down Max's hot throat. Ian started slowly fucking him in the face. Ian was enjoying Max's hot throat when Ocean wrapped his arms around him from behind. Ian leaned his head back on Ocean's shoulder in pure delight as he continued to slow fuck Max's mouth. Ian felt a slick finger at his hole. The slicked up finger slid up into Ian's hole and Ian moaned. He slowly pulled his cock out of Max's mouth.

"Okay, somebody is knocking at my door," Ian said with a laugh. Finn's slicked up fingers ran along Ocean's cock and lined him up on Ian's hole. Ocean's cock slipped into Ian's hot slick ass. They stood there and slowly fucked. After Finn got Ocean lined up, he turned to Max.

"Let me suck you," Finn said swishing his hair. Max stood up and put his hard eight inch cock in front of Finn with a smile on his face. Finn reached out with his lips and wrapped them around Max's big cock. He tongued the slit, then slowly took the cock in until it bumped the back of his mouth. Finn took a deep breath through his nose and pushed the cock further into his mouth and down his throat. Finn kept going until he buried his nose in pubes. Ocean and Ian watched Finn start to bob his head.

"Let's get down on our knees, baby," Ocean whispered in Ian's ear. Ian nodded and Ocean pulled his cock out. Ian turned to Ocean.

"I want to fuck you, Ocean." Ocean smiled and nodded. He dropped to all fours and grabbed the Swiss Navy lube. He pumped some onto his fingers and shoved them in his hole. He did it again. Ian moved behind him and lined up his cock. Ian eased his cock in until the head popped in. Ocean moaned and pushed back, taking Ian's hard cock halfway in. Ian grabbed Ocean's hips and pulled, slowly sinking his cock all the way into Ocean's hot sweet hole.

A cock suddenly appeared in front of Ian's face. He looked up into Finn's eyes, smiled, opened his mouth, and stuck out his tongue. Finn slapped his cock on Ian's hungry tongue. Ian swallowed Finn's cock and buried his nose in Finn's pubes. Ian was distracted by Finn's cock and remained buried deep in Ocean's hot slick hole. Ocean started rocking back and forth, fucking himself on Ian's cock.

Max looked on as Ocean sped up and started slamming his ass on Ian's cock. He looked up and watched Finn's cock fuck Ian's throat. Max decided he wanted in on this. He laid down on the sleeping bag and scooted himself under Ocean, who was still on all fours. Max moved until they were in a good sixty-nine position. Ocean watched Max scoot under and smiled as Max's cock showed up in his face. He swallowed it up. As he rocked forward, Ian's cock came halfway out of his ass as Max's cock went down his throat. When he rocked back, Ian's cock would go deeper into his ass and Max's cock would come up out of this throat allowing him to breath. Ocean rocked steadily, enjoying a cock in his ass, a cock down his throat and Max's mouth on his cock.

Finn saw an opportunity. He pulled his cock out of Ian's mouth and moved between Max's legs. He slowly pushed a lubed finger into Max's hole.

"Is this okay, Max?" Max popped Ocean's cock out of his mouth.

"Do you remember how to treat your bottom?"

"I do and please let me know how I'm doing, okay?"

"Okay, Finn. Show me what ya got," Max said as he swallowed Ocean's cock again.

Finn scooted closer and lined up his cock. Ian had taken over the strokes and was fucking Ocean at a medium pace. Ocean looked up and saw Finn's cock. He popped Max's cock out of his mouth and sucked Finn's cock in. Finn slowly fucked Ocean's mouth. Ocean let Finn go and went back down on Max. Finn raised Max's legs and as Ocean watched from inches away, Finn lined up his cock and pushed it slowly into Max's hot ass. Ocean popped Max's cock out of his mouth.

"That's fucking hot," Ocean whispered. "I've never seen that from this close up. Fuck! Ian! Come here!" Ian frowned but pulled his cock out of Ocean's hot slick hole.

"What the fuck, Ocean. I'm giving you a good fuck and you want me to stop?"

"Just come down here and you'll see." Ian knee walked over to Finn and leaned down. "Get closer." Ian put his face beside Ocean's. "Look, look! Is that not the hottest thing you've ever seen. Watch his cock slide in and out. You don't get the chance to see that in person and this close up very often. Shit, that turns me on." Finn was long dicking Max's hole, pulling his cock almost all the way out before easing it back balls deep. Ocean took Max's cock back in his mouth and watched as Ian lowered his head and licked Finn's cock as it went in and out.

Ian scooted back between Ocean's legs and eased his cock back in Ocean's hot hole. Ian slowly sped up until skin was slapping skin. He felt warm wetness at his balls. He looked down and saw Max licking his cock as it drove into Ocean. Ian grinned. He pulled his cock out and shoved it in Max's mouth. Max bobbed on it a couple of times, then lined it back up with Ocean's hole. Ian drove it back in balls deep for a couple of strokes, then pulled it back out for Max to suck on again. Ian's hands never left Ocean's hips and Max would bob his head a few times, then line his cock back up and all Ian had to do was push it back in Ocean's hole.

Ian leaned over Ocean's back and gave Finn a blistering hot kiss. They were both tops right now and their bottoms were having a great time.

"Fuck Max at the same pace as I fuck Ocean, okay?" Finn nodded, swished his hair and then matched Ian stroke for stroke. "I'm gonna speed up cause I'm close, okay?" Finn nodded and Ian started speeding up his strokes.

Max and Ocean were going at each other's cocks like mad men. All four boys were working themselves into a frenzy.

Ocean groaned and came. Max had Ocean's cock buried deep in his throat when he felt it pulse seven or eight times, pumping hot cum straight down his throat. Max shot hot spurts of cum into Ocean's mouth. It was all Ocean could do to swallow Max's cum as it flooded his mouth. Finn and Ian slammed home and held still, both buried balls deep. With ass holes clenching around their cocks, they came flooding Ocean's and Max's hole with hot teen cum. Finn pulled out and sat back, trying to catch his breath. Ian started fucking Ocean's hole again. He quickly sped up to full speed and a minute later shot another load deep in Ocean's hole.

"That's my baby," Ocean groaned. "Always good for four or five shots a night." Ian was gasping for air as he eased his cock out of Ocean's cum slick hole.

"Fuck that was hot," exclaimed Finn. Ian sat back as Max and Ocean rolled off each other, landing on their backs and gulping for air.

"I kinda liked that sixty-nine thing we got up to," Max said.

"That was hot, Max. We got to sixty-nine and get fucked at the same time. What sent me over the edge was how Ian and Finn matched strokes. You guys were great tops. That was friggin' hot."

While Max and Ocean discussed the finer points of their orgy, Ian started gathering up drink glasses. Finn gave him a hand. They set them down beside the cooler and were getting ready to refresh them when Finn decided to ask a question. He swished his hair and turned to Ian,

"I, uh, really enjoyed that just now. Do you think, maybe, sometime over the weekend, you could, you know, maybe, fuck me." Finn swished his hair and Ian grinned.

"Not to worry, Finn. Let's finish this round of drinks and we'll fuck."

"No, I mean, just you and me. Maybe Max and Ocean can fuck while you and I do?"

"Sure, why not?" Ian said as he put more ice in the cups.

"I don't know what it is, but I just really want you," Finn said quietly. He swished his hair and smiled at Ian with a shy smile. Warning bells and sirens went going off in Ian's head as he poured rum in each cup and followed that with Coke from a freshly opened can. He'd dealt with Max's obsession and now maybe he'd have to deal with Finn's. Time will tell, but all the warning signs were there.

"You get two and I'll get the other two," Ian said. They returned to the sleeping bag to find Ocean sucking on Max's big cock. Ian walked over to Ocean and tapped him on the shoulder. Ocean came up for air and Ian gave him a kiss. "Here, take a sip and I'll set it down for you." Ocean grabbed the glass, drained it and went right back down on Max's eight inch cock. "Oh … kay," Ian said with a grin as he drained his own glass. Ian returned the glasses to the cooler and was back in a flash. He was about to suck on Ocean's cock when Finn put his arms around him.

"Will you fuck me now?" Finn asked as he swished his hair. Ian thought about it for a moment.

"Let's smoke some more sex weed first. That cool with you?"

"Sure Ian," Finn said quietly. Ian grabbed Ocean's daypack and pulled out a sex joint. He lit it and handed it Finn. When all four boys had their fair share, Ian stubbed it out on the rocks around the campfire. He added a couple more good sized sticks to keep the fire going. When Ian turned back to the sleeping bag, he saw Finn lying on his back. His legs were spread in the air and he had two of his fingers fucking his hole. Finn was looking straight at Ian. How do you pass on that?

Ian slid into place on his knees. He grabbed the Swiss Navy lube and slicked up his cock. One more glob on his finger went to Finn's hole. It was already slick and ready. Ian lined up his cock and looked up at Finn.

"Fuck me, please." Ian slid the head in. "Oh yes," Finn purred. Ian slowly slid the rest of the way in. "Kiss me, please," Finn begged. Ian leaned down and kissed Finn. He wrapped his arms around him and brought the kiss up to blistering hot, all the while grinding his cock into Finn's hot slick hole. Finn moaned into the kiss as Ian sped up.

Right behind them, Ocean was now on all fours and Max was preparing to give him all eight inches of hard Max cock. Max pumped some Swiss Navy lube in his hand and slicked his cock up. He lined it up and slowly pushed the head in. Ocean groaned.

"Yeah, Max. Give me that great big cock," Ocean said as he watched Ian's cock pound into Finn's ass. Max eased his cock into Ocean's hole and slowly slid it in until he was balls deep. Ocean moaned again. "Oh, fuck yes!" Max pulled halfway back and smoothly pressed it back in. Max grabbed Ocean's hips and slowly increased his pace. He looked down and watched as his huge cock disappeared into Ocean's hot slick tight hole. Max sped up until skin was slapping skin. Ocean was in heaven with that huge cock ramming across his prostate. Ocean looked up and watched Ian slam his cock into Finn's ass while Max was slamming into his.

Ian was fucking Finn at wide open speed. Their kiss had moved to necks as their sex moved into frenzy mode. Ian slammed his cock into Finn over and over, relishing the feeling surrounding his cock.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Finn chanted with each thrust. His hole was on fire with Ian's cock plowing across his prostate. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Finn screamed out. Ian slammed home and unleashed a torrent of cum into Finn's hole. Finn's cock was slipping and sliding between their bellies and shot out a huge load of cum, making things even more slippery between them. Ian continued to grind his cock into Finn's cum slick hole.

"Oh yes, Ian. Your cock feels so good. You made me cum without touching myself and my ass is full of your hot cum." Ian leaned back up and looked at Finn. Ian saw the look of pure lust on Finn's face. He grinned as his cock surged. He grabbed Finn at the hips and started fucking him again, slowly increasing in his thrusts until skin was slapping skin again.

Ocean watched Ian cum in Finn's hole. He watched as cum leaked out around Ian's cock and balls. His mouth watered. Ian started fucking again and Ocean lost it. His cock spat hot globs of cum on the sleeping bag while Max hammered his hole.

Max didn't miss Ian's cum either and it turned him on too. Then he felt Ocean's ass clamp down on his cock with each pulse of Ocean's orgasm. Max hammered down and slammed his eight inch cock deep into Ocean's ass and came. Spurt after spurting spurt flooded Ocean's hot slippery hole.

"Gonna give you another hot load of cum," Ian panted as he slammed his cock into Finn as fast as he could.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Finn cried out with each thrust. Ian looked down and watched Finn's cock come again, spitting out ropes of cum landing wetly on Finn's face and swishing hair. That was it for Ian. He pulled his cock out, gave it a pump and sprayed cum all over Finn. Blast after blast of cum rained down on Finn until finally, Ian fell down on Finn's chest and locked lips in a blistering hot kiss, while their cocks slid together in the hot slick cum.

After a quick midnight swim to wash up their cum streaked bodies, the boys dried off. It was a warm night and the stars shone brilliantly above them.

Ian and Ocean picked up glasses and quickly refilled them with Captain Morgan run and Coke. They passed drinks to Max and Finn as they joined them on the sleeping bag. They all grinned at each other.

"Boys, I don't know about you, but that was some super hot sex we had tonight," Ian said.

"Everybody got fucked tonight except you Ian," Ocean pointed out.

"Damn, you're right," Ian exclaimed. He reached over for the Swiss Navy lube and quickly slicked up his ass.

"Ian, I think we're all cummed out," Ocean said as he sipped on his drink.

"Not a problem," Ian said with a smile. He grabbed Mister Realistic, got up on his knees, lined it up and sat down on the dildo. Ian groaned.

"If you lay on your back, I'll fuck you with the dildo," Max offered. Before Max could move, Finn scooted over to Ian.

"I'll do it," Finn said with a grin. Ian came up off the dildo, laid down on his back and pulled his legs in the air.

"Fuck me, Finn." Finn lined up the dildo and pushed it slowly into Ian's slick hole until it was balls deep.

"Tell me how you want it Ian," Finn said as he slowly fucked Ian with the giant dildo, grinding it from halfway to balls deep with every stroke.

"You can speed up a bit," Ian said with a groan. Max moved over to Ian's head and dangled his semi hard cock in Ian's face. "Oh yeah, thanks Max." Max aimed his cock and put it in Ian's mouth. He lowered himself until half his cock was in Ian's mouth. Finn sped up with Mister Realistic. Ian was almost constantly moaning. Max leaned over and sucked Ian's cock into his mouth. Finn was moving the dildo at a pretty face pace. Ocean drained his drink and moved over next to Ian.

"Yeah, baby. You're getting fucked and sucked and have a cock in your mouth. You look so hot like that. I know you've got another hot load of cum churning in your balls. Max needs that load down his throat," Ocean said knowing that Ian enjoyed a little dirty talk. Ian groaned loudly. Finn slammed the dildo in all the way and ground it into Ian's hole. Ian's cock spat out seven or eight hot spurts of teen cum into Max's mouth. Max sucked hard as he came up off Ian's cock, finally releasing the head with a 'pop.' He leaned back up smacking his lips. Finn eased Mister Realistic from Ian's ass as Max pulled his cock out of Ian's mouth. Ocean dove down and captured Ian's lips in a searing kiss.

"That was fucking hot," Finn said as he swished his hair. Ian got up and wiped his ass with a towel, grinning the whole time.

"Nightcap?" Ian said. Glasses were filled and they gathered around the campfire.

"Now, does anybody else need sex?" Ocean asked.

"I could use a blow," Finn said swishing his hair.

"What?" Max exclaimed as he looked down at Finn's hard cock. "How many times have you cum tonight?"

"I don't know. I do know that fucking Ian's hole with that dildo was a major turn on."

"Anybody else?" Ocean asked.

"I may have one more in me," Ian said with a shrug.

"Fuck, I'm out here with a couple of horn dogs," Max said with a sigh. "Have at it you two."

"What cha up for Finn?" Ian asked.

"I don't know. You want to fuck?" Finn said as he swished his hair. Ian thought about it for a second.

"Let me suck you," Ian offered. "I'll cum by myself if you fuck my mouth. And where's the dildo?" Finn picked it up and handed it to Ian who quickly snatched up the bottle of Swiss Navy lube and slicked his hole up again. Ian came up to his knees and put the dildo on the sleeping bag pointing up at his ass. He lined it up and sat down on it to the balls.

"Okay, bring that cock over here," Ian said. Finn stood in front of Ian and spread his precum across Ian's lips. Ian opened his mouth and Finn slid his cock all the way in. He grabbed handfuls of Ian hair and started fucking Ian's hot mouth and throat. He long dicked Ian so he'd be able to breath and deepthroat at the same time. Ian moaned and started to bounce on the dildo. Finn sped up. Max and Ocean relaxed and watched the show.

"We need some popcorn," Max whispered to Ocean with a grin. They both sipped their drinks.

"I'm getting close, Ian. I'm gonna give you a load of cum." Finn slowed down and started grinding his cock into Ian's throat. Ian's ass was grinding down on the dildo. "Oh yeah, here it comes." Finn buried his cock in Ian's throat. When Ian felt it pulse and he came too. White hot ribbons of cum flew out of Ian's cock. Finn pulled his cock halfway out and let the remaining three spurts fill Ian's mouth. Ian swallowed and took it back all the way. He kept Finn's cock buried in his throat and bounced furiously on the dildo. Suddenly Ian came up off of Finn's cock, leaned back and fired more cum, with one blast so powerful, it hit Finn in the balls. Ian sat up and off the dildo. He held it in one hand as he stood up next to Finn. Ian threw his arm around Finn and they took a bow. He brought the dildo up between his face and Finn's. Ian licked at the head. Finn grinned and licked at it too. Ocean and Max, now pretty well drunk, hooted and hollered and clapped.

"Now, is everybody cummed out?" Ocean said with a grin.

"Yep," Ian said as he wiped his ass, again, and all the cum he'd shot all over the sleeping bag. He threw the towel to the side and snuggled up with Ocean. Finn snuggled up with Max.

Even with the sleeping bag completely open, it was still a small space. Ocean grabbed a second sleeping bag for cover and the boys slept a very contented sleep.

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