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by Jevic
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Chapter Seven

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Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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Ian came out of the psychologist's office and climbed into RR, where Dennis and Ocean were waiting. It was Ian's first full day of therapy after the assessment visit. The doctor took one look at the car smashing viral video and booked Ian for a session the very next day.

"He wants to see me again tomorrow," Ian said with a slight smile. "He's making me tell him about all the bad things that have happened to me. And more importantly, all the things that made me angry. After I tell him about one, we discuss it and analyze it and discuss it some more. It is hard to do, but at the same time, I feel a sense of relief. Somebody else finally understands. It's almost like someone is standing on the far shore encouraging me out of the storm and to safety." Ian snickered. "That was an analogy he used today and it seemed to make sense."

"That's got to be hard, Ian," Dennis said as he started up RR.

"It is, but like I said, it gives me a sense of relief that someone else knows all the horrors I've been though in my life. Please don't get me wrong, either one of you, but to be able to talk about all the bad stuff with someone who doesn't judge and most importantly, doesn't care." Ian paused a second.

"That didn't come out right. He cares, but he's not close like you two are. I don't feel any pressure and I actually feel like he's helping me."

"Ian, you know you can talk with dad or me about anything," Ocean said sincerely.

"I know that, but he makes me explain how I was feeling at the time. I don't know how he does it, but he drags my emotions out of me, makes me examine them, then gives me the reasons behind why I felt that way. It's difficult and he makes me cry at times, but he explains why I felt the way I felt when those things happened. I like him."

"As long as you feel like you're being able to deal with the anger inside you, Ian, I'm willing to bring you to him as many times as it takes," Dennis said. He shifted RR into reverse and backed out headed out onto the main road.

Dennis couldn't help but smile as he drove RR back toward home. He finally got to drive the Range Rover. Ocean and Ian were cuddled in the back seat, whispering to each other. Just before turning into his driveway, Dennis heard Ian laugh.

"That's a good sign," Dennis thought to himself.

Ian met with the psychologist every day for the first week. The following week was cut back to three days. The third week, Ian would be seeing the doctor once a week for a month. The psychologist was pleased with Ian's progress. The teen's anger had been dealt with and it no longer held Ian hostage.

The Thanksgiving break was just a few days away, when the doctor told Ian he no longer needed treatment. He reminded Ian that he could call at anytime if a crisis came up. Ian's anger had finally been put away for good. There was one more wound that needed to be addressed and his doctor said he could do that when he was ready.

After supper that night, Ian approached his foster family hesitantly. He sat quietly and looked at Ocean, then Barbara and finally Dennis.

"I would like to go to Hendersonville," Ian started. "That's where I grew up. I have friends I need to see and I would like to visit the cemetery and see my parent's graves. That's the last open wound my psychologist wants me to close."

"Ian, of course you can go, anytime you want to go," Dennis said.

"Thank you. Thanksgiving break starts after school tomorrow, so I thought the first full day of break would be a good time to go."

"That sounds like a good idea," Dennis paused. "Ian, I would like Ocean to go with you, if that's okay and I'll explain why." Ian gave Dennis a small smile and nodded. "You'll be seeing things before all the bad stuff happened. Things that will remind you of the life you had. You'll probably want to see the house where you grew up. You'll see friends and you'll be visiting the cemetery. That adds up to a pretty emotional day. I'd like Ocean to be there for you."

"Of course, dad. I was going to ask him to go with me. I know it'll be a tough day, but I need closure on that part of my life. I need to put it behind me, so I can fully embrace where I am now." Dennis reached out and hugged Ian.

"I love you, Ian," Dennis said with tears of love rolling down his cheeks.

"I love you too, dad. You're the best."

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Cory and Luke pulled into the lake access parking area and parked in their usual spot. There was no one else around.

"Last time we were up here, you got your fantasy," Cory said with a grin.

"Damn right, I did. That was fucking awesome. Thank you for letting me do that."

"Luke, that was not about me letting you do anything," Cory said. "I knew that was your fantasy and the opportunity presented itself. I am just happy that you got to experience it. That wasn't about me allowing you. That was all you."

"Okay, but still," Luke looked at Cory. "I'm surprised that you weren't jealous or anything." Cory looked at Luke, the boy he finally admitted to loving him and smiled.

"Look, that night was all about you. We made it happen together. And we made new friends, together. We had a wild night of sex, together. As long as we have fun, together, I'm open to anything you want to do."

"Cory, I love you," Luke said as he leaned over and gave Cory a kiss. "Let's head down to the beach and fuck, er, make love. What do you think?"

"I think I have eight inches of cock that is getting hard." Luke smiled and licked his lips.

"Let's go." The two lovers got out of the car, grabbed two towels and a bottle of lube and headed to the beach. It was November and the air was a bit chilly, but nothing could cool down the building passion between them. This was their spot. This is where they had made love for three years and a bit a cool air was not going to stand in their way.

"We should call Ian and Ocean sometime," Luke said as they walked down the narrow path. "Just to hang out or go out to eat or maybe, have some sex. Those two are hot."

"Don't forget Max and Finn. I know you loved Max and his big cock. That fucker is as big as me and I still can't believe he bottoms."

"There's something to be said about bottoming, Cory. The feel of a great big dick plowing your ass is incredible. We've got to figure out a way for you to get fucked by Max."

"I'm open to that, but right now, I want some hot Luke hole around my cock." Luke smiled.

"Let's stash our clothes and fuck." The two boys headed over to the bushes and stripped. They hid their clothes and headed for the middle of the beach. Luke pumped some lube on his finger and shoved it up his ass. He did it again and was happy to be ready. The boys kissed for a long time, tongues dancing the dance of the prelude to sex. Luke dropped to his knees in the sand.

"You know what I like, Cory," Luke said as he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. Cory grinned and tapped the head of his cock on Luke's forehead, then his nose and finally on his tongue.

"Here ya go baby. Here comes my cock," Cory said as he slid into Luke's hot throat with eight inches of hard teen cock.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Ocean picked up Max in his Jeep and headed for the lake. Ian was busy with the swim team and Finn was busy with a school project. The two friends decided to spend the day together and have a picnic lunch at the lake.

Ocean pulled around he corner and saw Cory's car parked.

"Max, looks like we might be in for some hot four way sex this afternoon." Max grinned.

"Wasn't really counting on that, but I'm game. I bet they're fucking down on the beach." Ocean parked the Jeep beside Cory's car. They walked down the narrow path toward the beach. A minute later, they walked out on the sand and saw Luke on his knees sucking Cory's cock.

"How do you want to handle this?" Max asked.

"Let's just walk up beside them. I'll drop to my knees beside Luke. You stand next to Cory. Then just shove your cock in my mouth, much like they're doing and we see where it goes from there. What do you think?"

"I like it! Let's get naked."

"Good idea." Max and Ocean stripped, hid their clothes in the bushes and quietly walked up to Cory and Luke. Max stood next to Cory and bumped him in the shoulder. Cory looked up and grinned. Ocean dropped to his knees next to Luke and Max shoved his cock into Ocean's mouth. Luke came up off Cory's cock and grinned first at Ocean, then looked up at Max and smiled.

"Glad you two could join us," Luke said. "Wanna switch?"

"Sure," Max said. He and Cory changed places and shoved their identical eight inch cocks into Ocean and Luke's hot mouths. Max looked over and gazed at Cory's lips. He made a quick decision and leaned in for a kiss. The two hung teens kissed hungrily as their cocks were being deepthroated.

"Fags! Fags on the fucking beach!" came a scream. Max turned and looked as three of his football team members stood at the end of the path and watched. "God damn fags! Cum sucking assholes!" Max decided he needed to take care of this before it got out of hand. He pulled his cock from Luke's mouth and ran, full speed toward his teammates, his hard cock bouncing with every step. They all backed up, surprised by Max speeding directly at them. Max didn't slow down and tackled two of the boys, dropping them to the sand. He quickly spun his legs around and brought the third boy down on his back. Max jumped up, his hard cock swaying, and screamed at the three boys.

"You fuckers have walked into the wrong fucking party. Now you're gonna get fucked by the biggest cock in school." Max looked at the three boys. Owen, Caden and Butch were shocked. Max sneered at them.

"Owen, I've already punched you in the nose. I'm surprised you're even here. Fuck off or I'll slam your nose again!" Owen scrambled to his feet and took off up the narrow trail. Ocean, Luke and Cory came up and stood by Max.

"Butch, you've always been a great football player, but you're just a dumb jock. You need to learn to think for yourself for once. You could care less about who I fuck. You're just following the crowd," Max said shaking his head. "Fuck off, Butch." The boy scrambled to his feet and ran as fast as he could.

Max looked long and hard at Caden. He had a lean football build, more like a receiver than a linebacker. His mop of curly blond hair surrounding a really cute face with bright blue intelligent eyes.

"I guess that leaves you, Noah," Max said with a sneer. Max reached down and pulled Noah up by his shirt collar and pulled him nose to nose. "Ever been fucked?" Max whispered harshly.

"Yes, but please use lube. Don't fuck me dry, please," Noah whimpered. Max was taken aback.

"The fuck, Noah?" Max said as he let Noah go.

"You can fuck me and I'll … I'll like it, just use lube please," Noah begged, shaking in fear with his eyes closed.

"Noah," Max said. No response. "Noah! Look at me!" Noah turned his wide open terrified blue eyes toward Max.

"I'm not going to hurt you. Please calm down," Max said in his best calming voice. When that didn't work, Max pulled Noah into a gentle warm hug. Noah was shaking like a leaf. "It's okay Noah. You're alright. Nobody's doing anything. We're just friends hugging, okay?"

"Okay," Noah whispered. Max released the hug and Noah looked at Max with pleading eyes. "You really can fuck me if you want to," Noah said quietly.

"Have you been fucked before?" Max asked, truly interested.

"Yeah, a bunch of times actually. Most times he just spits once and shoves it in. That hurts. So, you can fuck me Max. Just use some lube please."

"Same guy every time?"

"Yeah, Tanner has been fucking me since summer," Noah said with a smile. Max was shocked.

"Tanner, as in swim team captain Tanner?" Noah nodded and smiled again.

"He's cute," Noah said as Ocean stiffened up, surprised to hear Tanner's name again.

"We have a problem," Max said to Ocean. "Seems Tanner's been fucking Noah, basically dry."

"The fuck? Noah? Tanner?" Ocean said. Noah turned to Ocean and slowly started to grin.

"I've always loved your hair," Noah all but whispered as he suddenly dropped to his knees and sucked in Ocean's semi hard cock to the balls. Noah's hands reached up and found Ocean's. Noah put Ocean's hands on the back of his head, then reached around and grabbed Ocean's ass and pulled his cock even deeper into Noah's throat.

"Whoa Noah, wasn't exactly expecting that," Ocean said. Noah sucked hard and bobbed his head fast. Max couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Noah," Max said. "Noah." With no response, Max shrugged his shoulders. Luke was watching Noah intently with envy. Cory stood casually with his arm around Luke's waist with his other hand rubbing his cock. Noah kept bobbing his head up and down deepthroating Ocean's cock on each bob.

"Shit Noah, you're gonna make me cum." Noah sped up, slamming his head against Ocean's smooth skin with each thrust of his mouth, moving faster and faster. Noah tightened his hands on Ocean's butt cheeks, while ramming Ocean's cock down his throat. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!"

Noah buried Ocean's cock in his throat and felt each pulse as the cock pumped cum down his throat. Noah held Ocean's cock deep in his throat for a full minute after Ocean came.

"Noah, let up and breathe," Ocean said. Noah finally relented and eased off Ocean's cock. He sucked hard as he reached the head, going after every single drop of cum. He released Ocean's cock with a 'pop' and stood up with a loopy grin on his face.

"What the fuck was that, Noah?" Max asked. Noah turned to Max and dropped back to his knees. He looked up at Max.

"That was a blow job. You ready for yours?" Noah said licking his lips.

"What I really want to know is what the fuck is up with you?" Noah frowned.

"Would you rather fuck me? I'm ready. You can just fuck me hard and cum up my ass. Just spit on my hole and shove it in." Max was shocked.

"Stand up, Noah," Max said. Noah frowned again.

"My ass is tight. I promise you'll like it Max. You've got a beautiful cock. I know it will feel good in my butt. You don't have to spit if you don't want to. Just shove it in and fuck me as hard as you want to," Noah begged.

Max reached down, grabbed Noah under his arms and pulled him up into a hug.

"Noah, nobody is going to fuck you like that, not now and not ever again and I promise Tanner will never touch you again. He's been abusing you, Noah. I bet he's hurt you too." Noah's tears came at once. He sobbed uncontrollably onto Max's shoulder. Ocean hugged him from behind.

"It's okay, Noah. You're safe now. Max and I, plus Cory and Luke will keep you safe," Ocean said softly. A few moments later, his tears finally slowed down and the hug ended.

"Tanner is the only one who loves me. He told me that I needed special attention and that he would always give it to me. He said I needed to be fucked hard to remind me how much he loved me. Yeah, it hurt but he's the only one who ever touched me like that. He made me feel wanted."

"That fucking sonofabitch," Max said. "He lied to you Noah. He doesn't love you! He just wants to use you for sex. He doesn't give a shit about you. He probably gets off hurting you. That stops today!"

"But who will love me?" Noah asked as fresh hot tears rolled down his face.

"I love you Noah," Max said. "Ocean loves you and Cory and Luke love you too. We all love you." Noah's eyes got big.

"You're all gonna fuck me?" he squeaked.

"No!" Max said and sighed. "We care about what happens to you Noah. We don't want Tanner to hurt you anymore."

"But I like to have sex, Max. Who will I have sex with if I don't have Tanner?" Max sighed and looked at Ocean. Ocean shrugged. "Okay, tell you what, Noah, I'll show you how two boys properly fuck. Then we need to find you a boyfriend. Someone other than Tanner."

"Really Max?" Noah asked hopefully. Max smiled and nodded.

"Yes, really Noah." Noah immediately wrapped Max into a bear hug. He stepped back to look Max in the eye.

"Thank you, Max," Noah said with genuine sincerity. "By the way, you have a beautiful cock."

"Well, glad that's settled. Can we get back to the fucking now?" Luke asked as he grabbed Cory's cock.

"Great idea," Ocean said. "Max, why don't you spend some time with Noah and I'll be the third wheel with these two hotties." Luke grinned. Cory's cock came up to hard. "Max, there's an extra bottle of Swiss Navy lube and a blanket in the Jeep. Why don't you drive over to the campsite," Ocean suggested. Max nodded with a grin.

"Come on Noah," Max said, putting his arm around his football teammate. Max glanced over his shoulder and saw Luke was already on his knees with Cory and Ocean's cocks in his mouth. Max grinned.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Max pulled the Jeep up to the familiar campsite. Noah and Max got out. Max grabbed the blanket and the Swiss Army lube.

"Help me spread the blanket out Noah," Max said. Noah helped and the blanket was spread out on the soft pine needles. "Now, kick off your shoes and join me on the blanket." Noah moved and stood in front of Max. "I'm going to take your clothes off now, Noah. Is that alright?"

"Of course, Max." Max pulled Noah's tee shirt over his head and tossed it aside. He unbuttoned Noah's shorts and unzipped them. Max lowered the shorts and boxer briefs down and let Noah step out of them. Max looked at Noah. His curly dirty blond hair looked soft and inviting. Between Noah's legs was a beautiful seven inch cock that was stone hard.

"You're beautiful, Noah" Max said as he stripped quickly and tossed his clothes to the side. Come here and give me a kiss. Noah leaned forward and launched into a scorching hot kiss, shoving his tongue into Max's mouth. Max slowly pushed him back and eased up on the kiss. Max took control and turned scorching into sensuous. Noah moaned. Max moved to Noah's neck. "Don't be in such a hurry, Noah. I know it's fun to get to the cumming part, but it's also fun to enjoy the journey there. So, let's take our time and enjoy each and every moment. I have a feeling that Tanner just blasted past some of the best parts of making love. So, pay attention and learn to enjoy having sex. It's all about making your partner feel good. That's what turns me on. When you feel good, then that makes me feel good. Okay?"

"God, you are so hot, Max. I can barely control myself."

"Just relax, Noah. Take a deep breath and let me make you feel good." Max licked his way down to Noah's right nipple and sucked it. He flicked his tongue over the nub and it hardened quickly. "Let's make ourselves comfortable and stretch out on the blanket," Max suggested. Noah dropped down to the blanket and got on all fours.

"I'm ready, Max," Noah said, wiggling his butt.

"Not yet, Noah," Max said laying down on his side. "Come here and lay down with me." Noah frowned.

"You don't want to fuck me?"

"No, not yet. There is too much to enjoy before we get to that." Max smiled as Noah stretched out beside him. "Lay flat on your back Noah." Once Noah was where Max wanted him, he rolled over on top and continued his assault on Noah with his tongue. Max rubbed their hard cocks together and licked his way slowly down Noah's chest. When Max reached Noah's cock, he took his time and bathed it with his tongue. He sucked in Noah's smooth balls and gave them a tongue wash. Max's hot tongue make a slow swipe up the hard shaft, finally wrapping his lips around the head of Noah's throbbing seven inches and took it into his throat, burying his nose in pubes. One deepthroated plunge later and Noah's cock pulsed in Max's throat. Max pulled back a bit and let the last blasts fill his mouth. Max swallowed and plunged back down, savoring Noah's nice cock. He pulled slowly back off Noah's cock and smiled at him.

"I'm sorry," Noah said, embarrassed. "I just couldn't help it."

"That's cool, Noah. I enjoyed the hell out of that. You've got a great sexy cock," Max said with a wink. "Now that we've taken the edge off, we can continue to explore our bodies. Sound good to you?"

"Yeah, but I still want to suck your cock and I still want you to fuck me though."

"Let's work toward that. Let's sixty-nine with you on top, okay?" Noah scrambled around until he was on all fours with Max under him. "Noah, don't attack my cock. Don't just go to town. Make love to it. Savor the hot slick skin. Use your tongue. Suck my balls. Just do it slowly and gently," Max instructed after remembering how Noah had hoovered down Ocean's cock.

Max felt Noah's hot breath on his balls just before a tongue took a swipe across them. Max groaned, then sucked Noah's still hard cock into his mouth and teased the head with his tongue.

Noah sucked in one of Max's balls and tongued it. He sucked in the other ball and tongued them both before letting them slip out, one by one.

"Yeah, Noah. That's right. Make love to my cock," Max groaned. Noah's hot slick tongue wrapped around Max's cock head. Max felt Noah's tongue teasing his slit just before Noah slowly swallowed Max's cock and buried his nose in Max's balls. "So good, Noah," Max cooed as he slid back a bit and buried his tongue in Noah's hole. Noah groaned around Max's cock before releasing it.

"What are you doing" Noah asked breathlessly.

"I'm licking your hole, getting it ready for my cock. Do you like it?"

"Yes, just surprised me. No one has ever done that before." Max shoved his tongue back in Noah's hole and dug as deep as he could. Max wet his finger with spit and rubbed it around Noah's puckering hole. He wet his finger again and slowly pushed it into Noah's hole. Noah moaned once again around Max's cock. Max grabbed Noah and rolled him over, putting Noah on his back. Max rolled off, turned around and kissed Noah with a blistering hot kiss. When he came up for air, Noah was looking up at him with wide eyes.

"Yes, now it's time to heat things up a bit," Max said grinning. Roll over and get on all fours." Noah got into position and Max moved between Noah's legs. He grabbed Noah's ass cheeks and spread them wide. Max's mouth watered as he looked at the smooth hole inches in front of him. Max licked a long wet swipe across it, then buried his face in Noah's ass and tongue fucked his hole. Noah was almost constantly moaning and pushing back on Max's face.

"Like that, do you?" Max asked as he reached for the Swiss Navy lube.

"Yes, oh Max. I have never had sex for this long. It's always been over in five minutes.

"Welcome to proper sex between two boys," Mas said as he pumped some lube on his finger and slipped it into Noah's hole. Noah moaned. Max finger fucked Noah and hooked his finger, stroking Noah's prostate.

"Oh fuck!" Noah exclaimed.

"Just saying hello to your prostate," Max said as he added a second finger. When Max felt Noah's hole loosen, he added a third finger. Max pumped Noah's hole for a full minute and a half, finally feeling it loosen a bit more. He eased his fingers out.

"Lay on your back, Noah. I want to see your face when I put my cock in your ass." Noah rolled over to his back and quickly spread his legs. Max scooted between those long muscular legs and grinned at Noah. "How are you enjoying yourself?"

"Oh Max, this is wonderful." Max glanced down and saw Noah was semi hard. He leaned over and sucked Noah's cock into his mouth and took a few deepthroated bobs of his head, then let it go with a 'pop.' Max grabbed the Swiss Navy lube and coating a finger. Max pushed more lube into Noah's hole. He repeated it once again. Finally, he slicked up his cock.

"Okay, Noah. Ready?"

"Oh yeah." Max lined his cock up and slowly eased the head past the first ring of muscle. Noah moaned. Max left his cock there for a minute and looked. Noah's mop of curly blond hair and piercing blue eyes looked back at Max as he leaned down and kissed Noah. Max gave Noah a sensuous kiss. The hot kisses would follow soon enough. Max eased another couple of inches into tight slick velvet smooth clenching hot heaven. As soon as the clenching eased, Max pushed another couple of inches in. Noah groaned.

"How do you feel, Noah? Your ass is on fire, clenching down on my cock."

"God, you're cock feels so good. Go ahead. I want to feel it all." Max eased the last few inches of his rock hard eight inch cock until he was fully seated in Noah's hole.

"Yes," Noah sighed as he reached around and grabbed Max's ass then pulled the last half inch into his ass. "Oh my God. Your whole cock is buried in my ass. There's no pain. There's only pleasure. I've never been fucked without pain. This is way different from what I'm used to. This is fucking fantastic." Max pulled back a couple of inches, then ground back in. The sensuous kiss continued as Max slowly ground his cock in Noah's hot ass. Bit by little bit, Max started pulling further out on each stroke. Almost five minutes of slow grinding turned into a slow fuck. Max pulled halfway out and plunged back in. Max turned the heat up on the sensuous kiss and turned it into a scorching hot kiss that left no doubt in Noah's mind that he was wanted and desired. He's never been treated like this before. Tanner just slammed his cock in. Max was gentle and made sure he was ready. Max pulled back from the kiss and leaned up. He grabbed Noah's ankles and pulled his legs wide apart. Then Max picked up the pace. At first, he kept to halfway out and back in deep. Max changed positions a bit, then started to pull his cock almost all the way out before plunging it back in, balls deep. Max long dicked Noah for several minutes then slammed his cock in hard and held it.

"Noah, I'm going to really fuck you now. Are you ready?" Max asked grinning.

"Oh yeah, bring it on. Fuck me like you mean it!" Max pulled back and switched to a fast paced fuck, skin slapping skin incredibly fast. Max looked down and saw Noah's hard cock leaking precum like crazy. Max switched it up again and grabbed Noah by the thighs. He rammed his cock into Noah's hot slick hole over and over. Max ran his hand over Noah's chest, tweaking each nipple. Max sped up to full speed, slamming his cock into Noah's hole.

"God, you're gonna make me cum!" Noah screamed. Max changed his position a bit and hammered home. Noah started chanting with each thrust. "Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, yes, right, there, fuck, me, fuck, me!" And Noah came. His cock shot out hot ribbons of cum, spraying his cute curly blond hair and his pretty face. Max pounded Noah's ass watching the cum fly from Noah's cock. Max hammered down hard and came. He pumped hot quarterback cum into his teammate's hot ass, flooding it with cum. As they caught their breath, Max leaned down and kissed Noah with a long, tongue filled sensuous kiss. His hard cock still buried deep in Noah's hot cum slicked hole. Max ground his cock into that hot slick hole with lazy strokes.

"Noah, that was fucking incredible. I'm still hard. Are you up for another round?"

"That was fucking hot as hell, Max. You're gonna fuck me again?" Max grinned as he ground his cock in and out of Noah's slick hole.

"Yeah, Noah. I'm gonna fuck you again," Max whispered into Noah's ear.

"That's what I thought. So, fuck me Max. God, you cock feels so good in my ass. Fuck me and make me cum again." Max smiled. "This is so different from what I'm used to. I like this way of fucking. Make me cum again, Max. My ass is wide open for your big cock, so give it to me." Max smiled as he picked up speed, pistoning his cock into Noah's hole. Max switched up and grabbed Noah by the thighs and hammered eight inches of quarterback cock into Noah's cum slick hole. Sweat rolled down Max's face as he pounded his cock into Noah.

"Fuck yeah, kiss me!" Noah screamed. Max crashed his lips down on Noah as Noah's cock fired off another eight, nine, ten shots of cum between them, slathering their stomachs with slippery hot cum. Max leaned up and slammed his cock hard into Noah a couple more strokes then he pulled out. He pumped his cock a couple of times and came. His cum splattered Noah's face and chest. Cum fell like raindrops as they splashed down on Noah. Max fell forward, shoving his cock back into Noah's hole and wrapping his arms around his teammate, grinding his cock into Noah's cum filled ass.

"God, Max," Noah panted, desperately trying to catch his breath. "That was fucking awesome." Max grinned and nuzzled his face into Noah's neck, smothering it in sensuous kisses. Max's cock eased in and out a few inches, grinding into Noah's hole. They both enjoyed the feeling and kissed a long slow hot kiss. Noah put his feet down on the blanket and slowly turned Max until they had switched positions. Max lay on his back and looked up at Noah with a smile. Noah raised himself up until he was on his feet and crouched down over Max, never letting Max's cock leave his ass.

"Noah?" Max questioned just before Noah started riding Max's cock, slowly at first. "Oh God," Max moaned. "Ride that cock, Noah. Ride it real good." Noah moved up and down quickly, fucking himself on Max's big cock. His ass cheeks slammed down on Max making a wonderfully hot 'slap' sound as skin met skin. Max looked down at Noah's cock. It was still dripping cum from his last orgasm and was still hard, standing up proudly and swaying with each bounce. Max raised his legs and grabbed Noah by the neck, pulling him into a kiss. Max hammered up into Noah's hole, fucking him furiously.

"Hang on to my neck Noah," Max said. Noah held on tight as Max slowly stood up. He held Noah up by his ass cheeks and fucked him standing up. Max slowly walked over to the Jeep and lowered Noah onto the tailgate. Max grabbed Noah by his thighs and plowed his cock into Noah's hole.

"Fuck, fuck, yes, yes, fuck, me, fuck, me," Noah chanted with each thrust. "Gonna, gonna, cum, yes, yes, fuck!" Noah screamed as his cock let out another hot volley of cum. Max groaned as he felt Noah's ass clamp down on his cock with each blast of cum. Max pulled out.

"Get on your knees if you want my cum," Max panted as he stood back a few steps. Noah scrambled off the tailgate and dropped to his knees. Max pumped his cock a couple of times and blasted cum on Noah's face. Max grabbed a handful of Noah's curly blond hair and shoved his cock deep into Noah's throat finishing with two last squirts of cum. Max pulled his cock out of Noah's mouth slowly and looked down at his teammate's cum covered face. Max grinned.

"Wish I had a camera right now. You look so hot covered in my cum." Max dropped to his knees. He licked his cum off with hot swipes of his tongue, then he kissed Noah, sharing the taste.

"You're beautiful," Max said as he stroked Noah's cheek softly with his hand. "That's how two boys have sex, Noah," Max said softly.

"That was, well, I have no words to describe it, but I really, really enjoyed that. I've never had sex where pain wasn't involved. I was expecting it, but it never came. I was finally able to let that pain expectation go and relax and just enjoy the feelings. That's when I came the first time." Max gently kissed Noah's neck and stroked his hand through Noah's soft curly hair as they kneeled there behind the Jeep holding each other. Noah was overcome with emotion from the experience and a tear rolled down his face.

"I could have been having sex like this for years. Instead, I've been fucking used and hurt," Noah suddenly sobbed. Max wrapped his arms around him and held him tight.

"Noah, listen to me, Noah. That's all behind you now. Let it go. I've got you and I'll take care of you. It's okay, Noah. It's okay." Noah slumped in Max's arms, overcome with newfound sexual experience and old memories that he'd rather forget.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

A couple of hours after Max and Noah left, Max drove Ocean's Jeep back into the parking area. Luke was bent over on the hood Cory's car, while Cory hammered his ass with his big eight inch cock. Max parked next to Cory's car and he and Noah got out. He looked around and someone seemed to be missing.

"Have you seen Ocean?"

"Yeah, he's over here sucking my cock," Luke said. Max walked over to the other side of the car and sure enough, there was Ocean on his knees. Noah followed.

"Damn, you three still going at it," Max said as he put his arm around Noah.

"Max, mind if I suck Ocean?" Noah asked quietly. Max looked at him, really looked at him.

"You're okay, Noah?"

"Yeah, I'm good. Thank you again, Max. I just want to broaden my horizons a bit, if that's okay."

"Have at it buddy." Noah shucked his tee shirt and shorts and dropped to his knees behind Cory. Then he slithered between first, Cory's legs, then Luke's until he was face to face with Ocean's hard cock. Noah smiled then took the cock deep into his throat.

Max stood and watched as his four friends moved in perfect synch. It was a sexy sight to see. Now Max only had to figure how he could synch up. Max moved behind Cory.

"Hey, Cory," Max said as he kissed and licked Cory's neck. "Mind if I slide in?" Cory groaned.

"That'd be awesome, Max. Just slide in and let me do the moving."

"You got it." Max picked up the bottle of Swiss Navy lube, loaded a finger and eased it into Cory's ass. Max was surprised to find lube already there.

"My ass is ready, Max. Ocean's cock has already been there." Max slicked up his cock. He put his left hand on Cory's shoulder and used his right to guide his cock into Cory's hot ass. Cory stilled until Max was balls deep. Cory was about to enjoy being in the middle. His cock was buried in Luke and Max's cock was buried in his ass. All he had to do was move and Cory did. Max and Luke held still while Cory sped up to a fast fuck. Cory's eight in cock piston fucked Luke's hole while Cory fucked himself back on Max's eight inch cock.

"I'm getting close!" Luke called out, as Cory hammered his ass. Ocean sucked Luke's cock deep into his throat.

"Oh, yeah baby. I'm gonna flood your ass," Cory called out.

The cummage started with Luke who came into Ocean's mouth. Cory flooded Luke's hole. Max filled Cory's hole and Ocean filled Noah's mouth. As they slowly pulled apart, Max saw Noah kiss Ocean and smiled. Noah got up and kissed Max too. As they kissed, their hard cocks rubbed up against each other.

"Fuck me, Noah," Max whispered. "Show me what you've learned."

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

The morning of the first full day of Thanksgiving break found Ian and Ocean driving RR toward Hendersonville. Ian had asked Ocean to drive. He was too nervous to concentrate on driving. As they entered the city limits, Ian directed Ocean toward the house where Ian grew up. Ocean pulled up to the house and parked at the curb of a nineteen seventies modest ranch home.

Ian and Ocean watched, two as two young boys came running out the front door with a soccer ball. One appeared to be about twelve and the other a bit younger, probably ten. The two obvious brothers played with the soccer ball in the front yard.

"What do you want to do, Ian? Do you want to see if you can go inside?"

"I don't know, Ocean. It looks like a new family has made this house their home and I don't know if I want to disturb them." Ocean thought a minute.

"Hang loose. I'll be right back." Ocean got out.

"Hey guys! Are your parents home?" Ocean asked the brothers.

"Mom's here, just ring the bell," the older brother said as he kicked the ball to his brother. Ocean walked up to the door and rang the bell. A moment later an attractive forties something lady answered the door.

"Hi, can I help you?" she asked as she glanced over to her boys.

"My name is Ocean Nolan and my friend over there in the car used to live here. We were wondering, if it's not too much trouble, if he could see the house." The lady hesitated a bit. She looked over the handsome young man standing on her porch, then she looked at the expensive Range Rover parked in front of her house and came to a decision.

"I think that would be okay. My name is Barbara Dearman," she said with a smile.

"Thank you. It will mean a lot to Ian, that's my friend." Ocean waved at Ian. He watched as Ian got out of RR and slowly made his way to the front door.

"Ian, this is Barbara Dearman."

"Pleased to meet you ma'am," Ian said quietly as he shook her hand. She was quite impressed with the manners the two young good looking teens had.

"Your friend says you used to live here?

"Yes ma'am. I grew up here." Barbara smiled and pulled the door open wide.

"Why don't you boys come on in," she said with a smile.

Five minutes into the walk through, tears started streaming down Ian's face. Barbara smiled and handed him some Kleenex.

"How long ago did you and your parents move?" Barbara asked. As more tears streamed down the young teens' face, she figured that was a wrong question.

"Ocean let's go please," Ian whispered. Ocean nodded and turned to Barbara.

"Seems this is a bit emotional for Ian. Thank you so much for your time."

"It's no problem boys. Feel free to visit again if you want to." Ian headed for the door.

"Thank you, again," Ocean said to Barbara. "Ocean was living here when his parents died in an airplane accident about a year ago, so I'm sure the house brought back a lot of memories."

"Oh my. We bought this house about a year ago. The seller was very anxious to sell and accepted our first offer." Ocean sighed.

"That would have been Ian's uncle, but let's just leave it at that. Once again, thank you for your hospitality." When Ocean got back to RR, Ian was just getting his emotions under control.

"You okay, Ian?" Ian nodded.

"Let's go to the cemetery next. I want to get all the emotional shit out of the way." Ocean nodded and Ian gave him directions. They drove into Oakwood Cemetery and headed for the office. Ian had no clue where he parents were laid to rest.

"Hang on, I'll be right back," Ian said as he got out of RR. Ocean watched as Ian went in the office door.

"Excuse me, I'm trying to find a gravesite," Ian said quietly.

"Be happy to help. Can you give me the name?"

"Jim and Betty Knight." The man clicked on his keyboard.

"Here we go," the man said. He grabbed a map and after double checking with his computer screen, circled the gravesite. "Wait a moment. Are you related to the Knights?" Ian nodded.

"They're my parents," Ian said softly.

"Sorry for your loss, but it looks like there's still a balance due for opening and closing the graves. Comes to sixteen hundred, seventy-five dollars." Ian handed over his debit card without a thought. The man processed the payment and handed Ian a receipt.

"The markers on these graves are still the temporary ones. I'd be thinking about something more permanent."

"Thank you," Ian said and headed back out to RR. Ocean watched as Ian came back carrying a piece of paper.

"Everything okay?"

"My fucking uncle didn't even pay the cemetery and, he didn't buy headstones. Fucker! Looks like another call to Tom Tomlinson. Oh, here's the map," Ian said handing it over. Ocean studied it a moment then shifted RR into gear. Five minutes later, he parked and they got out. Ocean looked at the map and pointed out where the graves should be.

"Do you want me to wait here?" Ocean asked as he shoved his hands in his pockets. Ian looked at Ocean and smiled.

"Come with, okay?" Ocean nodded and they walked over to the graves. Ian knelt down by the first one and read the little metal and glass enclosed card.

"Mom," Ian sobbed as he ran his fingers over the cold glass. He leaned to his left and read the other card. "Dad."

Ocean's heart broke as he watched Ian break down, sobbing uncontrollably. He leaned down and put his arms around Ian and held him tight. The grief for the loss of his parents, that Ian had been holding inside all this time, came pouring out. Ocean's love for Ian swelled at that moment. He would hold Ian as long as it would take.

Half an hour later, an exhausted Ian was helped into the passenger seat in RR and buckled in. Ocean went around to the passenger door and got in. Ocean had just started the engine when there came a tapping at the window. Ocean looked out and saw a red-headed teenage boy with a face full of freckles. Ocean rolled the window down. The boy looked at Ocean, then at Ian.

"Ian!" the teen called out. Ian looked up through red bleary eyes.

"Davin? Oh my God, Davin!" Ian yelled. He opened the door, jumped out and the two boys ran into each other's arms and hugged fiercely. Ocean shut down RR and got out to watch Ian's reunion with obviously, one of his friends.

"Ian! Shit, we didn't know what happened to you. After your parents, uh, anyway, you just disappeared and suddenly there's a for sale sign in your yard. A week later there was a moving van. I saw them load up all your stuff and haul it off. What happened?"

"It's a super long story, Davin. I, well …" Ian glanced at Ocean.

"He lives with me now, over in Harmony," Ocean said.

"Davin, this is my boyfriend, Ocean," Ian said proudly.

"Boyfriend? I thought you were straight, Ian?" Davin asked. Ian blushed.

"I thought I was too, but, ya know, things change."

"They sure do and you have a very cute boyfriend, if you don't mind me saying so."


"Well, Cody and I kinda hooked up," Davin said, blushing as well. Ian smiled a great big smile.

"You two make a wonderful couple."

"Say, Davin, is there a restaurant or café nearby where you two can catch up? It's past lunchtime and I'm getting hungry," Ocean asked. Ian and Davin looked at each other and grinned.

"Little Pigs Barbeque," they both said at the same time and laughed.

"It's literally right around the corner," Davin said.

"Okay, let's go," Ocean said.

"I'm parked at the top of the hill. Can I get a ride?"

"Sure," Ian said. "Climb in." Davin got in the backseat and they headed toward his car.

"I'd just about forgotten about the Range Rover. This is a super nice car," Davin said.

"And now it's mine," Ian said. Two minutes later, they dropped Davin off at his car and headed for the restaurant. Ocean parked and Davin pulled up and parked right beside the Range Rover.

Davin made a few phone calls and soon a half dozen of Ian's friends showed up at Little Pigs Barbeque. The next few hours were spent with Ian and his friends. They all enjoyed eating chopped pork barbeque sandwiches, crinkle cut fries along with gallons of ketchup, sipping on Boss Hog sized cups of sweet tea and catching up with each other's lives. It was obvious to Ocean that Ian had good friends in Hendersonville and found himself a bit jealous, but it was good to see Ian laughing and hugging each new friend that showed up. Ocean remembered the torrent of tears from earlier and to see Ian laugh now, was well worth it. It was interesting to watch the reaction from each new friend as Ian introduced Ocean as his boyfriend. Every single one of Ian's friends had hugged Ocean and told him how lucky he was to have Ian in his life.

It was almost eight o'clock that night when Ocean pulled RR into the driveway. Ian still had a grin on his face. Ocean was truly happy for Ian. They made their way inside and greeted mom and dad.

"Ian, how was your day?" Richard asked as they came in the door.

"To be honest, it was an emotional rollercoaster that finally had a good ending," Ian said with a sigh as he sank down on the couch. "I am totally emotionally drained and I know I'll sleep like a baby tonight." Barbara handed out Captain Morgan and Coke drinks.

"Figured you might need that," she said as she sat down with her own drink.

"We visited the house where I grew up. Then we went to the cemetery and saw mom and dad's graves. Which reminds me, I need to talk to Tom Tomlinson as soon as possible. My asshole uncle didn't even pay the cemetery and after almost a year, there is still no headstone. A red hot poker to that fucker's eyes is being too nice!" Ocean hugged him tightly. "I saw a friend at the cemetery and we ending up at a restaurant with at least a half dozen of my friends. It was great to catch up with everybody and they loved Ocean. So, from an emotional stand point, I was high on expectation, then low on realization, then back on high seeing my friends."

"Are you two hungry. I have some leftover meatloaf?" Barbara offered.

"Oh no, we spent the afternoon eating chopped pork barbeque and mounds of fries."

"That certainly sounds healthy," Barbara said with a smile as she sipped her drink. Ian grinned.

"Nope, not one bit heathy, but it was so good," Ian said.

"It was called Little Pigs Barbeque and we have to go there. Everything was delicious!" Ocean said.

"Sounds like you two, especially you Ian, had an overall, good day," Dennis said with a smile.

"We did," Ian started. "I need to buy headstones for the cemetery and I have no idea what I want or who I call or how much it costs," Ian said, then yawned.

"Don't you worry about that, Ian. We'll figure it out," Dennis said

"Okay, dad. Thanks," Ian said, then yawned again. He drained his drink and looked at Ocean. "You ready?"

"Mom, dad, we're calling it a night," Ocean said. Ten minutes later, Ocean slipped beneath the sheets and spooned up against Ian. He wrapped his arm around his boyfriend.

"I love you, Ian."

"And I love you too, Ocean," Ian whispered as he snuggled back against his boyfriend's warm body.

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