Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer    Ocean
by Jevic
The Tarheel Writer
Chapter Eleven
"Orgies and Waterfalls"

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Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
Mild drug use
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The first warm weekend of spring found Ocean and Ian loading up RR for their long awaited camping trip. Their friends were joining them for what promised to be a wild and crazy sex marathon complete with sex weed and Captain Morgan and Coke. Ian and Ocean spent Thursday afternoon at the grocery store, stocking up on snacks, drinks and food for two suppers, two breakfasts and two lunches. Food for a bunch of always hungry teenagers had to be plentiful. With a grocery tab approaching two hundred dollars, no one would go hungry. Plus, the guys would be pitching in to help with the food costs.

Max and Finn, Tanner and Noah, and Cory and Luke were all coming. Davin and Cody would be joining them on Saturday. It would take both RR and the Jeep to get them, the food and supplies and all the equipment to the campsite. They all gathered at Ocean's house after school on Friday.

Dennis made his donation of two half gallons of Captain Morgan Rum and at least a dozen sex weed joints, along with a short lecture about being careful and respectful.

"I know they're your friends, Ocean, but listen to them. Don't just talk to them. Communicate. To do that properly, you have to listen. If you hear the word 'no,' then respect that." Dennis hugged both of his boys before they headed out the door to greet their friends.

"I brought my little buddy, who's not all that little," Luke said with a grin.

"Be right back," Ocean said. He raced up the stairs to the garage apartment only to return a moment later with a day pack. "Got mine too, along with an extra bottle of Swiss Navy." Luke grinned.

"Finn, did you bring your shampoo?" Max asked snickering.

"Too right I did," Finn said, swishing his hair.

"Okay, let's go," Ian said as he climbed into RR. Max and Finn crawled in the back seat. Cory and Luke crawled in the Jeep with Ocean. Tanner got in the front seat with Ian and Noah climbed in beside Ocean. The boys backed out of the driveway and headed for Ocean's secret campsite. Along the way, Luke pulled Ocean's dildo out of the day pack and pulled his own from his backpack.

"Ocean, our dildos are about the same size, but mine's just a bit longer. I really like the balls on yours. They feel like the real thing," Luke said and he squeezed on the dildo's balls. As Cody and Noah watched, Luke sucked in one ball, then the other. He eased them out of his mouth and licked up both sides of the shaft. Then he swallowed Ocean's dildo down to the balls. He pulled it out, then swallowed his own dildo all the way. He pulled it out and grinned.

"I love cock," Luke said with a giant smile.

"Let me try that," Cory asked. Luke handed Ocean's dildo over and watched Cory swallow it all the way down.

"Okay, I've gotta try that too," Noah said from the front seat. Luke handed Ocean's dildo over and Noah shoved it down his throat, gagging slightly. "Fuck, that's a big dick," Noah said with a grin. Then he shoved the dildo back down his throat with no problem.

"This is going to be one hell of a weekend!" Luke exclaimed.

Ian followed Ocean as he turned off onto the rough forest service road. All the boys in RR watched Ocean's Jeep bounce through the deep ruts in the road. Ian slowed RR down to a crawl and eased through the ruts without bouncing everybody around. Ian arrived at the campsite a full three minutes behind Ocean.

"There you are. I thought maybe you got stuck," Ocean said as Ian got out.

"No, I just had more courtesy for my occupants than you did. We didn't bounce one time because I slowed and eased through the ruts. You just ran through them like a bull in a China shop." Ocean held up a glass full of Captain Morgan and Coke.

"That may be true, but I already have a drink in my hand," Ocean said with a smirk as he handed Ian the drink in his other hand. "Here you are, love." Drinks were passed out to everyone.

"Okay gents. This campsite is clothing optional," Ocean announced as he shucked off his shorts allowing his cock to flop out in the slight breeze. Clothes went flying into a pile as they all stripped.

"Finn, can you help me with the sleeping bags?" Ian asked. Finn swished his hair and grinned.

"Sure." Together, they carried two sleeping bags over and spread them out on the soft pine needles. Ocean and Cory were setting up the tent. Tanner and Noah were putting up the dining fly. In less than fifteen minutes, the campsite was set up and drinks had been refilled. Eight naked teenagers gathered on the sleeping bags and stretched out to enjoy the waning afternoon sunshine.

Ian suddenly got the idea to go skinny dipping. He got up and ran toward the lake letting out a shriek as he jumped into the water. When he came to the surface he screamed and headed for the shore as quickly as he could.

"The water's damn cold!" he yelled, coming up out of the water and shivering. He ran over and grabbed a towel as everybody laughed at him.

"Hey, Ian," Ocean snickered. "Brings new meaning to shrinkage!" Ian looked down at his cock. He walked over to Ocean and grinned.

"How about warming my little buddy up for me?" Ocean grinned back and sat up. Ian put his cock in front of Ocean who sucked it in. Ocean reached up and shoved Ian's balls in his mouth as well. Ian was still shivering slightly but was slowly warming back up. Ocean mouthed Ian's cock and balls while the other boys watched. As Ian's cock grew, Ocean let the balls slip out one by one. He buried his nose in Ian's pubes and bobbed his head, giving his boyfriend a deepthroated blow job. Ocean soon had Ian's cock proudly standing at attention in all of its seven inch glory. Ocean released it from his mouth with a 'pop' and smiled up at Ian.

"There you go. All warmed up," Ocean snickered. Ian looked around the group of boys and smiled. Just about everybody was on the hard.

"Ocean and I are going to have a little one on one action before supper. We'll save the orgy for later tonight. Sound good?" Luke didn't waste any time as he leaned over and sucked in Cory's cock. Tanner leaned over and sucked Noah's cock into his mouth. Max had his nose buried in Finn's pubes. Ian grabbed a bottle of Swiss Navy lube and slicked up his ass. Ocean looked up at him and frowned, but when Ian lowered himself on to Ocean's cock, the frown turned into a smile.

"We haven't done this in a while," Ocean whispered as he propped himself up on his elbows. Ian wiggled his butt trying to get all of Ocean's cock in.

"Been too long. I love your cock in my butt. Feels good," Ian whispered back as he started to bounce up and down. Ocean grabbed Ian's butt cheeks and held on as Ian fucked himself on his cock. Ocean looked to his left and saw Tanner with his legs in the air and Noah's face buried in his ass. Ocean looked to his right and saw Luke on all fours with Cory lining up his eight inch cock. Just beyond Luke was Finn swishing his hair as Max sucked his dick. Ocean grinned. Ian was slamming his ass down on Ocean's cock making skin to skin slap sounds. Those same sounds were joined with similar sounds coming from Luke and Cory. Ocean looked over and watched Cory's huge cock plow into Luke. The smile on Luke's face said it all. The boy was in heaven.

The sights and sounds of the other boys having sex turned Ocean on. He looked up at Ian, grinned and mouthed the word 'switch' to him. Ian nodded and slowly stood up. Ocean scrambled up too.

"What do you feel like?" Ian asked.

"Let's doggy then finish with you on your back," Ocean suggested. Ian grinned and dropped to all fours. Ocean dropped to his knees and lined up. He eased his cock into Ian's slick hot hole, grabbed him by the hips and started thrusting at a skin slapping skin pace.

"Feels so good, Ocean. Fuck my butt," Ian grunted feeling Ocean's nice hot cock pummel his hole. Ocean loved to watch his cock go in and out of Ian's hole. It was one of his favorite sites. When he looked up, he saw Luke kiss Ian while Cory continued to fuck him hard. Ocean grinned and matched thrusts with Cory. Ocean grabbed Ian by the shoulders and pulled him up. Cory did the same with Luke, but moved them closer. Ian and Luke wrapped their arms around each other, locked lips and shared a super hot kiss while they both got fucked in the butt. Ocean looked behind Cory and saw Max's big cock plowing Finn's ass. He looked to the left and saw Noah fucking Tanner doggy style. Noah's huge cock was hammering Tanner's ass. Luke and Ian finished their kiss.

"Switch," Ian said. Ocean pulled out and sat down on his heels. Ian stood in front of him, getting ready to lie down on his back. Ocean couldn't resist and sucked Ian's cock down his throat. Ian grabbed the back of Ocean's head and fucked him in the mouth. Ocean's cock surged as he enjoyed having his favorite cock down his throat. Ian eased his cock out and lay down, raising his legs.

"Make me cum, Ocean." Ocean moved between Ian's legs, lined up his cock and drove it all the way in. He put Ian's legs on his shoulders, leaned forward and pistoned his cock in and out of Ian's hole.

"Kiss me!" Ocean leaned over and locked lips with Ian. He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and kissed him hard as his cock plowed into sweet tight ass.

A couple of minutes later he switched by leaning back up and grabbing Ian by the thighs and hammering his cock into Ian's slippery hot hole. Ian was in heaven and so was his prostate. His hole was on fire and Ocean's cock was quickly bringing him closer and closer to an awesome orgasm. Ian looked up at Ocean and grinned. Ocean looked back at Ian with love and lust. Ocean didn't top that often and that was fine by him, but when he did, he gave it his all.

"That's it, Ocean. That's it!" Ian called out as his cock spat out hot streams of cum, landing wetly on his face and chest. Ocean pulled out, gave his cock a couple of pumps and came all over Ian's chest. The sounds they made spurned other cummage around them. Max finished last as he pumped his huge cock and sprayed cum all over Finn.

"Not my hair! Not my hair!" Finn called out. Max grinned and aimed his cock a little higher and let loose another glob of hot cum that landed square on Finn's chin. Finn swished his hair.

Ocean started their campfire while Ian got out the steaks and potatoes. Just as the sun set on the horizon, eight starving boys dug in. Half an hour later, Finn swished his hair as he helped with the cleanup. Ocean got out the Captain Morgan rum and started fixing drinks for everybody. Soon they were gathered on the sleeping bags enjoying the warmth of the fire, their full bellies and their rum and Cokes.

"I could get used to this camping thing, but I still don't like having to shit in a hole," Finn commented as he swished his hair. "Speaking of which, where's the toilet paper?" Ocean grinned and handed him a roll and a flashlight.

"Don't fall in," Max snickered. "And clean it out good. My cock likes to be in your butt."

"I'll be nice and clean for your humongous cock," Finn grinned back and swished his hair.

"So, who is joining us tomorrow?" Cory asked.

"Davin and Cody," Ian answered. "They're my friends from over in Hendersonville. That's where I grew up. You'll like them. They make a cute couple and they've been together for a couple of years now. I'm not too sure how they'll feel about the whole group sex thing, but we'll figure that out tomorrow. And speaking of group sex," Ian started. "I just want to make sure we're all cool with that. We've kinda got the couple thing going here and I don't want somebody doing something they don't want to." He looked each one of his friends in the face. "I'm serious and I'll tell you why. Ocean and I had a bit of a spat over it," Ian explained. He looked at Ocean as did everyone else. Ocean nodded.

"I got a little carried away with the whole group thing," Ocean admitted.

"What do you mean?" Max asked.

"I overlooked one of the most important parts of my relationship with Ian. The one on one part. I kinda became obsessed with having at least one other, preferable two or more other people with us when we had sex."

"What's the problem with that?" asked Luke. Ocean looked at him and grinned.

"Because I forgot about the one on one part, Luke. Hey, I know we gave you your fantasy to get gang fucked. That was awesome, by the way, but I didn't pay attention when Ian told me outright he wanted sex with just me." Luke looked at Cory. Tanner looked at Noah. Max looked thoughtful.

"Ya know, I guess I started this whole thing when I literally barged in and asked to watch you and Ian fuck. Next thing I know, we're having a three way. Then Finn came into the picture and we had a four way."

"You talking about me when I'm not here? What's up with that? I hope it was good," Finn said as he sat down and swished his hair.

"Your hair flip thing is driving me crazy. I'm gonna hold you down and shave your head," Noah said.

"Not the hair!" Finn shrieked. "Not the hair. I know," he started and held up his hand. "I know I have a hair flip thing. That's just me. It's a part of the whole package, so deal with it, okay?"

"Hey, that's cool," Noah said. "I'd love to run my fingers through it. It looks so soft." Finn jumped up and kneeled in front of Noah.

"Run your sexy fingers through my hair all you want, you cute little stud." And Noah did just that, carding his fingers through Finn's hair who cooed with pleasure.

"Can we get back to the whole group sex conversation, please?" Ian said. Finn gave Noah a scorching hot kiss, then returned to his seat next to Max and swished his hair.

"So, you don't want to have group sex?" Luke asked.

"No, that's not it at all," Ian said. "I've had sex with every one of you here, multiple times. I just wanted to point out that we've seemed to migrate into couples. Max and Finn, Noah and Tanner have become couples and Luke and Cory were already a couple when we met. I just don't want anyone getting jealous. The last thing this group needs is drama. Ocean and I had a serious moment. I got really pissed and went out and fucked somebody else. Then I tried to sneak back home. That should have been my first clue. Sneak. What the fuck am I doing being sneaky? Anyway, Ocean was awake waiting on me."

"Busted flat in Baton Rouge," Luke said with a whistle. Everybody looked at him. "Sorry, just a line from an old Janis Joplin song."

"You like Janis Joplin?" Cory asked with a grin. Luke nodded. "So do I."

"See, that's what I'm talking about," Ian said. "Couples actually stopping to talk to each other."

"You sound like a marriage counselor," Ocean said. "Can we smoke some sex weed and let the orgy begin?"

"Sure, but I want a fresh drink and I need to piss. Anybody else have any bodily functions to attend to?" Noah and Luke found bushes and pissed. Tanner grabbed the toilet paper and headed down the trail. Ocean acted as bartender and topped off all the drinks. When they all had fresh drinks, they gathered back on the sleeping bags.

"I'd like to make a toast," Ocean said holding up his drink. "I don't want this to come across as cheesy, but here's to friends with benefits."

"Friends with benefits," they all said and drank. Ocean pulled out two joints. He handed one to Max. "Since there are eight of us, Max, you share with Finn, Tanner and Noah. I'll share this one with Ian, Cody and Luke. This is sex weed boys, guaranteed to make you horny as fuck. If you're already horny as fuck, then you be even hornier than fuck." Sex weed was lit and passed around. Ten minutes later, they all had a good buzz.

Ian leaned over and kissed Luke and the orgy was on. Cory moved over and locked lips with Ocean. Seeing a trend, Max kissed Noah and Finn kissed Tanner. Ian broke his kiss with Luke, who laid down in the middle of the sleeping bag. Ian looked down at Luke's hot cock. He leaned over and sucked it in. Ocean moved over and put his cock in Luke's mouth. Cory stood up and put his cock in Ocean's mouth. Noah moved over and sucked in Ian's cock. Max leaned over and started eating Ocean's ass while Finn sucked on Max's big cock. Tanner looked around to see where he could join in and spotted Noah's big cock. He moved over and sucked it in. Every boy there was joined by a body part.

Ian came up off Luke's cock and grabbed the bottle of Swiss Navy lube. While Noah continued to suck on his cock, Ian slicked up his butt. Then he slicked up Luke's hole.

"Fuck me while I fuck Luke," Ian said to Noah. Noah grinned and came up on all fours. Ian slicked up Noah's cock, then he lined up his own cock and eased it into Luke's slick hole. He slowed pushed his cock in until he was balls deep. He glanced over his shoulder and nodded at Noah. Ian bent over, exposing his hole. Noah lined up his cock and eased it into Ian. When he was half way in, Ian pulled his cock out from Luke and pushed his ass back on Noah. Noah held still while Ian moved. Ocean moved around and put his cock in Noah's mouth. Noah just held still as Ian fucked himself on Noah's cock and Ocean fucked him in the mouth.

Max laid down next to Luke. The both turned their heads and kissed. Tanner moved over and sat down on Max's big cock. Finn shoved his cock into Tanner's mouth while Cory pushed a lubed up finger in Finn's hole. Next thing Finn knew, Cory's big eight inch cock was easing into his hole. When Cory was balls deep, he started grinding his cock slowly, allowing Finn to get used to it. A couple of minutes later, Finn looked back at Cory and nodded.

"Go ahead, Cory. Fuck me good." Cory picked up the pace. The writhing mass of horny teenagers moaned and groaned as the orgy continued. Ten minutes later, Ocean called out.

"Okay, everybody switch." All the boys stood up slowly, grinning at each other. Ocean made the call. "Luke, get on all fours and sixty nine with Finn. The two boys moved to the center and got into position. "Max, you fuck Luke. Noah, you fuck Finn." The two boys moved and started fucking. "Tanner, you and me are going to sixty nine just like Luke and Finn. Then Ian and Cory will fuck us both." They all moved into position. Cory drove his huge cock into Ocean's hole while Ian drove his seven inches into Tanner. Cory looked to his left and watched Max fuck Luke. He reached over and put his arm around Max and locked lips with Max while they both fucked with their almost identical eight inch cocks. Ian watched them kiss as he fucked Tanner. He looked to his right and watched Noah fucking Finn. Ian reached his arm over and put it around Noah's shoulder, then leaned over to give Noah a kiss. They continued like that for another twenty minutes before the cummage started.

Ian was the last to cum. He pulled his cock out of Tanner's ass and gave it a couple of pumps. Hot teen cum fired out of his cock and landed wetly on Tanner's back.

"Fuck, that was hot," Cory said. "You really shoot, Ian." Ian grinned.

"Let's take a break," Ocean said. "Ian help me fill up drinks. We'll relax a bit, have another rum and Coke, smoke another joint and have at it again."

*** Ocean ** Ocean ***

Ian woke up Saturday morning with a start. He was instantly awake. He sat up and looked around. Max was cuddled up around Finn. Noah had his arms wrapped around Tanner. Cory had his arms wrapped around Luke. Everything seemed to be in order. Then he glanced over at the fire and immediately knew they had company. Ian stood up in his naked glory and turned to see Davin and Cody standing by the fire. He moved quickly and hugged them both.

"We thought you guys were going to sleep the day away. It's almost nine o'clock," Davin said.

"We had an orgy until almost two o'clock in the morning," Ian whispered.

"An orgy?" Cody asked excitedly.

"Yeah, an all out, no holes bared, have at it, suck and fuck that went on and on." Ian said. "I need orange juice and I need coffee."

"You had a real honest to God orgy? Dicks and asses and mouths and throat and all that?" Ian looked at Cody and nodded.

"Fuck, Davin. I knew this was gonna be an remarkable weekend. We're gonna have sex with a bunch of dudes. This is awesome!"

"Easy, Cody. Let's see what's going on first. We don't want to barge in on something."

"Shit, you're invited and I told the guys last night you were coming. And … wait a minute. How do you guys know about this campsite? Its location is supposed to be secret," Ian asked urgently.

"Calm down, Ian. Your boyfriend isn't the only one that likes the outdoors. I've been camping at this site for years. As soon as I heard the description, I knew exactly where you guys would be."

"No shit?"

"No shit," Davin said with a smile. "I just shifted my Jeep into four wheel drive and drove right down here. I'm surprised no one heard us."

"Must have been sleeping really hard," Ian mused. "I stumbled on to this site a while back. It's where I met Ocean. We had a great time getting to know each other. This place is really special. It's seen a lot of … action, if you know what I mean," Ian said with a wink.

"Yes, it has. Cody and I have both sent cum flying through the air at this very spot on many occasions," Davin smirked.

"Really. I'd have liked to have seen that or better yet, joined in on it. Oh, before I forget, don't go swimming. Tried that yesterday. Water's like frigid cold."

"You went swimming? Are you crazy?

"Crazy like a fox. And thanks for the fire, guys. I gotta start breakfast."

"No need. We brought McDonalds," Davin said with a grin. Cody headed for the Jeep to get the bags of food.

"Wake up you horny hot fuckers!" Ian screamed out. "We've got Micky D's for breakfast! It's gonna be a fabulous day in paradise! Get the fuck up and I, for once, don't mean your cocks. There's plenty for everybody! Anybody who wants to wake and bake, there's a pretty good sized roach in the ashtray. And from experience, don't drink alcohol this early in the day. However, should you choose to forgo this delicious gourmet meal and go for a more 'protein' type breakfast, have it and suck that cock. Slurp it up."

Cody returned with two huge bags of food, plus a gallon of orange juice and a big container of coffee. He reached in and handed a wrapped sandwich to Ian.

"I'm gonna munch down on some hashbrowns and a sausage and egg McMuffin. It don't get no better that that! Well, except for maybe munching on Ocean's smooth hole." Ian barked out with laughter.

"You are one crazy motherfucker," Davin said chuckling.

"You got that right," Ian said as he took a vicious bite of hashbrown. "Ocean! Get your ass over here!" Ocean rubbed his eyes and looked up with a grin.

"Morning wood over here, Ian."

"You just gotta piss, so go drown a bush and come eat. We're going to the mountain top for lunch."

"Okay, okay, I'm pissing." Ocean staggered up and strolled over to a bush and let loose with a thick stream of yellow piss. Max and Finn, Cory and Luke, and Noah and Tanner all stirred and headed to grab some breakfast.

"Guys, these is my friends Davin and Cody from Hendersonville. They've been a couple for a few years and are going to join us today." All the boys were naked and thought nothing of it. Max walked over and introduced himself.

"Hi guys. I'm Max," he said as he poured a glass of orange juice.

"Yes, you are," Davin said as he looked longingly at Max's eight in cock. "Max you've got a great big maximum cock if I've ever seen one," Davin said hungrily. Cody reached out a wrapped his fingers around Max's cock.

"Nice," Cody said. Max smiled as he took a sip of orange juice.

"You two are sexy cute fuckers. I look forward to tonight," Max said with a wink.

"Okay boys and girls and you know which one you are, we're gonna pile up in the vehicles and head to the top of the mountain for a picnic lunch, but you've gotta put some clothes on first," Ian called out. "We don't want to attract any more hot luscious boys. Davin and Cody are joining us tonight and with ten people joined in a hot orgy, tonight promises to be an over the top good time. So, put some clothes on and let's ride. The boys finished their breakfast and pulled on shorts and tee shirts. Ian threw together a picnic lunch and some drinks. They piled in RR and the Ocean's Jeep for the ride to the top of the mountain. Davin's red Jeep stayed at the campsite.

"So, Davin," Ian started. "Is Tommy Lingerfelt still an asshole." When Ian went to school with Davin and Cody, back when his parents were still alive, there was one particular boy that constantly gave the gay boys and the boys that were straight but looked gay, a hard time.

"Biggest and smelliest of them all," Davin answered with a grin.

"I never understood that guy," Cody said. "He stayed pissed at all of us gay boys. Never did give any one of us a break."

"I think he's a closet case," Davin said with a smirk.

"No way. Tommy Lingerfelt sucks dick and takes it up the ass? Nope, not in this lifetime," Ian said.

"So, he's just a big straight fucking cute red neck? Davin fired back.

"No! He's a fag," Cody said. "I've watched him. I've seen where his eyes go. He's a crotch bandit, steels a glance whenever he can."

"So, he's not a redneck. He's a cute fag and we need to corner him and give him a blow job," Davin said.

"Got it in one," Cody said with a smirk.

Ten cute, muscular young teen boys exited the two vehicles and hiked up the steep trail to the summit of the mountain. When they reached the top, silence filled the group as they took in an amazing view. The long range view was spectacular.

"Fuck!" Noah whispered. "This is awesome!"

"Look, there's Harmony High," Ocean pointed out. Ian spread out a huge blanket with Finn's help. They grabbed the cooler and the lunch bag and set up on the blanket. Finn helped Ian as they sliced cheese and meat.

"We're going to do something sophisticated people of wealth do," Ian said to the group. "We're going to have a nice bottle of wine, some aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese and a fresh baked loaf of sourdough bread." Ian and Finn passed out plastic wine glasses and Ian poured wine until everybody had a full glass. Ian held up his glass.

"A toast, everybody," Ian said as he held up his glass. Nine other glasses raised in the air. "To good friends."

"Here, here," Cory said.

"With benefits!" Luke said loudly. Everybody laughed. Ian passed out slices of cheese and hand torn hunks of fresh baked sourdough bread. Everyone munched happily looking at the view. Then Ian passed out slices of Summer Sausage, more slices of cheese along with more hunks of sourdough bread. All ten teens chomped away at Ian's lunch. More wine was poured as they sat on the blanket and enjoyed a warm spring afternoon.

"I love camping," Finn said as he swished his hair. Ocean looked at him and grinned. Max reached his arm around Finn and gave him a hug. Max and Finn stretched out for a nap, as did Cory and Luke. Tanner and Noah snuck off for some private one on one time. Davin and Cody decided on a short hike while Ocean and Ian cleaned up from lunch before taking a quick nap too.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Davin and Ian prepared dinner. They decided on tin foil chicken. Each chicken breast was salt and peppered and laid down on a piece of tin foil. Sliced onion was added along with sliced potato, then everything was covered liberally with Kraft Barbecue Sauce. Then the tin foil was sealed tightly. The campfire was burning nicely and a ton of coals were waiting to cook dinner. The food went into the coals and twenty minutes later, they were enjoying supper.

"This is awesome," Luke said. "Just absolutely delicious."

"Thanks, Luke," Ian said.

"Almost as good as getting a hot Cory cum load down my throat. His dick is huge," Luke said grinning.

"Cory, I might have to have a taste of your cock before the evening's done," Max said looking at Cory's cock swing slightly with each movement.

"We're the same size Max. Maybe a sixty-nine is in our future," Cory grinned.

"I'm down for that."

"You guys just talk about sex like that?" Cody asked.

"I had my fantasy come true," Luke said to Cody. "I had five guys fuck me in the mouth and in the ass. Getting gang fucked has been a long time fantasy of mine and these guys gave it to me. It was awesome. I came twice and hit my face both times."

"Wow," Cody said. "Davin and I once had a three way and it was really hot, but we've never been in a group before."

"There is no pressure here guys," Ian said. "We don't plan out whose gonna be with who. We just smoke some of Ocean's killer sex weed and suck and fuck. One on one, three ways or a mass orgy. It doesn't matter. We just have a good time." Cody looked at Davin.

"What do you think?"

"I'm cool with an orgy. I've never done that before and I think it would be fun to do," Davin said.

"Cool," Cody said. "Because I want to suck either Max or Cory. They're both hung and I'd love to have one of those big cocks down my throat or in my ass."

"And I want to fuck Finn. He's really cute the way his swishes his hair," Davin said.

"Okay, Cody. Let's have a three way," Max suggested. "You suck my cock while Cory fucks you. You get two big cocks at the same time." Cody's eyes bugged out in disbelief.

"Yeah, and Tanner and Noah and I will get the orgy started," Ian said. "Ocean, you've wanted to fuck Max again. Fuck him while Cody sucks him." Max grinned at Ocean.

"Sex weed time," Ocean called out as he grabbed two joints from his day pack. He lit one and passed it to the left. He lit a second passed it to the right. Ten minutes later, ten horny, fucked up teenagers had sex.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Davin woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon cooking. He sat up quickly and took in his situation. Ian was frying bacon on the Coleman camp stove. A fire was burning cheerfully. The sun was well up past the horizon and a loon could be heard on the lake. He glanced down and saw Cody resting comfortably with his head in Davin's naked lap. Just beyond Cody, Davin saw Max and Finn cuddled together. Luke was sucking Cory's dick. Noah had Tanner wrapped tightly in his arms with his nose buried in Tanner's hair. The night before slowly came back to Davin. He'd never experienced anything like that before, and, being honest with himself, probably wouldn't do again. He counted himself lucky to have actually done it, but he preferred one to one time with Cody.

"I know that look, Davin," Ian said smiling as he crouched down and handed a strip of bacon to Davin. "The whole group thing is fun, but when it comes down to it, you'd much rather have one on one time with Cody. Am I right?" Davin nodded.

"Yeah, you're right. Don't get me wrong. I had such a good time, I don't remember how many people I fucked, who they were or how many cocks I sucked or who they were. Wait a minute. I do remember sucking, ah, Max?" Ian grinned and nodded. "That boy has a huge cock."

"Yeah, he does. Been there and done that too many times to think about," Ian said as he winked. He stood up grabbed two more strips of bacon and two bottles of orange juice. He crouched back down and handed an orange juice and more bacon to Davin. Ian looked Davin in the eye.

"The one big fight I've had with Ocean was about multiple sex partners. I wanted one on one and he wanted to bring a couple more boys in. I got pissed and left. I ended up in Hendersonville and ending up fucking a new friend."

"That would be Lucas," Davin said smirking. He took a sip of his orange juice and continued. "The whole school knew about it the next day. People at the park watched you two disappear into the van. Then it started rocking, so naturally, everybody gathered around and listened."

"Oh God," Ian said, his cheeks immediately reddening in embarrassment.

"From what I've been told, you pretty much fucked the shit out of him. Screams of 'oh, oh, oh, fuck, me, fuck, me' came from the van. The whole school thinks you're a stud. I think when you came for the second or third time there were cheers."

"I remember the cheers. Thanks for embarrassing me," Ian said as he sipped on his orange juice.

"You're welcome and if memory serves me correctly, you had your cock in my butt last night," Davin said with a grin.

"I did, right before you fucked me," Ian said crunching on the last of his bacon."

"I always cared a great deal for you, Ian. I'm so happy you're okay and more importantly, you're loved." Ian looked over and Ocean. He was all tangled up in the sleeping bag and snoring quietly.

"Thanks, Davin," Ian said as he kissed a light kiss on Davin's lips.

"You're the chef. Wanna help me with either scrambled eggs or French toast. I'm fully prepared for either choice."

"What about a great big omelet?" Davin asked. Ian's eyebrows shot up.

"Perfect. I'll chop the onions if you'll get the peppers. I've already fried two pounds of bacon." Davin's eyes widened. "How do you think I got the fire going this morning? Bacon grease tends to get things heated up quickly." Davin rolled his eyes.

"What time is it anyway?" Ian checked his watch.

"Almost nine."

"I'm surprised these fuckers are still asleep," Davin said looking around.

"Last time I looked at my watch, it was almost two-thirty and the group was still going strong. Shit, they'll probably sleep until noon."

"Let them sleep. You and I have a date in the kitchen. Just like old times," Davin said grinning. Cooking was a passion they both shared. Their culinary skills were constantly on display in high school. They cooked for students and they cook for charity. Any student that ever sank their teeth into Ian's Chicken Marsala would forever remember the tenderness of the chicken, the succulent mushrooms and the creamy wine sauce. Davin's baked Ziti had layers and layers of flavor with four different cheeses and a scratch-made marinara sauce. The meat was hand ground from chunks of prime sirloin.

They worked their magic over the Coleman stove and the campfire, then sat back to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Savoring the fluffy eggs mixed with onions, peppers, fresh sliced mushrooms, diced tomatoes, finely chopped scallions and topped with grated Parmesan cheese, bite by bite brought moans of appreciation from the two close friends.

"What's all this groaning?" Ocean said as he raised his head up. Ian shoveled his fork full of omelet into Ocean's mouth. Ocean chewed and moaned as he relished the flavors. Cody was the next to look up expectantly. Davin grinned and filled his fork. Cody held his mouth open and closed his lips around a delicious bite of omelet. Ian handed them both a bottle of orange juice and a slice of bacon.

"Morning loves, hope you slept well," Ian said grinning.

"Any night I have my arms wrapped you is a good night," Ocean said as he gulped down some orange juice.

"God, that's so sickly sweet I might get a sugar buzz," Cody said with a grin as he kissed Davin and accepted another bite of omelet."

"We were just discussing the advantages of one on one as opposed to group sex," Davin said.

"You don't need to tell me about that," Ocean said. "I learned my lesson. One on one is the preferred way to go, but an occasional romp in the bed with a third or fourth is okay. Am I right Ian?"

"Yes, you are Ocean."

"I smell bacon," Finn called out. "And somebody's cock is in my ass."

"Shush," Max said as he ground his big cock into Finn's hole.

"It's bacon!" Finn cried out as he swished his hair.

"Cum first, then bacon!" Max called out as he ground harder into Finn's ass. Ian smiled and reached across unconscious bodies and shoved a strip of bacon in Finn's mouth. He happily munched on it as Max slammed into his ass.

"Thanks, Ian," Finn said with a groan. "Fuck me, Max!" Finn screamed out, swishing his hair. His scream waking up all the other boys, who began asking for bacon. After Davin and Ian fixed breakfast for eight starving teen boys, they began to plan their day. It was Sunday and they would need to head back home shortly after lunch.

"Have you seen the falls?" Davin asked Ocean.

"Falls? Water falls? Where?" Ocean asked.

"Not far and we can get there in your Jeep."

"I'm game. You guys wanna see some waterfalls?" Ocean called out.

"Hell yes!" was the resounding answer. The boys cleaned up from breakfast, loaded the camp gear and headed out. Ian drove RR following Davin's direction and Ocean followed in his Jeep. Davin directed them to another forest service road. Ian slowly and turned up the roughest road he'd driven yet. The two hundred fifty thousand dollar Ranger Rover easily climbed the hill as Ocean struggled with his Jeep, bouncing up the forest service road trying to keep up with Ian.

Ten minutes into the nightmare drive, Davin directed Ian to pull off to the right. Ocean pulled in beside him.

"It's just about a ten minute hike to the falls. I think you'll find it well worth it. Now, grab hands with your partner. This trail is a little rough."

"Oh God," exclaimed Finn, swishing his hair. Max grinned and took him by the hand.

"I got you babe," Max said as he grabbed Finn's hand. The boys started up the trail with Luke and Cory bringing up the rear. The sound of rushing water got louder and louder as they followed the trail. Finn swished his hair.

"I've got cum dripping out my ass!" Finn said in horror.

"Don't worry babe. As soon as we get to the falls, I'll lick it all up and you'll be good," Max said.

"Good God, you two. Stop it or we're gonna have to stop and have sex right here on the trail," Luke said with a smirk.

"Fine by me," Tanner called out. Finn swished his hair.

"If it involves somebody licking my ass clean, I'm game!"

"You know, Finn," Luke said. "I'd be happy to suck Max's cum out of your ass."

"God, you horn dog!" Cory said. "Can I watch? I might want to pump some more cum up your ass. Who's gonna suck my cum out?"

"Happy to," Luke called out.

"Luke, be careful what you wish for. You might get a hot load of Cory cum up your ass," Cory said with a laugh.

"We're almost there guys," Davin said as the sound of rushing water got louder. The boys rounded a curve in the trail and stopped. There before them was at least a hundred foot waterfall. The mist rose up into the air as the water pounded down on the rocks below.

"I love camping," Finn said breathlessly as he swished his hair. "This is beautiful!" The boys continued down the trail until they were close to the bottom of the falls.

The beauty of nature was on full display. The boys gathered on a small rock outcropping and just looked as the water cascaded over the rocks at the top and fell to the small pool below.

Ian started to take his clothes off, intending on swimming in the crystal clear pool. Ocean saw was he was about to do and grabbed his arm.

"You do remember your swim in the lake yesterday, right?"

"Oh fuck. That was cold. Thanks for the reminder," Ian said as he pulled his shorts back up. Finn shoved his shorts down and turned to Max.

"Your cum is dripping out of my ass and I'd appreciate some attention," Finn said as he swished his hair and bent over. Max dropped down to his knees and jerked Finn's shorts down. Finn squeaked as Max drove his hot tongue between Finn's ass cheeks. The boys watched as Max tongued and sucked the last of his cum from Finn's ass.

"Good job, Max!" Luke called out. "Wanna taste of Cory's cum? I can feel it churning in my ass." Max smiled and knee walked over to Luke. He looked up and smiled.

"Luke, you are one hot fucker and Cory is lucky to have you in his life," Max said as he spread Luke's ass cheeks and sucked on his hole. The sights and sounds of the beautiful waterfall took the boys breath away as they watched Max and Mother Nature put on a show.

Ian started up RR and waited for Cory and Luke plus Davin and Cody to pile in.

"Okay, Davin, back down the same way we came up?"

"Nope. Back up a bit, then head on up the same road." Ian backed RR up and turned left. He looked down at the instrument panel and smiled as RR recognized the terrain and automatically shifted into four wheel drive low range.

"I hope Ocean can keep up," Ian said as he pushed down on the accelerator. RR effortlessly climbed up the forest service road. Ocean's white Jeep followed, but was obviously falling behind. Ian smiled as he looked in the rear view mirror. He pushed the accelerator down a bit further and RR surged forward.

"What the fuck?" Finn called out as Ocean's Jeep climbed through another deep rut in the road, bouncing the occupants roughly from side to side. "I've been hammer fucked by Max's big dick, but it wasn't this rough."

"Sit on his cock and enjoy the ride," Ocean called out as his Jeep drove through another rough rut."

"If I let go now, I'll be bounced through the roof!" Ocean pushed the clutch in and stopped.

"Climb on his cock," Ocean called out, revving the engine. Finn wasted no time and climbed onto Max's lap. Max shucked his shorts down. Max's cock was already hard as Finn took it into his hole. Ocean glanced back and grinned. "Your hole is about to get a pounding," Ocean called out as he let out the clutch and the Jeep pushed forward, bouncing roughly as Ocean tried to keep up with Ian. The Jeep bounced through rut after rut, sending everyone bouncing. Finn swished his hair as his butt bounced up and down on Max's cock. Noah grinned at the sight from the front seat and turned to Tanner.

"How 'bout a little bounce sex?" Noah asked with a smirk.

"Ocean, can you stop for a second? I wanna get in the back seat with Tanner," Noah said with a wink. Ocean smiled back and stopped. Noah jumped out and then climbed in the back seat and closed the door. He pushed his shorts down to his ankles. Max handed him the lube.

"Thanks." Tanner was already naked with his ass in the air. Noah slicked up Tanner's hole, then slicked up his cock. "Okay, Tanner, have a seat." When he was fully down on Noah's cock, he called out to Ocean.

"Good to go!" Ocean grinned and popped the clutch heading the Jeep further up the bumpy road, sending the occupants bouncing up and down in the back seat. Giggles and groans filled the Jeep.

"I don't not want cum on my upholstery! I repeat I do not want cum or ass juices on my upholstery. If I find one speck of cum I'll be pissed. So catch it in your hand or eat it or do something, just don't cum on my upholstery!" Ocean laughed as he plowed forward through another rut, sending the occupants of the backseat bouncing. Moans, groans and giggles filled the Jeep again.

*** Ocean ** Ocean ***

"Okay, be careful and stay to the left," Davin directed. Ian eased RR to the left. "Okay, see the opening in the pine trees up ahead?" Ian nodded. "Go through that opening." Ian drove ahead carefully. "Okay stop right here and look to your left." Ian looked and immediately shut RR down. He opened the door.

"What a great campsite!" Ian called out. "It's almost identical to the one by the lake, except this one comes with a fucking awesome view!" The other boys piled out of RR and went to investigate. There was a small clearing in the trees, providing privacy and protection from the wind. Once again, the ground was covered in soft pine needles. A small break in the trees off to the right revealed sweeping views of the lake below. There was already a cleared area around a fire pit, surrounded by rocks. Ian turned to Davin.

"This is perfect! I want to camp right here," Ian said with a smile. Davin beamed.

"Here comes the Jeep, finally," Luke said just as Ocean pulled his Jeep to a stop right behind RR. Ocean jumped out and went to greet the others from RR.

"Cool campsite," Ocean said looking around. "And it comes with a view!" Ocean said looking through the trees.

"Where's everybody else?" Cory asked.

"They better not be messing up the backseat of my Jeep. They're all fucking," Ocean said with a grin. "They thought it would be fun to sit on their boyfriend's laps while the Jeep bounced up the road. They just took it a step further and got naked. I bet I have cum stains on my upholstery." Luke bolted toward the Jeep and looked in the window.

"They're just finishing up," he said as he came back dejected.

"What's wrong babe?" Cory asked.

"I missed all the action," Luke said sadly. Cory busted out laughing.

"It's okay babe, we have all afternoon to make your ass happy."

"I love you, Cory," Luke said as he hugged his boyfriend.

"Ocean, do you have any lube that's easy to get to?" Cory asked. Luke perked up.

"Coming right up," Ocean said with a grin and headed for the Jeep.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Ian pulled RR into the driveway with Ocean right behind him in the Jeep. Ian was worn out. It had been a great weekend with friends, but he was tired. There was school tomorrow and he was not looking forward to getting up at seven in the morning. The guys all hugged and said goodbye as they each headed toward their homes. Ocean and Ian lugged all the gear upstairs. They put away the leftover food and emptied the cooler into the refrigerator. They went downstairs and visited with Dennis and Barbara briefly saying they would eat leftovers and call it an early night.

Ocean and Ian crawled into bed after eating leftovers from the campout and cuddled up together in their bed. Ocean held Ian in his arms as they snuggled with each other.

"I had fun this weekend," Ocean whispered.

"I did too, but what I remember most is Friday night before supper when we all paired off and had one on one sex." Ian said. Ocean nuzzled closer.

"Yeah, that was the best. Just you and me. I will admit, hearing all the other guys moaning and groaning turned me on."

"It turned me on too, but the fact that it was just you and me making love, that turned me on even more," Ian said.

"When we make love and it's just you and me, and nobody else, I feel the connection we have with each other. Ian, when you make love to me, I feel complete. We're connected with part of you inside me and there is no other way that two people can be more intimately joined. I love you, Ian. Ever since you stumbled into my campsite, I have been in love with you." Ian turned around and looked Ocean in the eyes.

"You make me complete, Ocean Nolan. You are the one person that I can say that I have completely given my heart to. I love you too." They wrapped their arms around each other and drifted away into a deep, contented, loving sleep.

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