The Party Girl    The Party Girl
by Jevic
The Tarheel Writer

The Party Girl by Jevic
The Party Girl
... or how to suck off the whole football team without them knowing who you are. Just pure, unadultrated sex.

Explicit Sex
Rated Mature 18+

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The agreement was quite simple, really. He doesn't tell his buddies who I am and I get to suck all their cocks. It all started in junior high school with us "messing around." Well, all that "messing around" evolved into just me doing the "messing" and him just enjoying me doing all the "messing." I'd quickly discovered that I loved to suck cock. I was a natural! Chris had a really nice cock. Easily seven inches and quite thick, but I managed to swallow the whole thing, but I really liked it when Chris would grab me by the back of my head and just slam the whole thing down my throat over and over until he shot his huge load of cum straight down my throat.

When high school came along, Chris quickly became very popular. I didn't. He played on the football team and every weekend, he and his buddies would gather at his family tree farm and party. I never got invited, but I still got to suck Chris' cock. I'd go over to his house to "study" and we'd get it on. It was just after one of our "study" sessions when the idea was hatched.

"If my buddies had someone like you around, they'd quit all their bitchin' about not gettin' any from their girlfriends."

"I wish there was a way for me to suck all your buddies. You know how I love to suck cock."

"And you're really good at it too," he smirked. "Ah, you might wanna wipe my cum off your chin though." I swiped my chin with my finger and quickly popped it into my mouth savoring the taste.

"Yuck," he said with a frown. "Brian, I'll never understand why you like to do what you do, but I'm not about to start complaining."

"I'd suck off the whole football team, twice, but I don't wanna get my ass beat." Brian frowned for a minute then his face lit up with excitement.

"What if there was a way for you suck dick and nobody knew who you were?"

"Ah, in case you haven't noticed, Chris, I kinda have to get up close and personal to suck your dick."

"I know, but what if you were hidden? Like, behind a wall or something. We could cut a hole in it and the guys would just stick their dicks through it and you'd be on the other side. They'd never know it was you and you'd get to suck all their cocks!"

"But who do you tell 'em it is?" Chris thought for another minute, then smiled again.

"I'll tell 'em it's a really ugly girl that they'd never go out with, but she really wanted to suck their dicks. They get sucked off and don't have to do anything in return. The only catch is they can never know who the girl is!"

So the idea was formed. Chris and I went out to the farm to figure out how to hide me. There was a small house beside the little lake they had there. It wasn't really a house, but it did have a kitchen, bathroom and a couple of bedrooms. The front yard was expansive and that's where all the parties were held.

We'd gone down to the building supply store and picked up a solid wood door that would fit one of the closet doors. Chris took his father's drill and cut out a hole. It wasn't big enough, so we got a jig saw and made it bigger. We hung the door on its hinges and I crawled inside. From where I was kneeling on my knees I could see the front door and most of the den. Then Chris moved in front of the door and all I could see was his crotch. It was perfect.

The Party Girl by Jevic

"How 'bout we make sure this'll work, huh?" Chris smirked as he unzipped. My mouth instantly started to water. He fished his cock out and I put my mouth up to the hole.

"Perfect, Brian. All I can see is your mouth and nose. There's no way anyone can tell who you are." I licked my lips and heard Chris snicker. Then I felt his delicious cock swipe across my mouth. I flicked my tongue out and ran it across the head.

"I've been hard all afternoon just thinking about this," he moaned as he eased his cock into my mouth. I pressed my forehead against the door and held still as Chris plunged his cock down my throat. I worked my tongue all around the shaft and gave the head some special attention when it wasn't down my throat. Chris was fucking my mouth and I was loving it! My forehead bounced a bit when he really got into it, but I didn't care.

"Fuck. Feels good. Mmmm. Oh, too good. Oh yeah. Gonna cum." Chris shoved his cock in and held it. My nose was buried in pubic hair as I felt his cock pulse in my throat. Hot jets of cum shot out. Chris pulled back and another jet blasted across my tongue before he shoved his cock back deep in my throat. As he eased it out, I clamped my lips down tightly and worked my tongue to coax out every last drop. There was a slight pop as he pulled away completely.

"Dude, that was awesome!" Chris exclaimed as he opened the door.

The Party Girl by Jevic

"Yeah, it was, but we're gonna have to get something to cushion my knees and maybe a little something to cushion my head too. When you were slamming me, my head was bouncing on the door a bit." I watched as the smile on his face grew until he was laughing out loud. And it didn't take me but a second to laugh along with him.

"I can't wait for the weekend. This is gonna be so cool!"

Friday seemed to take forever to get here, but when it finally did the reality of what was going to happen started to sink in. There was a core group of about ten guys from the football team that Chris hung out with. Then there was another ten or so that came to the parties. That was twenty cocks I might be sucking! Walking the halls at school was unreal. Every time I saw one of Chris' buds, I'd pitch a boner just knowing that in a few hours I might be sucking the dude's dick.

Chris and I had discussed it. He was going to tell only his closest buds first to see how they would react. If things went well, he'd start telling everyone else.

Chris and I got to the farm about an hour before dusk. I started unloading all the beer while Chris started gathering wood for the bonfire. It was just about dark by the time all the beer was iced down and Chris was ready to light the fire. We'd taken time to put a pillow in the closet for me to kneel on and, while Chris was snickering, I stapled a folded over hand towel just above the hole in the door. We even went so far as to put a dead bolt lock on the door that required a key on both sides to open. Chris would keep one key and I would keep the other.

We had just popped a beer when I saw a set of headlights coming down the dirt road.

"Oh shit!"

"Yeah, time for you to head inside. Nobody should go in the house unless they need to piss, but they usually just hit a bush. I'll come and tell you when I'm gonna start telling people. That way you don't have to be all cramped up in the closet."

"Cool." I was so nervous that I was literally shaking. Chris seemed to notice.

"Don't worry, bud. Everything's gonna be just fine. Now get inside before they get here." I nodded and headed inside. I grabbed a chair and sat in the dark by the window and watched as car after car pulled onto the lawn. It seemed that the whole group was here, all twenty of them. Chris had the fire blazing and there was a lot of regular traffic over to the ice chests. Lawn chairs were pulled out and someone turned on the music. The party was really starting to roll when I saw Chris heading for the house.

The Party Girl by Jevic

"This is it," I whispered to myself. I moved toward the kitchen in the back of the house so no one would see me. Chris came in and looked around.

"Brian, where are you?" he said quietly.

"Back here in the kitchen." Brian flipped on the lights and headed my way.

"Ya ready, dude?" he asked as I grabbed a bottled water from the fridge.

"Ready as I'm ever gonna be."

"Okay, I'm gonna tell Kyle first. I think he's the most open to it. He's kinda crazy actually, but I think he'll go for it. And if he does, then Jacob will 'cause they're real tight."

"Okay, kill the lights on the way out and I'll get in the closet. You got your key?" Chris checked his pocket then looked up and smiled. "Good, ah, just in case I lose mine." I must have looked nervous, 'cause Chris put his hand on my shoulder and leaned a bit closer.

"You're gonna have the time of your life tonight so calm down and enjoy it, okay?" I nodded and Chris headed out the front door, killing the lights on his way. I got in the closet, closed and locked the door. I slipped my key back in my pocket, sat down and waited. I could see the door and the shadows of the people outside were dancing across the walls of the den. My heart was pounding in my chest and my cock was stone hard.

The sound of the door opening had me on my knees in an instant. There were muffled voices, but I could make out one of them to be Chris.

"It's cool dude, just stick your dick in the hole in the closet door and she'll do the rest. Oh, by the way, she likes for you to fuck her mouth."

"What?" stammered the other boy, who must have been Kyle.

"You know, just shove it down her throat. She loves it."

"O-okay." I heard the door close and then feet shuffling toward the closet. I could see him in the darkness. Oh my God! He was cute! When he got to the door, he hesitated.

"Ah, I, uh," he whispered hesitantly. I put my mouth up to the hole and opened up. I heard him gasp. Then I heard the sound I'd been waiting for, his zipper. I licked my lips and heard him gasp again. I could hear him moving closer to the door.

"Uh, I've never done this before," he whispered. I wagged my tongue at him. "Okay, here goes." I felt the heat from his cock before I actually felt skin on my lips. I licked at the head trying to encourage him to push it into my mouth. That paid off as his semi-hard cock slipped in. My lips and tongue went to work and I had him hard in no time. The moans I was hearing gave me more confidence and I attacked his cock with a vengeance. I guess he finally relaxed and was starting to enjoy it because he started pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I heard another moan of pleasure and realized that it had come from me.

"Like that, do ya?" he said as he pushed his cock down my throat and buried my nose in pubic hair. "Mmmmm. Good." Then he picked up the pace and long dicked my mouth, pulling almost all the way out only to slam it back deep in my throat. I might have been slightly embarrassed about stapling a hand towel to the door earlier, but I was thankful for it now. This guy was slamming me harder than Chris ever had. And I was taking it like a champ. Every time he pulled it almost out of my mouth, I'd swirl my tongue over his head. He started panting and the long dicking changed to a deep grinding fucking. He'd pull out every so often to let me breathe but he'd return to hammering my throat. I knew he was close.

"Oh fuck. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna fill you up with cum." And he just about did. Thick blasts of hot cum were being shot straight down my throat. Only when he pulled back a bit was I finally able to taste it. Oh, the nectar of the gods! I sucked and worked his deflating shaft until there wasn't a drop left. He pulled back from the door and deftly parked his cock back in his boxers and zipped up.

"Ah, thanks. That was really cool. I've never had a girl let me go at her like that. Anytime you want it again, it's yours." And with that he turned and left. I sat back and sighed. My jeans were damp from all the precum I'd been leaking. If this kept up, I'd have to change clothes before I could go home. The solution was to loose them. No one could see me, so what the hell? I stripped completely and waited for the next person.

I didn't have to wait long. The door opened and closed. Whoever this was seemed pretty confident. He strode quickly over to the door. Another cute one! He didn't say a word, but immediately started undoing his belt buckle. Okay, this should be interesting. He unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zipper down. Then he pushed the jeans and his boxers down to his knees. Showtime! I put my mouth up to the hole and licked my lips. He certainly knew what he wanted as he shoved his hard-on straight down my throat. I heard him moan as he held it in as far as he could. He was a bit smaller than the last dude, so I had no trouble. I even flexed my throat muscles. That brought out a deep moan. I would have smiled, but it's kinda hard to do with a dick shoved down your throat.

"Fuck yeah," I heard him say. He slid his dick back out and proceeded to fuck the shit out of my mouth. Bunny rabbit fucking! I tightened my lips and worked my tongue and in no time he was squirting cum. I swirled my tongue and worked my lips to get every drop. He stepped back from the door, stumbling just a bit. Must have been good for him. He quickly straightened his clothes out and turned to leave.

"Thanks," he mumbled on his way out the door.

"Okay, an all business kinda guy," I thought to myself and he closed the door behind himself. My lips were getting a little sore, but nothing to worry about. Bring 'em on. I took a swing of my water and glanced down at my cock. Still stone hard and leaking. I was gonna have to cum, probably sooner than later. Then I heard the sound of the door. Man, that was fast! Looking through the hole I saw a skinny dude kinda looking around the room. His long blond hair slightly swayed as he glanced around. Finally, his eyes came to rest on the closet door. I could see a grin on his face as he walked over.

"Chris said I could get a blow job in here. You up for it?" I pressed my mouth up to the hole and licked my lips. "Well, certainly looks like you are. He said you like it shoved down your throat." I wagged my tongue at him. "Okay, but I gotta warn you. I haven't had one girlfriend that could take the whole thing," he said snickering. I just wagged my tongue back at him.

"Who is this skinny kid who thinks he has a horse dick?" I thought to myself. The words were no more than an echo in my head when the head of his dick crossed my moistened lips. Well, if the head of it was any indication, I certainly did have my work cut out for me. It was huge. I stretched my lips around it, swirled my tongue on the underside and took a deep breath through my nose. He pushed it in a bit and slowly pulled it back out, allowing me to get it wet before he went for the plunge. He worked it in a bit further every time. When he hit the back of my throat, I consciously prepared myself.

"Okay, babe. Get ready. I'm gonna push it on in," he said softly. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and he pushed his cock on down my throat. Inch by inch kept sliding in. It seemed to keep on going. Finally I felt pubes on my nose.

"Good God Almighty!" he exclaimed. I'll agree with that statement! He must have a good ten inches of cock shoved down my throat. My own cock was so hard it almost hurt. This was turning me on something fierce! He slowly pulled his cock back and to my utter amazement, he pulled it completely out of my mouth. The next thing I knew he was kissing me, tongue and all! Wow!

"I don't know who you are, but you are the only person that has ever done that. It was amazing. I haven't even fucked anyone that could take it all. Fuck, let's do that again." I licked my lips and opened my mouth. He went straight to it. His monster cock slid across my tongue and went straight down my throat until his pubes tickled my nose again. I heard him sigh in total bliss. Then he started fucking my mouth with slow, long, deep strokes. I was in heaven. And from all the moaning I heard, he was too. He kept that slow steady pace up for several minutes before he picked up the pace. That monster cock started spending a lot more time way down my throat.

"Oh fuck yes! Suck on it good, baby, 'cause I'm give you hot load of cum." The strokes came fast and furious. My forehead kept bouncing on the towel. My own cock was throbbing, burning with the need to cum.

"Here it comes, baby. Gonna cum down your throat!" And he did. I felt his cock throb with each hot jet of cum. He pulled it back and splashed some across my tongue then drove it all the way in and held it while it continued to pump hot cum down my throat. And then it happened, without even touching it, my cock exploded. Cum shot out all over the door. I wanted to moan but I couldn't breathe. It didn't matter. It felt so good! He slowly pulled that monster cock out of my mouth and then I moaned with pleasure.

"Holy fuck," he exclaimed. "That was … magical." I wrapped my hand around my cock and pumped out the last few spurts moaning in pure ecstasy.

"I see you liked it too. Cool. Look, Chris said you didn't want anyone to know who you are, but I just gotta know." I sat back from the door, suddenly scared to death. "Please. I've never met anyone who can do what you just did. I don't care what you look like. I don't care who you turn out to be, I just want to know you, and to thank you properly." I didn't move a muscle. "Please." Silence. I heard him sigh. "Can I at least give you a kiss?" That question deserved some thought. What the hell? I leaned back up and put my mouth to the hole. Whoever Mister Monster Dick is sure can kiss. And I sure as shit know he could taste himself on my tongue. I'll give him credit though, he didn't back down one bit. It was one hot kiss that even had my cock twitching to life again. He ended the kiss and pulled back. I left my mouth at the hole to see what would happen and sure enough, he rubbed the head of his dick across my lips. I swiped at it with my tongue and heard him chuckle. Then he slowly pushed his half hard cock back into my mouth, burying my nose in his pubes. I relished the sensation. When he finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and stuffed that monster back in his pants, he started up with the questions again.

"Are you gonna tell me who you are?" I immediately pulled back from the hole. "For all I know, you could be a guy!" he said kinda huffy. I scooted to the very back of the closet. "And ya know what, I wouldn't really care." What the fuck!?! "The name's Jordan by the way." He fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a pen and a scrap piece of paper. He wrote something on it, then pushed it through the hole.

"That's my number. Call me, anytime," he said with special emphasis on the "anytime." Then he walked out the door. I didn't know what to think. He said he wouldn't care if I was a guy. I was lost in the thought of possibilities when the sound of the door brought me back to earth. After that monster cock, I was ready for anything.

"Brian," came a whispered voice. "Brian, it's me, Chris."

"Yeah," I whispered back.

"Dude, you just swallowed the biggest cock in the whole damn school," he said with a hint of amazement in his voice.

"It was a fuckin' monster. Must have been at least ten inches."

"More like twelve to hear him talk." I openly gasped. "Yeah, dude. You had a footlong for supper," he said with a snicker.

"A mighty tasty footlong I might add," I snickered back.

"Ewww, dude, TMI! " But he was laughing as he said it. "You doin' okay in there? You need anything?"

"Ah, yeah, uh, maybe a towel, please."

"Enjoying yourself, huh?"

"You bet."

"Okay. Hang on a sec." Chris returned with the towel and passed it through the hole. "Look bud, there's a line at the door. I made 'em wait a minute while I checked on you after donkey dick came out announcing to everyone here that you ate the whole thing."


"Shit is right. There's at least a dozen guys lined up out there. Can you handle it or do you want me to pull the plug on this little experiment?" A sound outside grabbed out attention. It was a chant. I perked up my ears and listened as it increased in volume.

"Party Girl, Party Girl, Party Girl," went the chant.

"Oh my God," I moaned.

"Sure you don't want me to pull the plug?"

"Shit no, don't do that. But will you check on me in an hour or so?"

"No problem, Brian. I'll take care of you. You just take care of the guys. This party is the hit of year! It'll be the stuff of legend and everybody will know it was my party. Dude, you just rocketed my popularity to the top of the heap." And with that, Chris headed back to the door. His comments kinda stung for a minute because nobody would know it was me in here pleasuring them. While I'm in here on my knees workin' my nuts off to pleasure all his friends, he's out there taking the credit. I hardly noticed the newest cock that was being shoved through the hole.

Since I was looking at Brian through the hole, I guessed that an hour had passed. I did know that at least a dozen cocks had passed over my tongue.

"S'up?" I asked.

"You okay in there?"

"I could stand a bit of a break. Maybe a cold beer to sooth my raw throat and I could take a piss too. And my legs are getting stiff."

"Okay, I get the picture. You need a break. I'll let the guys know. Be right back." I really did need to take a piss and my throat really was sore, but in a good way. I pulled my clothes back on and thought about the fact that I'd just sucked off at least a dozen different guys in the last hour or so. And every single one of them had been way cute, well, except for that one guy, but he did have a really, really nice cock. And he had this really cute little "ah, ah, ah" when he came.



"Dude, I called your name like three times. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just thinking about all the cock I've been sucking and all the cum sloshing around in my belly."

"Ewww, dude, you're doin' it again. TMI!" We both laughed and Chris unlocked the door. It was still dark in the house, so no one could see in. I took a quick piss. Then I thanked Chris as he pressed a cold beer into my hand. We were standing in the kitchen talking quietly when someone turned on the lights.

"Hey Chris." I think we both looked like proverbial deer in the headlights. "What's he doin' here? I didn't think you invited the lower class." That comment was enough to dissolve the headlights.

"He's here, Jordan, because he's my friend, thank you very much," Chris growled. With the lights on, Mister Donkey Dick was even cuter in person, despite the nasty comment.

"Hey, that's cool. No problem," Jordan said holding his hands up.

"Damn right it isn't," Chris said as he put his arm across my shoulders. I couldn't help but smile. That single gesture made my heart swell with pride, despite the fact that 'Mister I have a problem with the lower class' had just had his tongue shoved down the throat of said 'lower class,' not to mention his monster cock. Jordan glanced back toward the den.

"I couldn't help but notice the closet door is open." The headlight problem came back with a vengeance. Chris's arm slowly slid off my shoulder.

Jordan looked at Chris. Then he looked at me. I could literally see the realization. The light bulb came on and I knew the jig was up. The questioning expression on Jordan's face slowly turned into a knowing smirk. He looked directly into my eyes.

"I told you I wouldn't have a problem with it," he said softly. Chris' eyes bulged and he turned to look at me. I slowly reached into my pocket and pulled out the scrap of paper with Jordan's phone number on it. Jordan's smirk turned into a full on smile.

"I'll keep your secret," he said. I knew the 'but' was coming … and it did. "But, Brian, I want you to call that number." He glanced back toward the den. We were well hidden from prying eyes. When he turned back toward us, his eyes had a predatory look. He stepped up to me, clearly invading my personal space.

"I really, really don't have a problem with it," he said softly as he gazed into my eyes. Then he leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on my lips. There was a sputtering sound coming from Chris as I responded to the kiss by wrapping my arms around Jordan's neck and pulling him tighter into the kiss. When our lips parted, the smirk was back.

"Chris, dude, you've been holding out on me." Chris was still sputtering. Jordan looked back at me. "Wait for me, I'll be right back." He turned and headed for the front door.

"What the fuck!?!" stammered Chris. I was equally shocked.

"I've no idea," I finally squeaked out. We listened as Jordan made his announcement.

"Sorry dudes, but our party girl can't handle any more of our long, hard masculinity." There was a general murmuring of disgruntlement, but Jordan persisted. "After my huge cock battered her throat, she just can't take anymore." Some scattered laughter could be heard. "Come on gents, let's make a proper night of it. Everybody grab a cold beer and let's make this a party to remember!"

It was some time later in the evening that I felt someone sit down beside me. I was on my sixth or seventh beer and was feeling no pain.

"Since I don't have a problem with it, I just wanted to make sure you didn't have a problem with it. I know I kinda spoiled your, ah, fun, but, ah …"

"No, I don't have a problem with it. I'm just not sure if you're ready to, ah, mingle with the lower class." I felt his hand on my arm. Even though it was warm, it made the hairs stand up on the back on my neck.

"Look, I'm really sorry about that comment. That's not who I really am. I was just, ah, playing the expected part. But I stand by what I said before I knew who you were. I don't care. Anyone that can do what you did, that made me feel the way I did … it was truly magical." The silence that ensued wasn't uncomfortable. We simply sat and watched the other guys dancing and carrying on around the fire. When I felt Jordan's fingers intertwine with mine, I knew that this night had been truly magical. What had started out as a quest to quench my thirst for cock had ended up with a connection … a connection that held a lot of promise and possibilities.

"Wanna disappear from all this and spend a little quality time together?" he asked in a husky voice.

"Sure, that sounds good."

"I'll meet you in the master bedroom in a few minutes. Let me go first." I nodded my head in agreement. The house, or cottage, had several different levels, all going down. It originally started as a mushroom house, cultivating mushrooms in the lower levels, but in recent years, it had been cleaned out and turned into regular living space. The master bedroom was on the lowest floor and was expansive. There was a huge bedroom and a very lavish bath. I watched with blatant desire as the skinny boy I knew as Jordan disappeared into the night.

A few minutes later I stood up and headed for the nearest bush. I unzipped, fished out my cock and sent a solid stream in the darkness of the bush. Beer will do that to anyone. The taste is, ah, acquired, and I was still in the acquirement stage, but it certainly did have a buzz factor. I headed for the house, stumbling once, but quickly recovering. Chris looked over at me arching an eyebrow. I grinned like a stupid schoolgirl. He started to get up, but I put my index finger to my lips. He got the clue and settled back into his lawn chair, smirking all the while.

The stones that made up the steps down to the third level below ground level were hundreds of years old, but history wasn't exactly on my mind. Somewhere down here was a boy that … didn't care. Yes, somewhere down here was a boy with a monster dick, no … cock. Dick just didn't do justice to the masculinity that hung between his legs. It was a cock. I can't deny that my hard-on led me every step of the way.

Emerging on the lowest level of the house, I sucked in my breath. There on the bed was Jordan, completely naked, with that raging hard-on of epic proportions. The smirk on his face told me to relax and I did. I walked with confidence over to the bed and started to take my clothes off. Jordan slid off the bed and stopped me.

"Let me," he said softly as he slowly pulled my shirt over my head. The jeans were next and he didn't even hesitate as he smoothly unbuttoned them and slid them to my ankles. I stepped out of the clothes completely naked, complete with my hard-on bobbing in the soft light of the candles Jordan had lit.

"You're absolutely beautiful," he whispered as he wrapped his arms around me and engulfed me in a sizzling kiss that left nothing to the imagination of what he wanted. Jordan desired me in a way that I had never been desired before. He wanted me wholly and completely. And I was willing to give him whatever he wanted.

With his arms wrapped around me and mine around him, he pulled us toward the bed. We both fell back on the soft comforter and relished in the feeling of skin on skin, erection against erection. I was lost in a daze, but quickly gathered my whits and pushed him down on the feather soft bed. My mouth and tongue quickly devoured his neck and throat, much to his approval, the evidence being the moans of pleasure. I moved down to hoover in his nipples. His chest was smooth, completely hairless and I purposely drug my tongue over every inch of it. I was very much in control now and I knew what was going to happen. I inched my body down between his legs all the while lathering his soft skin with my tongue.

"Brian," he said with a voice that was so soft I barely heard him. I looked up into his eyes.

"Brian, I want you to make love to my cock and then I want to make love to you." My heart suddenly felt like it was Big Ben in my chest … gonging out in desire. I gave him a smirk as I wrapped my hand around that glorious monster of a cock of his. I swiped my tongue over the head and briefly sucked him into my mouth.

"You know what they say about icebergs?" I asked him.

"What's that?" he asked.

"Only ten percent is above the water and I intend to show you the other ninety percent before the night is over." His eyes became hooded in desire and I quickly swallowed his entire length into my mouth and throat.

There's something about taking someone into your mouth that transcends every emotion you ever thought possible. I felt the need to choke on the enormous tube of flesh that I held in my throat, but the need slipped away only to be replaced with a hungry desire. I felt his fingers tangle in my hair. He took firm control and forced me down on his masculinity. I took every inch like a real pro. I buried my nose in his pubic hair as his hands forced me to take it all. He plummeted my mouth and throat like a man on a mission. His thick cock rammed repeatedly to areas of my throat that had never been reached before. My nose was repeatedly slammed into the intoxicating scent of his pubic hair. It was pure bliss.

"Brian, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna shoot a load of cum down your throat. I know it's what you want. I know it'll really turn you on. I know it's gonna make you cum. Now, take my cock and make love it to like you've never made love to a cock before. Do wonders with your tongue and get ready, 'cause I'm gonna fuck your mouth like you've always wanted it." I realized at that moment that he was right. I truly wanted him to fuck my mouth like I was a Las Vegas whore. I wanted to feel his hardness invading my throat. I wanted him to literally fuck my mouth and pour his seed down my throat. All twelve inches drove relentlessly into the depths of my mouth and throat. And I wanted more. Give it to me! Fuck me senseless! The shaft of molten hardness plunged into my throat. His hands forced me to take it all. When he suddenly stilled, I knew we had reached the summit. His hands were harsh as they forced me into his lap. The pulsing of his cock and the spurts of lava like cum jetting down my throat were like heaven. He relented and garnered me with a taste of his essence by withdrawing and painting my tongue with his cum. I was barely aware that I was spraying the sheets beneath me. The entire experience was beyond anything I'd every experienced.

Warm hands engulfed me and pulled me close. Jordan surrounded me with a warmth that that I had never known. It was always a quick blow job in the past. I'd willingly went to my knees and just taken whatever cock was presented. This was different! Jordan was different. He wanted me for me! It didn't matter that I was a boy and he was a boy. He was the first person to accept me for me. And I … loved … him for that. The emotions running through me were … breathtaking. I had a desire in me that, even after such an explosive orgasm, that paled in comparison to Mount Saint Helens. I wanted this boy to make love to me. I wanted that monster cock up my ass.

"I want you to fuck me … make love to me. I wanna feel every inch of your cock fuck my ass. I want it! Please don't say no!" Jordan looked at me with his eyes filled with love.

"Brian, I wanna make love to you. I want you to take every last inch of my cock into your ass just like you took it into your throat. No one has ever been able to do that."

"I'll do that for you. I want to feel that huge cock of yours drill into parts of my ass that have never felt a cock before." I chuckled and then I continued. "Make love to me, Jordan. Let me feel your manhood plunge into me. I wanna feel that huge cock of yours batter my ass. I wanna feel you take charge and make me yours. I wanna feel you fill my ass with your cum. Take me, Jordan. Make me yours!"

Jordan grabbed me and tossed me over onto the bed. My legs unconsciously went into the air. And Jordan went instinctively toward my ass. His tongue plundered my butt, swiping around my rosebud and ultimately driving into the hotness of my ass. The sensations were overwhelming. That hot tongue drove me to madness. I ended up a quivering wanton hot bed of desire.

Jordan leaned over and got something from his jeans. He looked at me and smirked again as he held up a small bottle of lube.

"I was a Boy Scout. I'm always prepared," he said laughing. He popped the top and drizzled some onto his fingers. The he rubbed it around my hole and eventually into it. One finger slid in easily. Then two slid in and I winced at bit at the slight pain. Jordan put some more lube on his fingers and went back at it. By the time he moved to three fingers, there was no pain at all, just the urgent need for him to get to the main event.

"Jordan! Fuck me already! Please! Please give me that huge cock of yours. Fuck my ass like you fucked my mouth. Drive that hard cock of yours into me! Good God! Please! Just fuck me already! Please! Drive that hot cock of yours into my ass and don't hold back. I can't take it anymore. I've gotta have you ... NOW!"

Jordan rose and looked at me. His look was pure desire. He pushed my legs toward my chest and settled between my legs. I could see his manhood pulsing with each heartbeat. Precum dripped freely from his head and I knew that I was about to feel that marvelous length firmly embedded in my ass. He drizzled lube all along its length and rubbed it all over with his fingers. Then he drizzled a little more lube on my hole.

"You guys okay down here?" I snapped my head toward the stairs and my eyes locked with those of my very best friend. Chris looked like he'd been bowled over. He gaped at the scene before him. His best friend had his legs in the air and his friend Jordan had twelve inches of hard-on poised on plunging into the hot depths of the ass that was willingly offered up to him.

"Oh, ah, I see things are well in hand, or, er, ass. Carry on then. Brian, I love you like a brother and if this brute hurts you in anyway, just tell me and I'll slice that monstrous cock off him in one fell swoop." I looked up at the very best friend in my life, just seconds from being fucked within an inch of my life, and smiled.

"Chris, this is what I want. I've known you for years and you've always known that I was gay. You didn't push me away, you didn't even question my desires. You just loved me as your best friend. I could think of nothing that would be hotter than me sucking your dick while Jordan slams his monstrous cock into my ass." I could see the cogs turning in Chris' mind. Jordan looked drunk on lust at the idea and decided to get things started. I felt the head of his cock touch my hole. The insistent pressure that followed didn't hurt at all. My eyes were locked with Chris'. The pressure increased and the head of Jordan's cock slipped into my butt. The moan of pure pleasure from my lips brought Chris to me. Jordan pushed further until half of his cock was embedded in my ass. Chris couldn't help himself as his eyes locked on the sight. His mouth was hanging half open and the look of desire slowly washed over his face. When he glanced back at me, I licked my lips. Jordan started pushing again and Chris' eyes widened as he watched that huge cock disappear into my ass. Jordan wrapped his arms around me and slid me over to the edge of the bed, letting my head hang off the edge. I looked up into Chris' eyes. His hands went to his belt and in no time, he was as naked as Jordan and I were. His cock was rock hard and dangled just above my face.

Chris grabbed his cock and pointed it at my mouth. He slowed lowered his body until his cock brushed across my lips. I couldn't see him, but Jordan was grinning as Chris slipped his cock into my mouth.

My mind rocked back and forth like a pendulum; focusing first on the huge cock slamming into my prostrate, then swinging to the cock battering my throat. The swinging started getting faster until it was all a blur of wonton sexual passion. Jordan was long dicking my ass, pulling almost all the way out only to slam the whole damn thing back in. With every stroke, that monstrous, wonderful cock bumped my sweet spot. Chris was doing the same thing to my throat.

It was Chris that went first. I heard the long groan and knew he was about to cum. I looked up and saw Chris watching Jordan's cock ram my ass. Yeah, I guess that sight would be a turn on. Chris buried his cock in my throat and unleashed a torrent of cum. Without even touching myself, I came. Hot ribbons of cum lashed across my chest and up to my neck, splattering my sweat sheened skin. Chris pulled his cock out of my mouth and another shot of cum painted my lips before he plunged in back deep into my throat. I vaguely heard the huge groan from Jordan as his cock unleashed its hot load of cum in my ass.

"God, that was so hot!" Jordan exclaimed. His cock was still buried deep in my ass.

"I've never seen anything, anything that turned me on more than seeing your monster cock plowing Brian's ass," Chris huffed was he tried to catch his breath.

"I see Brian enjoyed that as much as we did," Jordan said as he pointed to all the cum that was quickly cooling on my chest.

"Of fuck yeah, that was awesome!" I finally squeaked out as my breathing slowly returned to normal. Jordan slowly pulled his cock from my battered ass. I couldn't help but groan as it left my ass with a squishy plop. As my breath finally caught up with me I looked up and saw Chris stuffing his cock back into his pants. He smirked at me.

"So Brian, how's the party girl?"

"A bit partied out right now," I said. Jordan and Chris laughed and I joined in with them. They both leaned down and kissed me at the same time.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind, I told myself that I was going to get a tattoo. "Party Girl" came to mind … now where to put it?

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The Party Girl is Copyright © 2007 by The Tarheel Writer.
This work may not be duplicated in any form – physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise – without the author's written permission.
All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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