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The Talon Battle Escort moved into position in front of the undersea mountain and signaled to Garen on the Colonial Cruiser that they were ready. Garen took a deep breath. A lot was riding on the success of this trail. Should it be successful, the Talons would be able to penetrate the Watcher complex undetected. He knew full well that Paulik would be suspecting another attack, but he also knew that coming from beneath the ocean floor would be the last place Paulik would expect. The device he sought would be even closer if their tunneling was accurate enough. This was the break that Garen so desperately needed. The only other alternative would be a full scale frontal attack and that would be disastrous to the Talons. They had already tried a sneak attack and that had failed. The Watchers possessed some sort of new defensive weapon. In one shot, it had crushed a third of a battle escort and had killed many Talon men. Garen wondered what that device was, but right now, all of his attention turned to the spatial nullifier.

"This is Commander Garen. Increase your listening devices to maximum sensitivity. The trial is about to begin." Then directing his communication to the battle escort, "Everyone is in position and ready. Begin the operation." Deep within the engineering section of the ship, the engineering crew switched on the spatial nullifier and signaled the captain they were ready.

"Set Quantum Lasers to drilling mode and engage. Thrusters ahead one quarter." Thick beams of hot red light shot out from the front of the vessel into the side of the undersea mountain. Immediately, the rock began to melt away leaving an opening just large enough for the escort to enter. Garen watched from the bridge of the flagship as the battle escort disappeared into the mountainside. He turned intently to the officer manning the listening station. The officer looked down at the screen and then back up at Garen.

"No sound sir. Nothing." Garen quickly did a role call. Nothing was being heard.

"Now I've got you Paulik," he said grinning to himself. "This is Commander Garen. The trial is a success. Captains and battle commanders meet with me in one hour to plan our attack." He quickly left the bridge and headed for his private quarters.

With the door secured, Garen went to his private communication station. He set the controls for maximum scramble. Never being one to put all his eggs in one basket, Garen decided it was time to put his second plan into action.

"This is Garen. Have you located the boy?"

"We are shadowing both sir," came the reply.

"Excellent! Bring them to me. Alive this time please."

"Whatever you wish."

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Scott couldn't believe what he was doing, but he did nothing to stop himself. He released Brandon from his embrace and looked him in the eyes. Scott's hands moved to the crotch in front of him and gently rubbed at the material. Brandon's eyes widened as he realized what Scott's intentions were. Scott unsnapped the jeans and the zipper purred as it went down. He leaned forward and rubbed his face against the soft white cotton material. Brandon moaned as he felt the hot breath on his cock. Scott pulled the material down allowing Brandon's growing cock to come into sight. And what a sight it was. Scott watched in amazement as it grew to its full eight inches. He wrapped his fingers around it and gave it a firm squeeze. A glistening drop of precum oozed out. Pulling the cock toward his mouth, he reached out with his tongue and licked it off. He made eye contact with Brandon and while maintaining that contact, he took the head into his mouth and wrapped his lips firmly around it. His tongue swirled around the sensitive head.

"Whoa!" gasped Brandon. Scott released the head of Brandon's cock and it made a pop sound as it went past Scott's lips. Scott stood up and took Brandon by the hand, leading him to his bedroom. He quickly closed the door and turned to Brandon, who stood in the middle of the room with his hard on sticking out of his pants. Scott grinned and licked his lips. He walked up to Brandon, who was still quite in shock, and planted a kiss on his lips. It was a quick kiss and Brandon's eyes got even bigger, if that's possible. Scott's thirst for physical love had only been teased up until now. His thirst turned into an instinctive drive that couldn't be stopped. He pulled Brandon into an embrace and kissed him again. This time his tongue urgently sought entry into Brandon's mouth. Brandon, still taken aback by all this sudden attention, parted his lips. The kiss that followed was intense. Scott sucked at Brandon's tongue. His hands ran up and down Brandon's back. It was more than he could stand. Suddenly, and quite physically, he pushed Brandon back. Clothes were literally ripped off bodies as they both got naked. The sight of Brandon's body made Scott abruptly stop. Never had he seen such a fine specimen of male flesh in his entire life.

"Holy shit, you've got a gorgeous dick!" he exclaimed as he pushed Brandon back onto the bed. Scott dove directly for the throbbing erection between Brandon's legs. Now was not the time for sensual licking. Scott engulfed the entire length in one swallow. He impaled himself on all glorious throbbing seven inches.

"Oh my God!" screamed Brandon. "Oooh! That feels soooo good!" Scott devoured Brandon's cock with gusto. His tongue was in overdrive, licking the shaft as he bobbed up and down. Brandon was almost breathless. His groans grew more intense. Scott used every trick he knew as he worked on the huge cock that was sliding in and out of his throat. Beads of sweat dropped from his forehead into Brandon's soft bush of pubic hair. Scott's hands roamed all over Brandon's body. From gently pinching his nipples, to kneading the hairless sack that hung below the monster he was bringing ever closer to orgasm. Scott reached down and fisted his own cock as he sucked. He was in heaven. Finally getting the sex that he so desperately needed. Slowing his assault, he decided to enjoy every moment. Savoring each downward move, he enjoyed the feeling as the hot throbbing flesh pressed its way into the back of his throat. Each time he moved down and buried his nose in Brandon's bush, he inhaled and took in the smell, a mixture of soap and sweat. It drove him crazy. Tightening his lips, he renewed his efforts. Brandon was moaning loudly and it drove him on.

"Scott, I'm getting close. Real close," panted Brandon. Scott's intensity grew with the knowledge that he would soon he rewarded. He felt Brandon's hands on the back of his head, pushing him down harder. "Oooh yeah! Here it comes!" screamed Brandon. Scott was more than ready and when the first fat blast hit the back of his throat, his own cock started spurting its own hot load. Brandon's cock pushed out heavy, sweet, creamy spurts of boy juice and Scott's own cock unleashed its load onto Brandon's leg. Scott swallowed as fast as he could, barely keeping ahead of the flood being jetted into his mouth. Scott buried his nose in Brandon's pubic hair and let the huge cock finish its load. It was just what he had so badly needed, and now that he had it, he didn't want to let go. Brandon could only moan loudly as Scott started to work on a second round.

A sudden thunderous crash at the bedroom window took them both by surprise. Scott fell back on the floor and Brandon rolled quickly to one side. Both boys, still naked, looked up. Three strange men stepped through the opening. They were carrying odd looking weapons. Scott and Brandon backed into the corner of the room and huddled together. The three men moved closer.

"You will come with us," the middle one said.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Jevic joined me on the couch in the suite. It had been a long day. I guess I was still pretty stressed out from meeting with the council. Paulik was right, they were intimidating.

"Hey babe," Jevic said softly as he leaned his head on my shoulder. I'm so lucky to have found him. He's so good to me.

"Hey," I said back softly.

"You look like you could use a good distraction. Maybe something to get your mind off things for awhile?"

"You've got a one track mind Jevic," I said grinning.

"No, not sex, but maybe later," he said looking up at me a winking. "I was thinking maybe we could go to the Shack and take in a few games."

"Now that sounds like an excellent idea." We both got up and headed down to the teenage hangout. It was packed. It seemed like every kid in the complex was there that night. I guess we weren't the only ones needing to relieve a little stress. Something to my right caught my attention and I caught myself staring at it.

"That's the latest model Skimmer. Pretty cool huh?" Jevic said noticing I was caught in a trance.

"That looks like the thing you were in when you blasted Scott and me in the parking lot that night."

"Yeah it does, but this baby here is a lot different," he said as we walked over to see it up close and personal. It was about twelve feet long and was shaped a lot like a sports car. Its silver surface shimmered like liquid mercury.

"What did you call it?" I asked as we stopped in front it.

"It's called a Skimmer. This is the model SK-2000-NI. The NI stands for Nitrogen Injection. You see Cameron, the Skimmer skims along in the atmosphere scooping up nitrogen for fuel. Since earth's atmosphere is made up of seventy-eight percent nitrogen, it has an endless fuel supply. But it can't go into space. In fact it only has a range of about fifty miles up. After that the nitrogen levels aren't high enough to provide enough fuel."

"So what do you do with them?"

"They're used primarily as observation tools. We check out volcanoes and earthquakes and other things that nature's up to. But what's really fun is when we go out and play. They're really fast and a whole lot of fun."

"Cool. So why's this one on display?"

"There's a competition that's been going on since the mid seventies. Whoever wins the competition wins this Skimmer."

"What's the competition?"

"Its an artistic competition. We go out in Skimmers and create art. You've probably heard of it. Humans call our art crop circles."

"Crop circles?"

"Yeah, the Skimmer releases energy, obviously, to keep it in the air. Back in the seventies some guys found out that if you fly real low over wheat fields, the energy from the Skimmer mashes down the wheat. Well they started messing around and before you know it, they were drawing pictures in the wheat with the Skimmers."

"Doesn't that piss off the farmers?"

"No, the Skimmers just mash the wheat down. They don't destroy it."

"Cool, so when do we go?"

"Jevic!" a boy called out. He came running over and gave Jevic a big hug. The fact that he was cute didn't get past me. Very cute!

"Shane, this is Cameron." Shane's eyes got real big.

"C-Cameron. The Cameron?" he stammered. Jevic just smiled broadly and nodded.

"Oh my God. Everybody's been talking about you."

"Well I hope they're saying good things. Where I come from, everybody said bad things."

"That won't happen around here. Oh shit, I'm sorry. I'm Shane," he said offering a handshake. As soon as I touched his hand, my mind filled with images. They only lasted a second or two, but it was enough for me to get to know Shane very well. I know I must have had a shocked look on my face, but he just looked at me and smiled. "Sorry, I've just found that that's the best way to introduce myself," he said.

"That's cool. It just kinda took me by surprise. I've just now got a pretty good handle on my powers and for a moment I thought they were going crazy again." He just laughed and Jevic and I joined him. It felt good to laugh again. I didn't have the opportunity to do that very much in my other life. The laugh ended and Shane turned serious for a moment.

"Jevic, I'm real sorry to hear about Pelma," he said putting his hand on Jevic's shoulder. Jevic sighed and nodded. "He was a good friend. A little crazy at times, but a good friend." The silence that followed seemed to almost be a reverent reflection.

"So Jevic, are you entering the competition?" Shane asked, ending the silence.

"I don't know yet."

"Come on man! Everybody's entering and the grand prize is awesome," Shane said pointing to the Skimmer. "You know this is the nitrogen injection model. It's supposed to leave the standard 2000 model in the dust."

"That's what I've heard, but I still don't know if I'm going to enter yet or not."

"Come on Jevic, you almost won last year, and if it hadn't been for your Skimmer blowing out a power coupling, you'd have won."

"Yeah, maybe, but I didn't win. Anyway, Cameron is here this year and I'm not exactly sure what we're gonna do," Jevic said as he wrapped his arm around me.

"Hey Cameron, I've got to introduce you to some people, come on," Shane said tugging at my hand. And off we went into a sea of bodies.

We spent the rest of the evening meeting new people. Some I recognized from the first night we came to the Shack. Others I met for the first time. Jevic is very popular. Everyone seemed to know him. I guess when your father is the liaison to the council people get to know who you are. But aside from the fact that he has a very important father, Jevic's powers and abilities were widely known. I was certainly popular too. I think more because of my powers than my personality. That bothered me and I hoped that once people got to know me that they would like me for who I am, not for what I can do. We walked over to the bar to get something to drink. We were standing there sipping on our Cokes when I saw two uniformed security men pointing over in our direction. They immediately started toward us.

"This doesn't look good," said Jevic. The men walked up to us.

"Cameron, we need you to come with us," one of the men said.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked. He looked at me for a brief moment, then answered.

"I afraid so. Please come with us now. Joel needs to see you." I looked at Jevic and took his hand into mine. We followed the men out of the Shack. Not much was said during our walk.

"Joel and Paulik are in the command center," the man said and pointed over to the door that I had become all too familiar with. Jevic and I walked in. Joel and Paulik looked up at us. Their expressions told me something was wrong, terribly wrong.

"Hi boys," Paulik said solemnly. "Come on over and sit down." Jevic and I moved over to the couch and sat down. I took a deep breath, trying to prepare myself for bad news.

"I'm afraid we have a situation, a serious situation, and it involves you Cameron."

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Deep below the ocean floor, the battle escort slowly tunneled its way toward the Watcher complex. It's Spatial Nullifier still working perfectly. Garen was in constant contact with the captain.

"Once you're under the complex, send a squad of men out to tunnel up. They should be able to enter the complex undetected. The engineering section is at the very bottom and center of the complex. It's their job to cut the main control cables to the command center. Once that is done, they can reroute all controls to the engineering section and lower the defense grid. When that's done, continue to tunnel up with your ship. If we've planned this out right, you should break through in the agricultural section. From there, send the rest of your men to help secure the engineering section. If all goes smoothly, we should have complete control of the complex."

The only other worry Garen had was the Watcher secret weapon. It was nothing like anything he had even seen. The more he had thought about it, the more he decided that the secret weapon was Cameron. He had come to that conclusion some time ago and had taken secret steps to insure that Cameron would not be a threat. In this card game, he had an ace up his sleeve ... two aces in fact. His communication with Joel had been terse. Garen was crafty. He knew that Joel and Paulik would be concerned for Cameron and wouldn't be paying close attention to the complex. His plan of attack was perfect, and he knew it. He had distraction. He had hostages that were very important. And he had his Spatial Nullifier. Everything seemed to be going Garen's way.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Deep in the bowels of the Talon flagship, two very scared boys clung to each other's nakedness in the darkness. They were absolutely clueless as to what was happening to them. The boys weren't even aware where they were, much less why they were in the situation they found themselves in. The strange men had bound them with rope and covered their heads with some kind of sack. The men had beaten them. Then they had been painfully dragged from the Scott's bedroom. Scott and Brandon could sense that they were being put into some type of vehicle and that they were being taken somewhere, but they had no idea what was going on. The vehicle made strange sounds and the even strange men spoke very little. Once they had arrived at their destination, they had been pushed along a corridor. Finally, the sacks were removed form their heads. The three strange men were accompanied by two other strange men who were wearing uniforms. No one said a word. The men pushed them roughly into the dark room and slammed the door shut.

Since Brandon's self-revelations concerning his sexuality, he demeanor had changed. Now he was almost a complete opposite of his previous self. He held Scott close, finding safety in Scott's warmth and touch. A short few weeks ago, Brandon had reveled in his bullish self. Now, he needed Scott. He needed Scott's protection ... Scott's love. Deep down inside, Brandon suffered from the insecurities that his father had figuratively and literally beaten into his head. He was scared.
Scott held Brandon close. He could feel his friend shiver, more from fright than temperature. Scott put had arm around Brandon and pulled him in close. Brandon laid his head on Scott's shoulder.

"Scott, what the hell's going on?" asked Brandon.

"I wish I knew Brandon. I wish I knew."

"Who are these people? What do they want? And where are we?" asked Brandon, his voice full of fear.

"Brandon, I don't know. But I do know that we're together. Right now, we have each other." Scott turned his head to look in Brandon's direction, but the total blackness that surrounded them kept him from seeing Brandon's frightened face. But Scott could sense his friend's face in front of him. He reached up slowly and gently stroked Brandon's cheek. "Its going to be OK Brandon. I'm here and I won't let them hurt you." Scott leaned forward and kissed Brandon lightly on the lips. "It'll be OK. I promise," Scott said as he pulled Brandon even closer.

The door suddenly burst open. Bright light streamed into the room. A huge man in a uniform stepped inside.

"You two! Get up and come with me!" Scott and Brandon blinked at the bright light that left the man silhouetted. He suddenly reached out and slapped Scott across the face. "Didn't you hear me? Get up and come with me NOW!" Scott put his hand to his cheek and felt the hotness the slap had left. He looked up at the man. Hate consumed him. Slowly, Scott stood up. Then he turned and helped Brandon to his feet. "Well isn't that cute?" he man sneered. Scott spun around quickly, his hands clenched into a fist. But he met the end of a barrel. "Not a very smart move tough guy," the man said. "Move along before I actually use this," he hissed.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Paulik sighed and pulled a chair over next to where I was sitting on the couch. He took my hand into his and started to explain.

"We received a communication from Garen, the commander of the Talon flagship. He is holding two hostages Cameron and I afraid they're two of your human friends." I gasped out loud.

"What!" screamed Jevic as he stood up. His father looked at him with soothing eyes and urged him to sit back down.

"Cameron, one of them is Scott." I quickly looked up. "And the other is Brandon? Do you know him?" I could only nod. "He assures us that they have not been harmed. He wants to negotiate their release." What I was hearing I couldn't believe. Scott and Brandon? Hostages on the Talon ship?

"W-what does he want in return?" I finally asked.

"That's where it gets tricky Cameron. He wants you." I looked up at Paulik in disbelief. "I of course told him no, but he gave us twenty-four hours to decide before he, ah, executes the hostages." Tears started rolling down my cheeks. This is not happening. I was scared, really scared. This is about life and death. What had I done to make this man want to kill my friends? More tears rolled down my cheeks. Jevic put his arm around me and held me tight. "Cameron, I don't like where this is going. I can't believe that Garen resorted to using kids." The scene unfolding before me was surreal. I was literally becoming sick.

"I-I need a bathroom," I stammered. Paulik nodded toward a door. Jevic helped me to it. "I'll just be a minute," I told him.

"I'm right here if you need me," Jevic said. I closed the door. My stomach was churning and I threw up. I was trembling with fear, but now I was feeling better. My fear was slowly turning to ... anger. And when I came out of the bathroom, they could see it on my face. I had gone from pale to red. My fists were clenched and my jaw set. Paulik met me half way back to the couch.

"Now Cameron, you've got to keep a level head about this," he said calmly.

"Oh I'm level headed all right. I'm level headed enough to know that those Talon bastards won't even know what hit 'em." I could feel my tingling starting to rise.

"Cameron," Paulik said sternly, which caught me by surprise. "Things will work out better if we have a plan." I knew he was right, but the thought of Scott and Brandon being held on the Talon ship made me furious. My tingling stayed at a moderate level, but was constantly with me, ready to strike at split second's notice.

"I want you to try to communicate with one of your friends. You'll have to be careful and tell them not to act surprised. I'm sure that Garen probably has guards posted around them. He won't let us just swoop in and grab them. I suggest you contact Scott. You should have no problem since you already had a physical parallel connection with him," suggested Paulik.

"OK, that sounds like a good idea," I said.

"Let's go in the conference room. It's quiet and a little more private. You should be able to concentrate better in there." We all moved into the conference room and I sat down in a big comfortable chair. Jevic sat beside me. He was hovering around me like a worried parent. I looked over at him and smiled.

"I'm OK." He smiled back at me.

"We'll get through this Cameron. Really we will," Jevic said trying to reassure me.

"OK Cameron, try to contact Scott, but be very careful. They'll be watching for anything," directed Paulik. I nodded and closed my eyes. Picturing Scott in my mind, I quickly found myself welcomed in by the dark cloak. The static was pretty intense this time, much more intense than what I remember. I narrowed my tingling to a single spot and punched through easily. Now to make contact with Scott without setting off any alarms.

"Scott, be real cool. It's Cameron. Act like nothing's going on and talk to me with your mind."

"Cameron! What the hell's going on?"

"Listen carefully. We'll get you and Brandon out soon. Right now, just answer my questions. OK?"


"First of all, are you all right? Are your hurt?"

"We're OK. They roughed us up a little, but we're OK."

"Good. Are there guards in the room with you?"

"Yes, there's three."

"Do they have weapons?"

"Yeah, funny looking rifles."

"OK, here's what I want you to do. Act like you're sick. Like you need to throw up. See if they'll take you to a bathroom. Can you do that?"

"Yeah, I'll try."

"I'm right here with you Scott. You can do it." I pulled back from him a bit and went over to Brandon.

"Brandon, it's Cameron. Don't make any sudden moves, I just talking to you telepathically. Don't answer me out loud, just talk to me with your mind, OK?"


"Everything's going to be OK. Tell me what Scott's doing."

"H-he's gonna get sick!"

"Good, that's the plan. Tell me if the guards take him to the bathroom."

"OK, they're looking at him. Here comes one of them."

"Just let me know what they do Brandon."

"He's helping Scott over to the bathroom. Oh shit, he just threw him in the room and slammed the door."



"Brandon, stay calm. All hell's gonna break loose in a minute. Just stay right where you are, OK?"

"I don't have much choice Cameron."

"Oh yeah, that's right. Just be cool and I'll be right back." I pulled back out of the static and returned to the conference room. When I blinked my eyes open, Paulik, Joel and Jevic were all seated in front of me watching me carefully. Jevic was the first to speak.

"Cameron, are you OK?" I nodded.

"I've talked to them both. Now I'm going to get Scott."

"Be very careful Cameron. They won't hesitate to shoot," warned Joel.

"OK, but I've got to hurry."

"Come back here if you can," directed Paulik. I nodded and closed my eyes. The cloak of darkness welcomed me back and I was immediately hit with the wall of static. My tingling had to carefully punch through without anyone detecting me. Carefully, I directed the tingling toward the static and slipped through. In a split second, I was in the bathroom with Scott. His face had terror written all over it.

"Hug me quick," I whispered. Scott wrapped his arms around me tightly. His tears fell on my shoulder. "It's going to be OK now. Just don't let go." He tightened his hug and we started our trip back. Leaving through the static wall proved to be much easier than entering, and in seconds we appeared back in the conference room.

"Well done Cameron," was the first thing I heard. I opened my eyes and saw a beaming Joel looking at me.

"Its OK now Scott," I said softly. He slowly released the hug and looked around.

"Hey Scott," said Jevic. "Nice outfit." I looked and for the first time, realized that Scott was naked.

"Why don't we find Scott some clothes," Paulik said to Jevic. From the tone of his father's voice, Jevic knew to move quickly, and he did.

"Welcome Scott," said Joel. "You're safe. You're among friends now. Why don't you come over here and have a seat," he said patting the seat next to him. Scott looked back at me. The terror was still in his eyes.

"It's OK. Go on. I'm going to get Brandon now." Scott timidly walked over to the chair and sat down, keeping himself modestly covered the whole time. I looked at Joel and smiled. He smiled back. Then I looked at Paulik. "I've got to hurry. When they find out Scott's missing, all hell's gonna break loose."

"OK son, but please take extra care." I nodded and disappeared. The static wall returned and I blasted straight through it. I was mad. I appeared in the middle of the room. The guards looked up in shock. I turned to them and saw the fright in their eyes. My tingling powered up. One of the guards grabbed his weapon and pointed it at me. Before I could react, he fired. My tingling shot out toward the beam and destroyed it in mid air. Then I used my newly learned levitation skills and snatched all the guards' weapons up in the air. I put them in a pile in the middle of the floor. My tingling rose and a steady stream of power seemed to radiate from my eyes as I looked at the weapons. To everyone's amazement, including myself, the weapons melted into a single hot mass. I turned to Brandon. He looked up at me as if he had seen a ghost. I moved toward him, but he quickly moved back from me.

"It's OK Brandon. It's me. Cameron. We've got to go." He blinked his eyes a couple of times and simply nodded at me. I helped him up off the floor and pulled him into a hug. But before we left, I couldn't resist just a little revenge. My tingling really powered up and I threw a huge ball of power directly at the bulkhead. It punched a huge hole in the side of the ship and water came thundering in. Now it was time to leave and this time, there was no static wall to deal with. In seconds we were back in the conference room.

Scott's eyes got real big when Brandon and I appeared. I grinned at him and that seemed to help him relax. A reassuring smile goes a long way, especially in the strange set of circumstances that Scott found himself in. I helped Brandon over to a chair beside Scott. Scott had already put on the clothes Jevic brought him. Brandon started putting on his too. An officer came to the door.

"Sir, we're receiving a communication from Garen." Joel looked up and smiled.

"I'll bet we are," he said. "Paulik would like to take this call?" Paulik smiled a sly smile and then shook his head.

"No, you can have the fun. And be sure to let him know we have a special guest here as well."

"I'll do that," Joel said leaving the room. Then Paulik returned his attention to me.

"I thought we were going to be discrete?" he asked.

"Sorry. I just got really mad when I went back for Brandon. So I kinda blew up their isolation field again, melted their weapons and blew a big hole in the side of the ship."

"M-melted?" he stammered.

"Yeah, Elvin taught me how to levitate stuff, so I grabbed all the weapons and put them in a pile in the floor. Then I used my tingling and just stared at them real hard. Before I knew it, they just melted."

"Wow!" yelled Jevic. Scott and Brandon just sat there stunned.

"You be sure and tell Elvin about that, OK?" directed Paulik.

"Yes sir, I will."

"Now why don't you take our guests to the suite. I'm sure they have questions that need to be answered." Then he walked over to me and whispered. "You don't need to be too specific, just general. Remember how you felt when you first got here?"

"Yeah I remember. We'll be easy on them." Jevic and I helped Scott and Brandon to their feet and we walked to the suite. Both of our guests were in awe, just as I was when I first saw the giant view ports and the beautiful fish.

I pointed over to the couch and they walked over and sat down. I couldn't help but notice that they sat right next to each other and they even held hands. Either they were scared shitless or something more was going on.

"Brandon. Scott. I'm sure you remember my boyfriend Jevic?" They both nodded. "This is our home, well, for right now it is. Forget it, long story. Anyway, I'm sorry for dragging you two into this. The people that took you are trying to hurt me and they used you to do that."

"Cameron, w-who are you, I-I mean, w-what are you?" asked Scott timidly. I sat down in the loveseat and Jevic joined me.

"I'm a human being just like you, but I'm also a Watcher. I have special powers that allow me to do wonderful things. I'll have to tell you, this is all real new to me too and I'm just now beginning to get used to it."

"Powers? Does any of this explain why you weren't hurt when I came back to help you in the parking lot that night?" I grinned and nodded my head.

"Yep, it sure does."

"And what's a Watcher?" asked Brandon. At that precise moment the alarm sounded. Jevic quickly checked the screen.

"Oh my God. Its another full scale attack!"

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

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