The Watchers by Jevic    The Watchers
by Jevic

Part Two
Chapter Fourteen
"New Found Allies"

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As soon as Bahar left, I felt an overwhelming sense of defeat. My tingling couldn't break through whatever kind of field there was in the doorway and I was trapped, caged like a wild animal. And just what exactly did she mean by needing my rest? Something's going on here and I don't like it one bit. Frustration flowed through me like ice water. I sat down on the edge of the bed and looked around. The guard was still out cold on the floor. Pieces of the door were scattered around the room. A single metal chair was in the corner and a communication station was on the wall. The situation was pretty bleak. I laid back on the bed and sighed. How did I get myself into this? Too many unanswered questions and too little hope of escape. And even if I were to escape from this room, where would I go? She said I was on a spaceship headed for Kelmar, wherever that is.

The guard slowly started to move, groaning as he slowly sat up.

"W-what's going on?" he asked rubbing his head. I just sat there. "Hey kid, what did you do?" he said to me, now slowly standing up.

"I just popped you with one of my powers to get you out of the way for a while."

"Hey, you're loose."

"And if you don't want to take another nap, I'm going to stay loose." His eyes got wide and he stepped back from me. Without ever taking his eyes off me, he backed over to the communication station and called for help. There was no response. He called again, but still there was no response. He went over to the door and called out. Still, there was no response.

"I guess it just you and me," I said to him. He just looked at me with a helpless expression.

"Now look here," he started. "There's no reason to start using your, ah, powers again."

"As long as you behave yourself," I said to him flatly.

"Hey, no problem. You just stay over there and I'll stay over here," he said as he sat down on the chair. Great. Now I'm stuck in here with a guard that nobody wants to help. It does seem odd that they don't come get him. I wonder what's up with that?

"So, why doesn't somebody come let you out?" I asked.

"Huh? Oh, I don't know. Maybe they're busy or something."

"Or maybe they're watching and want to see me use my powers on you just so they can see what I can do," I suggested. He looked at me wild eyed again.

"There's no cause to do that. I'm not going to hurt you. Anyway, I've got orders not to hurt you."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that and as long as you don't try to hurt me, I won't use my powers against you. Deal?"


"How do you get food around here anyway? I'm getting hungry?"

"There's no food processor in here, so someone has to bring food."

"Mind if I use the communications station?" I asked. He nodded toward it, indicating his permission. I walked over and pushed on the single button. "Hey, how about some food?" There was no response. "Hey, I'm getting hungry! I need some food!" Still there was no response. "Damn," I said and walked back over to the bed, which was more like an ambulance stretcher. I looked back over at the guard. "So, what's your name?"

"What's it to you?"

"Look, I'm just trying to make conversation here."

"They call me Aaron."

"Well Aaron, looks like we're both being held against our will?"

"So it seems." There was a sudden noise at the door.

"Yes, I guess it does seem that way," said Bahar. Aaron immediately stood at attention.

"So the witch from hell returns," I said coldly. Aaron started toward me, but I held up my hand and he stopped quickly. "Don't make me," I said to him.

"Oh go ahead. He's just a disrespectful brat. Teach him a lesson," Bahar urged. I charged up my tingling and threw a burst right at the door. It smashed into the field and exploded in a ball of white light. Aaron fell back against the far wall terrified. We listened together as Bahar walked back down the corridor laughing.

"Hey," I yelled. "How about some food!" She just kept laughing until we heard the door at the end of the corridor slam shut. I looked over at Aaron. He had a look of complete bewilderment. "So, I see you're real popular around here?" I said to him sarcastically. He looked over at me, started to say something and then just looked down at the floor. We sat there in silence for what seemed like an hour when he suddenly stood up.

"This isn't right," he said quietly.

"What's not right?"

"Her leaving me in here with you," he said flatly.

"She's got plans that are bigger than you and me," I said sarcastically.

"You've got a right to be upset. You're here against your will and all you can do is be mad. But, you should try to control your anger. It's self-destructive."

"Just who the hell do you think you are trying to tell me how to think?"

"See. You're mad. You can't think right when you're mad. Its too emotional." I spun around with my back to him seething. But the more I thought about it, he was right. I was being entirely too emotional. I needed to think.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

"Joel, Bahar's transport ship, the aah ..." started Paulik as he walked back from the communications station.


"Yes, is it capable of a light jump?"

"I guess so Paulik. It should be standard on that class ship."

"Good. I'll be leaving on a mission very soon. And, can you check the weapons systems too?"

"What mission?" asked Jevic.

"Weapons systems?" asked Joel.

"Yeah, does this have anything to do with Cameron?" asked Scott.

"What did Bahar say?" asked Brandon.

Paulik looked around the table. He looked each person in the eye. "Brandon," he said and Brandon nodded. "Scott." "Shane." "Jevic." "Joel." He took a deep breath and continued. "Bahar told me she has Cameron," he said flatly. "Jevic, it looks like your mother has changed quite a bit in the last sixteen years. I used to know how she thinks, but this time, well, I just don't know." He looked around the table again. "I do know one thing though. I'm going on a rescue mission."

"I'm in," said Shane.

"Me too," chimed in Scott. Brandon looked at Scott for a half second and then turned to Paulik.

"I'm in too."

"I know I'm going," said Joel. Everyone turned to look at Jevic. He was holding his head in his hands and finally, he looked up. Tears were streaming down his face.

"I-I'm s-sorry," he choked. "Its just that I finally had a real mother. I could see myself in her. I mean I look like her. I want to believe that she's a good person. I want to believe that so badly, but everything and everyone is telling me different." Jevic paused and sighed deeply. "The one thing that I am absolutely, positively sure about is my love for Cameron. He's been taken from me and I'll be damned if I'm going to let anyone, even my mother, do that. Damn right I'm in. Let's go get Cameron!"

"OK, this is going to be a dangerous mission, very dangerous. Everybody go to your quarters, gather your personal gear and let's meet back at the transport bay in a half hour," directed Paulik. The boys started scrambling toward the door, but Paulik held Jevic back. "Are you OK son?" Jevic looked up at his dad.

"I'm OK dad. I'm disappointed and I feel betrayed, but I'm OK."

"I feel betrayed as well. Something very strange is going on with Bahar and we're going to find out what."

"I worried about Cameron. I haven't been very nice to him."

"No you haven't Jevic. But he loves you and he'll forgive you."

"I hope he's OK."

"Knowing Cameron, I'm sure he's fine. Come on, let's go get packed. And Jevic, be sure to pack some stuff for Cameron too."

"OK dad." Jevic turned and headed for his quarters. Paulik turned to Joel.

"We're gonna need our best men on this mission. I know the boys are enthusiastic, but we're gonna need experienced people on this mission."

"I know and I've already been making a list."

"Good. Get them together and I'll pack us some gear."

"No problem."

"Meet me in thirty?"

"I'll be there, with the men too."

"Great!" Paulik headed toward his quarters and Joel headed for the command center. Joel quickly put people into motion. He sent a technical team to the "Cyclopean" to check out all the systems, including the weapons system. Another team was sent to the ship with a heavy supply of weapons. At the assigned time, they all met on the transport deck. Several officers were waiting by a shuttle to take them to the cargo ship.

"How did she check out?" Paulik asked Joel.

"Fine. The light jump drive seems to be operative. The defense systems are operational too."

"What about weapons?"


"They'll have to do."

"What do you want to do about Kibbeth and the other Talon prisoners? They're still aboard."

"They can go too. When we get to Kelmar we'll turn them over for prosecution."

"Sounds good," said Joel. Paulik looked around the group. "Everybody ready?" Everyone nodded. The officers escorted them into the shuttle.

"Hey, can I have a window seat?" asked Brandon.

"They're all window seats sir," one of the officers replied.


"The other officers are already on board sir," one of the officers said to Paulik.

"Good. We need to leave as soon as possible."

"We can depart as soon as we're on board." Paulik nodded and turned to the boys. "Guys, we've arranged for a squad of forty of Joel's best officers to accompany us. There will be men on board to show you to your quarters." The transport bay filled with water and as the outer door slid open, the shuttle moved into open water. The officer at the controls maneuvered the shuttle quickly around to the right and the massive global shaped cargo ship "Cyclopean" came into view.

"Wow!" exclaimed Scott. "That thing's huge!"

"Three thousand feet in diameter to be exact," said Joel. "The majority of the ship is cargo space. The living quarters, engineering, life support and command center take up a very small amount of space. You'll find your quarters to be comparable to those on the "Deliverance."

"I can live with that," said Scott. "How long will it take us to get there?"

"It usually takes about eighteen hours, but we're going to try to go a little faster," Paulik explained. The officer maneuvered the shuttle toward the docking bay and eased into the opening in the side of the huge spacecraft. The water quickly drained away and they soon found themselves standing inside the huge hanger type deck.

"Hey, isn't that the "Deliverance?" asked Shane pointing to a huge ship on the deck.

"I thought we might need it so I had it brought on board," said Joel.

"Good idea," said Paulik.

"If you'll follow me please," directed an officer. They each picked up their bags and headed toward a door in the far corner of the deck. Just inside the door were several more doors. "Each of these doors are transport tubes that will take you anywhere you want to go on the ship. All you have to do is speak your destination and it will take you there. You are all staying on Deck A, Section 3. There is only room in each lift for two with the gear you have, so you'll have to split up. Scott and Brandon immediately stepped into a tube together. Joel and Paulik stepped into another. Jevic turned and looked at Shane.

"I guess we're roommates for this trip?"

"Looks that way. Come on. Let's get settled in. I want to be on the bridge when we leave," said Shane as he picked up his duffle bag. The boys went into another tube and were immediately whisked upward toward their quarters.

Jevic and Shane walked on to the bridge of the cargo ship. Joel was seated in the captain's chair with Paulik by his side. Scott was at the tactical station with one of Joel's officers. Brandon was at the defense console with another officer. Shane walked over and sat down next to the officer at the helm. The officer manning the station welcomed him. Jevic stood wondering where he should go. Paulik nodded toward the surveillance station. Jevic walked over and joined an officer. There they could detect anything moving within several thousand light years. With all systems ready, Joel ordered departure. Shane maneuvered the giant ship slowly from the ocean floor.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

My mind worked in overdrive as I tried to figure a way out of this one. Bahar had me, I'll give her that, but there has to be a weakness that I can exploit. There's always a weakness. Even if I get out of this cell I being held in, what do I do then? The best way to handle this is to wait until we get wherever we're going and then try to figure out a quick move. That's the only thing I know to do.

"I can see your mind working in overtime and I'll tell you its no use," said Aaron.

"My oh my, aren't you the 'glass is half empty' person," I said sarcastically.

"You're still letting your anger control you." That's it! He's pissed me off for the last time. I felt my tingling charge up on its own and before I knew what was happening, I sent out a huge blast directly at Aaron. He moved just in time. The blast hit the wall with a tremendous force and blew open a hole big enough to crawl through.

"Don't piss me off," I said to him. He looked up at the hole and then at me.

"Come on, quickly," he said, almost whispering. I watched in amazement as he crawled through the opening. He looked back at me. "Quickly I said. Someone will come." I hesitated for a half second and then followed him through the opening. I followed him quickly down the corridor and into a side compartment near the end. Safely inside, I turned to Aaron.

"What happened to the electric grid?"

"It's only on the door," he said quietly.

"If you had told me that sooner, we'd have been out a lot quicker."

"I had to be sure about you."

"You had to be sure about me? What's that supposed to mean?"

"I had to be sure that you were truly a captive."

"Oh I can assure you of that."

"I know that now. It took a while, but I finally sensed the rage within you and knew that it was truly pure."

"Dude, you are making no sense at all," I said.

"There are many of us that question the motives of Madam Bahar."

"Well I questioned them since day one. What the hell's going on here and how do we get out of here?" Aaron took a deep breath and then looked intently into my eyes.

"I've heard that your powers rival only those of centuries ago," he said, and then paused again. The look on his face was one of hope. "Can you mind travel?"

"Piece of cake," I said.

"This will be like no other mind travel you have even done. It's over thousands of light years."

"I have to have a reference to travel to."

"Connect with me. Make a parallel connection and then we'll travel together."

"Easy enough Aaron, but tell my why I should trust you."

"Do you have a choice?" he said.

"Well, no, not really." Then I grabbed him by the collar. "You saw what I just did to the wall to get us out of there?" He nodded. "You mess with me and I'll do to you what I did to that wall. Is that clear?" He nodded and smiled and slid down to the floor.

"Cameron. You have nothing to fear from me. But there is a great deal to fear from Bahar and her followers. They can be very deadly," he said looking up at me. I really didn't have any other choice. I slumped down the wall onto the floor next to him. Reaching out, I took hold of his hand and closed my eyes. The darkness surrounded me quickly and I made my connection to Aaron's conscious mind. But before committing my connection, I searched deeper. I saw horrid images of what can only be described as war. Savage fighting and death ... lots of death. I hurt me so badly that I pulled back. The pain consumed me and I found it hard to concentrate. Collecting my thoughts, I concentrated on Aaron's conscious mind and an image of a man came to mind. I locked onto his image and concentrated earnestly. The weightless feeling came and I knew that soon we would be off of Bahar's ship. Where we would be, I didn't know.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

"OK Shane. We've broken the surface. Take us up out of Earth's atmosphere. Brandon, engage radar blocking."

"Already engaged sir," replied Brandon proudly.

"Good job. Shane, enter the coordinates for Kelmar."

"Already entered. We're ready for the light jump at your command sir."

"Damn, you guys are good. It sure does make my job easier." Shane smiled from ear to ear. "OK Shane, make the light jump. Let's go get Cameron." Shane entered the command and the giant ship immediately shot out for Kelmar.

"We're about three hours behind Bahar?" asked Joel.

"That's what I figure," replied Paulik.

"Joel," said Jevic.


"I've just completed a long range scan and have located Bahar's ship. I've calculated that at our current speed, she will arrive at Kelmar only an hour before we do."

"Damn! She could take Cameron anywhere in that hour. Is there any way we can get more speed?" Joel asked.

"Joel," interrupted Shane.

"Yes Shane."

"I've just completed some calculations and I think I can increase our speed by at least fifteen, maybe even twenty percent." Joel looked at the officer sitting next to Shane. The officer studied the figures and looked up at Joel with a smile.

"OK Shane. Make whatever changes are necessary, but keep a close eye on the engines. We don't want a problem."

"There won't be one sir. I've calculated in enough reserve to allow the engines to operate at maximum without overloading."

"OK Shane, increase to maximum power." Shane entered more commands into the console. The increase in speed was hardly noticeable, but soon Jevic turned and made an announcement.

"At our current rate of speed, I have calculated that we will overtake Bahar's ship about fifteen minutes before it arrives at Kelmar.

"Excellent!" said Paulik. Then leaning down and whispering into Joel's ear he continued. "This is perfect, but we've got to think of a way to get Cameron off her ship in under fifteen minutes."

"You're right. Once she lands, she could take Cameron anywhere. Is there anyone we can contact on Kelmar that we can trust?" asked Joel.

"I really don't know. I thought I could trust Behar and you see what that got us. So I'm really hesitant to contact anyone on Kelmar. It seems that Cameron, or rather Cameron's powers are at the center of attention." Joel nodded.

"Excuse me Joel," called out Brandon.

"Yes Brandon, what is it?"

"I notice that there have been recent updates to the defense grid including what seems to be a stealth mode setting. I'm sorry that I did not mention this before, but I engaged that mode when we left the planet's surface. I hope that's OK?"

"That's more than OK Brandon. That should keep us hidden from Bahar's ship. Their long range scanners won't be able to detect us. Why did you think to engage it?"

"It just felt like the right thing to do."

"Felt? Like sensed?"

"Well, yeah, maybe."

"We'll make a Watcher out of you yet Brandon. Good job!" Brandon blushed as the other boys joined Joel and Paulik in a round of applause. "Good job to each of you, but don't let it go to your head. Mark my words. This is a very dangerous mission. After all, we're chasing the chairwoman of the supreme council. It's like chasing the president because he's done something really bad. He would have a lot of protection and so will she. I suggest you guys try to relax a little before we get there. It's now about fifteen hours before we catch up with Bahar. Paulik and I are going to formulate a plan to grab Cameron before she lands on Kelmar. So you guys get some rest, take it easy, whatever ... just be ready in fifteen hours."

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

"Aaron!" I heard someone yell. I quickly opened my eyes. Aaron was at my side and seemed semi-conscious. We had arrived safely in some type of room. There were three men in the room all looking at me. One of them got up and ran to Aaron's side. "Aaron. Are you OK?" Aaron blinked his eyes open slowly and looked up.

"Devin, it's good to see you," Aaron said weakly. Then Devin looked over at me.

"And who the hell are you?" Aaron quickly grabbed Devin's arm.

"This boy saved my life. He mind traveled us both here from Madam Bahar's ship. She is still another ten to twelve hours away."

"Nobody mind travels that far Aaron. Perhaps you should rest and let me interrogate this boy."

"No, please believe me. This is Cameron of the planet Earth." Devin gasped out loud. Aaron looked at him and smiled, nodding.

"You're Cameron, from Earth? The boy with the powers?" he asked looking intently into my eyes. I simply nodded in the affirmative. "Oh my God," Devin whispered.

"He was kidnapped by Madam Bahar. She was going to make him use his powers against us," explained Aaron. Devin quickly embraced his brother and then looked him in the eye.

"Her evil has grown beyond the limits of our imagination." Aaron held out his hand and Devin helped him to his feet. Then Devin reached out his hand to help me. "If you are Cameron of Earth, there is much that you need to learn." And with that he helped me to my feet.

"Sorry, don't mean to act stupid, but where am I?"

"You are on the planet Kelmar. Specifically, you are in the secret headquarters of the Shifters."

"I must contact Jevic on Earth at once," I said.

"No communication from here I'm afraid," Devin said sternly.


"You can not contact Earth with telepathy. Its too far."

"You don't know me," I said defiantly.

"So I don't. Try then and impress me."

"I don't need to impress anyone. I don't know what your beef is with Bahar and I don't know what her's is with you and frankly, I don't care. All I do know is that I was kidnapped and now I am free. I am free?" Devin nodded. "Thank you. I'll make contact now if you don't mind." He watched me intently for a moment, then turned and whispered with his brother. I moved over to the corner of the room and sat down on the floor. I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. Laying my head on my knees, I closed my eyes and started to concentrate on Jevic. The darkness quickly welcomed me into its midst. It was oddly quiet. I could detect no sound whatsoever. Usually I can hear something, but not this time. I increased my concentration on Jevic, picturing him clearly in my mind. A rushing sound, like a strong wind came out of nowhere.

"Jevic!" I called out. "Jevic! Its Cameron!" Why doesn't he answer? Maybe Devin's right and I can't contact Earth from here. "Jevic! I'm on Kelmar at the Shifter headquarters. If you can hear me, I'm all right. I love you Jevic!" I blinked my eyes open and stood up. Devin and Aaron looked over at me.

"Did you make contact?" Devin asked. I slowly shook my head. "It's a long way Cameron."

"But we just mind traveled about the same distance. How do you explain that?" I protested.

"I can't explain it Cameron. Come with Aaron and me. I'm sure you would like something to eat."

"I'm famished. Thank you," I said and followed them out of the room. We walked down a small corridor and entered another room. There was a table set up and a man served three plates. We sat down to eat. The steaming vegetables were delicious, better even than those from the food processor. "This is great!"

"Thanks. I grew them myself," the man who had served us said.

"You grew them?" I asked.

"Yes. I have a small garden out back."

"Docta keeps us all well fed. He's quite a cook," said Devin. I smiled back at Docta and nodded again in appreciation.

"So Cameron, what have you heard of the Shifters?" asked Devin.

"That you kill people indiscriminately. That Shifters are an evil force trying to overtake the supreme council so that you can run things your way. At least that's what Bahar said. But I don't believe it. I could sense that she wasn't telling the whole truth. Its one of my powers. I can tell when someone is lying," I said as confidently as I could. Whether or not its one of my powers, at least Devin will think twice before telling me a lie.

"Well you're right about one thing. She was not telling the truth. The struggle is more of a three way struggle. There's the council, there's the Shifters and then there's Bahar and her followers, which are made up mostly of Shifters."

"That's kinda of what I thought. Tell me though, why do they call you Shifters?" I asked. Devin laughed.

"Because we can change our appearance. Most can only do it for a few moments, but there are those who can stay shifted for some time."

"You mean you can change into another person?"

"Only in appearance."

"I knew a Shifter." Devin and Aaron looked at me surprised. "His name was Pelma. He was killed during a Talon attack on the Watcher complex back on Earth."

"Pelma ... is dead?" asked a stunned Devin.

"Yes, did you know him?"

"Pelma was my nephew. I never met him, but we communicated with him and his family on Earth through the years. He seemed to be enjoying his life on Earth."

"Oh he enjoyed it, quite a bit," I said as my memories of Pelma played back through my mind.

"Cameron, I want to fill you in on exactly what's going on here on Kelmar," said Devin.

"I want to know what's going on," said Cameron. A man quickly entered the room and whispered to Devin.

"Cameron, I'm afraid my explanation will have to wait. Forces are attacking one of our outposts and we must go to defend it. You stay here and get some rest. We'll be back soon." And out the door they went. Docta remained behind and showed me to a small room that I would call my own. It was comfortable, very basic, but comfortable. I stretched out on the bed and closed my eyes. I guess I didn't realize how tired I was, because sleep came quickly.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Jevic stretched out on his bed. His thoughts quickly turned to Cameron. The mission had required every second of conscious thought. Now that he could relax, his mind was flooded with images of Cameron. Jevic couldn't even imagine what Cameron must be going through. Here's a kid that has suddenly found himself in the middle of a war, kidnapped and on the way to another planet, thousands of light years from home. Jevic felt guilty for being able to stretch out in comfort while not knowing if Cameron was OK. The guilt started to eat away at him.

"Jevic! I love you!" Cameron screamed. But Jevic couldn't move. He couldn't answer. He tried and tried, but no movement could be made. Jevic could only watch as Cameron was dragged to the post at the end of the field. "NO!" Jevic screamed. But no one heard him. Two soldiers tied Cameron to the pole. Then one of them blindfolded him. They turned to leave as ten soldiers marched formally to the center of the field, each one holding a rifle on his shoulder. Jevic could feel the tears rolling down his cheeks. "NO! Please!" he tried to scream again, but no sound left his lips.

"Ready!" an officer shouted out. The soldiers turned and faced Cameron. Then with military expertise, they smoothly brought their rifles down from their shoulders and held vertically in front of them. "Aim!" the officer shouted. The solders immediately brought the weapons to their shoulders and pointed them directly at Cameron. "This can't be happening! STOP! Don't! Please!" Jevic was almost in hysterics. "FIRE!"

"NO!" he yelled quickly sitting up. Jevic was in a cold sweat and breathing hard.

"Jevic, are you OK?" asked Shane. Jevic glanced quickly over at his roommate. "Oh my God, Jevic," Shane exclaimed when he saw the expression of sheer terror on Jevic's face. He quickly moved over to Jevic's bed and wrapped him in his arms.

"Jevic, its OK. You were just having a dream. It's OK now," Shane said trying to comfort his friend.

"Sorry, I didn't know you were in here," Jevic stammered.

"I'm glad I was here. You were already asleep when I came in. Are you OK?"

"Bad dreams," Jevic sighed as he leaned back on his pillow. "Real bad dreams."



"He's gonna be OK Jevic."

"I hope so. I feel so guilty for all this. I feel like its all my fault. I was so wrapped up in the fact that I had finally met my mother, that I turned against everybody." Jevic paused and dropped his head down in shame. "Including Cameron," he sighed.

"Hey, don't feel bad. Even Paulik didn't realize what was going on. I'll bet Cameron's powers enabled him to sense the underlying meaning of what she was saying."

"You're probably right, but I still feel bad."

"JEVIC!" came the voice loudly in his head. Jevic jumped up.

"What's wrong?" asked Shane.

"It's Cameron! He's trying to communicate," said Jevic as he held up his hand to indicate for Shane to be quiet.

"Jevic, it's Cameron!" came the voice.

"I'm here Cameron," Jevic called out telepathically.

"Jevic! I'm on Kelmar at the Shifter headquarters. If you can hear me, I'm all right. I love you Jevic!"

"I can hear you Cameron!" Jevic yelled into the darkness of his mind, but no answer came. "I've lost him," Jevic said softly.

"What did he say?"

"He said that he was on Kelmar at the Shifter headquarters and that he's all right."

"My God! Cameron talked to you from Kelmar?"

"He's at the Shifter headquarters."

"We've gotta tell your dad and Joel right now, come on," said an excited Shane as he grabbed Jevic by the arm. "Come on!" The boys made their way to the bridge. Joel looked up when they came in.

"Hey guys. I thought you were going to get some rest?" Joel asked.

"Jevic talked with Cameron!" exclaimed Shane.

"What!?" cried out Paulik.

"All I did was hear him dad. I didn't actually talk with him," said Jevic.

"Well? What did he say?" asked Joel.

"He said that he is on Kelmar at the Shifter headquarters and that he's alright."

"He's on Kelmar? He escaped Bahar's ship? But how did he get to Kelmar?" asked Joel.

"He didn't say Joel, but he did say that he loves me," said Jevic softly. Paulik walked over to his son and embraced him warmly.

"Its going to be OK son. At least he's away from Bahar," Paulik said reassuring his son. "At least we can be thankful of that."

"Three things remain unanswered Paulik," started Joel. "How did he escape from Bahar? How did he get to Kelmar? And, what is he doing at the Shifter's headquarters?" Paulik turned to face Joel.

"That's going to remain a mystery ... for a little while anyway. I've never heard of anyone communicating over this much distance, but the communication did come from Cameron. That boy never ceases to absolutely amaze me," Paulik said as he sat back down.

"Dad, I'm gonna go lay back down. This whole thing is making me tired," said Jevic.

"I'll go with you Jevic," said Shane as he put his arm around Jevic's shoulder. The boys left the bridge and headed back to their quarters.

"Shane, I'm worried," said Jevic softly.

"I know you are and I am too," said Shane as they entered their cramped quarters. Jevic sat down on the edge of his bunk and Shane sat down beside him. "Look, there's nothing we can do about it," Shane said. He put his arm around Jevic's shoulder and Jevic laid his head on Shane's shoulder. "It's gonna be OK Jevic. I promise. It's gonna be OK."

"I feel so alone Shane," Jevic said softly as he looked up in Shane's eyes.

"You're not alone Jevic. I'm here for you now. I'll take care of you and protect you," Shane said in his most serious voice. Jevic raised a trembling hand and lightly brushed Shane's cheek. Then leaning in ever so slowly, Jevic's lips finally met Shane's and they kissed gently. It lasted only a moment, but it was enough.

"God I wish you were Cameron," whispered Jevic. Shane smiled to himself.

"I wish I was Cameron too. You're a handsome man Jevic and Cameron is very lucky. I only hope that one day I'll be so lucky."

"You are a true friend Shane. Thank you. Thank you for being here for me."

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Joel watched intently as the "Cyclopean" slowly closed in on Bahar's ship. The skeleton bridge crew was keeping close watch on their progress. In just moments, they would be within range to scan the ship to confirm Cameron's presence or absence. Paulik walked though the door and joined Joel at the commander's chair. Joel greeted him warmly.

"In just a few moments we'll be able to scan her ship and see if Cameron is there or not."

"Won't the confinement field shield anyone that's within it?" Paulik asked.

"Usually that would be the case, but Shane has modified our scanners so we'll be able to see right thought it."

"Shane did?" asked a surprised Paulik.

"You should know better than be surprised by Shane's abilities Paulik," said Joel smiling. Paulik chuckled.

"You're right Joel, but that boy continues to amaze me."

"He continues to amaze me too and I'm damn glad he's with us."

"Me too."

"Commander," interrupted an officer. "We are now officially within range of Bahar's ship. We can scan for life forms now."

"Excellent. Start the scan now."

"Yes sir."

"We should call the guys," suggested Paulik.

"You're right." Joel reach down and pushed a few buttons and then spoke through the intercom throughout the ship. "Can I have your attention please? We are within range of Bahar's ship and are commencing our scan for Cameron. We are also within one hour of reaching Kelmar. Everyone report to your duty stations."

"Sir I just completed the scan and there's no sign of any life forms in the containment area," an officer reported.

"No life signs at all?" asked Paulik.

"That's correct sir."

"Scan one more time to make sure," directed Joel. Then he looked up at Paulik. "If he's not there, that means he mind traveled more than half the distance between Earth and Kelmar."

"That's impossible. There had to be another ship," suggested Paulik.

"If there was another ship, Bahar would have deviated from her course to attack it. There has been no deviation Paulik. Cameron mind traveled further than anyone has ever mind traveled before."

"If that is indeed the truth, then Cameron's powers have grown by leaps and bounds. My God, I hope he's alright." Jevic walked onto the bridge followed by Shane, Brandon and Scott. The boys stopped beside Paulik and Joel.

"What's the news? Have you scanned the ship yet?" asked Jevic.

"Yes, we've completed one scan. It didn't show anything, but I've asked for another."

"What do you mean it didn't show anything?"

"Since Shane modified the scanner, we can see behind the confinement field. When we scanned, it showed no life forms."

"Then he's not there. He got away!" proclaimed an excited Jevic.

"Sir, I just completed another scan and it still shows no life forms," the officer reported.

"YES! Cameron got away!" yelled Jevic.

"I knew he could do it!" yelled out Brandon.

"Yeah! Cameron rules!" said Scott. The boys were all smiles and quickly hugged each other.

"Jevic, we're within an hour of Kelmar. Why don't you try to contact Cameron? We have no idea where he is and we'll need to know that," said Paulik.

"You're right dad."

"Why don't you go back to your quarters where its quiet and you can concentrate. We're close, but the distance is still greater than anything you've every tried before."

"OK dad," Jevic said and immediately turned to leave the room. He looked up at Shane who was grinning from ear to ear.


"Man, you look so happy," said Shane.

"I am happy and I'll be even more happy as soon as I can contact Cameron." Shane walked over to Jevic and gave him a big hug.

"I know you will. Now get down to our quarters and find out where Cameron is." Jevic grinned at his friend, then turned and left.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

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