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Zac and Mac by Dean Lidster

Sexual Situations
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"Did you hear me, Zac?" yelled Diane Hanson up to her son's room.

"Yeah, mom," he grudgingly replied, letting a magazine slip from his hand and join the other few hundred strewn by the side of his bed. He heard his mother's footsteps coming up the stairs.

"You all right with this?" she asked, poking her head round the door.

"Do I have a choice?"

"Not unless you can persuade Mac to come with us..."

Jessie and Avie had decided they wanted to go shopping with their mommy, and Tay and Ike, not having been already, decided they'd better go to keep assorted relatives and friends happy. Walker, reasoning there wasn't a great amount to do at Fort Hanson, decided to tag along, leaving just Zac and Mackenzie - the youngest of the four Hanson boys.

Diane wanted little Mac to go as well but after he just grimaced, she reasoned he'd just be an extra head to look out for. Besides, he was old enough to keep himself amused for a couple of hours without disturbing Zac too much...

Zac'd been secretly hoping to have a couple of hours by himself for once rather than have to put up with his brothers and sisters: despite the preconcepts people may have, the Hansons lived in a fairly ordinary house that many would think didn't match their status. Tay shared a room with Ike, Zac with Mac and Jessie with Avie, hence providing very little space for them as indeviduals. When the band'd really started to take off, space was at even more of a premium when Zac brought home a set of drums a friend was throwing out, Zac being the rubbish bin...

After a thorough meeting, the family station wagon was relegated to stand out on the driveway for the rest of its life as 'Hanson the band' moved into its previous home, graffiting the walls to a suitable extent as they went. Zac's drums were joined by a couple of electric guitars, a piano, some amps, a Wurlitzer Tay had managed to scrounge and many other nick nacs and gizmos - as well as the essential bean bags...

Anyway, Zac'd just had his plans shattered (ie the one where he would do sweet F-A) by having his little brother racing around under his feet - not only did he have the impertinence to look more than a little like Zac, he was just as hyper - the two of them working in tandem were quite a tour-de-force and could easily run both parents and older siblings ragged.

Zac sighed and resigned himself to an afternoon of playing "Hide and leg-it-around-the-garden" with his little brother, but it was better than playing "Hide and leg-it-around-the-mall"...

"We won't be too long. I'm sure Jessie and Avie'll find something for you..."

"Great, mom," smiled back Zac, remembering the last time his little sisters'd bought him a present. He'd opened the large, soft package under the tree last Christmas to reveal a Cabbage Patch doll. Ike and Tay wouldn't let it drop for weeks...

"OK, bye darling... Mac's watching Cartoon Network at the moment - just keep an eye on him..."

Zac lifted a hand an waved as his mum left the room, and a couple of minutes later, heard their tired station wagon haul itself up the drive, the sound of the slightly misfiring V8 gradually fading away.

The house was now perfectly quiet except for the muted strains of "Cow and Chicken", interspersed every few moments with Mac's laughter. Zac smiled vaguely to himself as he recalled how rude Cow's udders seemed, looking like four dicks sticking out from her belly...

He turned over on his bed again and, in doing so, spotted the Polaroid of Tay, Dean, Gareth and himself they'd taken the last night all four of them had been together on tour in the UK. He remembered how, minutes after that photo had been taken, Gareth kissed him hard and long on the lips, making him feel weak at the knees. This kiss soon escalated as body parts were groped and clothes wnt flying. His dick started to stir as he remembered how good it felt to be running his fingers through Gareth's blonde hair as his tool was gripped by his hot mouth, being brought closer and closer to his inevitable climax.

Not being able to stand the mental torture of reliving one of his favourite experiences, he decided to emulate it as best he could. He lifted his head, making a cursory check to ensure his little bro hadn't sneaked up on him: Hearing Mac's laughter again downstairs clinched it, so he proceeded to unzip the fly of his jeans allowing his rock hard four inches to push his boxers out through the opening. Zac twisted his kegs round so the fly was in the right place and pulled his hardon out into the open air, exhaling with relief as the tight jeans he was wearing were really starting to pinch. Using his first three fingers and thumb of his left hand, he began to gently pull his foreskin back and forth over the sensitive head, each stroke bringing him towards the relief he sought so badly. Nothing would ever compare to the feeling of Gareth's tongue swirling around the tip of his dick, but this was far better than nothing at all...
= = = = =

"Cow and Chicken are cool," thought Mackenzie to himself as he watched the ending credits roll at a completely illegible pace.

"Up next - Scooby Doo..." came the chirpy announcer's voice.

"I hate Scooby Doo," yelled Mac out loud, surprising himself. He turned the volume down on the TV to see if it had provoked a response from Zac, but all was quiet.

"I fuckin' hate Scooby Doo," he said, smiling as that taboo word passed from his innocent lips. He had no idea whatsoever about its meaning, only that it must be real bad as Taylor had been grounded for a week for using it in front of his mom once. If Tay was grounded for it, it had to be bad. And if it was bad, it was cool. So there.

For no reason whatsoever (the best reason he could think of), little Mac leapt around the family room, yelling "FUCK!" every time he landed. When he eventually stopped, he decided he would have been grounded for the next year or so, and smiled to himself for getting away with it. He looked back to the TV to see the Mystery Machine racing behind some gnarled old trees in the opening sequence to Scooby Doo.

"I FUCKIN' HATE SCOOBY DOO!!" he yelled as an ultimatum. He grabbed the remote from the arm of the couch, spun round and shot the TV, sending it staggering over to CNN. Pleased with his accuracy, Mac dived behind his dad's recliner, avoiding the TV's return volley. He waited a second for a lull in the cross fire, then rolled out between the recliner and the couch, shooting the TV for the second time. Again caught unawares, the poor appliance buckled under Mac's assault and defected to the Oprah Winfrey show. Mac continued his roll until he was safely in the shadow of the couch. Plucking up his courage, he crawled along its length then dived out, hitting the TV with all he had.

The power button was no match for the TV and it died, it's picture folding to a small white pinprick which itself slowly faded into oblivion.

"YESSS!" yelled Mac, leaping into the air and charging round the couch, holding his weapon aloft. After a couple more laps of honour, Mac placed the remote back on the arm of the couch and sat down, looking around for inspiration. After a good, thorough ten seconds of searching, he decided to go visit his big brother, who could always find a new or interesting game to play. He leapt of the couch and ran for the stairs, tripping twice on his un-done shoelace but not doing anything about it.

He reached the landing and slowed to a walk, knowing that whenever he ran down the landing he would inevitably collide with another member of the family. If they were male, this didn't really pose a problem, as he'd just bounce off and carry on going. If he hit his mom, he'd get told off but, worst of all, if he hit a sister he'd send them flying, causing tears and screaming and all the agro that went with them: He learnt to walk along the landing...

He turned into their room and froze at the doorway, the scene that was presented both shocking and intriguing him. Zac was lying on his bed facing the ceiling, legs spread, knees in the air. The 'V' shape formed by Zac's legs drew little Mac's eyes to the centre of them where he saw a sight that strangely excited a part of him he never really knew existed: Zac's pee-pee being rubbed real quick by its owner, who was obviously enjoying himself. It was a lot longer than he'd remembered it and it was all stiff like his got whenever he climbed a tree and sat astride a branch. He reasoned the only way he'd find out what was going on would be to ask - plain and simple. So he did.

"Whatcha doin'?"

"FUCK!" yelled Zac, leaping off his bed as if he'd just had an electrified cattle prod shoved up his backside. Mac just grinned at his brother's expressive language and attempts to hide his worldly goods, which were failing miserably. "Piss off, will ya?" underlined Zac, seeing his little brother grinning at his compromising position.

"Tell me whatcha were doin' first," said Mac, deciding he had a joker he could play.

"Piss off right now or I'll beat the living crap outa you!"

"I'll tell mom you said the F word,"


"And you were playin' with your thing..."

That did it. Zac was cornered and the really horrible thing was Mac knew it too. Shit!


"Well what?"

"What were you doin'?" asked Mac for the third time, not quite believing how dumb his brother could be sometimes. He'd asked twice, already...

"You really wanna know?" Zac decided the inevitable birds-and-bees lesson was imminent, and took a deep breath. Mac nodded his head vigorously. "OK, come and sit by me," he said, sitting back down on his bed and patting the covers beside him. Mac jumped up, swinging his legs in anticipation.

"Oh boy... Uh, d'you know where babies come from?"


"Tell me."

Hang on - wasn't it supposed to be him asking the questions? Zac obviously had an agenda, so he played along.

"Well, a boy sticks his pee-pee into a girl's thing, and a baby comes out nine months later!"

"Well, that's sorta it - what actually happens is... Shit - I shouldn't be tellin' you all this crap..."

"I'll tell mom..."

"OK, OK... Just promise me you won't tell her I told you any of this, OK?"



"Cross my heart and hope to die," said Mac, his most sincere look on his face.

"Right... Does your dick - uh, pee-pee - get hard sometimes?"

"It goes all stiff when I sit on branches in trees sometimes..."

"And does it feel good?"


"Well, when a man wants to make a baby with a woman, he ha to make his dick all hard so it can go into her easy." Zac felt himself start to stiffen again just by describing "The Deed" to his little brother, who was staring up at him, wide eyed.

"He then pushes it in and out until he cums, uh, makes sperm."

"What's sperm?"

"It's the part of the daddy that goes into the mommy to make the baby."

"Oh. So why were you playin' with your dick?" asked Mac, feeling that Zac had quite tactfully evaded his original question.

"Uh, because it feels good, I guess..." admitted Zac, now fully tenting his jeans again. This time, however, he felt no need to hide his obvious arousal from his little sibling.

"Show me," demanded Mac, staring at the bulge in his brother's trousers, causing his to follow suit, albeit to a lesser extent.

Zac had half been expecting this and decided if he was going to do it, he may as well give Mac a memorable performance. Standing up to the limit his hardon would allow, Zac slipped his T-shirt over his head, revealing hs boyish chest and hairless armpits. He then undid his belt, button and flies, and slid both his jeans and boxers to his ankles in one swift movement.

Mac gasped as his brothers elegant four inch erection and testicles were exposed to him, crowned by the beginnings of a blonde pubic bush. Zac lay back down on the bed in the position he was in before he was rudely interrupted, and motioned for Mac to help pull off his trainers and trousers, which he promptly did.

Come on - you too," grinned Zac at his awe-inspired brother.

Mackie, despite desperately wanting to be naked with his brother, hesitated as he thought through what'd happen if they were caught. Deciding that there was no-one home and they'd have plenty of time to get dressed when they heard the car returning made up his mind. He stood up and pulled his T-shirt and trousers off, revealing a pair of Y-fronts with a mini-tent in the crotch. Cautiously, Mac lowered his undergarment, revealing his miniature two-and-a-bit inch dick and balls to his older brother. Zac smiled reassuringly and patted the bed next to him, allowing Mac to settle down beside him, hardon now parallel to his brother's.

"Can I feel it?" he asked, his throat going dry.

"Go ahead," replied Zac and moaned quietly as his brother's little hands began to curiously rub, feal and squeeze his dick and balls, marveling in their texture, heat and fragrance, the latter being quite appealing to him.

"Try rubbing it up and down like I was earlier." Mac closed his hand around his brother's boner and began to move it up and down, feeling the slight bumps and ridges under the skin of the shaft as he went. Mac's rhythm was a little awkward at first, but soon became faster and more fluid. Fluid was close to Zac's mind as he closed his eyes, the vision of Gareth's sucking mouth causing him to moan involuntarily as he acted out the fantasy, Mac being spurred on by the obvious pleasure he was giving to his brother.

Suddenly, he felt Zac tense under him, his grip being widened slightly by Zac's throbbing dick. He watched astounded as his brother's balls pulled tight against crotch, followed a second later by four powerful spurts of boycum from the tip of Zac's dick - arching through the air and landing on his rapidly rising and falling chest.

Not quite knowing what had happened, Mac continued to obediently beat his brother's dick, which rapidly became unbearably pleasurable for Zac, and he pulled away smiling at his cute little brother.

"Did you pee?" asked Mac, slightly apprehensive as he had a small amount of Zac's cum on his hand.

"Nah," gasped Zac, scooping some of his seed of his stomach and rubbing it between his fingers. "This is cu... uh, sperm. It's what makes a girl pregnant."

A look of slight comprehension swam across little Mac's face. "So, when a boy puts his pe... dick into a girl, this stuff comes out and makes her pregnant?"

"Yeah, you got it..." smiled Zac, pleased his little bro had been so quick in cottoning on. He looked at his cum-covered fingers and absent mindedly licked them clean, relishing the salty-sweet taste.

"And it feels good?" From the look on Zac's face, it felt real good! "Can I make cum?" he asked, hoping he could go through the same pleasure his brother did.

"I doubt it, not yet. In a few years, perhaps..." Mac was completely and utterly dejected. Why the hell not? It looked so much fun... "But you can probably get the feeling..." That's what he wanted to hear, face lighting up like a Christmas tree.

"How?" asked Mac. He was going to get an answer to this one even if it took him all of his life.

"Same way as me. Uh, you want me to do it for you?" he asked, hoping his little brother would let him play with him. Mac shyly nodded his head and leant back, giving his tutor access to his straining little boner.

Zac leant over and grasped his brother's dick between his two fingers and thumb, causing him to squirm beneath him. Zac smiled as he recalled how Taylor had shown him in exactly the same way, in fact due to almost the same scenario, not so many years ago. He also remembered what a little shit he'd been, not giving Tay a second of rest by constantly threatening him to go to their mom if he didn't play. After he'd done that, he'd made a personal vow he'd never put himself in such a compromising position...

Gently, he pulled Mac's foreskin back, revealing the miniature purple head and invoking a slight moan of pleasure from the boy beside him. He then, just as gently, pulled back up again and began to repeat the motion over and over, gaining speed as he went, his own dick beginning to lengthen once more.

It'd never occurred to Mac to play with his dick the way Zac was right now: In fact, he just considered a stiffie as an inconvenience as it hurt him as his little dickhead came into contact with the cotton of his Y-fronts. Now, though, his "inconvenience" was giving him some of the best feelings he'd ever had in his entire life. And what's more, the intensity of these feelings was growing and growing in a seemingly never-ending curve of ecstasy.

Suddenly, in a near overwhelming burst of unquantifiable stimuli, he felt as if his balls wanted to escape through his dick and desperately needed the bathroom.

"I'm gonna pee!" he yelled, scared Zac'd be angry and not do anything like this again with him if he made a mess all over them both.

Zac remembered how he'd feared exactly the same thing and simply increased the pressure and speed of his actions upon the tiny organ in front of him. Seconds later, Mac's body tensed and shuddered as he was hit by his first ever orgasm, his dick pulsing four, five, six times under Zac's grip as he desperately pumped his non-existent sperm into his palm.

A couple of minutes later as Mac came down from cloud nine, he simply looked over at his brother and smiled. Zac held out his arms and the two hugged, their bond now extending to a whole new level. Mac decided he now had a new favorite hobby and Zac felt pleased - no, privileged - that he'd been allowed to teach his brother the beginnings of a boy's most natural impulses...

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