Taylor Hanson

Book One - The Day the Earth Moved

Who knew that one of the most destructive forces on Earth could bring two people from two totally different lives together in a way that nothing, and no one could destroy.

Over ten years ago Taylor Quest began writing Hanson fan fiction that has withstood the test of time. Since that time he has written a total of four solo novels and two with his best friend and co-author Melody Blake. Unlike some fan fiction writers, he decided to keep the same plot and characters and continue on into new stories. This decision began the longest running plot line in Hanson fan fiction. The stories by Taylor Quest are still, to this day the longest running Hanson fan fiction since it's creation in 1999.

Note to reader: These stories contain adult situations that may involve sexual situations between two males (gay/bi), profane language and drug/alcohol use. The actions of the characters in these stories are not aimed to suggest as fact the real life tendencies of any real life person depicted fictionally in these stories.

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"The Story in Your Eyes" Copyright © 2010 by Taylor W. Quest All rights reserved.