Bike Boys by Rick Beck   
"Bike Boys"
by Rick Beck

High School
Sexual Situations

   A complete story in one chapter originally posted on Nifty 21 January 2000 (4,938 words)

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We road our bikes for a long time before we stopped for sodas at the DGS store near the elementary school where I'd first met Larry. We sat on the curb sipping orange Tru-Aide he'd bought because I hadn't brought money for the ride.

Bike Boys by Rick Beck

"Remember old Mrs. Walsh with that crazy hair?" he said.

"Yeah, I didn't like her."

"Me either," he said.

"Want to see where I live. It's only a mile and maybe Brenda will be out. I'll introduce you," he said. "What time do you have to be home?"

"I don't know, six maybe," I said, not wanting to commit myself in case we were having fun.

I waited for him to suggest we do something, but I wasn't expecting him to want me to meet a girl. I didn't understand what he wanted as I thought we would further explore what he'd seemed so interested in during school. Now, we were together with plenty of opportunity to find out about each other, and he wanted me to meet Brenda?

"Good. You'll like her. She's a fox and a half," he said, spreading his legs back over his bike seat, looking quite tall.

"You two ... you know ... are you?"

"Well, I was working on that shit, see. We were down in the laundry room one day, and she's like feeling on it through my pants, you know. We'd been making out for a few weeks and she'd get on top of me so my dick would press against it when we made out. So, now she's got her hand on it. I'm like ready to pop a load and I want to unzip so she can feel it for real and see what it can do. Her fucking brother came in on us. He'd seen me take her down there. He's a real old dude. Said he'd cut my nuts off he ever caught me fucking with his little sister like that again. She's thirteen and I turned sixteen last month."

"Oh," I said, not really knowing what else to say. "That would hurt. Getting your nuts cut off. I thought you were my age?"

"It would smart, huh?" Larry said. "I was held back the year before we met. I'm a year older. I should be in tenth."

"What did he do to you?" I asked as we rode up Silver Hill Road.

"Jeff, he was cool. He was away at college so I hadn't met him before, when I was working on getting Brenda. We had a talk after she went home and he said he knew all about guys my age. He gave me his books on account he's in his second year of college and has all these girls and all. He said he needed to get them out of his room. He says to occupy myself with them and not his kid sister. He gave me his Seka."

"Oh, yeah. That's cool," I said, not having a clue.

"Showed me how to use her and all. Man he got a big one. Stretched her out. We read his books and jerked off together all the time after that. My mom works at night so we hung out. He said, if he kept me busy I'd be less likely to fuck with his sister. He turned out to be okay. He went back just before we started school. He'll come home on weekends some times he told me."

"You saw his dick?" I asked.

"Shit yeah. He let me feel it while he was fucking Seka. Man that fucker got fat. Maybe one weekend you can come over and meet him. He likes guys our age. He says he has all kinds of girls at school but none here. Might introduce me to one so I can get laid. He said I was big for my age, my dick."

"You showed him yours?"

"I told you we jerked off together. Sure he saw it. He told me about Bobby? Said that he'd help me out when things were tight."

"Bobby?" I said.

"Yeah, they been living there a long time. I just moved there last year. He's your age. He goes to a private school. Bobby knew about Seka and Jeff let him, you know, use her. He was always pestering him about seeing the books. He said it was just as easy to let him come over as it was to put him off. When he gave the stuff to me he says I got to take care of Bobby since she's his only girlfriend. Bobby's cool. He likes to do stuff. Jeff told him I was cool."

"What kind of stuff?" I said, wanting to know me.

"You know, stuff. Like you and me. Bobby goes to this Catholic school. He says they do all kinds of stuff. He's been at it since he went to that private school. Showed me stuff I didn't know about. He's cool. Maybe he'll be there. We can go up and look at the books. You like books?"

"Yeah," I said. "I'd like to see them. He does stuff like we did at school?"

"If he likes you he'll do stuff. It's pretty cool knowing him. Jeff said he helped him out all the time. Once he found out he wanted it."

"He did stuff to Jeff?" I asked.

"I told you. You don't listen very well do you?" Larry said.

We road awhile without talking because I was at a loss for what to say. I wanted to hear more about Jeff and Bobby but I didn't want to piss Larry off asking questions.

He stayed ahead of me and soon we were pulling up in front of a three story brick apartment building ... It looked old

"Hey Bobby, you seen Brenda," he asked a boy coming out through the door.

"Nah, she was still at school. Some club or something I think."

"I'm going to introduce my buddy to Seka, want to show him?"

"I don't know him," he said, checking me out.

"He's cool," Larry said. "This is Bobby."

"Oh, hi," I said. "This the Bobby you told me about?"

"What did he tell you about me? You didn't tell him about me?" Bobby said, seeming upset.

"No, but I think you just did. He isn't stupid. He came to meet Seka. We don't need you."

"Can I see the books while you're fucking her?" Bobby asked.

"Sure. I get tired of the same ones," Larry said.

"Give them to me I don't get tired of them."

"Yeah, that's for sure," Larry said. "I'll hold onto them for awhile."

"Who is this Seka," I asked.

"Hold your horses, you'll meet her. Let's go upstairs. Bobby can show you what to do."

"Cool," Bobby said, "I like to go first. He going to get a trun?"

"When do your parents come home?" I asked.

"My old lady, hell, might be home by eight or nine. She doesn't go in until after noon."

"Where's your dad?" I asked.

"Don't know. Never did. Want a coke?" he asked as we went into the living room.

The floor was a dark wood and there were no rugs. A kitchen table sat off at one end of the room. There was a huge chair and a couch to match. Larry dropped into the chair and reached under the cushion to retrieve about six or seven magazines that he tossed to Bobby.

Bobby looked younger but he was as tall as Larry. He had freckles and red hair and blue eyes that seemed real blue. He was immediately looking through the books.

"Okay, where is it?" he said, looking displeased.

"I don't know if you should have it. You're too young," Larry said, seeming to be happy about something. "Besides you know it makes you do weird stuff when I let you look at it."

"Come on Larry. You know that's the one I like. You don't seem to mind the weird stuff ," he said, before glancing at me cautiously.

"I don't know Bobby. What are you going to do to make it worth my while? I'm always letting you see it for nothing. Jeff gave them to me not to you."

"Come on, Larry. After all the shit I did to Jeff and he gives them to you. That's bogus. Seka should have been mine," Bobby said.

"If your parents found this stuff you'd get Jeff busted. This way it's cool and you still have someone to fool around with," Larry said.

"Shut up, Larry, I don't know him. I don't do that much stuff," Bobby said, looking at me again.

"I told you he's cool. Besides, you like coming up here don't you. You aren't nice and I'll cut you off."

"Yeah. Let me look at it awhile," Bobby said. "I'll think about it. You don't, and I'll tell about you and Jeff."

"Yeah, and I'll tell them about you and the boys at your school, your divinities instructor, that alter boy you visit in the confessional booth, and Jeff, and me," Larry said, smiling.

"You wouldn't," Bobby said, looking horrified.

"If you do I do," Larry said, seeming unconcerned that Bobby might tell anyone anything. "My old lady don't care what I do as long as I don't do it in her bed."

Larry reached under the cushion again and pulled out another book, tossing it to Bobby. He immediately handed the other stack back to him. Bobby sat on the far side of the couch becoming immediately engrossed. I could see some guy was tied up and a woman was standing over him with a whip. She was all in black and he was all in nothing at all. Bobby studied each page as he carefully went through the book. He kept his hand in his pants and was obviously feeling himself as he read.

"Here," Larry said, handing me the stack to select from as Bobby started back at the first page of his book again.

"Which one do you like?" I asked, having no experience with adult books.

"I'll show you," he said, getting up and sitting on the couch between Bobby and I as Bobby ignored us.

"Here, this one. I like the chick. What do you think?"

The girl was blond but way old. She was okay and some guy had his tongue up her twat. She was holding his ears. Larry turned a few pages to show me his favorite picture. The woman was sitting on the guy's lap and his dick disappeared into her as she had her feet on his knees.

"Is that rad cool or what?" Larry asked. "My fucking dick is hard thinking about it. You hard?"

"Yeah, it is," I said, noticing that Bobby had unzipped his pants and his red dick was in his hand as he slid his fingers up and down on the shaft.

Larry watched my eyes on Bobby's hand. He felt in my lap, putting my hand in his. His cock ran straight up toward his belt. It was real hard.

"Come on. You want to meet Seka? Come on Bobby," Larry said. "You need to put that some place."

Bobby stood up with the book to his side with his dick standing straight out of his zipper. I'd never known a guy that didn't mind other guys seeing his hard dick. It was way long but thin and shiny. It made me feel a little hot seeing him like that.

"Put the book down and get her out, Bobby," Larry said.

"Okay, but I get to look at the book while I'm doing it," he said.

"Sure," Larry said, as Bobby went to the closet in the far corner across from the single unmade bed.

"This your room?" I asked, noticing the clothes tossed all around.

"Yeah, that's Seka," he said, as Bobby brought out a plastic doll that was life size and anatomically correct if a little on the homely side.

He carried it with his dick sticking out between her legs, Larry grabbed it and squeezed as he yelped.

"What's it for?" I asked, wondering where she fit in to what was becoming a sex party Larry holding the other boy's dick.

"Show him Bobby," Larry said, letting him go.

"Come on, Larry. You show him," he said. "I don't know him. He's your friend."

"Deals a deal. You show him. You already got your dick out."

"Take yours out," Bobby said, holding the doll by one arm as I stared at his zipper.

"You know if I take mine out I'm going to need to do something with it," Larry said, making it sound like a threat.

"What's new. I don't care, but you got to take yours out. I feel funny in front of him," he said, looking over his shoulder at me as he placed the doll in the middle of the bed.

Larry unzipped his pants and let his cock hang out. Bobby watched carefully until it was completely exposed through his zipper. It wasn't soft and it wasn't hard. It seemed bigger then when I'd glanced at it and touched it in gym. There was hair standing out around his zipper. Larry seemed unconcerned that he was standing there with his dick out. I had a feeling this wasn't the first time they did this.

"Mine's ah, mine's already up," Bobby said. "Make it hard."

"News flash. Pull on mine, it'll be up soon enough," Larry said, smiling at me as though he thought I'd be amused.

Bobby looked at me before reaching for Larry's dick. As Larry had predicted it stood right up through his fingers, looking quite impressive. While not quite as long as Bobby's it got more than twice as thick while Bobby worked on it.

"Okay, that's enough for now. Show him what we do with Seka," Larry said.

"Give me the book first," Bobby said, noticing Larry had picked it up from the bed.

"Okay," Larry said. "Fuck her naked and I will. I want to see your asshole. I want to touch it."

"Only if you do," Bobby said, looking at me again.

"You want to watch?" Larry asked me, noticing my eyes on Bobby's dick again.

"Sure. Yeah. See what?" I said, figuring it had to be a continuation of what we'd done in school.

"You want to get undressed?" he asked. Seeing the surprise on my face, he added, "You don't have to. He won't do it if I don't. Is that okay? You can wait until next time if you want. I felt a little funny the first time Jeff showed me. I did it anyway though. Kind of exciting having an old dude messing with me."

"Sure. Yeah. I want to see," I said, not being sure what I wanted to see, but Larry being naked sounded like a good start.

Larry stood with his cock arched out in front of him, still half hard but losing ground. His cock hair was bushy and thick when I got a chance to study it in the light. Bobby and I caught each other staring at Larry's big crotch. He seemed not to mind at all and he stood for us to inspect him, turning to face me as his cock started to stiffen again without any encouragement. I wanted to feel it but felt funny in front of Bobby, so I didn't.

"Okay, we don't have all night Bobby. Go ahead," Larry said. "My dicks hard. I don't want to wait all day for you."

Bobby kicked off his shoes and yanked off his shirt and dropped his pants. His undershorts were yellow, like the paint on the building but they weren't peeling yet. He dropped his underwear straight to the floor and stepped out, moving forward, and lying on top of the doll. He lifted his plump round ass up in the air and held his long red dick out with one hand, pointing it at what looked like a black hairy spot where the pussy would be on a real girl. Larry felt his ass and put his fingers on Bobby's hole. Bobby held his ass up until Larry was done feeling it.

He held his dick in his fist before sliding it through his fingers toward the spot with the hair, and I watched him until it had all disappeared inside. He lie flat down on the doll and started looking at one of the pictures with the guy tied up and the woman spanking him with a funny looking hairy whip. He seemed mesmerized by the picture as he worked his dick in and out of the doll.

Bobby's fucked the doll with a slow rhythm, turning a page every few seconds. At first I only got a glimpse of his dick as it went in and out, but then he started lifting his ass higher and higher. He made sharp grunting sounds until he was pulling even the head of his dick out of the hole before thrusting it back harder. He turned pages and started to make panting sounds as his dick had become remarkably thicker as he fucked.

"Let me see some," Larry said, sitting near Bobby's head, leaning into the book with his hard dick rubbing Bobby's shoulder, arching up toward his mouth.

As he looked into the book he moved one of Bobby's hands onto his dick. Bobby seemed unalarmed and started to stroke the hardened dick. Neither boy seemed to care that I watched, and Bobby lay his face in Larry's crotch after closing the book. He didn't open his mouth but he did let his lips brush the skin as he closed his eyes and fucked the doll harder and harder.

"I'm going to cum," Bobby said struggling to get the words out, keeping his lips against Larry's dick.

He didn't suck him, more nibbling, and moaning and slobbering on the erect cock. Larry kept scooting closer to his mouth, holding the back of Bobby's head in his crotch.

"Go ahead," Larry said. "That's good. Just do that a minute. That's good. Open your mouth a little like usual, okay."

Bobby pushed his entire face into Larry's lap and started humping like crazy, spitting and blowing hot air on Larry's dick. His ass lifted high enough for me to see his pink hole spreading open. His hairless balls swung back and forth against the shaft of his cock as he pushed faster and faster until a big blast of air came out of him like he was the doll and someone had just punctured him. He made a really weird sound and his ass made small jerking moves five or six times until he stopped moving and just lie there, panting and rubbing his face back and forth over Larry's crotch.

Larry held his face rather tenderly in place as spit ran out of his mouth and onto his hot pulsing dick. I could see it jerking against Bobby's lips. Larry rubbed the head of his dick across Bobby's spit covered lips and massaged the spit into it with his hand as he stood up.

"Get off her," he said, sounding a little desperate. "Come on. I'm already worked up. You rather suck it?"

Bobby kneeled, and climbed off the foot of the bed very fast. Liquid dripped from his dick. He noticed me noticing it and pulled on his almost soft dick.

"You want a turn," Larry said, suddenly remembering I was there as he kneeled where Bobby had been just a minute before.

"No," I said. "You go ahead."

His dick plunged into the hole before I'd finished speaking. Larry's skin was more brown and his hair was much darker than Bobby's. He had hair around his hole and in his crack, and his dick was more brown than pink. Up until a minute before I'd never seen an asshole and now I'd seen two in pretty quick order. Larry's opened a bit as he pumped himself in and out of the doll, seeming more adroit at it than Bobby. I wondered if he'd had more practice as I watched his ass.

Bobby sat near the head of the bed and placed Larry's hand on his shrunk dick. Larry pulled his hand off like he was unhappy or it broke his concentration.

"Come on and sit down before I blow my load," Larry said. "Let him sit there, Bobby. You shot a load already. Let someone else get in on it."

"Me?" I said, as Bobby stood and stared at the lump in my pants.

"Come on. I'll play with your dick if you want, okay," he said, sounding more like he was saying he really wanted to play with my dick. "Hurry up. His lips always get me too hot when he does that to me. Fuckers a good cock sucker when he's in the mood. That's even better than this."

I sat down where both he and then Bobby had sat.

"Take it out," he said, impatient, and his face seemed pained as he was making a slopping sound as he fucked the doll harder.

Bobby stood behind Larry and felt his ass, letting his fingers feel Larry's crack. Larry grabbed my dick and started jerking me off really fast after I got it out. He no longer looked in the book but at my dick. It seemed like he was running some race and he was running out of time. My dick had been straining in my pants and now it was straining in his hand. Bobby came and stood right in front of me. His dick had a patch of red dick hair. I just looked at the soft pink dick that hung on his hairless balls. He reached for my hand and pulled it up on his dick as he pushed his hips at it. He felt soft and squishy and wet.

"Oh shit," Larry said. "I'm going to shoot. You ready yet. I want to see you shoot."

"No," I said, feeling Bobby's dick getting hard while he helped me stroke it with both of this hands holding mine on him.

"Hurry up. I can't hold it," Larry said, his dark eyes pleading with me to do something so he could have his relief.

"Go ahead," I said, letting my free hand slid down between Larry and Seka as air seemed to burst out of him. My fingers felt his wet hard cock as it slid in and out. He moaned when my fingers tightened on his dick. He turned his face into my lap and I felt his moist lips against my dick. I had felt strange and out of place until that second and suddenly I was burning up and all the air went out of me.

"Okay," he said. "I will. You can go next."

His lips moved up on to the head of my dick as he talked and his slobber ran down my shaft. Larry became violent with the doll, fucking it so hard it made a protesting squeaking sound where his flesh rubbed again the plastic. You could hear him slapping against it, grunting and moaning, sighing and spitting air as his arm slid around my waist puling my crotch toward his mouth, and then there were several quick controlled thrusts into the doll before he collapsed on it, panting and whimpering softly in my lap. His face was buried in my crotch, his lips were open wide on my dick head as he was blowing hot air and licking me.

"You can have a turn," he said, hugging me while kissing my dick head.

After a minute he leaned his head back to look at my hardness, squeezing me as I did the same for him. His cock shined, being covered with the sticky liquid. He lifted his ass so I could feel all of it as it was losing it's stiffness.

"Let's see yours," Bobby said, putting his hand on my dick as well. "Come on, Larry, let him. I want to see him do it. He's got a nice one."

Larry kneeled up and his dick looked thicker and longer as it hung down over his balls. Both boys had my dick and pulled me until I was kneeling between the plastic legs. Larry felt my cock and then Bobby felt it as they pointed it toward the hole Larry had just left.

"Go on. Give it to her," Bobby said.

As I leaned forward I didn't need to do anything. I was only sorry I wasn't naked. Both of them had their hands all over me. Once I started to slide into the hole, I could feel the slim and the sticky goo they'd left behind. Bobby put his hand on my ass and pushed me deep into the hole. It made a sloshing sound as I tried to do what I'd seen them doing.

Larry sat by the head of the doll and pulled my face onto his lap. I could smell the heavy scent of sex on his dick and balls. Bobby sat on the other side of the bed, pulling my face on his hard dick, rubbing the head on my lips, working to get me to open my mouth so he could feed it to me, but I wasn't ready for that. Larry pulled me back on him, and his odor made me hotter. I let my lips open so I could taste his dick. My tongue made just a little contact with the moist flesh as I ran it on his shaft while he was holding my head in his lap.

"Yeah," he said, "that's it. Open up a little."

"Me too," Bobby said, pulling me his way, until my tongue was licking that rigid hot shaft as it pulsed against my lips. "Yeah, he's going to be a good one, Larry. Come on and open up a little. You'll like it."

Bobby seemed excited as he rubbed his dick along my tongue. I let them pull me one way and the other, feeling their juices on my dick, and wanting to do more but afraid I might go too far, however far that was. Larry was getting hard again by the third or forth time my mouth was against his dick. The head got really plump first, while the shaft still bent, but soon it stood out of his thick pubes seeming even larger than before. Even the smell seemed larger.

When Larry reached for my dick, it started to go off as quick as he wrapped his fingers on it. Bobby was in-between my legs poking his dick on the back of my pants, riding my ass. I was dizzy, and faint, and so confused I wasn't sure what was happening. Larry's hand kept pumping on my dick as I shot my load, and I filled the doll with cum. Bobby kept trying to drill a hole in my pants with his dick. I rolled onto my side, letting my last stream shoot up across Larry's dark brown thigh. He rubbed his fingers in it as he examined the thick cum. I held Bobby's dick away from my backside.

"Take them off," Bobby said.

"That's okay. I can't stay much longer," I said as Bobby fingered my ass.

"Awe, I can do it fast," Bobby said. "I'm already hot. Take down your pants. Just for a minute."

"No," I said, loud. "I'll be late getting home."

"Let him alone," Larry said. "You okay."

"Sure," I said, not being able to breathe.

"You want to do anything else," Larry said, holding his cock straight up in front of him so I knew it was available for the asking.

"I've really got to be going," I said, putting my hand on his shaft to feel the heat from it.

"You aren't mad at me?" Larry asked. "I didn't know it would go so far today. I can get rid of him if you want to be alone awhile."

"No, I said, letting go of both dick, standing up to put my own messy dick away.

"Can I come over tomorrow?" Larry asked.

"Sure," I said, moving slowly toward the door and some fresh air, looking at the two naked boys I'd just been with.

Larry stood. His dick hung down over his hairy balls. It was even thicker yet and swung as he moved. He smiled at me when he saw me looking at it. I smiled and said he didn't need to bother showing me out, taking one last look before heading for the door.

"I'll be over your house right after school, okay?" he said loudly.

"Yeah," I said, "Right after school."

"I'll go with you," Bobby said. "I want to fuck him."

"Is that okay?" Larry asked. "Not the fucking part the coming over part. Can he come over?"

"Sure," I said, looking at Bobby's cock standing up out of his modest amount of curly red dick hair as he followed me to the front door.

"You were fun," Bobby said to me.

"You too. I'll see you tomorrow," I said as I slipped out the door.

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