Billie Joe's Journal Book Three The Center by Rick Beck    The Center
Book Three of Three of Billie Joe's Journal
by Rick Beck
Edited by Gardner Rust
For David

  Mild Sexual Situations
  Rated Teen 13+

Billie Joe's Journal Book 3 - The Centre by Rick Beck

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    In Book One of Billie Joe's Journals, Billie Joe goes in search of what it means to be gay after the suicide of his best friend, who left a note saying he was gay. They both kept the same secret and now one of them was dead.
    Billie Joe is determined not to follow in Ralphie's footsteps. He decides to leave home in order to find out what being gay means. Before he gets very far, he meets Carl on the bus to Seattle. They have a short romance, which ends when Carl ships out for Vietnam.
    Billie Joe ends up on the streets of San Francisco with dozens of other homeless gay youth. The streets get darker and more hostile as Billie Joe struggles to survive.
    In The Return Home, Book Two of Billie Joe's Journal, once it's known Billie Joe has been tested for AIDS, his enemies do their best to make his decision to finish high school a tough proposition. The gay people Billie Joe has kept his distance from, are now his only friends.
    In Book Three Billie Joe goes to meet Carl, who is returning from Southeast Asia. The reunion is a bit overwhelming for both of them. They pick up right where they left off before Carl left for overseas.
    Carl doesn't understand Billie Joe's need to return to San Francisco to help the street kids. Being in love with Carl, Billie Joe realizes that he must return to the mean streets to do his best to save other gay homeless kids.
    Carl returns to his family's home in the East.
    Billie Joe goes back to the mean streets of San Francisco.

Chapter One
"Carl's Home"

Chapter Two
"High on Cabbage"

Chapter Three
"Out of Oregon"

Chapter Four
"Jurassic Park"

Chapter Five
"Alabama Here We Come"

Billie Joe's Journal Book 3 - The Centre by Rick James

Chapter Six
"3 Days on a Train"

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight
"Mission District"

Chapter Nine
"On My Own?"

Chapter Ten
"The Plan"

Chapter Eleven
"Speak Up"

Chapter Twelve
"No Longer One of the Boys"

Chapter Thirteen
"Care & Feeding"

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen
"Love Me Do"

Chapter Sixteen
"Whirling Dervish"

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen
"Getting Better All the Time"

Chapter Nineteen
"Keeping the Ball Rolling"

Chapter Twenty
"The Rest of the Story"

Chapter Twenty-One
"Church & Dates"

Chapter Twenty-Two
"Mission Overload"

Chapter Twenty-Three
"Careful Planning"

Chapter Twenty-Four
"Changing Fast"

Chapter Twenty-Five
"Sign of the Cross"

Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Seven
"Blinders Come Off"

Chapter Twenty-Eight
"Great Escape"

Chapter Twenty-Nine
"Alabama Bound"

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