Blue Jean Bulge by Rick Beck   
"Blue Jean Bulge"
by Rick Beck
A complete story in one chapter originally posted on Nifty 22 June 2003 (3,104 words)

Not so straight
Sexual Situations

Blue Jean Bulge by Rick Beck

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My roommate, Steve, had a lot of friends both guys and chicks and there were always people coming and going. It wasn't unusual for me to come in and find him and some chick going at it on the couch, and if I was quiet, they'd ignore me while I went to my room or watched from the kitchen.

There were other nights when I'd come in and Steve would be involved in hand to hand combat in front of the television, watching fuck flicks. This usually got no more than a slowdown in activity as I passed, Sometimes he'd even say hi, between strokes. Sometimes I hung around the kitchen, making something I didn't really want, to see how it all came out. It usually came out in a big way in Steve's case.

One evening, while checking out his jerk off technique and messing with the microwave, he got right to the point, after I'd been there for a while.

"If you want to suck me off you may as well," he said, putting his arms over the back of the couch, spreading his legs and allowing me to slip my arm around his waist while I went down on him. He'd usually sit quietly, watching fuck flicks, until he was ready, and then he'd start to gasp, use his hand on the back of my head, and raise his hips abruptly three or four times during the impending discharge. He'd get up from the couch and go to his bedroom once he was done, leaving me high and dry with hetro porn tapes running on and on.

Now this didn't happen all that often. Steve was a man that liked women. He told me that often enough. When he first came to town, I was his main source of satisfaction and he even slept in my bed when he was really horny, which was much of the time, but then he got acclimated and I found myself watching more frequently than participating, not that I minded either. It was all pretty neat because I had never lived with a straight guy before, well, almost straight.

Glenn started coming home with Steve about a year after he moved in with me. They worked together, played together, and dated some of the same girls until Glenn hooked up with Maria. I don't know what Steve had told him but he was always nice to me and he seemed like a very nice guy but we didn't spend that much time together.

First he was living with his girlfriend and then he was sleeping on our couch after his girlfriend threw him out. Then he was back with her again and she was having his baby. Glenn seemed cool enough but we'd never talked that much for me to really know him, that's until he was thrown out by his girlfriend the second time.

By the second week he was at our place I was used to him hanging around. The boy didn't have a big social life once you got past his girlfriend, and in this case she had gotten past him, or so it seemed. I came home from work early one day and he was there, watching one of Steve's porn tapes, wearing jeans and nothing more, his bare feet up on the coffee table, and his eyes open wide as he stared at the straight fucking forms on my television screen, about half a dozen women and one man as I recall. One of Steve's fantasy tapes.

I said hello but there was no reply. I went to my room to get on-line and check my email, since there was nothing to see. Before I was done, Glenn had come into my room and was standing next to my bed looking at one of my porn magazines. Since it was a gay magazine, and he made no attempt to rid himself of it, I wondered what was up with this.

"Glenn, you okay."

"Yeah," he said, turning the pages and taking time to stare into each picture for longer than it took for a superficial glance at random male genitalia.

Blue Jean Bulge by Rick Beck

It wasn't hard to see it was hard and not losing any of its vitality as he looked at men engaged in gay sex. Now, Glenn was maybe five ten and one fifty and not at all hard on the eyes in my opinion. His construction worker's body was nice if not better than most. I'd not gotten a look at more than his chest until then, but it was obvious he was equipped moderately well and for someone that looked like him, he was equipped magnificently in my opinion.

When I sat on the bed to take off my shoes and socks, he looked at me over top of the magazine.

"This is what you like," he asked in a straight neutral voice.

"Yeah, pretty much. Depends on the guy. I'm flexible. I like sucking some guys, fucking others, and some I let fuck me," I said, without making anything up or saying anything I thought might shock him out of my room.

"If I was one of your ... guy friends, what would we do?"

I tucked my shoes under the bed and looked at the slight fur where his jeans sagged below his belly button. His chest was smooth, his nipples modest, although they were more erect than most, but that could have had something to do with all the attention he was giving to sexual matters.

"With what I know about you, Glenn. Girlfriend and all, I'd probably suck you off and feel lucky for the opportunity to get that close to you."

"Why do you say the bit about feeling lucky?"

"You're a good looking guy. You've got a very nice body, and by the condition of your dick, it's more than a mouthful."

"Yeah, Maria says that too. She bites. It's okay sometimes," he said, stepping next to me as he turned a page. "I did stuff with a guy once. We ended up in bed with the same chick, you know. I guess I was eighteen, maybe nineteen. He was cool. She got up and went to work and left us there in bed. He said we should do something. We sucked each other off. I'd never done anything with a guy. It was cool though."

His erection showed no sign of yielding and he was making me hot, standing there with a gay magazine, talking about having sex with a guy. I guess a good flexible dude can only take so much. I put my hand on his dick and squeezed.

"Fuck," I said, "That's a major erection."

I left my hand there after my speech, waiting for him to declare if we were on for more or if I had reached my limit.

"Maria and I go at it every day. It's been two weeks. I'm getting to the end of my rope."

"You don't jerk off?" I asked, curious after being acquainted with Steve's routine.

"Nah, never had to. I've been fucking my brains out since I was twelve or thirteen. Never had no trouble getting laid."

"I can believe that," I said. "So why aren't you out getting laid?"

"I don't know. I don't feel like it. I hate her throwing me out every time she gets pissed. I drink, she bitches, we fight, I take a hike. It gets old."

I massaged more vigorously and between pages he looked at my happy hand and didn't mention it was on his dick. "I could do something," he said. "I'm pretty horny and all. Steve said you... I don't know... he said you helped him out when he's hard up."

"And what would you like?" I asked, unzipping his pants and reaching my hand in to find he had on no underwear. He had rich pubes and his cock flesh was hot and smooth, not to mention hard as steel.

"I can take them off," he said, and he unbuttoned the jeans and pushed them down around my hand, yanking them off one foot and then the other. He stood in front of me naked and it was a nice vision with modest amounts of hair where hair belonged and lots of curves and muscles where they looked best. I thought, if he was smart he'd never where clothes.

I leaned back on the bed and looked at him looking at me looking at him, as he stood there for inspection. Only momentarily did he put his hand up to his cock in a reflex attempt to hide it from a man's view and then he remembered what we were doing and he held out his arms so I could see everything he had, and then he turned his back on me and stood so that I could see his firm round butt before he turned back to face me again.

"That's it," he said. "Is it okay?"

"Nice," I said, unsure if I wanted to go there but knowing it was where he was taking me.

"Can we do something?" Glenn asked. "I mean if you want. I mean I want. I'm so horny I'll be out looking for it if we don't."

"Glenn, you're straight."

"I liked what I did with that guy that time. We did a sixty-nine. He wanted me to fuck him but I felt funny after we did it once. I would have done it again if I had the chance. I just never had another guy ask me."

"That's hard to believe. I'd figure guys would ask you a lot."

"They stare a lot. I don't know if they want to fight or fuck, so I ignore it. Guys are weird. You just don't know. I don't anyway."

I pulled back the covers and the sheet to reveal the bed. Glenn got on his hands and knees, crawling behind me and he slipped between the covers, letting them rest just bellow his belly button as he leaned on the plumpest pillow.

My heart was going fifty miles a minute as I wasn't used to strangers climbing into my bed after asking me for sex. I'd had a crush on Steve since I met him, so blowing him on the nights he couldn't get a date wasn't hard to do. Doing his friends hadn't been a big priority until Glenn proposed it.

I stood and finished undressing, leaving my pants beside his, and stripping out of my underwear before sliding into the bed beside him. His baby blue eyes never stopped looking and I was baffled at why he was here. I mean if he asked for a blow job to tide him over until he got back in with Maria, I'd have bought that a lot faster than I was buying this. How lucky can you get after all?

I slid my hand onto his stomach, feeling the texture of his skin as I let it move down into his pubes. He was still hard as stone and he made no move at all, leaning back and letting it happen. I leaned over toward him, peeled back the top sheet, and licked the head of his dick as he took a long deep breath.

Once I let my lips slip down on his dick he made a half a turn toward me, putting both of his hands on my back, letting one slide down to my ass. I figured out what he wanted without too much trouble. Straight guy fucks his girlfriend. Straight guy wants to fuck me. I went all the way down on him, taking my time, licking my way down to his balls first as he stretched out and left my pillow to stick his head between my legs and we did a sixty nine.

"Glenn!" I said after only a minute of his oral stimulation.

"I'm doing it wrong? I've only done it once."

"No! No you aren't doing it wrong. I'm ready to ... I'm close."

"You're going to cum already?"

"Yeah, that's pretty hot. I wasn't expecting it."

"Why not? Aren't you supposed to reciprocate if it's good sex? It's no fun just lying there. Maybe for Maria it is."

"Yeah, reciprocating is good. You're very good in fact. Just let me catch my breath. You caught me off guard."

"I'm not all that close. I can last. I mean if you want. If not I can cum when you want. I have excellent control. Maria insists that I don't cum too fast. I used to cum fast but I could always reload, you know. She doesn't like that though."

"No, I don't know. I'm done after one," I said.

"You haven't been with the right guy yet," he said, sounding sure of his information.

I wasn't wild about hairy balls but his were incredibly fragrant. He hadn't showered that day and it was just the right touch and got me going. I licked and sucked and let my tongue trace back between his legs as he wiggled away until he had his asshole in close proximity to my mouth. There was less hair there, although he had a pleasant amount everywhere. He wasn't shaved clean, leaving me wondering if it might be a girl, but Glenn was all man.

As soon as my mouth started sucking his hole, he went wild, trying to screw himself down on my tongue, moaning and groaning as he thrust his dick hard against my chest. He responded passionately to every lick and wiggling move of my tongue. Rimming him was not just an experience it was an occasion. I never had to ask if he liked it or not.

In the spirit of the reciprocal agreements his mouth clamped onto my asshole in a bold move that once again had me on the verge of a massive climax on his smooth hard chest. We rolled, and twisted, and sucked as each of us fucked the other one's tongue in a joint agreement of lust. He was incredible and it was only after I had to come up for air, that he broke contact with me for the first time since we'd begun.

As I panted and gasped for air, he rolled me onto my stomach and started to attack my ass with no warning at all. Surprisingly enough he was firm and direct but he wasn't rough or crude and once he broke through he took a pause, slipping his arms under me, and rolling me onto my side as he licked my neck, my ear, and my face, until I turned my head and his tongue did what his dick was doing.

Who was this guy?

He kissed me with as much passion as anyone I'd ever been with and while he was doing it, he slipped his dick all the way in. I didn't notice he'd slipped it all the way in until he started pulling it out, and then I wanted to object to the removal of such a fine cock, but my mouth was full of his tongue and I got lost somewhere between my brain and my dick.

After awhile he had me on my face and then on top of him and he never missed a stroke, fucking away and making me love it. He got his tongue in my ear and drove me crazy as he laid on the bed, arched his back with me on top of him lying with my back over his chest as he screwed his tongue in my ear. How he could keep fucking with me arched over top of him, I don't know and I didn't ask, but then he was behind me fucking up a storm while twisting my nipples and licking my back.

We ended up with me kneeling on the floor beside the bed and him behind me as I leaned my chest on the bed. He slowed the tempo and jerked me off in slow motion at the same time, slobbering on my back as he fucked long and easy. I could hear him panting and making soft pleasant sounds in his throat.

"Hey, wondered where you were," Steve said as he came to the open door. "We're going out right? You said you wanted to meet someone."

"Jesus, Steve, can't you see I'm busy," Glenn said.

"Yeah, well, I don't want to hang around here all evening. I prefer girls, when I can get 'em. I'll be in the living room ... waiting."

"Sorry, you're roommate is a bit of an asshole. He used to come in and talk to me and Maria while we were fucking."

"No big deal," I lied, sensing we'd lost our momentum.

He pulled out easy and reached for a Kleenex to wipe his dick before he pulled on his jeans. He slipped out of the room leaving me on my hands and my knees, wondering what had just happened.

I got up and took a shower and almost jerked off but figured I'd save it for later and I'd relive that incredible scene with Glenn. I figured you only got a half dozen surprises like that in a lifetime and I wanted to savor it if I could.

When I came out of the bathroom, drying my hair, Glenn was in the bed where it had all started, leaning back on the plump pillow.

"I was afraid there was a back door and you were going to leave me here all alone," he said, staring at me.

"I thought you were going with Steve," I said.

"Nah, just went to get a few of these before he left. That should get us through tonight," he said, holding up one blue, one red, and one gold condom. "Wouldn't want you to get pregnant or anything. Can you believe he gets colored condoms? He's such a child."

"No, I don't," I said, thinking that if I got a half a dozen surprises like this in a lifetime, this was number two in one day.

"Why don't you come to bed?" He asked, patting the place beside him. "You want me to take a shower?"

"No," I said. "You're perfect just like you are."

As I slid into the bed, Glenn kissed me, wrapping his arms around me as he pulled me onto his wonderful chest. There was no hurry, no desperation, simply two men making love in the middle of the afternoon.

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