Bonner by Rick Beck   
by Rick Beck

High School

Bonner by Rick Beck

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     Everything isn't what it seems at Grant High School. On the road to football glory, Bonner isn't the all-American boy he appears to be. An anonymous note in Coach Winger's Grant High School mailbox tells him the truth about the newly discovered star quarterback, Bonner. The coach needs to decide what to do. Would he forfeit a perfect record, a dream season and his first shot at the league championship, on the basis of an unsigned note? Who would do that? Dropping this bomb could, almost certainly would, cost him his job. It was Coach Winger's football team after all.

For my readers outside of the U.S.
     Bonner is set on American football fields. The story is not about American football, which perhaps should be called handball, except that is a whole different ballgame. This story is about desire, two boys who love each other, and a coach who must decide whether or not to allow a player to play even though he's technically ineligible. His ineligibility has nothing to do with his ability to play the game well.


Bonner by Rick Beck

Chapter One
"Dropping Bombs"

Chapter Two
"Johnson's Crush"

Chapter Three
"Truth & Consequences"

Chapter Four
"4th & Forever"

Chapter Five

Chapter Six
"We are the Champtions"

"Tad, Bonner"

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