The Gulf Between Us by Rick Beck
The Gulf Between Us
Part One of The Gulf Series
The Story of Ivan and Clay
by Rick Beck

Young Adult
Sexual Situations

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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting - Enough is Enough
    The Gulf series is dedicated to the young men and women of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland Florida. You are the tip of the spear piercing the shield the demagogues hide behind. Courage, with poise, while under fire, creates legend. Thanks for standing up to be counted.

Peace & Love,
Rick Beck


     Life in Tulsa is good. His friends live on his block. They don't do anything that exciting, but they're kids. There job is to have fun together.
     The family is uprooted and moves over a thousand miles. They'll live near a tiny town in a house on the Gulf of Mexico. The closest house is nearly a mile away. There's only one. There are no kids except for the ones living at his house.
     While testing the boundaries of his new world, he sees Ivan Aleksa. Clay decides this handsome, graceful, athletic boy is going to be his friend.
     Too scared of rejection, he hesitates. Ivan disappears. Clay's first opportunity to make a new friend, and he doesn't talk to him, but he doesn't forget him. He has no idea how he'll find this regal boy again.
     The distance between them proves not to be so great, but the question remains, why would a popular talented boy like Ivan want to be friends with the very ordinary Clay?

Chapter 1
"Tulsa Time"

Chapter 2
"Whatever Floats Your Tube"

Chapter 3
"The House by the River"

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
"Ivan's World"

Chapter 6
"Brother's and Other Strangers"

Chapter 7
"Family Planning"

Chapter 8
"Eatable Charmer"

Chapter 9
"Vilnius Two"

Chapter 10
"Being Schooled"

Chapter 11
"Fine Thin Line"

Chapter 12
"Huggers and Mothers"

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15
"Tom & Huck Build A Raft"

Chapter 16
"House Warming"

Chapter 17
"Distance, Mothers, & Time"

Chapter 18
"Big Fish"

Chapter 19
"Tender Trap"

Chapter 20
"Lost on the Wind"

Chapter 21
"Making It Happen"

Chapter 22
"Driving the Boat"

Chapter 23

Chapter 24
"Holiday Cheer"

Chapter 25

Chapter 26
"Turn, Turn, Turn"

Chapter 27
"Brothers Again"

Chapter 28
"Fish Tales"

Chapter 29
"Boy to Man"

Chapter 30
"The Future is Now"

Chapter 31
"Tick in Time"

Chapter 32

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