Lancelot and The Big Bang by Rick Beck    Lancelot & The Big Bang
by Rick Beck
Edited by Tracy
For David

Jock & Geek

Lancelot and the Big Bang by Rick Beck

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     A dorm fire at Maryland University worsens the dorm room shortage. A scramble is on to house two dozen displaced boys from the school's athletic program.
     When Lance, a dedicated soccer player, goes to room with Bang, a certified geek, neither is aware of the other's propensities or what might be coming.
     It sets up an age old battle and answers the question, can a jock and a geek inhabit the same room and live to tell the tale?
     An irreverent look at college life and dorm etiquette.


Chapter One
"Who's That Knocking"

Lancelot and The Big Bang by Rick Beck

Chapter Two

Chapter Three
"These Truths ... "

Chapter Four
"The Car"

Chapter Five
"Study Buddy"

Chapter Six
"Moving On"

Chapter Seven
"Home Sweet"

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine
"Lonesome Rider"

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