Outside the Foul Lines Book 6 A Major Success by Rick Beck    A Major Success
Book 6 of Outside the Foul Lines
by Rick Beck
For David

Young Adult
Sexual Situations

Outside the Foul Lines Book 6 A Major Success by Rick Beck

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      I didn't know what was in the envelopes when they handed the middle one to me, but it was obvious once I opened it. I looked at the contract and the amount of money, $750,000, and handed only the contract to Leon without looking back at the owner.
      Leon looked at the number, knowing the contract by heart, and he nodded as he handed the contract back to me.
      "Pen," I said, and three came toward me at the same time.

Chapter One
"Andy & Do Pass the Time"

Chapter Two
"Arm's Length"

Chapter Three
"Do Dallies"

Chapter Four
"Andy's Life, Do's Eyes"

Chapter Five
"Fire and Ice"

Chapter Six
"Apple Butter Love"

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight
"Andy's Plan"

Chapter Nine
"Boats & Planes"

Chapter Ten
"Good News Week"

Chapter Eleven
"The Do"

Chapter Twelve
"Languid Days"

Chapter Thirteen
"Cause & Effect"

Outside the Foul Lines Book 6 A Major Success by Rick Beck

Chapter Fourteen
"So This Is Christmas"

Chapter Fifteen
"Over the Ocean Blue"

Chapter Sixteen
"Family Hour"

Chapter Seventeen
"Floating Away"

Chapter Eighteen
"It's Spring"

Chapter Nineteen
"Back to Ball - Big Boy Ball"

Chapter Twenty
"Back to Ball - Louisville Ball"

Chapter Twenty-One
"Back to Ball - Good Days"

Chapter Twenty-Two
"Back to Ball - Playing the Game"

Chapter Twenty-Three
"Back to Ball - Heat & Humidity"

Chapter Twenty-Four
"Back to Ball - Too Many Shortstops"

Chapter Twenty-Five
"Back to Ball - Short a Shortstop"

Chapter Twenty-Six
"Back to Ball - First Ball Game"

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