Rising Affairs by Rick Beck   
Rising Affairs
by Rick Beck

Sexual Situations

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Rising Affairs by Rick Beck

     Three boys on a bed could be the beginning of most gay erotic stories. You have all the elements for lust, sex, and the inevitable questions that come from such teenage encounters when friends start to share their feelings. With a hot book, Teacher Tutors Her Boys, Billy has brought for them to read the door opens to the teenage world of sexual exploration.

     "I can't read any better than you can," Billy said. "Hey, Craig, you read it to us. Then I can concentrate on the action. You're on the honor roll, don't cop out on us. We need your reading skills to get the maximum benefit from this rare erotic literature that has only recently come into my possession."

Chapter One
"The Reader"

Chapter Two
"Spanking the Monkey"

Chapter Three
"Car and Driver"

Chapter Four
"Billy Sells Out"

Chapter Five
"The Real Deal"

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