East on St James by Rick Beck   
East on St James
by Rick Beck
Edited by Jerry W
For David

Young Adult

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     When people cooperate, there is no limit to what they can accomplish. Take an attorney, Dury, newly retired, and a chef and vagabond, Keith, and put them together ... well you'll see what they come up with.
     As unlikely as it seems, this meeting takes place over a tuna sandwich on a bench in a North Charleston park.
     It's all it takes for a beautiful friendship to begin.
     Dury is straight. Keith isn't. Keith is HIV+. Dury isn't. This has little to do with the story, but it's where we start.
     Dury has spent his life practicing law in New York City and Charleston, South Carolina. He is a well-to-do successful attorney. Keith doesn't think in terms of being successful. He likes to cook. As long as he can cook, he's happy. Happiness is good.
     Keith learned the tricks of his trade on the road. His longest lasting job was as chef for a New Orleans restuarant. He went from prep crew to chef, being taught by a master.
     What you have when you put Dury and Keith together is chemistry, and just maybe, a little bit of magic.

East on St James by Rick Beck

Chapter 1
"To Retire"

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
"Rattle Those Pots and Pans"

Chapter 6
"Home Sweet Home"

Chapter 7
"Reach and Grasp"

Chapter 8
"Other Half"

Chapter 9

Chapter 10
"J. Edgar and King"

Chapter 11
"Less Than Civil"

Chapter 12
"Silent Night"

Chapter 13
"Making a Comeback"

Chapter 14

Chapter 15
"Moving Day"

Chapter 16
"Final Piece"

Chapter 17
"Welcome to Pleasant Valley"

Chapter 18
"Rooms for Rent"

Chapter 19

Chapter 20
"The Fisherman & The Storyteller"

Chapter 21
"Boys Will Be Boys"

Chapter 22
"The Takeaway"

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