Taz & Kodak - Part Three - Metal Peace by Rick Beck    Taz & Kodak
Part Three - Metal Peace
by Rick Beck

  For David
  Thanks Tracy for helping to make this story come to life.
  Edited by Jerry
Taz & Kodak - Part Three - Metal Peace by Rick Beck
  Rural Montana
  Vietnam War Veterans
  Rated 13+

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  Taz is back to work on the mesa. He's accustomed to a Spartan life, leaving the jungles of Vietnam before settling in Montana. He mends fences, herds cows, and lives in a cabin with Kodak, his trusted companion. They like a life where they depend on themselves and each other to survive.
  Little does Taz know that he has been targeted by Sam Jones, head of the White Brotherhood, Taz helped bring down. Using skills he honed in Vietnam, he stops an attempted jailbreak, leading to the arrest of most of the members of the White Brotherhood.
  Out of reach, Sam Jones is determined to strike back at Taz and Gen. Walker, men Jones holds responsible for dislodging him from Montana. He employs an army sniper to right the wrong done him and his movement.
  Gen. Walker and the man he enlists for assistance must stop the would be assassin before he can do more damage.

Taz & Kodak - Part Three - Metal Peace by Rick Beck

Chapter One

Chapter Two
"The Uncertain Future"

Chapter Three
"Calling McCoy"

Chapter Four

Chapter Five
"Wild Blue Yonder"

Chapter Six
"Andy of Mayberry"

Chapter Seven
"Eye Openers"

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine
"Death's Doorway"

Chapter Ten
"Crossing All the T's"

Chapter Eleven
"Move Up"

Chapter Twelve
"Finger Pointing"

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen
"Slade Moves"

Chapter Fifteen with a Post Script
"McCoy Investigates McCoy"

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