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Story recommendations are presented in alphabetical order.

"The Corps"
by Gymnopedies
Link verified to on 24 October 2022
Taylor and Zac Hanson and Prince William FanFic
12 Chapters
WIP/CBRAI 31 May 2003
Work in Progress
Can be read as is
Added 24 October 2022
     Mark was getting impatient. He had been waiting for over an hour for them to reach their decision. It was not as though they had any choice. The boy would have to be trained. William's powers had already begun to appear and before long people were going to get hurt and probably even killed. Admittedly this was an awkward situation; if the heir-in-waiting to the British throne was to suddenly disappear, even for a short time, it was going to cause a bit of a stir. But that was their problem. It would cause a much bigger stir if the heir-in-waiting to the throne were to suddenly burst into flames in public, possibly taking several bystanders with him. And that was the least that was likely to happen with someone with latent abilities as strong as William's.


"JC's Hitchhiker"
by Writer Boy (Joel)
Link verified to on 2 July 2018
N-Sync FanFic
126 Chapters
Completed 1 September 2002
Added 14 Jan 2012 (archived)
     To say that I was enraptured, entranced, captivated, enamored, possessed, mesmerized, spellbound, and in general hooked on this story is an extreme understatement! Joel takes his readers on one hell of a ride. With his amazing writing of the story, you're made to feel like you're right there with the celebrity stars of N-Sync ... from the recording studio to the stage ... but more importantly ... from the day to day lives of living as a celebrity ... in love. The drama portrayed by this story is boundless! There's love, of course, then there's hate, denial, disgust, religion, physical abuse, rape, adoption and more! I literally became a hermit until I finished this story. It rates VERY high on my recommended list of stories you just have to read. If you're not into boy bands ... just look past it ... the plot is incredible. My hat's off to Joel for an absolutely wonderful "must-read" story!


Midlands of Nowhere
by Dean Lidster
Hanson FanFic
5 stories

"A Date with Taylor Hanson"
    My first story - how I met Tay on the Eurostar and the relationship that developed.
A complete story in 13 Chapters
13,767 words
First Published 6 January 1998

"Touring with Hanson"
    Somehow I end up being whisked along with the Hanson Trio on the English leg of their tour. Mix in one of my friends and you have a recipe for moderate chaos ...
A complete story in 18 Chapters
First Published 15 February 1998

"Zac and Mac"
    I may as well say that chronologically this happens after Hanson have returned from the UK in "Touring with Hanson", but before they go back in "The Exchange" - Christmas time, I suppose...
A complete story in 1 Chapter
3,204 words
First Published 23 February 1998

"The Exchange"
    Hanson in an English Public School? Good Lord ...
A complete story in 34 Chapters
First Published 6 April 1999

"Better Than a Dream"
    The story, when it concerns the relationship between myself and Lee, is very nearly true-to-life, however everything else took place in my mind only (unfortunately!)
An uncomplete story in 4 Chapters
17,361 words
First Published 3 June 1999


"Tests of Blood"
by Allen Smithee
Valdemar FanFic
46 Chapters
Completed 12 June 2009
Sadly this work is no longer online - It is listed here in the hope that somebody finds it one day.
     "Tests of Blood" is the story of Dalen Ashkevron, about one hundred years into the future of Mercedes Lackey's world of Valdemar. Dalen Ashkevron must live under the weight of his famous ancestors.
     I have yet to read any of the Mercedes Lackey books, but I'm eyeing them pretty close on Amazon. As for this story, wow. I am impressed. I think you will be too.


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