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by Jevic
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Chapter Six
"Heir of Responsibility"

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The Magic Behind the Magic by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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"In top stories this evening, the BBC has learned that a suicide car bomb attack was launched against the cast of the latest Harry Potter movie, currently under production here in London. According to reports, the car refused to stop for routine security checks and accelerated on to the set, colliding with the trailers the cast use while on location and exploded on impact. Leaked information by sources close to the production team claim that the car was aimed directly for Daniel Radcliffe's trailer. Daniel, who stars as Harry Potter in the immensely popular Harry Potter movie series, was seen shortly after the explosion, but has since gone missing. Inquires as to his whereabouts have yet to provide results and calls to his residence in Surry went unanswered. The BBC contacted the Metropolitan Police for a statement regarding the incident. A spokesperson for the police said that no reports concerning Mr. Radcliffe or any intelligence pointing to the motives behind the attack have been received, and the matter was being treated with the highest priority." Don hit the power button on the remote control and turned to Ceenta.

"I'm afraid our guest is quite popular." Ceenta grunted. "We're going to have to get him back home."

"Not before we have our little talk."

"You can be an ass sometimes."

"It wasn't me that whacked him with a curse. It was that stupid KGB assassin," Ceenta said. Then as an after thought, he added, "I should have known better than to send that bugger."

"Yes you should have. What's the boy done anyway?" asked Don.

"He's casting real spells! Right there on the big screen! Prancing around in a cloak and waving his wand. If he exposes our world it would, well, you know the remembrance celebration we just had? It'd be Salem all over again, but this time it'd be on our side of the pond. I won't let that happen!"

"Is that all you're pissed off about? Come on. He's just a kid and it's just a movie. Gimme a break!" Don said hotly as he stood to look out the window. He only stood there a second before Ceenta roughly grabbed his arm and spun him around. Ceenta's vampire eyes glowed red with anger. He pulled his lover right up to his face.

"You forget my young American lover. I was there. I saw friends hanged and even pressed to death. Humans can not accept the existence of the magical world. They don't accept anything that's different from the norm. Hell, look at what the American's are doing to the gays. They're gonna pass a constitutional amendment barring any rights whatsoever! And that's just because of who they love. Now imagine how they would react to a real live wizard, let alone a real live wizard who's also a three hundred fifty year old vampire!"

"You're only three hundred and twenty-six," said Don coyly.

"Don't take this lightly, love. I've seen the looks on peoples' faces. They were terrified. And when a mob of scared people react, it isn't very pretty."

"I understand your concern, Ceenta. I really do, but this is just a movie. People don't realize that some of the spells are real. Besides, you'd have to know exactly how to say them and you'd have to know the thoughts and feelings behind them, plus you have to have a good grasp on magical auras. I remember how difficult it was for me to learn what I know, and I'm a wizard. The fact that this lady author just happened to write some spells that just happen to be real doesn't mean the general public is going to start blasting each other. I really think you're overreacting." Ceenta sighed deeply and turned from his lover. He walked back over and sat down on the couch and continued. "It's bad enough that stupid Malin sent a car bomb. Can you believe that? A car bomb! The man's a menace and I'd kill him this instant if it weren't for Starr."

"Ah, now we get the truth!" said Don as he sat down next to Ceenta. "Why didn't you just say so in the beginning?"

"Because I really do feel strongly about our world getting too much publicity. Before you know it, people will be practicing dark magic again."

"I don't think a simple movie is going to do that."

"Think about it, Don. Just stop and think about it. The more and more people become obsessed with magic, the more and more it's on their minds. Hell, there's even Harry Potter toothpaste! With all this talk of magic, there's going to be a resurgence of interest in dark magic. We've lived peaceful lives for well over a hundred years. If there is a new rise of the dark, humans will be killed. And then they'll come after us. That's not something I want to see happen to our world!" Ceenta stood up abruptly. "We have a great responsibility here." Don looked up from the sofa.

"You have a great responsibility."

"No, we do. You are my mate and we are one. This is our responsibility," Ceenta said firmly. Don stood and walked to the window. He looked out over the vast acres of the estate and gathered his thoughts. He spoke in a soft, but firm voice.

"Merlin gave it to your family," he said as he turned toward Ceenta. "As you are the sole heir, it is indeed yours, but I will stand beside you and help you shoulder that responsibility. That is my right and my duty as your mate."

"The responsibility placed upon my forefathers during the sixth century is something I take very seriously." Don and Ceenta embraced and held each other tightly. The true gravity of the situation had made itself clear. They kissed deeply.

"I must go see Daniel now."

"But what about this whole Starr thing?" asked Don.

"What do you mean?"

"He wasn't just thrown to the street for being gay."

"Oh, that."

"Yes, that."

"He's a good kid," said Ceenta as he headed for the door.

"And a good actor," added Don.

"Daniel makes a better Harry Potter though. You said that yourself."

"True. It's just a shame Starr's father is such an ass."


"Are you going to tell Daniel about Malin?" Ceenta paused at the door and turned to Don.

"I don't know. I just don't want to see things get out of hand. That's all." Don smiled and nodded. Ceenta walked out of the room and headed for their guest's bedroom.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Will did his best to calm Tom. He held his friend tightly and kept telling him it was going to be all right. The telepathic message Tom had received from Daniel came as a shock to both boys. Neither one had ever experienced anything like that before. While there was knowledge of certain witches and wizards having the ability, it was not a common ability. Between the gut wrenching sobs, Tom explained that the voice was Daniel. There was no mistake in Tom's mind. The words he heard came from Daniel. While they affirmed that Daniel was alive, they also told Tom that Daniel was in trouble and scared. The really troubling question was how Daniel suddenly had the ability to send telepathic messages. As Will comforted his friend, he pondered these questions in his mind.

The sudden flash of the television in the corner caught both boys' attention. They looked over and watched intently as the screen slowly started to glow. As the image became visible, Tom talked first.

"Hey, dad."

"Hi, son. Hi, Tom. Sorry to take so long, but I did find some more information." Tom's ears perked up and he listened intently. "Nickoli Pertrosika was a top KGB Assassin until a few years ago. He got a little, ah, too passionate in his work. Instead of just killing his target, he would often mutilate them beyond recognition." Tom cringed at the words. "The KGB didn't like that at all, so they pulled him from the field and assigned him to training duties only. About a week ago, it was reported that he had gone missing. I've finally been able to follow up with some wizard contacts at the KGB. It seems that Nickoli was having regular conversations with a wizard named Malin. Have either of you every heard of him?" Both boys shook their heads. "Well, right then. The only thing I know about Malin is from rumors, so it's nothing solid. From what I've heard, he's a rather nasty chap with a predisposition for power. Rumors are that he's practicing dark magic. And that he has regular contact with known terrorists. Sorry to have to give you this news, but I thought you would need every bit of information to try and find Daniel."

"It's Ok, dad. Would you see if you can find out any more information about Malin?" asked Will.

"Sure, son. I strongly suggest you contact the regional governors about Daniel's disappearance."

"They're a bunch of bumbling old fools, dad. They'd be lucky to cast a binding spell."

"Son, you shouldn't talk about the governors like that. They are well respected and even though they are, ah, a little dimwitted at times, I think it would be best to have every one we know working to find Daniel, don't you?" Tom sighed and nodded in agreement.

"Ok, dad. We'll contact them."

"I'll be back in touch as soon as I hear anything else. Take care boys." The TV screen popped, flashed and then went black.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Daniel's hearing detected the soft footsteps even before his new sense of awareness did. He tried to open his eyes, but the intense light still hurt like fury. He tried to raise his hand to shield them, but was once again assaulted with intense pain. As the footsteps grew closer, his sense of awareness told him that a very powerful person was approaching. Escape was at the top of his mind. He wished he could disappear from all of this. Fear swept over him like an avalanche as the footsteps stopped just outside the door. Daniel's intense fear turned to terror as his mind raced like a supercomputer. As the door handle turned, another new ability kicked in.

Daniel's awareness told him that a handsome young blond haired man dressed in all black had entered the room. He immediately sensed the magical aura around the man. It glowed with a subtle intensity. Daniel suddenly became aware of his point of view and it caused a shiver of fright to run down his spine. The room was spread out below him as if he were seeing it from the ceiling. His sense of awareness broke through the fright and told him someone was looking directly at him.

"I see your abilities are maturing nicely," the smooth deep voice said. "Just relax a bit and you'll return to the bed. I will not hurt you and I apologize for the manner in which you were brought here. The man who treated you so badly has been dealt with harshly. You are safe here, Daniel. Just relax your mind and you'll find yourself back on the bed." The voice was friendly and radiated with genuine concern, but Daniel found it very hard to relax. Too much bad had happened and the memory of the pain was still fresh on his mind.

"The pain you are experiencing is normal. I know it hurts to even move, but if you will allow me to help, I can remove all the pain. You must trust me, Daniel. I know you find that hard to do, but I assure you I only want to help. Please try to relax." The words and their smooth comforting tone finally penetrated the fear and Daniel relaxed. In mere seconds, he found himself back on the bed.

"Very good, Daniel. Thank you for your trust. I'm going to make the pain go away now and we can have a little chat. Please just relax. You'll feel a little prick on your neck, but that's necessary for you to heal." Daniel visibly tensed for a moment, but willed himself to relax. He really did want the pain to go away. He felt a warm breath on his face, then lips on his neck and seconds later, the prick of a bite. His body's pain instantly started to disappear, starting from the point of the bite. The pain was being replaced by a warm, comfortable feeling.

"There. You should feel much better. I'll close the blinds a bit. I'm sure your eyes are still quite sensitive." Daniel listened as the man moved to the window and closed the drapes. Moments later he was back at the bedside. "Now, open your eyes slowly, Daniel. There should be no pain." The eye lids refused to move with the memory of the pain still fresh. Daniel struggled against the resistance and finally opened his eyes. He was greeted with the incredibly handsome young blond haired man. He appeared to be about twenty-five and had the face of a model. The man smiled at Daniel.

"Good. Much better. Why don't you sit up. There's a glass of water on the bedside. I'm sure you're thirsty." Daniel slowly pushed himself up and the man helped by placing another pillow behind his head. The glass of water was offered and Daniel took it greedily. He gulped half of the cool water down his parched throat. "Easy, not too much. Just sip it." Daniel took another sip and started to ask a question.

"Daniel. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ceenta and you my young friend, have just gone through a transformation." Daniel frowned in question to the statement. "You're not who you once were anymore. Today, you begin your life as a vampire."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Note from the author: So the "transfusion" was a whole lot more than just a simple sharing of blood. Things have changed for Daniel. He certainly seems to be developing some new powers and senses. I'm sure there are more to come. Tom and Will are following all the leads they can to find Daniel, even contacting the bumbling idiot regional governors. Tom is still devastated at his loss of Daniel. Next chapter will see an emergence of dark wizardry.

And now we have some insight as to why Ceenta is upset with Daniel and Tom. We also learned that he is heir to the immense responsibility bestowed upon his family by Merlin himself. And who is Starr? How will he fit into the story? And Malin is back in the mix. Things are certainly starting to heat up. Hang on! The next few chapters promise to make for a bumpy ride.

Thanks to Dav and Code for help with the plot. And special thanks to MeTA4 for help with the plot and with the BBC news story!

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