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Behind the Magic

by Jevic
The Tarheel Writer

The Magic Behind the Magic by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer

Rated PG 13+

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This story is one hundred percent ficton. In no way does the author suggest, alude to or imply the sexual orientation of its characters or the real life cast and crew of the Harry Potter film series. JK Rowling had the wonderful creatitive gift to create the Harry Potter name and story. Talented actors and actresses and Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc. have the wonderful creative magic to bring it to life on screen. The Tarheel Writer created this story and is completely fiction.

This story is not yet complete.

Chapter One
The Kiss

Chapter Two

Chapter Three
The Power Behind the Power

Chapter Four
Beginnings ... Good and Bad

Chapter Five
From Light to Dark

Chapter Six
Heir of Responsibility

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight
A Personal Attack

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten
And the Plot Thickens

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve
Bad News

Chapter Thirteen
All Good Things

Chapter Fourteen
Moment of Truth

Chapter Fifteen
The Calm Before the Storm

Chapter Sixteen
Coming Soon!

Magic Spells Used in the Story

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