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Chapter Fourteen
"Moment of Truth"

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The Magic Behind the Magic by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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Will sat alone on the veranda. The revelry inside continued despite his absence. The sun had set a few moments ago and the entire estate was slowly getting darker. The clouds just over the tips of the trees reflected a fiery red as the sun dipped below the horizon. Now the color had turned, appropriately, blood red. He looked out across the vast forest below and listened to the crickets. Off in the far distance, he could barely make out the sound of the river, but it was soon drowned out by the sounds of laughter wafting from the open French doors. He knew everyone inside was happy and having a great time. Will, on the other hand, was mired deep in thought. A frown creased his forehead as his thoughts whipped themselves into a whirlwind.

Since meeting Starr, everything he knew about himself had been ripped apart and put back together in an entirely different fashion. He liked girls. That was never a question, until … yes, until he met Starr. Suddenly his world had been turned upside down. He didn't have a problem with gay people. He considered Daniel and Tom to be among his best friends. He was alright with it, as long as it wasn't him. But now it was him. Will's problem was that he had no control over any of it. No one asked him about it. No one asked what he wanted. No one asked for his opinion. The change just happened. Could it be undone? Could he make it go away? Did he even want it to go away? There was just something about Starr that stirred feelings he never felt before. It made him uneasy. The feelings were strange, yet at the same time, they were comforting. Those feelings were far from a quickly passing fancy, they were strong, stronger than any other feeling Will had ever experienced. And the kiss had been like a bolt of lightning. It hit him squarely between the eyes then rocketed straight to his groin glancing off every pleasure center in Will's body on the way. He drew a quick breath as the memory washed over him. The tingle between his legs was a testament to the vivid memory.

"Acceptance is a difficult thing." Will snapped his head around and saw Starr standing in the yellow ribbon of light in front of the French doors. More laughter came from inside. Will turned his gaze back to the darkening forest and ignored the comment. This was just too confusing and the main source of the confusion was not what Will needed at the moment. Starr moved slowly to the bench and sat down. Will steeled himself for more comments, but Starr remained silent. Will could feel the warmth radiate off the beautiful young man that sat next to him.

"Beautiful?" he thought to himself. "Did I just say beautiful?" Will sighed a deep sigh. Starr did too. Will crossed his legs at the ankles and leaned back on the bench. Starr did too. They sat together on the veranda, not saying anything, and just gazed out into the night. As the chill in the air grew, the warmth in Will's heart grew as well. He just could not deny the feelings that were literally coursing through his body. His jeans tightened between his legs as the blood rushed in, swelling his manhood. He blushed. It was the last thing he needed right now.

Starr stood suddenly and walked over to the stone wall surrounding the veranda. He leaned against it and looked out into the night. A whole new wave of desire rushed over Will as he gazed at Starr's well defined body, in particular, Starr's well defined boy butt. He groaned in frustration. Starr turned and faced Will. He leaned back on the wall and crossed his arms on his chest. Will looked hungrily at the huge bulge in Starr's pants.

"You are fighting nature, Will. Just let it happen. I know I want you and from the looks of the lump in your pants, you want me too. So just let it happen." The darkness of the veranda hid the blush on Will's face. It also gave him something unexpected … courage. Will started to stand, but Starr met him and gently pushed him back down on the bench. Will looked up into Starr's piercing blue eyes. He knew he was putty in Starr's hands and, truth be known, he couldn't care less. Starr held out his hands, palms up. Will involuntarily swallowed. He tentatively reached out and grasped the offered hands. The skin was warm, almost hot to the touch and it sent a shiver of excitement though Will's body. Starr gently pulled Will to his feet. Starr's body radiated warmth as Will was drawn to within inches of contact. The two boys stood on the veranda and gazed into each other's eyes. Will's heart was pounding in his chest. Memories of that first kiss lingered and gave Will the desire to want it again. Starr stood still, wanting Will to make the first move. He held his breath as Will moved closer. They could feel each other's warm breath on their faces as they drew closer. Will had never wanted something so bad in his life. All doubts eroded away and he leaned in and his lips made contact. The bolt of lightning came again. Will wrapped his arms around Starr and pulled him as close as he could while he crushed his lips against the sensuous warmth that welcomed them.

"Hey, you guys should …" Don stopped in mid sentence. He looked on as the two boys dissolved into a world of their own. Don blushed despite himself as he witnessed the deep desire that only two young virile males can exude. He looked on for a moment more until he felt that all too familiar stirring between his own legs. Don slipped quietly back inside.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

An obviously frail man, clad in what could only be described as a monk's robe, moved down a dark corridor, shuffling his aged feet. The hem of his robe brushed against the rough stone floor as he made his way toward a very old ornate door. Sandaled feet scuffed to a stop. A gnarled old hand reached out and slowly pushed the heavy, hand carved door aside. The tattered hem of his robe flowed over the polished marble floor quickly. First he removed the handcuffs. Then with a flick of his wand, the fireplace roared to life. With a nod from the man under the woolen hood, the shivering young boy scooted over next to the fire. The naked boy timidity looked back at the hooded figure. The old man flicked his wand again. Clothes appeared in the chair by the fire. The man nodded again and the boy got dressed. The old man watched as the boy's almost blue lips slowly turned back into a healthy pink. After buttoning the last button, the boy looked up and offered his thanks with a slight smile and a nod.

"Leave quickly if you value your life," the old man whispered. The wild-eyed youth scrambled out the door and didn't look back. The old man turned and looked down at an almost equally old man asleep on the floor. He sighed and shook his head in disgust. Roughly kicking an almost empty bottle of rum out of the way, he leaned down and shook the sleeping man's shoulder.

"What?" came the grumbled response.

"The bed would be a much better place to sleep."

"Huh?" The old man on the floor looked up through bleary red eyes. "Oh, it's you." The hooded figure helped the old man off the floor and into the bed. Malin's face suddenly grew ashen. He rolled to the side of the bed, vomited onto the floor then rolled onto his back and passed out, vomit spittle sliding down from the corner of his mouth. The hooded figure looked on in repulsion. He quickly turned and left the room. Shuffling down the corridor, the old man was suddenly full of resolve. Year after year he had taken care of his employer's personal needs. Year after year he had become hardened to the evils, but the sight of the naked young boy handcuffed to the wall beside the bed was more than he could take. Something had to be done. Someone had to be contacted. Somebody had to do something … and soon. He vowed to himself that the sun would not set on the day without the heir of responsibility knowing first hand what evils were being done.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The reunion had gone well and everyone was happy. Ceenta had entertained everyone with tales that only a three hundred twenty six year old vampire could tell. As the revelry slowly died down, Ceenta and Don retired to their suite. Starr and Will had retired as well and Tom found himself alone with Daniel on the couch. This was the true moment of truth for Tom. This was the moment he was most scared about. This was the moment that would decide the future of his relationship with the boy he was both desperately in love with and the boy from whom he feared for his very life.

"Before you say anything, Tom," Daniel began, "I'm not going to bite you. I just couldn't do that. I love you too much. You are my world, Tom. You are what makes life worth living."

"But you're not living. You're dead. You're a vampire and you only exist by taking the lives of innocent people." Daniel slumped back on to the couch in defeat, but Tom was far from through. "How can you do it, Daniel? How can you kill someone? How can you take an innocent life?" Daniel stood abruptly and walked over to the fireplace. Tom remained on the couch, but continued his verbal attack. "What happens when you have to kill to survive? How do you decide who's going to die? Huh? And what happens when you let yourself go too long? What happens to the people around you who are still alive? What happens when you get the blood thirst? What happens when I'm the only meal available?!?"

"I DON'T KNOW!" Daniel shouted. A pin could be heard if it fell to the floor. "I-I've never done it," he whispered.

"BULLSHIT! Fifty men attacked this estate and they all were killed!" Daniel whirled around and faced the blond boy on the couch.

"That was for protection. That was for survival!" Daniel insisted. "Ceenta tells me the hunger will come, but so far, it hasn't," he said much more softly.

"What happens when it does? Will your fangs suddenly appear and I all of a sudden start to look like filet mignon?" Tom stood up from the couch. Tears were streaming down his face. "I love you Daniel Radcliffe! I'd die for you, but I will not be a meal for you!"

"No one's going to be a meal," said a sleepy Ceenta. He was only wearing boxers and a tee shirt, so he moved over to the fire to get warm.

"Sorry, we didn't mean to wake you," Daniel said quietly.

"Go. Go sit next to Tom." Daniel hesitated then moved over and sat on the far side of the couch leaving as much room as possible between himself and Tom.

"This was a mistake," Tom said softly. Ceenta sighed deeply.

"It's never been easy for a human to understand much less, accept a vampire as a friend. In fact, I can't recall ever hearing of a vampire having a human as a lover."

"That's because they all got killed," Tom mumbled.

"I have a solution." Tom raised an eyebrow. "Not that I want to, Tom, but I could change you as well." Tom stood quickly, reached inside his shirt, pulled out a cross and held it up.

"Stay back! I should have known better than to come here. You just want to bite me. That's all you bloodsuckers want!" Tom wildly waved the cross back and forth between Ceenta and Daniel.

A loud clap of thunder shook the house down to its foundation. It was immediately followed by another. Ceenta disappeared into a cloud of smoke. A tall dark figure appeared out of the smoke. Standing ten feet tall and dressed in a black robe and hood, the figure towered over the boys. Tom stumbled back a few steps then held up his cross again. The figure reached an arm out and the cross flew from Tom's hand to the figure's hand. Then Tom whipped out his wand. It too went flying through the air and ended up in the figure's grasp. Daniel started toward Tom but was suddenly frozen solid. Not one muscle would move. He could only watch in horror as the figure reached out his hand again. Small bolts of lightning raced from the figure's fingertips and danced about Tom's head. Then the voice came in a deep rumbling tone.

"Perceptum. Accipio conscienta." (understand, accept knowledge)

The words were instantly followed by another double crack of thunder. A bright flash of light filled the room and once again Ceenta was standing before the fire.

"W-what happened?" he stammered. A smile crept across Tom's face. He turned to look at Daniel. He confidently walked over to his lover, leaned his head to the side and exposed his neck.

"Bite me." Daniel staggered back a step. Tom took a step forward. "Bite me, now." Daniel stood still. "BITE ME!" Tom insisted. Daniel glanced at Ceenta who was just as surprised. Tom took Daniel into his arms. "Bite me, Daniel. I trust you. Now, bite me." Daniel slowly nuzzled his face against Tom's neck. His vampire savvy immediately sensed the blood flowing just beneath the skin. Daniel gently kissed Tom's neck right over the carotid artery and was flushed with overwhelming desire. Ceenta watched as Daniel's eyes turned red. "Take me, Daniel," Tom whispered. Daniel opened his mouth and fangs instinctively dropped down. He hovered over the pulsing flesh for a moment then bit down.

Tom tensed as the razor sharp fangs sunk easily through his flesh into the artery. A feeling of intense pleasure washed over him as Daniel sucked at his neck. It was a pleasure so passionate that he groaned in ecstasy.

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