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Behind the Magic

by Jevic
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Chapter Fifteen
"The Calm Before the Storm"

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The Magic Behind the Magic by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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Clothes littered the floor of the guest suite as Will lay back on the silk sheets. All feelings of doubt disappeared as the vision of pure beauty moved silently onto the bed and hovered over him. Will's eyes soaked in the naked smooth skin. Starr's piercing blue eyes twinkled in the moonlight as he slowly lowered himself toward Will. The first skin to skin contact was between two throbbing shafts of hard flesh. Will gasped out loud. Starr lowered himself farther until he lay completely on top of Will. The warmth Will felt on the veranda paled in comparison. Starr's long black hair fell softly around Will's face as lips met lips in a passionate kiss. Their tongues engaged in a timeless battle, a battle fought over and over since the beginning of time. Will wrapped his arms around Starr and held him tightly. Even though the room was actually cool, both boys were sweating. Will pushed up with his hips, grinding himself against Starr. As the kiss broke, Will looked up into Starr's eyes.

"I never knew it could be like this," he panted. Starr smiled a lustful smile.

"And it gets even better," he whispered. Starr's tongue raked over Will's right nipple, lapping erotically at the hardening flesh. Will's groan urged Starr on. The hot tongue continued its assault on Will's smooth chest. The nipple hardened rapidly under the sensuous attack. The fingers of both of Will's hands raked through Starr's silky smooth hair, pushing him closer. Starr could feel each of Will's heartbeats as they pulsed through the throbbing tube of flesh that was leaking all over his chest in anticipation. Starr's hands rubbed roughly over Will's chest. He tugged and kneaded at the other nipple, bringing on another groan from Will. Starr's tongue swirled south, passing over tight muscles ending up at the belly button. Starr felt a warm wetness on his chin. It was the wetness of seven throbbing inches of everything that makes Will a male. Starr's tongue briefly left the hard muscles of Will's stomach and curled around the spongy hardness of Will's boyhood. Starr greedily lapped up the clear liquid then briefly took the head into his mouth. He released it with a "pop" sound. Will let out yet another groan. Starr breathed in deeply through his nose, taking in the scent of the boy that swept him off his feet. Never had he had such desire. Starr took the whole throbbing shaft deeply into his throat. His moist red lips were stretched to the max as he buried his nose in Will's soft brown bush. He felt Will's hands on the back of his head pushing him down ever further. The thick throbbing tube of boyhood cut off Starr's air supply, but he didn't care. He finally had Will where he wanted him. One of the most personal things one human being can do for another caused Starr's own boyhood to ooze a huge glob of sticky liquid onto the smooth silk sheets. He clasped his hands against the clenched muscles of Will's butt and pulled him closer, forcing Will's boyhood deeper into his throat. Starr rocked his head from left to right, savoring the hot rigid flesh in his throat. With each movement, his chin raked across the soft hairs covering Will's taught ball sack. Another spurt of sticky clear liquid spread onto the silken softness of the sheets as a long groan came from Will's lips. Starr worked back up to the spongy head, swirled his tongue, then dove back down. He repeated the movement two more times before his mouth was flooded with Will's essence.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Across the hall, Tom and Daniel were cuddled under similar silken sheets catching their breath. The sheen of sweat on both of their bodies cooled them quickly and Daniel pulled the sheets up to cover them.

"I've missed this so much," whispered Daniel.

"I've missed you, Daniel," Tom whispered back. "I guess the fear of the unknown was what kept me away. I was scared. I only had what I knew from reading and from the movies and they don't paint a very nice picture of vampires. They're always the bad guys."

"Kinda like gay people," mused Daniel.


"People who don't know any better fear gay people because they don't understand. People naturally fear what they don't understand."

"Makes sense."

"The regional governors are another prime example. They don't understand Ceenta so they fear him. People don't like to be afraid, so they try to get rid of what they fear. That's why the governors hate Ceenta. That's why people hate gays."

"And that's what kept me away from you," Tom said sadly. "Fear."

"Tell me again what happened in front of the fire?" asked Daniel.

"I've no idea At first I was scared to death, but then I suddenly knew and understood. It was an amazing revelation."

"You didn't see lightning bolts?"

"Lightning bolts? What lightening bolts?" Daniel chuckled.

"Tom, when the man reached his hand out toward you, lightning bolts came from his fingers and hit you in the head."

"No shit?"

"No shit."

"Who was he?" asked Tom, sitting up and leaning back against the headboard.

"I have an idea, but I want to ask Ceenta first," Daniel explained as he too sat up. He leaned his head on Tom's shoulder and continued. "He said that he was the responsibility and the inheritor."

"You don't think that was …?" exclaimed Tom. Daniel nodded his head

"There's only one person that is the inheritor; only one person who started it all … Merlin himself."

"But why would Merlin show up and zap me so I understand? That doesn't make any sense at all." Daniel frowned and nodded in agreement.

"No, it doesn't make sense. That's why we need to talk with Ceenta." Tom snuggled down in the silk sheets and latched his lips to Daniel's left nipple. The movie star groaned and arched his back pushing his chest toward Tom wanting more. Tom raked his tongue over the hardening nipple.

"Bite me again, Daniel. I've never, ever felt anything so powerful." Daniel grinned a wicked grin and flashed his fangs. Tom whimpered and turned his head, offering his neck to his lover.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ceenta and Don were enjoying their coffee on the veranda. Forty feet below, Allaoua was enjoying some morning laps in the pool. The birds were singing their morning song and all seemed well in the world. Giggling sounds alerted the masters of the house that they were about to be joined. The both turned and watched as Starr and Will came out on the veranda with their arms around each other and grins plastered all over their faces.

"I see someone enjoyed their evening," Don said with a wicked smile. The pair of young boys looked up.

"Immensely," Will said with a smile.

"And I thought you were straight," chuckled Don.

"Honey, I'm as gay as gay gets. This stud has convinced me that my wrists are limp and I suddenly have a whole lot of fashion sense." Starr burst out laughing. Ceenta and Don laughed as well. Sarduri appeared and smiled a knowing smile at the two new lovers.

"Would you like breakfast, young masters?" he said with a bow.

"I am famished," gushed Tom as he unceremoniously plopped down into a lounge chair, pulling Starr with him. They landed in a heap.

"I understand rigorous monkey sex can do that," smirked Sarduri. Will turned fourteen shades of red as Sarduri disappeared to prepare breakfast. Seconds later, Tom and Daniel made their appearance.

"Tom, you're looking a bit pale this morning," Ceenta said with some concern.

"If you'd been bit five times in one night, you'd be pale too," Tom said with a chuckle. Daniel blushed while everyone else laughed.

A dripping wet fourteen year old slid across the polished stones of the veranda and came to a stop as he hit the lounge chair. He tumbled forward and ended up in the middle of Daniel and Tom. Wide eyes looked up into green eyes and gray eyes.

"Harry! Draco!" he exclaimed. Gathering his wits, Allaoua quickly struggled to his feet. "Sorry," he said sheepishly. Daniel stood quickly and pulled the boy into a hug.

"Remember, Allaoua, we're only Harry and Draco in the movies. He's Tom and I'm Daniel." Allaoua gulped and blushed. He hung his head a moment then looked back up excitedly.

"Can I see your Nimbus 2000?" Daniel rolled his eyes. It was a glorious morning at the Vladimir Estate. The sun shone brightly. The bacon and eggs were perfect. The conversation was light and the company was good. The looming troubles were all but forgotten. Tom was back with Daniel. Will had found what was missing in his life. Allaoua was safe from Malin's kidnappers. Starr, despite his father's cruel torture was happy again. Yes, everything seemed to be right with the world … for the moment. It was the calm before the inevitable storm.

"Ceenta, I wanted to ask you something," Daniel said as he caught Ceenta by the arm. The rest of the group was making their way toward showers and fresh clothes.

"Sure, Daniel. What's up?"

"Last night," Daniel started as he pulled Ceenta toward to veranda wall. The young actor and the vampire leaned against the cool stone. "Last night, the man that appeared in front of the fireplace … do you remember?"

"I don't remember anything that happened, Daniel. I wish I did, but I don't. Actually, I'm glad you asked. Tom certainly changed his, ah, view on things when it was all over." Daniel smiled as he remembered the night before.

"You disappeared into a cloud of smoke and a man appeared. He focused his attention on Tom. I tried to protect him, but I couldn't move. Then lightning bolts came from the man's fingers and hip Tom in the head." Ceenta eyes grew wide. "Then he said something like Perceptum, Accipio conscienta." Ceenta gasped.

"That's a very old spell. It means something like accept knowledge." Daniel nodded.

"He also said that he was the responsibility and the inheritor." At this point, Ceenta staggered back from the wall and sank into a nearby chair. "If I'm not too far off the mark, I'd say the man was …"

"Merlin," Ceenta said breathlessly.

"Exactly." Ceenta stood abruptly. He walked back over to the wall and looked out at the vast forest that made up his estate. Daniel was suddenly concerned by the shocked look on Ceenta's face.

"Daniel," Ceenta said slowly as he turned to face the young actor. "This is big." Daniel nodded in agreement. "I mean, this is really big. Something has happened to bring Merlin back. I mean, he's always been here, but he's never made an appearance. I'm going to have to think about this. I know I'm the heir of the responsibility, his responsibility. And I know that responsibility has been passed down through the ages, but never in the history of my family has Merlin himself made an appearance."

"Perhaps it has to do with dark magic and Malin," suggested Daniel.

"No, I don't think so. Merlin came and directed his attention to Tom. He cast a spell so Tom would understand … you." Ceenta turned and faced Daniel. "This has to do with you, Daniel. He wouldn't show up just to make someone understand vampires." Ceenta grabbed Daniel by the shoulders. He was almost in a panic.


"Daniel, don't you see. Merlin came because of you! He wants you to be happy. I don't know why, but it all points to that. You are important to the inheritance."

"He came because of me?" whispered Daniel. Ceenta sighed and looked out again at the forest.

"Yes. I'm convinced out it now. Somehow, Daniel, you fit into the grand scheme of things. Somehow, you are going to make a difference in the inheritance. There can be no other explanation."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A hooded figure made his way down the long drive. Weeds grew through the cracks and vines had overtaken the once ornate shrubbery. The figure's face was set with a frown. Wisps of gray hair blew gently in the morning air as he reached the front gate. He looked back for a moment at the castle that had been his home and his place of employment for more than fifty years. There was no regret and no remorse as he clanged the gate shut behind him. Everything had been fine until Starr had come of age and declared his orientation. That's when things started to go downhill. The staff slowly, one by one, quit due to the master's volatile anger. He was the only one left. Now the master would be on his own. As the old man made his way down the sidewalk he couldn't help but wonder why his master had become so angry. Surely, no parent wants a gay child, but you still love them no matter what. It's the hard life ahead of them that you worry about, not your own reputation. The old man shrugged his shoulders and sighed a deep sigh. Everything he knew, everything that was comfortable, everything that was home … he was leaving behind. He just couldn't take it anymore. Something had to be done and he was determined something was going to happen. The evil the was growing in the place he called home had to be stopped. There was only one person the old man could think of that could help … the heir of responsibility.

Chapter Sixteen coming soon

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