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by Jevic
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Chapter Thirteen
"All Good Things"

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The Magic Behind the Magic by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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Will sat alone on the couch and listened as the voices down the hall slowly grew into an all out shouting match. He squirmed slightly as Starr's last words echoed in his mind.

" ... straight boy!"

"I am straight," Will said out loud. "I prefer the ladies." At the same time he spoke the words, visions of Starr's cute butt walking down the corridor flashed across his mind. "Bloody hell," he gasped. "Could I be, could I?" Will slammed his fist down on the couch that ended up being in perfect sync with the sound of smashing of glass coming from down the hall. The sound of a slamming door caused Will to sit up straight on the couch. A moment later, an exasperated Starr emerged from the hall. Starr's enraged expression softened somewhat when he saw Will.

"You were right," Starr muttered.


"You were right. That didn't go well," Starr said as he slumped onto the couch beside Will. "The bugger is so narrow minded he's seeing in tunnel vision. He can't get past the fact that Daniel is a vampire. And furthermore, he can't get past the concept that all vampires do is drink blood."

"To be perfectly honest, before all this started up, that's what I thought too." Starr looked up at Will, straight faced for a moment, but then giving in to a slight grin.

"And I suppose that before all this you thought yourself perfectly straight?" Will, who had unconsciously moved closer to Starr during the conversation, jumped back. "Ah come on, mate. I can see it in your eyes."

"You flatter yourself."

"No, you flatter yourself. Just because you like the looks of my bum, doesn't mean that I like the looks of yours." Will fell back against the couch, his mouth agape. Starr chuckled and then continued. "But if you were to ask me, I'd say that it was quite delicious." Will stood up abruptly, as did Starr. They stood close enough for Will to feel Starr's breath wash over face and neck. He looked into Starr's eyes and became lost in the beauty of the blue. Their faces came closer together. Will unconsciously moistened his lips. Mere inches separated them as Starr's arms encircled Will's waist. Will let out a soft groan and leaned into Starr. As their lips met, a voice rang out.

"And what the bloody hell is this?" The boys turned to look at a completely naked Tom standing in the hallway. Not only was he completely naked, but he was holding a picture of Daniel and sporting a quite proper hard on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Allaoua awoke to find himself in soft silk sheets. He stretched luxuriously as the fine fabric caressed his skin. Snuggling down into the comfort of his bed, he pulled the sheets up around him and dozed slightly in the comfort it all had been a dream. He smiled slightly as dreams of his father's love and admiration filled his mind.

"Young man, you must awaken now." The voice was strange to Allaoua. Feeling that it must still be a dream, he snuggled deeper into the warmth of the bed. "Allaoua, you must wake up. You are safe for now, but we must move quickly. Your safety and that of your father depend on us moving quickly." Allaoua sat up straight. He looked into the blue eyes of man that sat on the edge of his bed. He took in the long blond hair, the silk black shirt and the black cape. "I am not here to hurt you, Allaoua. I am here to keep you safe." The young boy shrank back into the softness of the bed and pulled the silken sheets up tight around him. "You are an interesting boy. You have no doubt experienced some incredible things," the strange man said, but then the stranger became excited. "The power lives within you. It seems strange to you now, but you will come to embrace it as many others before you have." Allaoua was thunderstruck. The strange man made no sense.

"But ... "

"You're a wizard, Allaoua."

"A what? A wizard? No, you see, I'm Allaoua. I'm an ordinary boy."

"I read your mind while you were sleeping. You've been though a terrible ordeal. Knocking metal doors off hinges and teleporting one's self from the midst of the bay to your own bed are not powers of the ordinary."

"But ... "

"No buts. I have traveled a great distance to see you. These are troubled times, young one. You have lived a sheltered life here with your father and mother. The bad things that happened to you are just a hint of the cruelty and evil that live in this world."

"So, I didn't have a dream?" The stranger smiled softly and shook his head.

"No little one, it was all real. And perhaps one of the first things I should explain to you is that there are good wizards and there are bad wizards."

"Are you a wizard?" The stranger grinned.

"Of course I am."

"A good one or a bad one?" Allaoua asked seriously.

"A good one. I assure you. In fact, a very good one."

"And what is your name?"

"I am Ceenta, and I am here to protect you. You know all too well that the evil ones are nearby. We should to move to a more secure location." Allaoua's anger was slowly rising. Who does this man think he is?

"And why should I trust you? You'll just take me away from my father. You're just like those men. You want ... you want ... "

"NO! I do not want!" Ceenta said with such forcefulness that Allaoua shrank back into the sheets. Ceenta immediately realized his mistake. "I'm sorry," he said much softer. "I didn't mean to frighten you. I do not lust after your youth. I have no desire to force myself upon you. I only want you to be safe. There are evil powers at work and it is imperative that we take you to a place of safety. It is not your father these evil men wish to hurt ... it is you. And that is why I am here. Allaoua, you must trust me."

"And why should I trust you?" Ceenta realized he was getting nowhere by speaking straightforward and decided to change his tactic a bit.

"Because I know Harry Potter. He's a very personal friend of mine and I bet I could arrange for you to meet him. He's a real wizard, you know." Allaoua's mouth fell open in complete awe.

"You know the real Harry Potter?" Ceenta smiled to himself. Allaoua gathered a few things and pronounced himself ready. Ceenta smiled at the boy. Despite all the events of the last 24 hours, the boy still exuded his youthful innocence. Perhaps not all was lost just yet. Ceenta held out his hand and the young boy took it eagerly. Perhaps this promise of a visit with Harry Potter was just a bit too much, he mused to himself as he closed his eyes and concentrated on his villa.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The old man hobbled down the hallway. Just before entering his private chambers, he bellowed out to no one in particular.

"I don't want to be disturbed!"

"Malin, could I inquire ... " a servant started.

"No, you may not!" The old man swirled around and entered his private chambers. He quickly poured himself a strong drink and turned toward the youth chained to the wall beside his bed. The young man's eyes were wild with fear. The old man whisked up his glass, moved over silently and sat on the edge of his bed. He looked at the youth chained to the wall and smiled slightly. He swirled the liquid around in the glass then brought it to his lips and drank it all. He wiped his mouth with this back of his hand and chuckled quietly. He looked lustfully at the smooth young flesh before him.

"You, young man, are this evening's ... entertainment," the old man slurred, "and you're going to make this old man feel really good." The youth shrank back against the wall, whimpering. He was barely thirteen, barely into puberty as was evident by his sparse pubic hair. The old man staggered back over to the desk and poured a generous amount of the amber liquid into his glass. He once again swirled it in his glass then chugged it down. Reddened eyes turned toward the boy who struggled hopelessly against the chains.

"I know what you faggots want. You're just like my son and he disgusts me. How can any son of mine grovel in the dirt begging, begging for company of another man?" Malin spit on the floor. His eyes took in the smooth, innocent skin. The old man staggered forward and fell to his knees in front of the boy. The putrid smell of alcohol filled the young boy's nostrils. A gnarled hand reached out and caressed the boy's cheek.

"Please, sir," the boy pled.

"Oh yes, I love it when they beg." The old man reached for the boy's genitals, but as he reached, he fell over and passed into a stuporous sleep at the boy's feet.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I said, what the bloody hell is this?" Tom asked again. Will looked at the naked boy and smirked.

"I guess I could ask the same thing." Tom glanced down, dropped the picture softly to the carpet and quickly covered himself the best he could. "And to answer your question, it's called a kiss," Starr said. He turned back to Will and kissed him straight on the lips. Will struggled and tried to push away, but as Starr's warm, insistent lips did their job, the struggled turned to desire. All thoughts of Tom disappeared from Will's mind. He became lost in the sensation ... lost in the desire ... lost in the lust. Will ground his hips against Starr and tried to pull the dark haired youth closer. Tom watched for a moment. He saw the desire grow in Will. Then reality smacked him in the head.

"Hey, I thought you were straight?" Tom called out to Will. His question went ignored. Tom walked briskly over and tapped Will on the shoulder hard. "Hey mate, I thought you said you were straight?" Will broke the kiss and turned to Tom.

"Funny thing, mate. I thought I heard him say he was a vampire," Starr said with a smirk. Tom stumbled back quickly, glaring at Will.

"I'm not a vampire!" Will declared.

"You said you were straight, too!" Tom whipped back. There was an awkward moment of silence, then Starr spoke.

"Fact of the matter, Tom. It doesn't matter. Just like it doesn't matter if Daniel is gay or a vampire or even straight."

"He's not straight," Tom said quietly.

"I know that, but what I do know is that he loves you with all his heart. You've got to see that?" Tom flopped down in the chair, his manhood now at rest, but out in the open for all to see. He sighed deeply as his mind filled with images of Daniel. "And from the look of things," Starr said pointing to Tom's crotch. "He's very lucky to have found you." Tom blushed and grabbed a throw pillow in an effort to cover himself and looked at the carpet. Starr gestured for Will to sit down. Will nodded and the boys sat down on the couch across from Tom. They waited patiently.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Daniel paced back and forth. Don sipped on the glass of wine and watched as the worried young man made the trip from the fireplace to the French doors opening to the veranda for the hundredth time in the last half hour. All that movement made Don tired. He certainly wished Ceenta would return soon. Then they could both deal with the heart broken kid. A flash from the corner caught the attention of both of them.

"Ceenta! Thank god!" said Don rising to meet his mate. Ceenta smiled and put his hand on the shoulder of a very cute young boy. Don's eyes followed Ceenta's hand. "And who is this fine looking young man?" Don asked without missing a beat.

"This is Allaoua. We've just arrived from Algiers. Allaoua, this is Don. He is my mate." The young man froze for a moment, then grinned broadly.


"And, over there, is Dan ... er, Harry Potter," Ceenta said with a half grin as he looked at Daniel. Allaoua's eyes grew very wide.

"You're ... you're Harry Potter," he exclaimed.

"Only in the movies," said Daniel as he smiled at the boy. "And please call me Daniel. All my friends call me Daniel," the young movie star said as he moved over to meet his young fan properly. Allaoua blushed and scuffed his feet.

"Allaoua just learned he's a wizard, Daniel. Perhaps you could talk with him about it?" Ceenta suggested. Daniel smiled and looked down into star struck eyes.

"I'd be glad to." The two boys walked out onto the veranda while Ceenta sat down with Don on the couch. They wrapped their arms around one another and hugged tightly. Don knew all the stress that his beloved was dealing with. He knew all too well about the inheritance. He knew about the regional governors. He knew about the guilt Ceenta harbored by having to turn Daniel, even though it was to save the young actor's life. He also knew about Malin and the evil that resided in the old man's heart. Don hugged Ceenta tighter, letting his lover know through their touch alone, that he understood.

Another great flash of light filled the room. Not expecting anyone, Ceenta and Don both stood quickly; both on the ready. The people who appeared in the corner immediately put them both at ease, but as they looked closer, a feeling of apprehension took hold. Ceenta glanced toward the veranda as Daniel and Allaoua came to see who arrived. The expression on Daniel's face was hard to miss. He ran across the room and flung his arms around Tom. Starr and Will stood by and watched. The fact that they were holding hands did not escape Don's keen eye. The attention of the room was on the two boys holding each other in a fierce hug. Allaoua looked on wide eyed as Tom smothered Daniel's face with kisses.

"Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy! Cool!"

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