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Chapter Eight
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Neo by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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The summer term at Roxbury had come to an end and Collier was bored out of his skull. During the two weeks between end of summer and beginning of fall, most everyone went home. Benji, his roommate went home, but promised to be back early. Leo, Nate, and Noah had all left too. Collier told himself that he may be bored, but at least he didn't have to put up with the ravings of his fucked up father. He made his way down the hall toward the dining hall remembering all the wonderful hot sex he'd enjoyed during summer term. His thoughts turned to the potential of fall term when the school's population would virtually triple. Collier mindlessly went through the food line and took his tray of food to his table. Sitting down, Collier went into automatic mode. He didn't even have to think as his body took over and nourished itself. He was so zoned out that he didn't notice the cute boy, with the horn rimmed glasses, sit down across the table from him.

"You're Collier, right?" the boy said. "I'm Grayson." Collier finally looked up and gave Grayson a small smile. "I understand you're well hung and don't mind which gender you stick it in." Collier dropped his fork in astonishment at the brash boy sitting across the table. "I'm well hung, but I prefer the male gender. I'm eight inches. How big are you?" Collier must have looked like a fish; his mouth working to say something but failing miserably.

"Uh, oh, yeah, uh, right, uh, uh." Grayson looked at Collier patiently. He's come to expect strange reactions to his natural bluntness. "Sev - Seven inches, Collier finally blurted out.

"Right oh then, I'll top since I'm bigger. Your dorm or mine? And do you prefer missionary, doggie or do you like to ride? Or even better, maybe a combination?" Collier frowned even as his cock twitched. He looked closely at the boy sitting across the table. Despite the horn rimmed glasses, the kid was actually kinda cute. His mousey brown hair hung down covering his eyebrows in a cute bowl cut. His eyes were the most sensual brown Collier had ever seen. The boy appeared thin, but didn't all the skinny boys have huge dicks anyway?

"Earth to Collier," Grayson said.

"Oh, yeah, sorry. You caught me off guard, uh, Grayson, was it?"

"Grayson Wetherbee at your service."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Grayson. Perhaps we should continue this conversation in a more private setting. Perhaps my dorm room. It is close by." Grayson smiled and stood up. From the lump in Grayson's pants, Collier could tell the boy really was well hung. He stood as well. They dropped their lunch trays off and headed down the hall.

Collier fished his key out and opened his dorm room. Grayson followed and closed the door behind him. Collier walked over and sat down on his bed. He turned to talk to Grayson but was shocked to see him standing naked next to a pile of clothes on the floor. His huge cock standing up proudly displaying its entire throbbing eight inches.

"Well, Grayson, you're a man of only a few blunt words. Bring that monster over here so I can get a good look at it." Grayson walked confidently over and stood in front of Collier, bringing his cock within inches of Collier's mouth. Collier could literally feel the heat radiating off one of the most beautiful cocks he'd ever seen. He watched as a drop of precum oozed from the piss slit. He reached out and licked it off, savoring the slick sweet taste. Collier took hold of the egg sized balls and gave them a tug. He leaned his head to the left and ran his tongue from the base to the head. He did the same thing on the other side. With the huge cock spit slick, Collier took it in until it hit the back of his mouth. He took a deep breath through his nose and pushed the cock on into his throat. The slick head eased down his throat and kept going. Finally, Collier's nose ran into pubic hair. He pushed a little more until his nose was buried and the cock was buried as well. Collier worked his throat muscles on the cock and heard a moan from Grayson. He slowly pulled back off until just the head was in his mouth. He teased the piss slit with his tongue and was rewarded with another generous ooze of precum. Collier pulled completely off and looked up.

"You're quite good at that," Grayson said with a smile. Collier smiled back and kept his eyes on Grayson as he deepthroated the cock again. "Yeah, that's really nice. Suck my big cock." Collier released the cock and chuckled.

"For a man of few words, you're suddenly a chatty Cathy."

"I like to talk dirty during sex. That okay with you cocksucker?"

"Sure," Collier said as he sucked in Grayson's right ball and washed it with his tongue. He moved to the other ball and gave it the same treatment. When he sucked both big balls into his mouth, he heard Grayson moan again.

"Fuck yeah. Suck my balls. Tongue them real good because they're full of my hot cum. Yeah baby. That's it. Now come back up here and take the whole thing again. I like it when you take my whole cock down your throat." Collier let one ball drop and then the other as he moved his hot tongue up the underside of Grayson's hard eight inch cock. When he got to the top, he wrapped his lips around the head again and teased the piss slit again with his tongue.

"Fuck yes, that feels so good," Grayson said. Collier went down on the huge shaft until it hit the back of his throat. It caught him off guard and he gagged slightly. "Shit yeah, you're gagging on my big hard cock. I fucking love it." Grayson grabbed the back of Collier's head and pumped his cock deeper into Collier's mouth, once again hitting the back of his throat. Collier gagged again. "Fuck yes, gag on it cocksucker. Now suck it. Suck it all the way." Collier was actually getting turned on by all the dirty talk. He took a deep breath through his nose and drove down on the cock until he buried his nose in Grayson's pubic hair.

"That's what the fuck I'm talking about. Eat my cock you fucker." Grayson tightened his hands on the back of Collier's head and forced his cock in as far as it would go. "Fuck yeah, that's hot." Grayson pulled his cock out of Collier's throat, allowed him to take a breath, then plunged it back down to the hilt. He held Collier's head tight as the pumped the last two inches in and out of Collier's throat. "God damn right. Fucking shit is down your mother fucking throat. I'm gonna give you a big hot load of cum." Grayson pulled back again and allowed Collier to breathe. Collier blinked the tears from his eyes but plunged back down on his own. "Fuck yes!" Grayson took control and started really fucking Collier's throat, pulling out ever so often to allow him to breathe. "Fucking your throat. I can feel the muscles in your throat boy. It's fucking hot. Yeah, I'm fucking you in the mouth with my big eight inch cock and I'm gonna shoot a load of cum right down your throat." Grayson pulled halfway out. "Get a good breath of air, cuz I'm ready to shoot." Collier took a breath and the huge cock was plunged back down his throat with his nose buried in pubes. "Shit yes, gonna cum down your throat." Grayson fucked the last two inches back and forth down Collier's throat. "Fuck yes, gonna cum cocksucker. Gonna shoot. Fuck! Gonna shoot right fucking now." Grayson slammed his cock as far down Collier's throat as it would go and held Collier's head tightly in his hands. Collier felt the cock pulse and pulse and pulse. Hot globs of cum shot down his throat. Without touching himself, Collier came. "Fuck yeah, dude. Your cum hit my leg." Grayson pulled his still spurting cock out of Collier's mouth, allowing the remaining dribbling cum shots to wash across Collier's tongue. "Fuck that was hot," Grayson said as his cock slipped out of Collier's mouth. "I've only had one other dude let me do that. You're fucking incredible," Grayson gushed. He dropped to his knees and locked lips with Collier and gave him a scorching hot kiss.

"Now, let's fuck," Grayson said in a voice Collier recognized as an order, not a request. While Collier usually topped, he secretly liked a cock in his ass, but only a really big one. Grayson certainly filled the bill on that one. Grayson stood up, then sat down in the chair holding his cock straight up in the air.

"Come on over here and sit on it," the big dicked teen ordered. Collier got to his feet and grabbed a bottle of Swiss Navy lube. He pumped a couple of globs onto his fingers and shoved them in his ass. He pumped another generous amount and shoved his fingers back into his ass, making sure it was slick for that monster cock he was looking at. Once more, Collier pumped more lube into his hand. He reached out and slathered it on the super hard eight inch cock. Grayson put his legs in the air and pushed his cock up straight. It glistened, slick with lube. Collier thought this was a strange position. With Grayson's legs in the air, it looked like he was ready to get fucked.

"Turn around and sit down on my cock," he directed. Collier turned and lowered his butt until he felt the head touch his hole. "Yeah baby, sit down on my hard cock." Collier lowered his butt some more and the head slipped into his ass. Collier took a deep breath and slowly lowered himself, taking the huge cock into his butt. "Oh, fuck yes," Grayson said sighing. "Go on, you know you want it." Collier pushed himself further down. He felt a slight twinge of pain and stopped. He raised up a few inches and tried again. "Yeah baby, let my big cock in." Collier lowered his ass and finally felt Grayson's pubes on his butt cheeks. "Fuck yes. All the way in. Your ass is on fire. Fuck, I like it! Now ride my cock. Ride it like a fucking bronco." Collier raised up about halfway and plunged back down slowly. His prostate was singing like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Collier grabbed onto the chair's arms and started riding the monster cock.

"Oh, fuck yes. You've got a tight ass and it feels really good on my cock." Collier's ass relaxed some more, finally getting used to the feeling of having such a large cock in his ass. He sat all the way down, wiggled his butt a bit, then he really started bouncing on eight inches of hot teen cock. Collier lost himself in the exquisite feelings coursing through his body. He forgot about his father. He forgot about his grades. He even forgot about Neo. All he thought about was the huge cock in his ass. He rode it like crazy, bouncing his ass up and down.

"Hell yes! Ride that fucking cock. You fucking love it. I knew you would." Grayson grabbed Collier's hips and pulled him down. The slap of skin on skin echoed throughout the dorm room.

"God damn, your fucking cock is huge and it feels awesome," Collier panted while riding up and down.

"Yeah, ride it, bitch. Make me shoot a hot load of baby makers up your ass." Collier almost laughed at 'baby makers' but was concentrating on the feeling in his butt. He looked down and saw that his cock was rock hard and leaking precum like crazy, despite having just cum. Collier slammed his ass down on the eight inches of hard teen cock over and over. "Fuck yeah, that's hot. Now get the fuck off my cock." Collier slammed down hard and turned to look at Grayson.


"Get off my cock. You've had your fun on top, now it's time for me to do the fucking. Up you get fucker." Collier stood up and allowed the monster to slip out of his ass. Grayson got up and pointed to the chair. "Put your knees on the cushion, bend over and hold on tight. I like to fuck hard," Grayson said. Collier gave him a look.

"Just so we're clear, buddy boy. If I say stop, that means stop. Not slow down. It means fucking stop. Do you understand?" Grayson smiled.

"You won't be asking me to stop, buddy boy. You'll be begging me to keep going. Now, bend the fuck over. I'm about to shove my cock up your ass and wear you out," Grayson said with a smirk. Collier, the consummate of tops, bent over. Grayson lined his ridged eight inch monster cock up and slammed in all the way into Collier's wet slippery ass.

"Fuck!" Collier screamed.

"Damn right! That's what I'm doing. I'm fucking your ass!" Grayson gave Collier a textbook long dick fuck. He pulled out to where he only had two inches of cock in Collier's ass, the shoved it all the way in. He pulled back to two inches and shoved it all the way in again. Grayson repeated this and sped up until the down stroke resulted in the sexy skin to skin slap that echoed once again through the dorm room. Grayson slapped Collier's right ass cheek, hard.

"Hell yes, mother fucker. Who's getting fucked now?" Grayson said as he slammed deep into Collier's butt and stopped. He leaned over and whispered into Collier's ear. "Now I'm gonna fuck the god damn shit out of you and you're gonna fucking beg me for more." Grayson pulled all the way out, then slammed his cock as hard as he could into Collier's ass and started hammering with his huge eight inch cock. He piston fucked Collier for a good ten minutes. Collier was nearly out of breath, but the feelings in his ass were taking him well above cloud nine. Grayson slowed down for a minute.

"Don't you even fucking think about stopping!" Collier screamed. "You fuck my ass and you fuck it hard and you fuck it right fucking now!" Grayson smiled. He'd brought Collier right where he wanted him. He grabbed those pretty hips tight and started rabbit fucking with his steel hard eight inch cock. He rammed his cock into Collier's battered ass over and over.

"I'm about to fill your ass with hot cum," Grayson yelled.

"Fuck yes! Give me that fucking cock!" Collier screamed. Grayson redoubled his fucking and finally screamed.

"Fucking hell! Hot cum going up your ass right fucking now!" His buried all eight inches and pumped his hot load of cum deep in Collier's ass. "Fuck yes!" Collier pushed back on the huge cock and arched his back as his rock hard cock spat out eight, nine and ten hot ribbons of cum on the chair.

"Fuck yes!" Collier screamed again as he felt Grayson's cock pump spurt after spurt of hot cum in his ass. "Give me that hot load of cum!" Grayson's hands were gripping Collier's hips hard enough to leave bruises as he finished pumping hot spurts of cum into Collier. Grayson fell over onto Collier's back, gulping in great lungful's of air as his cock pumped its last bit of cum into Collier's cum slick ass.

"Oh, hell yes," Grayson panted. Collier pushed his butt back on Grayson's cock. He pushed again, demanding more. Grayson's cock stayed hard, buried deep in Collier's ass as Collier kept pushing back wanting more. Grayson grinned. Yes, he had the rich fucking asshole right where he wanted him. Nobody fucked his boyfriend without permission. He leaned up and slapped Collier's ass cheek, hard.

"I'm just getting started mother fucker, so tighten your hole." He slapped the ass cheek again. "Now you're gonna get hammered." Collier's eyes bugged out. His ass was worn out. His cock was worn out. His throat was worn out. And now this skinny big dicked kid was gonna fuck him again? Well, he did kinda ask for it, backing his ass on the wonderful cock sure did send a message.

Grayson pulled back and eased his cock from Collier's butt. "Get your hot ass on the bed. I wanna see your face when I'm fucking you." Grayson grabbed Collier by the hips and pulled him up. Collier was manhandled over to the bed, his legs thrown into the air and that huge cock rammed back down deep into his ass before he knew what happened.

Collier normally topped. He preferred to fuck as opposed to being fucked. But this skinny kid with his great big cock was turning Collier into a great big bottom. He threw his legs in the air and virtually begged to get fucked. Grayson was only happy to oblige. He slammed his cock into Collier's ass over and over. Grayson leaned over and locked his lips with Collier's and ground his cock deep inside. He rubbed up against Collier's taint, massaging his prostate from the outside as well as the inside.

"Fuck yes, mother fucker. I've got my cock in your ass and you love it!" Grayson grinned. "Say it fucker. Tell me you love my cock in your butt," Grayson demanded as he slammed his cock deep and held it still. "Tell me!"

"I fucking love you cock, okay? Now get back to the fucking," Collier panted. Grayson held nothing back as he started plowing into Collier's ass relentlessly, pounding his huge eight inch cock into Collier's ass. Collier had his hands gripped tightly on Grayson's ass pulling him in with each vicious stroke.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Gimme that fucking cock!" Collier screamed as eight inches of hard teen cock plummeted into his ass. "Yes, yes, yes," he screamed with each hard stroke. The two teens worked their way to the ultimate sexual pinnacle.

Grayson slammed home and came. Hot spurts a cum blasted into Collier's ass. Collier's cock shot hot spurts of cum on his face, hair and finally on his chest. Grayson pulled his still spurting cock out, pumped it once and shot the rest of his load in ribbons of hot cum on Collier's balls. Then he aimed high and hit Collier in the face. Grayson shoved his cock back in Collier's ass and buried it balls deep as he bent over and wrapped his arms around Collier. His hips slowly ground his cock into the cum slick hole. It was a feeling Grayson loved. Just easing it slowly in and out a couple of inches sent pleasure sparks all over his cock and balls. It was fabulous.

"Shit! God damn!" Collier exclaimed as he sucked in lungful's of air. "Holy fucking hell! That was fucking … that was fucking … that was fucking awesome!" he panted as he wrapped his arms around Grayson. "You are one hot mother fucker," he whispered into Grayson's ear. Grayson grinned to himself and ground his cock into Collier's cum soaked ass once more.

"This boy won't be able to walk straight for at least a week," Grayson thought to himself. Revenge was sweet. Now all he had to do was find his boyfriend and give him the same treatment. He'd fuck him through the mattress and remind him who he belonged to. He leaned back slowly pulling his semi hard cock from Collier's ass. When it finally did pop out, Grayson grinned at Collier's gapping, quivering, hole. Cum was dripping out and dropping wetly to the sheets. "Good, he can sleep in my cum tonight."

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Neo and Aiden stumbled into the apartment laughing. They looked at each other and broke out in uncontrollable giggles.

"I can't believe it!" Aiden shouted. Neo turned and wrapped his arms around Aiden.

"Fuck," Neo said. "It was Chip!" he exclaimed.

"And he signed a million dollar contract!" Aiden exclaimed. "Shit, I got a million exclusive contract and you got a million from Shelley Wright too. Oh my God, that's three million each!"

"Fuck, Aiden, we're rich!" Neo screamed. As reality hit Neo, he suddenly stopped. He looked Aiden in the eye. "I can't believe it. This is absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me, except for falling in love with you of course." Aiden grinned.

"First thing we're going to do is buy a car. No more Uber for us. Then we're going to enroll in school. You've got to finish your senior year and so do I. We can afford to go anywhere and I know just the place." Neo frowned.

"Why do we need to go back to school, Aiden? We're both going to be millionaires."

"Yes, we are, but we need the knowledge to be able to properly handle that much cash."

"Okay, you're right. I have no idea how to manage money. Can't we just hire someone to do that?" Neo asked, still trying to get out of going back to school.

"Yes, and we should hire someone to help us, but we still need to know what we're doing. I don't want to spend money and run out. We need to make our money work for us. This is our one opportunity to set ourselves up for life. Wait a minute, we can talk with Henry. He's smart and he's got millions too."

"Okay, you win. Where do you want to go to school?"

"Roxbury Academy is a private school that offers excellent classes and has a worldwide reputation. With a degree from there, people will know they can't take advantage of us," explained Aiden. "Henry went there, back in the day. That's how I know about it. He's been urging me to go."

"Okay, don't you think we need to know when we're getting our money?" Aiden smiled.

"See, you are smarter than me," Aiden smirked. "Let's call Madison. I have her card in my wallet." He found her card and dialed. After talking with her a few minutes, Aiden hung up.

"She said if we give her either a voided check or a letter from the bank, she can set us up for direct deposit. She said the funds will be available Monday, so we have a couple of days to go to the bank."

"I don't have a bank account, Aiden."

"Not to worry, love. We'll go down to my bank, which is also Henry's. He set me up with a savings account. We'll just need to open ourselves a couple of checking accounts and we'll be good to go. Wait a minute, wait a minute. She said Monday. This is Friday! Neo, we've got to get to the bank like now." Aiden pulled his phone and called an Uber.

"We might as well go car shopping while we're out," Neo suggested. Aiden hung up his phone.

"They'll be here in five minutes. He was just around the corner."

"Cool." The boys headed outside to wait on their ride to the bank. Twenty minutes later, they found themselves in front of a banker's desk. It didn't take as long as Aiden thought and thirty minutes later, they each had a letter from the bank for their direct deposits. Another Uber ride and they had dropped the bank letter off at Smith, Smith and West. They were set. Now it was time to car shop. The Uber driver dropped them off at a Jeep Dealership. The boys started walking the lot looking at cars and SUVs.

"Hey, you kids beat it. Come back with your parents," a guy with slicked back hair and a plaid jacket called out.

"We're interested in …"

"I don't care. You street kids need to go. Get off the lot before I call the truant officer."

"In case you haven't noticed, it's summer vacation," Neo said. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a wad of hundred dollar bills. He waved them at the man. "And I think I'll spend my money somewhere else." Neo shoved his cash back in his pack, shouldered it turned around headed for the exit.

"Hey, sorry about the misunderstanding," the man called out chasing after them. Neo'd had enough and his temper peaked. He whirled around and put his hands on his hips.

"Uh, oh," thought Aiden as the man caught up with them and gave them a toothy smile. Before the man could say a thing, Neo lit into him.

"Listen here, mother fucker. We came here to your dealership to purchase a new car, in cash, and you treat us like shit and call us street kids. What the fuck is that supposed to mean, huh? You do know what street kids do to survive, don't you?" The man was speechless. "Well fuck you. As I said, I'm spending my thousands somewhere else. You, sir, have a fucking miserable day. Come on Aiden, let's go." The man stood there with his mouth looking rather fish like, as he tried to figure out where he went wrong. The two boys walked off his lot.

"Hey Neo, there's a Toyota Dealership about a half block that way." Neo nodded and they took off. "You were pretty harsh on that salesman back there dude," Aiden commented.

"Well, he brought that all on himself, stupid asshole." Aiden could tell that Neo was still upset.

"Hey, there's a McDonalds. Let's stop and get a McFlurry."

"Not interested."

"Okay, maybe we need to get you a fucking Happy Meal so you'll change your mood. I'm not the one that pissed you off Neo. You need to lighten up." Neo looked up at Aiden and suddenly broke down in tears. Aiden wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and held him tight.

"I - I'm s - sorry Aiden," Neo said with a heartbreaking tear filled voice. "He said we were … he called us s - street kids and I just lost it. All I saw in my mind was a parade of no name faces and totally forgettable dicks and I saw red. I'm so sorry I took it out on you," Neo sobbed.

"Hey, it's okay. He pissed me off too, but those days are over Neo. They're finally over and you came out of it smelling like a rose. Now, how about you give us one of your million dollar smiles." Neo wiped his eyes and looked at Aiden. He gave a weak smile. "That's what I wanted to see. What about that McFlurry? It's kinda hot today and that'd cool us right off." Neo nodded.

With bellies full of cool McFlurries, the boys walked onto the Toyota Dealership lot. Neo saw it first and took off toward the red car with Aiden right behind.

Toyota GR86

"Awesome, look at this!" Neo glanced at the sticker on the window. "It's a Toyota GR86 and I love it!" Aiden looked over Neo's shoulder at the sticker.

"Says this is the premium edition and fuck me, look at everything this car has."

"Good afternoon, gentlemen. You have a sharp eye. That's a 2023 Toyota GR86 Premium Edition with upgrades throughout including the premium audio system with eight speakers." Neo turned to the salesman. He was younger, maybe late twenties and hot. Neo reached into his backpack and pulled out a wad of hundred dollars bills.

"I'd like to test drive this one please?" The salesman smiled.

"Certainly, sir. My name is Ryan and I will be happy to assist you. We just need to fill out a quick permit, get a copy of your driver's license and you can take it for a spin. I'm afraid I'll have to ride you, uh, I'll have to ride with you during the test drive." Neo grinned. Ryan turned a bit pink at his slip up. After all, the boys were absolutely gorgeous.

"Perfect," said Neo.

"Would you like a soda while we fill out the forms?"

"That would be lovely," Neo said with a genuine smile. Forty-five minutes later an Uber picked the boys up and took them home. Neo had put five thousand dollars in cash down to hold the car promising the salesman they would be back on Monday to finalize the purchase.

They walked in the front door and Neo was so excited that he threw his arms around Aiden.

"I can't believe I just bought a car," he gushed.

"You made a great choice, Neo and I'm happy for you," Aiden said as he returned the hug. "Now, have you had a better day?" Neo smiled and nodded.

"A much better day, but do you know what would make it even better?"

"What's that love?"

"Your cock in my ass." Aiden smiled.

"That's something I can do," Aiden said as he wrapped his boyfriend in a hug. Neo kissed and licked Aiden's neck as he undid his boyfriend's belt. He pushed his pants down and stroked Aiden's cock. Neo continued to make out with Aiden as he unbuttoned Aiden's shirt. He pushed it over Aiden's shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Neo kissed, licked, and nibbled his way down Aiden's chest until he was on his knees. Neo looked up into Aiden's eyes.

"I've never sucked a millionaire's cock before," Neo said with a smirk. Aiden laughed.

"Yes, you have," Aiden said with a wink. "Remember you've sucked Chip." Neo suddenly smiled.

"Yeah, you're right. I have." Neo kept his eyes on Aiden as he sucked in the head. Neo swirled his tongue and teased Aiden's piss slit. The cock in his mouth was starting to grow. Neo took it all in, then reached up and pushed Aiden's balls into his mouth as well. Neo moaned as the cock continued to swell, slowing snaking its way down his throat as it grew. Neo kept his eyes locked on Aiden's. He worked his tongue over the smooth ball sac, teasing Aiden's balls. Neo grabbed Aiden's butt cheeks and pulled him closer. He buried his nose in Aiden's soft pubes, shook his head slightly and worked his lips with all of Aiden's male parts filling his mouth. With the head of Aiden's now fully hard cock well down his throat, Neo couldn't breathe, so he reluctantly released one ball, then the other and rose back up until just the head was in his mouth.

"You two really should learn to close the door behind yourselves. Someone might get an eyeful." Neo went back down on Aiden all the way, recognizing Adam's voice. He heard Adam close the door. "And that somebody might want to get in on the action," Adam said as he came up and sucked on one of Aiden's nipples. He let it go with a 'pop' and locked lips with Aiden. Adam ran his fingers through Neo's hair as Neo happily bobbed up and down on Aiden's beautiful cock. Adam pulled his cock out as he tongue wrestled with Aiden for a minute, then pulled back and smiled. He tapped Neo on the nose with his semi hard cock.

"You guys planning on staying here in the kitchen or do you want to move to somewhere more comfortable, like, perhaps, the bed?" Adam suggested. Neo came up off of Aiden's cock and looked at Adam. He wrapped his lips around Adam's cock and sucked him all the way. He worked his lips and tongue on the hardening cock as he came back up and popped the head out.

"I bought a car!" he exclaimed, bubbling with happiness as he stood up.

"You did what?" asked a surprised Adam.

"Yep, bought a 2023 Toyota GR86 sports car," Neo said smiling. Adam frowned.

"How'd you do that?" Neo went on the explain about the bank, the direct deposit and even about the sleezy car salesman.

"That's fucking cool! You've gotta give me a ride," Adam said.

"Oh, I can give you a ride mister," Neo said wagging his eyebrows. Adam rolled his eyes.

"I know that and I hope we'll get to that soon, but I want I ride in the car too."

"You got it. Let's move to the bed and have hot sex," Neo said as he grabbed both boys by the dick and led them to the bed.

"So, what are we doing today?" Adam asked as he stripped off his clothes. Neo and Aiden were stripping as well.

"I'm feeling like, oh, I don't know …" Neo said looking at Aiden.

"Why don't you boys sixty-nine and I'll take turns fucking you both," Aiden suggested. Neo looked at Adam.

"Top or bottom?" he asked.

"Bottom. I wanna see Aiden's hot cock slam your ass," Adam said.

"Deal," Neo said. "Get on your back bitch, the fucking is about to commence." Adam laughed and lay down on the bed on his back. Neo moved over on all fours and hoovered Adam's cock into his mouth. Adam looked up at Neo's beautiful cock. He grinned at his luck. Having sex with two of the hottest boys he'd ever known was a gift he cherished. He sucked on Neo's balls, then moved to take Neo's cock down his throat. Aiden smiled at the sight. He was going to fuck two hot boys. He moved first behind Neo. He pulled Neo's ass cheeks apart and took a swipe across the hole with his wet tongue. He followed by driving his tongue into Neo's rosebud. Aiden happily tongue fucked Neo for several minutes. Then he switched. He moved around on the bed and spread Adam's cheeks and drove his tongue down deep, lapping at Adam's hole. He switched again but stopped to grab the Swiss Navy bottle of lube. He pumped a generous amount onto his fingers and slowly pushed them into Neo's hot ass. Neo moaned just before driving Adam's cock deep in his throat. Aiden finger fucked Neo for a bit, then changed positions. He pumped another glob on lube on his fingers and plunged them into Adam's hot ass, finger fucking him for several moments.

Aiden became impatient and decided that fucking was in order. He pumped another couple of globs of Swiss Navy lube in his hand and slathered it all over his throbbing seven in cock. He lined up on Neo's cheerio. Looking down, he saw Adam deepthroating his boyfriend. It was time. He pushed the head of his cock into Neo's ass. He heard the moan and pressed on, sinking his cock into Neo's butt.

Adam watched as Aiden's cock slowly sank into Neo's ass. It was literally the hottest thing he had ever seen. He was just inches away and could even feel the heat of that beautiful cock as it slowly disappeared. As he watched, Adam couldn't help the huge moan he let out around Neo's cock. Neo felt the reverberations of the moan and slammed his face down on Adam's cock.

Aiden's cock slid in until it was fully seated. Aiden ground in harder just to make sure. He smiled at the feeling. He was buried balls deep in Neo's ass. Good God what a wonderful feeling. Aiden wished he could bottle that feeling and sell it. He'd be a millionaire. Ha, who was he kidding? He was a millionaire. He pulled back and started fucking Neo's ass.

Adam watched the slow fuck start. He watched up close as Aiden's super hot cock slid in and out of Neo's ass. He turned to the side and let Neo's cock slip from his lips. He raised his head and lapped his wet tongue at Aiden's balls. He raised his head further and licked at Aiden's shaft as it moved in and out of Neo's hot ass.

Aiden felt Adam's tongue and quickly decided to reward him before going for an all out fuck. He pulled his cock from Neo's ass and shoved it into Adam's wet mouth, burying it balls deep. He gave Adam a couple of deep strokes then pulled out and slid his cock back into Neo's hot ass.

Being so turned on by both Aiden and Neo, Adam's cock surged and pumped out a hot load of precum. Neo lapped it up. That's when Aiden decided it was time to fuck. He pulled his cock completely out of Neo's ass, then slammed it home to the hilt. Neo groaned loudly. Aiden fucked Neo's ass relentlessly, pounding his cock into Neo, who was deepthroating Adam. It was almost too much. Aiden suddenly pulled out. He quickly changed places. Aiden lined up his cock and pushed the head into Adam. His cock was greeted with a long moan from Adam. Aiden kept pushed his cock in and didn't stop until he was balls deep in his cute neighbor's butt. Aiden pulled back and proceeded to hammer his cock in Adam's hot ass. He watched as Neo and Adam sucked each other's cocks.

This was not going to last long. Aiden had a decision to make. Where to put his load? He finally decided and slowly pulled his cock from Adam's ass. He quickly changed positions. He lined up on Neo's ass and slid all the way in. This felt right to Aiden. He grabbed Neo's hips and fucked hard. He was close to cumming and redoubled his thrusts into Neo's butt.

"I'm gonna cum. It can be up Neo's ass or down Adam's throat. You two decide, but you better decide quick. I'm ready to shoot." Adam popped Neo's cock out of his mouth and opened wide. That was the sign Aiden was looking for. He groaned as his cock let go and started firing shots of cum into Neo's hot ass. Aiden quickly pulled his cock out and pointed it at Adam's mouth. The next spurt landed squarely on Adam's tongue. Aiden pushed his spurting cock into Adam's hot wet mouth and filled it with cum.

With that hot cock filling his mouth, Adam's cock pulsed into Neo's mouth. Neo drove the spurting cock deep into his throat and bobbed his head driving Adam crazy. Aiden pulled his cock out of Adam's mouth and shoved it back into Neo's butt. Adam turned his head and sucked Neo's cock back into his mouth just as it started spewing out hot loads of cum on Adam's tongue. Adam swallowed as fast as he could. Neo was cumming in buckets. It took four swallows to get it all. Adam let the spent cock slip from his lips. He watched as Aiden pulled his semi hard cock out of Neo's ass. Adam put his hands on Neo's butt and pushed him forward. Neo leaned forward and Adam lifted his head and buried his tongue in Neo's ass, lapping at the cum that was dripping out. As Aiden watched Adam lick his cum from Neo's ass, Aiden's cock twitched. He looked down at it in wonder. He wrapped his fingers around his shaft and gave it a pump or two. Yeah, it was coming back up to hard. Aiden looked up at Adam still tongue fucking Neo's ass. Neo had returned to Adam's cock and was sucking it back into hardness.

Aiden raised back up and lined his cock up. He slid it across Adam's mouth and tongue on its way back into Neo's cum slick butt. Adam tongued it as it passed over his mouth. When the ball sac arrived, he sucked both balls into his mouth and tongue washed them.

Aiden's cock was back home buried deep in Neo's sweet hot velvet ass. He held still as Adam worked on his balls. The feeling was incredible and he didn't want it to end, but he needed to move. So, Aiden moved, slowly, hoping Adam would keep up. Adam moved his head in time with Aiden's slow grinding strokes, all the while moving his lips and tongue on Aiden's smooth ball sack, rolling the balls around with his tongue.

"God, that's wonderful," Aiden groaned. Round two had started and Adam released Aiden's balls so he could have at it. He leaned his head to the side and sucked in Neo's semi hard cock and buried his nose in Neo's balls. Now that his balls were free, Aiden picked up the pace and started fucking Neo hard, his spit slick balls wetly slapping Neo's ass.

"Fuck yes," groaned Neo as he came up for air, only to dive back down on Adam's hard cock. Neo played with Adam's balls, wet with his drool. He wiggled his finger, got it wet, found Adam's hole and pushed his finger in. Adam's cock oozed a glob of precum. Neo put another finger in. Then he looked up and saw Little Aiden. He reached for the dildo and grabbed it.

"Here ya go," Aiden said. Neo turned around and grinned as Aiden handed him a bottle of Swiss Navy lube.

Neo pumped two globs in his hand and slicked up the dildo. He pushed two lubed fingers in Adam's hole to get it slick. Neo took Adam's cock back in his mouth. He used both of his hands to line up the dildo and bring it to Adam's slicked up hole.

Adam was happily sucking on Neo's cock and was enjoying Neo playing with his butt, when suddenly, something larger was sliding into his ass. I felt so good. It slid in further and further until his ass was full. Adam suddenly remembered the dildo and would have grinned, but he had a mouth full of Neo's cock. Adam groaned as he felt the dildo start to fuck his butt. He spread his legs to make it easier for Neo to work the dildo in and out.

Neo slurped hard on Adam's cock. It was stone hard. Neo knew somebody was getting ready to cum. His own cock spurt out more precum. Aiden was slamming his ass making his prostate sing with joy. One really hard thrust sent a huge wave of pleasure coursing through his ass. Neo groaned. His cock spat out hot spurts of cum into Adam's mouth. He pushed the dildo all the way in and hoovered Adam's cock down to the pubes. It pulsed in his throat giving Neo a hot load of cum. Neo felt Aiden's cock pulsing in his ass and knew he was getting another hot load. Neo pulled his mouth off Adam and eased the dildo from his ass.

"Fuck, I got cummed at both ends," Neo panted. Aiden moved back and Neo rolled over on his back beside Adam. Aiden leaned down kissed Neo, tasting Adam's cum as his tongue explored Neo's mouth. Then he turned to Adam and shoved his tongue down his throat, tasting Neo's cum. He sat up on his knees and grinned.

"The sex we have just keeps getting better and better. One of these days, you boys are gonna give me a heart attack." Adam and Neo grinned.

"Let's hit the shower boys," Adam said as he rolled off the bed and stood up, slightly wobbly on his still shaking legs. "Whoa," he said still grinning. Neo and Aiden laughed.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Monday morning, just after breakfast, Aiden accessed their bank accounts with his phone.

"Oh my God," he exclaimed. He turned to phone to show Neo.

"We're fucking rich," Neo said breathlessly. He looked at Aiden. "I want to go get my car." Aiden smiled and called an Uber for the last time. When they got to the dealership, Ryan was waiting at the door.

"Good morning, Neo. I hope you had a nice weekend," Ryan said with a smile.

"You betcha, but I'm having a bit of time walking straight this morning," Neo said with a wink. Ryan took a deep breath and a pink twinge came to his cheeks. Aiden popped him on the shoulder.

"Well, right this way. I have all the paperwork prepared," Ryan gestured toward his office. The boys followed him in and sat down. "Now, how do you want to handle the balance? Do we need to fill out a credit application?"

"No, I'll be paying cash," Neo said. "Ah, can you take the balance from my debit card?"

"We'll have to call the bank to get that amount approved for a one-time transaction, but, yes, that should be no problem." Half an hour later Ryan handed the keys to Neo.

"It has been a pleasure doing business with you young man. If you have any problems, just let us know. That car comes with a full bumper to bumper warranty," Ryan said as he held out his hand for a shake. Neo was smiling ear to ear.

"Thank you so much. This is one of the proudest days of my life," Neo said shaking Ryan's hand.

"You are so welcome. Now, be careful with that car. It has a lot of power."

"I will, thanks again," Neo said, then turned to Aiden. "Ready?" Aiden beamed and nodded. "Okay, let's go." Neo opened the driver's door and slid in. Aiden slid in next to him in the passenger's seat. They buckled up and Neo turned to Aiden.

"Where to?"

"I don't care. Go anywhere you want. We're finally free of Uber." Neo started his brand new Toyota GR86, shifted into drive and took off down the road. He would remember this day as one of the happiest in his life.

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