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by Jevic
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Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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The forecast for the late summer weekend was ideal with no rain expected and temperatures perfect for camping. Ocean made his last trip to his Jeep, loading his cooler into the back. He was just about to jump in and remembered he forgot something important. He raced back up the stairs to his garage apartment. He rummaged around in his bedside table and found what he was looking for … a bottle of Swiss Navy lube and his favorite dildo. He stuffed them into a day pack, shouldered it and headed back downstairs. His big backpack was already in the Jeep.

Ocean felt like he was a typical high school senior. He enjoyed sports and his sport of choice was the swimming. He gave in to the trend amongst his fellow team mates to shave his entire body. He just went a step further and also shaved where no one could see. He enjoyed the smooth feeling between his legs, both front and back. The one thing he refused to do, was cut his long blond locks of hair. He wore a swim cap at practice and at competitive swim meets. He enjoyed the competition and he enjoyed what all that swimming did to his body. Ocean had friends that spent hours lifting weights, but he preferred his smooth swimmer's build over bulging muscles any day. Swimming laps in the pool was second nature to him and the physical result was very pleasing to Ocean.

He considered himself luckier than most of his classmates. After begging his parents relentlessly, they finally gave in when he turned sixteen and let him move from his bedroom in the house to the apartment above the garage. It was the freedom he wanted and the privacy the teenager and his budding puberty needed.

Ocean knew his parents were different than most of his classmates' parents. They were into things other parents were not. They talked about their concern for global warming, for air and water pollution and most importantly, their concern for the oceans. He was named for that concern. He got double takes when he introduced himself, but Ocean loved his name.

Ocean was gay and everyone knew it. He'd come out to his parents and his friends when puberty hit hard at thirteen. Everyone accepted him for who he was. When he got to high school and was open about being gay with his new friends, most all accepted the news and thought nothing of it. There were some bumps in the road, but mostly benefits, in the form of other classmates. More in particular, straight classmates without a girlfriend or between girlfriends. They sought him out and he was happy to help them through their "tough" times. Ocean even had some straight friends that sought him out on a regular basis.

As an out gay teen, he had certain needs his parents didn't really need to know about. Especially since he had applied for and was approved for his own credit card. A credit card that brought discrete packages to his door. His apartment above the garage was his safe haven to explore his body. Stimulating his prostate and enjoying the feelings that brought, quickly became his favorite thing to do. He owned several dildos, but the one he recently bought was his favorite.

Running back down the stairs, Ocean climbed into his pride and joy, his 2014 White Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, complete with four wheel drive. It had been a present from his parents on his sixteenth birthday. He'd need that four wheel drive where he was going. His campsite was well off the beaten track and his Jeep would take him there for a wonderful weekend of solitude and relaxation.

Ocean's Jeep Rubicon

After double checking that he had everything, he backed out of the driveway and headed out toward the campsite he'd found a couple of month's ago. He'd quite literally stumbled into it.

Ocean had set up camp just off the road at a small park with a lake and was exploring for places to fish. He tripped over an unseen root, stumbled and fell. When he looked up, the saw the perfect spot to camp. It was secluded, surrounded by pine trees. The ground was covered in a thick layer soft pine needles. The view of the lake was mostly hidden by shrubbery, but there was one spot, if he set his camp up just right, where he could look across the water and enjoy beautiful sunsets. Plus, it was a great place to catch fish.

Ocean slowed as he approached the hidden cut off. It was an old logging road in very rough shape. He shifted into four wheel drive and proceeded cautiously. A couple of deep ruts in the road bounced him around, but he pushed on. A few minutes later, Ocean came out next to the campsite.

Ocean's campsite

He shut down the Jeep and made quick work of setting up his camp. He pitched the tent and the dining fly. He moved his personal gear into the tent and set out to fix some supper. He started his campfire and had a nice roaring fire going. Ocean had just pulled two nice steaks from the cooler, with intent of eating one tonight and the other with his eggs in the morning, when someone came crashing through the thick bushes. Ocean stood quickly and put his hand on his bowie knife. He grabbed his flashlight and clicked it on the dark figure in the bushes.

"Hey, what the fuck?" he called out as he shined his light on the teen struggling to stand up after tripping on the same root Ocean had tripped over months earlier.

"Fucking bright light dude!" the boy called out. Ocean lowered his flashlight. A cute shaggy brown haired boy wearing cargo shorts and a tee shirt was standing there looking at him. He looked to be about Ocean's age.

"Who are you?" Ocean asked politely.

"I'm Ian," the boy said as he looked up. "Who are you?"

"I'm Ocean."

"What?" Ocean had come to expect that response. His name was, after all, unique.

"My name is Ocean. What are you doing stumbling into my campsite, uh, what did you say your name was? Ian"?

Yeah, I'm Ian. Look, ah, Ocean. I'm in a bit of trouble and I really just need safe place to stay tonight. Can I stay here with you?"

"What kind of trouble are we talking about, Ian?"

"The kind of trouble I don't want to talk about." He walked over beside Ocean's fire, took his backpack off and sat it down. Then he knelt down and held out his hands over the fire and sighed. It was a bit cooler than the forecast called for.

"Okay, but just to be sure, you didn't kill anyone? You're not an axe murderer or anything like that?"

"Oh no. Nothing like that. I'm just your average teenager on the run. So, can I stay here?"

"We'll see. I was just about to have supper. Are you hungry?"

"Starved," Ian said as he looked up at Ocean with pleading eyes. "I'll, uh, I'll even give you a blow job if you let me stay." That twigged Ocean's interest. "Please," Ian begged. Ocean thought long and hard before making his decision.

"Okay, you can stay." Ian visibly sighed in relief. "I have steaks, baked potatoes ready to go in the coals, some cold Cokes on ice and a bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum," Ocean said with a grin. "But I want the blow job first." Ocean crossed his arms on his chest and jutted his waist out a bit. Ian looked up with terrified eyes from where he was kneeling in front of the fire.

"I - I can do that," Ian said hesitantly. Ocean caught the hesitation immediately. He sighed to himself. This was a straight guy who must be in some serious trouble and was willing to do anything to be safe from whatever he was running from.

"Tell you what, let's skip the blow job," Ocean said as he watched Ian visibly relax. "Here's the deal though." Ian looked up with a frown as Ocean continued. "I suck you and you fuck me. How's that sound?"

"What?" Ian asked as his eyes bugged out in disbelief.

"I'll suck your dick until you cum down my throat," Ocean said slowly. "Then you shove your cock up my ass and fuck me. Does that sound like something you might enjoy?" Ocean said with a grin. Ian grabbed his cock through his shorts and gave it a squeeze.

"That sounds cool, but what are you getting out of this?"

"You straight boys are all the same. Look, I'm gay and I like cock. I want your cock … down my throat and up my ass. I like that. I enjoy that. I want that. Okay?" Ian shook his head up and down.

"You actually enjoy sucking dick?" Ian asked. Ocean looked at him. The straight boy in front of him obviously had never met a gay boy before. That's the only explanation for the question.

"You've never met or talked to a gay boy before?" Ian shook his head no. "Okay, let's back up a minute. Ian, I am gay. Girls do nothing for me, sexually. In fact, they turn me off. Now stand a young man like yourself in front of me, and I'm turned on. I'm horny as hell and I want to suck cock and fuck ass. That's just the way it is."

"You don't like big boobs?" Ian asked as if he couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't. Ocean grinned and shook his head.

"No, Ian. I don't like big boobs. I like big cocks. Great big dicks."

"I don't understand."

"Stand up." Ian stood up from his knees by the fire. Ocean walked over to him and dropped to his knees. He looked up into Ian's eyes and winked. Ocean undid the belt, unsnapped the pants and pulled the zipper down. He grabbed the fabric and eased it down, slowly revealing a soft five inch cock surrounded by soft black pubes.

"W - what are you doing?" Ian asked, even as his cock pulsed a couple of times and started to stretch itself out.

"I'm going to put your cock in my mouth. Is that okay with you?" Ian's cock went from soft to a strong semi hard seven inches in seconds. Ocean grinned. "I take it that's a, yes?" Ian nodded enthusiastically. Ocean ran his hands up the back of Ian legs until he was cupping the boy's ass. He pulled the boy closer and buried his face in Ian's crotch and breathed in his scent. Ocean gave the cock a tongue bath, then moved lower and sucked in the boy's balls. When he dropped them from his mouth, he started a long slow hot wet lick up to Ian's cock head. It was at full hard and a solid seven inches. Ocean wrapped his lips around the head and teased the slit with his tongue. Giving Ian no warning about what was to come, Ocean went down on the delicious hard cock and buried his nose in pubic hair.

"Oh my God!" Ian exclaimed as he came deep down Ocean's throat. Ocean was surprised when he felt the cock pulse. He backed off a bit and let the cock splash some cum across his tongue, then dove back down all the way. Ocean felt Ian's legs shaking. He came back up off the cock, sucking hard the whole way up until he released the head with a 'pop.' Ocean stood up and wrapped his arms around Ian and held him a moment. He released the hug and took one of Ian's hands. He put Ian's hand on his crotch.

"Feel that?" Ian's eyes were big. "Yeah? Give it a squeeze. That's my cock and it's hard because I enjoyed sucking your dick. Do you understand now?" Ian frowned, then dropped to his knees. He made short work of getting pants and underwear out of the way. Ian gazed at Ocean's six inch cock. There wasn't a hair on it. He reached out and gave it a gentle squeeze. Then he timidly leaned over and licked the head. Ocean watched Ian as he kissed the head of his cock. Then he sucked the head in his mouth and played with it with his tongue. Ian moved down and took a couple of inches into his mouth. His hand was still wrapped around the base of Ocean's cock, so Ian just took in everything above his hand. He came back up to the head and slowly let it out of his mouth. Ian looked up at Ocean.

"That's different. I've never done anything like that before. In fact, your dick is the first dick I've ever touched besides my own." Ian took the cock back into his mouth and started bobbing his head. Ocean was so turned on by the boy's admission, that he was quickly up to speed and ready to shoot. Ian kept bobbing his head and using his hand to stroke the cock.

"Ian, I'm close to cumming, so you need to move your mouth." Ian sped up and used his hand more. "I'm gonna shoot. I'm gonna cum!" Ocean groaned and came. Ian slowed down a bit and rode out the orgasm with Ocean until he finally stopped and let the cock out of his mouth. Ocean watched as Ian swallowed the cum.

"I kinda enjoyed that," Ian said as he stood up. "I don't know if I want to do that again, but it was okay. I really liked you sucking me though. That was hot." Ocean reached out and squeezed Ian's semi hard cock.

"You must have enjoyed that a little bit. You're almost hard again."

"Oh yeah. I can cum like five or six times in a row." Ocean grinned and dropped to his knees. He sucked in Ian's cock and started bobbing his head. He hollowed his cheeks at the head, then bobbed down to bury his nose in pubes. In less than a minute, Ian came.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Seven, eight, nine shots of hot teen cum blasted into Ocean's mouth. He swallowed it greedily and kept sucking until there wasn't a drop left. Ocean stood up and looked Ian in the eyes for a moment and finally came to a decision. He moved slowly and put his hands on either side of Ian's head. Ocean moved in and gently pressed his lips to Ian's. Ocean licked his tongue over Ian's lips. Ian's tongue met Ocean's and the boys dissolved into a wickedly hot kiss. Ocean felt Ian's arms wrap around him and hold him tight. The kiss was intense for both boys. Ian was still riding the last waves of his orgasm. Ocean felt Ian's hands move lower until they were grabbing his naked ass. Ian ground his semi hard cock against Ocean's hard on as the kiss intensified. Ocean reached down and brought both of their cocks together in his hands. With plenty of spit and precum, Ocean could easily pump up and down on their cocks. Ian moaned. Ocean sped up. Moments later, their lips parted and eyes locked as they both came. Hot globs of cum blasted up between them. Heads found and leaned on shoulders as they held each other up, gulping in air.

"Let's skinny dip and get cleaned up. Then I'll fix supper."

"Sounds like a plan." The boys stripped out of their remaining clothes and Ocean grabbed two towels. They made their way over to the edge of the lake and jumped in. After splashing around a bit, they climbed out of the water, grabbed their towels and headed for the warmth of the fire to dry off. Ocean chose to remain naked after hanging his towel to dry, so Ian stayed naked as well. Ocean got out his sleeping bag and Ian helped him spread it out on the soft pine needles near the fire. Ocean went to the ice chest, grabbing two glasses on the way. He added ice, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Coke. He handed one glass to Ian.

"Let's sit and relax a minute, k?"

"Sure." The boys sat down on the sleeping bag with their drinks. "I love your hair, by the way," Ian said as he reached over and ran his fingers through the soft blond shoulder length hair. Ocean smiled.

"Thanks. My parents are hippies. They love it long too."

"What's up with your cock? I mean, you're shaved smooth, everywhere."

"Swim team thing. All the guys heard if you shave your body you'll swim faster. Less drag and all that. Personally, I think it's bullshit, but I enjoy the feeling. I don't know if the other guys shave their pubes or not, but I was like, what the hell? So, I shaved everything, including my asshole."

"I trim a little bit, but never considered shaving," Ian said.

"You should try it sometime. So, where are you headed?" Ocean asked, then took a big sip from his drink. Ian took a big gulp of his rum and Coke too. He looked at the ground a moment, then looked up at his new friend. Ocean about got lost in Ian's beautiful green eyes.

"To be honest, I have no idea. I'm just getting away," Ian said. Ocean drained his drink.

"That's cool. I'm gonna fix us another drink and then I'll fix supper." Ian drained his drink and handed Ocean his glass.

Thirty minutes later they were slicing into perfect wood fire grilled medium rare steaks. The two glasses were full of rum and Coke again. As they were finishing their meal, Ocean's curiosity got the best of him. He finished his drink in two swallows and turned to Ian.

"So, what's it going to take for you to tell me what kind of trouble you're in?" Ocean asked. Ian paused mid-drink and frowned. "Ian. I won't judge you. I won't think less of you and I won't make you leave. Just come clean with me, dude." Ian drained his drink and looked at Ocean. A tear ran down his face.

"My parents died," Ian said in a tear filled soft voice. Ocean put his arm around Ian's shoulders. "It was six months ago. I got put in a foster home," Ian explained softly. "They were horrible people. I'm talking horribly horrible. I complained to DSS, but they wouldn't listen. I finally had enough, so I put my stuff in my backpack and left. That was three days ago. If I get caught, DSS will send me right back." Ocean hugged him.

"It's cool, Ian. You're safe here with me. Let's get this stuff cleaned up and put away, then we can kick back and relax." Ocean wanted to change the mood and almost regretted asking about Ian's trouble, but it was done and he was glad he knew. The kid was having a tough time and Ocean decided he would help in any way he could. Ocean tidied up. Ian helped as best as he could, but Ocean knew where everything went. Ocean put more ice in the glasses and poured them both another drink.

"Here ya go," Ocean handed Ian the refreshed drink before sitting back down on the sleeping bag. He had a pleasant buzz. "Oh, I want to show you something, since you don't know much about gay people." Ocean got up and went to his tent. He pulled out his day pack and brought it back over.

"What's so gay about a backpack?" Ian asked. Ocean smiled and winked.

"Watch," he said as he pulled his favorite dildo out. Ian gasped.

"Jesus, it's fucking huge," Ian exclaimed.

"Watch this," Ocean said as he placed the dildo at his lips. He winked at Ian and slid the dildo all the way down his throat. The realistic balls rested on his chin. He slowly pulled it back out.

"I know, from firsthand experience, that you know how to suck a dick, but what you just did is amazing. Jesus. Here, let me try." Ian couldn't keep his eyes off the huge dildo

"Thought you were straight?"

"Call me curious right now," Ian said as he continued to stare at the dildo. Ocean handed it over and watched Ian carefully inspect it. He squeezed the balls. "Wow, they feel real."

"Yep. I ordered it online. It was over a hundred bucks, but worth every …" Ocean's words dropped off as he watched Ian shove the whole dildo down his throat. He gagged once but kept going until the balls were on his chin. It came back out quickly. Ian looked at Ocean and grinned.

"Damn boy! Wanna try that on the real thing?" Ocean's cock was plumping up. He glanced down and noticed Ian's cock was growing too. Ian drained his drink and grinned at his new friend. Ian looked down at Ocean's clean shaved cock.

"Sure." Ocean spread his legs and leaned back.

"Have at it dude. Suck my cock all the way down." Ian bent over and swallowed Ocean's cock. He paused when it hit the back of his mouth, but pressed on, taking the cock into his throat and burying his nose against Ocean. "Fuck yeah. Look at you dude." Ian came back up and looked at Ocean with a grin. "Let's sixty-nine!" Ocean suggested.


"You can't be that sheltered, Ian," Ocean said.

"I've never touched another person, sexually, in my entire life Ocean. You're it. Teach me," Ian said with a shy smile.

"Okay, lay down on your side." Ian laid down. Ocean laid down in the opposite direction. "Now, you suck my dick and I'll suck yours and we'll do it at the same time." Ian looked at the smooth cock in front of him and smiled. He sucked it into his mouth. "Yep, you got it," Ocean said as he sucked Ian's seven inch cock into his mouth. Ian enjoyed sucking on Ocean's dick, but to him, it was awkward. He rolled over until he was on all fours. Now he could property attend to the cock that was in his face. He licked his lips and took it into his mouth. He took a deep breath and quickly buried his nose in Ocean's balls. He came back up enough to take a breath, then plunged back down. Ian started deepthroating Ocean's cock. He bobbed his head quickly.

Ocean couldn't believe Ian had taken the initiative to roll over. And he couldn't believe the deepthroat blow job he was getting. He reached up and grabbed Ian's ass and pulled. Apparently, Ian got the message as he started fucking Ocean's mouth. That lasted about a minute before Ian rolled off.

"Sorry, I can't do that," Ian said as he lay flat on his back.

"What's wrong?" Ocean asked as he sat up.

"Too much going on. I'm concentrating on sucking your dick. Then I'm concentrating on fucking your mouth. I just can't do both at the same time." Ocean leaned over and grabbed his day pack. He pulled out the Swiss Navy lube. He pumped a large dollop on his middle finger and pushed it into his butt. He did it again. Ocean came up to his knees and looked down at Ian. Then he looked at Ian's throbbing cock. Ocean straddled Ian and looked down at him.

"I know something you'll enjoy and it only requires concentration on one thing." Ian smiled. Ocean pumped another glob of lube in his hand. He reached back and slicked up Ian's cock.

"Whoa? What?" Ian's mouth made a perfect 'o' as Ocean sat down on his cock. Hot tight velvet slickness gripped at Ian's cock. "Oh my God!" Ian called out. "Don't move, don't move, don't move." Ian said quickly. Ocean grinned. "I'm about to cum!" Ian said.

"Take a deep breath. I won't move until you're ready."

"Thank you, shit that feels so good." Ocean wiggled his butt. "Shit!" Ocean giggled. Ian took two deep breaths.

"Okay, here we go," Ocean said as he raised his ass up halfway and eased it back down.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck." Ocean rose up again and grinned at Ian. He slammed his ass back down and started riding up and down on Ian's hair trigger cock. He knew Ian wouldn't last and that was fine. The boy had said he could come five times in a row.

"I'm gonna cum!" Ian called out. Ocean slammed his ass down two more times then slammed it down and held still. Deep in his butt, he felt Ian's cock pulse and pulse as it flooded his ass. Ocean jumped up, slid back and buried Ian's cock into his throat.

"Holy fuck!" Ian exclaimed. Ocean came back off Ian's cock and burst out laughing.

"Enjoyed that, did you?"

"That was incredible."

"Wanna do it again?"

"Fuck yes." Ocean laid down on his back between Ian's legs.

"Okay ya big stud. Come here and fuck my butt." Ian scrambled up to his knees and moved between Ocean's widespread legs. Ian looked down at his friend's smooth shaved hole and saw his cum leaking out. His cock surged and throbbed with anticipation. Ian scooted up and lined up his cock. He looked at Ocean who nodded back. Ian eased his cock back into the velvet smooth hot clinging wetness until he was fully seated balls deep. Ocean looked up into Ian's face. The expression he saw was pure bliss.

"Kiss me," Ocean said quietly as he held out his arms. "Kiss me and this time, make love to me. Slowly make love to me." Ian leaned down and his lips met Ocean's that melted into a scorching hot kiss. Ocean wrapped his arms and legs around Ian, locking his legs with his ankles. Ian pulled his cock back slowly and moved it back in. He started a good slow fuck, grinding his cock deeply into Ocean's ass.

"Yeah, baby, that's right. Your cock feels so good," Ocean whispered in Ian's ear.

"I've never done this before. Tell me what to do," Ian whispered back.

"Just keep doing what you're doing. You'll know when to switch it up." Ian locked his lips with Ocean's for another sizzling hot kiss as he continued to grind his cock slowly into Ocean's hot ass. Ocean released his hug and Ian leaned back up. He looked at Ocean and smiled. Then Ian looked down and watched his cock move in and out of that delicious hot hole.

"I'm fucking someone," Ian thought to himself. "I actually have my cock inside this really hot boy's ass and I love it. Now I'm gonna fuck him good." Ian pulled his seven inch cock almost all the way out, held it for a second, then slammed it home."

"Fuck yeah," Ocean said. Ian did it again and again. "Yeah baby, fuck my ass." Ian switched again and started to fuck at a good medium pace. He moved his left leg a bit, changing his angle. "Oh, fuck yes! Right there! Right there! Now fuck the shit out of me!" Ian hammered his cock into Ocean's ass. Skin slapped skin by the light of the campfire. "Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me, Ian!" Hearing his name, he looked down just as Ocean's cock exploded in hot ribbons of cum flying through the air and landing wetly on Ocean's face and chest. Ian buried his cock. He could feel Ocean's ass clamped down on his cock with each shot of cum. He pulled back and slammed it balls deep one more time.

"Fuck!" Ian called out as his cock pumped hot cum, flooding Ocean's ass for the second time. He fell forward gasping for breath. Ocean's arms encircled him and held him tight. "That, that … fuck, there's no words to describe what I'm feeling right now," Ocean panted. Ian pulled his cock back a couple of inches, then eased it back in. He fucked Ocean like that for a couple of minutes, simply enjoying the incredible feeling. He felt Ocean's arms leave his back. Seconds later two hands grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him in as deep as he could go and held him there.

"If you're a real stud, you'll make me cum again," Ocean whispered. "But let's change positions first." The hands left his butt, so Ian leaned back up and slowly pulled his rock hard cock out of Ocean's ass. He looked down quickly and saw more of his cum leaking out.

"Fuck, I've put two loads of cum in there and I'm about to put another one," Ian thought to himself. His cock throbbed. He sat back as Ocean rolled over and came back up on all fours and backed up to Ian.

"Now, we fuck doggy. Bring that hot cock up here and put it in, then just stay still as long as you can," Ocean instructed. Ian knee walked up between Ocean's legs. He lined up and pushed it back deep into that wonderful velvet smooth slippery ass and held still. Ocean rocked forward pulling Ian's cock out, but then he rocked back taking it back in.

"You're fucking yourself on my cock?" Ian questioned in wonder.

"Yes, I am," Ocean said as he slammed his ass back on Ian's cock. "Just." Slam "Like." Slam "That." Ocean fucked himself at a furious pace, the cheeks of his ass slapping against Ian's thighs. Then the pace changed to a grind and a wiggle. Ocean would take Ian's cock to the balls, then do a little wiggle with his butt.

"We could do this all night," Ian said as he put his hands on Ocean's hips. The minute his hands slid into place, something clicked deep inside. Ian grabbed those hips hard enough to bruise and took over. He slammed his cock into Ocean. He fucked at a fast pace. Ocean stretched out his arms, arching his back and turned around to look at Ian. He watched the boy watching his cock plow into his ass. Ocean smiled.

"Like what you see?" Ian quickly looked up and grinned.

"Hell yeah. Watching my cock fuck you is the hottest thing I've ever seen."

"Just so you know, I think you are one hot fucking stud. Now hammer home. I'm getting close." Ian pulled his cock out and stood up. He bent at the knees, lined up and slammed his cock back in. He put his hands on Ocean's arched back and pounded that ass with his cock.

"Fuck yeah, right there!" Ian was fucking so hard that his cum from his first two loads was leaking out and getting splatted all over by each pounding thrust. "Yes, yes, yes!" Ocean's cock pulsed out load after load of cum. His ass clenching around Ian's cock with each pulse. Ian pulled his cock out and quickly moved to around to Ocean's face. He pumped his cock twice and unleashed a hot load of cum all over Ocean's face. Ocean opened his mouth and Ian slammed it down his throat.

Ocean felt the last two pulses in his throat before Ian pulled his cock out and stood up. Ocean collapsed on the sleeping bag.

"I'm a fucking stud!!" Ian screamed into the night. Ocean flopped over on his back and laughed out loud. Ian dropped to his knees, bent over and kissed Ocean on the lips. He licked his cum from Ocean's face until it was clean. He fell over beside this wonderful boy who had treated him with care, respect, concern and, yeah, even love. More than he had received in six months. Ocean scooted over and pulled Ian against his side. They slid into a nice spooning position. Ocean reached back and pulled the sleeping bag over them. The embers of the fire glowed dimly as Ocean wrapped his arm around Ian and held him. He kissed Ian's neck and nuzzled his nose in Ian's soft brown hair.

"Ocean, I think I'm gay," Ian whispered "I really like you. I mean, I like you a lot."

"Ian, go to sleep. It's okay to be gay, but don't think about it too much. Just enjoy the feelings. And … and I like you a lot too."

Ian woke up alone. It was just dawn. He panicked and sat up quickly. He looked around and saw a naked Ocean coaxing the fire back to life. He watched as Ocean's smooth balls swayed with every move. His mouth watered at the thought of having those balls in his mouth. Then he thought about parting ways with Ocean. Tears came rolling down his face.

Ocean heard movement behind him and turned to see Ian crying. He immediately moved to embrace Ian. The kid cried his eyes out on Ocean's bare shoulder. Ocean thought about it a minute and suddenly realized what Ian was crying about.

"Listen, listen to me Ian. You are coming home with me." Ian cried harder. "It will be okay. My parents will take you in. It will be okay. I promise." Ian slowly brought himself under control. He backed away from Ocean's embrace and wiped his eyes.

"I have no one to turn to. I am totally alone and I am scared to death," Ian sobbed.

"You've got me, Ian!" Ocean said forcefully. "You've got me," Ocean said softly. Ian wrapped his arms around Ocean and held on for dear life. Ian finally calmed down and smiled at Ocean.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, you big stud you." Ian blurted out a laugh. "That was some wild sex last night that I will remember for a long time."

"Ocean, I've known you for only a few hours, but I feel like I'm falling in love with you." Warning bells went off in Ocean's head.

"Ian, let's just take this hour by hour and day by day, k? It's Saturday and we've got the whole day to really get to know each other. I think your cock is in lust with my ass. As for real feelings, let's just spend the day together and forget about our worries. Forget about your foster family and forget about DSS. You've got me now and I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you, okay?"

"Ocean, my cock is in love with your ass. It want's to park itself in your hot ass permanently. Do you have any idea what you did to me last night?" Ocean shook his head no but smiled. "I stumbled into your camp a straight virgin. Now, I'm not a virgin. I've discovered that I like to suck cock and I really like to fuck your hot ass. Which probably means I'm gay, and I'm okay with that. If experiencing the feelings I did last night require me to be gay, then so be it. Last night was fucking incredible and I want to do that again tonight. I'm kinda scared about this, but I want to do it. Ocean, I want you to fuck me. I saw how you came without even touching yourself. I did that to you. My cock did that to you. I want your cock to do that to me." Ocean smiled as he watched Ian's cock slowly rise with each word of his speech.

"Ian, you're hard as a rock." Ian looked down at his cock then back up at Ocean and grinned.

"Yeah, I am." Ocean stood up and held out his hand. Ian took it and was pulled up into Ocean's arms. The boys kissed and suddenly, Ian found himself swept up into Ocean's strong arms. Ocean kissed him again as he walked toward the lake. He got to the edge and smirked at Ian.

"You wouldn't. You won't. Please don't …" Splash! Ian sputtered to the surface.

"You were too hot and I needed to cool you off or I was gonna have cum for breakfast," Ocean said with a grin.

"And what would be wrong with that?" Ian said as he wiped water out of his eyes.

"We've got all day to get to know each other better. Last night was just sex, Ian. It was just sex. No emotion other than lust. It was just sex. You are not in love with me. I am not in love with you. Don't get me wrong, I like you a whole lot. But I know jack shit about you and you even less about me. So, let's spend the day getting to know each other. We can hike and explore. We can fish. We can go swimming," Ocean said as he jumped in the water beside Ian. When he came to the surface, Ian wrapped his arms around him.

"I think I need to know your lips better," Ian said as he wrapped his arms around Ocean's neck and gave him a blistering hot kiss. Ocean felt Ian's hard cock bump up against his stomach. Ian moved to Ocean's neck, licking and sucking the smooth skin as he went. Ocean grabbed Ian by the ass and lifted him up. Ian wrapped his legs around Ocean as his lips moved back to Ocean's lips. Ian felt something bump against his ass hole and groaned. Ocean picked Ian up and carried him out of the lake, lips locked the whole way. He carried Ian to the sleeping bag and let him down. As soon as Ian was on his feet, Ocean dropped to his knees swallowed Ian's hard cock. He bobbed his head and deepthroated Ian. It was less than a minute later when things came to a peak.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum," gasped Ian. His cock pulsed deep in Ocean's throat, pumping hot cum. Ocean backed off and felt the last two spurts wash across his tongue. He buried his nose in Ian's wet pubes and sucked hard on the way back, coaxing the last of the cum from Ian's cock. When he released the cock, Ocean stood up.

"Now, can you think about something else besides sex?" Ocean asked with a smirk.

"Maybe," Ian answered with a matching smirk.


"Okay, I can think about something else."

"That's better. Let's take a hike and explore a bit. Then we'll come back for lunch." Ocean suggested.

"Okay, but don't you think we need to put some clothes on first." Ocean barked out a laugh.

"Yeah, that's probably a good idea." They dressed and hung their towels up to dry. Ian helped Ocean shake out the sleeping bag. It was hung up as well.

After a quick breakfast, the boys explored the area around the campsite. It was rough terrain with lots of trees and underbrush. They made it to one of the parking lots for lake visitors. Ocean found it odd that only one car would be at the lake on a Saturday. The car looked familiar. Being curious, they walked over to the car. Ian looked inside and grabbed Ocean's hand. He put his finger to his lips to be quiet. Ocean looked in the back seat. There were two of his high school classmates fucking. Ocean and Ian backed away quietly.

"Holy shit. They were just going at it without a care in the world," Ian said. Ocean nodded.

"Those guys, they're friends of mine. Luke and Cory. I go to school with them. I had no idea they were gay."

"Wow! Well, they are cute and did you see the cock on the guy getting fucked? It was huge. Damn, that made me horny."

"I get the feeling that you're always horny, Ian."

"Well, I wasn't until I met your hot self," Ian said with a smirk.

"There's a beach just over there," Ocean pointed. "Let's check it out." They followed the path through the tall bushes and came out on a nice sandy beach.

"This is wonderful. I wish we had brought some towels," Ian said.

"Wanna swim?" Ocean suggested. "We can just put our clothes over there in the bushes and skinny dip. There's no one here." Ian's answer was to shuck his shirt and start on his belt.

With their clothes safe in the bushes, two naked teens ran across the sand and jumped into the water. They played and splashed and wore themselves out laughing the whole time. Finally, they stood in chest deep water and just enjoyed the cool water.

A laugh was all the warning they got before two naked teen boys came running from the path, headed straight for the water. The boys didn't notice Ian and Ocean. When they got to the edge of the water, they embraced and kissed. They were both hard. The blond had a huge cock. The dark haired boy dropped to his knees and started sucking the blond boy's big dick. Ian's eyes bugged out. Ocean put his arm around Ian.

"I wonder what they'll do when they finally notice us," Ocean whispered in Ian's ear.

"What should we do?" he whispered back. Ocean shrugged. "That blond is the one who was getting fucked in the car. Remember his big dick?" Ocean nodded.

"Oh yeah, Luke. Suck my big dick," the blond called out as he ran his fingers through Luke's hair. "Suck it all the way, baby." Ocean and Ian watched that monster cock slide all the way into Luke's mouth.

"We need to say something," Ian whispered.

"Or we could just watch. I always thought Cory was cute. He's the blond. I knew he was hung. I've seen him in the shower room, but I've not seen him hard until now." Ian smiled and reached over and grabbed Ocean's growing cock and gave it a squeeze. The dark haired boy, Luke, popped the blond's cock out of his mouth and looked up.

"Fuck my mouth, Cory. Fuck it real good and give me a hot load of cum," Luke said. Cory grinned and bent down and kissed Luke. He stood back up and tapped his cock on Luke's outstretched tongue. Then he slid it in all the way and held it there. He grabbed Luke's head and started long dicking Luke's mouth. Out to the head and down to the balls. Luke grabbed Cory's ass, pulling him closer and deeper.

"Okay baby. I'm gonna give it to you the way you like it," Cory said. He started fucking his cock in Luke's mouth. He was slamming Luke hard. Cory's balls were slapping Luke's chin on each thrust. Cory slammed it deep and held it there. His hands visibly clenching and holding Luke's head.

"Jesus," Ian whispered.

"Come on Luke, work that throat," Cory said, still holding his cock balls deep. Ian glanced down at Luke's cock. It was stone hard. Finally, Cory pulled halfway out to let Luke breathe. "I'm close. One more like that and I'll cum." Cory started fucking Luke's mouth again. He fucked it hard and fast for several minutes.

"I'm gonna cum!" Cory yelled out as he rammed it all the way in and held it.

As Ocean and Ian watched, Luke's untouched cock came, shooting out nine or ten big ropes of cum. Cory slowly withdrew his cock. He leaned down and kissed Luke.

"Let's go, baby," Cory said. The boys turned and walked hand in hand until they disappeared down the path.

"Okay, lets get out," Ocean said. The boys swam closer to shore and finally walked out of the water. They both used their hands to sluice the water off their bodies.

Thirty minutes later they were munching on ham and cheese sandwiches and Ruffles potato chips while sitting on the sleeping bag sipping on ice cold Cokes.

"We'll take the Jeep for a ride this afternoon. I know some great places," Ocean said. Ian sipped his Coke and nodded.

"I've never been around here before," said Ian.

"Where are you from?" Ocean asked.


"That's a long way away, Ian."

"I hitchhiked and got some good rides." Things were not adding up in Ocean's mind. Asheville was a hundred miles away. How did Ian find his campsite, let alone the lake? You had to know the lake was there. It wasn't a tourist destination. There were no major roads nearby, not any that a hitchhiker would use. Something wasn't right in Ocean's mind and he was going to find out about Ian and his supposedly horribly horrid past.

"That's bullshit. Do not lie to me Ian. You tell me the truth. Right now." Tears sprang from Ian's eyes and he cowered back from Ocean.

"Don't … don't hit me p - please," Ian stammered with eyes full of terror. Ocean flinched at Ian's reaction and at once backed down.

"Easy, easy, easy Ian. I'm not going to hit you. I would never do that," Ocean had his hands up in reassurance. "It's okay. Calm down. Take a deep breath. It's okay, Ian," Ocean said softly. Ian still cowered, holding his hands and arms in a protective stance. "Please, Ian. I swear I would never hurt you. I'm so sorry I scared you. I am so, so sorry." Ian agonizingly slowly began to come down from his terror. It broke Ocean's heart. He caused this and was determined to fix it.

"Ian, please. It's okay," Ocean said with his own tears rolling down his face.

"They … they hit me Ocean," Ian said through a timid tear filled voice.

"Baby, it's okay. You're away from them now. Nobody is going to hit you. I promise," Ocean's voice cracked with more tears.

"You … you scared me Ocean," Ian said softly as he finally lowered his arms.

"I'm so, so very sorry, baby. I would never hurt you." The words were barely out of Ocean's mouth when Ian bolted. He ran out of the campsite before Ocean could even stand up.

"Ian! Please!" Ocean watched as Ian disappeared into the trees. "Fuck!" he screamed out in frustration. Ocean glanced over at Ian's backpack. He made a quick decision and grabbed it. He dumped the entire contents out on the sleeping bag and looked through it. Clothes were to be expected. A toothbrush and toothpaste. A hairbrush. There was nothing there that would give Ocean any clue as to Ian's life. He almost gave up when he came across Ian's wallet. He opened it and counted out a hundred and twenty-three dollars. He kept digging and found Ian's driver's license. The address was in Hendersonville, a mere ten miles away. He pulled out a picture and looked at it. It was a picture of Ian and his parents. Tears streamed down Ocean's face as he looked at the happy faces in the picture.

"That's mine!" Ian said as he snatched the picture out of Ocean's hands. Ocean looked up and Ian saw the tears. His fury evaporated and he sank down to his knees. "Ocean," he started. But the boy he met at the campsite wrapped his arms around him, broke down and wept. Ian hugged him to his chest. Ocean hugged him back.

"The truth is," Ian started as he whispered into Ocean's ear. "The truth is my foster family beat me. Their son raped me. I had to get away. I knew this park was nearby, so I packed up what I could and came here. I'd eaten the last of my food and was starving. I saw your campfire and thought I would see if I could maybe get something to eat. And I found you. It was the best thing to happen to me since my folks died." Ocean tightened his hug.

"Ian, I am so, so sorry. I never, ever, wanted to hurt you or scare you," Ocean sobbed.

"It's okay, Ocean. I shouldn't have lied to you and I'm sorry. I didn't know you and I wasn't going to reveal anymore than necessary. I was just looking out for myself." Ocean looked into Ian's red eyes and offered a small smile.

"You, Ian, are special to me. I don't know what it is, but I want you in my life."

"I want you in my life too," Ian whispered as he hugged Ocean tight.

As emotions calmed, they finally released the hug and looked at each other. Ocean could see the longing on Ian's face and he tentatively reached out and kissed those luscious red lips gently. Ian kissed back gently and the boys slowly lay down on the sleeping bag. Ian rolled over and Ocean rolled with him. They spooned together and Ocean wrapped his arm around Ian and pulled him close. Laying together on the sleeping bag on that Saturday afternoon, so full of emotion, they drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later, Ocean blinked his eyes. He nuzzled his nose into Ian's soft hair as he tightened his arm around the boy he had become infatuated with. He considered Ian's explanation and felt his worry wash away. No one was going to hurt his Ian. Ocean's emotions ran the gamut of the preverbal rainbow. He kissed Ian's neck and sighed. Ian had come into his life and brought emotion to a place where only sex had ruled. The blow jobs he gave to his straight friends was just sex. He didn't get any reciprocation, physically or emotionally. It was just a blow job. Sure, he jacked off afterwards, savoring the taste of cum on his tongue, but there was no emotion attached. Ian brought that emotion into the picture in spades.

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