Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer    Ocean
by Jevic
The Tarheel Writer
Chapter Two
"Getting to Know You"

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Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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"Got your seat belt on?" Ian nodded. "Okay, here we go." Ocean shifted the Jeep into first gear and drove along the rough old logging road until they reached the main road. He turned to the right.

After the emotional end to their Saturday, the boys had eaten supper and cuddled on the sleeping bag by the fire. They talked softly enjoying each other's company and got to know each other better. Ocean convinced Ian to come home with him. He promised they would work things out so Ian would never have to worry about foster parents again.

"There's an old forest service road along here on the left. Keep a watch out, okay?"

"Okay Ocean, hey is that it up there?" Ocean looked and smiled.

"Good eye, Ian. That's it." Ocean slowed and turned onto what looked like nothing more than a wide foot path. Ocean shifted into four wheel drive. As the Jeep and the two boys traveled further along, ruts in the path became evident, assuring them that they were indeed on a road. It was a road that had not be maintained for decades, but still it was a road. Ocean had to drive slowly, but four wheel drive didn't falter as they made their way up.

"This is fun!" Ian squealed, after climbing a particularity steep hill with the tires slinging mud flying everywhere. Ocean laughed along with him. He continued to follow the forest service road until it came to an abrupt stop.

"Okay, Ian, we walk from here," Ocean said unbuckling his seatbelt. Ian unbuckled and got out. Ocean pulled his day pack from the back of the Jeep and put it on.

"Where are we going?" Ian asked.

"You'll see in just a minute. Let's head up the trail over there." Ian followed Ocean up the steep winding trail through dense trees and undergrowth. Ten minutes into their hike, the undergrowth got smaller and the trees began to thin out. They finally emerged in a clearing and walked to the top.

"Wow!" Ian exclaimed as he looked out over the lake and surrounding forest. Mountain peaks could be seen in the distance. "This is beautiful."

"I found this spot last year. If you look over there, you can just barely see Lexington. That's where I live," Ocean pointed out.

"I see a church steeple. Is that it?"

"Yeah, that's home. We'll pack up and head there after lunch. Speaking of lunch, let's eat." Ocean put his day pack down and pulled out sandwiches, chips and soda. The sat at the top of the small mountain and ate their lunch while their eyes took in the beautiful views.

"Thank you, Ocean. I've never experienced anything like this before. It's a real treat."

"I'm glad you're enjoying it," Ocean said softly. He smiled then leaned over and kissed Ian's cheek. "You deserve all the happiness in the world."

"You are being sickeningly romantic," Ian said with a grin.

"Would you rather me just pull your dick out and give you a blow job?"

"That would work too," Ian said wagging his eyebrows.

"Keep being sexy and you never know what might happen," Ocean said with a smirk. "Let's pack up our trash and head back down. There's a storm coming our way."


"Yeah, look over there," Ocean pointed off into the distance. "See that line of dark clouds? That's rain and it's coming our way. I don't think it will be here for a while, but we ought to get moving." The boys packed up and headed back down the trail to the Jeep.

An hour later, the Jeep was packed up. Ocean did a quick sweep of the campsite, making sure everything was loaded and all the trash had been picked up.

"Okay, everything looks good," Ocean said just as a crack of thunder rolled across the lake. "Perfect, let's go Ian before it rains. The road out of here will turn into a big mud hole fast." They climbed into the Jeep and made it to the main road just before the rain started to fall. Ocean drove his Jeep home with the wipers on and with a new companion. He wanted this thing, this whatever you want to call it, with Ian, to work out.

"This is a really neat little town, Ocean."

"Home sweet home. That's Harmony High School. That's where I'm on the swim team."

"Really? I can't wait to see you in a Speedo," Ian said with a smirk. Ocean laughed out loud. They rounded a corner and Ocean slowed, then turned into his driveway.

"Welcome to my home." Ocean pointed to the apartment over the garage. "That's my apartment." Ian took it all in and nodded his head. Ocean could tell he was nervous. "It will be fine. Let's unload the Jeep and carry everything upstairs." Ian helped and they had everything out of the Jeep in no time.

Ocean unlocked the apartment door and stood back.

"This is my apartment, Ian." Ian walked in and took it all in.

"This is wonderful, Ocean. I love it. And this is all yours?"

"I finally talked my parents into letting me move up here. I moved in on my sixteenth birthday. I've got some freedom and most importantly, I have my privacy," Ocean said as he put his arms around Ian and gave him a sizzling hot kiss.

"Thank you, Ocean. So, ah, what happens now?"

"We'll go to the house and I'll introduce you to my parents."

"Okay," said a nervous Ian. Ocean took Ian's hand and led him down to the house.

"Mom! Dad!"

"In here," his mom called out. Ocean, still holding Ian's hand walked through the kitchen and into the den. "Welcome home. Have a good time?" his mother said. When the boys walked around her chair she looked up. "Oh, and who are you young man?"

"This is Ian, mom. We met while I was camping up at the lake. We need to talk. Is dad around?" Ocean's mother frowned. She didn't miss that her son was holding hands with what appeared to be a very nervous boy. "He ran out, but he'll be back in just a few minutes. Is everything all right?"

"Well, yes and no, mom. But mostly yes," Ocean said with a smile. "We're gonna fix a snack and wait for dad."

"Okay, honey." The boys went back into the kitchen and fixed a lite snack. They were just finishing up when Ocean's dad came in the door.

"Hi dad."

"Hey Ocean, who's your friend?"

"This is Ian. Say, are you busy right now?"

"Not at the moment."

"Can we have a little talk with you and mom?" His dad frowned but nodded. They all went into the den and sat down. Ocean explained what happened to Ian with Ian filling in the gaps. Both parents had questions until finally a decision was made. Ian would stay with them. A lawyer would be called to handle the legal issues. The one question that hadn't been asked was what happened to Ian's parent's assets? Ocean's dad thought something fishy was going on and was going to look into it. In the meantime, Ian needed clothes and the basics, but mostly he needed love and that was abundant in Nolan home.

"Go get settled. Supper is at seven," mom said as she hugged her son and then Ian.

"Thank you, Mrs. Nolan," Ian said shyly.

"Call me Barbara. None of that Mrs. stuff, okay?" Ian smiled and nodded. He and Ocean went back up to the garage apartment. As soon as they were in the door, Ian wrapped his arms around Ocean.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," he whispered in Ocean's ear.

"I told you everything would be okay. Let's go through your stuff and see what you want to keep and what you want to throw away. Plus, we're about the same size, so feel free to wear some of my clothes too." The boys spent the rest of the afternoon putting away camping gear, organizing clothes and listening to music. It was just shy of seven when they finished.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Barbara Nolan looked at her husband, once the boys disappeared. Dennis looked back.

"What has our son gotten us into this time?" she asked.

"He's only doing what we've been teaching him to do his whole life."

"I'm so proud of him and did you see them holding hands? I think there might be more than friendship going on. I saw Ian's puppy dog eyes too," Dennis smiled and nodded.

"Ocean needs love in his life and I like Ian. That boy's been through a rough patch. Something does not add up for me. Why would he end up in foster care? I'm thinking a relative didn't want him and turned him over to DSS while helping themselves to the car, the cash and the house." Barbara nodded.

"Let's handle this quickly. That boy needs, well, everything. He needs to be enrolled in school. We can't do that until our lawyer does his lawyering," Barbara said with a laugh.

"I'll call him first thing in the morning."

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

The Sunday evening meal at the Nolan house was very laid back and Ian started to get over his shyness and feel more comfortable around Ocean's parents. Half an hour later, the boys were back in their apartment.

"So, sexy boy. We should take a shower. My parents, being the tree huggers they are, always encourage me to conserve water, so you wanna share a shower with me?" Ian grinned.

"Only if you let me clean between your legs," Ian said with a wink. They both shed their clothes and headed for the bathroom. Ocean adjusted the water temperature and they climbed in.

"This is nice, Ocean. Get your hair wet and I'll shampoo it for you." Ocean leaned his long blond hair back into the spray and got it wet. By the time he'd wiped his eyes, Ian had shampoo in his hand. "Turn around," Ian said. He put the shampoo in the hair and lathered it up, giving Ocean a nice scalp massage.

"That feels good Ian." Ian moved closer and slid his hard cock between Ocean's legs. "Oh yeah, that feels even better." Ian slid his cock back and forth a couple of times, then pulled it out.

"You've got nut stubble," Ian said with a grin. He reached for the razor, then carefully shaved Ocean's cock and balls. Ian turned him around and as Ocean leaned over, Ian carefully shaved around Ocean's hole.

"There. All smooth. Time to rinse," Ian said as he gently moved Ocean back under the spray. Ian ran his hands through the blond hair making sure it was completely rinsed. Ocean stepped out of the spray and wiped his eyes. Ian was right in front of him, this time with a hand full of body wash. Ian spread the wash across Ocean's chest, along his arms, including Ocean's smooth, hairless pits. Another pump of body wash and Ian's hands lathered up Ocean's hard cock and smooth balls. Ian leaned up against Ocean and moved his hands around to the back. He cleaned Ocean's smooth hole carefully.

"Rinse, please. Then I'll get your legs." Ocean stepped under the spray again and washed the suds toward the drain. He stepped back up to Ian. Ian smiled and lowered himself down to his knees. He sucked in Ocean's cock about halfway and kept it there while he lathered Ocean's legs and feet, even between the toes. When he was finished, he gently pushed Ocean back into the spray. Ian worked his hands up those long smooth legs and grabbed onto Ocean's ass. He took a deep breath and eased the smooth cock into his throat. He pushed harder until his nose ran into Ocean. He worked it back and forth in his throat, then eased it completely out. He looked up at Ocean and smiled.

"For a straight boy, you sure do suddenly like to suck dick," Ocean grinned. "Come up here," he said and helped Ian back to his feet. They leaned together and kissed hotly. Ian's cock slid between Ocean's legs, rubbing across smooth balls and teasing the smooth hole.

"Let me wash up real quick and then we'll get in the bed. I still want you to fuck me, remember?" Ian questioned with a wink.

"I would never forget that. Let me help you wash."

"I can have this done in two minutes, now get out and dry off before I suck you off right where you stand mister." Ocean laughed and eased out of the shower. Ten minutes later, two squeaky clean boys stood embraced by the bed.

"I really do want you to fuck me, Ocean," Ian said softly.

"We can work up to that, baby. I know you don't care for a sixty-nine, so let me suck you first. Stand right here, okay?" Ian nodded as he watched Ocean crawl on the bed and stretch out. Ian wondered what he was doing. Ocean scooted his head over to the edge of the bed and let it fall down off the edge. "Okay, Ian. Come over here and fuck my mouth."

"Wow, you look super hot like that," Ian said. He took two steps over and looked Ocean in the face and grinned. He spread his feet apart, lowering his cock until it hovered over Ocean's mouth. Ocean reached out with his tongue and licked the head. Ian pushed his hips forward and eased his cock into a now familiar hot throat. Ocean reached out and grabbed Ian's ass and pulled the cock into his mouth and down his throat.

"Oh God, yes," Ian whispered. He pulled back halfway and buried his cock deep in Ocean's throat. Ian pulled out all the way. "How do you want me to do this?"

"Do this? What? Fuck my throat?"

"Yeah. Fast, slow, hard, easy."

"Whatever turns you on, Ian. And no matter what you choose, I am gonna love it. Just be sure to watch my cock when you cum. As soon as I feel your cock pulse in my throat, I'll cum. Now, fuck my face." Ian grinned and tapped Ocean's nose with his cock, just before sliding it slowly down until his balls were resting on Ocean's nose. Ian pulled back halfway and eased it back balls deep.

"That feels really good," Ian whispered. "I love how my balls come to rest on your nose." Ian continued fucking slowly and Ocean's hands still encouraged him by pulling on his ass. Ian picked up the pace. Ocean moaned on one upstroke. "Oh yeah, baby. Feeling real good," Ian groaned. He went faster until he was slamming his cock in and out of Ocean's hot mouth.

"I'm not gonna last long like this," Ian said. He pulled his cock out far enough for Ocean to breathe. "Get you a good lungful of air baby. I'm getting ready to blast down your throat." When Ocean's hands pushed again, Ian slammed his cock as deep as it could go. He fucked Ocean's throat, never coming out far enough to leave it. "Yeah, here it comes!" Ian's cock pulsed hot fat blasts of cum in Ocean's throat. Ian glanced up as Ocean's cock came, sending ribbons of cum shooting out. Ian leaned forward and took it in his mouth, but not before getting a blast on his forehead. He lifted his butt to pull his cock back far enough for Ocean to breathe again. Ocean moaned. Ian got the last three spurts of cum in his mouth. He savored Ocean's taste and swallowed. Then he sucked it down until his nose was buried in smooth balls. Ocean's hands pulled hard and Ian's cock slid back down all the way. The two boys held each other's cocks deep in their throats, luxuriating in the feeling. Ian slowly lifted his head and his ass at the same time. He stood up and smiled at Ocean.

"Wow! That was incredible. Ocean grinned back. He rolled off the bed and came up to Ian.

"You've got some of my cum on your face."

"Would you mind retrieving it please?" Ocean leaned over and licked the splat of his cum off Ian's forehead.

"Now, all better," Ocean grabbed Ian's hand and they walked over to the sofa and sat down. "I think there might be a little Captain Morgan left and I know there's some Coke in the fridge. Let's have a drink, relax a bit, then we'll fuck. How's that sound?"

"Perfect." Ocean mixed the drinks and returned to the couch.

"Here ya go," he said handing a drink to Ian.

"I really like your apartment. I mean, it's all one room, but at least the bathroom is separate. I like it. It's got you written all over it. You've got posters of ocean waves. You've got a wooden crab trap hanging from a fish net in the corner. It is very you, Ocean."

"Thanks. I've worked hard to make it my own space, but now that you're here, I want it to be our space. So, whatever you want, just do it."

"Ha, you sound like a Nike commercial."

"I'm serious. We'll go shopping tomorrow for you … clothes, razor, shave cream, shampoo … the works, whatever you need, even a Speedo so you can join the swim team."

"Ha!" Ian laughed. Then Ocean turned serious.

"I want you to, first of all, feel safe. Then I want you to feel comfortable. And finally, I want you to feel loved." Ian looked up at that comment. "Yeah, my feelings for you are skyrocketing Ian." Ian smiled. "I'll be honest," Ocean continued. "I've been a slut. I'm out at school. Everybody knows I'm gay. So, the straight guys seek me out when their girlfriends are on the rag or pissed or whatever the reason. I suck their cocks, Ian. It's been like a buffet of cocks and I'm talking about cute straight boys with delicious cocks. I've been sucking dozens of cocks since I got to high school." Ocean paused and looked Ian directly in the eyes. "It's all been about sex … until now." Ocean paused again. "For the first time in my life, I'm having sex that involves feelings … feelings for you," Ocean finished with a whisper. Ian drained his drink.

"I'm gonna go out on a limb here," Ian started. "I … I have feelings for you too. You make me happy … and not just happy, happy, but happy through and through. You're thoughtful. You're considerate. You're loving. You're everything I would ever want in a … boyfriend." Ian took a deep breath and whispered. "I'm falling in love with you Ocean, and I want to express that love by submitting to you. I want to submit to you putting your super hot cock in my ass, please."

"You cut to the chase, Ian," Ocean said with a grin. "Sure, I'll put my cock in your ass, but I will make love to you first, before I pound my cock in you and make a load of cum blast out of your cock." Ian moaned.

"I've been wanting you to make love to me since I met you."

"You were straight when I met you."

"I was a virgin in every way, but you've opened my eyes to ways of doing things I've never considered before. Now, here I am asking you to fuck my butt. I'd say that 'straight' went, ha ha, straight out the window! So enough of this horny talk. Shove your hard cock up my ass and let me feel what you feel when my cock is in your ass. Make me cum without touching myself. Make love to me Ocean." Ocean stood up and offered his hand to Ian.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Max went into his bedroom and left the lights out. Maybe tonight he would get lucky. He went over to his bedroom window and looked at the window of the house next door. From his second story bedroom, he had a clear view of Ocean's bedroom. He'd seen some pretty hot things Ocean got up to with his dildo. Maybe he'd get a good show tonight.

He had to sit down when he saw Ocean and another boy making out. He watched as clothes came off. Max stripped quickly and wrapped his fingers around his substantial eight inch cock.

Max had grown up next door to Ocean, but they were more acquaintances than friends. Max was straight, at least that's what he told himself. He was the quarterback of the football team at the high school he and Ocean attended. When Ocean very publicly announced he was gay, Max told himself he needed to put some distance between himself and Ocean. He didn't want to get accused of being gay merely by association. He had a reputation to keep and he did a good job by fucking his girlfriend every Friday night after the football game.

Despite all that, Max was turned on by watching Ocean do his thing. Tonight, Max was going to get the full on show. He grabbed the hand lotion off his nightstand and got ready. He peered out the window at Ocean's bedroom window. Things were heating up quickly across the yard in the garage apartment.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

"Come on love. Let's go to the bed." Ian grasped the offered hand and stood up. The boys moved to the bed. Ocean guided Ian onto his back.

Ian fell back on the bed, trembling with anticipation. Ocean pushed a pillow under Ian's head and then pushed one under Ian's butt.

"First, I need to get a taste of you," Ocean whispered. He grabbed Ian's legs and pulled them apart. "Hold your legs." Ian reached up and held them. Ocean got down on his knees beside the bed and physically pulled Ian to the edge. Ocean looked at Ian's hole. It quivered in anticipation. Ocean reached out and gave it a swipe with his tongue. He lapped at Ian's hole, slathering it with spit. He took his middle finger and massaged Ian's hole, passing over it again and again. He licked over it and drove his tongue into it.

Ocean grabbed a bottle of Swiss Navy lube and pumped a glob on his finger. He pushed his finger slowly into Ian's butt.

"Oh Ocean, that feels so good." Ocean pumped his finger in and out of Ian's ass. He hooked it and ran it over Ian's prostate. Ian moaned loudly. He added a second finger and eased it in. And when he thought Ian was ready, he added more lube and pushed three fingers into Ian's hot hole. Ocean worked his fingers, slowly stretching Ian's ass so he could slide his cock in without causing any pain. Ian started pushing his ass back on the fingers and Ocean knew Ian was ready.

"Okay, baby. You ready?" Ian nodded. "Scoot back a bit so I can get on the bed too." Ian scooted back, rearranged the pillows, and pulled his legs up and apart. Ocean slipped on the bed between Ian's legs. He pumped a glob of lube in his hand and slathered it on his cock. He lined up and gently pressed until the head of his cock popped in.

"Oh, yes, Ocean. I feel your cock at my ass. Slide it in baby," Ian whispered. Ocean pushed in a couple of inches. Ian's ass clenched down on his cock. Ocean waited a moment, then pushed another couple of inches in. The clenching slowly relaxed and Ocean knew it was time to fuck. He buried his cock balls deep into Ian's ass. Ian let out a long groan.

Ocean slowly pulled back to halfway and eased all the way back in. This was a first for Ian and Ocean had to remember that. He couldn't just pound the boy, so he slowly picked up speed. Ian let out another long groan.

"That's feels so good, Ocean. You can go faster if you want to," Ian whispered. Ocean picked up more speed, burying his cock balls deep with each thrust. "Yes, yes, yes," Ian said to each thrust. "Kiss me." Ocean leaned down and locked lips with Ian, kissing him deeply while still shoving his cock into Ian's hot ass. Ian wrapped his arms around Ocean and wrapped his legs around him too, locking them together at the ankles. Ocean moved his kiss to Ian's neck, licking, kissing, and sucking the soft skin.

"Oh yes, Ocean. God, you feel awesome. Fuck my ass baby. Fuck me," Ian whispered in Ocean's ear. Ocean leaned back up and grabbed Ian's legs, pulling them wide apart. He sped up until skin slapped skin.

"Your ass is so hot and tight, I won't last very long."

"Fuck me hard Ocean. Pound my ass and make me cum." Ocean looked down and saw that Ian's rock hard cock was leaking precum like crazy. Ocean sped up even more, ramming himself into tight velvet smooth hotness. He could feel his balls start to churn, getting ready to make cum. He looked at Ian and Ian looked back, locking their eyes together.

"I'm gonna cum," Ocean said as he slammed in balls deep and came. He pulled back and slammed down again, shooting more hot cum into Ian's ass.

Ian felt Ocean's cock pulse in his ass and he knew his hole was getting filled with hot Ocean cum. That sent him into ecstasy.

"Ocean!" Ian's cock blasted hot ropes of cum hitting him in the face. Ian's green eyes were still glued to Ocean's blue ones as they both pumped cum. Ian reached out to Ocean, who leaned down and licked the cum off Ian's face then gave him a scorching hot kiss while continuing to slowly grind his still hard cock in Ian's cum flooded hole. Ocean wrapped his arms around his lover as their tongues played happily together. Ocean started slowly grinding his still hard cock in and out by just an inch. The hot kiss continued as Ocean pulled halfway out and ground it slowly back in. He backed out an inch, then slammed his cock into Ian's ass. Ian moaned into the kiss. Ocean backed out and started fucking Ian again. He fucked as fast as two hugging people could. The boys ended their kiss and Ocean leaned back up and started slamming his cock into Ian's cum slick ass. He slammed it balls deep and stopped.

"Let's change positions," Ocean panted. "I want you on top."

"I don't want to fuck you Ocean. You're fucking me tonight."

"I don't want you to fuck me with you cock. I want you to fuck me with your ass. I lay on my back and you ride my dick. How's (cock slams in) that (cock slams in hard) sound (cock slams in harder) to (cock slams in and stays) you?"

"Kinda hard to ride you when you're slamming your cock in my butt," Ian said with a grin. Ocean pulled his cock out slowly and stood up. He looked down and watched as his cum leaked out of Ian's hole.

"Stay right there for a minute," Ocean dropped to his knees and poised his face right in front of Ian's hole. "My cum is leaking out of your butt hole," Ocean said as he took a hot sweep with his tongue. He came back up and showed his tongue to Ian. Then he swallowed. "Humm, tastes like me." He went back to work with his tongue lapping up cum until there was none left. He lifted his face and winked at Ian.

"Okay baby, get up. Time for you to do the moving." Ian scooted off the bed as Ocean got settled into the middle. Ian got on the bed on all fours and crawled over between Ocean's legs. He looked down at Ocean's cock. Ian didn't even give it a second thought as he bent down and sucked that cock into his mouth. He gave Ocean a full on deepthroat blow job. A minute later, with the cock buried in his throat, he looked up at Ocean and winked. Still looking Ocean in the eyes, he slowly eased the cock out of his mouth until he let the head go with a 'pop.' He glanced over and saw the bottle of Swiss Navy lube. He pumped a glob on his middle finger, reached back and shoved it up his ass. He took the bottle in one hand and grabbed Ocean's cock with the other. He held the cock up straight, gave the bottle a couple of pumps and slicked Ocean's cock. He tossed the bottle aside and Ian straddled Ocean's stomach.

"Do I need a cowboy hat for this?" Ian said as he lined up Ocean's cock, paused for half a second, then sat down, plunging his hot hole all the way down.

"I don't think so, but we'll keep that in mind for the future," Ocean said with a wink. Ian's answer was a butt bounce, followed by many more at a rapid rate. Ian grabbed his ankles and found different leverage allowing him to take Ocean's cock faster and harder. He wiggled his butt and shifted one knee and that was the magic combination. That hot cock was hitting his prostate making it sing with pleasure. Ian pulled one leg up so he was half crouched. He tried that position for a while. Then he pulled the other leg up so he was crouched on both feet. He put his hands on Ocean's chest and started riding again. This position allowed for the deepest penetration and the fastest movement yet.

"Fuck yes, Ian. I wish you could see yourself because, you are so fucking hot!" Ian reached back with one arm, then the other until he was in a crab position. He hammered his ass down fast. "Oh shit, that's perfect. Keep that up and I'll fill you ass with cum." Ian went faster. He really liked this position. Ocean's cock was giving his prostate an early Christmas present. His own hard cock was flopping all over the place, spraying precum everywhere.

"I'm getting close, Ocean," Ian panted, almost breathless from the exquisite physical exertion.

"Me too, baby. I mean I'm right there." Ian slammed his ass down really hard and held still. He felt the pulses in his hole just as his cock swung to the center and blasted hot ribbons of cum in Ocean's face. He pulled up a bit and slammed back down again. Ian now understood what Ocean liked so much about getting fucked or being the bottom. It was fantastic. He enjoyed being taken and submitting to Ocean, but he liked taking control and topping from the bottom. That had been awesome as he was in control, but still getting fucked.

Ian lifted his butt up and released Ocean's cock. He moved back just a bit and dropped onto the bed on his back, totally exhausted. Next thing he knew, Ocean's face was in front of him.

"That was fucking hot, but I have one request."

"Okay, just one?"

"Don't forget how to top." Ian laughed. "I know what you just experienced was totally over the top, not that I'm bragging about my bedroom abilities, but I'm just going by the expressions on your face tonight. You went from surprised to delighted to oh hell yes when I found your prostate. Then the same thing happened with you on top. You experimented through four different positions until you found the one you liked best, went for it and ended up coming without touching your cock. I know you enjoyed yourself, but don't forget, I like to get fucked too." Ian threw his arms around Ocean, pulled him closer and kissed him.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Max wiped up the cum he'd splashed all over his chest, for the third time. That was the hottest thing he'd ever seen in his life and Max couldn't understand why. He really didn't have any desire to have sex with another boy, but he sure did like to watch. He couldn't believe what he'd seen. Whoever Ocean's friend is, sure does like to get fucked. All the cum flying through the air set Max off. The first time he came, he didn't even touch himself.

He made up his mind that the next time he saw Ocean and his friend, he was going to pay them a visit. Maybe they would let him watch up close.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

"Do you think they're having sex?" Barbara asked as she passed the toast to her husband. He looked at her with raised eyebrows. "What?" she asked.

"Barbara, are you seriously asking me if they're having sex?" She nodded. "They're fucking like bunnies, probably three, four maybe five times a day." Barbara's mouth fell open.

"What!?!" Dennis loved his wife, but she was a woman, thank God for that, but when it came to teenaged boys, she just didn't understand certain aspects.

"Trust me, I checked."


"I went out to take the trash to the curb last night and happened to hear a few things, so maybe I just might have climbed the steps and maybe I peeked in the window," Dennis said sheepishly. Barbara looked his husband in the face.


"Ian was on top, riding our son. And they both seemed to be really enjoying themselves," Dennis said with some pride in his voice.


"Can't you say anything but what?"

"What do you mean he was riding our son?"

"Jesus Barbara, do you remember the other night when you sat on my cock?" She nodded. "That's what Ian was doing with Ocean." Barbara mouth turned into a perfect 'o' as she figured it out. Then she smiled.

"Oh Dennis, our little boy is all grown up," Barbara gushed.

"From what I saw, out little boy isn't so little, if you know what I mean. And his friend Ian is hung like a horse," Barbara blushed. "Which reminds me, I need to call our lawyer. Something about that boy's story bothers me."

"Do we need a private detective?"

"No, I think our lawyer can find out what's really going on. I think cute little Ian got screwed over, no pun intended." Dennis said with a chuckle.

"Go call him now."

"I think I will."

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Ian woke up to a twinge in his butt. The memory of the night before had his cock stirring. Ocean groaned as he woke to find Ian's hard cock poking his butt.

"I see someone's glad to see me this morning," Ocean said chuckling.

"Just remembering last night," Ian said as he snuggled up to Ocean.

"Last night was fun, but tonight, you're fucking me with that great big cock of yours."

"I can do that, but what about right now?" Ocean smiled to himself as the turned and dove under the covers. He sucked Ian's cock into his mouth. "Oh yeah," Ian groaned. Ocean sucked Ian's cock long and hard, bobbing his head and hollowing his cheeks as he coaxed out a hot load of cum. Ian let out a long moan just before flooding Ocean's mouth with cum. Ocean buried his nose in Ian's pubes and enjoyed the pulsing cock deep in his throat. He sucked the last drop out of Ian's cock and came back out from under the covers.

"I go from no sex and wishing for sex to having more sex than I've ever even dreamed about." Ian kissed Ocean and tasted his cum as their tongues wrestled.

"Get used to it. We're gonna have the time of our lives living together. I just can't get enough of you Ian. I've had a lot of sex with boys at school, but that was just sex. What we share is much more satisfying and fulfilling because we're falling in love with each other. I know it's only been a few days, but, in all my wildest dreams, it just does not get any better than this." Ocean kissed Ian. "Come on, let's shower and have some breakfast."

Half an hour later, the boys walked into the kitchen hand in hand and smiling. Barbara looked up and blushed, remembering what her husband told her.

"Good morning mom," Ocean said as he slid into a chair at the table. Ian slid into the chair beside him.

"Well, good morning boys. I trust you two had a good night's sleep," she said with what Ocean would call, a curious smile.

"We had a wonderful evening, mom." Barbara blushed even more. "You okay this morning, mom?"

"Fine. Just fine. It just occurred to me that you have grown up Ocean. I think I missed something somewhere, but that's okay. I'm glad you two are exploring each other's bodies and are enjoying the things two boys can get up to." Ocean about gagged. Ian turned beet red. "Son, your dad and I talked this morning. He took the trash out last night and heard some noise from the apartment, so he looked in the window to make sure everything was okay." Both Ocean and Ian blushed deep red. Barbara shushed them. "Hey, enjoy each other. If I was your age, I'd be at it every night."

"Mom! This is not a discussion I want to be having, especially with my mother."

"Ocean! We talk about everything in this family."

"Yeah, but not about the particulars."

"I don't care who's riding who, as long as you respect each other, listen to each other and know that no means no. Are we in agreement?" Both boys nodded their heads. "Good, now how about some fried eggs on toast, sausage patties and a big glass of orange juice?"

"Sounds lovely," Ian said.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Tom Tomlinson hung up the phone after a very interesting conversation with Dennis Nolan. This sounded like an intriguing case. The lawyer picked up the phone and called his contact at DSS. Ten minutes later, he had his answer. He accessed the register of deeds website and did a quick search. What he found was disturbing. He made a quick phone call to his 'go to' private eye and explained the situation. Two hours later the report came in and Tom put two and two together. He picked up his phone and called Dennis.


"Dennis, it's Tom. Your suspicions were right on target. Ian's father had one relative, a brother who lives in a distant state. The brother claimed the entire estate as the only living relative. He renounced Ian as a non-entity and he was sent to DSS while the brother inherited several million dollars."


"Yeah, seems Ian is entitled to that inheritance. I'm filing papers right now against the brother. I should know something definitive by tomorrow morning. It takes time for the sheriff to deliver the papers. I've instructed the sheriff to seize any assets and keep the brother from moving anything out of our sight. When I talked with the sheriff and explained what was going on, he got pissed. Apparently, the brother is well known by the sheriff's office. The sheriff says the brother is a real piece of work. He said he would be happy to serve the papers and will probably take the brother into custody."

"Thanks. That's great news."

"You tell Ian he has nothing to worry about. This is an open and shut case. He should have his entire inheritance within a few days. The brother has to answer to the court for his actions and that doesn't look good for him, as it should be. The courts don't like people who take advantage of kids. And they are usually very harsh."

"Awesome Tom, thank you. That's really good news, but I'm afraid it will devastate Ian." Tom laughed.

"I'm sure it will, but a couple of million in the bank goes a long way to cure devastation."

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

"Okay, now that you two have devoured half the refrigerator, we're going to the mall over in Sanford. Ian needs clothes."

"Mom, we're the same size," Ocean said.

"I don't care. Ian needs clothes he can call his own. I'm sure he doesn't want to wear your underwear, ha, well, maybe he does, but he's gonna get his own." Ocean grinned. Ian blushed, wiggling his butt a bit to rearrange his equipment as it rode in Ian's boxer shorts.

When the shopping was done, Ian had a new wardrobe; everything from socks and shoes to pants and shirts. They even stopped at a CVS for grooming essentials. As Barbara passed the condom section, she turned to the boys.

"Ocean, with what you and your boyfriend get up to, do you think you need anything from here. There's some interesting strawberry flavored KY lube," Barbara asked holding up a bottle. A lady was passing by at that moment and looked at the two boys in horror. Both Ocean and Ian wanted to crawl in a hole and hide.

"No mom, we're good," Ocean said.

It was midafternoon when they finally got back from shopping. Ocean helped Ian put his clothes away and they headed back downstairs to the house. Ocean's parents were in the den.

"I hear you guys didn't need the strawberry flavored lube," Dennis said with a grin.

"Dad! Really? You too?" Ocean said exasperated.

"Only kidding, son. Your mom and I were young once and we remember what we used to get up to. You two enjoy yourselves and if you need anything or have questions, your mom and I will always be here." Ocean and Ian nodded as they sat down on the couch.

"Ian, I called my attorney this morning," Dennis said. Ian took a quick breath "His preliminary findings agreed with my suspicions. Did you know you had an uncle?"

"I seem to remember something like that, now that you mention it, but he was never talked about."

"He lives in a distant state. When his brother died, your father, your uncle claimed to be the sole heir and took everything and sent you to DSS." Ian's face was blank. He was actually stunned. "My attorney is pursuing legal action to get you back what he stole."

"And what exactly did he, ah, steal?" Ian asked softly.

"Somewhere around two million dollars, plus the house, cars and personal effects." Ian's eyes bugged out. Ocean put his arm around Ian and hugged him.

"You're rich Ian!" Ocean said. It finally hit Ian. He turned to Ocean, threw his arms around him and gave him a hot kiss.

"Awe, isn't that sweet?" Barbara said. Ian jumped back from Ocean and turned beet red.

"Sorry about that," he said softly. Ocean grinned.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Ocean and Ian told Barbara and Dennis good night after supper and started to head out the back door. Before Ocean could even open the door, his dad came up behind them.

"Hey boys."

"Hey dad."

"Ian, we're a family of free thinkers, environmentalist, and, I guess you could say Barbara and I are kinda like modern day hippies. Ocean has had long hair his whole life. Barbara used to put flowers behind his ear," Dennis smiled at the memory. "Anyway, we believe that everything on earth was put here for us to enjoy, including," Dennis held up a joint, "marijuana. So you boys can stick this is a drawer and forget about it, or you can …" Dennis held up a lighter. He really enjoyed seeing the boys' expressions. He handed the joint to Ocean, then he turned and handed the lighter to Ian. "You boys have a good night. I hope you have plenty of lube, because what you hold in your hand son, is pure sex weed." Dennis winked, turned, and went back into the den.

"Oh my God, I am so sorry," Ocean said.

"I like your dad. He's real cool. Come on, lets go smoke some sex weed and fuck," Ian said grabbing Ocean's hand and opening the door.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Max watched through his window later that night, anxiously waiting for another hot show. He was already naked and hard as a rock. He'd fucked his girlfriend that afternoon and she praised his performance, calling him a big stud. In reality, the whole time Max was fucking her, he had his eyes closed and a picture in his mind of the cute guy riding Ocean's cock. Sure, there was some guilt there, but he'd fucked the shit out of her. She'd loved it, even though she was limping when she got out of bed.

Max saw movement and he moved up close to the window. His heartbeat increased. That was definitely Ocean and, yes, the same guy from last night. Precum oozed out of Max's big eight inch cock.

"Fuck! I'm gonna come before they even get their clothes off," he thought to himself. Max had worked himself into a frenzy.

Max watched as the boys walked into the apartment. He watched as they kissed. He watched as shirts hit the floor and Max came without touching himself.

"Fuck," he groaned out loud as he splattered the wall under his bedroom window with hot jets of quarterback cum.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

"I can't believe my dad," Ocean said.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm embarrassed, okay?"

"No," Ian said. Ocean whipped around and looked. "No, it's not okay, Ocean. Your mom offered to buy us strawberry flavored lube today. How many of your friends' moms would do that? Huh?" Ocean began to relax. "And your dad, he actually gave us a joint of sex weed. And for the icing on the cake, he gave us a lighter too. You have no idea how cool your parents are. I'm convinced that you don't."

"Okay, okay, you're right. I'll admit, they are cool," Ocean said. He kissed Ian lightly and before he knew what happened, Ian turned it into a blistering hot kiss. Shirts were sent to the floor and hands groped places where things were getting harder. Ian backed off on the kiss as quickly as he ramped it up.

"So, we gonna smoke some killer sex weed dude," Ian said in his best southern California surfer dude accent. Ocean busted out laughing.

"Fuckin' a right dude. It'll be gnarly." Two naked teens stepped out the door onto the small deck on the back side of the apartment and smoked the joint. Ten minutes later they were back inside giggling and taking off their clothes.

"Ocean, look," Ian said as he pointed to his cock. "It's like fucking hard and I didn't even think about fucking you, oops, aah," Ian groaned as his cock oozed out more precum. Ocean's mouth watered and he sank to his knees.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

"Oh fuck," Max said out loud. "God, he's got a huge dick." Even though Max had just cum, his eight inch cock remained hard. "This is going to be a hot show," he thought to himself. "I've gotta see it up close." Max quickly pulled on a pair of shorts and some flip flops and headed for the door.

Max hit the grass at an all out run. He slowed to climb the steps to the apartment, but he took them two at a time. He looked in through the door and saw Ocean on his knees with his nose buried in the boy's pubes. His cock surged and oozed precum into his shorts. Max took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

"Ocean, somebody's knocking on the door," Ian said. Ocean came up off Ian's cock and looked up.


"Somebody's at the door." Ocean snapped his head toward the door.

"Fuck!" he said as he saw Max standing there.

"Who's that?"

"My neighbor, Max. He's the straightest person I know, captain and quarterback of the football team. I wonder what the fuck he wants," Ocean said. He stood up and walked to the door and opened it. Max looked at Ocean, then he looked at Ocean's hard cock and he gulped.

"Ah, hey, Ocean. I know this is a bad time, but, ah, could I come in for a minute?"

"What the fuck, Max? We're having a moment here and company is the last thing we need right now."

"I know, I know. But please? Please let me in for a minute." Ocean backed away from the door and Max came in. Ian had grabbed a towel and covered himself.

"Max, this is Ian. Ian, this is Max."

"You've got a really nice cock," Max said to Ian.

"Max? What the fuck?" Ocean said.

"Look, I'm straight, but I watched you two fuck last night and it was the hottest thing I have ever, ever seen in my life. I came three times just watching you through the window. Will you guys please just let me watch while you fuck? Please, Ocean," Max begged.

"Jesus Max. What the fuck is up with you?" Ocean asked. Max dropped his shorts and his hard eight inch cock popped up. Ocean's eyes got big.

"Yeah, I'm so turned on right now I could drive railroad spikes with my cock. I don't want to join you. I just want to watch. I've uh, I've kinda been watching you Ocean, since you moved up here. I've seen you play with your, ah, your dildo and I can't tell you why, but it just turns me on more than getting head from my girlfriend. I just want to watch, that's all, please."

"Fuck it, Ocean, let him watch. I'm hard as a rock and I need some attention, please," Ian said as he dropped the towel and stood up with his hands on his hips. "Come on over here, suck my cock and get me off. Then let's fuck. Let him watch. Right now, I don't give a shit. I don't care if the whole fucking football team wants to watch. I'm horny." Ocean paused for half a second.

"Okay, Max. But just watch," Max nodded enthusiastically. Ocean closed the door and went over to Ian. "This is fucking strange," he whispered to Ian.

"Kinda turns me on, Ocean," Ian whispered back. Ocean nodded and smiled.

"I knew the swim team shaved, but I didn't know they shaved everything," Max said as he looked at Ocean's clean shaved smooth cock.

"I don't know about the others, but I do. I like how it feels."

"May I?" Max said holding out his hand. Ocean grinned and nodded. Max reached out and ran his hand over the smooth shaft and balls. "That's awesome. It feels really good."

"You should feel it down your throat. Now that's a real treat," Ian said with a wink.

"Okay, where were we?" Ocean asked.

"You were deepthroating my cock, which is right now leaking copious amounts of precum." Ocean dropped to his knees and took it into his throat. Ian watched Max move slowly and grab a chair from the table and move it over in front of them, giving him a ringside seat. Ian looked down at the huge hard eight inch cock between Max's legs.

"It's a shame you're not gay or at least bisexual Max. You have an awesome cock," Ian said.

"That's what my girlfriend said this afternoon when I fucked her."

"I'm sure she enjoyed that. Yeah, Ocean, keep sucking my cock. I'm getting close," Ian said as he moaned. Max moved his seat to within two feet of the boys, close enough to touch.

"God, that is so hot," Max said, his eyes glued to Ian's cock as Ocean bobbed up and down on it. Max looked up at Ian. "When I was fucking her, I closed my eyes and remembered you riding Ocean's cock. I drilled her cunt thinking about you two." Max's cock was dripping precum like crazy as he watched the scene in front of him. Max watching them turned Ian on and before he knew it, he was ready to cum.

"Ocean. Ocean, I'm gonna cum," Ian said as he grabbed Ocean's head and shoved his cock deep into Ocean's throat. "Eat my cum," Ian groaned as he pumped cum into Ocean's throat. Ian felt something wet hit his arm. He looked over as Max's untouched cock erupted with a dozen hot spurts of quarterback cum. He glanced up at Max's face. His eyes were riveted on Ian's cock.

Ocean drained Ian of every drop of cum and finally released the head with a 'pop.' Ocean stood up and pushed Ian down to his knees. He pumped his cock twice and sprayed Ian's face with cum. Hot ribbons of teen boy cum splatted on Ian's face and in his mouth.

"Oh God," Max said as he stood up and came again, shooting hot spurts of cum on Ian's face too. Ian's face was covered in hot teen spunk.

Ocean dropped back to his knees, he first looked at the cum slowly dripping off Ian's face and then he looked at the quarterback's eight inch cock dripping cum. Ocean leaned over and sucked Max's cock in down to his balls. Max groaned. Ocean sucked hard as he made his way back up, milking the last few drops of cum. He finally released the head with a 'pop.' Ocean turned to Ian and used his tongue to push cum from around Ian's face to his mouth and pushed it in. Ian moaned as each hot load was pushed into his mouth.

"Jesus, you two keep that up and I'm gonna cum again," Max said with a grin. "You two turn me on like, well, like nothing else has ever turned me on before." Ian grinned.

"Wait until you see me fuck his ass," Ian said with a wink. Max groaned and his cock bobbed up. Ocean kept busy either pushing cum into Ian's mouth or swallowing it up. Finally, Ian's face was clean and the boys stood up. Ocean grabbed a towel and handed it to Ian.

"Thanks," Ian said before wiping his face and then his cock. He handed the towel back and Ocean cleaned himself. He looked at Max and grinned. Ocean reached out and cleaned Max's cock too. All three boys were sporting semi hard cocks. Ocean spread the towel on the bed and grabbed the bottle of Swiss Navy lube, pumping a glob on his finger.

"Time to fuck. Ian, you ready?" Ocean said as he shoved the lube in his hole.

"Silly question," Ian said grabbing his cock and giving it a couple of pumps. He let his cock go and grinned. It was at full hard. Ocean grinned back as he shoved another glob of lube in his butt.

"How you wanna start?"

"Doggie?" Ian said. Ocean grinned and crawled on the bed on all fours.

"Come and get it," Ocean said with a grin. Ian got on the bed on his knees and moved between Ocean's legs. Max dropped to his knees so he'd have a good view. He watched Ian line up his cock on Ocean's smooth hairless hole and pushed the head in. Ocean groaned.

"Oh yeah, baby. Slide that hot cock in me." Ian eased his seven inches in the slick hot hole, inch by inch, until he was balls deep. "That's it baby." Ocean rocked forward, pulled Ian's cock halfway out, then he pushed back, sliding Ian's cock in his tight hole. "Just hold still," Ocean grunted as he rocked back and forth on Ian's cock. Ocean drove his ass back and forth faster until his ass checks slapped against Ian with each backward thrust.

"That's it, Ocean. Fuck yourself on my cock," Ian said as he watched his cock disappear into Ocean's smooth hole. The slapping continued until Ian was crazy with lust. He grabbed Ocean's hips and drove his cock home. Ian heard a groan and realized it came from Max. He turned around and saw their neighbor on his knees watching intently.

"Okay Ocean, here we go," Ian said as he started fucking slowly in and out. Ocean kept pushing his ass back on every stroke. Max had his eyes glued to Ian's cock as it moved steadily in and out of Ocean's clean shaved hole. Ocean moaned. Max moaned. Ian grinned and picked up speed.

"Fuck, that's so hot," Max said in a whisper. Ian sped up until skin started slapping skin again as he fucked his cock deep into Ocean's tight, slick hole. Max stood up, put his hand on Ian's back to steady himself and leaned over to get the top view.

"That looks like it feels really good," Max whispered. "Fuck him good." Ian adjusted his position a bit and that did the trick.

"Right there Ian. That's my spot. Hammer down and make me cum," Ocean called out. Ian picked up even more speed until he was slamming Ocean's ass hard.

"Yeah, baby. Your tight ass is gonna get a hot load of my cum real soon," Ian puffed out. Over and over, the seven inch cock slammed into Ocean's butt. "I'm close, Ocean. I'm real close."

"Fuck me, Ian. Fuck me full of cum!" Ian slammed in deep and held still for half a second. He pulled back and slammed in again and let out a long groan. Ocean felt Ian's cock pulsing in his ass. Max watched Ian's cock pulse, then he watched as hot cum blasted out of Ocean's cock, splatting down on the towel and Max came again, spraying cum all over Ocean's back. Ocean looked around at Max and grinned. He fell forward on the towel and Ian's cock popped out of his ass.

Max watched as cum slowly leaked out of Ocean's hole. Ian leaned over and started lapping it up with his tongue. Ian grabbed Ocean's butt cheeks, spread them and drove his tongue in the hole. Ocean groaned loudly. Ian gave the tight hole a finial swipe with his tongue and stood back up. Ocean rolled over on his back.

"You two are gonna give me a heart attack," Max said as he sat down in his chair. Both boys grinned at him

"Like I told you last night, Ian, I like to top occasionally, but I really love a good fucking," Ocean said with a grin. He looked down at Ian's cock as saw it was still hard. "Oh, yeah, you're still hard. That's right. I remember. You told me you were good for at least five cums." Ocean pulled his legs up and held them wide. "Come on Ian. Come over here and put you dick in my butt." Ian crawled on the bed and lined up his cock. Max leaned over and watched as Ian's cock slowly slid into Ocean's smooth ass until it was balls deep. Max took a deep breath.

"Fuck," Max whispered. Ian grabbed Ocean's thighs and started grinding his cock in and out of Ocean's cum slick hot hole. Ian hooked Ocean's legs with his arm, rocked forward bending Ocean almost in half and kissed Ocean. Max moved around to get a better view. He had his head inches from Ian's balls as he got an up close and personal view. Ian ground his cock in deep. He pulled out almost all the way and ground it back all the way. Ian slowly long dick fucked Ocean as they continued with their hot kiss.

"You feel so good, Ian. You're sliding right over my spot." Ian grinned as he leaned back up. Max stood back up. Ian slowly took his cock out and stepped off the bed. He grabbed Ocean by his thighs and pulled him over to the edge. Ian lined up and slammed his cock in all the way. Ocean groaned. Ian pulled it back out and slammed it in again.

"Fuck, that's hot," Max said. He stood beside Ian and watched Ian pull his cock all the way out and slam it back in over and over. Max put his hand on Ian's smooth butt. Ian slammed back deep and held it. He grabbed Ocean's legs just behind the knee, spread them wide and really started to fuck, with the skin slapping skin sound filling the apartment. Ian glanced over at Max's cock. It was dribbling an almost constant flow of precum. He was tempted to grab it.

"Fuck yeah, baby. You're making me feel real good," Ocean panted. His cock lay hard as a rock on his stomach, oozing precum. Ian slipped his hands down and grabbed Ocean by his thigh and picked up speed until he was slamming his cock into Ocean's hot slick hole. He moved his thumbs and massaged Ocean's taint. Ocean moaned as his prostate was massaged from the inside and the outside.

Max reached out and tweaked Ocean's left nipple. Ocean closed his eyes and moaned. Max reached out and tweaked Ian's right nipple. Ian reached out and grabbed Max's cock and gave it a squeeze. With no warning, Max came all over Ocean's chest. Hot ribbons of cum shot out landing with heavy wet splats. Ocean groaned and came, sending more cum flying through the air. Ian pulled his cock out, give it a couple of pumps and sent eight, nine, ten spurts of hot cum hitting Ocean in the face and chest. He quickly slammed it back into Ocean's hole and kept fucking hard and fast. A few short minutes later, he pulled out and came again. Max's cock was still hard as he leaned over and took a swipe at Ocean's cock head with his tongue. Then he took a swipe at Ian's cock head. Ocean watched as Max sucked in Ian's cock and deepthroated it. Max came again.

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