Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer    Ocean
by Jevic
The Tarheel Writer
Chapter Three
"Mellow Weed or Sex Weed"

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Ocean by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
Mild drug use
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Ian sat in the attorney's office with Ocean by his right side and Dennis to his left. Tom Tomlinson finally finished arranging the paperwork and looked up at Ian.

"Mr. Knight, first of all, I wish to offer you my condolences on the lost of your parents. That would be difficult for anyone, but for you to lose them at such a young age must have been heartbreaking. I hope today that I can ease the pain and especially the uncertainty for you."

"Thank you, sir," Ian said softly.

"Your uncle is in jail and will probably be there for a long time. So, you don't have to worry about him. I have helped Dennis wade through the DSS system and he is now an approved foster parent. I have some connections with DSS and have had your case assigned to Dennis. He is your legal guardian." Ian perked up.

"So, I can stay with Ocean, and of course his parents, legally?"

"Yes. Now as to the matter of the estate of your parents. I'm afraid your uncle sold the house. He did, however, put all of the furniture and personal belongings in storage and I have the key. He still had the Range Rover. It has been impounded by the sheriff. I have arranged for it to be trailered back here."

"That's so cool, thank you."

"Now, the final bit of business is your parents banking and investment accounts. I had the staff accountant crunch the numbers. I'm afraid your uncle dipped into those funds. However, he has assets that have been seized for repayment. Bottom line young man, you have cash and investments totaling two million, eight hundred thousand, seven hundred eight-nine dollars and fourteen cents." Ocean and Dennis turned to look at Ian, both ready to scream out in excitement only to see a single tear roll down Ian's face as he looked up at Tom.

"I'd really like to have my parents back," he said softy as he dropped his head down. You could have heard a pin drop in the room. Ian looked back up with a smile this time. "I know I can't have them back, but they sure did leave me with a lot of cash. Did you say something about the car? I've had a hard time keeping up."

"It's a lot to take in." Tom handed a thick vanilla envelop to Ian. "I prepared written copies of everything we've discussed. You'll find all the necessary usernames and passwords to access all of your investment accounts. All of the logins are new and you are the only authorized user. The storage unit information is also in here along with the key. Your Range Rover should be here tomorrow. It will be delivered to the Nolan's house. The title is in that packet. There is also a debit card for your checking account along with your PIN. Memorize that PIN and destroy the printed copy. Most of your cash is in your investment accounts. The balance in your checking account is," Tom glanced down at some papers. "An even thirty thousand. Our staff accountant opened a new account in your name and closed any other bank accounts. I would strongly suggest you contact a financial planner. They can ensure this nest egg endures and continues to provide you a nice income."

"Thank you," Ian said as he stood up and shook the Tom's hand. Ocean could hardly contain himself with excitement. As soon as they were in the car, he threw his arms around Ian's neck and hugged him.

"You're going to be okay now, Ian. You're going to be okay." Ian hugged him back.

"It's just so much, too much to take in," Ian said with a sob.

"Ian, take a deep breath." Ian did and gave Ocean a small smile. "When we get home, I want to sit down with you and I want you to tell me about your parents. Do you think you could do that? I think it would help you and I really want to know about the people that brought such a loving, thoughtful, kind and sexy person into the world." Ian nodded. Dennis drove in silence and listened to his son's words. Tears trickled down Dennis' face. He was so proud of his son at this moment.

"I'm so happy I have you in my life, Ocean. I love you so much," Ian said with a tear stained voice. Dennis pulled the car to the side of the road. He couldn't see where he was going with all the tears streaming down his face.

"What's wrong dad?" Ocean asked. When his dad turned and looked in the backseat at his son, Ocean knew. "Dad, I love you," Ocean said as he looked at his father's tear stained face.

They sat in the car, parked along the road, and cried tears of joy and at the same time, tears of loss. When Dennis finally pulled the car in the driveway, Barbara shot out the door.

"Where have you been? You should have been back an hour ago. I've been so … Dennis? What's wrong?" she cried out seeing the red tear stained eyes of all the occupants of the car. "What's happened?"

"Mom, these are happy tears!" Ocean called out.

"Oh, thank God," she exclaimed holding her hand over her heart.

"We have an official foster son, babe," Dennis said proudly as he got out of the car.

"Oh, Dennis! We've always wanted a brother for Ocean," she sobbed.

"Let's keep the relationship to foster son and foster brother. I don't want incest to be implied in any way."

"Dad!" Ocean yelled.

"Just kidding. Jeez, you need to lighten up a bit. Ian is legally our responsibility now. Come on everybody. Let's head inside and bring your mom up to date."

Thirty minutes later, Barbara gave the men in her life the fish face, her mouth opening and closing, not knowing which words to say. She looked at Dennis. Then she looked at Ian. Then she looked at Ocean. Then she looked at Dennis.

"It's okay mom," Ocean said with a smile. She got up out of her chair and rushed over to Ian and wrapped him in a 'mom' hug.

"I'm so sorry about your parents, but on the other hand, I am so happy you came into our lives. I love you, Ian. We all love you and we only want the best for you." Barbara grinned to herself. "I hear Dennis gave you boys some sex weed the other night."

"Mom! Good Lord!" Ocean exclaimed.

"He sure did, Barbara, uh, mom" Ian said with a smile. "We fucked like bunnies."

"Ian!" Ocean screamed.

"Chill son," Dennis said with a smile.

"Ocean, I love this family," Ian said. "I like being open and honest and talking about everything. It's refreshing. My folks were cool, but we never had this kind of conversation." Ian turned to Ocean. "You wanted me to tell you about my parents?" Ocean nodded tentatively. "My dad was cool. He had a Harley and sometimes took me for rides. That was until mom got on his ass about taking an eight year old out for a motorcycle ride and not just any motorcycle ride, a Harley motorcycle ride. It was a sad day when he sold it. Dad was a structural engineer and had his own firm. He had clients up and down the coast and stayed busy, but always found time to spend with me. He was the one to teach me how to ride a bike and how to play catch. He took me to football games and rock concerts. He taught me how to camp and how to survive. He was a great dad. Mom gave me the things he couldn't. The more practical things, like how to budget money and balance a checkbook. She taught me how to cook and how to properly manage a household including doing my own laundry. She gave me 'mom' love and made me feel special." Ian paused a moment and took a deep breath. "They died in a horrible plane crash. Dad had taken up flying to get to one job or another quicker. I thought it was cool, until DSS showed up at the door and told me. They whisked me away and put me with those fuckers that only wanted the money DSS paid for foster care. They beat me. Their son raped me, and now, I find out I have an uncle, who screwed over his own flesh and blood. Right now, I want to gouge his eyes out with a red hot poker." Ian finished his heartfelt speech and collapsed back against the couch.

"Dennis, do we have any more of the mellow weed? I'm thinking we could all use a toke right now." Ocean rolled his eyes. Ian finally grinned.

"Mission accomplished," Barbara said. "I got a grin!"

They gathered as an official family that night for supper and Ian cooked his mom's chicken marsala recipe. Ocean devoured his and asked for more, which Ian happily dished up. When they were finished and the dishes had been cleaned and put away, the time for a serious talk came.

"Ian, I'm going to make an appointment for you with my financial planner. I think it's important and I don't want to waste any time." Ian nodded.

"All I know is I suddenly have a lot of money. I don't know what it all means, but I do know that tomorrow, I'll have the Range Rover. I love that car. Ocean, that car will go virtually anywhere you want to go, including rain washed muddy forest service roads. It is the bomb!" Ocean grinned.

"And we need to get you enrolled in school. It starts in a few weeks. I'll need to know where you went to school, get transcripts and all that, plus you need a physical," Dennis explained.

"All in good time," Barbara interjected. "Let the day's information sink in before you lay more shit on him, Dennis. Ian needs time to absorb everything and he probably would like to spend some quality time with our son."

"Fine, fine. Hang on, I'll be right back." Dennis left the room and Ian wondered where he was going. In less than a minute, he returned. "Ian, you can choose tonight," Dennis said with a grin. He held up two joints. "Joint number one is more sex weed. Joint number two is mellow weed. You choose."

"Can I choose both and decide later?"

"Sure, just don't get them mixed up. I'd hate for you to wanna fuck and end up chilling out or wanna chill out and end up fucking. So don't get them mixed up, okay?" Dennis said with a grin and handed them over to Ian.

"Got it in one, dad," Ian said. Dennis was so full of pride, he hugged Ian.

The boys retired to their apartment over the garage.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Max sat at his bedroom window anxiously waiting for the show to begin. The night he got the balls enough to actually go over, played back in his head. His cock was stone hard and already leaking precum. He watched Ocean and Ian come into the bedroom. This was it. Max was ready, but he watched as the boys stripped and crawled into bed. They cuddled, turned off the lights and went to sleep.

"Fuck!" Max said out loud. "Well shit, at least I have the dildo from the other night," he thought to himself. He'd swiped a bottle of Swiss Navy lube as well. Max had never, ever thought about his ass as a place where he would receive sexual pleasure. "That's where shit comes out," he thought to himself. "But those two boys, fuck that was hot. Ocean really enjoyed getting fucked, so there must be something to it." Max reached for the bottle of lube. He pumped some onto his finger and tentatively shoved his finger into his butt hole. "So far, so good," he thought. He pushed his finger in further and felt a tingle. "What the hell was that?" He pushed a bit further and wiggled his finger. Max gasped. He wiggled his finger again. "Oh God! This is what they felt when they fucked." He wiggled his finger again and his hard cock spurted out a glob of precum. Max grinned and grabbed the dildo. He pumped lube into his hand and slicked it up.

Max dropped down into a crouch. He took the dildo and stuck the suction cup to the floor. He carefully lined up his ass hole on the dildo's head. The quarterback of the football team lowered his ass and felt the dildo's head pop into his ass. Max groaned. He lowered his ass slowly until he felt pain. He stopped. He raised back up and slid back down again. He got down almost halfway before he felt pain again. Max raised back almost all the way, then slowly lowered himself, taking deep breaths. He got well past halfway before he felt a twinge of pain again. Max raised up and off the dildo. He pumped some more lube on his finger and shoved it up his ass, then he did it again. Max lined up the dildo on his hole, took a deep breath and plunged down with a smooth stroke until he felt the dildo's balls. It was all the way in his ass. Max came. Hot spurts of cum blasted out, painting his bedroom floor.

"Oh fuck," he called out. The spurts slowed and Max took a deep breath. "Holy fuck," he exclaimed. Max caught his breath and raised his butt and plunged it back down. "Fuck, yes!" he said to himself. He raised his butt again and pictured Ian riding Ocean's cock. Max slammed down on the dildo and his prostate sang out in glory. He raised up again and slammed back down. Max rolled his eyes as pure pleasure radiated out from his ass. He started riding the dildo and could not believe the feelings surging through his body. He rode the dildo like a wild bronco and finally slammed down and came again. Max watched his cock spurt out more hot ribbons on cum on his bedroom floor.

"Oh, fuck yes, I want Ian's hot cock up my ass," he exclaimed out loud. "I want to get fucked by that gorgeous hung fucker." Max bounced up and down a few more times and groaned. He lifted his ass up and hammered down until he came again.

"That's it. I want that hot fucker's cock up my ass," he exclaimed as his ass sank down on that delicious dildo in his butt.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Ocean woke up to warm wetness surrounding his cock. He smiled as he looked down and watched Ian's head bob up and down on his cock.

"What a wonderful way to wake up," he said as he ran his fingers through Ian's soft shaggy brown hair. "Couldn't wait for breakfast, huh?" Ian's answer was burying his nose in Ocean's balls, deepthroating Ocean's cock then Ian bobbed his head faster. "That feels so good, Ian. Keep that up and you'll have breakfast." Ian reached his hand around and stroked his finger over Ocean's smooth hole. He wet his finger, returned it to the hole and slid it in. He buried his nose in smooth balls. Ocean's cock pulsed in his throat, pumping hot cum straight to Ian's tummy. Ian backed off and let the last three shots wash across his tongue. He buried his nose back to those wonderfully smooth balls. Ian came back up slowly, sucking hard to get every drop of Ocean's hot cum.

"I think I like waking you up like this, so you might want to get used to it," he said with a wink.

"You can wake me up like that anytime you want to. Now come here and give me a kiss." Ian smiled and locked lips with Ocean. After a quick shared shower, where Ian got a blow job, they headed down for breakfast.

"Morning boys," Barbara greeted them. "Sleep well?"

"Yes, mom," Ocean answered and gave her is kiss on the cheek. Ian gave her a kiss as well.

"Grab a seat, breakfast is just about ready."

"Morning boys," Dennis said as he grabbed a cup and poured his coffee.

"Morning dad," they said at the same time. Ocean and Ian looked at each other and busted out laughing. Barbara smiled as she served them scrambled eggs, patty sausage, sliced tomatoes and toast.

"Orange juice or milk?"

"Both please," they answered at the same time again. Everyone laughed then they dug in.

As breakfast was ending, Dennis started probing with questions. Ian answered about his high school, his former address, his doctor and his former foster parents' address. Dennis wanted those bastards dealt with.

The doorbell rang just as they were getting up from the table. Ocean answered the door.

"Ian, it's for you," Ocean called out. Ian frowned.

"Who in the world would be looking for me and especially here?" he thought to himself as he walked to the door. A man greeted him.

"Ian Knight?" Ian nodded. "ID please." Ian pulled his wallet out and showed the man his driver's license. "Perfect. Sign here, please."

"What am I signing for?" The man moved to the side and Ian saw the Range Rover sitting in the driveway. He squealed with delight and immediately signed his name. The man handed Ian the keys.

"Have a good day."

"I'm having a great day! Thank you very much!" The man smiled and left.

"Mom! Dad! Ian's car is here," Ocean called out. They both came to the door and looked out to see Ian opening the door of the 2022 Metallic Silver Range Rover SV.

"Oh my!" Dennis exclaimed as he headed over to see the vehicle. Ever since he heard the car was coming, he'd done an online search. "That's the SV version," he said to Ian, who was happily sitting in the driver's seat. "Ian, do you have any idea what this car … car is not a good enough word to describe this vehicle. Do you know what a brand new one of these costs?"

"No idea. I just know I like it."

"This Range Rover is the Special Vehicle Operation model and retails at about a quarter million dollars." Ian's mouth fell open.

"Uh, can I still take it for a spin?" Ian asked softly.

"Certainly! It's yours," Dennis said with a smile.

"Come on Ocean, let's go," Ian called out. Ocean jumped in the passenger seat. "We won't be but just a few minutes. It's been so long since I've even seen this car."

"Okay, be safe," Dennis said as he closed the driver's door. Ian cranked it up and backed carefully out of the driveway and headed down the street. Dennis put his arm around Barbara's shoulders as they watched the Range Rover disappear around the corner.

"I guess it's obvious we have a rich foster son," Barbara said. Dennis nodded.

"We've got to make sure he is responsible with his wealth. I'm going to call our financial planner right now and schedule an appointment. Get my notes off the table and call Ian's school and get his transcript. Oh, uh, please dear," Dennis said. Barbara smiled and headed back in to clean up breakfast and make a phone call.

"Ian, this car has everything on it. The seats are even heated and cooled," Ocean exclaimed as he checked out the eleven inch display.

"Oh yeah, she's a beauty. It even parks itself, plus dad ordered the big V8 engine." Ian came to a stop sign, checked both ways and turned onto a straight county road. "Hold on," Ian said with a grin. He rammed his foot down on the accelerator and the Range Rover took off, pushing them both back in the leather seats. Ian let up on the gas and glanced over at Ocean's ear to ear smile.

"Wow! That was like being on a jet," Ocean said with a huge grin. Ian slowed, turned around and headed back home. "I like your car, Ian. Your parents must have been wealthy. So, were you like one of those spoiled rich kids?" Ocean asked with a smirk.

"Yes, Ocean. We went to the club for caviar and champagne while cute young men would wait on us hand and foot. Massages, weekly manicures and pedicures, hand tailored cloths, the whole nine yards," Ian said with well concealed mirth. Finally, he couldn't hold back and busted out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Ocean asked confused.

"No, I was not a spoiled rich kid, Ocean. I was and am a regular kid. Sure, my parents spent money on things they wanted to, but we lived in a modest house. I bought a lot of my clothes at Walmart. I went to public school. I'm just a teenager trying to figure out life."

"Okay, you had me going there for a minute with all the caviar and champagne, but I will admit the comment about the cute young men had me wondering," Ocean said with a laugh. Ian pulled into the driveway and parked.

"Hey dad?" Ian called out.

"Yes, son," Dennis said with a grin. He truly enjoyed Ian calling him dad.

"Is there a specific place you'd prefer me to park my car? I can always put it on the street by the curb."

"No, no, no. That car is not going on the street. Perhaps you and Ocean can clean out the extra space in the garage and you can park it in there," Dennis suggested.

"Let's check it out, Ian," Ocean said while heading for the garage.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Max was back at his bedroom window again, dressed this time, waiting for Ocean and Ian to come upstairs to their bedroom. He was already hard and was absently mindedly licking and sucking on the dildo. He wanted to get fucked tonight. He'd already been to the bathroom and cleaned himself out. He'd even had the dildo up his butt. He was ready. The light in the apartment came on and Max shoved the dildo all the way down his throat.

"Yes!" he thought to himself. He pulled the dildo out and watched as Ocean and Ian came in view through the bedroom window. Max held his breath as they wrapped their arms around each and dissolved into a hot kiss. "Yes!" Max waited for things to get heated up before he ran over and knocked on the door. He watched as shirts came off and the kiss continued.

"That's a good sign," Max whispered to himself. He watched as Ocean dropped to his knees, undo Ian's pants and pull them down. "There's that hot fucking dick. Time to go." Max hit the door at an all out run. He took the stairs three at a time and paused at the door. He looked through the glass and watched Ocean suck on Ian's wonderfully hard cock. Max took a deep breath and tapped on the glass. He saw Ian look up.

"Max is at the door again, Ocean." Ocean buried his nose in Ian's pubes one more time before coming off Ian's cock and standing up. He turned and looked at Max. Ocean sighed. He nodded his head for Max to come in. Max moved eagerly and stood in front of his naked and aroused neighbors.

"Hello Max," Ocean said.

"Hi guys. Thanks for letting me watch the other night. That was so hot."

"You want to watch again tonight? Having you watch kinda turned me on," Ian asked. Max took a deep breath.

"Actually, I was wondering if … maybe … you-two-would-fuck-me," Max said the end part really fast. Ocean's eyes bugged out. Ian smiled.

"Max, we've known each other forever. You have a girlfriend. You fuck your girlfriend like every chance you get. You … are … straight," Ocean said.

"Look, sorry, but I swiped your dildo and some lube the other night. I can swallow the whole thing and … and I sat on it all the way. The first time I sat on it, I came as soon as it was all the way in. So, I'd really like to try the real thing, please." Ocean shook his head and looked at Ian. Ian grinned.

"Max, why don't you strip and show us your new skills?" Ian said pointing to his semi hard seven inch cock. Max didn't hesitate and quickly stripped, moved in front of Ian and dropped to his knees. He looked up at Ian. Ian looked back into Max's piercing blue eyes, cute face and head covered with loose black soft curls of hair. Ian couldn't help but run his fingers through Max's hair.

"I've dreamed about doing this. I've jacked off thinking about this. Thank you," Max said, then swallowed Ian's cock and buried his nose in pubes. He sucked hard as he came back up to the head, twirling it with his tongue and plunging all the way back down. Max started bobbing his head up and down. Ian looked at Ocean and winked as he put his hand on the back of Max's head. Max moaned and sped up. Ocean moved and stood beside Ian. Ocean gave him a searing possessive kiss. Then he reached out with his cock and tapped the head on Max's cheek. Max came up from Ian's cock and went down on Ocean's cock. He gave Ocean's cock a couple of deepthroat bobs of his head, then switched to Ian and gave his cock a couple of deepthroat head bobs. He kept switching back and forth. Ian put his arm around Ocean and gave him a hot tongue twisted kiss. Ian's other hand steadily encouraged Max.

Max grabbed both cocks and held them to his mouth, working both heads with his tongue and lips. Ocean moaned. Max pushed Ocean's dick up against his stomach and sucked in a smooth hairless ball, then the other. He mouthed the smooth skin a bit, then eased each ball out. Max turned to Ian and sucked his balls in and gave them a good washing before going back down on Ian's cock. He sucked Ian hard for a minute, then turned to Ocean. He swallowed Ocean's cock and bobbed his head fast while he played with Ocean's balls.

"I'm close, Max. If you don't want me to cum in your mouth, you need to move back from my cock." Max hollowed his cheeks and slammed his nose against Ocean's smooth skin over and over. "Okay, Max I'm ready to cum. Here it comes!" Ocean grabbed the back of Max's head and held him all the way down on his cock as it pulsed out hot spurts of cum. He moved his hands and Max came up and moaned. He swallowed and continued to suck hard, wanting every drop Ocean had to offer. He finally released Ocean's cock with a 'pop' and turned to Ian and buried his nose in pubes. Ian was heated up watching Ocean cum down his straight neighbor's throat.

Max grabbed Ian's hands and put them on the back of his head, then he looked up into Ian's eyes. The unsaid plea was there. Ian smiled and pushed his seven inch cock into Max's throat.

"Here we go, Max" Ian throat-fucked Max. Tears of joy sprang from Max's eyes. Ian kept his eyes locked with Max's and fucked his mouth harder and deeper. A minute later, he drove himself deep until his balls rested on Max's chin and came.

Max was right where he dreamed he would be. He had cute Ian's big cock buried in his throat and it was pulsing, shooting hot cum down his throat. Still looking Ian in the eyes, Max came. Ian let up with his hands and Max came back up as three more shots of cum filled his mouth. Max let out a long moan as his cock finished shooting twelve shots of teen boy cum on the apartment floor. He pulled back to the head, swallowed Ian's cum and took a deep breath through his nose. Max buried his nose in Ian's soft pubes as he continued to look Ian in the eyes. Max was finally in his happy place.

"Damn, Max" Ocean exclaimed. "That was fucking awesome." Max looked at Ocean and winked as he kept Ian's cock buried in his throat. "Shit dude, come up and breathe." Max finally slowly came up off Ian's cock, sucking hard all the way and finally released Ian's cock head with a 'pop.' "Fuck, that was hot," Ocean said as he gave his hard cock a quick squeeze.

"Thank you. You've made almost all my dreams come true, Ian. Would you please do me the honor of fucking me with your wonderful cock?" Max plead looking into Ian's eyes.

"Max, I would be happy to make your dreams come true," Ian said with a wink. Max smiled.

"What the fuck?" Ocean said with a hint of jealousy.

"Hey Ocean, come here," Ian said. He kissed Ocean lightly on the lips. "It's just sex. You and me, we have love in our corner. Let's give your neighbor the full on treatment. He looks like he really needs it." Ocean looked down at Max and saw the desire on his face.

"Max," Ocean said. Max's eyes turned to Ocean's. "This is a one time, fulfill your fantasy, deal. I'm putting curtains on my window tomorrow. So, you make it count. This should be one of those moments you remember forever, because it is not going to happen again. Understand?" Max nodded eagerly. "Okay, just so we understand each other. I'm in love with Ian and I don't want you to get the wrong idea or anything because he fucks you, okay?" Max nodded again. "Ok, Ian, fuck the shit out of him, but just so you know, I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you while you do it. First, let's smoke a sex joint and then we'll get it on."

Three naked boys gathered on the small back deck of the apartment and smoked, what Ian hoped was the sex joint and not the mellow joint. By the time the joint was stubbed out in the ashtray, Ian knew he chose well. He looked at Ocean and grinned. Ian was horny and ready to go. They moved back inside and gathered around the bed.

"Okay, Max. Where do your fantasies go from here?" Ian asked. Max looked at Ian through fogged over, lust filled eyes.

"I want you to fuck me. Throw me down on the bed and pound your cock up my ass and make me cum." Max dropped to one knee. "Please," Max said in a submissive voice. Ocean rolled his eyes.

"What the fuck was going on with Max?" Ocean thought to himself. "He's been living next door for years. He knows I'm gay. He's never, even once, asked for a blow job or anything. Ha, if he only knew what his buddies got up to with his gay neighbor. And then I come out at school and he ghosts me. He's the fucking quarterback, for Christ's sake. He has a girlfriend. I've heard him brag to his buddies about fucking her in the bathroom next to the library. Then, he shows up and wants to watch us fuck. He's so turned on by watching two boys fuck that he sprays cum … without being touched. Now he shows up and wants to get fucked? This does not make sense … but … if big old straight boy wants it up the ass, who I am to deny him?"

"Okay, big boy. First, get on the bed on all fours," Ocean said. Max quickly crawled on the bed.

"Ian, do you want to eat his ass and get him ready, or do you want me to?" Ocean asked as he eyed Max's cute hole. Ian looked at Ocean and watched him stroke his cock while his eyes were glued to Max's hole.

"You've already got your eyes fucking his hole, Ocean. You might was will let your tongue join in," Ian said. Something about Max joining in had Ian on edge.

"I'm gonna eat his ass. Then he'll sit on your cock as I fuck his throat. Then finally, we'll double fuck him. Sound like a plan?" Ocean asked. Ian nodded and turned to Max.

"You okay with two cocks up your ass?" Ian asked. Max looked back at the two cute boys, who were the center of his fantasies, and grinned.

"Fuck yes, I'm fucked up and horny as hell."

"Okay boys, let's get this party started." Ocean pulled Max to the edge of the bed, dropped to his knees and buried his face in Max's ass. Max groaned as he felt Ocean's tongue first lap at his ass, then drive into his hole. He groaned again and pushed back, wanting more. Ian grabbed the Swiss Navy lube, pumped a couple of globs in his hand and passed it to Ocean. Ian lay back on the bed beside Max and stroked his cock with the lube. Max leaned over and gave Ian a blazing hot kiss. Ocean pumped two globs on his middle finger and pushed it into Max's hole. It slipped in easily. He reloaded his finger and pressed it in and added a second finger easily.

"Damn, he must be really ready for a fucking," Ocean thought to himself as he added a third finger. Max moaned and wiggled his butt. Ocean plunged his fingers into Max's ass for a minute and slowly withdrew them.

"Okay Max, you're ready. Go ahead and sit on Ian's big cock," Ocean directed. Max straddled Ian. Ocean held Ian's cock and aimed it at Max's hole. "Just ease down on it, Max. I've got it all lined up." Max felt the head at his hole and lowered himself slowly. The head popped in Max's hole, and he sighed, then slammed his ass down on Ian's cock, balls deep. "Fuck!" Ocean exclaimed as he watched.

"Damn right! I'm gonna fuck myself on Ian's hot cock," Max said as he rose up and slammed back down. Max did that two more times and came. "Fuck yes!" Max screamed out. Hot ribbons of cum blasted from his cock hitting Ian in the face. Ian felt the ass muscles clamp down on his cock with each blast of cum. Hot spurts of cum rained down in heavy wet splats on his face. Max held Ian's cock deep in his ass until his big eight inch cock spat out its final spurt of cum on Ian's stomach. He raised up and slammed his ass back down. Max rode Ian's cock long and hard. Ocean moved around to the bed and pressed his cock to Max's mouth. He took it in balls deep without hesitation. Max ground his ass down on Ian's hard seven inch cock and used his lips and tongue on Ocean's hot cock. They continued until Ocean was ready for the main event. He pulled his cock out of Max's mouth, moved around between Ian's legs, and lined up his cock.

"Okay, Max. Ready for double fucking?" Max stopped his riding, leaned down and locked lips with Ian. Ocean pressed his cock into Max's ass. Max let out a long groan as Ocean's cock slid into his ass alongside Ian's.

"Oh fuck! That's a lot of cock!" The 'fuck pot buzz' surged in Max's brain and his ass finally relaxed. "God, my ass is full of cock. I love it. Okay you two, fuck the shit of out me!" Ocean could not believe that his straight neighbor, with two cocks up his ass, was begging for more. He decided that since this was a one off, he would give Max what he wanted. He pulled his cock back and slammed it home. Ian came to the same conclusion and hammered his cock into Max's stretched hole. Max was deliriously drunk on cock. Ocean and Ian got into rhythm, one going in and the other coming out as they piston fucked Max. Ocean put his arm around Max's chest and pulled him back against his own chest.

"Max, this is your fantasy. Tell me what you want," Ocean whispered in his ear. Max laid his head back on Ocean's shoulder and groaned as his ass got double fucked.

"I'm in fucking heaven. This is everything I wished for and more. Please make it last as long as you can," Max whispered back.

"You got it buddy. Let's change positions."

"Okay." Ocean slowly withdrew his cock and backed up a bit. Max stood up and got off the bed.

"Ian, scoot up to the headboard and put all the pillows behind you." Ocean waited until Ian was in position, then he got on the bed on his knees. "Max, come on and sit on Ian's cock, but facing me this time." Max crawled on the bed, straddled Ian, grabbed his cock and lined it up. He sank his ass down on Ian's cock and groaned in contentment.

"Now, lean back on Ian's chest." Max leaned back and lifted his legs. Ian put his arms around Max's chest, playing with his nipples. Ocean saw Max's big eight inch cock, standing up proudly, hard as steel. Ocean's mouth watered. He leaned forward, wrapped his lips around the head and sucked it in until his nose was in pubes. He bobbed his head a few times then came back up off Max's cock. After that brief taste, Ocean gave a second thought to this being a one off. Max had a really nice cock.

Ocean straddled Ian's legs, scooted into position and lined up his cock. "Here we go, Max," Ocean said as he eased his cock back in Max's ass alongside Ian's cock. Ocean grabbed Max by the hips and held him still as he drove his cock in all the way. Max groaned.

"Oh, fuck yes. God that feels so good," Max said. Ian started pumping his cock in rhythm with Ocean, both cocks driving deep at the same time. Ocean set a slow grinding pace that drove Max crazy with pleasure. The three boys rocked together, riding the peak of a sexual wave of pleasure. Ocean rocked them into the night.

"Fuck, Ocean, speed up. I need to cum," Max begged. Ocean picked up the pace along with Ian as they hammered Max's ass, both going in and out at the same time.

"Yes, yes, yes," Max chanted with each mutual thrust. "Fuck!" Max screamed as his cock blasted a hot load of quarterback cum that hit his face. Ocean felt the ass contractions around his cock and blasted his cum into Max's ass. Ian felt Max's ass clamp down as well, but he felt Ocean's cock pulse alongside of his own cock too. With a huge groan, Ian came. He filled Max's ass with his huge load of cum. All three gasped for air as they tried to catch their breath.

Ocean eased his cock out and scooted back. He watched as cum dripped out of Max's ass, dribbling down onto Ian's balls. He leaned down and started licking that cum up. Ocean ran his tongue all over Ian's balls and the shaft that was still halfway inside Max's ass. He licked up and swallowed cum until it was all gone. Then he moved to Max's semi hard cock and took it deep into his throat. He sucked hard, coaxing every drop of cum he could. Ian started fucking again and Max moaned. Ocean looked at all the cum slowly running down Max's quarterback chest. He leaned over and licked it up until Max's chest was clean. He looked down and watched Ian's cock drive in and out of Max's ass. Max was back up to full hard.

"Why the fuck not?" Ocean thought to himself. He grabbed the Swiss Navy lube and quickly slicked up his ass. Ocean stood up and turned around. He eased back until his legs met Max's legs. Ocean lowered down, grabbed Max's hard cock and lined it up on his slick hole. Ocean lowered his ass and took Max's huge cock into his ass, all the way.

"Oh my God, Ocean!" Max screamed out. Ian watched as Ocean slowly moved up and down on that huge eight inch cock.

"Yeah baby," Ian called out. "Ride that great big cock!" Ocean had never had such a big cock in his ass before. It reached places that had never been reached before by a real cock. Of course, the dildo had been there before, but this was the real thing and Ocean savored the moment. He continued to move slowly, getting used to Max's cock. He sank all the way down and wiggled his butt, getting the last half inch in. Ocean groaned. He pulled up halfway, then slammed his ass back down. Ocean started fucking himself on that big cock faster, slamming down on it with each stroke.

Ian kept fucking up into Max's, ass trying to match his upward strokes with Ocean's downward ones. Max was deliriously happy with the sex. He kept moaning as Ian's cock plowed his ass and Ocean's ass kept gobbling up his cock. Ocean sped up, slapping his butt cheeks against Max's lap.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum," Ocean said as he slammed down on that eight inch cock and came. Hot spurts of cum burst out of his cock landing on the towel. Max groaned as he felt Ocean's ass clamp down with each squirt of cum. His eight inch cock came, sending ten hot blasts of cum deep into Ocean's ass. Ian stuffed his seven inch cock as deep as it would go and pumped cum into Max's ass. Ocean fell to his hands and knees and slowly moved forward, laying down on the bed. Max looked at his cum leaking out of Ocean's ass and grinned. He felt Ian's cock slip out of his ass. Max sat up and leaned forward. He grabbed Ocean's butt cheeks, pulled them apart and dove his mouth on Ocean's smooth hole. Max licked his own cum from around the hole, then drove his tongue inside, looking for more.

Ian saw was Max was doing, so he decided to do the same. He grabbed Max's cheeks, pulled them apart and looked at his own cum and Ocean's cum leaking out. He lapped it up, savoring the mixture of his cum and Ocean's.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

Ian woke up slowly. He tried to roll over, but Ocean had his arm around him. Wait a minute, his own arm was around Ocean. He leaned forward and nuzzled his nose into Ocean's hair and smiled, but then there seemed to be someone behind him. That someone was snuggled up against him with his arm around him and that someone's hard cock was resting between his legs and along his ass. Ian rolled over and looked into Max's wide awake eyes.

"Morning," Max whispered as he tightened his arm around Ian's chest. Max's cock lengthened and slid further between Ian's legs, brushing across his hole.

The memories of last night's sex marathon came crashing back into Ian's mind. He groaned.

"Sounds like you're ready for some good morning sex?" Max whispered as he licked Ian's neck.

"No Max. What I need you to do is, go home," Ian said firmly.

"Let's make love again," Max purred as he licked Ian's neck again. Ian abruptly sat up. He looked at Max.

"Lookie here boy-yo. Last night was good, okay, I'll admit it, it was over the top fantastic sex, BUT," and Ian held up his finger and pointed it at Max. "It was sex. DO NOT even think about falling in love with me. I'll admit, you're one really hot dude, and I do mean deliciously hot, but you have issues. You need to decide if you're gay, bisexual or straight." Ocean rolled over and watched through groggy eyes as Ian continued. "What we do here with you Max, is sex. That's it. Sex. There are no emotions involved. Only cocks, mouths and holes. That's it. You, my friend, need to decide. Do you want pussy or cock or both? I could care less what your decision is, but I AM IN LOVE with Ocean. Yeah, we may want to 'play' with you from time to time, but it will always just be sex, recreational sex, sex for the fun of it. Do not get emotionally involved with me or with Ocean. Are we clear?" Max was taken aback by the lecture he just received. He gulped and sighed. He thought through Ian's words and finally came to a decision.

"Okay, I'll admit it. I fell in love with you Ian."

"You mean you fell in lust with me! You couldn't get past the sex. You didn't care about my feelings, my hopes, my fears or desires. You only wanted my cock and my ass." Max hung his head.

"Max?" Ocean asked.

"Look, here's the deal Max. You are one hot dude," Ian started. "I just told you. You're a beautiful young man with a great body, cute face and a fucking huge cock that's just stunning. Anybody, girl or boy, would be lucky to have you. Ocean and I enjoy our time with you having sex. You've found new things that turn you on. You like to do queer things. No big deal. The three of us make great sex together. Last night was freaking … I don't know. I don't even have the words to describe how awesome it was. But bottom line … it was just sex, Max. I don't want to hurt your feelings. That's the last thing in the world I want to do. I want to be friends Max, yeah maybe friends with benefits, but still, just friends. My heart belongs to Ocean."

"Hey, I understand," Max said as a tear rolled down his face. "You two are really beautiful together and I would never want to do anything to change that." Max looked at Ocean. "I'm sorry for treating you like shit at school and I'll make it up to you. Just wait for school to start and you'll see. By the way, you are one lucky dude to have Ian in your life and in your heart." Then he looked at Ian. "I've known Ocean almost my entire life. I've also been a great big dick to him for a large portion of that time. The main reason is I didn't want people to think I'm gay simply by association." Max looked at Ocean. "I'm truly sorry for doing that. I hope that one day you can see it in your heart to forgive me," Max sobbed, sniffed and continued. "I've never even thought about my butt hole as being a source of pleasure until I watched you two. Ian, when I watched you ride Ocean, my God, the expression on your face was pure bliss. I couldn't understand why someone would take a dick up the ass, let alone, sit on one voluntarily. So, I pumped some lube on my finger and stuck it up my ass and I found my prostate. The light bulb went off and it's all I can think about. I need dick like, twenty-four seven. That's what got me interested in the dildo," Max blushed. "I can't fucking believe I'm saying all this." Ian reached his arms out and gave Max a hug.

"You're doing fine. Let it all out Max."

"Okay, okay. Anyway, the dildo. I watched you guys cum without even touching yourselves just by sucking cock. So, I tried it. I mean I sucked the dildo. Seems I'm pretty good at it and I liked doing it. The first time I put it in my mouth, I swallowed the whole thing without giving it a second thought. Just shoved the whole thing down my throat. I got hard as hell instantly. Then I decided to sit on it. So, I tried that. It hurt, so I used more lube and tried it again. I went slow and finally felt those realistic balls meet my own balls and I came, just like that. Right then and there, I knew I had to suck and get fucked and I aimed that desire at you, Ian. Then I actually got to suck your dick. I think I cried I was so happy.

"I think I remember that. You actually had tears in your eyes," Ian said. Max nodded.

"I was so happy at that point. I finally got what I wanted so bad, that I actually cried tears of joy. It was one of those moments in my life that I will never ever forget."

"I'm glad we had this conversation this morning," Ian said. "Things needed to be cleared up and I think we're all good. But, I'll be honest," Ian started. He pulled the covers back and Max looked down and saw Ian's hard cock. "All this talk about sucking and fucking has made me hard. Is there something you can do Max, to help me out with this?" Ian said with a grin. Max grinned back. He leaned over and sucked Ian's cock all the way down.

*** Ocean *** Ocean ***

It had been two weeks since Ian first came to live with Ocean. Two glorious weeks of getting to know Ocean and his family. He counted himself lucky. The love Ocean's family gave him was so freely given and unconditional that Ian was almost overwhelmed. It had been two weeks of almost non-stop sex too. Ian's sex life had been nonexistent before he met Ocean. Ian knew he had fallen in love with the blond haired beauty, even though he hadn't said it out loud.

Life for Ian during the past seven months had been challenging with one obstacle after another. The first good thing to happen to Ian after his parents died was meeting Ocean. Finally, something good was happening in his life.

"Boys, school starts on Monday. Today would be a good day to get you enrolled, Ian," Barbara said as she greeted them for breakfast.

"Good morning to you too, mom," Ocean said with a smile as he kissed her cheek. Ian gave her a kiss as well.

"Good morning, boys. Cereal and milk are on the table."

"Ah, the culinary expertise of my maternal parent rears its ugly head," Ocean said with a grin.

"That cereal is heart healthy, a good source of fiber and is actually tasty," she said with a smirk. "Besides, too many eggs and pork product are not good for your developing bodies."

"I think Ocean has developed quite nicely," Ian said with a smirk back at Barbara.

"Ian!" Ocean said. Barbara smiled. She was coming to love Ian more and more each day.

"So, Ian, we'll be off to school to get you enrolled after breakfast. Ocean, I want you to come along as well and show Ian where everything is."

"Can we take RR?" Ocean asked.


"The Range Rover, mom, RR for short," explained Ocean.

"Well, I suppose that would be okay, after all, you'll need a parking pass."

An hour later, Ian was registered for school, had his class schedule and was just finishing up with his parking pass. The school secretary looked down her nose at Ian when he presented her with the registration. She'd glanced at Barbara, who smiled back.

"Mrs. Nolan, I hardly think this is an appropriate vehicle for a high school senior. Perhaps a more modest vehicle is in order."

"What do you mean?" Ian asked.

"I wasn't speaking to you young man."

"Well, you're speaking to me now. That's my car. I own it. It's in my name and I want a parking pass for it." Ian was pissed. The school secretary rose from her desk as the principal walked in to the office.

"You will not speak to me with such disrespect."

"And you will not speak to me like I am a child. I am eighteen years old and of legal age. The vehicle is mine, registered in my name and I am simply requesting a parking pass. If you wish to press this issue any further, I will have my attorney be in touch."

"Mrs. Parker, what seems to be the problem here?" the principal asked. Before she had a chance to take a breath, Ian answered.

"She doesn't like my car and refuses to give me a parking permit," Ian said defiantly. The principal turned to his secretary.

"What's wrong with his car, Mrs. Parker?" She straightened her glasses and cleared her throat, posturing herself with self-appointed importance.

"He has a Range Rover. A two hundred and fifty thousand dollar Ranger Rover. I hardly think that an appropriate vehicle for a high school senior." The principal's eyebrows rose. He turned to Ian.

"Young man, that vehicle will cause problems with my students and I will not allow that. I'm afraid that you need to find a more suitable vehicle to come to school in."

"It's my car. I own it and I don't see the problem here. Do I need to have Tom Tomlinson, my attorney, give you a call? Because this," he said pointing a finger at Mrs. Parker. "poor excuse of an administrative assistant has a problem with my car? And you, a educational professional have a problem with what I drive? This is absurd!" Ocean sat in his chair and smirked. Barbara watched and chuckled.

"Mrs. Parker is an excellent school secretary that has many duties that I have assigned to her. I trust her judgement explicitly. And I have many years of experience as a head of scholastic institutions. I stand by her decision."

"Are you sure?"

"I have never doubted Mrs. Parker's judgement and you, young man, need to learn to respect your elders."

"My attorney will be in touch, asshole. I just hope your school board has tons of cash, because I'm gonna sue the shit out of you sons of bitches!" Ian stormed out the door.

Less than a hour later, Ian received a phone call from the school approving the parking pass for his Range Rover. In addition, he received a written letter of apology from the chairman of the school board explaining that the secretary had been replaced and the principal had been moved to another school. Tom Tomlinson got a generous tip added to his bill for that.

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