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Collier woke to Charles telling him breakfast would be ready in half an hour. Collier groaned and sat up in his bed. He asked Charles to bring breakfast to his room. He did not want to have to deal with his father again. Yesterday had been awful. After the screaming at breakfast, his father had looked in on him at least every hour. Collier vowed to himself that today would be different.

Following the breakfast of eggs benedict, delicious imported Italian link sausage and a fluffy homemade biscuit, Collier headed for the shower. He planned to leave the house on the premise of needing some school supplies. Of course, his father would allow that because Collier absolutely excelled scholastically. That was the cover plan. The real plan, of course, was to find Neo. Collier explained to Charles that he was going to Staples for study supplies, should his father ask. Charles had happily nodded, and Collier found himself in the garage with keys clutched tightly in his hands. He pushed the unlock button, opened the door, and climbed into his brand new Ranger Rover. The new car smell caressed his nostrils like a rose bush on a summer's day. Collier smiled. He secretly liked his car, even though his fellow aristocratic friends drove exotic sportscars. The parking lot at Roxbury Academy looked like a used car lot for millionaires.

"It's time to find Neo," he said to himself as he turned the key and started the engine. He had just put the hundred thousand dollar vehicle in gear when his father stepped in front of the Range Rover. Collier immediately shifted back into park. His father walked slowly around to the driver's window. Collier immediately rolled it down.

"Just so we are clear, you are going to Staples for school supplies?" Collier nodded. "We are not going to be looking for dirty, nasty street boys who cut grass as a profession? Is that clear?" Collier could not believe his father would not let go of this bone. He was like a pit bull on a mission. Collier secretly seethed.

"Yes, father. Just need a few supplies. Okay to use the family credit card then?" He father smiled and nodded.

"That's fine son. You are excelling academically, and I could not be prouder. Get whatever you feel you need." The father smiled as the son drove out of the six vehicle, heated and cooled garage and down the custom stamped concrete driveway.

Collier had no idea where to start but decided a phone call was the first order of business. He pulled up his contacts and punched the call icon beside Neo's name. The call immediately went to voice mail.

"Okay, so he's had no way to charge his phone, so the battery is obviously dead." Collier said to himself. Which actually wasn't far from the truth as Neo sipped on a bottle of Tropicana Orange Juice, he'd just purchased from the 7-11. He munched on a microwavable sausage and egg biscuit and enjoyed the morning sunshine. He had until noon when he was supposed to meet Aiden and was in no hurry.

The town was small with three total traffic lights, so it was easy to navigate. Collier drove quickly, like a mad man on a mission, looking for his boyfriend. He screeched from intersection to intersection with hope in his heart. He rammed down the accelerator on the powerful car causing the tires to screech on the pavement, but Collier didn't care. He wanted to find his boyfriend, and nothing was going to stand in his way.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Neo slept surprisingly comfortably on the soft pine needles in his clearing in the park's forest. He had no way to charge his phone, so it had been stored away in his backpack. He woke up around seven without the phone alarm. He felt fully refreshed, but he was anxious about his meeting with Aiden at noon. He'd just thrown away the sausage and egg wrappings, when he heard the screech of tires and looked up. There was Collier staring him straight in the face. The Range Rover pulled smartly to the curb and Collier jumped out. Neo dropped the forgotten orange juice to the ground. The boys embraced on the sidewalk, then quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching.

"God, Neo, I've been so worried," Collier said as he released the hug.

"I'm fine. I found a friend who's going to help," Neo explained.

"What do you mean you've found a friend?"

"I found a boy that is going to help me. He lives with an older man who has money."

"Neo, what the fuck?"

"It's okay, Collier. He's helping me. We're going to meet at noon and he's going to help me get a tent so I can stay in the forest in the park."

"And just what kind of friend is willing to do that?" Collier asked holding his boyfriend by the shoulders.

"He used to be, but still is, kind of a street boy." Collier tightened his hold on Neo and pulled him closer.

"What the fuck does that mean? A street boy? You mean a hustler?" Neo nodded and Collier lost it. "The fuck, Neo! No way are you going to see him again. No way!" Neo pushed his boyfriend back with both hands. Collier's eyes widened in surprise.

"You listen to me and you listen good! I have nothing! Nothing! If someone offers to help me, I'm taking them up on it!" Collier stepped back a bit and considered what Neo said.

"Okay, okay! I'm perhaps a bit out of line here."

"You're damn right," Neo said, then sighed. "Look, you can meet Aiden. It's just about noon and we're supposed to meet at the park." Collier was suspicious about this so called street boy but nodded.

"Ride with me," Collier suggested. Neo nodded and they rode together to the bench at the park. They arrived just before noon. The boys exited the Range Rover and headed for the bench. Aiden came walking up from the bushes and headed for the two boys.

"So, this is your boyfriend" Aiden said with a grin, as he approached the boys. Neo looked up and smiled.

"Aiden! Hey, thanks for coming. This is my boyfriend, Collier." The two boys eyed each other and finally fist bumped.

"I'm Aiden," he said with a half-smile.

"Collier," he said with an aristocratic nod.

"And I'm Neo," he smiled to both boys. "Glad we all can meet each other. And before we go one step further, Collier, I sucked Aiden's cock. It was one of those I really need someone moments. I'd just found myself in the park. I was really depressed, and I wasn't thinking about anything but what I was going to do to survive. Some guy comes by and asks me if I wanna party. Thirty minutes later and fifty dollars richer, I meet this asshole," Neo said smiling and nodding to Aiden.

"I've heard enough," Collier said holding up his hand.

"We didn't fuck. It was just a blow." Collier saw red.

"Just, let me get this straight in my mind … you got picked up by some guy you have never seen before. You give him a blow for fifty fucks and then you hook up with this guy and give him a blow job too. Is that correct? Do I have the whole picture? Am I missing anything? You felt it necessary, to get into someone's car, who you have no idea who he is, and go off and suck his cock … for cash?"

"Well, to be accurate, he sucked my cock."

"What the fuck, Neo? You are out of control!" Collier yelled.

"I told you! I have nothing, asshole! Nothing!" Neo screamed. He grabbed Collier by the shoulders and continued screaming. "I take that back! I have the clothes on my goddammed back, but other than that, I HAVE NOTHING! So shut the fuck up! I love you more than anything else in the world, but I have to fucking survive any way I can without your father sticking his fucking nose in our business. I can't come between you and your inheritance. Fuck, Collier!" Neo said with tears streaming down his face.

"I love you, Neo. I appreciate your concern about dear old dad and my inheritance, I really do, but I can't share you with sleezy street boys."

"I'm not a fucking sleezy street boy, asshole," Aiden said defiantly. "Your boyfriend's life is fucked up beyond all reason! Yeah, we exchanged blows, but he has no idea where his next meal is coming from. He is on the street, kicked out by his dad, and he is only doing what he needs to do to survive. So, you take your possessive attitude and shove it up your ass!"

"You fucking had sex with my boyfriend!?! You fucking piece of shit street whore!" Collier screamed pushing Aiden back.

"Fuck you, asshole! This boy is hurting! He's lost everything! Everything! And you have the balls to question how he takes care of himself?" Aiden pushed Collier with both hands to the chest. "What the fuck are you doing to take care of him?" screamed Aiden. Collier paused in his heavy breathing rant. He took a look at Neo and slowly hung his head.

"You're right," Collier said softly. "And I'm sorry," he said with a sob. "I love him more than anything else."

"That's where you are fucked up in the head!" said Aiden. "You don't love him more than your dear old dad! Or more particularly, dear old dad's money. You're trying to live on the wrong side of the tracks, dipping your cock in forbidden fruit, while still cashing in on your fucking inheritance. Fuck you! Just look at what you're driving for Christ's sake. That fucking car costs more than all the money Neo and I could put together in a year!" Collier slumped his shoulders, dropped his head and sobbed.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, but I can't help the way I feel. I love Neo with all my heart. My dad is an asshole and he insist I do things his way. He holds millions and millions of dollars over my head and makes me do things I don't want to do."

"Then why are you doing what he wants? For millions and millions of dollars? Is the love for your boyfriend dependent on that inheritance?" Aiden screamed. "Seems to me that you have a decision … your dad or your boyfriend." Collier's face streamed with tears. He sobbed and brought his hands up to cover his face.

"Collier?" Neo asked softly. "Please."

"I'm so sorry, Neo. I just can't say no to my father. Believe me, I've tried." Neo was stunned. His lower lip started trembling.

"So, there's the answer," Aiden said matter of factly. "You choose the cash over Neo. Get the fuck out," Aiden screamed. "Get the fuck out of here right now!" Collier looked up at Neo and with tears streaming down his face, he turned and left.

Neo fell to his knees in total shock. Big fat tears slowly started to roll down his cheeks as he watched Collier climb into his car and after a final look, drove off. Neo's chest was tightening, and his breathing turned to a shallow pant. His tears were much like the ones just before a storm, looking like large bombs hitting the parched earth and exploding in dust as they hit. Moments later, the real storm began, complete with thunder and lightning. Aiden wrapped his arms around Neo as the storm raged on. Neo felt so lost.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Less than two blocks from the park, Collier pulled his car to the curb. He could not see where he was going through the waterfall of tears. He screamed out in frustration and banged his hands on the steering wheel.

The sound of screeching tires followed by a horrendous crash came out of nowhere. Aiden looked up sharply. The storm that consumed Neo was receding. The rain was down to a drop here or there and only the sound of the distant rumble of thunder remained.

"There's been a crash and from the sound of it, seems to be close by. Let's go see," Aiden suggested.

"Maybe this will get his mind off dipshit," he thought to himself.

"Come on, up you go," he said as he helped Neo to his feet. Aiden put his arm across Neo's shoulder and guided him toward the other side of the park, where the crash sound came from. He heard sirens coming from far away. As the boys rounded the corner and the street came into view, they saw the crash scene. One car was upside down while the other car's entire front end was destroyed. People stood around and looked. One man was on his knees helping one of the victims. As the boys got closer and they could actually see what was going on, Neo suddenly stopped in his tracks.

"Oh, God no," he gasped, then took off running. The upside down vehicle was a Range Rover. Collier's Range Rover! Neo ran to the driver's door, dropped to his knees, and looked inside.

"Collier!" he screamed. Collier's seemingly lifeless body was still strapped to his seat by the seat belt. The deployed and now deflated airbag hung down from the steering wheel. All the glass in the vehicle was broken. Neo looked at Collier's face and saw blood dripping down from his scalp.

"Aiden!" Neo screamed.

"I'm right here," Aiden said as he joined Neo on the ground. He looked in at the driver and gasped, "Is that Collier?"

"Yes! Help me get him out. He's still wearing his seatbelt and he's hanging upside down. I need you release the seat belt so I can ease him down."

"Neo, there's smoke coming from the engine," Aiden said with concern. The sounds of the sirens were close. "Help is going to be here any second."

"Please help me, please!" Neo grabbed Aiden's biceps tightly. "Help me, please!"

"He just left you for dear old dad."

"I don't care! We have to help him!"

"Okay." Neo crawled inside the upside down Range Rover. He tried to hold up as much of Collier's body as he could.

"Okay, release the belt!"

"Okay, count of three … one … two … three!" Collier's body slumped down into Neo's arms. Neo eased the rest of Collier's unconscious body down to the upside down roof. A sudden whoosh sound caught his attention. Neo looked and saw flames from the front of the vehicle.

"NEO!" screamed Aiden. "The car's on fire!"

"Grab him and pull him, Aiden. Help me get him out!" Aiden grabbed Collier's legs and started pulling. Collier's unconscious body slid easily across the fabric of the roof, but when his butt hit the pavement, all progress stopped. Neo saw the problem and quickly scooted out the passenger side. He raced around and reached down to help Aiden pull Collier from the vehicle. They carried him to the other side of the road and gently laid him down in the grass when the upside down Range Rover exploded in a hot ball of fire.

"Jesus!" Aiden screamed. He turned to look at Neo and found him listening at Collier's mouth. Two of his fingers were pushed against Collier's carotid.

"He's breathing and he's got a pulse. He's just knocked out," Neo said with relief. A large fire truck pulled up beside them, airbrakes doing a double swoosh as it came to stop. The boys were soon surrounded by first responders. EMT's from the ambulance rushed up with a stretcher.

"Patient unresponsive, but vitals look good. Minor laceration to the anterior scalp and possible fracture to the right humerus, not compound," the first responder rattled out to the EMTs.

"Got it! We'll take it from here." The EMTs did their own quick evaluation and were soon lifting Collier to the stretcher.

"Is he gonna be okay?" Neo asked one of the first responders as the EMTs took Collier toward the ambulance. The woman turned to him and smiled.

"I'll tell you one thing … he's got a fighting chance thanks to you and your friend. I saw you both pull him from the wreck right before it exploded. So, I'd say your two are heroes. You gave that young man a fighting chance. You should be proud of yourselves. Without what you did, that boy would be dead." Neo knew she had no idea of the relationship history here, but he smiled anyway. He turned and watched as the fire fighters quickly extinguished the flames from the Range Rover.

"Well, there's a hundred grand down the toilet," Aiden grinned. Neo was suddenly annoyed at the callous comment. His, ah, his, whatever, was just about killed. To hear snippet remarks like that caused Neo to clamp his mouth shut, for fear of what he might say would hurt someone.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

"Oh my God! Where is my son? Please tell me he's okay?" the man screamed. Neo looked over and saw Collier's dad screaming in anguish as he looked at the burnt out hulk of his son's car. A first responder quickly went to him and calmed him down. She exclaimed what had happened, including pointing out Neo and Aiden. He looked in their direction and started toward them with no indication of recognition.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," he stammered. "The first responder says you saved my son's life by pulling him out just before the explosion. I want to …" Recognition hit the father like a sledgehammer.

"You!" he screamed.

"Yep, it's me. Neo at your service, sir."

"You fucked my son and I won't have it you, you faggot!"

"Sorry pops, but it was your son that was doing the fucking and I gladly and lovingly accepted his hot missile of love, right up my ass!" Neo said with a smirk. Winslow lunged forward, but Neo stepped back. "Yeah, I wrapped my lips around his hot cock and sucked the cum right out of him, you asshole. I made him happy!" Neo screamed in Winslow's face. "I fucking love your son! He may have chosen you and your fucking money over me for now, but he will come back to the only person who loves him. I know that for a fact. But for now, you have the knowledge in your heart that Aiden and I saved Collier's life this afternoon. He lives by the actions of our hands. Our faggot hands! You fucking remember that asshole," Neo screamed into Winslow's face; spittle splattering the elder man's face. The attempted slap was anticipated, and Aiden reached out and blocked the swinging arm.

"Not so fast mother fucker," Aiden said with a snarl as he pulled the man's arm behind his back and held him tight. "You are fucking with my friend, and I don't appreciate that. Why don't you go get in you big old fucking expensive car and drive to the hospital. That's where your son is getting treatment from this wreck. He was unconscious when they took him away," Aiden shoved Collier's father away. Winslow Beckett was breathing hard and turned around and look at Neo and Aiden. The expression on his face was pure fury. He clenched his fists and started toward the two boys.

A nearby policeman witnessed the exchange and grabbed Winslow Beckett and arrested him on the spot.

"Don't know who you are or who you think you are, but you are under arrest for witnessed assault, me being the witness, you sorry sumbitch. The boys over there just saved your son from being burnt up alive and then you go and try to slap him? What kind of asshole are you?" the policeman said as he tightened the handcuffs.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

The ambulance pulled up to the hospital emergency room entrance. EMTs quickly pulled Collier's stretcher out and rushed into the emergency department.

"Car crash victim!" the lead EMT called out. An ER nurse quickly led them to a treatment room. A doctor followed them in. "Non-responsive, vitals strong, fracture to the right humerus and number cuts and abrasions. He has a particularly large cut in his scalp."

"Thank you, I'll take it from here," the doctor said. The ER team went to work and got Collier stabilized. A half hour later, Collier was under observation in the intensive care unit.

Winslow Beckett had been released from police custody almost as soon as he was booked. The family attorney had seen to that. Winslow immediately went to the hospital where his heir was being looked after and burst through the ICU door moments later.

"Collier! Are you all right?" he said as he rushed up the hospital bed, ignoring the protests of the nursing staff. He shook his son's broken arm, which resulted in a blood curdling scream from Collier.

"Back up mister!" a nurse yelled at him.

"I'm his father! One wing of this hospital has my name on it. Do not," Winslow Beckett said holding up one finger, "do not tell me what to do." The nurse frowned. She was in charge of the ICU and her word was golden.

"You do realize you just shook his broken arm. That's why he screamed. So, get your hands off of him now!" the nurse directed. Winslow quickly let go of his son and took a half step back.

"Sorry, I didn't know."

"That's why visitation in my ICU is restricted to only a few supervised minutes. After all, sir, this is the Intensive Care Unit."

"I'm not going anywhere," Winslow said as he crossed his arms across his chest. It was that moment that Collier returned to consciousness. The first thing to pop into his head was Neo. The second thought was his father's decree. Tears sprang from his eyes as he remembered. He'd actually given up his boyfriend and bowed to his father's wishes. He sobbed loudly.

"My son is obviously in pain. Give him something right now!" Winslow Barrett directed to the ICU nurse.

"Sir, I am sure the doctor has already given him something," she patiently explained.

"I don't fucking care," he screamed. "Give him some more!"

"You made me choose," Collier mumbled. Everyone turned to look at the patient. "You or Neo and I fucking chose you." The physical pain was there, but he didn't care about that. Another nurse tended to his IV and checked his vitals. "You made me choose," Collier slowly lifted his head and looked at his father. Collier frowned and cocked his head to the side and continued. "You beat me up. You, you bit me! How could you do that?" Collier dropped his head back on the pillow. "You fucking made me choose …" Collier mumbled as he fell back unconscious. At that moment the doctor walked into the room.

"He's delirious! Completely out of his mind! I'm sure you fucking people see this all the time with people who've been in a wreck. Obviously, he's had a head injury! Do you people even know what the hell you're doing?!" Winslow Beckett screamed out, waving his arms in the air.

"Sir, you need to calm down, right now," the doctor said in a voice that brooked no argument. The directive went unnoticed by the irate billionaire, but the nurse caught the signal and discretely pushed a button.

"You will give my son medication and you will give it to him right now! I will not sit here and listen to his delusions!" the patriotic billowed knowing his son's accusations could get him in a lot of trouble.

"You will calm down right now or I will be forced to have security remove you from the building," the doctor said with a raised voice. As the words left his mouth, a security man, built like a collegiate linebacker entered the room.

"Do we have a problem here?" the security guard asked in a deep smooth voice. Winslow Beckett whirled around and looked the security guard in the face.

"You're goddamned right we have a problem!" he yelled. The security guard eased completely into the room. He took a look at the patient and then he really looked at the parent. The father was breathing quickly with his shoulders pushed back, chest puffed up and looking every bit the alpha dog in the room. Gideon took in the tailored clothes, the handmade shoes, and the size of the diamonds on said father's fingers. Gideon glanced at the doctor who only nodded. Gideon then grinned a wide grin as he approached the irate aristocratic man.

"Mister Beckett, you and I are going to leave this room, sir. So, come along peacefully and I will escort you to the door," Gideon explained politely.

"Fuck you, asshole!" And for the second time that day, Winslow Beckett found himself manhandled into a pair of handcuffs and being led away from his son. His attorney, of course, got him out of jail immediately, but personally escorted his biggest client home, explaining there would be nothing he could do about a third arrest in the same day.

Collier awoke a bit later and remembering his shameful actions toward Neo, the tears appeared again. One of the ICU nurses tried to calm him with encouraging words. He was scheduled to have his arm set and put in a cast shortly. The MRI was also scheduled to make sure his brain was okay.

A policeman came into the room a short while later. He explained to Collier what had happened according to his investigation, including the names of the people who dragged him to safety just before the explosion. Collier gasped at hearing that it was Neo that had saved him. The tears started again, and Collier could barely control himself. The officer pulled out pen and paper.

"You want to give me your version of what happened?" Collier groaned but nodded okay.

"I was parked on the side of the road headed away from town," Collier explained in a shaky voice. He took a deep breath and continued with tears falling from his reddened eyes. "I, I had just walked away from … I mean … look, I just fucked up my relationship with my boyfriend. Who daddy, by the way, forbids me to see." Collier took a deep breath and continued. "Anyway, I stopped on the side of the road because I couldn't see where I was going because I was bawling my eyes out." The officer nodded in understanding. "So, I finally get myself under control and it was then, right then, that I made up my mind. Fuck you daddy! I want my boyfriend. I shifted the car in gear, turned the wheel hard left and slammed down on the gas. That's the last thing I remember."

"That fits with everything I've found out. You turned right in front in Myrtle Haskins who was driving her nineteen eighty-five Buick Electra Park Avenue, which, by the way, is a very heavy vehicle. She hit you broadside at forty-five miles an hour without even hitting the brakes. You, young man, are very lucky to have survived. Oh, and Myrtle is just fine. She's a bit upset about her car, but she said she was due for a new one anyway. The odometer had finally clocked over the fifty-thousand mark, according to her," the officer grinned. "And, just so you know, my boyfriend Wyatt, he came from a rich family. Thankfully, they understood."

"There's no way in hell my father would be anything close to understanding," Collier sobbed. "The sonofabitch doesn't understand. He is obsessed with me carrying on the family name and I … I wouldn't even know what to do with a pussy! Give me Neo and his hot ass and I know what to do. My father is a crazy bastard! He won't listen to me! He won't let me have what I want most. He does not care that I love Neo!" Collier sobbed.

"I'm Miles, by the way, and Wyatt went through much the same as you are going through now. It will get better. I promise," Miles smiled trying to reassure the young teen.

"Not with my father, who has decreed that I must procreate and give him a male heir. The family name is all important and all that bullshit."

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Neo and Aiden walked toward town, after Collier's father was arrested. Neo was still shaken from the accident, not to mention the encounter with Winslow Beckett.

"I've got to call the hospital and see how Collier is. I'm really worried." Aiden patted him on the back.

"You heard the EMTs. They weren't too worried. His vitals were strong. He'll be just fine," Aiden said trying to reassure his friend.

"I've just got to know for sure," Neo said looking into his friend's eyes. "And thank you."

"For what?"

"Handling Collier's father," Neo said with a grin. "You really got up in his face, so, thank you for doing that." Aiden grinned back.

"Happy to be of service, but you're the one that really got up in his face. You really let him have it. I am so proud of you," Aiden said with a smile. Neo's smile beamed back at him. Aiden pulled his phone out and looked up the number for the hospital. He punched the number in and hit the call button. He handed the phone to Neo.

"Thank you," Neo whispered. Aiden stood patiently as Neo talked with the hospital. At the end of the call, he handed the phone back to Aiden.

"They wouldn't tell me much other than he's stable and in ICU. At least I know he's alive and being taken care of. Thanks for letting me use your phone. The battery is dead in mine."

"That's cool. Now let's go get you a tent and a sleeping bag, k?" The sun was drawing close to the horizon.

"It's getting late. What time does the store close?" Neo asked.

"They don't close until nine, so we've got plenty of time and this works out perfectly. When we haul all this stuff back, we'll have the cover of darkness. That will keep your secret spot, well, secret."

"I still can't believe your friend Henry gave you his credit card," Neo said.

"Henry is a really good guy. I explained what happened to you and he was only too happy to help. Hell, he helped me almost five years ago when my parents turned me out. Henry found me turning tricks at the park and fell in love with me. I've come to love him too. I help around the house and he even taught me how to cook and I love cooking for us. We sleep together and cuddles up to me and holds me when I have nightmares about my parents. He lets me run around and play, but the one fast rule with Henry is I can't bring anyone home. He just draws the line at that," Aiden explained.

"I can understand that, and I'm happy for you. It sounds like you two make a nice couple. Be sure to tell him thank you for me. I really do appreciate his generosity."

The boys continued their conversation as they walked toward the sporting goods store. Half an hour later, they were walking back toward the park with a new tent, a sleeping bag, a small camp stove, camp cooking gear, a day pack for trips to the park's restroom and shower, plus he now had a solar rechargeable flashlight. They had even stopped at the CVS and purchased a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, and a hairbrush. Neo was set.

Another half hour, in the dusk of the evening, Neo drove the last tent stake in the ground and stood to admire his new tent.

"Awesome, this is perfect."

"Yeah, you'll be snug as a bug in a rug in here. Let's check out the sleeping bag," Aiden said with a wink. Neo unzipped the tent flap and scooted inside. Aiden followed. The boys unzipped the sleeping bag and spread it out on the floor of the tent. They moved so they faced each other while resting on their knees on the soft sleeping bag.

"One on one or sixty-nine?" Aiden asked while rubbing the growing lump in his shorts.

"One on one," came Neo's answer. "It's too hard for me to concentrate in a sixty-nine. One half of my brain is concentrating on sucking and the other half is concentrating on getting sucked. My mind ends up flopping back and forth. I'd really rather give one hundred percent of my attention to sucking your cock and giving you all the pleasure I can. I love sucking. It turns me on and I get a reward at the end," Neo smirked. Aiden smiled and pulled his tee shirt over his head. Neo did the same. Aiden unbuttoned his shorts. The boys looked each other in the eyes as Neo reached over the pulled Aiden's zipper down. Then he pulled it back up and then back down.

"That's one of my favorite sounds," Neo said with a wink as he closed the distance and captured Aiden's lips in a blistering hot kiss. Aiden wrapped his arms around Neo's neck. Neo plunged his hand into Aiden's shorts and wrapped his fingers around the hardness he found there and gave it a gentle squeeze. He broke the kiss and looked at Aiden.

"You wanna lie back or stay on your knees?"

"I can almost stand up. Lemme try." Aiden stood up in the center, where the tent was its tallest. "Perfect," he exclaimed as he put his hands on his hips. "Have at it buddy." Neo pulled the shorts and underwear down and Aiden stepped out of them.

Neo wet his lips and leaned in sucking in one of Aiden's balls. He looked up and locked eyes with Aiden. He tongued the left ball for a few seconds and switched to the right. With eyes still locked with Aiden, Neo finally took both balls in his mouth and teased them with his tongue. Aiden groaned.

"Oh yeah, little dude, suck my balls real good. They're churning full of cum ready to blast a hot fucking load down your throat." Neo dropped the balls, one by one and his tongue started traveling up, leaving a trail of hot saliva as he finally reached the head. Neo sucked it into his mouth. Then he hollowed his cheeks and went down on his new friend, bobbing up and down from cock head to pubes really fast. The up stroke got the tongue swirl around the head while the down stroke got the throat muscles massaging the quickly building load of cum.

Neo grabbed Aiden's ass cheeks and pulled him further into his mouth. Neo grabbed a handful of hair and fucked his cock into Neo's hot mouth.

"Yeah, dude, gimme that fucking cock," Neo thought as his throat was rammed by Aiden's hot cock over and over again. He was dizzy with lust as Aiden suddenly stilled. Neo's nose was buried in pubes. Aiden's cock head swelled and spat out a hot jet of cum right down Neo's throat. Neo felt each pulse as four more hot jets of cum went down his throat. Aiden pulled his cock halfway out and two more blasts washed across Neo's tongue. Neo could feel Aiden's legs literally shaking. He ran his hands up and down his legs and buried his nose back in the pubes. Neo worked Aiden's cock to get every drop of boy cum, finally releasing the head with a 'pop.'

"That was a crazy good head, Neo," Aiden said with a smile. He dropped to his knees still catching his breath. Aiden's half hard cock swayed with the movement. Neo's own cock was leaking precum like crazy and that caught Aiden's attention.

"Lie down and I'll suck you," Aiden directed. Neo stretched out. Aiden moved between his legs and got to work. He pulled Neo's leaking cock toward his mouth and wrapped his lips around the head, savoring luscious precum. Turning his head to the side, Aiden's tongue made a quick trip from head to base on the left side, then repeating on the right. Aiden looked up as Neo watched and swallowed the entire cock in one go. Aiden knew Neo was close so he didn't waste time and started to suck in earnest, bobbing his head quickly.

"Shit, I'm really close," Neo panted. "Really close, dude!" Aiden had just buried his nose in the soft curly black pubes when Neo's cock started shooting hot spurts of cum. Aiden groaned as the cock spasmed its hot load into his mouth. He felt Neo's cock pulse in his throat. It felt so good that his own cock came again on its own. Hot ribbons of cum coated Neo's leg. Aiden kept the cock buried in his throat savoring the feeling and the taste. He sucked hard as he came off Neo's cock milking out the last few drops of hot Neo cum.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Collier rested in his hospital bed. His arm was now in a cast. His cuts and scrapes had been bandaged and he now sported five stitches in the middle of a shaved spot on his head. The IV had a bit of morphine that eased the physical pain; however, there was no medication for the ache in his heart.

Watching his father being dragged from the room had brought a smile to his face. He was delighted to watch the asshole fight, kick, and swear the whole way down the hall. His loud obscene voice finally fading as he was dragged around the distant corner.

The doctor had sworn under his breath and had tried to reassure Collier that everything would be okay. Collier knew he was okay. His father was no longer in his room and that was a plus. He was in a hospital, and they would take care of him.

Collier turned his thoughts to Neo. Looking out at the night sky, he wondered where his boy … well … Neo was and if he was alright. Then he wondered about Neo's new friend.

"What was his name?" Collier thought. "Arron, Avery, Andy? No, it was Aiden. Yeah, Aiden, the little fucker. He screamed at me to get the fuck out. That sonofabitch!" More tears rolled down his face as his thoughts continued. "Damnit! I really fucked up. What the hell was I thinking?" Collier started to drop his face into his hands, but one refused to bend. Collier looked at the cast on his arm and dropped his chin to his chest. "I fucking can't believe I told Neo that I chose my father over …" Collier's lip starting quivering in his grief. "What the fuck is wrong with me?" he said aloud with a tear strained voice.

"You are absolute perfection," his father said as he walked into his son's room. Collier snapped his head up and glared at his father.

"You are the absolute LAST person in the world I want to see right now! Get! The! Fuck! Out!" Collier screamed at his father. "Out! Just get the fuck out! Right now! Get out, you mother fucker! Get out!" Collier screamed and screamed. Nurses from all directions came running to his room.

"Out! Get out NOW!" Collier screamed and sobbed at the same time. Winslow Beckett could not understand what the problem was. What was wrong with his son? Why is he screaming like this?

"I believe you should leave, sir," a nurse suggested. "You are obviously upsetting him." He glared at the nurse.

"This is my son," he said defiantly just as the security guard named Gideon showed up at the door. Winslow looked up and saw the huge black man grinning at the door. He bared his teeth at the man who arrested him earlier. "Your manhandling of me will be noted in the lawsuit I bring against this hospital," Winslow said to Gideon.

"Get the mother fucking hell out! Right now! What the fuck do you not understand? Get out! Leave! Get the fuck out of my room!" Collier screamed again. Winslow turned and looked at his son.

"I'm trying to get the man to leave right now son. Give dad a minute, will you?"

"FUCK!" Collier screeched. The machines attached to him started beeping loudly. "You get out father! Winslow fucking Beckett! Get the fuck out of my room!" Collier yelled. Gideon the security guard came into the room with a grin on his face and a pair of handcuffs in his hand.

"Do we really need to do this for a second time today?" Gideon asked. Winslow finally admitted defeat and left the room and the hospital, but secretly seethed in anger.

"Someone would pay for whatever turned his son into a screaming, babbling lunatic. Someone would surely pay," he thought to himself.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Neo laid back on the sleeping bag, remembering his encounter with Aiden. He thought about his time with Collier and felt the mixed emotions. He loved Collier, but the physical connection with Aiden pulled at his heartstrings. Aiden had left him wanting more. His times with Collier were the most satisfying because there was an emotional connection as well as the physical one. With Aiden, it was just pure sex, raw and aggressive hardcore physical sex. His body was very happy during and after, but his heart just wasn't in it. He wished Collier had chosen him, but after thinking about it, he kind of understood. Collier would be giving up an almost billion dollar lifestyle and inheritance. Yes, one day, Collier would control the family empire, but Neo knew that, barring an accident, that day would be a long time coming. Collier's father was fit and had just turned fifty. He was in his prime. Collier would have to put up with his domineering father for decades to come.

"I guess that's the price you pay if you want the really big bucks," Neo said to himself. His stomach growled. Neo frowned and pulled out his wallet. The two hundred dollars he's started with had dwindled down to, ha, two hundred dollars. Neo suddenly remembered the fifty dollar blow job.

"I'm gonna go eat a steak," he thought to himself. "Yeah, a big, fat, juicy steak and, yeah, a loaded baked potato. Fuck yeah." Neo gathered himself, straightened his clothes, grabbed his day pack, and headed to the far side of the park to the restrooms to freshen up. He walked into the men's door and over to the sinks. He pulled his new toothbrush out, squeezed some toothpaste on it from his new tube of toothpaste and began brushing his teeth. The sound of the shower didn't even register until the water turned off and the man stepped out. Neo's eyes nearly bugged out. With his toothbrush jammed against his back left molar, Neo watched pure male physical perfection reach for his towel. Neo choked and spat in the sink. He hurriedly finished brushing while taking in glimpses of the bronze god in the mirror as the bath towel moved vigorously over the hardened muscles and finally down to the 'meat' of the matter, that magnificent cock. It had to be at least eight inches, soft. Neo watched as the man's balls were carefully dried with the towel. Then the cock was dried and when let go, it flopped down to hang well below the low hanging balls. Neo was excited, turned on beyond measure and totally freaked out. His cock was hard and was pushing against his shorts, impossible to ignore.

"Hey dude," the man called out as he noticed Neo.

"Hey," Neo responded shyly.

"Haven't seen you here before," the man commented as he walked up to the sinks, still naked as the day he was born. "What part of town do you live in?" the man asked as he ran his brush through his gorgeous blond hair. Neo gulped.

"Close by," he said quietly.

"Cool, I love to come down to the park, get in some vigorous exercise, take a really long hot shower and head back home. This park is one of the best things this town has done in years." Neo glanced at the man's cock through the mirror. Was this dude chubbing up?

"Yeah, I enjoy my visits to the park too," Neo said, nondescriptly.

"Brushing your teeth, huh. Getting ready for a date? Hot dude like you probably has a long line of people waiting to get a piece of your action." Neo's heart was pounding in his chest. Then he squeaked out loud as the man popped his ass with his hand. Neo jumped. The man laughed out loud. "You're pretty hot little dude. You ever done it with a man before?" Neo choked. He turned to look at the intense blue eyes staring back at him.

"I'll bury my nose in your pubes for fifty bucks," Neo said with a smile.

"A working boy, cool. What's your name?"

"I'm Neo."

"Neo, cool name. I'm Chip and this is what I want. First, dinner. I wanna buy you a nice steak with all the trimmings. Then, we'll go to my condo. You'll get cleaned up in the bathroom and I'll fuck you as many times as I want to before the sun comes up. How's that sound to you?"

"That sounds like, ah, five hundred dollars." Neo held his breath.

"Deal," Chip said as he thrust out his hand to seal the deal. Neo gulped and briefly hesitated, but finally grabbed Chip's hand and shook. The deal was made.

"By the way, I usually come three times at least but, with your sweet ass, it might be four or five," Chip said with a wink.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Neo limped back to the park the next morning. His ass was on fire, but his wallet was five hundred dollars fatter. True to his word, the stud had cum four times, with the time between each cum growing longer and longer. Chip had fucked and fucked into the middle of the night.

They started in the shower with Neo being fucked up against the tile. Then they moved to the bedroom and Neo took it doggy style. Chip shot all over his back and didn't even slow down. He flipped Neo over on his back and picked him up. Neo grabbed him around the neck. Chip lowered Neo onto his cock and fucked him hard standing up. Chip came up his ass that time. Neo was unceremoniously dropped on the bed and dragged over to the edge. Neo's head dropped off the edge of the mattress and Chip's eight inch cock was suddenly swinging right in his face.

"Little Chip needs some sucking to get recharged," Chip said with a grin just before plunging his cock down Neo's throat. Neo's eyes watered as Chip's semihard cock plunged in and out of his throat, growing harder with every plunge. A few minutes later, Neo found his legs in the air and that hard cock back up his ass. Chip fucked him for at least half an hour. First it was fast and hard, then Chip switched it up and fucked Neo in slow, deep, grinding strokes with his arms wrapped around Neo holding him tight. Those deep slow strokes were the one's Neo liked best. The big cock slid past his prostate over and over again. Finally, Chip switched to long, hard strokes, pulling out almost all the way, only to slam it all the way back in, hard. Chip scooted back, dragging Neo with him, to the edge of the bed, the cock still deep in Neo's hot ass. Chip stood up and grinned. He held Neo's left leg with one hand and grabbed his own cock with the other. Chip pulled it all the way out, tapped the head against Neo's balls, then slammed it all the way in. He pulled it all the way out again and holding it with his hand, aimed and slammed it back home. Chip kept this up for several long seconds, then slammed back in and held still. He grabbed both of Neo's legs and spread them wide. Chip went for gold and hammered Neo's hot hole as hard and as fast as he could before finally, with a huge groan, let loose. Neo felt the huge cock pulse in his ass, pulsing against his prostate. Neo came. His cock spat out seven or eight hot ribbons of cum across his chest, even hitting himself in the face, while Chip flooded his ass with his big eight inch cock.

The memory of it had Neo's cock twitching as he walked down the sidewalk toward the park. At the last minute, he decided to treat himself to steak and eggs at the Waffle House.

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