Neo by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer    Neo
by Jevic
The Tarheel Writer
Chapter Three
"Chip and the Party"
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Neo by Jevic, The TKarheek Writer
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Neo's life became endless rounds of sex, and his wallet steadily grew. His original two hundred dollars had grown to almost four thousand. He was seeing Chip two or three times a week and his generous contributions to the Neo Fund were well welcomed. Neo's ass objected at first, but soon it wanted that big cock. All the waitresses at the Waffle House knew him by name and they all knew he wanted streak and eggs. The fifty dollar blow jobs were a nice distraction. Three out of four tricks wanted to suck Neo's dick. It was the fourth where Neo's oral talent often earned him a nice tip.

Only one trick, since his time in the park, had been a problem. Neo had given him a really nice blow job and asked for his money. The trick made the mistake of slapping Neo in the face and calling him a fucking cheap street hustler. Neo saw red. The result was never a good thing for the person who pissed him off. Neo punched the trick square in the face. Blood splattered everywhere. Neo punched him in the face again. The trick screamed. Next, Neo punched him in the balls and the trick threw up all over himself. Neo grabbed his wallet, took all his cash and ran away as fast as he could.

That experience scared Neo. He stayed hidden away in his tent for two days before venturing back out. He's taken seven hundred dollars from the trick. Neo watched nervously for the black Ford F150 truck. He's never seen the guy before and wanted to make sure he never saw him again. Seven hundred dollars was an expensive lesson in street etiquette. Neo hoped the man learned the lesson.

Aiden was nowhere to be seen for almost a week, when one late afternoon, he walked into Neo's camp.

"Neo! You here?" Neo stuck his head out of the tent and grinned at his friend. "There you are. How you doing?" Neo stepped out of his tent and wrapped his arms around his friend.

"Doing great, Aiden. It's good to see you," Neo said with a final squeeze to the hug. "Where have you been?" he asked as he stepped back to look Aiden in the face.

"Henry wanted to get away, so we flew down to Key West for a few days. Just got back last night and I wanted to come check on you," Aiden said with a grin. "And here I find you doing great." Neo grinned back at his blond friend.

"Yep, I'm fit as a fiddle."

"You okay for cash?"

"Yeah, I've got quite a bit now." Aiden's eyebrows rose in surprise. "I've been staying busy," Neo said with a wink.

"I should think so. You turning tricks, I guess?" Neo nodded. "Damn, you are being careful, right?"

"I've only had one problem and I took care of that."

"What kind of problem?" Aiden asked with a frown.

"Had a trick try to stiff me. He may have slapped me around a bit, but …"

"What the fuck. Neo? Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Aiden. Let me finish my story. Anyway, the guy slaps me and calls me a cheap street hustler. Well, you know me, I saw red. I punched the fucker in the nose, twice!" Aiden laughed out loud. "The I punched the fucker in the balls and he threw up all over himself." Aiden was laughing hard.

"Wait, wait!" Aiden said. "Let me catch my breath." Neo laughed, but continued.

"So I grab his wallet, take all his cash and ran away like a spooked deer." Aiden howled in laughter. As soon as Aiden calmed down, Neo continued. "I laid low for like two days. I never left the camp. When I did come out, I was sure to keep a lookout for a black Ford F150. I haven't seen him since and I think the seven hundred dollar lesson was well learned."

"Seven hundred? You took seven hundred dollars?" Neo nodded. "When did this happen?"

"Four days ago, why?"

"Neo, you need to lay low a few more days. That's a lot of money. That trick could show back up with his friends and that would be bad news."

"I know. I'm being careful. I stay back in the bushes, well hidden from the road. When I see a car I recognize, I step out to the bench."

"Good. Keep doing just that all the way through the weekend, because that's when people get drunk and do stupid things."

"That's also when I make the most money, Aiden. I can turn four or five tricks on Friday alone."

"Trust me. I had a guy do the same thing to me. He came back with friends and ball bats."

"Fuck, okay Aiden. I'll lay low. I'm kinda set pretty good for cash. I can afford to take a day or two off. I've missed you!" Neo said and gave Aiden a hug.

"I've missed you. Sounds like you're about worn out and need a break," Aiden said

"I'm not to worn out to properly greet my best bud," Neo said with a wink. He reached out and fondled Aiden's crotch. Aiden smiled.

"Henry is good, but I get to really have fun with you." Aiden moved up to Neo and circled his arms around his friend's waist. "I think I need to be reminded of how soft your sleeping bag is," he said with a wink.

"Let's head inside the tent and I'll be sure you give a really good reminder." The teens scrambled inside the tent, zipped it shut and lay down, side by side. Aiden captured Neo's lips in a super hot kiss that spoke volumes of how he had missed his friend. They started grabbing at buttons and zippers and were soon naked and aroused.

"Lay back and let me take care of you," Aiden said. Neo stretched out on his back and propped himself up on his elbows, ready to watch. Aiden buried his face in Neo's crotch and breathed deeply, savoring the teen's smell. Neo watched as Aiden slid his hot tongue all over his balls and then slowly licked his way up the hard shaft. Aiden paused to look at his prize, glistening with his salvia. He lowered his head and wrapped his lips around the velvet hotness of Neo's cock head and took the plunge down to the soft pubic hair. Aiden used his expertise to bring Neo into ecstasy. He had the boy whimpering and groaning in delight with every swipe of his tongue and every contraction of his throat.

"Jesus, I have missed your hot mouth," Neo whispered as he watched his cock disappear down Aiden's throat. Expert hands cupped Neo's balls and gave them a tug. A spit moistened finger started massaging his pucker slowly. The finger made a swipe on spit soaked balls and came back to Neo's hot entrance. It pushed into his hot tight channel. Neo gasped in surprise, then groaned in appreciation. Aiden's finger plunged all the way in and wiggled against Neo's prostate. He gave another long moan. A second finger joined the first and moments later, a third finger joined.

"Okay, Aiden, stop," puffed Neo. Aiden stilled with fingers buried and mouth buried as well. "You're going to make me cum and there's more I want to do." Aiden let Neo's cock slip from his mouth and his fingers slowly retreated. "Switch," Neo directed. Aiden looked up to his friend.

"But you haven't cum yet," he complained.

"Oh, I will, but let's switch first, k?" Aiden smiled and rolled over on his back.

"Okay, trick boy, show me your stuff." The smile turned into an 'oh' as Neo reached into his pack and pulled out a bottle of Swiss Navy water based lube. He pumped a glob on his middle finger, reached back and shoved it into his ass. He did it again, then Neo climbed on top and slowly lowered himself onto Aiden's hard cock. Neo smiled as he took it into his hot ass for the first time. He sank lower until he was fully seated.

"Oh fuck, you've been busy for the last week," Aiden said with a groan as he adjusted to the hot velvet wetness clinging to his cock. Neo smiled and clamped his ass muscles giving Aiden's cock a squeeze.

"I've been rode hard and put up wet more times than I care to remember, so, tighten your seatbelt. You're in for a ride!" Neo came up from his knees to his feet, grabbed Aiden's shoulders and slammed his hot ass down on Aiden's steel hard cock. Neo repeatedly bounced on his friend's cock as he rode waves of pleasure on every down stroke. Neo leaned back on his hands and continued the wanton assault. His hard cock flopped back against his stomach splattering precum on every thrust. The skin on skin slapping sound drifted into the dusk of the early evening.

Neo slammed down hard and held still. He looked into Aiden's eyes.

"Now, take me like you really mean it," Neo said as he lifted himself up and turned on his back, throwing his legs in the air in the process. Aiden scrambled around and positioned himself between Neo's raised legs. He grabbed his throbbing cock, lined it up and drove it home, driving down until he was balls deep in the hot velvet wetness of his friend.

"That's it, fuck me real good, Aiden. Fuck me hard and make me cum!" Neo begged. Aiden grabbed Neo's ankles, pulled them wide apart and hammered his cock into the tight ass. Neo's legs were stretched to their limit, but his prostate was singing a symphony. Aiden leaned forward and grabbed Neo's shoulders, slamming his cock in over and over. Neo wrapped his legs around Aiden's back and locked them with his ankles. He reached up and put his arms around Aiden's neck. Aiden slowed the thrusts and wrapped his arms around Neo. The fucking turned to slow grinding thrusts sending Neo into another world. He reached up and pressed a fiery kiss to Aiden's lips, plunging his tongue into his friend's mouth. Neo ran his hands through Aiden's golden locks as the kiss intensified.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," Neo panted. Aiden pulled back and started slamming his cock home with forceful strokes. "Yes, yes, yes!" Neo called out as hot ribbons of cum streaked from his cock landing on his face and hair and finally on his chest. Aiden's stokes slowed, but continued to drive deep until Neo felt the cock in his ass start pumping cum. Aiden kept the slow strokes as his cock spewed spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into Neo's hot ass.

As their orgasms slowed, Aiden fell forward onto Neo's chest, gulping for air. His cock was still buried balls deep and showed no sign of giving up. As soon as Aiden caught his breath, he started fucking Neo again. Long, strong deep strokes. Neo groaned and smiled. Their lips met again as the sounds of skin slapping skin started up again. Aiden reached between them and found Neo's hard cock. He couldn't resist the temptation and slowed his thrust down to a very slow grind.

"What I'd like to do now is flip flop. I want your cock up my ass," Aiden said as he plunged his cock hard into Neo's ass as an exclamation point. Neo groaned. "Since this is a first for both of us, I wanna get some dick in the ass too. You can't have all the fun!" Neo laughed, his ass muscles squeezing Aiden's cock with each ha, ha. Aiden withdrew his cock. He moved one leg then the other over until he was poised over Neo's cock and ready for the plunge to make his prostate a very happy boy.

"Can I have some of your lube?" Neo reached over and grabbed a bottle of Swiss Navy Lube and handed it to Aiden. A couple of pumps on the bottle later and Aiden was ready. He lined up Neo's cock to his pucker and sat down rather quickly. Neo gasped and so did Aiden.

"I'd almost forgotten how big your cock is," Aiden said. "After all, I've only had it down my throat and not up my ass. But now that it's up my ass, it feels really good." He experimented with a couple of bounces and smiled. "You feel awesome. Your cock is like a red hot poker stroking my sweet spot." With that, Aiden started bouncing on Neo's raging hot cock like it was a bucking bronco. Neo swore out loud and Aiden hammered his ass down on Neo's hot cock. The blond threw his head back and barked with laughter as he continued his vicious assault on Neo's hard throbbing cock. With a look of pure pleasure, Aiden slammed his ass down on Neo's cock as his cock let loose volley after volley of hot ribbons of cum spraying across Neo's chest, some even hitting his hair.

Neo's cock chose that moment to pump his cum deep into Aiden's ass. Neo groaned as his cock pumped hot spurts of teen cum. Aiden slumped down onto Neo's chest.

"Fuck me, that was hot, I mean, that ranked right up there as one of the best times I've ever had sex!"

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Collier had been mopping around his room for days. He had been discharged from the hospital and told to come back in six to eight weeks. His cast had driven him crazy with itching, but that had finally passed. His father continued to be a pain the ass, but he had calmed to a tolerable level. Collier wished his mother would show some interest in him, but there was virtually none. Hell, there never had been since the day he was born. It was as if giving birth was just another duty fulfilled for the head of the house. She stayed busy with her society lady friends and their constant tea parties and fundraisers. Collier hardly ever spoke a word to her. Summer was dragging on slowly.

Collier was actually looking forward to going back to Roxbury. The elite prep school classes didn't start until late August, and it was barely June. He made some online inquiries about signing up for the campus life experience and staying in the dorms. What he found was promising. If he stayed on campus, at least he would be away from his father. If he applied quickly, he might even be admitted to summer session.

The young aristocrat still missed Neo. Theirs had been a whirlwind relationship. It had started innocently enough. Collier watched Neo working in the yard and admired the young landscaper's physique. The new landscaping company his father had hired early in the spring, was in high gear as spring had started. Every day, it seemed, the crew worked, and Collier would watch from his bedroom window.

His lust filled thoughts would cause Collier to get hard. Almost daily, he would watch from his window and jack off watching the teen work in the yard. He thought about what it would be like to take the teen landscaper's cock into his mouth. As the teen in the yard bent over, Collier's thoughts turned to imagining what it would be like to sink his cock in the boy's hot ass. Collier held the towel out and pumped out a hot load of cum. He'd learned to grab a towel after having to spend long minutes wiping his cum off the wall under the window.

Collier remembered the day he got caught. The teen landscaper had been working close to Collier's window and Collier had been jacking off with leisurely strokes. His lotion covered hand slid smoothly up and down his shaft. He'd looked down to arrange his towel. When he looked back up, he was looking straight into the teen's eyes. The teen glanced down and saw what Collier was doing and immediately grinned. He even stuck his tongue out and wiggled it. Collier's eyes got big and he groaned. His cock exploded onto the towel while the teen landscaper watched. Collier looked back up and saw the teen smiling. Collier looked at the boy's mouth and read the boy's lips. "That was hot."

The teen tapped on the window. Collier quickly wiped his hand with the towel, then reached up and unlatched the window. The teen pushed the window up.

"That was fucking hot, dude," he exclaimed. Collier blushed. The teen reached in and grabbed Collier's semihard cock and gave it a stroke or two. Collier groaned as his cock sprang back to life. The teen quickly looked around. "Let me suck you," the teen said with bedroom eyes. "Just stand up." Collier was shocked that the teen he had lusting after was offering to suck his cock. Collier struggled to his feet and the teen immediately sucked his cock deep into his throat.

"Fuck yes, suck me," Collier urged the boy on. He held on to the window as the boy sucked. Collier groaned as the boy fondled his balls while continuing to suck Collier hard. It didn't take five minutes before Collier's legs were shaking and his balls were filled with another hot load of teenage spunk.

"I'm gonna, I'm gonna cum," he stammered as his orgasm reached its peak. The teen swallowed Collier's cock and buried his nose in the soft, curly pubic hair. The hard cock spat out hot spurts of teen cum. The boy swallowed greedily, milking every last drop.

"That was a hot load, dude," he said as he wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve.

"I'm Collier."

"Neo," the boy said. Neo unzipped his coveralls and quickly fished out his hard cock. He pumped on it furiously and in less than a minute, it spat a hot load on the ground under Collier's window. "Fuck, yeah."

"You are one hot dude, Neo. Can you come back tonight?"

"Sure. My father and I are staying in our motorhome down by the tool shed, ha, it's not really a shed, but …"

"I know, we call it the garden center."

"Good name, so, what time? I can come and go whenever I want."

"Better make it around nine. My parents usually retire to their wing about eight thirty. It's in a completely separate part of the house. They never check on me."

"Cool, see you at nine," Neo said with a wink.

Collier looked over at the window fondly as his memories faded. His thoughts had worked him up to a very nice erection. He dropped his pants and boxer briefs to the floor and knelt at the familiar window. His hard cock was already leaking precum. Collier wrapped his hand around his throbbing erection. He looked out the window and imagined seeing Neo working in the yard. He imagined watching Neo's glistening muscles as he worked in the heat. Collier groaned as his cock ripped loose with five, six, seven spurts of hot teen cum, each one splatting against the wall under the window.

"Fuck," Collier said with a sob. He really missed Neo. "Fuck," he said as he realized he had another mess to clean off the wall.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Neo grinned as Chip handed him another five hundred dollars.

"Listen little dude, I've got a proposition for you," Chip said with a huge grin. Neo was immediately intrigued. Chip had turned out to work for a major retailer and had made millions. He was up front honest and loved to fuck long and hard and was willing to pay for it. Neo really liked the time he spent with Chip. The sex turned out to be awesome.

"Okay, you have tweaked my interest, so what's up?"

"I'm having a party this weekend … and … well, I want us to be the star attraction." Neo blinked in confusion.

"Just what do you mean by star?" Chip got really excited.

"I've booked a club downtown for a private party. I've invited tons of friends, well, thirty to be exact."

"Thirty friends at a private party at a club?"

"Let me finish, little dude. Anyway, yes, I booked the Scorpio Club for a private party from eight until two Saturday. I've arranged for the club to put a mattress in the middle of the dance floor, with appropriate lighting of course. I've hired a team of professional videographers too. What I need from you is a commitment to do what we normally do in front of thirty of my best friends and clients and have it recorded for posterity. Awesome idea! What do you think?" Neo was stunned. To do what Chip and he normally did, in front of thirty people … and have it recorded? "Don't think too much about this, Neo. I'm willing to pay your four times what I normally pay. We'd have our usual awesome time together, but we'd be putting on a really hot, unforgettable show. I'll even give you a copy of the tape. What'd you say? Please say yes!" Neo enjoyed the time he spent with Chip, but to do that in front of people, well, that was another thing.

"Would I know any of these people?"

"No, I don't think so. They're all rich beyond imagination and they're all horny as fuck." Neo thoughts ran immediately to Collier at the mention of 'rich beyond imagination.'

"Okay, I'll do it, but there is one stipulation." Chip held his breath. "There can be no one there with the last name of Beckett." Chip sighed in relief.

"That I can do. No Beckett's allowed."

"Cool. There's one other request, and it's really simple. I want to be sure we do some of the drugs we've experimented with. To be honest, I'll be scared to death and a little buzz will make things easier for me."

"I can do that. Do you remember that last time we fucked?" Neo nodded. "That drug is called extasy. And you remember how you really let your inhibitions down?" Neo nodded again. "That was when I double fucked you with a dildo and you screamed at me to keep going?" Neo grinned and nodded. "That's what Saturday night will be like."

"You're gonna pay me two thousand dollars?"

"I'll even give you a thousand right now," Chip said with a grin.

"Okay, dude, you're on!" Chip hugged Neo tightly and whispered in his ear.

"This is gonna be a night you and I will never forget."

"Wait a minute. Wait a minute, I've got an idea," Neo said. Chip nodded, open for suggestions from the hottest little dude he had ever found. "What if we started the show with me and a friend of mine. I walk on stage naked and start playing with myself and then start stretching my ass. Then my friend Aiden comes on stage, and I suck him. Then I ride his cock. That's when you come on stage with your monster cock. You'd walk over and shove it down my throat while I'm still riding Aiden and away we go. Your friends will love it."

"Wait a minute. Who is Aiden?"

"He's a really hot, cute blond with a seven inch cock that will have your friends slipping and sliding in their own drool."

"Awesome! Maybe at some point we could double fuck you?"

"Yeah, that sounds good, but the price just went up. You gotta pay him at least a thousand and I want four." Chip thought about it for a half a second.

"Deal, but I wanna meet, ah, Aiden and see if our chemistry works. I don't want to leave anything to chance. Not in front of my friends."

"Cool, let me talk with him and I'll call you."

"Perfect! Neo this is gonna be the party of the year, maybe even the decade! I'm so horny thinking about it I wanna fuck you again."

"Chip, we just fucked, like five times."

"I don't care. Let's fuck." Neo grinned. All the talk about the party had his cock stirring.

"Okay, how do you wanna go this time?"

"Doggy," Chip said breathing hard. Neo smiled and turned around to present his well-used and cum filled ass to Chip. "Oh yeah baby," Chip said as he lined up his cock and buried it deep in Neo's hot ass.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

"Look, Aiden. I have a proposition for you." Aiden looked up and cocked an eyebrow. "How'd you like to make a thousand dollars in one night?" Aiden's eyebrows disappeared into the blond fringe of his hair.

"A thousand dollars?" he asked. "Neo, this isn't illegal, is it?"

"No nothing like that. I have a friend," Aiden rolled his eyes. "Okay, I have a trick that pays me well to fuck me and I do mean fuck me," Neo explained. "He wants to have a party where he and I fuck in front of his friends. But I told him about you. I suggested that you and I fuck first before he brings his monster eight inch cock out on stage."

"Stage? The fuck, Neo? You're suggesting we have sex on stage in front of a bunch of people we don't even know?" Neo nodded. "Fuck, I don't even know if I could get it up in front of a crowd."

"Oh, don't you worry about that," Neo said with a wink. "I'll keep you good and hard. And remember, he's paying you a thousand dollars. Not for you and me to split, you get paid a thousand."

"Okay, but Jesus … a live sex show?"

"Yeah, that's what Chip, that's my trick's name, is willing to pay you. It's a thousand dollars, Aiden. All you have to do is stand there and fuck my mouth. And if you want to, I could ride your cock. That would get the crowd worked up. Then Chip comes out with his monster cock and joins in. He even suggested that you and he double fuck me," Neo explained. Aiden gasped.

"You have been with him before?"

"Oh, yeah. He's a regular. I've been with him loads of times. He fucks me until he cums at least four or five times and he pays me really well."

"I don't know about this, Neo."

"It's cool, dude. He's hung like you, even more, but he wants to meet you. You don't have to suck or be fucked. I just thought of you when he made the suggestion and thought you might want to make some good cash and have a hot, steamy night of sex too. So, what do you think?" Aiden hesitated, then slowly nodded his head.

"Okay, but I wanna meet him too, but … Neo, I'll be honest, I'm kinda worried about this."

"Once you meet him, things will be cool. All I have to do is call him and set up a meeting."

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

It was a Thursday afternoon before the big event when Aiden, Neo and Chip met at the park bench. Chip was immediately smitten with Aiden.

"Fuck! You are one hot little dude!" Chip exclaimed as he walked up. "Do you bottom like Neo?"

"I'm more of a top," Aiden said as his fished out his semi-hard cock. Chip's gaze zeroed in on the teen cock Aiden presented.

"Whoa dude, nice cock," Chip said as he fished his own cock out of his pants. Aiden gasped and dropped to his knees.

"Bring that hot cock over here and let me give it a personal inspection," Aiden said as he licked his lips. Chip grinned and moved forward. Aiden took the monster eight incher into his mouth and sucked.

"Fuck yeah," Chip hissed. "You are one hot fucker." Aiden hollowed his cheeks and swallowed Chip's cock down his throat. Aiden bobbed for a minute then released his cock with a 'pop.' Looking up at Chip from his position on his knees, Aiden began his interrogation.

"You've got a nice cock, but what makes me want to participate in this … ah, party?" Aiden asked as he stood up.

"I know I told Neo I'd pay you a thousand dollars, but after seeing you in person and, well, that demonstration, I'll double it to two thousand. My friends are gonna love you." Aiden smiled.

"I do aim to please. If you want me to continue, we'll need somewhere a bit more private," Aiden said with a wink. Chip parked his cock back in his pants and glanced around. The coast was clear.

"You have somewhere more private in the middle of the park?" Chip said with a laugh.

"I don't, but Neo does," Aiden said with a wink and a nod toward his friend.

"Right this way boys," Neo said as he turned and headed for his private spot in the woods. Moments later they emerged in the small, private clearing. Chip was duly impressed.

"Nice. I like it," Chip said. "Now as for that demonstration …" Neo walked over to his tent, reached in and pulled his sleeping bag out. He spread it on the soft pine needles. Then he reached into the tent and pulled out a bottle of Swiss Navy lube and put it on the sleeping bag. Neo turned to Aiden, opening his arms. Aiden walked over and Neo put his arm around Aiden's shoulders.

"I think what Chip needs to see is a bit of action between us, after all, we'll be the opening act," Neo said. Aiden responded by locking lips with his friend as they demonstrated for Chip what a fiery kiss looked like. Aiden ran his hands through Neo's hair, then rubbed down his back and finally grabbed his ass. Neo ended the kiss and dropped to his knees. Aiden's clothes were around his ankles in a flash and kicked to the side. Neo buried his face in the soft blond pubes.

Chip took his cock back out and started to slowly jack off as he watched the hot teen couple in front of him. Neo glanced at Chip and winked as he licked Aiden's cock to get it spit slick. Neo locked eyes with Chip as he wrapped his lips around Aiden, hollowed his cheeks and swallowed the blonde's cock whole and started to bob his head. Aiden grabbed him by the hair and held his head still. Then Aiden fucked Neo's face with long slow strokes. As Neo took Aiden's cock down his throat, he reached down and shimmed out of his pants and started stroking his own cock. Aiden started long dicking Neo's mouth, pulling his hard cock all the way out then slamming it back down Neo's throat. Neo never missed a beat and reached for the bottle of lube. He pumped the bottle twice onto his fingers. Aiden saw what he was doing and slowed his face fuck to a leisurely pace. Neo reached back, shoved two lubed fingers up his ass and proceeded to fuck himself, preparing his ass for a good fuck.

Neo heard a groan come from Chip's direction. He would have smiled, but it was hard to do with Aiden's hard cock in his mouth. Neo pushed on Aiden's legs. Aiden got the message and slowly withdrew his cock from Neo's mouth. Neo let it go with a resounding 'pop.' He then spun around on all fours and presented his ass to Aiden. He even reached back with one hand and pulled his ass cheeks apart for Aiden and Chip to see.

"Oh yeah, baby. I'm gonna fuck you real good," Aiden said as he dropped to his knees behind Neo. Chip moved closer and watched as the teen's seven inch cock disappeared in Neo's ass. The boy didn't stop until he was balls deep. Neo moaned. Chip watched as the blond sighed, knowing the feeling of having his cock buried deep in the ass he had become so familiar with. His own cock throbbed in his hands. He stopped stroking for fear of cumming too soon. Chip reached out and held Neo's butt cheeks apart and watched as Aiden started his full on strokes. The kid was good and appeared to know what he was doing. Chip moved back and positioned himself in front of Neo and dropped to his knees. Neo saw Chip's cock appear in front of his face and he grinned. He opened his mouth and took as much of the eight inch cock as he could deep into his throat. Neo knew that Chip would force it the rest of the way, so he mentally and physically prepared himself. Chip's hands grabbed the back of his head and Neo took a deep breath. Chip pushed his hard cock all the way down Neo's throat until it was buried, then he pumped his cock forward, grinding it as deep as it would go. He pumped his hips three quick times with his cock buried in Neo throat, then pulled back halfway. Chip loved to fuck Neo's mouth. He looked back and watched as Aiden was hammering away on Neo's ass. The skin on skin slap was strong and steady as Aiden's cock slammed into Neo's tight ass.

"Yeah, dude. Fuck him good. You guys will be a hit at the party. Two cute blond boys going at. Fuck, this is hot," Chip said as he was thrusting his cock in and out of Neo's hot throat. Chip watched as Aiden varied his speed and angle. Aiden brought one leg up, grabbed Neo's hips and buried his cock in the hot, slick velvet tightness of Neo's ass and hammered away. A moment later, Aiden slowed, pulled his cock out and stood up. He leaned over Neo's back and slid it back in. With his head right next to Neo's, he looked up at Chip and licked his lips. Chip pulled his cock out of Neo's mouth and shoved it into Aiden's.

"Fuck yeah, dude. I'm fucking your mouth and you're fucking his ass. We might just have to have a big old three way for the party. This is hot. Let me have some of that ass," Chip said as he pulled his cock out of Aiden's mouth. Aiden grinned, pulled out and made room. Chip moved around and dropped to his knees. He wasted no time in sliding his eight incher all the way home. Neo moaned as the familiar cock was shoved into this ass. Chip grabbed his hips and fucked Neo with long, steady strokes. Aiden moved around to Neo's face, dropped to his knees, and shoved his cock in Neo's mouth. Moments later, with a big groan, Aiden flooded Neo's mouth with a hot load of cum. Neo swallowed greedily. Chip grabbed Neo by the shoulder and pulled him up to his chest, still fucking his ass. Aiden leaned forward and took Neo's cock in his mouth and sucked hard. A few more hard strokes from Chip and he pumped his hot load of cum in Neo's ass. Neo's cock spat seven, even eight hot jets of cum in Aiden's mouth.

"Fuck!" Chip yelled. "Fuckity fuck fuck fuck!" exclaimed Chip as his still hard cock stayed buried balls deep in Neo's ass. All three were gasping for breath and riding out the exquisite feeling of their orgasms. As Chip caught his breath, he pushed Neo back down on all fours and started fucking him again. Aiden plopped down on his ass in front of Neo, totally wiped out. Neo sucked in Aiden's semi hard cock while Chip hammered his ass.

"Damn! Neo wasn't kidding about you cumming a bunch. Go for it dude and pump another load up his ass," Aiden said. Then he pulled his cock out of Neo's mouth, stood up and straddled Neo and presented his cock to Chip, who immediately sucked it into his mouth. Neo was moaning loudly from the third fucking in a row. Aiden held Chip's head and fucked his mouth slowly. His semi hard cock responded to the hot wetness and hardened right back up. Chip moaned around the cock in his mouth as he unleashed a second hot load of cum into Neo. He let the cock out of his mouth and pulled his cock out of Neo and leaned back on his haunches.

"Fuck yeah," he exclaimed. Neo stretched out on his stomach, then turned over grinning. Aiden moved between Neo's legs, spread them wide and slammed his hard cock back in Neo's cum flooded ass. Neo grabbed his still hard cock and pumped away. In less than a minute, Aiden pulled his cock out, gave it a few pumps with his hand and jetted hot ribbons of cum across Neo's chest. Neo's cock erupted at the same time, sending more cum to spray down on his chest and stomach.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Thursday afternoon came around and Collier couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed the keys to his brand new Range Rover and headed for the garage. Dear old dad was at the club meeting some other stuffed shirts. It was time to move. Collier was careful as he got in the vehicle, not wanting to bang the cast on his right arm against anything. It was still sore, but the pain was at a manageable level. He started the car, hit the garage door opener button, and patiently waited for the door to open. He was so anxious to find Neo, that he held one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brakes as he revved up the powerful car. The moment the door cleared, he popped his foot off the brakes and floored it. The tires smoked as the Range Rover sped out of the garage and headed down the long driveway. Collier slung the wheel to the left and screeched the tires as he swung onto the main road toward town.

It took a few minutes, but Collier was able to find the park bench where he had thoroughly fucked up his relationship with Neo. He brought the car smartly to the curb and parked. He looked in every direction, but there was no one around. Collier got out, locked the car, and headed for Neo's hiding place in the woods.

As Collier made his way down the narrow path, he heard voices up ahead. He slowed and crept forward slowly being careful not to step on any sticks. As he got closer, Collier recognized the sounds coming from Neo's hiding place. Someone was having sex. Collier saw red and just about ran ahead but caught himself. He took a couple of deep breaths to calm down, then continued quietly on.

Collier saw movement through the trees ahead. He crouched down to all fours and quietly got closer. Finally, he had a clear view and what he saw infuriated him. There was his boyfriend with a dick up his ass and another dick down his throat. He recognized that fucking street whore but didn't know the older guy. His fury evaporated as he remembered telling Neo that he chose his father. As he watched the trio enjoy themselves, his cock rose without thought.

"Fuck," he thought. "I'm getting turned on watching my … well … he's not my boyfriend anymore. I sure saw to that shit." Collier rubbed his cock through his shorts. "Well, fuck it," he thought to himself as he unsnapped his shorts and pulled out his hard cock. Even though he was right handed, but still managed to pump his cock with his left. He watched as the street whore came in Neo's mouth. Then he saw the older guy pull Neo up to his chest. Collier was pounding on his cock as he watched the street slut slurp up Neo's cum as the other guy pumped a load of cum up Neo's ass. It was too much for Collier. His cock spat out a half dozen volleys of teen boy cum onto the soft pine needles.

"Damn, that was fuckin hot," he thought to himself. He shook the last of the cum off his cock and stuffed it back into his shorts. He zipped up and got ready to leave, but his eyes were glued on Neo. His boy … his, well. Neo's legs were spread wide and the street slut was pounding into him. A moment later, they both shot cum in the air. Collier quietly swore under his breath. He realized things were wrapping up and he needed to make a hasty exit. He crawled backward, stood, and with one last look, headed for his car.

Collier's head was filled with images of the incredibly hot scene he had just seen. His cock twitched. He realized that he wasn't mad, he was more jealous than anything else. He wanted his cock in Neo's ass. He wanted his cock down Neo's throat. To watch someone else do what he wanted more than anything, drove him crazy.

"Neo has moved on. That much was obvious," he thought bitterly. Tears came to his eyes as what he lost hit him square in the heart. "Fuck," Collier sobbed as he got into his car. He sat in the driver's seat with those all too familiar tears running down his face. Collier suddenly laughed out loud.

"The last time I was here, I had a wreck," he said to himself. A light bulb went off as he suddenly remembered the decision he made right before the wreck.

"Fuck!" he yelled as he hit the steering wheel with his fist. There was a sudden tap on the window. Collier's head snapped to the left and found himself looking Neo square in the face. He turned his head forward.

"Collier! Collier! Oh, thank God you're okay," Neo gushed. Collier knew his time was up and he had to make a split second decision. He turned and gave Neo a sad smile as he shifted into gear and floored the powerful Range Rover.

"You turning down tricks now?" Aiden asked as he walked up and put his arm around Neo's shoulder. "That one sure did leave in a hurry." Aiden turned to look at Neo and noticed his sad expression. "What's wrong Neo?"

"That was Collier," Neo said as a single tear rolled down his face. "And given the pine needles stuck to his shirt and pants, I would say he just got an eye full." Aiden's eyes widened.

"No shit … well, shit. I'm sorry Neo, but he did say he chose his father. I wonder what he was doing here?"

"I've no idea," Neo said sadly. "I've no idea."

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Relaxing on his sleeping bag, carefully spread out in front of his tent, Neo reflected on what was going to happen tomorrow night. Thank God he'd had today to recoup from yesterday. His ass still twinged every now and then, but in a good way. Hopefully, tomorrow night would go without a hitch and he'd have four thousand dollars in his pocket. He thought about the many ways he could spend the money, but nothing had come to mind that he really wanted or, more importantly, needed. He thought about asking Chip if he could move in, but then, considering Chip's rock hard cock that refused to go down until it shot cum at least four or five times, perhaps that would not be such a good idea. An apartment would be ideal, but he had nothing to put in it, which would only cost more money, so that plan was out.

Crunching pine needles got Neo's attention and he quietly turned to look in the direction of the sound. The distant streetlight just barely squeaked through the thick pine trees, but Neo had spent enough nights there to know what to look for. The silhouette of someone sneaking up on his camp was barely twenty feet away. Neo reached down into his pocket and pulled out his knife. Holding the knife in one hand, the reached for his flashlight with the other. Rolling quietly as he could, he stood up. He looked right at the silhouette and pushed the button on the flashlight. The strong beam from the LED flashlight cut through the darkness and illuminated the silhouette, who froze in the light.

"Collier, what the fuck?" Neo called out, dropping the beam of the flashlight to the ground and out of Collier's eyes. Collier stepped forward and stopped five feet from Neo. Neo shook his head in frustration. "I don't understand you, Collier. You tell me you love me, then you tell me you choose your father over me. Then, I save your life and then today you were sneaking around watching me have sex. I finally get to see you after the accident and you burn rubber trying to get away from me. Pardon me for asking, but what the fuck is going on and why are you here?"

"How do know I was watching you have sex?"

"Jesus, Collier! You had pine needles stuck to your shirt and pants. You fly was half open and there was a glob of cum on your shorts. Now cut the bullshit and tell me why you are here." Neo dropped the flashlight onto the sleep bag, pocketed his knife, put his hands on his hips and waited for an answer.

"Umm, well, to tell the truth."

"Please do," Neo interjected.

"Umm, Neo," Collier took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I have not once, not even for a sliver of a second … stopped loving you. I go to sleep crying. I wake up crying. My heart has been broken and I truly do not know what to do to fix it. I think about you during the day, and I … I dream about you at night. You have taken over my world," Collier poured out his heart through a tear stained voice. Neo was stunned. "I wonder what you are doing. I imagine you in all kinds of bad situations. I wonder if you're eating. I worry about your safety. I want you so bad, but," Collier paused. "I know I can't have you," Collier sobbed. "It seems we were destined to be a summer fling, but I've never had any kind of fling before and I find myself head over heels in love with … with someone I can not have and it leaves me absolutely fucking miserable." Tears streamed down Neo's face after hearing Collier's heartfelt explanation. Collier took a tentative step toward Neo, hesitated for half a second, then ran into Neo's open arms and held him tightly as they both wept the tears of regret, the tears of loss and the tears of what could have, but never would be. They both knew in their hearts, that this was the pivotal, highly emotional moment, where they would part company forever.

"Stay the night," Neo whispered. Collier sobbed even louder. "Come on, love, let's hold each other until the sun comes up." Collier helped Neo drag the sleeping bag into the tent. They crawled inside, undressed until they were naked, and Neo laid on his side as Collier wrapped his arms around him. They pulled the sleeping bag cover over themselves, and they both cried their selves to sleep.

"Morning Neo," Aiden said knocking on the tent. "Time to rise and shine. It's gonna be a big day with big financial rewards. Come on sleepyhead." Aiden unzipped the tent flap and stuck his head inside. "Whoa, didn't expect that," he said as he looked at Neo wrapped up in Collier's arms. Aiden backed away from the tent wondering what the hell was up. A moment later Collier exited the tent. His eyes were bloodshot and his hair was all fucked up.

"Uh, ah, morning," Aiden hesitantly offered. Collier looked at him with a blank expression, then he headed down the trail out of the woods. Neo came out of tent a few moments later, looking about the same.

"Hey," Neo said softly.

"Hey, yourself," Aiden said back. Neo took a deep breath and wiped a tear away from his eye.

"That was goodbye," Neo whispered sadly.


"Yeah, that was the end of our relationship. He came to me last night. We talked and I asked him to spend the night one last time," Neo sobbed. "That was it. That was the end." Aiden wrapped his arms around his distraught friend having no clue as to what to say. It was like a funeral. What do you say? Sorry for your loss? I remember the good times?

"Neo, I'm sorry that you are sad and things ended, but you kinda knew this was coming, didn't you?" Neo jerked back out of the hug.

"Yes, I fucking knew, but that doesn't make it any fucking easier!" Aiden knew he had an emotional rollercoaster on his hands, and he needed to fix it quickly.

"Neo, I love you like a brother, but you need to pull it together. Let's head over to the showers and get you cleaned up, okay?" Neo acquiesced and nodded in agreement. Aiden grabbed Neo's toiletries and a towel, and they headed for the other side of the park and the showers … the very same showers where Neo had first met Chip.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

"Oh my God, thank you for coming," gushed Chip as he opened the door to the club and saw Neo and Aiden standing there looking hotter than a fresh fucked fox in a forest fire. "Fuck, you two look good enough to eat!" Chip wrapped his arms around both boys. "Just about everybody is here and the show is going to start in about a half hour. You guys hungry, need something to drink?"

"We're both good," replied Aiden. "You mentioned some drugs?"

"Yeah, got it right here." He handed both boys some pills.

"How long before should we take them?" asked Aiden.

"About twenty minutes. That should do the trick. Come on in. There's a dressing room to the left of the dance floor. Head over there and I'll see you guys in a minute." The boys headed for the dressing room. Aiden was still slightly worried about Neo, but the steady thump of the base of the music playing seemed to lighten Neo up. They stepped backstage and were blown away by the amenities there. Drinks of every variety were there. Platters of finger foods covered one table. A whole row of douche bottles lined the hall to the bathroom.

"I'm gonna make sure everything is ready to go," Neo said as he grabbed a bottle and headed for the bathroom. Aiden nodded as he picked up a glass of champagne.

"This is going to either be an awesome night to never be forgotten, or it's gonna be really bad. I'm hoping for awesome," he said as he downed the champagne. A few seconds late an excited Chip came into the room.

"Here, take these pills too. It's Viagra, guaranteed to make you hard as a rock." Aiden grinned. Neo emerged from the bathroom smiling.

"Come here you hot little stud," Chip said with open arms. Neo melted into the embrace. "We are gonna have these boys cumming in their pants before the night is over. I freaking can't wait." Chip grabbed Neo and locked lips. Aiden watched the scorching hot kiss. His cock twitched. Chip let go of Neo and turned to Aiden. He kissed Aiden and snaked his tongue down the boy's throat. Neo joined them in a three way kiss that set the stage for the night.

"You guys pop those pills and I'll get everything set up." Chip left the room. Aiden looked at Neo and smiled.

"Everything cool Neo?"

"Oh yeah, I'm ready. Let's pop some pills and get ready to fuck." The boys popped their pills and washing them down with champagne. Ten minutes later, Chip came in the room to find both boys naked and hard. He handed white jock straps to each of them.

"Can't be showing the goodies too soon," Chip grinned. He almost laughed out loud as he watched the boys struggle to get their hard cocks into the white straps.

"Okay, Neo. You walk out and do your finger fuck thing. Then Aiden will come out and you two go at it. Then I'll come out and we do a repeat of the three way we had the other day. Questions?" Neo's eyes were glazed, and his jock strap strained trying the keep his cock covered.

"I'm ready," Neo said.

"Okay, come over here," directed Chip. He parted the curtains and pointed to the mattress in the middle of the dance floor. The music was loud and throbbed with a constant base beat. Chip gave Neo a quick hot kiss. "Okay, head out there to the mattress and do your thing. We're gonna have one hell of a night." Neo nodded and walked out onto the dance floor. He danced suggestively to the thunderous applause of the crowd as he made his way to the mattress.

As Aiden and Chip looked on, Neo finished his dance and moved to the middle of the mattress. Just to the side was a large bottle of Swiss Navy lube. Neo picked it up and pumped a large dollop onto his fingers. He sat down on the mattress, raised his legs, and plunged his fingers into his ass. The crowd responded with applause and wolf whistles. Neo fucked his ass with his fingers in time with the beat of the music.

"Okay, Aiden, go join him," Chip said. Aiden strutted out onto the stage and danced his way toward the mattress. The crowd went wild. Aiden swaggered up in front of Neo and put his hands on his hips. Neo sat up on his knees and looked up at Aiden with pure lust in his drug fogged eyes. Aiden walked up onto the mattress and jutted his crotch toward Neo, who buried his face in Aiden's jock strap. The crowd roared in approval. Aiden leaned down and kissed Neo hard. Then he stood back up, shucked the jock strap revealing his throbbing seven inch cock. The crowd roared even louder. Aiden grabbed his cock and aimed it at Neo's mouth. Neo leaned forward and licked the cock, getting it spit slick for the plunge. Neo looked up at Aiden and opened his mouth. Aiden tapped the head of his cock on Neo's tongue several times then pushed it in all the way to another roar from the crowd. Aiden grabbed a handful of Neo's blond hair and started throat fucking his friend. He knew Neo loved this so he didn't hold back. He fucked Neo's mouth hard, plunging his cock deep into Neo's throat again and again. Neo ran his hands up Aiden's legs and grabbed Aiden's ass. He pulled Aiden toward him, urging more and more of the hard cock down his throat. The crowd groaned as Aiden slammed his cock into Neo's throat and held it there. After several seconds, he pulled his cock from Neo's mouth. They looked at each other and grinned. The DJ turned the music down to a low volume and turned up the microphone that was hanging just over the mattress. Neo turned around and presented his ass to Aiden, who dropped to his knees. The crowd got quiet and listened as Neo said "Please." That one word echoed around the club as it came out of the speakers.

Aiden slapped his cock against Neo's ass cheeks a couple of times, then lined it up on Neo's cheerio. He pushed his cock in slowly until the head was just inside. The crowd held its breath. Aiden pushed again and smoothly went in balls deep. The crowd groaned along with Neo. Aiden held still a second, then withdrew almost all the way out.

"Okay, baby, here we go," Aiden said and listened as his words echoed throughout the club. He glanced up at the video monitor and saw a close up of his dick halfway in Neo's ass. He pushed his cock back in quickly and started fucking Neo's ass with a steady rhythm. Soon, the skin on skin slaps were resounding throughout the club and the crowd went wild. Aiden wrapped his hands in Neo's jock strap and started pulling Neo back onto his hard cock. Neo started pushing his ass back against Aiden's cock. Aiden stopped his thrusts and watched as Neo slammed his ass back against his cock, fucking himself on Aiden's cock. Wolf whistles came from the crowd along with encouraging applause.

Chip came out to thunderous applause, his huge cock covered by a white jock strap. He bowed to the crowd, then walked over to the mattress and gave Aiden a hot kiss, running his hand over Aiden's ass as it plowed Neo's ass. Chip watched for a moment. Neo looked back and smiled. Chip moved around in front of Neo, presenting his jock clad cock. Neo reached up and pulled on the strap, releasing Chip's huge cock. The crowd went wild as eight inches of cock bobbed into the air. Chip moved his hard cock to Neo's face. Neo wrapped his lips around Chip's precum leaking cock. Aiden kept fucking Neo's ass with strong steady slow thrusts. He leaned to his right and watched as Neo took Chip's cock balls deep into his hot throat. The crowd was in a frenzy. Chip grabbed a handful of blond hair and started fucking Neo's throat at the same pace as Aiden was fucking his ass. Neo was in seventh heaven. After a couple of minutes, Chip looked up at Aiden.

"Switch," Chip said and Aiden nodded grinning. He pulled his cock out of Neo's ass slowly and stood up. Neo let the cock in his mouth slip out and Chip stood up. They switched places and the crowd held its breath as Chip prepared to slip his huge cock into the skinny blonde's ass. Aiden had already sunk to his knees and shoved his cock into Neo's mouth, who was happily bobbing his head on the seven inch cock. Neo felt a cock tapping on his ass and prepared himself for the big cock he had come to love so much.

Chip put his cock head on Neo's rosebud and pushed in all the way, sinking his huge cock balls deep into Neo's slick hot velvet ass. Chip grabbed Neo's jock strap and started fucking slowly. A spotlight came on and shone right on Chip's cock. Aiden looked up at the video monitor and then noticed the monitors were spread all around the club. He watched the close up shot of Chip's cock sliding in and out of Neo's ass. His cock throbbed and oozed out a glob of precum. Neo groaned in appreciation and doubled his sucking efforts. The microphone's picked up Neo's groan and the crowd groaned too. Chip picked up the pace and started slamming his cock into Neo. The crowd moved closer to the action and soon they were gathered all around the mattress. A lot of the men had their cocks out. Others were pumping their cocks, obviously enjoying the show. Chip looked Aiden in the eye and conveyed the unspoken words. Aiden nodded. Chip grabbed Neo's shoulders and pulled him up against his chest. Aiden stood up and put his cock back in Neo's mouth. He only needed a few deep throated thrusts. Aiden pulled his cock out and stroked it hard. Neo had his mouth wide open as Aiden aimed and fired six, seven and then eight hot spurts of cum straight into Neo's mouth. Aiden glanced up at the video monitor and watched as Neo wrapped his lips around his cock head and plunged his mouth all the way down. Chip kept pounding his cock into Neo's ass, grinning at the hot scene in front of him. Neo milked Aiden's cock until it was pulled from his mouth with a 'pop.' Aiden stepped back and Neo went back on all fours. Chip was piston fucking Neo's ass and Neo was groaning loudly.

"Fuck my hot ass! Hell yeah, give me that big cock!" Neo called out, his words reverberating through the speakers in the club. Chip hammered his cock for a few more seconds, then pulled it out and pumped on it. Hot ribbons of cum flew across Neo's back, some hitting his hair. The crowd watched in awe as Chip's cock spit out at least ten hot spurts of cum. Aiden looked around the crowd and saw many men cumming on the floor. His own cock still throbbed. He knew he was about to fuck Neo again. Chip stepped back as Neo rolled over onto his back and moved to the edge of the mattress, dropping his head off the side. Aiden moved quickly. He pulled the jock strap off Neo, revealing his raging hard on. Then he grabbed Neo's legs, spread them wide and without touching his cock, he lined it up and slammed back into Neo's ass. Chip moved around and lined his cock up on Neo's mouth and plunged it all the way in, his balls bouncing on Neo's nose. Once again, Neo was in seventh heaven. His own cock was stone hard and small spurts of precum dropped down onto his stomach. Aiden looked up at Chip and nodded. Chip pulled his cock out of Neo's throat, then lay down beside Neo. Aiden pulled his cock out.

"Come ride my big fat cock," Chip said to Neo. Neo hopped up and sat down on Chip's big eight incher, taking it in all the way. Chip pulled him into a hot kiss while Aiden lined up between Chip' legs. The crowd held its breath as Aiden eased his throbbing hard cock into Neo's ass, joining Chip's. Neo kissed Chip wildly as his ass was stretched wide by two cocks. Aiden looked up at the video monitor and saw a close up of his cock and Chip's cock fucking in and out of Neo's ass. Aiden grabbed Neo's hips and pounded his cock into Neo's battered ass. The crowd gathered even closer with many men jacking on their cocks, some even jacking on the guy standing beside them. Aiden even caught sight on one man sucking a big dick. Aiden slowed and pulled his cock out. Neo slowly raised himself off Chip's cock. Then he turned around and faced Aiden. Looking him in the eyes, Neo grabbed Chip's cock, lined it up and sank back down on the steel hard eight inch cock. Neo leaned back on Chip's chest and winked at Aiden. Neo watched as Aiden brought his cock back to his hole. Aiden slipped his hard cock back into Neo's ass and started fucking hard. Neo loved having those two hot cocks up his ass. It didn't take but about a minute of Aiden's pounded that Neo's untouched cock throbbed and spit out eight, nine, ten hot ribbons of cum, some even hitting Chip's face. Aiden pulled his cock out, pumped it a few times and sprayed Neo's chest with another hot load of cum. With all the cum flying through the air, Chip groaned and pulled his cock out of Neo's ass, pumped it a few times and unloaded a huge volley of cum. Aiden leaned down and swallowed Chip's cock to the balls and bobbed his head a few times. Aiden dropped Chip's cock from his mouth, aimed it and slid it back into Neo's ass. Aiden went down balls deep on Neo's cock. He bobbed his head fast and pulled off just as Neo came again. Four, five, six ribbons of cum flew through the air landing wetly on his chest. The crowd roared in approval.

A few of the audience members boldly reached out and dipped their fingers in the mass of cum on Neo's chest. They savored the taste as they licked their fingers. Aiden sat back on his haunches, gasping for breath, but smiling broadly at the same time. Neo rolled off Chip and slowly stood up. Neo stood there proudly with his hands on his hips. Cum was streaming down his chest as several men from the audience moved up and licked the cum up. One even went down on Neo's still dripping cock. Aiden stood up and stood beside Neo. He wrapped his arm around him. Chip joined them side by side, spent cocks hanging between their legs. The audience clapped wildly complete with wolf whistles. Neo, who was standing in the middle turned his head and kissed Chip, complete with tongue. Then he turned to Aiden and kissed him. From somewhere off to the side a couple of towels came flying through the air. Aiden grabbed one as the DJ turned the music back up. Aiden started wiping down Neo's body, cleaning off the remaining cum. Chip grabbed another towel and moved in to help. The lights on the mattress dimmed down and the crowd moved back to their seats and their drinks.

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