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by Jevic
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Chapter Four
"Twelve Thousand Dollars"
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Neo by Jevic, The TKarheek Writer
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Collier walked down the dorm hall looking for his assigned room number. He was dragging one of his suitcases, the others were left in his Range Rover. He was so desperate to get away from his parents, he'd enrolled in summer term at Roxbury Academy. Finally, he stopped in front of B203. He took his key, unlocked the door, and walked in. The naked teen in front of him surprised him. The boy whipped around to stare at Collier. The boy's huge cock flopping back and forth in the process.

"Uh, hi, I'm Collier. You, you must be Benji? My roommate?" Collier stammered as he couldn't help but gawk at the sizable appendage hanging between his roommate's legs.

"Right you are, Collier. I'm Benji. Close the door behind you please. I'm not shy about my body, but I don't care to put it on public display." Collier turned and promptly closed the door. He turned back around to find Benji standing there with his hands on his hips observing Collier closely.

"Since that side of the room is unpopulated, I suppose it is mine?" Benji nodded continuing his observation until finally he spoke up.

"You're from old money and lots of it. You don't care for your parents much at all. You're here to get away from them and you're probably gay or at least bi-sexual and probably a top. How'd I do?" Benji asked with a smile. Collier smiled and put his suitcase down next to his bed. He turned to Benji, shucked his shirt, kicked off his shoes, dropped his pants and boxer briefs and kicked them to the side. He put his hands on his naked hips and looked Benji in the eye.

"Let's see, you're from new money. Your parents sent you here so they could brag to their friends. You don't particularly care for your parents either. You're hung like a horse and, as you say, not shy. So, you're probably gay. Girls would run for the hills with just one look at your massive cock. Gay men would fall to their knees and worship it, but they'd shy away from taking it up the ass, so I'd wager you're a bottom, well, a bottom until you find the right person willing to take it up the ass. How am I doing so far?" Benji had dropped his mouth open at being called gay. He snapped it shut with an audible click.

"Spot on, roomie. Spot on."

"One last thing," Collier said and paused dramatically. Benji raised a sophisticated eyebrow. "Do you find me attractive? In other words, do you have any desire to have sex with me? I just want to get the awkwardness out of the way. Trust me, we don't need to deal with that on top of keeping up with classes and school life. We deal with enough of it at home. I'll answer my own question first if you don't mind." Benji nodded. "I find you extremely attractive. You're cute. You're, well hung, which turns me on, and I love your curly black hair. It looks silky smooth and seems to call out for hands to run through it. You're very fit, but not overly so. You seem intelligent and socially, you're … I'm not sure about that one yet until I see you in a social setting. As for sex, I'd like to have an occasional round of sex. I'm not really interested in a relationship other than roommates with benefits. Now, how about you? How do you feel about it?"

"I have never had such a frank discussion in my entire life," Benji said with a smile. "I find it to be truly refreshing!" He walked over, threw his arms around Collier's neck, and hugged him warmly. "Yes, I'd love a round of sex with you. I find you extremely attractive," Benji said, then released Collier from the hug, but not before giving Collier's cock a squeeze, which immediately jumped from soft to semi hard. Collier looked down at his roommate's huge cock as it slowly rose to a forty five degree angle. Collier smiled.

"I see someone is happy to see me," Collier said with a smirk.

"Andy has a mind of his own," Benji said blushing.


"Yeah, Andy. He's my cock. My name is Benjamin Andrew Collins, so I named my cock after my middle name and just shortened Andrew to Andy. Andy is quite handy and is sometimes quite randy," Benji said wagging his eyebrows. Collier dropped to his knees and took Andy into his mouth halfway without hesitation. He swallowed and let the rest of Andy's eight inches slide down his throat until his nose was buried in soft curly black pubes. Collier backed off and let Andy slip out of his mouth. He stood back up quickly and smirked.

"I just wanted to get to know Andy and I wanted to properly introduce myself before he starts, you know, flexing his muscles," Collier smiled with a wink. Benji dropped to his knees and sucked Collier's cock down completely, burying his nose in blond pubes. His tongue worked magic while he held Collier's cock deep in his throat. Collier could feel Benji's throat muscles contracting around his cock as it rose to full attention. Benji must have kept Collier's cock deep down his throat for a good two minutes before he came up for a breath. Then he hoovered his cheeks and started bobbing up and down, bringing Collier quickly up to speed. That inviting curly hair was just as soft as Collier thought it was going to be as he ran his fingers through the ringlets of soft jet black hair. He moved his fingers to the back of Benji's head and slowly pulled with each downward bob. Collier was getting close. It had been entirely too long since his last blow job. He looked down to see Benji stroking Andy and his eyes widened at the, now fully hard, cock between his new roommate's legs. It was fucking huge and just the sight of it really turned Collier on.

"Gonna, gonna cum Ben," was all the warning he gave. He saw stars as his cock spat out hot globs of cum into Benji's throat and then his mouth. Something wet hit his leg. Collier looked down and watched that huge cock spew out an awesome load of cum.

"Fuck that was good," Collier exclaimed as Benji stood and buried his tongue on Collier's mouth, sharing a taste of Collier's cum. The boys shared a passionate kiss for a few moments, then parted lips.

"Damn right that was good," Benji exclaimed. He offered his hand for a shake. "Good to meet you roomie." Collier grinned and shook his roommate's hand. Boarding school was certainly going to be interesting this year.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

"I'm worried about you Neo," Aiden said as they stretched out on Neo's sleeping bag and looked up at the stars.

"What do you mean?"

"How much money do you have right now?" Neo thought for a second.

"Let's see, I've got about twelve thousand dollars." Aiden's eyes bugged out.

"Fuck, Neo! You can't be carrying around that much cash. Somebody could rob you."

"I'm careful, Aiden."

"I'm sure you are, but it's going to start getting cold. It's almost September. You need to get up off that cash and get you a more permanent place to stay."

"I've actually checked around. There's an apartment complex nearby. I can get a studio apartment for four hundred a month. The catch is that there's the utility bill and I have no furniture. If I buy furniture, even second hand, I'll go through my cash. I need to eat, Aiden. I just can't justify spending that amount of money and not know how I'm going to pay the rent and the constant bills and still feed myself."

"Let me talk to Henry."

"No, Henry has been too generous setting me up with the tent and everything."

"Henry knows people who know people. I'm sure he can fix you up with some furniture."

"That'd be, well, Aiden, that'd be awesome if he could help, but I'm not going to count on it. I've already checked at the sporting goods store, and I can get everything I need to make it through the winter for less than five hundred bucks."

"You're sitting on twelve thousand dollars and you're quibbling on a couple of hundred. What the fuck, Neo?"

"Okay, call me cautious, call me conservative when it comes to money, call me whatever you want, but I've got to survive and the only thing keeping me alive is the tricks. Chip has been great and that party just about set me up for life. Four thousand in one night was a God send."

"Wait a minute! He paid you four thousand? He only paid me two," Aiden said as he leaned up on his elbows.

"Yes, he paid me four thousand bitch. Just exactly who took two cocks down his throat and two cocks up his ass in front of a huge crowd? You think I'm a cheap whore? I think not."

"Okay, okay, yes, you deserve every penny. Are you sure he won't let you move in? You'd have it made, much like me and Henry."

"Henry doesn't fuck you through five cums every night."

"Okay, you've got a point. If you lived with Chip, you'd be lucky to be able to walk to the grocery store. That man has a huge cock," Aiden said with a laugh.

"Speaking of huge cocks, I met this trick the other day named, ah, fuck, it started with a, a V, I think, oh yeah, Vance. Talk about a big dick, that boy was packing."

"Please tell me he was at least fit?"

"Oh yeah, he was fit. Drove a high dollar car too. Thought he wanted to blow me but turns out he wanted a blow. When he unzipped and unleashed that monster, I thought I was in trouble. Turns out he's nine inches, but thankfully, a slim nine inches. Trust me, I measured it. Anyway, I was able to deep throat him and got him off quite quickly. Paid me a hundred dollars for the blow job, just because I was able to deep throat him. You do know that a hundred is twice the going rate?"

"Neo, the guys that drive by the bench are looking for young boys. You're about, what, eighteen?" Neo nodded. "You can't count on being pretty and young forever. Sure, you pass for sixteen today, but what about tomorrow? You've got to think about your future. Go to the community college and get your GED, then go to McDonalds. They pay fifteen dollars an hour to flip burgers. Fifteen times forty hours is, ah, ah, six hundred a week, less tax and you're looking at least five hundred a week, times fifty-two and divided by twelve, you'd be making almost twenty-two hundred a month and that's more than enough to pay rent and utilities. Will you at least think about it?"

"Okay, I'll think about it, but right now I'm thinking about your cock. Or more specifically, your cock down my throat and up my ass. Is that something you'd consider thinking about?" Neo asked with a smirk. Aiden smiled. Neo shimmied out of his clothes.

"Oh, I almost forgot. I have a present for you, but you can't open it until tomorrow. Aiden put the package in the back of the tent, then unzipped his shorts and leaned back.

"Have at it dude. I've been horny all day." Neo grabbed the shorts and pulled them off, then leaned over and sucked Aiden's soft cock into his mouth. His tongue worked magic as he felt Aiden's cock start to grow hard. There was no better feeling for Neo than to feel a soft cock grow hard while in his mouth. He groaned as Aiden's cock grew harder and harder. Neo popped off Aiden's cock and reached for the bottle of Swiss Navy lube, which was his favorite. Neo rolled over and sat high on Aiden's chest.

Swiss Navy Waterbased Lube

"Please suck me before I sit on your cock," he said to his friend. Aiden sucked Neo's semi hard cock into his mouth and started bobbing his head. Neo pumped two globs of lube onto his fingers, reached around and shoved them up his butt. Then he wrapped his slick fingers around Aiden's cock and stroked it, making it slick with lube. Neo grabbed a towel and wiped his hands. Then he leaned forward until he was on all fours, his cock never leaving Aiden's mouth. Now that Neo was in the position he wanted to be, he started fucking Aiden's mouth. Aiden moaned around the hard cock. He reached up and grabbed Neo's butt cheeks and pulled him down harder. At the same time, he shoved two fingers up Neo's well lubed ass and finger fucked him.

"Okay, okay," Neo said as he lifted his cock out of Aiden's mouth. "That was intense." Aiden pulled his fingers out of Neo ass with a grin. Neo scooted back down Aiden's chest. Pine needles crunched quietly underneath the sleeping bag. Neo lined up Aiden's cock with his cheerio and sank down with a groan of pure pleasure. Aiden smiled as the hot velvet slickness swallowed his seven inch cock all the way to his balls. Aiden's smile turned into a deeply satisfied groan.

"Yeah, Neo. Your ass is so fine." Neo smiled and put his hands on Aiden's chest. He lifted his ass until just the head remained, then sat down heavily. Neo started bouncing on Aiden's hard cock, loving the way it stimulated his prostate. Aiden grabbed the bottle of lube and pumped a dollop onto his hand. Then he reached between Neo's legs and slicked up his hard six inch cock. Neo leaned back and put his hands on the sleeping bag and continued to ride Aiden's cock. Aiden's slick hand pumped on Neo's cock, adding more pleasure for his friend. Neo's up and down ride strokes went even faster until the slap of skin on skin filled his private hideaway in the woods.

"I'm getting close, Neo. Do you want it up your ass or down your throat?" Aiden panted. Neo hopped off, flipped around, and buried Aiden's cock in his throat. Aiden grabbed Neo' head and fucked up into his hot mouth. Neo pumped his own cock as the boys headed for the ultimate feeling. Aiden stilled his cock just before it spat out a hot load of cum into Neo's mouth. Neo moaned, and swallowed Aiden's cum. He came up to his knees and pointed his cock at Aiden's. He pumped a good seven or eight hot ribbons of cum all over Aiden's cock and balls. Neo leaned back down and licked his cum up until Neo's cock and balls were clean. He sat back on his haunches and smiled.

"Sex with you is so hot," Neo exclaimed. Aiden smiled and held out his arms. Neo leaned forward and laid down on top of Aiden. They hugged and their lips met in a leisurely post orgasm kiss.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Morning dawned with grey skies and a misty rain. Neo huddled in his sleeping bag and watched the misty rain turn into an all-out downpour. Despite the nasty weather, it was warm and cozy in his tent. He ate a granola bar and drank some water for breakfast.

"Looks like I'm not going anywhere anytime soon," he thought.

Neo flopped back down on his sleeping bag. His hand hit something hard, so he rolled over and saw the present Aiden had left for him. He reached out grabbed it and sat up. He pulled a long box out of the bag. Neo worked to open the end, but it was taped shut.

"Well, fuck," he said to himself. He reached for his pocketknife and made short work of opening the box. He reached inside and felt something wrapped in plastic, so he pulled it out. A huge grin came across Neo's face as he looked at the huge dildo in his hands. He pulled it out of the plastic and held it in his hands. It was soft and Neo squeezed it. The dildo's balls were realistic, and he rolled them in his fingers. He brought it up to his lips and mouthed the head.

"What the hell," he thought as he licked the shaft down one side and back up the other. Neo opened his mouth wide and shoved the dildo in. It went about halfway before hitting the back of his throat. He pulled it back out, then changed positions. He grabbed the Swiss Navy lube and pumped a glob into his hand. He spread the slickness all over the dildo. Then he stretched out on his stomach. Neo licked at the head and smiled.

"This ought to be fun," he thought. He took the dildo back into his mouth until it hit the back of his throat again. He took a breath through his nose and pushed his head down, forcing the dildo into his throat. He kept going until he buried his nose in the realistic balls. He bobbed his head just a few inches, feeling the dildo slide back and forth, deep in his throat. He eased it back out and moaned. His cock had responded and was hard enough to leak some precum. Neo flipped to his back and shoved the dildo to the back of his throat again. He held the dildo in one hand and stroked his cock with the other. He leisurely sucked on the upper half of the dildo while stroking his own cock slowly, just enjoying the feeling.

The rain outside the tent grew in intensity and a rumble a thunder was heard in the distance as Neo shoved the big dildo all the way down his throat. He pumped his lube slicked cock. He pulled the dildo out of his mouth and slurped in one of the dildo's balls while the shaft flopped around on his face. Then he slurped the other ball as well. Neo moaned at the new feelings he was experiencing. He popped the balls out and shoved the whole thing back down his throat. The dildo's balls rested on his nose as Neo's cock let loose seven, even eight hot ribbons of cum all over his chest and neck. Neo pulled the dildo from his mouth and grinned.

"Thanks Aiden," he said out loud, still trying to catch his breath.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Collier's history class had just ended. He stood up, stored his textbook along with his notebook in his backpack. He was just getting ready to head to lunch, when his eyes wondered over to the boy he'd been watching since the class started. The boy was cute and he reminded Collier of Neo. Collier discretely followed the cute blond boy out the door and down the hall.

"The gods must be smiling at me today," Collier thought to himself as he watched the boy slip into the boy's restroom. Collier took a deep breath and followed him in. Collier set his backpack on the floor next to the boy's. The boy glanced back from the urinal and smiled a dazzling tooth filled smile. Collier smiled back and went to the urinal next to the boy, even though there were at least a half dozen more thirsty porcelain mouths hanging on the wall. There were no separation walls between the urinals and Collier got a good view of the boy's cock. Collier saw the boy look over at his own cock. It was more than a typical curious glance; it had been an outright stare. Collier's cock started to stretch itself out as it finished pissing. Collier gave it a tug or two.

"You're in my history class?" Collier nodded and stole a quick glance at the boy's cock. It was growing in size too. "I'm Leonard, but my friends call my Leo," he said with a smile. Leo turned and gave Collier a full frontal view of his cock. Collier looked down and saw a very nice six inch cock with nicely trimmed blond pubes.

"Collier. My name's Collier. Nice to meet you," he said as he turned toward Leo and gave him a full frontal view. Collier's cock was at full staff. His hard seven inch cock pointing up at Leo's face. Collier watched as Leo wet his lips with his hot pink tongue. Leo leaned over sucked the head in his mouth and tongued it. He let it go with a slight 'pop.' He stood up and nodded his head toward the stalls in the rear. Leo headed for the nearest stall. Collier grinned and quickly followed.

"Sit up on the tank and keep your feet on the lid. The only thing people will see are my legs," Leo whispered. Collier nodded, then dropped his pants and briefs to his knees and moved into position.

"You've got a fucking gorgeous cock," Leo whispered, his eyes never leaving Collier's crotch. Leo leaned down and once again gave the head a tongue bath. Then he lowered his mouth down the shaft, slowly licking the smooth skin as he went. Leo buried his nose in Collier's blond pubes. Collier felt fingers tug gently on his balls. Leo started bobbing his head quickly up and down Collier's cock. He kept playing with the balls with one hand while the other hand joined his mouth sliding up and down the shift.

"Shit, this kid knows what he's doing," Collier thought to himself. Leo was relentless and bobbed up and down on Collier's cock at a rapid pace. Collier heard voices as some people came into the bathroom. Leo didn't even slow down. Someone was at the urinal right next to the stall they were in. Collier heard the boy's piss hit the water and heard the boy sigh in relief. Being that close to someone who had no clue what he and Leo were up to, turned Collier on like never before. His cock pumped out a huge load of cum into Leo's mouth and Collier couldn't help let out, what he thought, was a quiet moan. As the first jet of hot cum crossed his tongue, Leo buried his face in pubic hair enjoying the feeling of the pulsing cock in his mouth. He reached down and grabbed his own cock, pumped it a few strokes and came on the toilet lid, covering Collier's tennis shoes.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

"Neo, Neo! Time to wakkie, wakkie," Aiden called out. Neo stuck his head out of the tent and grinned.

"And a good morning to you too, you 'alarm clock' you," Neo responded and came out of the tent fully clothed and ready to go. The boys hugged.

"Henry made some phone calls and he's got you a full set of furniture already including a bed and to top it off, a sixty inch Smart TV." Neo eyes bugged out. "And, today, we're going to get you an apartment. I have a letter from Henry guaranteeing payment, so you should be able to get the keys today." Neo threw his arms around Aiden and hugged him tight. Tears of joy leaked out of his eyes.

"You have no idea how happy I am right now," Neo said with a shaky voice.

"Yeah, buddy. You're gonna be okay now," Aiden said as the hug was released. "Now, come on let's grab some breakfast and go sign a lease."

An hour later, with stomachs full of steak and eggs from Waffle House, the boys made their way to the Willow Apartment Complex.

"I'm so excited, I can barely stand it," Neo said as they walked into the office. The lady behind the desk looked up and frowned.

"Can I help you?" she said with a certain amount of distain in her voice.

"Yes, we'd like to lease one of your studio apartments please," Neo said.

"And just how old are you?" the lady asked. "You have to be of legal age to lease here," she said haughtily.

"I'm eighteen, ma'am, Neo replied.

"Do you have your picture identification?" Neo pulled his wallet out and handed over his driver's license. She looked at it carefully. Then she looked back at Neo, comparing the picture. She could believe the teenage in front of her was anywhere near eighteen, but the date of birth proved he was eighteen. "And what about you young man?" she directed to Aiden.

"I won't be on the lease, but I do happen to have a letter from my good friend, Henry Hayes," Aiden said as he passed her the letter. The lady looked the letter over. Henry was well known in the community, and she recognized the name immediately.

"Okay, everything seems to be in order. Now there is the matter of the deposit and the first month's rent. That comes to eight hundred dollars. The deposit is a month's rent." Her eyes about bugged out as Neo pulled a wad of bills from his backpack. He carefully counted out eight hundred dollar bills and handed the cash to the apartment manager.

"I'd like a receipt for that please," he asked politely.

"Certainly," she said as she reached for her receipt book. She also grabbed a map of the complex. She took a highlighter and after consulting her computer, she marked a half dozen apartments. She quickly wrote out the receipt and handed it to Neo. Then she turned the map around so the boys could see.

"The highlighted units are the studio apartments I have available. Why don't you take a few moments and choose a couple and I'll take you out on property and show them to you." The boys huddled together and looked the map over.

"I think we need to look at this one," Aiden said as he pointed out an apartment near the pool.

"And this one too," Neo said as he pointed out one on the second floor. "The map says it has a balcony."

"Perfect, let's go have a look at those two, okay?"

"Sure," Neo answered. The manager showed both units to the boys and, together, they decided on the second floor apartment with the balcony. Back at the office, she filled out the lease and Neo signed it with a flourish. She handed him the keys.

"We have an agreement with the power company," she explained. "Each month, they bill us for the electricity, and we bill you. You will get the bill on the first and it is due by the tenth, just like your rent. Same with the cable TV and internet. You get the bill on the first and it is due no later than the tenth." Neo nodded.

"Just to be clear, I don't have to do anything about turning power on or anything like that?" Neo asked.

"That's all taken care of by the complex. You just pay us for everything."

"Okay, I can do that, no problem."

"Now if you have any other questions or don't know something, please do not hesitate to let me know."

"Thank you so much," Neo gushed. The boys headed back up to Neo's new apartment. Neo opened the door with his key and walked in.

Neo's studio apartment

"Neo, this is perfect," Aiden said as he walked over to the balcony. "Look, you can see the park in the distance." Neo joined him at the sliding glass door. Both boys were grinning. "Let me call Henry and let him know." Aiden pulled out his cell phone and called. A short conversation later and Aiden looked up with a grin.

"He said the movers will be here in about two hours. That gives us enough time to pack up your stuff at the park and bring it back here. Let's go!" They walked outside and Neo turned to lock the door.

"This is so cool. I've never had a place I could call my own, well, except for the tent.," Neo said as they headed for the park.

An hour and a half later, everything Neo owned was neatly stored away. The movers arrived on time and carried the furniture up the steps. By four o'clock that afternoon, everything had been placed and the movers left.

Neo and Aiden sat down on the couch. Neo was overwhelmed and a big fat tear rolled down his face, followed by another and then many. Aiden put his arm over Neo's shoulder and pulled him in close.

"It's a lot to take in, I know, but this is all yours. Henry even ordered a full set of plates, silverware, and glasses. There's pot and pans too. There's sheets, towels, everything you'll need. There's one thing I did notice that can't stay the way it is." Neo looked up through tear stained eyes. "Your refrigerator, Neo. It can't stay the way it is. It's empty and needs to be filled up," Aiden said. That got a weak smile out of Neo who sat back up and wiped his face. "Let's make a list and we'll Uber over to the Publix and go grocery shopping. We'll bring everything back here, put it away and then I'll cook you supper. How's that sound?" Neo smiled big.

"Okay, get us an Uber." Neo grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil. They made short work of the extensive list and finished just as the Uber driver arrived. They walked down to the parking lot and crawled in. The driver frowned.

"I don't take teens without an adult." Neo handed him a fifty and the frown turned to a smile. "Where to gents?"

"Publix," Aiden said smiling. The driver took off.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Leo snickered as he looked at Collier's tennis shoes. Collier groaned when he looked down and saw cum dripping down the side of his four hundred dollar limited edition tennis shoes.

"Hey," came a voice from outside the stall. "What you guys doing in there? Fucking?" the voice called out snickering.

"Yeah, and what of it? You wanna get fucked next," Leo called out. Collier's eyes bugged out in disbelief. He didn't need to get caught in a compromising situation. Dear old dad would have a conniption fit. He put his finger to his lips, trying to get Leo to shut up.

"Not right now. Got a class in ten. A blow would be nice though." Collier was desperately trying to shut Leo up, but his efforts didn't work. Leo slid the lock bar back and peeked outside.

"I thought that sounded like you Nate. Get your ass in here." Leo moved back from the door and a cute brown haired boy squeezed in. He looked at Collier, who was desperately trying to pull his pants back up. Then he looked and at a grinning Leo and finally, down to Collier's tennis shoes.

"Oops," Nate said. Collier rolled his eyes. Leo smiled unapologetically. "So, who's doing the blowing cuz I gotta get going?" Nate asked with a laugh as he shoved his pants and briefs down to his knees. His cock sprang out and bounced up and down. Leo looked at Collier and winked.

"Wanna share?" Collier took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Nate's cool. We've messed around before."

"Okay," Collier acquiesced and hopped down from the toilet tank.

"Cool, two blows in one," Nate said as he hopped up on the back of the toilet. Leo didn't waste a second and had Nate's cock buried in his throat. Collier pulled his pants up and turned to the nice juicy cock Leo was sucking on. Collier put one hand on Leo's back to steady himself, then leaned in for a taste. Leo leaned off the one side as he bobbed his head on Nate's cock. Collier turned his head sideways and sucked in one of Nate's balls and tongued it. He was going to suck in the other one, but Leo was slapping his cheek with Nate's cock. Collier let the ball slip from his lips and sucked in the cock pointing at his mouth. Collier generally like to top in all things sexual, but he enjoyed sucking on a nice cock from time to time. He bobbed his head like an expert. He felt Leo nosing his way back in. Collier worked the head while Neo licked up and down the shaft.

"Okay boys, I'm just about there," Nate panted. Collier slid to one side of the head while Leo moved to the other. They were tonguing Nate's head like mad. "Okay, gonna cum now." Collier coved the entire head and got the first shot in his mouth. He moved back to the side. The next volley flew over both their heads and fell with a splat on the stall door. Leo's mouth covered the head and got two quick shots in the mouth. Collier slid his mouth back up to cover the head to get the last two shots in his mouth. He dove down to the pubes and hoovered his way back up. As soon as he reached the head, Leo was there. Leo sucked in the head and went down to the pubes. He slowly came back up off the cock and let it fall wetly on Nate's stomach.

"Damn, boys. It doesn't get any better than that." Nate stood up and got dressed. "Sorry guys, gotta jet. I've got a class in like two minutes." Nate ran out of the bathroom.

"Well, that was interesting," said Collier. "But I still have a problem with my tennis shoes." Leo grinned.

"Just change them for now and wash these later," Leo suggested.

"I guess I've no choice. Hey, what's your number?" Leo gave it to Collier who then dialed it. Leo's rang and they clicked them both off. "Cool, let's do that again some time." They fist bumped and Collier headed back to his dorm to change shoes.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

After supper had been eaten and the dishes put away, the boys found themselves once again headed for the sofa.

"Let's sit outside and enjoy the deck," Aiden suggested as he changed directions and headed for the sliding glass door.

"I could bring my sleeping bag out and pretend we're still in the park," Neo said with a grin.

"I don't think this wood is quite as soft as the pine needles, but do you know what you do have? A brand new bed that is calling out to be christened." Neo thought for a moment and decided.

"Let's hang out here on the deck. Your supper was delicious, but I want it to settle before we do any christening," Neo said as he sat down on the outdoor loveseat and looked up to see Venus rising from the just barely remaining sunset glow on the western horizon.

Neo didn't know where Henry got all the furniture, but he sure was thankful. The deck furniture looked expensive. There was couch, love seat, a table and some chairs. There were even some live plants scattered around. The balcony was high enough to provide plenty of privacy and was open to the stars above.

The night was warm, and the company was reassuring, familiar and comfortable. Neo took Aiden's hand in his own and leaned his head on Aiden's shoulder.

"This is nice," Neo whispered. Aiden interlaced his fingers with Neo's and gave him a gentle squeeze. "I could get used to his."

"Neo," Aiden started, but was interrupted.

"I know. You have Henry. I understand, but if you didn't …" Aiden smiled. His feelings for Neo had grown by leaps and bounds in the weeks they had been friends. It was becoming increasingly difficult to go home each night.

Yes, he loved Henry, but he was sixty years older. He provided Aiden with everything a teenager could possibly want and in return, Aiden gave Henry everything the elderly gay man could possibly imagine and then some. Henry felt safe when Aiden was in the house. Aiden's culinary skills surpassed even his own and he had a culinary degree. Henry made his money owning and operating a string of very successful restaurants. His investment skills were exemplary. His accounts paid out handsomely and his net worth had nearly tripled in the last twenty years. His balance sheet topped ten million.

Henry looked the other way when Aiden 'dabbled' with boys his own age. He knew Aiden needed that kind of interaction and often times encouraged it. His only standing rule was do not bring anybody home. Henry had been victimized once and he was not going to have that happen again.

"Henry normally expects me at home every night. He feels safer when I am there, but he insisted that I stay the night here, with you. He wanted to make sure you were comfortable in your new home." Neo eyes lit up.

"Really? I mean, really? We've never … oh, Aiden. This is wonderful," Neo gushed. Neo got up and sat down on Aiden's lap, facing his closest friend. He snaked his arms around Aiden and hugged him tightly to his chest. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." Neo laid his head on Aiden's shoulder and just enjoyed the feeling of holding his friend in his arms.

Aiden had become much more than a friend or a sex partner to Neo. He had become the center of Neo's world. He was there every time Neo needed him. He supported him with help and encouragement. He got Henry to get him the tent and camping supplies. He encouraged him to get his apartment. Aiden had been instrumental in keeping him safe on the streets, explaining how things work. Aiden had been there for every important moment since he was kicked out. He was the first person he got to know after being thrown to the street by his father. Aiden was everything to Neo. Neo felt safe, warm, and loved wrapped up in Aiden's arms.

The sound of a soft snore caught Aiden's attention and realized Neo had fallen asleep in his arms. He ran his hand through Neo's soft blond hair and sighed.

Aiden's world was basically Henry. Every moment away from Henry for the last months had been with Neo. He knew, deep inside himself, that he loved the little blond and Aiden knew Neo was head over heels in love with him. Perhaps it was much like Neo's relationship with Collier; meant to burn hot and fast then burn out just as fast. Could he do that to Neo? It would be two relationships in a row that would hurt Neo's heart. Two knifes to the chest in a row. Aiden knew Neo was fragile right now. Neo was making his way through the big, bad world as best as he could. Aiden couldn't resist helping him along the way.

Aiden held Neo in his arms for a long while, just enjoying the warmth of his body and the unique smell that defined Neo. Aiden knew it was love. He just knew it. He didn't want to and hadn't meant to, but he had, in fact, fallen for the boy in his arms.

After going over all the implications of his complicated life, Aiden decided to wake up Neo.

"Hey buddy," Aiden said patting Neo on the back. "Time to wake up." Neo stirred and slowly sat back up. "Hey Neo, let's go to bed, okay?" Neo nodded. Aiden wrapped his arms around Neo and stood up, bringing Neo to his feet at the same time. Neo yawned and smacked his lips.

"Thanks, I needed that little nap."

"Dude, that nap was an hour and a half. My butt's gone to sleep." Neo woke up some more with that news.

"Sorry, you should have woke me up earlier." Aiden gave Neo a friendly slap on the shoulder.

"Let's head inside. The stars disappeared a bit ago and the breeze has picked up. I think we're in for a storm." The boys headed inside, grabbed a quick snack, and headed for the bed.

"You're really staying the night?" Neo asked. Aiden nodded. "Okay, lemme take a shower. I feel kinda grimy after all the moving and arranging we did this afternoon. Wanna shower together and save on my water bill?" Aiden smiled.

"Thought you'd never ask." They moved over to the glass enclosed shower. Neo dropped his clothes in the hamper, then reached over and turned the lights down low. Then he turned the water on. Aiden neatly laid his clothes out on top of the hamper. He would need them in the morning.

"Water's good," Neo called out as he stepped in the large shower. Aiden stepped in right behind him. Steam clouds filled the shower as hands roamed over slippery wet skin.

Neo turned to face Aiden and slipped his hands around Aiden's waist and pulled their bodies together. Neo's cock was pointing up and Aiden's was pointing down, still chubbing up to a full on hard. Each boy grabbed the other by their ass cheeks and ground their cocks against each other. Neo's cock slipped up and down and side to side between their stomachs. Aiden's cock came up full and rose between Neo's legs, sliding under his balls and passing over Neo's rosebud. Neo moaned and leaned in to kiss Aiden while moving his hands up Aiden's slippery back and finally resting around Aiden's neck. Neo pulled him closer and deepened this kiss. The tongues danced together and made love in their own special way.

Neo pulled out of the kiss and pumped the body wash bottle a few times. He brought his soap filled hand back and spread it across Aiden's chest. He worked the lather over shoulders and down arms and back up to arm pits. Aiden reached for the body wash and completed the same circuit on Neo. When he was finished, Neo turned Aiden until the water was hitting his back. Neo eased Aiden back under the spray to wet his hair. Aiden raised his head back and took the full brunt of warm water from the shower head. He lowered his head back and Neo was there with the shampoo and massaged it into Aiden's hair. It was pure luxury for Aiden as he stood there, eyes closed, with the warm water caressing his back while Neo caressed his hair and scalp. He felt Neo's hand on his chest easing him back. He raised his head and let the water wash the shampoo from his golden locks. Neo ran his hands through Aiden's hair to be sure all the shampoo was gone. Aiden lowered his head, stepped away from the water and wiped his eyes. The expression on Neo's face was pure adoration. Aiden quickly reversed and shampooed Neo's hair. Cocks, balls, and asses were cleaned next. After both boys were rinsed, Neo dropped to his knees and took Aiden's semi hard cock deep in his throat and luxuriated in the feeling of the familiar growing cock in his mouth. He bobbed his head a few times, then stood up. He turned his back to Aiden, who grabbed Neo's hips and slid his cock back and forth between Neo's slippery wet butt cheeks. Neo moaned at the sensation. He raised himself up on his tip toes, pushed his butt back and captured Aiden's cock between his legs.

"Baby, we need to move to the bed. We're going to run out of hot water," Aiden said as he pumped his cock back and forth between the wet slickness of Neo's legs. Neo moved forward and Aiden's cock popped up. Neo turned and shut the water off. He reached outside the shower and grabbed a fluffy white towel. He turned to Aiden and winked. He threw the towel over Aiden's head and vigorously dried his hair. Then he started drying Aiden's body, finally finishing while on his knees, drying Aiden's feet. Neo wrapped the towel around Aiden's neck and reached out for another towel and dried himself quickly. He wrapped his own towel around his neck, grabbed Aiden by the hand and led him to the bed. Neo dropped his towel to the floor and crawled onto the bed on all fours, presenting his cute round butt to Aiden.

"I'm all yours love," Neo whispered. Aiden dropped to his knees beside the bed and put his hands on Neo's firm butt cheeks. He pulled them apart and looked at Neo's cute tight cheerio. Without even thinking about it, Aiden leaned forward and licked across the tight ring of muscles. Neo moaned loudly just as a roll of thunder sounded in the distance. Aiden swiped his tongue again, then took his hard tongue and pushed it into Neo's hole. He heard another loud moan as he continued to work his tongue on Neo's tight hole. Glancing to his left, Aiden saw the bottle of Swiss Navy lube on the nightstand. He reached over and pumped a glob onto his fingers. With one final swipe of his tongue, Aiden leaned back and ran his lube covered fingers over Neo's hole. He took his middle finger and made circles around the ring of tight muscles, then slowly pushed his finger in all the way, hooking it to massage Neo's prostate. Neo had his head down on the bed with his butt in the air. He came up on all fours and moaned again as Aiden added a second finger. Aiden slowly finger fucked Neo, sending his friend into a sexual frenzy. Aiden added a third finger and pushed all three slowly into Neo's hole.

It was at that moment that he remembered giving Neo a dildo. With his free hand, he reached over and opened the nightstand drawer and there it was in all its plastic glory. Aiden picked up the dildo. He slowly removed his fingers from Neo's ass, pumped several globs of Swiss Navy lube into his hand and slicked the dildo up. He then lined it up with Neo's hole and pushed the head in with no problem. Neo turned his head and looked back.

"What's that?"

"It's the dildo I gave you, now hush and enjoy." Neo hesitantly lowered his head back to the bed. Aiden took that as an okay to proceed, so he pushed the dildo in another couple of inches. Neo's moan was almost overridden by the crack of thunder and the sound of rain hitting the sliding glass doors. Aiden pushed the dildo in another couple of inches until it was halfway in. He paused a minute, then pulled the dildo back until just the head was in Neo's ass. Aiden took a deep breath and slowly started pushing the long dildo inside of Neo. He didn't stop at halfway, he just kept going. The eight inch dildo bottomed out at balls deep.

"Fuck!" Neo said. Aiden pulled it halfway back out and plunged it back in. He pulled it out all the way and put his mouth on Neo's ass and tongue fucked Neo's pucker. Just for fun, Aiden put the dildo in his mouth as far as it would go. He pulled it out of his mouth covering it with spit as he did. He put the head back on Neo's hole and pushed it in hard until it was balls deep. Aiden leaned forward and licked around Neo's hole as the dildo plunged in and out. He took a swipe at Neo's taint and with his spare hand, pulled Neo's hard cock back and licked it from the head to Neo's balls.

"Fuck me, Aiden. Fuck me, please," Neo begged. Aiden slowly pulled the dildo out of Neo's ass and dropped it to the floor. Aiden stood up. Another glob of Swiss Navy lube made it into his hand. He slicked up his seven inch cock and centered it on Neo's ass. Figuring that Neo was sufficiently prepared, he slammed his cock all the way in.

"Yes," Neo screamed as a flash of lightning lit up the apartment only to be followed by a loud crack of thunder. Aiden pulled back and slammed home again. He set a steady pace and fucked into the hot slick velvet tightness of Neo's ass. That wonderful sound of skin slapping against skin filled Neo's new apartment. Another flash of lightning and a crack of thunder actually shook the windows.

Aiden pulled his cock out and flipped Neo over. He grabbed Neo's legs and pulled them far apart. He looked down and lined his cock up and pushed it into Neo, who moaned in appreciation. Aiden fucked with long hard strokes. He changed his angle a bit and slammed in again. That seemed to do the trick as Neo suddenly gasped.

"Fuck yes, right there, oh yeah, fuck me good. You're hitting my spot!" Aiden hammered down. He let loose of Neo's ankles and grabbed Neo's hips. He pulled Neo to the edge of the bed and slammed his cock deep over and over.

Neo held on to Aiden's hips as Aiden thrusted relentlessly, ramming his hot cock into Neo's hot ass. As another flash of lighting and thunder sounded through the room, Neo's cock sprayed ribbon after ribbon of hot cum across his chest and even into his face and hair. It was the single most intense orgasm Neo had ever had. Aiden slowed his strokes as Neo's orgasm subsided. He pulled his hard cock from Neo's ass. Aiden spun Neo around until his head was hanging off the edge of the bed. Aiden lined his cock up and drove it down Neo's throat. A couple of stokes later, he unleashed a torrent of cum. Neo felt each pulse of Aiden's cock as it pumped cum. Feeling the pulses deep in his throat was at the top of Neo's sexual favorites list and he luxuriated in it. Aiden pulled his cock out and washed that last two shots of cum across Neo's tongue, before burying his cock back in Neo's throat. He held it there a few seconds, then pulled it out. Aiden fell forward onto the bed, totally wiped out.

"Aiden, please help me up on the bed," came Neo's weak voice. Aiden pulled Neo up into his lap. He leaned down and kissed Neo on the lips.

"Neo, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm better than good. I'm fantastic in fact! Let's do that again."

"Sorry bud but stick a fork in me, cuz I'm done. Use the dildo I gave you if you want more," Aiden fell back on the bed totally exhausted. Neo thought for a minute and realized he was still ready to go. He leaned over the edge of the bed and grabbed the dildo. Neo sat up, lined the dildo up and sank back down on it. Aiden was out for the count as Neo bounced up and down on the dildo. He stroked his cock as he rode the dildo. The lightning and thunder had let up toward the end of their sexual celebration but continued to rumble here and there.

Neo slid off the dildo and moved to the floor. The mattress just bounced too much. He wet the suction cup with his tongue and slammed it down hard on the hard wood floor. Neo leaned back on his hands, in a reverse cowboy position, just the opposite of doggie style and lowered his butt toward the dildo. As it touched his butt, he moved his ass until he was lined up to take the realistic plastic shaft up his butt. With the head securely inside, Neo sank down on the dildo until it was fully seated. He sighed as the feeling of being full radiated through his body. It was hard to describe the pleasure. Perhaps the pressure on his prostate caused it. Regardless, Neo rose up and slammed back down and rolled his eyes in pure extasy. He bounced up and down on the dildo at a really fast pace. Neo slowed and changed into a crouched position. He grabbed the bed for support and rode the dildo at a furiously fast pace. He slammed down on the dildo particularly hard three times in a row and then it happened. His cock spat out streams of cum. Neo felt his ass muscles clench around the dildo with each fat blast of cum. He bounced on the dildo a few more times, trying to figure if he was up for another round. In the end, Neo was done.

His sexual appetite was sated. He rose up and grabbed a towel. He wiped his hands, his cock, and his ass. Neo lifted the sheets and crawled into his new bed. He laid on his side and backed over toward Aiden. When his butt bumped into Aiden's cock, he knew his position was right. He arched his back and came into contact with Aiden's chest. Neo reached back and found Aiden's arm. He pulled it around and tucked it against his chest and held it there with his hand. Even deeply asleep, Aiden tightened his arm, pulling Neo close and nuzzled his face into Neo's hair. Neo stretched his legs out and tangled them in with Aiden's. With his free hand, Neo pulled the sheet up, sighed in pure content and went to sleep wrapped in Aiden's arms.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Collier put the key in the lock and opened the door to his dorm room. When he looked inside, he got a surprise.

"Whoa! Sorry to interrupt, but I need to change shoes," he said to Benji, who had his legs in the air and a boy Collier didn't know, had his cock buried deep in his roommate's ass. The boy doing the fucking shrugged his shoulders and continued fucking Benji. Collier sat down on his bed and toed his shoes off. He grabbed a washcloth and wiped the cum off as best as he could. He grabbed a different pair and slipped them on. It was hard to concentrate with the skin on skin slapping going on five feet away. Collier looked up and watched as the boy's butt clenched and unclenched with each thrust. He could even see the boy's balls slapping Benji's ass. Collier took a deep breath trying to keep himself under control as his cock was rapidly rising to the sights and sounds in his dorm room. Collier stood up and started for the door.

"Stick around, roomie," Benji said with a wink. "I could use a cock to suck while Noah here tickles my ass with his tiny dick." Noah pulled his not so tiny dick completely out of Benji's ass and slammed it back in hard. Benji moaned in pleasure.

"Who you calling tiny? And maybe it's because you could drive a Mack Truck up your ass and you'd never know it."

"Ouch, bitch! Play nice. Come here and give us kiss." Noah leaned down and gave Benji a scotching hot kiss.

The scene playing out in front of Collier had him chuckling and getting hard at the same time.

"Hey, roomie. Bring that nice cock of yours over here and lemme suck on it a bit." Collier just shook his head, kicked his shoes off, shucked his pants and pulled his shirt off.

"Whoa, nice cock dude," Noah said looking at Collier's seven inch hard on.

"Thanks, I'm Collier by the way," he said reaching out for a handshake, immediately feeling like a fool for doing it. Noah grabbed his hand and pulled him in close.

"Nice to meet you, Collier," Noah said a half second before locking lips with Collier and shoving his tongue in his mouth. Benji reached over and grabbed Collier's cock and started pumping it slowly.

Noah put his arm around Collier's waist and pulled him to his side as they broke their kiss. Collier looked down and watched Noah's cock steadily fuck his roommate's butt. Noah looked up at Collier and nodded. Collier grinned and nodded back. Noah pulled his cock out. Collier slid over and put his cock in Benji's hot wet hole and started giving his roommate the same steady fuck Noah had been delivering. Collier glanced down at Noah and saw a nice, thick six inch cock. Collier's own cock was longer, but Noah's was definitely thicker.

"Is somebody gonna stick a dick in my mouth or do I have to resort to a dildo?" Benji complained. Noah pulled Benji sideways on the dorm bed until his head fell off the edge. Collier quickly adjusted by putting his right knee on the bed without missing a stroke. Noah lined up his cock with Benji's mouth.

"Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it," Noah said as he tapped the head of his dick on Benji's lips.

"Wait half a second," Benji said. Collier and Noah watched as Benji visibly swallowed. "Okay, that was my gag reflex I just swallowed, so have at it ya big stud. Down the hatch with that sweet cock," Benji said with a wink. That was the last thing Benji said for a while as Noah sank his cock into his hot mouth until his balls rested on Benji's nose. He pulled back out and plunged again, this time keeping his cock buried deep in Benji's throat. He could feel the throat muscles massaging his cock.

Collier's strokes had slowed to deep and grinding while he watched Noah bury his cock in Benji's throat. At first, Collier became worried because Noah showed no signs of pulling his cock out. Then Collier remembered the first blow job Benji had given him. The boy had talent as he'd kept Collier's cock buried in his throat for at least a full two minutes. Collier picked up the pace and started slamming his cock into Benji's tight hole. Collier looked down at Benji's huge cock. It was hard as a rock and leaking precum like a bad faucet.

Finally, Noah pulled his cock out of Benji's mouth and let him breathe. He waited for a nod from Benji then plunged back in and started fucking Benji's face with long strokes. Collier was amazed the boy could suck dick like that. Noah leaned over and took Benji's huge cock in his mouth and started bobbing his head. Collier's libido kicked up a notch and he smiled as he continued to slam his cock into Benji's ass. He watched Noah and waited for the opportune moment. He didn't have to wait long as Noah finally dropped Benji's cock out of his mouth. Collier pulled his cock out and shoved it in front of Noah's face. Noah immediately went down on it, all the way. He bobbed his head for a few seconds, then Collier pulled it out of his mouth and plunged it back into Benji's hot ass and pumped away. Noah glanced up and grinned. Collier pulled out again and shoved his cock in Noah's face. The boy sucked it down like a pro. Collier pulled back out of the hot mouth and plunged it back into Benji's wet hot velvet ass.

"I could get used to this," Collier said out loud. Noah leaned back up and met Collier for another super hot kiss as both boys slammed their cocks into Benji. Noah was the first to cum. He rammed his cock deep into Benji's throat and with a great moan, he came. He pulled his still spurting cock out of Benji's mouth and painted the boy's lips. Collier had seen enough to give an eighty year old man a hard on. He pulled his cock out, gave it a pump, and unleashed hot ribbons of cum all over Benji's cock and balls. Collier looked down as his cock pumped out its last spurt and watched as Benji's cock erupted. Eight, nine, ten shots of hot teen cum blasted across Benji's chest even hitting Noah. Benji hadn't even given his huge cock a hand. His roommate had been so turned on that he'd cum untouched. Noah leaned over and lapped the cum up until it was all gone.

"Fuck yeah," Benji said in a raspy voice. "You guys are hot mother fuckers. That was awesome. Somebody pull me up. I'm getting dizzy down here." Collier scooted back and pulled Benji back fully on the bed. "Thank you," he gasped, trying to catch his breath.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Morning dawned on Neo's new apartment, and he stretched. In his wake up foggy mind, he realized that there was something hot and hard poking his butt. Neo frowned.

"What the fuck?" he thought. An arm tightened around him, and he felt someone nuzzling his neck. Neo smiled as he remembered Aiden had stayed the night. He scooted back against the hardness poking at his butt.

"Ummm, morning baby," Aiden said as he pushed his hard cock against Neo's ass.

"Someone's certainly awake this morning," Neo said as he reached back and squeezed Aiden's hard cock.

"Yep, and someone you know really has to piss," Aiden said as he leaned over and kissed Neo's cheek. Aiden crawled out of bed and headed for the toilet. Neo listened as a strong stream of piss was offered to the porcelain gods. The sound stirred Neo and he too got out of bed, joining Aiden at the toilet. He stood beside Aiden and cut loose with his own stream of piss. They crossed streams before Aiden's stream turned into a dribble. The boys kissed as they stood at the toilet. Neo's piss finished and he turned to embrace Aiden, laying his head on Aiden's shoulder.

"Come on baby. I'm gonna fix you a gourmet breakfast you will never forget," Aiden said. Neo looked Aiden in the eyes and smiled.

"I love you Aiden," Neo said softly as he wrapped his arms around Aiden. Those words were the most dreaded words Aiden could hear. He knew it was coming and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. He knew that he loved Neo too. He knew that he loved Henry. He had considered what he felt for Neo as just lust, but he knew in his heart of hearts, that he loved Neo absolutely and completely. The boy was adorably cute, even fashion model cute. He was smart and he was vulnerable. Aiden's heart was torn as his lips met Neo's in a fiery passionate kiss.

"I love you too," Aiden whispered as the kiss broke. Neo smiled.

"Do you really?"

"Of course I do. Neo I love you to the moon and back." Neo dropped to his knees taking Aiden's cock into his mouth. Neo made love to Aiden's cock with his mouth. He gave Aiden's cock every talent he had ever learned, milking Aiden's cock with expertise. He worshiped the hot cock as tears of joy dripped from his eyes. Neo buried his nose in Aiden's pubes and sucked hard. Aiden, barely awake, trembled and shot his load of hot teen cum down Neo's welcoming throat. This was not how Aiden intended to start the day. He'd given in to the desires of the flesh, but those desires were fueled with love.

"Damnit! Why can't life be simple," he thought to himself as Neo released his spent cock with a 'pop.'

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