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by Jevic
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Neo by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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A warm Sunday morning was welcomed with a full English breakfast on the balcony of Neo's new apartment. Aiden had pulled out all the stops … sausage, bacon, fried mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, pork and beans, buttered toast and of course, fried eggs. Neo looked at the spread on the table in awe.

"All of this, just for us?" he asked. Aiden nodded.

"Yes love, just for us. Now, as the Brits say, tuck in." Neo had no idea what that meant, but he did know how to use a fork. He filled his plate. He even got a spoon full of pork and beans. How that got on the breakfast menu, he had not a clue and he really didn't care, because everything was delicious. Aiden watched Neo smile and munch happily. It filled his heart with joy. Somehow, someway, he would figure out a way to keep Neo happy and content without breaking his heart. Henry will just have to share. Neo looked at Aiden and saw the slight frown on his face.

"What's got your mind in a twist this morning?" he asked softly. Aiden's eyes widened as he realized he'd let his contemplations show. He popped a bit of bacon in his mouth and smiled as he chewed.

"Just remembering everything we've been through the last few months," Aiden smoothly lied then thought better of it when a frown appeared on Neo's beautiful face. He'd never lied to Neo and he wouldn't start now. "Well, fuck," he thought to himself. "Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead."

"You know I've fallen in love with you, right?" Aiden said softly. The frown on Neo's face increased. Aiden reached out and took Neo's hand in his own and continued. "You know that I love Henry as well?" Neo slowly nodded. "I love you both, Neo. Henry has been in my life for years. You have been in my life for months. The love you and I share is new and fresh and romantic and sexy. The love I share with Henry has had time to mellow and become more refined with tenderness, a shared history, common goals, and a deep, deep respect for each other." Aiden paused, gave Neo a smile, He took a deep breath and continued. "Henry's greatest fear is that I would fall in love with someone else and leave him to die by himself as a lonely old man." Neo stood abruptly, tears in his eyes.

"What are you trying to say, Aiden?" Neo asked in a tear filled voice. Aiden stood as well and gave Neo a small smile.

"I won't lie to you, Neo. I never have and I never will. I respect you too much for that. You asked me what has my mind in a twist this morning and I just explained why. I find myself in the unique situation of being in love with two wonderful people who mean the world to me. I guess I'm just trying to figure out how to share." Neo's frown disappeared, but his face took on a sad look that Aiden didn't like one bit. He moved around to Neo's side of the table and wrapped his arms around Neo, who tentatively returned the hug.

"What does all this mean, Aiden?" Neo asked in a shaky voice.

"I'm just stating the facts. It doesn't really change anything. I'm going to tell Henry and I'm sure that'll be a difficult conversation, but it needs to happen. Waking up with you in my arms this morning is something I could really get used to. You and I both need to understand that it won't happen every day, but I am sure Henry will agree to share, after all, he really wants me to be happy. And you, Neo, make me happy." Aiden stepped back from the hug and looked at Neo's down turned face. Aiden reached out with his finger and lifted Neo's face by his chin. Aiden leaned in and kissed Neo softly on the lips.

"There is nothing to worry about Neo. Please don't cry. Come on, let's finish breakfast and then I have a surprise for you." Neo looked up.

"A surprise?"

"Yes, I have surprise for you, but you need to finish your breakfast first. Okay?"

"Okay," Neo said as he sat down in his seat. Aiden went to his chair and sat down.

"Can you pass the beans, please?" Aiden asked. Neo reached and passed the small bowl. "See, everything is just fine. How are you eggs? Did I fix them the way you like them?" Neo finally took a deep breath and picked up his fork.

"They're perfect Aiden, just like you."

"Aww, you're too sweet." Aiden shoveled more food in his mouth and munched away. The boys finished their breakfast, sat back and sighed.

"That was wonderful Aiden. Thank you for fixing breakfast. Where did you learn to cook like that?"

"Actually, Henry taught me. He's a professional chef and taught me everything he knows."

"Oh," Neo said softly.

"Neo, snap out of it!" Aiden said loudly. Neo looked up in surprise. "Since our love is fresh and new and all that .. oh, and especially sexy, how'd you like a blow job, right here on your deck?" Neo smiled a weak smile.

"Aiden, I give the blow jobs, not you, because that's …"

"I want to give you a blow job and I'm going to give you a blow job and I'm going to make you cum in my mouth and you're going to love it. Now stand up, drop trow then sit down and make yourself comfortable. I don't think anyone can see what's going on with you sitting. Standing might be another story."

"But I like to suck your …" Aiden reached out and shucked Neo's shorts to the floor, pushed him down in the seat, dropped to his knees and sucked in Neo's soft cock. He reached out and stuffed one ball into his mouth, then the other, ending up with Neo's whole mess in his mouth, both his cock and his balls too. Aiden buried his face against Neo and moaned, sending reverberations all over Neo's most private of parts. Neo's cock grew in Aiden's mouth. It grew and grew until the head slipped down Aiden's throat. Aiden shook his head slightly, his tongue still at work. Neo's cock reached full hardness. Aiden let one ball slip out of his mouth, then the other. He backed off until his lips were wrapped around the sensitive head. He teased the piss slit with his tongue. Neo tightened his kegel muscles and sent a large dollop of precum into Aiden's mouth. Aiden scooped it up with his tongue, then plunged his mouth down to Neo's balls, hollowing his cheeks as he sucked hard. Aiden started bobbing his head rapidly, slurping up and down on Neo's cock.

"You're gonna make me cum," Neo panted. Aiden bobbed his head faster. "Oh shit, here it comes Aiden!" Neo's cock blasted hot spurts of teen cum into Aiden's mouth, filling it rapidly. Aiden swallowed quickly, but some cum leaked out of his lips and dripped down Neo's hot shaft. Aiden moved his mouth and slurped it up before it reached Neo's pubes. He leaned back and looked up at Neo with a smile.

"How was that baby?" Neo leaned forward and locked lips with Aiden. As his tongue entered Aiden's mouth, he got a taste of himself.

The sound of applause came from the adjacent balcony. Both boys whipped their heads around and looked at a teen boy with a huge grin on his face. "That was fucking awesome," the boy said. Neo and Aiden looked down and saw the teen's cock was dripping cum from the head.

"I see you enjoyed that too," Aiden said with a smirk.

"Yep, sure did. You two are hot. You just move in?"

"Yeah, yesterday"

"You'll like it here. There's at least a half dozen hot young gay boys spread out in the complex. I'm Adam, by the way. I know you're Aiden from the way your name got called out. Who's your boyfriend?"

"I'm Neo," Neo said with a flaming red face.

"Cool. Nice to meet you guys. I obviously live next door. My parents are at work. I was just getting ready to hit the pool and came outside to check the weather. Then I see you guys and, well, sorry, I couldn't help myself, so I stayed out here and enjoyed the show. You've got a pretty cock Neo." Neo smiled and gave his semi hard cock a squeeze. One last blob of cum oozed out. Aiden saw it and quickly leaned over to slurp it up. "Shit, that's hot. You guys wanna join me in the pool?" Neo looked at Aiden, who shrugged his shoulders.

"Sure, that'd be cool. We'll change and meet you outside," Neo said. "Give us ten."

"Cool, see you then," Adam said and with a quick wave, as he disappeared inside.

"Shit Aiden, I mean, well, we got busted." Aiden grinned.

"Yeah, but he was cool. Did you see his cock? I mean it was dripping cum. He jacked off watching us. How cool is that?"

"Thinking about it, yeah, that was hot, but where's my thousand dollars for that performance?" They both laughed and started cleaning up from breakfast.

Ten minutes later, wearing bathing suits and flip flops, with towels wrapped around their necks, the boys met Adam outside.

"Pool's this way," Adam gestured and started out. The boys followed. "You live with your parents too?"

"No, it's just me," Neo replied.

"Really? No offense, but you look pretty young to be on your own."

"None taken. Let's just say it wasn't a choice and leave it at that," Neo said. Adam nodded his head.

"That's cool. If you don't mind me saying so, you two should be models. You're both fucking beautiful." Neo blushed and Aiden preened.

"Thanks," Neo said, blushing.

"Look, I'm serious. My mom works for a talent agency. I've seen loads of pictures of models and you two are by far much more photogenic than any I've seen recently. I want you to meet my mom. She gets home around five."

"That'd be cool, I guess," Aiden said as he looked at Neo, who nodded in agreement.

The three boys jumped in the water and enjoyed the afternoon.

As promised, Adam's mother got home right around five o'clock. Adam was waiting on the porch.

"Hi mom, hope you had a good day," Adam called out in greeting as she got out of her car. "I've met some new friends and I wanted to introduce you to them.

"That's nice, Adam. Can we let mom get in the door and sit down. It's been a long day."

"Sure. My friends are inside. I think you'll really want to meet them." Adam's mom rolled her eyes. Once her son decided on something it was hard to change his mind. He held the door open for his mom. She walked in the door and two teen boys rose from the couch to greet her. She stopped in her tracks.

"Mom, this is Aiden and Neo. They just moved in next door," Adam said proudly. His mom just stood there are stared at the two boys. "Mom?" She finally turned to look at her son.

"My God, they're beautiful," she whispered to her son, then turned to the boys. "I apologize, I'm Madison West. You two boys, you, you're gorgeous. I work for Smith, Smith and West. We're a talent agency and you two are perfect for a lot of my clients. We place models with clients for advertising online, in magazines and even television commercials. I've got to shoot you both." Neo's eyes widened.


"Photo shoot, sorry. I hope you both would be willing. You could make a lot of money modeling and have a lot of fun too." Neo looked at Aiden with wide eyes. Aiden was smiling ear to ear.

"Guys, you can trust my mon. She knows what she's talking about. She's been in the business for years," Adam said.

"Sure, I'm in," said Aiden. "Neo?"

"Sure, why not? What do you need from us?"

"Just your picture ID and I'll get the release forms from my office. I'll be back in just a moment." Madison hurried away into the apartment.

"You guys are gonna hit a home run," Adam said with a grin. "It's a shame my mom doesn't do porn. You guys would be major stars." Neo blushed and Aiden smiled.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Collier's first class of the day was Algebra, a class he excelled in. He walked into the classroom and sat in the far row, second seat, next to the window. He was early for the class and went ahead and got out his textbook and notebook. As he was organizing his desktop, he happened to glance up and see his roommate walk in the class, followed by Noah. Collier felt himself blush as his cock gave a stir. The boys saw Collier and immediately made their way over to sit next to him.

"Hey roomie," Benji said as he slid into the seat next to Collier. Noah nodded and sat just behind Benji.

"Hey guys," Collier said with a smile.

"Noah and I have decided we need a repeat," Benji said with a wink. Collier blushed more.

"Collier, Benji wants us to double him," Noah said smiling.

"Jesus guys, keep it down," Collier said quietly. Benji looked around and no one was close by except one cute red headed boy.

"Hey, see that red head over there? You know what they say about red heads?" Benji said wagging his eyebrows. Collier frowned. His sheltered elite life didn't expose him to the more common talk. He cocked his head to the side.

"Jesus, Collier. Have you had your head stuck in the sand?" Benji asked. Collier looked at his roommate with a blank expression. Benji sighed and explained. "Red heads are supposed to be hung."

"Oh, really? I've never heard that."

"You lead a sheltered life my friend," Noah said grinning. The instructor entered the room and asked everyone to take their seats. By the end of class, Collier had already finished his homework. Benji and Noah were struggling to understand the concept of simplifying equations by moving known factors to one side and unknown to the other.

"What do you have next Collier?" Noah asked.




"I've got history, so I'll see you guys at lunch," Noah said as he stood and left the room.

"See ya roomie," Benji said getting up and sashaying out the door. Collier just shook his head and headed for his English class.

The trio gathered at their table at lunch and chatted about their different classes. Benji looked up and saw the red head from Algebra class.

"Hey, there's the red head with the big cock," nodding toward the food line. Collier and Noah glanced up. "I'm going to find out his name." Before Collier could object, Benji shot out of his seat. Noah grinned. Collier blushed. Moments later, Benji returned to the table with the red head in tow.

"Hi guys, this is Remy," Benji said as he introduced the red head. "That's Noah and that's Collier." Benji and Remy sat down at the table and everyone started eating their lunch.

"You guys are in first period Algebra, right?" Remy asked. He got three nods. "Does anyone understand equation simplification?"

"Sure, it's a piece of cake," Collier said while munching on a sandwich. All three of the other boys turned to him in disbelief. "What? It's pretty straight forward stuff."

"To you oh mighty mathematician, but to us lowly dumbasses, it might as well be Greek," Benji said with a grin. Collier got out his notebook and went on to explain the process of simplifying equations. When he was finished, all three 'students' were nodding their heads.

"Now why doesn't the teacher explain it like that? It makes perfect sense when you explain it, Collier. I have a feeling that I see a study group in our near future," Noah said. Then he turned to Benji. "So, what's your specialty?"

"French. I can even conjugate verbs and all that, plus I speak and write French fluently."

"Perfect. I take French too and I'm struggling," Noah said smiling. "Okay big red, what are you good at?" Remy smiled.

"The only thing I'm good at is fucking," he said with a straight face.

"Girls or boys?" Benji asked hopefully. Remy smirked.

"Anything with a hole."

"My man," exclaimed Benji. "So how big is it?"

"Benji, don't be rude," Collier interrupted.

"Nine," Remy said quietly. The three boy's eyebrows shot up.

"Really?" Benji asked. Remy nodded. Benji glanced down at his watch. "There's fifteen minutes left for lunch. Wanna go to the bathroom for a blow?"

"Benji!" Collier whispered harshly.

"Shush you. I'm negotiating sex here. So how about it big guy?" Remy stood up, shouldered his backpack, and picked up his lunch tray. He looked at Benji and winked. Benji jumped up and followed Remy like a lost puppy. Collier and Noah looked at each other and laughed.

"So, Collier, you want to meet up in the bathroom? I'd like to do the same thing Benji's probably already doing." Collier looked at Noah and grinned.

"Sure, sounds like a plan." The boys got up, gathered their things, and headed out with Noah leading the way. When they entered the boy's bathroom, they knew immediately that Benji and big red Remy were there too, given the slurping sounds from the far stall. Noah grinned at Collier.

"Let's take the stall right next to them." Collier nodded with a grin. They moved into the stall and closed the door. A moan came from the stall next door. Collier undid his pants and pushed them down to his knees, his semi hard cock flopping out. Noah smiled and dropped to his knees. He had secretly wanted to suck Collier ever since their three way with Benji. He'd had a taste when Collier had pulled his cock out of Benji's ass and shoved it in his face. But he'd only got a brief taste. That was about to change as he looked at the beautiful cock in front of him. Noah's mouth watered as he wrapped his lips around the head of Collier's cock and slid his tongue over the piss slit. Noah took hold of Collier's balls, kneaded them with his fingers and then went down on the quickly hardening shaft. As he buried his nose in Collier's pubes, he quickly loosened his own pants and pulled out his own cock. Noah slurped on the shaft and bobbed his head. Hollowing his cheeks, he was determined to give Collier the best head of his life. Noah picked up speed. The sounds coming from the adjacent stall were almost intoxicating. Benji certainly was an enthusiastic cock sucker.

Collier ran his fingers through Noah's soft hair. He moved his hands to the back of Noah's head and encouraged him along. Collier was getting close. Between getting a really wonderful blow job from Noah and listening to his roommate suck the monster cock next door, his cum was boiling up for an explosion. He looked down at Noah's cute face and watched his cock plowing in and out of the boy's mouth. He looked further down and saw Noah pumping away on his cock. Collier remembered the last blow job he got in a bathroom and spread his feet further apart. He didn't want cum on a second set of tennis shoes. The sounds from the next stall culminated and he heard the red head say he was coming. That did it for Collier. He roughly grabbed the back of Noah's head and pumped his cock hard into Noah's mouth. Noah moaned and Collier's cock unleashed a hot flood of teen cum into his friend's mouth. Collier thought he'd never stop cumming. Noah choked, but kept going, swallowing Collier's cum down, gulp after gulp. Collier looked down and saw Noah spray the toilet base with a huge load of cum. He moaned again around Collier's cock as it blasted its last few spurts of teen boy cum. Noah was thrilled. He finally got what he really wanted, and he savored it. He kept Collier's cock in his mouth, milking every last drop of cum that oozed from the head. His hand squeezed Collier's cock from the base to the head and got one last ooze of cum. Noah finally sat back on his heels and sighed. He looked up at Collier and smiled. Collier grinned back.

"Awesome, Noah. Let's do that again, soon," Collier whispered with a smile. Noah glowed with pride.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Madison West came back into the apartment's den with papers in one hand and a very expensive looking camera in the other.

"Would you mind if I took a couple of quick pictures?" she asked. "Maybe out on the balcony?" Adam snickered. Neo blushed.

"Yes, that would be fine," Aiden said with confidence. They moved out to the balcony where Adam had watched the blow job.

"One at a time please, then both together. Uh, Neo was it?" she asked looking at Aiden.

"I'm Neo," Neo said. She turned from Aiden to Neo. "Of course you are young man. Would you mind standing next to the railing overlooking your apartment. By the way, I love what you did to your balcony. It looks simply lovely." Adam snickered again, then quickly became quiet. He suddenly realized this his cum was all over the plants at the edge of their balcony. Surely his mom's camera wouldn't pick that up. Then Adam relaxed. Nobody would be looked for that. They would be looking at the boys. Adam smiled as he watched Neo move to the exact spot where he had watched and jacked off. Neo turned to look at Madison.

"Just put your arm across the railing, lean back and cross your legs. Just try to be casual," she directed. Neo complied and looked up at Madison.

"This is embarrassing, but could you rearrange yourself so you don't show so much, ah, bulge between your legs please?" Neo went bright red, but turned and rearranged things so they appeared a bit more modest. When he turned back around, Madison smiled.

"Perfect. Now look straight at the camera lens. Don't smile, just give me a blank expression." Madison clicked off a few shots. "Head slightly down, Neo. That's right, Perfect and give us a slight smile." Neo complied and Madison clicked off a half dozen shots. "Now, I'd like you to look at your friend, ah, Aiden. Yes, that's right. Just look at Aiden." Aiden was standing ten feet to the left of Madison. Neo followed her direction and looked into Aiden's eyes. He didn't even register the more than a dozen clicks from the camera. He only looked at Aiden with love in his eyes.

"Oh my," Madison exclaimed as she looked at the camera screen and the pictures she just captured. She had seen hundreds of hopeful teens and their parents, desperately wanting that one break that would give them work, perhaps even stardom. The kid standing in front of her camera was exactly what her clients were looking for. He was beautiful, model perfect and that look on his face while he looked at Aiden was golden. "Okay, thank you Neo. Aiden, can you change places with Neo please?" The boys changed places and Madison once again shot a half dozen pictures of Aiden.

"Can you look away from the camera and perhaps look at your friend Neo for me please?" Aiden locked eyes with Neo and gave him a sweet smile. Madison's camera clicked at least a dozen times. Once again, Madison was blown away at the expression on Aiden's young face.

"Okay, thank you Aiden, that was perfect. Can I get both of you together please?" Neo walked over and joined Aiden at the balcony edge. "Aiden, would you please put your arm around Neo's waist?" Aiden did and then pulled Neo in close. They looked at each other and didn't even hear the camera as it clicked and clicked and clicked. Madison was thrilled. Sure, she'd found a few gems in her time at the agency, but these two … these two will make her millions. The look the boys shared while looking at each other was simply over the top. She would have clients salivating over these boys.

"Okay, thank you. I just need you boys to sign photo releases and preliminary contracts and we'll be good to go. Excellent work boys, excellent work."

Half an hour later Neo and Aiden stumbled into the door of Neo's apartment laughing.

"Can you believe it?" Neo shouted. "We're gonna be famous!" Aiden wrapped him in a hug, picked him up and spun him around as they laughed together.

"Fuck!" Aiden exclaimed. "I've got to get home," he exclaimed as he took notice of the time. "Henry will be wanting his supper and, well …" Aiden said. "Sorry, Neo. I gotta go and I gotta go right now. I promise that Henry and I will talk tonight. It's gonna be tough, but it needs to happen. I love you Neo, but I have to go right now." The boys hugged and Aiden was out the door.

Fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang. Neo opened the door to see Adam standing there with a huge smile.

"I have never seen my mom so excited in my life, and that's saying something. When you two looked at each other, the love in both of your eyes was right there to see and mom captured that on her camera. You guys are going to be the talk of the town before you can say blow job." Neo grinned and stepped aside for Adam to come in. He shut the door and followed Adam into the den area of his studio apartment.

"Speaking of blow jobs, I don't suppose you would be open to getting a blow, would you?" Adam bluntly asked. Neo hesitated.

"I don't know, Adam. Aiden and I just admitted that we love each other this morning and I really don't know …"

"Say no more. I saw the love in both of your eyes, but if you guys ever wanted to have a third, I'm your man, okay?"

"Okay," Neo said with a great big smile.

"Mom will probably call you first thing in the morning."

"That's cool."

"Okay, Neo. Have a good night and if you decide you wanna jack off, be sure to do it on the balcony, okay?" Neo grinned real big and nodded. "See you," Adam said as he walked out the door.

At bedtime, Neo missed Aiden. He knew that Aiden and Henry were having a difficult conversation, but that didn't mean Neo didn't miss Aiden's arms wrapped around him. And apparently his cock missed Aiden too since it was full on hard. Neo gave it a stroke or two and sighed, trying to decide what to do. It was then that he remembered the dildo.

Five minutes later, Neo was relaxed on his back on the balcony sofa with no clothes on and the dildo in his hand. He glanced up to Adam's balcony. He was tempted to wait until he saw Adam to start playing, but his body demanded attention right now. Neo brought the dildo up to his mouth and he started licking at the head. He turned the dildo sideways and licked down the shaft on one side and then down the other. He brought the head back to his lips and pressed the dildo into his mouth. Like last time, it stopped about halfway down as it hit the back of his throat. Neo moved it in and out of his mouth a few times, then he relaxed his throat and pushed the dildo all the way in and held it there a few seconds before pulling it all the way out.

Neo glanced over at Adam's balcony and saw him standing there watching with his dick in his hand. Neo motioned for him to come over. Adam scrambled across the railing and hopped down onto Neo's balcony. He came over to Neo quickly and sat down in the chair beside the sofa.

"Hey, I see you decided to have a little fun," Adam whispered.

"Yeah, I was really horned up and with no Aiden here, I resorted to Aiden's toy," Neo said.

"Can I see that?"

"Sure," Neo said as he passed the dildo over. Adam looked at it closely, gave it a squeeze and then a bend. He checked out the balls and nodded in approval.

"This looks almost real. It's soft, but firm and I love the balls. May I?"

"Have at it," Neo said with a smile. Adam opened his mouth and swallowed the whole dildo, all the way down to the balls. Neo gasped. He pulled it out until just the head was in his mouth. Adam looked at Neo as he tongued the head. He winked, then pulled off the dildo head with a 'pop."

"I know my way around cocks. I'm openly gay at school. You'd be surprised at how many 'straight' boys, both jocks and nerds, want a blow job." Adam paused in thought for a second. "I'd say I've blown at least two dozen boys at school."

"Slut," laughed Neo.

"You only say that because you're jealous," Adam laughed.

"Hey Adam," a voice called up from below. "That you?" Adam got up and looked over the rail.

"Hey Jake. What's up?"

"Looking, if you know what I mean. You busy? Wanna hook up?" Adam turned to Neo and raised his eyebrows in question. Neo nodded.

"Come to the door, not my door, but the door next door to my door," Adam laughed. "Come to whatever fucking door I'm standing in."


"I'll let him in if that's okay with you," Adam asked Neo.

"He's cool, right?" Adam nodded. "Good, because I don't feel like getting dressed."

"He'll be very cool with that," Adam said with a smirk.

"Okay, go let him in." A few minutes later, Adam came back with Jake in tow.

"Jake, this is Neo. Neo, Jake." Jake gasped as soon as he saw Neo. He had never seen a more beautiful and perfect teen boy before and was immediately intimidated. Neo casually stood up in all his stunning naked glory.

"Hi Jake. It's nice to meet you," Neo said as he held his fist out for a bump. Jake bumped back but couldn't take his eyes off the incredibly hot semi hardon hanging between Neo legs.

"Uh, hi. Nice to meet you too," Jake said finally lifting his gaze to Neo's face. "What are you guys up to? Something that involves sex, I hope." Neo indicated for Jake to sit in the chair as he sat down on the couch, with Adam sitting next to him.

"Just hanging out," Neo said and a laugh. "Literally for me."

"I can see that you are," Jake said with a grin. "And who's your little rubber buddy there?"

"I haven't named him yet," Neo grinned. "Let's see, Aiden, he's my boyfriend, gave him to me, so maybe I'll name him Little Aiden."

"There's nothing little at all about, uh, Little Aiden," Jake laughed.

"We were just seeing who could deep throat it," Adam said as he reached for the dildo. He grabbed it by the balls and slapped the shaft in his hand. "Neo can do it," Adam said as he put the dildo in his mouth and all the way down his throat until the balls were on his chin. Adam pulled it back out. "Wanna give it a go Jake?" Adam said as he handed the dildo over. Jake took it and looked over at Neo who grinned and nodded for him to try. Jake looked at the spit slick dildo. With Neo and Adam watching, Jake shoved the whole dildo straight down his throat and kept it there. He turned his head so the boys could see and stuck his tongue out and licked the dildo's balls while the whole shaft was down his throat. He eased the dildo back out and grinned.

"Piece of cake," he said as Neo and Adam applauded.

"That was awesome, Jake," Neo said. "I mean that was really, really hot. Can you do that tongue thing with a real dick? I mean a really big dick?"

"Sure, no problem," Jake said with a grin.

"I have a friend that has an eight inch cock. I can swallow it, but I've never tried to stick my tongue out. I've always been working the shaft with my tongue. I'll stretch out on my back on the bed and hang my head over the edge. Chip, that's my friend, he'll stand over me and fuck my mouth. That's really hot, but I'll have to try the tongue thing next time I see him."

"You like getting fucked in the mouth?" Jake asked as his cock twitched, twice.

"Sure, I love it. Nothing like a big old cock being shoved down your throat. When Chip finally gives me his load, my cock usually fires off on its own," Neo said smiling. Jake's cock went to full on hard.

"You know, I like to get fucked in the mouth, Jake," Adam said. "You've done it enough times." Neo smiled at Jake, who was suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

"You guys usually talk so openly about what you get up to in bed?" Jake asked.

"I just met Neo yesterday, so I don't know about him, but you know me, I'm always horny and just talking about it gets me going," Adam said pointing to the lump in his shorts. Jake turned to Neo.

"So, you just moved here?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, moved in yesterday."

"Caught him and his boyfriend goin' at it right here on the couch," Adam said with a chuckle.

"No shit? Neo, you got busted fucking?"

"No, Aiden, my boyfriend, was giving me a blow and Adam over here is jacking off on his balcony while watching us," Neo said with a smirk.

"Bet that was hot," Jake said.

"Scorching," Adam said with a grin.

"So, Neo, are you a top or a bottom?" Jake asked.

"I do both, but I prefer to bottom. I've actually had that dildo all the way up my ass. Of course, it was thoroughly washed afterward," Neo said with a wink.

"I bottom for the right person, but I usually top. Adam's the same as me, but we've both fucked each other." That caught Neo's attention. It also got the attention of his cock as it started to swell.

"Whoa, didn't know that. Brings new meaning to friends with benefits," Neo said.

"Yep, sure does," Adam said. "So, Neo, I'd like to see this dildo up your ass." Jake's eyes bugged out. He knew Adam was outgoing and all, but to ask that?

"Sure, lemme get some lube." Jake gasped and Neo stood up with his full on hard cock swaying in the slight breeze crossing the balcony. Adam grinned and started striping.

"Get naked Jake. We can have some fun while we watch Neo," Adam said as he shucked off his shorts.

"Dude, he is like the hottest kid I've ever seen," Jake said while pulling his shirt over his head.

"He's gonna model for my mom," Adam said as he finally stood there naked with his six inch cock proudly standing at attention.

"He's freaking perfect. I can't wait to see him take that monster up his ass," Jake whispered as he stood next to Adam with his own full on hard seven inch cock. Neo walked back out with a bottle of Swiss Navy lube in one hand and a towel in the other.

"Wow, looks like a gay boy's wet dream. It's a cock buffet!" He dropped the towel and lube on the couch, walked over and stood in front of his two new friends. He reached out with both hands and wrapped his fingers around both cocks and gave them a squeeze. "Nice," Neo said. He leaned over and kissed Adam, then turned and kissed Jake. Neo dropped to his knees and pulled on both cocks until the two boys got the idea and brought them close together. Neo mouthed one cock head, then he mouthed the other. Finally, he put both cock heads in his mouth and worked them over with his tongue. Neo sucked Adam's six inch cock down to the balls and tried Jake's little tongue trick. He stuck his tongue out and lapped at Adam's balls. He hollowed his cheeks and hoovered Adam's cock on the way back up and finally released the head with a 'pop.' Then he turned to Jake's cock and deep throated it in one go. He stuck his tongue out and lathered Jake's balls. Neo bobbed his head a few times on Jake, then released his cock with the same 'pop.'

"Yes, very nice indeed," Neo said as he stood up. "You two should play a bit while I play with my dildo. Later on, when Aiden is here, maybe we can all fuck together."

Adam and Jake embraced and made out. Neo could see plenty of tongue action going on as he folded the towel on the floor. He picked up the dildo and wet the suction cup with his tongue. Neo leaned over, purposefully giving Adam and Jake a wide open view of his ass and secured the dildo to the floor just in front of the couch. Jake sat down on the chair, which gave him a good view of Neo. Adam was on his knees with Jake's cock down his throat.

Neo picked up the bottle of Swiss Navy lube and pumped a glob on his middle finger. Jake watched with rapt attention as Neo leaned back on the couch, pulled his legs in the air, and shoved his lubed finger into his ass. Adam had to pull Jake's hand from behind his head because Jake was pushing down really hard and Adam couldn't breathe. Adam pulled off and took a few deep breaths.

"Sorry," Jake whispered. "I was watching … over there …" Adam turned and looked over at Neo, who was putting another glob on lube in his ass. Neo dropped his legs and pumped two globs of lube in his hand. He spread the lube all over the dildo, then spread the left over on his own cock and balls.

Jake and Adam watched as Neo scooted most of his body off the couch. With only his shoulders holding him up, Neo grabbed the dildo, pointed it at his hole and lowered himself on to it. As the rubber head popped into his ass, he let it go and started playing with his hard cock. Neo lowered his body slowly until the dildo was about halfway in. Neo rose up a bit, then eased back down stopped with about three quarters of the dildo inside. He rose up a bit and eased back down until the dildo's balls were resting on his taint.

"Get on all fours Adam," Jake said. Adam moved into place quickly, spread his legs a bit and arched his back. Just as Jake slid into place, Neo passed the lube. Jake grinned. He pumped a couple of globs on his fingers and went to work on lubing and stretching Adam's hole. Soon, three fingers were sliding in and out easily. Jake applied another pump of lube to his hand and slathered it on his cock. He looked to his left and watched as the beautiful boy slammed his ass down on the dildo over and over again.

"Fuck that's hot," Jake said as he watched for a few seconds before sliding his cock into Adam's hot ass. "Fuck, that's so good," he said as he turned his attention back to Adam. Jake held Adam by the hips and started fucking slowly, but deeply. He ground his cock in balls deep and pulled back halfway and ground it back all the way in.

Adam had a front row seat watching Neo ride the dildo. Then he spied Neo's cock flopping around. It was just out of reach. He glanced back at Jake and nodded toward Neo. Jake got the message and pulled out. Adam scooted forward and took Neo's cock in his mouth. Jake moved up and slid his cock back home in the velvet hotness of Adam's ass. Now the boys were in synch. Neo had the dildo in his ass and Adam's hot mouth on his cock. Adam had Neo's cock in his mouth and Jake's cock in his butt and Jake had full view of everything as he pounded his cock into Adam's hot butt. The boys quickly worked themselves into a frenzy.

"I'm getting close, Adam. You ready for a hot load of cum?" Adam moaned around Neo's cock. Neo took that for a yes and slammed his ass down on the dildo three times in a row and kept it buried on the third slam. Hot jets of cum shot from his cock. Neo threw his head back and moaned as his cock filled Adam's mouth.

Jake took in the hot view, and it went straight to his cock. He hammered home and flooded Adam's ass with seven or eight hot shots of teen boy juice. Adam was getting it at both ends as his cock started spurting seven or eight ribbons of cum across the floor of the deck, moaning the entire time. Jake eased his spent cock from Adam's ass. He sat back and watched his cum ooze out. His cum dripped down across Adam's balls before finally landing on the deck with several loud splats. Adam eased back on his haunches, desperately trying to catch his breath. Neo started riding the dildo again. He bounced quickly, riding the dildo from the head to the balls. Three quick slams down to the balls and his cock shot hot ribbons of cum in the air again. Neo was panting hard.

"Holy fuck, that was hot," Adam said. Jake's cock was stone hard as he watched the beautiful boy cum.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

"Henry, we need to have a talk," Aiden said softly. Henry sighed. He knew this day would be coming and had resigned himself to it.

"You've fallen in love," Henry said equally as soft. Aiden nodded as tears started streaming down his face.

"I still love you and I always will, Henry. That will never, ever change. You've loved me and taken care of me. You've taught me and mentored me. When we make love it … well, nothing compares to it. I feel sexy. I feel safe and above all else, I feel loved." Henry stood up and held his arms out.

"Come here Aiden." Aiden wiped at his eyes, stood, and embraced Henry. "I knew this day would come. You are too loving of a creature for me to hold you back. I want you to live a full, rich life and love is an important part of it, okay?" Aiden nodded his head, still clinging to Henry. "There's a good boy. Come on, let's sit on the couch. I want to hear all about Neo." Aiden looked up quickly in surprise. "Yes, I knew it was Neo. The way you talk about him and wanting the help him, not to mention all the time you spent with him. Well, that told me that today was coming." Henry sat down on the couch and Aiden did too He leaned heavily against Henry's side and Henry put his arm around Aiden's shoulders. They stayed like that for some time until finally, Henry spoke.

"I suppose you'll be wanting to stay the night with him?" Henry didn't wait for an answer. He decided a few weeks back that he would make it easy for the boy he loved so much. "Let's do this. You stay with Neo Thursday through Sunday. And come back home for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. That way you'll be here to help on Tuesdays, you know, grocery store day. Plus, most of my doctor's appointments are early in the week, so you'd be around to help with that. You would have weekends with Neo and I know how you teenagers like to have a good time. Just make me one promise Aiden." Aiden, who had been silently listening, looked up at Henry.

"Anything for you Henry." Henry smiled. God how he loved this boy.

"If you ever find yourself in a situation that you are uncomfortable with, I want your promise that you will call me. I will come get you with no questions asked. We've kind of had this loose understanding, but I want this to be a hard fast agreement. I will not judge. I will not question. I only want one thing and that's for you to be safe and happy." Aiden stood up and then sat down on Henry's lap and threw his arms around Henry and hugged him tightly. This was exactly what he wanted, and he knew Henry knew it as well. Henry had just made it easy. Aiden smiled and kissed Henry.

"Thank you," Aiden whispered in Henry's ear as a tear slipped down Henry's face.

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