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Chapter Six
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Neo by Jevic, The Tarheel Writer
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Neo was sitting at his table eating breakfast when the doorbell rang. He got up and headed for the door when he realized he was naked.

"Just a minute," he called out. He ducked into his bedroom area, grabbed a pair of shorts, and headed back to the door. He pulled it open and saw Madison standing there grinning. Her eyes widened as she took in the nearly naked teen standing in front of her.

"Good morning, Neo," she gushed and blushed at the same time.

"Good morning Mrs. West. How are you today?"

"I'm very well, thank you. I just wanted to check to see if you and Aiden would be available to come to the office tomorrow. I have a photographer lined up and we wanted to get some professional studio shots of you both. We want to get your faces out to our clients as soon as we can."

"I'm sure we can do that. I apologize, won't you come in? I have some coffee if you'd like."

"You're such a polite young man, but no thank you. I'm on the way to the office. I shared the photos I took of you two with my team yesterday and they are excited to see you both." Neo blushed.

"I look forward to meeting them. Is there anything in particular we need to wear?"

"Oh, no, don't worry about that. We'll have a whole wardrobe on hand." She handed Neo one of her business cards with the office address and phone number. "Just come to the office around ten tomorrow morning. We have a full studio where we will be doing the shoot."

"Perfect. Well, I guess I will see you in the morning. Have a great day Mrs. West."

"You too, Neo." Adam's mother turned and headed for her car and Neo closed the door. He went back to the table to finish his breakfast. As he shoveled the last bit of eggs into his mouth, the doorbell rang again.

"Damn, I'm popular today," he muttered to himself as the headed for the door. He pulled it open and didn't even have time to react as he was suddenly in Aiden's arms.

"God, I've missed you," Aiden whispered in Neo's ear. Neo hugged him back fiercely.

"I missed you too and I have news."

"I have news as well," Aiden said as he released Neo from the hug, only to kiss him passionately on the lips, twinging his tongue in Neo's mouth.

"Let me run get a chair if you guys are gonna give me another show," Adam said as he stood on the doorstep. Both Aiden and Neo whirled around.

"Hey Adam!" Neo said. "Come in, come in." The boys stepped inside Neo's apartment and closed the door.

"What's up hot boys," Adam said wagging his eyebrows. Neo gave him a hug and Aiden joined in to make it a three way hug. The hug broke up and they moved out to the balcony.

"Your mom stopped by this morning," Neo said and then turned to Aiden. "She's scheduled us for a professional photo shoot at her studio tomorrow morning at ten. That's my news," Neo said excitedly.

"Awesome, just awesome. Oh shit! I don't have anything to wear," Aiden exclaimed.

"Not to worry, Aiden. Mrs. West says they'll have a whole wardrobe for us," explained Neo.

"Well, that's a relief."

"You guys have nothing to worry about. There will be a hair stylist, a makeup artist and they will have specific clothes they'll want you to model, depending on which clients they want to pitch you to," Adam explained and then chuckled. "You might even end up in a Speedo!" Aiden's eyes widened and he looked down at his pants.

"I don't know about that. You'd be able to see everything I've got," Aiden complained.

"That's the whole point of a Speedo and believe me, brother, you've got plenty to be proud of. Don't let it worry you. Just relax and do what the photographer tells you to do and everything will be fine."

"Will we get paid for tomorrow?" Neo asked.

"I'll let you in on a little secret. Models usually have to pay to have a portfolio shoot. You guys are getting the whole shebang for free. Once they sign you with a client, that's when the cash starts rolling in."

"Cool," Neo said then turned to Aiden. "You said you have news too?" Aiden hesitated. He glanced at Adam then back at Neo. Neo understood the silent question and nodded for him to go ahead.

"I talked with Henry," Aiden started. Neo held his breath. "I'll be staying with you Thursday through Sunday." Neo squealed and threw his arms around Aiden.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! I can't believe it!" Neo exclaimed as tears of joy streamed down his face. Adam stood by and grinned, thinking that some really hot sex was in his immediate future.

"Congrats you two!" Adam said. "Not sure what the congrats are for, but you both look very happy." Aiden continued to hug Neo with one arm and turned to Adam.

"Long story Adam but suffice it to say that I have two great loves in my life. My first love has agreed to share me with Neo," Aiden explained.

"Wow! He must be a really loving and understanding man," Adam said in surprise.

"He really is," Aiden said as he turned to look Neo in the eye. He reached up with his thumb and wiped the tears from his boyfriend's face. "And so is this guy right here." Aiden kissed Neo softly on the lips.

"I was just heading out to see Jake. We were gonna hang out a bit, so I'll catch up with you guys later on," Adam said with a smile. He got up and headed for the door. Neo started toward the door. "No, don't worry about me. I know where the door is, and I'll lock it on the way out."

"Thanks Adam, you're a really good friend," Neo said as he waved goodbye.

"So, Aiden, how exactly is this going to work?" Neo asked as he sat down on the couch. Aiden joined him and held his hand. "I mean, what about your stuff, your clothes, your, you know, stuff?"

"Henry and I talked. He is suggesting, just suggesting, that I pack up half my clothes and bring them here. Since our relationship is relatively new, he wants us to make sure living together is going to work out. He would like for us to take this slowly and make sure our love isn't just lust."

"You know I love you Aiden," Neo insisted.

"Of course, I do love. Henry is just watching out for me. You know he loves me too,"

"Yeah, I know and right now, I'll take as much of you as I can. So, when do you get your clothes?"

"I took an Uber over and my suitcase is in the storage closet just outside the front door."

"Go get it. I want your stuff in this apartment. That will make it officially ours. We can share the underwear drawer."

"Neo, you're so funny and I love you for it." Aiden got up and retrieved his rather large suitcase and dragged it into the bedroom area.

"Wow! That's a big suitcase," Neo observed. "But since I don't have that much in the drawers, there should be plenty of room."

"Neo, we're the same size. The clothes in the drawers and the closet will be ours. Just pick out what you want to wear and put it on. Which reminds me, you need new shoes and we're going shopping today. You are going to get up off your wallet and spend some money."

"You know where that money comes from Aiden," Neo said softly.

"Yes Neo, I know, but you're forgetting something," Neo frowned.


"We're gonna make millions being models."

"Oh fuck, you're right. Well, let's go shopping then!"

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Benji had just walked into his dorm room from an exhausting day of classes. Collier was at his desk scribbling away in a notebook.

"Sup roomie?" Collier glanced up and smiled.

"Biology homework. This shit is tough, and I've got to keep my grade up in this class somehow."

"Benson teaches that fall term. I'm not familiar with the instructors during summer term. Who teaches your class?"

"Some dweeb named Thompson."

"I know him. Just give him a blow and you'll pass with flying colors," Benji said as he plopped down on his bed.

"Benji, I can't do that. I've always excelled in my schoolwork. Last time I checked I was ranked in the top five academically here at Roxbury."

"No shit?"

"No shit. To me, making good grades keeps all the doors open. And those open doors mean options and I love to have options."

"I like to have options too, that's why I'm a versatile bottom. I can even top from the bottom."

"Top from the bottom? What do you mean by that?" asked a curious Collier.

"You lay down on your back and keep your dick hard. That's your only job. Otherwise, you don't move. I move. And I guarantee to make you cum like you've never cum before," Benji said with a smirk.

A knock on the door interrupted their conversation.

"Come in," Benji called out. The door opened and Noah walked in.

"How's it hangin' gents?" Noah offered as a greeting. Benji laughed and Collier rolled his eyes.

"Lemme check," said Benji. He reached inside his shorts. "A little to the left, but you could make it stand straight up," he said with a wink.

"You are such a horn dog, Benji," Noah said as he plopped down beside him on the bed. "What are you up to Collier? Wanna have a three way?"

"Jesus, you two. I am trying to finish my biology homework," Collier huffed.

"Well, excuse me," Noah said. "If anyone in this room needs a break, it would be you, Collier. You are wrapped way too tight today. Perhaps a nice blow job would allow you to unwind so your mind can absorb more biology. Speaking of biology, did you know that most straight men stick their finger up their ass when they jack off?"

"What? Where did that come from?" Collier stammered.

"Psychology Two class I'm taking. Seems straight boys do know about the prostate. Ha, and all the girls, and a few boys, dropped their pencils in class today. The instructor said the way we hold a pencil is how we secretly desire to hold a penis." Collier barked out a laugh.

"Why does that not surprise me?" Collier said.

"So, you up for a little or maybe a lot of sex Collier? It's an hour until supper time. That's plenty of time for some hot action," Noah said. He'd been wanting to get some more of Collier's luscious seven inch cock ever since the last time he had it in his mouth.

"Fuck, you guys are killin' me," Collier said as he stood up and dropped his pants and boxer briefs to the floor. His soft cock flopped against his leg as he put his hands on his hips. "Okay, here's the meat. Who's gonna chow down?" Benji looked at Noah. Noah looked at Benji. At the same time, they both rushed over to Collier and slid down to their knees.

"Me first," Benji said. "Afterall, I'm his roommate."

"Not so fast!" smirked Noah. "You have him all the time. You need to share." Collier's cock was on the rise as he listened to the boys argue over who was going to suck him.

"You sucked him last time," Noah complained.

"No, it was you who murm … " Collier shoved his cock into Benji's mouth.

"Thank God, I couldn't take anymore of you two arguing," Collier said as he grabbed Noah's head and pulled it toward his crotch. "Suck my balls," Collier directed. Noah sucked a ball in and tried to get to the other, but Benji's mouth was in the way. Noah turned around and slid down between Collier's legs. Looking up, he saw a perfect set of teen balls hanging down begging to be sucked. Noah opened his mouth and slurped in one ball and then the other, his tongue giving them a sensuous massage. Collier circled his hands around the back of Benji's head and started throat fucking him. Noah strived to keep up as the balls moved forward and backward. After a moment, he gave up and reluctantly let them slip from his lips. Noah scooted back further and buried his face in Collier's ass, swiping his tongue across Collier's hole. Collier moaned.

Benji came up for breath and looked down. Noah's cock was just below him. He spat a large amount of spit into his hand and slathered it into his ass hole. He repeated until his ass was good and wet. He went back down on Collier's beautiful cock. At the same time, he took Noah's cock and lined it up with his ass. He lowered himself down on the hard cock and continued until his ass had swallowed Noah's cock down to the balls.

"Perfect," thought Benji. He took an experimental bounce on Noah's cock and found everything to be smooth and slick. Benji buried his mouth on Collier's cock, balls deep, and held it there. He bounced on Noah's cock hard and kept up a furious pace of up and down strokes on Noah's six inch hard on.

Collier watched as his roommate rode the hard cock and sucked his cock at the same time. Collier found himself trembling as Noah stuck his tongue into his ass over and over.

Something had to give in all the sexual activity amongst the three boys. It was Collier that reached Defcon One first and fired ropes of cum into Benji's mouth. Benji moaned as the jets of cum blasted down his throat and across his tongue. He slammed his hot ass down on Noah' cock and trembled as he felt Noah's cock pump hot spurts of cum in his ass.

"Oh fuck!" Noah exclaimed as he shot his hot teen load of cum into Benji's velvet hot sweet ass. "That's what I'm talking about! Ride my cock some more and I'll give you another hot load in your ass!" Benji pulled his ass back up and slammed down on Noah's cock. He did it again and again until Noah was screaming out as his cock pumped another hot load into Benji's ass. He sighed in satisfaction, even as his rock hard cock remained buried in Benji's ass. Noah felt his cum leaking out as it drooled down around his shaft and balls.

Benji sucked Collier's cock hard, trying to keep it hard and trying to milk the last of the cum. He sucked it all the way in and buried his face in Collier's pubes. At the same time, he buried his ass down on Noah's remarkably still hard cock. Benji loved the feeling. He grabbed Collier by the ass to keep himself steady, then bounced up and down on Noah's cock and kept slurping Collier's cock down his throat. Benji rode Noah's cock like a mad man, his huge eight inch cock slapping against Noah's flat stomach. With one final slam down, his cock spewed hot ribbons of cum all over Noah's chest, even hitting his face, with one shot landing in Noah's hair.

"Fuck boys, that was hot," exclaimed Collier. Benji leaned back on his hands and gulped in air, trying to catch his breath. Noah's hard cock was still buried deep in his ass. The stream of cum continued to leak out of Benji's butt and dribble down Noah's balls, finally hitting the floor. Benji looked up at Collier.

"So, how was that for a biology lesson?" he asked.

"Benji, you just scored an A plus in my book," Collier said with a wink. Collier looked down as Benji slid off Noah's cock. "Whoa dude, are you still hard?" Noah blushed and nodded. "And you've cum twice?" Noah nodded again. "Shit, I don't usually bottom, but why don't you get up here and fuck me. I bet you'll last a long time. I know I've got another nut in me." Noah couldn't believe his luck. He stood up quickly. Collier grabbed some lube and prepared himself. He lay back on the edge of his bed and pulled his legs in the air. Noah's cock was still slick with Benji's cum. He grabbed Collier's leg with one hand and lined his cock up on Collier's cheerio with his other hand and pushed the head in. Collier sighed and nodded. Noah looked down and watched his cock disappear completely inside the beautiful rich boy's ass. He looked up to the handsome face and couldn't help himself. He leaned over and captured Collier's lips in his own and gave the rich boy a hot passionate kiss. Collier wrapped his arms around Noah's neck and his legs around Noah's back.

"Fuck you feel awesome Noah. Now fuck me, fuck me good and hard," Collier whispered in his ear. Noah smiled to himself as he ground his cock as deep as it could go. He pulled out about halfway and slammed it back in. He set a good fast rhythm and the skin on skin slapping noise filled the dorm room again. Benji slid over on his knees and started licking Noah's cock as it pounded in and out. Noah leaned back up and grabbed Collier by the hips and pounded into his hot ass. Benji moved to the bed on all fours. He turned around in a sixty-nine position with Collier and shoved his semi hard eight inch cock in Collier's mouth. Collier moaned. Benji leaned forward and captured Collier's hard cock in his mouth and deepthroated it. Right in front of Benji's eyes, was Noah's cock slamming into Collier's ass over and over. The close up, front row sight made Benji's cock go hard. He was leaning on his elbows. Benji leaned to his left and brought his right hand up and grabbed on to Collier's hot cock. He used his hand to help as he bobbed his head. Collier was moaning again.

Benji dropped Collier's cock from his mouth and moved to suck in his balls. Before he could get there, Noah pulled his cock from Collier's ass the shoved it into Benji's mouth and fucked Benji's throat for a few seconds, before pulling out and slamming back into Collier's ass. He hammered that hot wet ass a few seconds, then pulled it out and shoved it back into Benji's mouth. He pulled back and slammed it back into Collier's ass. Noah reached out and grabbed Collier's ankles and held them really wide as he got closer to cumming. He looked down and watched Benji bob his head on that hot seven inch cock.

Benji fucked his big throbbing cock into Collier's mouth as he deepthroated Collier's cock over and over. He felt the reverberations of a long moan around his cock as thick hot spurts of teen cum blasted into his throat. That set him off for his third cum of the day. He filled Collier's mouth as his big cock spat out globs of hot cum. Noah felt Collier's ass clench around his cock as the boy came. Noah slammed his cock in deep and filled Collier's ass with a hot load of his own cum. He let Collier's legs down gently. Finally, Noah felt his cock come down from full on hard. It had been one hell of a biology lesson.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Neo and Aiden shopped from store to store in the mall in the larger town fifteen miles away. Neo's shopping bag had two new pairs of shoes, a new belt and a couple of nice shirts. They hit the food court for lunch.

"This is fun, Aiden. I'd forgotten how much I like to shop." Aiden grinned and nodded at Neo.

"I'm happy you're having a good time," Aiden said before sinking his teeth into his chicken, bacon, spinach wrap. Neo smiled around his mouthful of an identical wrap. As Aiden looked at Neo and counting how lucky he was, Neo suddenly dropped his face and attempted to become as inconspicuous as possible.

"What's wrong?" Aiden asked. Neo glanced up briefly then hid his face again.

"One of my tricks is over at Cinnabon," Neo said quietly. Aiden turned to look. "Don't look." Aiden felt bad for Neo, hell he'd had to do the same thing a few times himself. Neo glanced up again and sighed with relief. "He's walking away now."

"Neo don't feel bad. I've had to avoid a few tricks in the past too," Aiden said, trying to reassure Neo. "It kinda comes with job." Neo suddenly looked shocked. "What?"

"Tomorrow they'll take our pictures, Aiden Our faces could be all over the internet, magazines and, God forbid, even on television. What the fuck are we gonna do? I've been with dozens of men and that doesn't even count that party. Oh shit."

"Neo calm down. Just calm down. When we get back home, let's talk with Adam and see what he thinks. Adam is gay and come to think of it, a lot of models are gay, so it's not like we're gonna get outed or anything." Neo took a deep breath.

"Okay, let's talk to Adam straight away when we get back. I'll be honest, I'm kinda worried about this."

"It'll be fine, Neo. You worry too much. You ready to go?"

"I want to hit the toilet before we head back, okay?" Neo said as they were wrapping up their lunch.

"Sure, I could go too." They threw their trash in a nearby can and headed for the bathrooms. Neo entered first and walked up to a urinal. Aiden stepped into the one beside him. As they were pissing, the door opened, and someone came in. They took the urinal next to Aiden and blatantly leaned over to look at Aiden's cock. With a look of surprise, Aiden looked up and met eyes with a really cute dark haired teen boy.

"See something you like?" Aiden said as he squeezed the last bit of piss from his cock.

"Yeah, you're hot. Want a blow?" the boy asked. Neo stepped back from his urinal and looked the boy over. The dark haired teen looked at Neo. "You're hot too. I'll give you both a blow," he said with a smile and headed for the far stall.

Aiden looked at Neo with a raised eyebrow. Neo shrugged his shoulders. Aiden nodded, stepped back from the urinal, and followed the boy toward the far stall with his cock flopping in the air. The boy opened the door and went inside. Aiden and Neo followed with Neo locking the door behind them. The boy wasted no time and had Aiden's cock in his mouth as soon as he sat down on the toilet. The kid bobbed his head on the hardening shaft. He suddenly pulled off and stood up.

"You sit here," he said to Aiden, who followed his directions and sat down. The boy turned to Neo. "You fuck my butt while I give him a blow." Without waiting for an answer, the boy turned around, bent over, spread his legs and inhaled Aiden's cock. Neo looked at Aiden.

"Go for it," Aiden said. Neo pushed his pants and boxer briefs down. His cock was already hard. The boy reached into his pocket and handed something back to Neo. It was a small bottle of lube. Neo squeezed a generous amount on two fingers. Those fingers spread the lube on the boy's hole. One finger slid in easily, as did the second. The boy came up off Aiden's cock and turned around to look at Neo.

"Go for it. I've been fucked twice today. It's ready. Just shove it in." The boy turned back around and went back to bobbing his head on Aiden's hard seven inch cock. Neo shrugged his shoulders. He squeezed another generous amount of lube on his cock and spread it with his hand. He lined up on the boy's cute hole and popped his cock head in. The boy moaned. Neo slid his cock in the boy's hot channel balls deep and held it there, allowing the boy to get used to it. The boy clenched his ass muscles several times and Neo get the unspoken message. He grabbed the kid's hips and started fucking. The boy was stroking himself as he sucked and got fucked. Neo picked up the pace and hammered the boy's butt.

Aiden thought this was hot as he watched Neo fuck the boy's butt. He slowly stood up. The boy never missed a beat and kept bobbing his head on Aiden's cock. Aiden leaned over the boy's back and locked lips with Neo.

"This is hot," Neo whispered. "I'm getting close." Aiden nodded and stood back up. He put his hands on either side of the boy's head. Then Aiden started fucking the boy's mouth. The boy moaned in appreciation. Aiden fucked his cock deep into the boy's throat and pumped a hot load of cum in the boy's mouth. Neo buried his cock balls deep and pumped a hot load of teen cum into the boy's clenching ass. Neo leaned over and saw the boy's cock spitting ribbon after ribbon of teen spunk on the floor of the stall. The boy stood up and kissed Aiden first, then turned and kissed Neo. He grabbed some toilet paper, wiped his ass, pulled his pants up and was gone in less than thirty seconds.

"That was quick," Neo said as he grabbed some toilet paper to clean his dick. The boys dressed and straightened themselves out and headed out to call an Uber.

Forty-five minutes later, Neo carried his shopping bag in the apartment while Aiden went next door to find Adam. Neo laid his purchases out on the bed. He heard the front door open and looked up to see Aiden along with Adam.

"Adam! Hey!" Neo called out in greeting. "Did you say anything?" Neo asked Aiden, who shook his head in the negative. Neo walked up to Adam and gave him a brief hug. "Can we talk?" Adam frowned.

"Sure Neo," Adam said with some apprehension.

"Let's sit in here on the couch." The boys moved to the couch. "Look Adam, I need to come clean with you about me," Neo started. He took a deep breath. "Look, the money I had to get this apartment came from … well … came from turning tricks on the street." Adam eyes widened. "My dad kicked me to the streets when I got caught fucking one of his client's sons. So, I've been living in a tent at the park for the last couple of months."

"Oh Neo, I'm so sorry," Adam said sadly.

"It's okay because this story gets better. Anyway, I was turning fifty dollar tricks, but then I hooked up with this one trick who was very generous, I'm talking thousands of dollars generous. He was very demanding. The dude would fuck me almost all night and would cum like four or five times, but he paid well and paid regularly." Neo paused and looked at Aiden, who nodded.

"Go on Neo. Tell him everything."

"One time, and only one time, Aiden and I put on a show in front of about thirty or forty men. It was a sex show, Adam. We fucked on a stage right there in front of the crowd, but we made six thousand dollars doing it. That cash is what allowed me to get this apartment." Adam whistled low.

"Wow man. Thanks for sharing, but why did you feel it necessary to tell me all that?"

"Your mom," Neo said quietly.

"My mom?" Adam perked up. What's she got to do with this?"

"Pictures Adam. She wants us to model. What if one of my tricks recognizes me? That's what I'm worried about. And I sure don't want to get your mom in trouble either," Neo explained. Adam thought for a moment.

"I really don't think that will be a problem. Most of mom's models are gay. He'll, I've even had sex with a few of them. So, I think it should be fine. Most of mom's clients don't care either, as long as the model is persuading people buy their product. You should be cool." Neo visibly relaxed. Aiden smiled.

"What did I tell you Neo? See, there's nothing to worry about."

"Just to really settle your worries, let me go talk with mom and explain things."

"O God! You can't tell your mom!" exclaimed Neo as the bolted upright.

"Neo, you need to calm down. It will be okay," Adam said as he stood up and gave Neo a hug. "My mom is cooler than a cucumber. She won't say anything to anybody and more importantly, she won't judge. She will give you her honest opinion though. So, chill dude. Do I need to give you a blow to calm you down? Or maybe stick little Aiden up your ass?" Adam said with a laugh.

"What?" Aiden said standing up. "Who's little Aiden?" Neo blushed and Adam grinned.

"The toy you gave Neo. He named it last night. He figured since it came from you, he should call it 'Little Aiden" even though there's nothing little about it."

"Did something happen last night that I should know about?" Aiden asked with a grin.

"I wanted to have sex with Neo, but he said you two had just kinda defined your relationship and didn't want to do anything. So, I convinced him to ride 'Little Aiden' while Jake and I fucked."

"Who's Jake?" Aiden asked with a wider grin.

"Oh, he's a good friend that comes with all the benefits. Plus, he has a big cock." Adam said with a wink. Aiden turned to Neo.

"So, while I was pouring my heart out to Henry, you were riding a dildo? A dildo you named 'Little Aiden'?" Neo blushed.

"Well, you weren't here, and I was kinda horned up …" Aiden laughed out loud.

"Neo, it's okay. Don't worry, please. We've both had sex with different people. Hell, we had sex at the mall this afternoon and we didn't even know the kid's name."

"What?" Adam exclaimed "You had sex at the mall?"

"Well, it was actually in the bathroom," Neo said.

"Details, I want details," Adam said with great big smile.

"We'd just finished lunch and hit the toilet. Some kid comes in, ogles over Aiden's cock then drags us in a stall. He gives Aiden a blow while I fuck him. End of story," Neo said.

"Holy shit! I thought I was bad. You two are a couple of horn dogs!" Adam said with a laugh. "Look, I'll see you guys in a while. Mom's due home about now and I always try to be home to greet her and help with dinner. And, yes, I'll talk with her and then see you guys later on. Okay?"

"Sure Adam, and thanks man," Aiden said. Neo gave him a hug and out the door he went. Neo stayed nervous all through dinner. Aiden's gourmet meal was barely touched. Aiden's heart went out to Neo and, truth be told, he was a bit nervous himself. When the doorbell finally rang, they both jumped. Neo got up and ran to the door, pulling it open quickly. Who greeted him wasn't exactly what he was expecting.

"Hi Neo," Madison West said politely. Standing next to her was Adam complete with a smile on his face.

"Mrs. West, won't you come in please," Neo said.

"Thank you, Neo." Madison and Adam stepped into the apartment. Neo led them to the den area and offered the couch for them to sit.

"My goodness, what smells so good?" Madison asked.

"Ah, that would be my homemade baked ziti. I have some left over, would you like a bite?"

"Oh, no thank you. Homemade, you said?"

"Of course. Everything I cook is from scratch. Not one can in the pantry and yes, I make my pasta from scratch as well," Aiden said with pride. "Let me just get you a taste and perhaps we should have you guys over for dinner?" Aiden headed for the kitchen.

"Aiden should be a chef. He was trained by a master culinary instructor. He really knows his way around the kitchen," Neo bragged. Aiden returned quickly with two small plates. He handed one to Madison and one to Adam. Then he offered forks and napkins as well. While Aiden was passing out the food, Neo grabbed two goblets, filled them with sparkling water and passed them out as well. Aiden's portions were only two bites, but they represented the dish well.

"Oh my, this is delicious," Madison said in all sincerity. "Wow, we might have to rethink our strategy for your image." Aiden beamed. Neo looked over at Adam, who was licking his plate. Adam looked up and smiled. He mouthed 'it's okay.' Neo smiled a small smile and nodded.

"Now, the reason for our visit tonight. Adam told me quite a long story about you two. First of all, you have nothing to worry about." Neo let out a sob. "Honey, it's just fine. Both of you have had a hard time, especially you Neo. Frankly, I'd like to go over to your parent's house and give them a piece of my mind." Neo picked up a spare napkin and dried his eyes. "My agency has worked with all kinds of people and you two are not the first to come to us from sordid backgrounds. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Tomorrow will go just fine. Remember how I shot you two on the balcony yesterday?" Both boys nodded. "It will be just like that. Just listen to the photographer and you'll do just fine. If we can get some shots of you two looking at each other like you did on my balcony, my clients will be salivating to get you modeling their products. You two have the potential to make a lot of money."

"T-thank you, Mrs. West," Neo sobbed. "I never wanted to end up on the streets doing what I had to do to survive, but I am so glad I met Adam. He's been a God send to me and Aiden," Neo said through tear filled eyes. Madison stood up and walked over to Neo.

"Come here young man and let me give you a hug," she said. Neo stood up and she embraced him in a motherly hug. "Don't you worry, Neo. Everything will be just fine." Neo melted into her embrace and wept. Aiden stood up and hugged them both. Adam sat on the couch and grinned. He swiped his mother's plate and ate the rest of her ziti.

"Now it's getting late and I want you two to get a good night's rest. Tomorrow will be fast paced, but I know everything will go great. You two have the looks my clients are looking for. Just be yourselves tomorrow, okay? And, just another note, your names will be made public, but no contact information will be given out. The only contact information will be through the agency. You will not have to worry about a bunch of fan girls and boys showing up at your doorstep." Neo nodded and wiped his eyes.

"Thank you, Mrs. West. I think we both feel a lot better about going into this," Aiden said, and he put his arm around Neo.

"Well, good. I will see you both tomorrow morning at ten." She headed for the door and looked back at Adam. "You coming along soon?"

"Yeah, mom. I'll be home in a few." She nodded with a wink and headed out the door. As soon as the door was shut, Adam took it upon himself to lighten the mood.

"So, you guys wanna have wild monkey sex?" he said with a grin. Neo burst out laughing. Aiden looked serious.

"Sure, you wanna top or bottom?" Aiden asked sincerely, before breaking out in laughter himself.

"With you guys, I'd happily bottom … or top, depending on your mood," he said with a laugh. Aiden whipped his cock out and shook it.

"How about just a blow?" Aiden said with a smirk.

"Sure," Adam said. He shucked his pants to the floor and whipped off his shirt and dropped to his knees in front of Aiden completely naked. He opened his mouth and wagged his tongue.

"What the fuck, Aiden?" Neo said.

"Just gonna get a blow. You rode Little Aiden with Adam. Can't I get a blow job?" Neo hesitated a moment, then grinned.

"Sure, you can get a blow, but I'm gonna blow Adam while he blows you, cool?"

"Cool," Aiden agreed as he shoved his semi hard cock into Adam's mouth. Neo quickly stripped and moved on all fours and slipped between Aiden's legs from behind. Adam's semi hard cock hung between his legs. Neo moved forward and paused a moment to admire the nice six inch cock in front of his face. He licked his lips and leaned forward. He took one hand and wrapped it around Adam's balls and gave them a squeeze. Adam's cock swelled to a full hard. Neo licked teasingly at the head before plunging his mouth down on Adam's cock. Neo bobbed his head and long dick sucked Adam, taking his mouth from the head all the way down to bury his nose in Adam's pubes and back up to the head. He slurped his way up and down happily on Adam's cock.

Aiden circled his hands around Adam's head and pulled, urging Adam deeper on his cock. Adam swallowed and prepared himself. He took a deep breath and went down on Aiden's seven inch cock, balls deep. Aiden pumped his hips quickly, fucking Adam's throat. Aiden pulled back out and gave Adam time to breathe, then plunged his hard cock back into Adam's throat.

Neo hollowed his cheeks and bobbed his head faster. He kneaded Adam's balls as he bobbed his mouth up and down Adam's cock.

Aiden grabbed a bottle of Swiss Navy lube on the end table. He briefly wondered if Adam's mom had seen it, but right now it didn't matter. He pumped two globs of lube onto his fingers, then reached behind and put his finger on Neo's hole. He pushed the lube in, slicking Neo's hot ass. Aiden pushed two fingers in and heard not a comment or anything from Neo. He looked down and for a moment, and watched Adam suck his cock. He was a really cute boy, and especially cute with Aiden's cock in his mouth. He pulled his cock out, stepped back, and dropped to his knees. He lined up on Neo's cheerio, pushed his dick head inside and paused. Aiden looked up at Neo and watched his boyfriend's head bob up and down on Adam's cock. He smiled and pushed his cock into the velvet hot wetness all the way to the balls. Aiden sighed at the wonderful feeling of being buried deep in Neo's ass. He pulled out halfway and shoved it back in. Aiden set at good pace and started fucking. Adam watched and decided he wanted to get more involved. He scooted back pulled his cock from Neo's mouth. He flipped around and lay on his back. Adam then scooted under Neo until he could get to Neo's cock. Adam opened his mouth and sucked Neo's cock in. He felt Neo go down on his cock and the sixty-nine was set. Adam looked up and watched Aiden's cock pumping into Neo's ass. He would have smiled at the sight, but Neo's cock was now deep in his throat.

Aiden watched Adam move into the sixty-nine and smiled. He looked down and saw Adam's eyes looking up at him. Adam released Neo's cock, leaned his head back and opened his mouth. Aiden saw the invitation and pulled his cock out of Neo's ass and shoved it into Adam's mouth, who took it in greedily. Aiden pumped his cock into Adam's mouth a few times, then slammed it back in Neo's butt for a few strokes. Then Aiden pulled it back out and shoved it back into Adam's mouth for a few strokes. Aiden repeated this several times before pumping his cock back into Neo and hammered home. Less than a minute later, Aiden pulled his cock out and aimed it at Adam's mouth. His cock fired ropes of cum directly into Adam's open mouth. Aiden then slammed his cock back into Neo's hot ass and finished his cock's load balls deep. Adam swallowed, then wrapped his lips around Neo's cock and deepthroated it. Neo moaned and fired hot cum down Adam's throat. Adam's cock returned the favor and unleashed a torrent of cum into Neo's mouth.

As the cum flow slowed and finally stopped, Aiden sat back, and Neo rolled over on his back. All three were breathing hard.

"Damn, that was the best," exclaimed Adam. Neo grinned.

"That was a huge fucking load, dude," Neo said to Adam.

"That was hot, and it really turned me on," Adam said as he took a finger and swiped a drop of cum from his chin and popped it into his mouth.

"Let's get cleaned up," Aiden said as he stood up.

*** Neo *** Neo *** Neo ***

Neo looked around as he and Aiden got out of the Uber. It was almost ten o'clock and time for their photo shoot.

"There it is," Aiden said pointing to the small sign beside a glass door. The boys walked over and went inside. Madison was waiting in the reception area.

"Good morning," she greeted them "Right on time, perfect. Let's head back to the studio and we can get to work on you two. Just follow me." The boys followed Madison down a long hallway, then through a door at the end. They came into a huge room with high ceilings. One wall was painted green and there was a steel pipe grid overhead holding up dozens and dozens of lights.

"Morning," came a familiar voice. The boys turned around and smiled as Adam walked up. "I see you made it."

"Yep, we're here," Neo said and his gave Adam a quick hug.

"Boys, over here please," Madison called out.

"Have a good time you two. I'm here for moral support, okay?" Adam said smiling.

"Thanks, that means a lot," Neo said, then headed toward where Madison was standing. Two chairs awaited along with two makeup artists.

"Have a seat boys. We're going to give you a touch up then we'll head over to wardrobe." The boys sat down, and the ladies went to work. Half an hour later, the ladies handed the boys mirrors.

"Wow!" exclaimed Neo as he looked at himself. His skin was perfect. His lips full and red, everything was perfect even down to his full long eye lashes.

"Okay boys let's go over to wardrobe. We have a few outfits picked out based on the clients we have in mind. They followed Madison over to a large room with clothes hanging on every wall. There were two people standing there waiting, a young lady and a cute young man.

"You know which is wearing what, right?" They both nodded. "Okay, I'll leave it to you. Show them to the shoot area when you are done."

"I'm Allison and you're with me Aiden," she said as she motioned Aiden over.

"And Neo, you're with me. I'm Kevin." Neo followed Kevin over to a table. "Can you strip down to your undies please?" Kevin asked politely. Neo stripped down to his boxer briefs. "Let's get you measured properly." Kevin took his tape measure and started taking measurements of Neo body. Neo was fine with this until Kevin dropped to his knees in front of him.

"To what side do you dress?" Kevin asked. Neo frowned and Kevin sighed. "To what side do you put your privates?" Neo smiled as understanding came to him.

"To the left actually," Neo said. Kevin smiled and finished his measurements.

"Now, let's get you dressed. First, put on these socks. Neo looked behind him and found a chair. He sat down and pull on the socks. "Next, the trousers please." Neo stood and pulled the pants on. Kevin handed him a pair of shoes, which he put on. "And finally, the shirt." Neo pulled the shirt on and watched as Kevin buttoned it up. "Perfect. Now if you will follow me, please." Neo followed Kevin through a maze of different set pieces and parts until he came to a brightly lit area where Madison and a man holding a camera stood talking. Aiden walked up beside him.

"You look hot," Aiden said with a wink. Neo smiled.

"Okay, let's start with Neo," Madison said. Neo walked forward onto the set. The photographer got a look at him for the first time and openly gasped. Madison looked at him and smiled. "Neo, this is Fernando. Just listen to him and try to relax, okay?"

"Okay, Neo said to Madison, then turned to greet the photographer. "Hi Fernando," Neo said and reached to shake the man's hand. Fernando shook it and looked closely at Neo.

"You have remarkable features young man. This shoot will go well. Please stand over there and just look at me." Neo did as instructed. "Now, just stand casually, arms to the side and turn your body slightly to the right, good, now lower you head a bit and look straight at the camera with no expression." Neo heard the click, click, click.

Adam came up beside Aiden.

"Come with me and you can see better," Adam whispered. Aiden nodded and followed Adam where he could see Neo better. Neo noticed him and turned to look at Aiden with a slight smile. Click, click, click, click.

"Wow!" Fernando exclaimed and turned to see what Neo was looking at. "You, Aiden, stay right there," Fernando directed. "Neo, lean against that post, cross your legs and then cross your arms across your chest and look at Aiden." Neo moved into the pose, then looked over at Neo and gave him a shy smile. Click, click, click, click, click.

The photo shoot went smoothly. Fernando shot Aiden and then the shot them together. He was ecstatic with the results. He quickly loaded the images from his camera into his computer and pulled them up on a large seventy inch screen. Neo's eyes bugged out.

"Wow! I look pretty good," he said. Fernando turned and smiled at Neo.

"You don't just look good, you look fantastic." He clicked up a picture of Aiden and Neo reacted first.

"Fuck, he's beautiful," Neo whispered. Fernando smiled and pulled up a shot of them together.

"Whoa!" Adam gasped.

"You boys are gold, and I can't wait to shoot you again. Thanks for the privilege," Fernando said with a smile. Both boys blushed.

"Okay, looks like we are through for the day. You guys are free to leave," Madison said.

"Uh, don't you want these clothes back?" Aiden asked. At that moment, Kevin from wardrobe walked up and handed each boy a bag.

"That's the clothes you were wearing when you came in. I folded them nicely for you."

"Thanks Kevin," Neo said.

"You can keep what you're wearing," Kevin said with a smile. Neo nodded and smiled back. Kevin turned and left.

"Okay boys, I'll be in touch in a few days and let you know how the pitch goes with our clients. I can't wait to see their faces when they see these pictures," Madison said with a smile.

"Thank you, Mrs. West. Can Adam ride back with us?" Neo asked.

"Sure, I don't see why not," she winked at Neo, then headed for her office. She had some phone calls to make. Adam had other plans.

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