A Lucky Bend in the Road by Chris James    A Lucky Bend in the Road
by Chris James

  Sexual Situations
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Author Introduction
    Funny little idea, quick little story. If you don't have four wheel drive this might happen to you, bet you don't complain.

The first sign I saw didn't seem very promising. 'Bridge Out, Local Traffic Only.' I passed that one, staring out through the rain-spattered windshield into the gloom ahead. My headlights caught the glow of reflectors on the highway barrier, the road was blocked off. Damn, I should have turned back at the first bend in the road, at least then I would still have been heading in the right direction.

For an hour I had been traveling back roads in the dark with only a reasonable idea of where Max's party was being held, it seemed like my kind of challenge. I couldn't imagine why he had moved all the way out here in the county, the guy had always been a city dweller until now.

I turned the front of my Cadillac to the left and slowly backed up. Three point turns had never been one of my best driving skills. That was now evidenced by the feel of my rear tires sinking into the soft edge of the road behind me. The tires spun as the rear end sunk into the mud, I was stuck.

At least the storm seemed to be letting up, the rain was tapering off. Maybe I could jack up the rear and ... did I remember to put the jack back in the trunk? No, it was sitting on the floor in my garage at home, crap. I stared at my hands on the steering wheel and realized this problem wasn't going to solve itself.

I had passed a gas station, what, eight miles back? I looked around through the glass and didn't see a single light in the darkness surrounding me. There had been houses a few miles back, had their lights been on? It was only a few minutes past nine. I should start walking back that way. My hand had just reached for the door handle when a face appeared in the window beside me and I almost jumped out of my skin.

A Lucky Bend in the Road by Chris James

The boy had appeared out of nowhere and he grinned devilishly as I rolled down the glass.

"Scared ya, didn't I?" he said. "Looks like you're stuck."

"Thanks for telling me what I already know," I replied. "What are you doing out here anyway?"

He was sitting on a bike, and besides the cutoff shorts he wasn't wearing another stitch of clothing. The kid was soaking wet, but it was August and the temperature outside was probably still in the upper seventies. Such a pleasant face, I guessed he was all of fourteen, and that was all right.

"Saw you pass the house," the kid said, "knew you might get yourself stuck down here in the hollow."

"And how did you know that?"

"Shucks, mister, there's about four cars a week get stuck down here in the mud. My daddy's got a chain fall rigged to that tree over there. I'll pull you out for ten dollars."

Ah, so that was it. I'll bet his daddy made sure the side of the road stayed muddy too, good for business.

"So, where's your daddy tonight?" I asked.

"He's gone down to Charlotte to get a load, won't be back until morning."

"Left you in charge of the business, huh? Well, I haven't got ten dollars on me, will you take a check?"

"You're kidding, right? Gotta have cash, mister."

"What's to keep me from just using the chain myself?"

"I got's a real heavy lock on it now, take you about a week to saw through it," the kid said with a smile."Maybe you got something to trade for it, got any CD's?"

"Only in the bank," I said, knowing he wouldn't understand my joke. The little shit was gonna hold me up for that ten dollars. He was almost cute, wonder what else he would take in trade? Did I dare even broach the subject with him? "How old are you anyway?" I asked.

"Gonna be fifteen end of this year," he replied.

"Got yourself a girlfriend?"

"Not yet, what do you think I want the money for?"

"Ok, I got you." I took a deep breath and hoped this wasn't going to blow up in my face, it was risky. "I'll trade you a blow job if you haul my car out of the mud."

The kid's mouth dropped open and I was about to tell him I was just kidding when he put a hand on his crotch and began to rub against the wet fabric. "You ... you wanna suck my dick?" he stammered.

"Only if you pull me out first," I said. I could see an ever increasing bulge under his hand. "Is that all right with you?"

"Long as I get off. Uh ... but how do I know you'll do it?" he asked.

I reached out the window and pinched the right nipple on his hairless chest. "It will be the best cock sucking you'll ever get, promise," I said.

The kid immediately dropped off his bike and ran towards the tree line across the road. In thirty seconds he was back with a wire cable that he hooked under the front of my car before running back to the trees. I felt the front end of the car jerk forwards and ever so slowly it was pulled back onto the road. The kid reappeared and unhooked me from the wire, tossing the hook back towards the trees. The whole thing was over in three minutes, I just hoped he took a lot longer to get his rocks off.

He stood outside the car waiting, probably expecting me to just drive off and leave him. I motioned him towards the passenger seat and saw a big grin on his face as the dome light illuminated his face. Damn, he looked young, had to be lying about his age. He was almost beautiful close up, such a wonderful hairless body. Yeah, they were all wonderful.

"Can we stay here?" I asked. "Don't want anyone driving down here."

"It's cool," he said. "You really gonna blow me?"

"Sure, if you don't mind?" I reached over and touched the bulge in his shorts, unsnapping the top button in the process.

"I sure as hell don't, just get me off," he said.

I began to tug on his shorts and the boy took the hint and pushed them down to the floor. He wasn't wearing underwear and I heard his cock slap up against his belly. I reached down beside the seat and toggled the buttons. The seat eased back and began to recline. Gotta love these American cars.

"There, that's better," I said.

"Yes ... yes it is."

I reached up and snapped on the small map light beside the visor. A small pool of light appeared in his crotch and illuminated his stiff little cock. Maybe four inches, I judged, and such a lovely shape. A soft fuzz of pubic hair surrounded the base of his cock and yet his balls still appeared almost hairless, such beautiful globes of flesh.

The boy was tensely straining upwards, almost willing me to begin sucking him, commanding that I give him pleasure.

"You're a virgin I'd guess ... ever done this before?"

"No ... I done it lot's of times."

"Hum, we'll see," I said.

I lowered my head towards his crotch as my hands swept the shorts off his ankles. My lips began to kiss the head of his cock as I pulled his legs apart and upwards. He didn't resist the repositioning of his body, allowing me spread him wide, his feet braced against the dash board.

I heard a little gasp as my tongue swept down the length of his shaft and caressed the soft ball sac between his open thighs. He wanted me to suck him but first I wanted to play and so I licked his balls and followed the fine ridge of skin to his sweet little asshole. I was sure he had never experienced this before as my tongue plunged into the dark warmth of his anus.

His body gave a tremendous shudder and his thighs spread even wider as my tongue dipped in and out of his sweet little pucker. I lapped away at the musky crack and was rewarded with a groan of pleasure, what a good boy. I replaced my tongue with a finger and shoved up into the heat of his rectum.

"Oh ... oh," he groaned. To reassure him I backed out and played with the opening, giving him time to adjust. My mouth surrounded his cock and I drank it in, pushing down the shaft until my nose was nestled in his balls. His cock filled my mouth but I didn't feel it in my throat, he was too short to gag me. I felt his hands come to rest on the back of my head, a sign of his willingness to participate.

He began pumping his hips upwards, getting into the act with me by fucking my mouth. I heard little pants mingled with the groans of pleasure. My finger was shoving up his ass with every move of his hips but I knew it didn't hurt him. His body tensed and he gasped several times before coming in my mouth. Each spurt of warm boy essence was announced with a little grunt and after half a dozen he was spent. I eased my finger from his rear and the boy collapsed, the tension in his body released.

I sat back and lifted my finger to my face, inhaling the musk from his butt hole as I rolled the sweet taste of his cum around on my tongue. Hmm, his tight little ass would be a pleasure to fuck. I was seriously considering asking him if that would be an option when the kid put his face in my crotch and began licking the fabric of my jeans.

The kid was totally unpredictable, what a pleasant surprise. His fingers worked the buckle of my belt, unsnapped and unzipped me before plunging into my boxers and grabbing the object of his desire. I was wet and stiff as his fingers spread my natural lube down the shaft. His mouth took my cock and he tried to swallow me whole.

Whoa, the kid knew cock sucking and got an A for effort. He held a death grip on my cock shaft while his mouth worked the top half, in seconds my cock was a hot wet beast ready to explode. The boy pulled away from my crotch and I was about to protest when he swung his body across my lap and straddled my crotch.

His face thrust into mine, his slimy wet lips mashed against my cheek, my nose, my lips.

"Fuck me ... Oh, man ... fuck me now,"" he yelped.

He sat down on my crotch, attempting to place his butt hole around my cock but he missed. I dropped a hand to steady my stiffness and guided it against his sweet littler pucker. The kid was in a frenzy, he wasn't considering how this might hurt him. I felt my slimy cock push against his crack and the boy rammed himself down, impaling his butt on my shaft.

Oh how good it felt, at least for me. The boy screamed out in pain but held himself down, afraid to move. His back pressed against the steering wheel and the car's horn beeped shocking us both. He moved up and the horn stopped but not the pain. I leaned into him, licking his neck and kissing his wet skin, he sat back down and the horn blared out again.

Down, beep ... up, silence. The cycle made him giggle and soon we were both laughing as my cock went up his ass to the accompaniment of the horn. Laughing made him ignore the pain and relax. My hands spread his fleshy butt cheeks as he bounced in my lap, beep ... beep.

I licked his face and neck, nibbling and sucking his flesh as I felt the juices rise from my balls and blast into his ass. He felt them too, every blast of cum that scoured his intestines caused him to moan and the smile of sweet satisfaction never left his lips. I pulled him against me and shoved my tongue down his throat; I wanted to possess him completely.

My cock began to wither and began a slow slide from the boy's ass but the kiss didn't end. I plopped out of him and he hugged me around the neck, his tongue thrusting back, neither of us wanting the moment to end. And then it did.

"Whoa ... wow, that was hot sex, man," he said.

"I might say the same, you don't draw the line anywhere do you," I replied.

"Hey, its sex ... nothin like this around here anywhere until you come along."

"So ... I better be going," I said.

"Damn, I knew you were gonna say that ... are you comin back?"

"Little man, you can expect to see me a lot from now on," I said.

"Cool ... next time I'll cum three times in a row for you."

"Um ... maybe I don't have to leave this very minute, you ready to go again?"

"Mister, I was born ready."

"A Lucky Bend in the Road" Copyright © 2009 by Chris James. All rights reserved.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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