Bear Island by Chris James    Bear Island
by Chris James

  Sexual Situations
  Rated Mature 18+

Bear Island by Chris James

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Author Introduction
    It's been a while since I wrote a sweet little love story between two boys. Summer camp memories led me to write this one. Despite the best efforts of the adults who ran my camp, the boys always managed to find time to serve their own desires. I wonder if it's still the same, I bet it is. Come with me to Camp Woodland, let's find out.

Bear Island by Chris James

Remember summer camp? Well maybe you never attended one so here's a little story about the one I ended up knowing so well. This is a flashback to the greatest summer I ever spent in my life. No...that really sounds foolish, I have so many more ahead. Let's just say this was the most memorable summer I ever had. There, I can live with that.

Camp Woodland was my parent's choice. The brochure said their programs taught practical outdoor skills like camping, canoeing and hiking. All things a good little boy ought to learn. I suppose my father thought eventually it would make a man out of me. A good thing he didn't know what the place was really like.

This would be my third season, my rise to manhood the Woodland way. The two years prior I had been quickly indoctrinated into the scene and found it a paradise, but I wouldn't tell my parents that.

Not that I minded going off to summer camp this year, I needed to get out of town and the sooner the better. Doesn't sound good, does it? Well let's just say there had been some incidents and maybe several people wanted to beat me up so maybe being gone for a while was a good thing.

The bus ride took me north through unfamiliar territory. The years before I had been driven to camp, but this was my solo year, I was a big boy now. My mother worried about my having to change buses in New York. You know, all those perverts waiting to pounce on little fourteen year olds like me. God, if only that were true, I needed a good pounce.

See, that's my problem, I'm the pervert and several boys back home were ready to testify to events that would prove my case. I guess it all started when I was about eight. Not that I grew up playing with dolls or anything, I don't like girlie things. In fact girls don't do much for me at all. Boys are another matter entirely.

I fooled around with several of my friends when I was younger and that was ok, everyone did it. But then I started growing hair between my legs when I was almost twelve and the games became more serious.

There was one boy who seemed a little like me, at least we were into the same things when we fooled around. I had my first orgasm with him, unfortunately it made him barf and he didn't want to do it again. As for me, I liked the taste and couldn't seem to get enough of his adolescent cock juice.

We progressed to fucking and he seemed to like it...of course he did, I was on the bottom. I suppose the end of our relationship was my fault even though it was his cock that caused the problem.

I had dragged the kid home with me every day after school. My parents both worked so I started undressing him the minute the door was closed. All I had to do was put my hand on his cock and he was mine. Oh yeah, his name was Jeremy, but everyone called him 'J.'

J had a fat little cock and he was uncut. The feel of his skin covered erection was just too cool. His cock oozed copious amounts of pre-cum which was my signal to hop up and ride. I got a real kick out of J's facial expressions during our sex act. He always yelped as he slid up into me and then his tongue would hang out between his teeth as he pumped away.

As for me, I loved the feel of J's cock slamming home in my rear. His moaning and groaning usually sent me over the top. "Ahhh Chris...Oh it feels so good...Shit Chris...I'm cumming." Stuff like that really did it for me.

The only thing better was the spray of warm cum filling my ass. But J didn't always like fucking and that was all right with me to a point. But when I wanted a good fucking he needed to perform.

After all, this was my game. I'd invented it for the both of us. Then J called me a fag. Queer or gay I could tolerate, but J was acting the fag part quite well. I slapped him, he slapped me. I threw him down and got mad enough to pin him with my cock up his ass. A harsh fuck, but later J nailed me in the butt and we fell back laughing, the argument forgotten.

What I should have seen was that J and I were finished. His time became too precious to spend with me, and his new friends would never be mine. He skipped out on me and kept his mouth shut for a while. Six months later he would throw rocks at my bedroom window and beg me to let him do it one more time. But I was gone from him, I'd moved on.

My thirteenth birthday was heralded by a blow job from the sixteen year old bag boy at the Food-Wiz named Barry. Mom had sent me for milk to drink with my birthday cake and the carton leaked all over my jeans. The boy escorted me to the men's room just to help me clean it off. He rubbed paper towels on my thigh and then went higher and found my erection a complete distraction.

He pulled me into the handicapped stall, lowered my pants and inhaled my cock. We live in a small town; I knew his family quite well. But when I came in his mouth he swallowed before sinking to the bathroom floor and taking care of his own needs.

Now he was scared, he'd never done anything like this before, or so he said. Yeah right, I wasn't the first which made me wonder just who else was out there playing around. I promised never to tell and would he be working when I got off school the following day? Oh good, he could blow me every day if he wanted.

But Barry freaked when I finally asked him to fuck me. Nasty business, women were the only things he would screw. Yeah right once again, I pulled out a rubber and Barry fucked my socks off while I lay across the handicapped toilet. I didn't realize how spacious these stalls were. What a convenience.

Anyway, back to the trip north and Camp Woodland. I made it through New York without any problems; of course it was one o'clock in the morning. On the bus to New Hampshire I managed to seduce a thirty something schoolteacher. His horn rimmed glasses reminded me of this movie star and that in turn made me hot for his cock.

I had plopped down next to the man despite all the empty seats around us on the night run. This seemed to make him uncomfortable and I wanted to know why. Within half an hour I pretended sleep and leaned my head against his shoulder. I could feel him trembling, he was excited and the bulge in his crotch was a dead giveaway.

I put a hand on his chest and allowed it to slide into his lap where I encountered a stiff roadblock. It was time to get on with it and so I slid my head down to his crotch and began to nibble on his fly. The guy almost jumped out of his seat at that but when I grasped his erection through the fabric of his pants I got a resounding groan of delight.

Like most guys who go for sex with boys, my teacher buddy got all wound up and came too soon and then like a real gentleman gave me his handkerchief when I needed to spit. Maybe I was too aggressive, sucking his cock while squeezing his balls and my middle finger up his ass causing him to spasm and squirt. He really needed to calm down. Instead he got off the bus at three in the morning and never came back.

Camp Woodland, a pervert's paradise, and a real smorgasbord of young boys and teens. A possible world class masturbator's convention had been called and we all came. It didn't take but a few hours to pick out the special counselors who liked boys in their bed after lights out. I had my own list from the previous summer, and now there were some new faces.

OK, so there would be some perverts after us the next thirty days, no biggie. I wasn't worried about myself since that issue had been taken care of early on. I was sure that my reputation had preceded me and from the looks on several faces I knew that I was still in luck.

It was that first summer at Woodland, the one where I was twelve. Puberty and I arrived at camp about the same time, the both of us happy to be there. His name was Mark, he was a new counselor that year...and he only lasted one week thanks to me.

I was there to have fun, my definition being to have sex with as many of the boys as were willing that first week. The unwilling would take just a little longer. I knew Mark was perving over me the moment my parents drove away, but I wasn't gonna let it happen. He watched, I was his move to make.

It was after the movie on that first Sunday when Mark asked me to stay behind and help clean up the spilled popcorn and soda cans. I agreed, figuring it was time to end his suffering. The man had been undressing me with his eyes for days. Now he had me alone and he couldn't keep his hands off.

We picked up and dumped the trash, then right before we left he locked the door and turned out the lights. We were alone and Mark lifted me up and sat me on a table by the door. His hands slid to my waist and then brushed across my stomach before settling on the front of my shorts.

"I want to make you happy," he said. "Would you like that?"

"I don't want to get you in trouble," I replied. "You see..."

And that's when I told the Big Lie, the one that caused Mark to back off, unlock the door and bolt out into the night.

"You father is a Judge. This is my first time at camp and he says a lot of summer counselors are perverts. If I do anything with you he'll know...I just can't lie to him...I've never been able to."

Somehow the word got around and a certain selection of counselors seemed to avoid me after that...they still did. That was fine; it left me all the time I needed for scoring boys on my own...and Woodland was a gold mine of sexual activity. Now I was fourteen, I had the experience; Chris was on the prowl once again.

First contact: name Brian Willoughby, at least that's what it said on his first timer's badge. Yankee Blue Blood Type, finger up his own ass maybe...but I wondered. I hadn't had a blonde in over six months and he was thirteen...definitely my type.

Brian had a hand in his crotch during most of dinner. I had the perfect view from across the aisle. His cock went hard, then soft, then hard, went on for forty minutes, I timed it. The counselor at his table, the one with the hand in Brian's crotch, didn't seem to care that another boy might see this activity. I guess there was a lot of action taking place in the dining hall that evening.

Brian cut and ran right after the meal, but I spied him ducking into the shower house and quickly followed. I arrived in time to hear him punch the wall a few times and knew I had a live one here. I pushed open the door and walked in. Brian was sitting on the floor against the lockers, knees drawn up and his head down between them.

"Damn, these fuckers don't waste any time trying to get in your pants. I saw what that prick did to you...uh, Brian?" I'm definitely the Leo type.


"Unless I'm crazy he was feeling you up."

"Uh, yeah...what the fuck...I let him, what's wrong with me?" Brian asked.

"You're no different than me...we're all horny," I replied.

"Yeah? Well that's plain sick...I don't want some counselor perving over me all month. My parents said this was a nice place...what am I gonna do?"

"Get yourself a boyfriend for the next thirty days," I suggested.

"Oh that's plain nasty, I'm not gay or's like you said...I'm horny and all these guys know it."

"Well so am I...want to mess around with me?" I asked.

Brian almost laughed. "Well I suppose that would be better than some counselor trying to stick a fat cock up my ass?"

"He asked you to do that?" I queried.

"No...but it was goin there, I could tell. So if we mess, what do you want to do?"

"Stick my fat cock up your ass," I laughed. "But only after you do it to me."

Brian got up off the floor. "So you got a fat cock, huh?" He reached a hand out to the swelling in my shorts and gave it a squeeze. He could feel the heft of my meat and his eyes got wide. "You weren't"

"Just your average cock...and you?"

"Um...maybe like five inches when I get real hard," Brian said.

"Oh, I can swallow that much real good," I said.

The door opened just then and several boys trooped in followed by a counselor. It was shower time for several of the cabins so we had to clear out. I walked Brian back towards his cabin.

"I don't know what I'm going to do about that guy..." Brian said.

I leaned over and said a few words in his ear. Brian smiled. "You think?"

"Absolutely, it will stop him cold. So tomorrow go sign up for canoeing. I'll arrange to be your partner," I said.

"I'm not a great swimmer," Brian admitted.

"I am, and you won't even get your feet wet, I promise."

"Ok...uh, thanks," Brian said.

It was nearly dark but I looked in his eyes and saw something there. It was more than relief; it was akin to something deeply emotional. I almost thought he was going to kiss me on the spot so I put my hand on his shoulder. "Have a good night," I said, and then I walked away.

My cabin was full of masturbators that night, but I was saving myself for tomorrow. The boy sleeping next to me jerked himself at least twice; the one above me on the top bunk shook our beds and groaned three times. Sex was all around me but I would wait for Brian.

He sat with me for breakfast and I studied his face for any clues, did he still want to go forward with my suggestions? He waited until we got outside and had a little privacy before he told me about the events in his cabin.

He grinned and let out a laugh. "I did what you said, it worked like a charm."

It seems the aforementioned counselor, lets call him 'Bob', had waited for the cabin to calm down before he made a move towards Brian. Each counselor had a private room at one corner of the cabin while the boys slept in bunk beds out in the common room.

Right after lights out, Brian had seen several of the other boys get together in one of the corner bunk beds for a circle jerk. Someone had a flashlight and there were whispers for about half an hour as the activity reached a climax. Eventually the boys went back to their own beds and the room became quiet.

'Bob' finally came out of his room for a bed check, finally stopping at Brian's bed to stare down at the boy. Brian said the man sat down and began to rub his hand across the blanket above his ass, gently squeezing as he went.

"Brian...?" the man whispered. "Are you awake?" Brian said he rolled over and leaned up on one arm. "You want to come to my room?" he was asked.

"I can't," Brian whispered back.

'Bob' leaned in close, his hand fondling the boy's erection. Brian blushed at that point. Yes, he had been hard; there was nothing he could do about it.

" can," the man had said.

"No...I don't want to get you in father works for the FBI; he'll know...I can't ever lie to him."

That was the punch line Chris had told him to deliver and it worked. 'Bob' stood up so fast his head banged into the overhead bunk. The man was back in his room so fast Brian almost laughed aloud.

Now he smiled. "You're a fucking genius, it was a brilliant move."

I smiled in return. "He won't bother you again, you'll see."

They walked down to the lake where the canoes were moored. A map was posted on the wall of the boatshed and Brian looked at it carefully.

"Ten thousand acres of water, and three islands," I said. "The only place we have to avoid is down at the south end near the dam."

"What happens if we get close to the dam?"

"Nothing, we can't go over it, but it'll be a bitch to paddle away from because the current is so strong down there." This was the voice of experience, I had nearly tipped over down there that first summer.

Tad was in the canoe with me, we had been out for five hours by that point and both of us were tired. We were a good half mile from the dam, the point where I stopped paddling. But I had a good reason for losing control; Tad was lying in the bottom of the canoe with his face in my lap.

The pleasure of his mouth distracted me. I was twelve and working on my third orgasm of the day when we felt the warning wire scrape across the bottom of the canoe. I looked up and we were a hundred yards from the dam, the sound of the water cascading over the twelve foot drop made my heart stop.

I back-paddled furiously and Tad screamed like a wimp.

"Paddle...paddle, you pussy," I yelled.

The wire had us held in check but it took us ten minutes of furious paddling to pull away from the drift going over that concrete spillway. I never did catch that third orgasm, Tad was pissed because I called him a pussy. He thought I was referring to the fact that he liked to swallow. Go figure, I would never criticize a fellow cum addict.

The second summer I discovered Bear Island. So named not because bears lived there, although that was the way the older boys liked to scare the younger ones away, but because of its shape. It was the hot place to have sex, long as you didn't get caught.

Rule number three posted on the wall, the one right after always having to wear life jackets while in the canoe, was no beaching the boats on any of the islands. Yeah right, everyone did it. Where else could you get a little privacy for the big nasty?

There were two hundred kids at the camp, privacy was at a premium. It was ok to catch a little jerk off session in the toilet stalls, maybe even a quick suck. But to do the deed, the most wonderful experience I knew, the joining of cock and had to go canoeing.

The woods were full of poison ivy and snakes, been there done that, not going again. But most of the happy little campers used the woods, clambering through patches of the itchy weed, stomping on slithering creatures...not for me. A trip to the local emergency room was usually followed by the parents arriving to take their poor little dear home.

To canoe one had to pass the basic swimmer's test. I already had that badge sewn on my bathing suit, Brian didn't. We proceeded to the swimmer's area where several of the counselors were vetting the new boys. Brian stood in line while I swam out to the pontoon raft and back a few times.

I pause to describe the attraction I had for Brian. Age was a factor; his thirteen years of life had been most kind to his body. I could tell he was a natural blonde even though I hadn't glimpsed the all important package of goodies just yet. But something about a boy with hair the color of spun gold made my heart beat faster, and Brian was a wealth of golden beauty.

He wasn't skinny, another plus. In a bathing suit for the first time, I had glimpsed his well developed young muscles and found him a worthy partner. His bathing suit clung to his ass when it got wet; giving me a glimpse of that solid foundation he would need when I lay him back in the grass on Bear Island.

I watched the boy stroke his way out towards the raft, out and back being the strict test of ability the counselors demanded for the coveted swimmer's badge. His style was horrible; his arms slapped the water and took away most of the forward momentum. He struggled out and back, but he made it. I would have to work with him later on and added that to the list of things to do with Brian.

He grinned when he showed me the badge pinned on his suit. My heart flipped and then flopped; I think I was falling in love.

"You did it, good man," I said.

"You saw me, I'm not that good," Brian replied.

"To me you looked for the swimming, we'll work on it," I said, blushing at my over the top comments.

Brian laughed. "Down boy, I'm not gay...remember?"

It wasn't a put down, just a statement of fact. And then he got serious.

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean that to sound like you are..." He stopped; it was hard for him to ask me something that personal.

"You want to know if I'm gay. Would it offend you if I was? Would you stop liking me if I was?"

Brian's turn to blush. ", it's not like that. I want you to be my friend."

"I am gay, Brian...I've known that for years. I love other boys, always have and sometimes...sometimes I get hurt," I said.

I was testing him. I wanted to see if he would be the one to hurt me when all I felt was admiration and love towards him. I saw sadness creep into his eyes and he put an arm around my shoulders.

"I don't ever want to hurt you, Chris. There are things...things we have to talk about...but not here. Please trust me, I will never hurt you," Brian said.

I wanted to hug him, to hold him close and feel his warm body pressed against mine. Our month together was just beginning, there would be time for him to grow close, time for him to understand me, and I couldn't rush that. But in that moment of friendship I felt something pass between us, something wonderful that defied definition.

We went to the canteen and had them make us a picnic lunch. Most of the kids who planned a day trip did this and there were miles of shoreline to explore on Woodland Lake. The counselors made the rounds of the lake in a motor boat to keep track of our activities, but most times they avoided Bear Island because of the underwater rocks which were mostly uncharted.

I made sure Brian had some sun-block and a shirt in case we were out a long time. I didn't worry about it much myself, but then he was the fair skinned blonde type and the rays out there on the water were fierce. But we both brought sunglasses and a hat, the normal accessories for a day out on the water.

"Um, what if like we have to use the bathroom?" Brian asked.

"Pee over the side, but if it's something else we pull ashore. Just don't wipe your ass with poison ivy, ok?" I laughed.

"Oh God, that would ruin my day," Brian said.

"You do know what it looks like, don't you?"

"Nope, but if I need to wipe my ass I'll ask you before I grab any leaves."

Now there was a lovely thought. I wouldn't mind seeing that ass, even if there was something nasty coming out of it at the time. But it was time to go claim ourselves a canoe before they were all taken, fantasies could wait for later on.

I checked out the canoes that were left on the beach and turned over number thirty-eight. The aluminum craft were all dented and worn, but at least this one had no patches and the seats were solid. But best of all, it was painted dark green, the best kind of camouflage.

We walked over to the shed and picked out life jackets. I snagged a few flotation type seat cushions as well as a few bottles of water.

"Got everything, boys?" The lifeguard asked as we lugged our load out to the canoe. "Oh hey, Chris...remember me?"

I sure did, his name was Mike and he was the hottest male body on the whole staff. He was also the head lifeguard, and the hero of dozens of life saving rescues, I could only claim one.

It had been last summer, towards the end of camp. Mike had been on duty when the two boys tipped their canoe over while rounding the point. This area had flags all over the place marking the rocks just beneath the surface. But these clowns had ignored all the warnings and the rules; they weren't even wearing their life jackets.

I had been out sunning myself on the raft about two hundred yards from the point while Mike was walking the beach. I heard the boys scream as they struck the rocks and the rending sound of torn aluminum echoed across the lake.

I stood up to look and noticed Mike running along the beach towards the point. For a moment I couldn't take my eyes off him, it was mesmerizing. Like that opening scene in Baywatch where that babe of a lifeguard is running across the sand, headlights merrily bouncing in her skimpy suit. Yuck, but Mike...oh yeah, he ran like a gazelle. That bronzed god responding to distress almost made me wish I couldn't swim; he could rescue me any day.

But there were two boys in the water and Mike was alone. I took a flat out racing dive and began stroking for the point. I wasn't the hero type and I didn't know anything about life saving. But on the swim over figured I could at least grab a life jacket or two and get one of the boys floating.

Of the two rescuers on the scene, I reached the boys first. One was thrashing around and the second wasn't in sight. He must have gone down and I dove underwater to look for him. I saw a flash of yellow in the fairly transparent waters of the lake and headed for it. The boy must have hit his head as the canoe tipped over; there was a gash in the side of his face. But that didn't matter at the moment; he was drowning only yards away.

I grabbed the first thing that came in reach, an arm, and I pulled him upwards. I had no idea that an unconscious person could weigh so much even in water. I tugged and he barely moved...this was not good. I could hold my breath for several minutes, but the exertion was making me dizzy, I needed air and the surface didn't seem to be getting any closer.

I wouldn't let go of him, I couldn't or he would be gone...and then Mike arrived. He shot past me and grabbed the boy, tugging him to the surface. I surfaced gasping for air and then heard the other boy hollering. Right there in front of me was a floating cushion and I snagged it, breast stroking my way over to the idiot treading water.

He grabbed the cushion from my hands and together we swam over to the rocky shore. Mike already had the unconscious boy laid out on the sand and was pumping water from his lungs. He looked up at me and grinned when I came striding out of the water.

The boy on the ground coughed and vomited water, Mike seemed pleased. Several other counselors came running up at that point and they lifted the boy up into their arms and carried him back towards camp. I could already hear the sound of the ambulance making its way down the access road towards the lake.

I sat down in the sand, exhausted by my efforts and saw a shadow fall across my body. A pair of strong arms reached down and lifted me to my feet. I looked up into Mike's smiling face.

"Thank you," he said. "It was a foolish move on your part, but tried to do the right thing."

"I just couldn't pull him up," I said.

"It's not an easy thing to do for a boy your size, but at least you tried. Because of you I didn't have to waste precious time searching around for him. What's your name?"

"Chris...Chris Woodall," I said.

"Well, Mr. Woodall, you're a hero in my book."

He helped me walk back to camp and I leaned against him the whole way. I got a commendation from the camp director and cheers from my fellow campers, but what I valued the most was Mike's little presentation. It was right there beside my swimmer's badge, a junior lifeguard patch.

"Hey, Mike...staying busy this season?" I asked.

"Nope, but I feel better just knowing you're here." The smile was warm, he was so hot looking I wanted to melt under his gaze. He ruffed up my hair, something I generally hate, but never from him. "You boys go have a good time, and be careful, ok?"

"Sure, Mike, catch you later," I said.

Brian had witnessed the whole thing, and of course he had to ask. "Wow, he really likes you. What's up with that?"

"Like you didn't notice how hot he is," I said. "I had a serious crush on him last summer."

"Um, does he know know?"

"No, he isn't one of the pervs...he's just my friend," I said.

I think Brian had a greater respect for me after that, especially as we paddled out onto the lake and I told him the story. I had placed him in front where he could sit on the seat and control the steering. His paddle directed the boat while I took on the propulsion at the rear.

I knelt on the bottom of the canoe, kneeling on one of the cushions. I was closer to the water this way, my paddle had more force and my arms wouldn't get tired like this. But I also had a great view of Brian's ass. Something about that kept me smiling most of the morning.

It took us two hours to reach the north end of the lake, the one with the bridge across it that gave access to the camp. Comper's Creek ran under that bridge, one of the main feeds for the water under our keel. There was a warning sign for campers, the creek was off limits, it was forbidden to pass under the of course we did just that.

The creek was navigable upstream for about half a mile or so before the rapids made passage impossible any further. I just took us up there so Brian could scope it out once and we would never return again. We turned around and allowed the flow to carry us back to the lake.

Of the three islands, the Bear was the largest. Far as I knew the other two weren't even named, being little more than lumps in the water. They all had trees and rocks around them making it virtually impossible to land a water craft of any kind. But the Bear had a small beach on the north side facing away from the camp.

To land all you had to do was run the canoe up on the sand, hop out and pull the thing up on shore. Since the canoes were light weight it was easy to drag it up the slight slope into the trees and behind the brush. The motorboat making the rounds wouldn't see the canoe, but it was best to brush out the drag marks with a tree branch.

The process had been refined by years of usage and multiple landings, the word got around of how it was done. I don't know of anyone that got caught hidden away up on the Bear, but I was sure the counselors didn't investigate the place very thoroughly.

Brian and I made our way past the two little islands and I showed him the flags which warned of the rocks just beneath the surface. He mentioned that it might be a good time to take a pee because he was starting to feel the pressure. We were close to the west shore so I headed us that way.

I knew it was hard to stand up in a canoe, and I didn't want Brian to pee all over himself while trying to maintain his balance. I spotted a fallen tree and took us that way. I put the bow of the canoe up against the bank and grabbed onto the tree's roots. The canoe was steadier this way and Brian could hold onto the tree.

He stood up and draped an arm over the tree while the other began pushing down his swimsuit. The canoe rocked a bit and he sat back down real quick.

"That isn't going to work," he said.

"You need to lose the suit first and then stand up. Turn sideways and grab the tree with both hands while you pee over the side," I said.

He looked back at me. "Then you see the full view, I get it."

'You want me to close my eyes...I will," I said.

"Would's embarrassing."

"Ok, eyes closed," I said, pulling my hat down over my face.

I felt him move, that meant the suit was coming down. Then he stood up and the canoe rocked a bit. Damn, I wanted to see...but I had promised. The sound of his stream hitting the water made me giggle and I knew he was watching me to see if I would peek. The flow of water stopped and I felt him sit back down.

I pushed the hat up and opened my eyes...and there it was. Brian was leaning forward to pull up his suit and I got a full view of his ass.

I digress a moment to talk about asses. As they go, Brian had one of the best I'd ever seen. His body from the waist down was muscular and that meant no flabby ass on him. The two rounded globes of flesh were perfectly proportioned to his body and there was not a hair to be seen.

The cleft between his cheeks revealed a sweet looking pink asshole, it virtually screamed virgin to me and made my mouth water. But there was a most distinguishing feature at the top of that desirable cleavage, and I was sure it was a scar. It appeared to be a small V shape, pointing downwards; down towards the object of my desire...I had to ask.

"Brian...what's that scar above your ass crack?"

He looked back at me as he retied his suit. "You looked, huh?"

"Not while you peed, I promised. But I saw it just as you pulled your suit up...did you have an accident?"

"Yup, I fell off my bike a couple years ago. I hit this guy wire off a telephone pole and it tried to tear me a new asshole. Did you enjoy the view?" he asked.

"Oh...well yeah, but the scar got my attention. That must have hurt pretty bad...sorry."

"Ten stitches, that's about all. It itched like hell though and people thought I was walking around scratching my butt all the time. I never show that to anyone, you're the first. What's it look like? Can't see it myself, you know."

"It's...well it's not's kinda faded gives your ass character," I said.

Brian laughed and I joined in. "You are too much, ass." And we almost rolled the canoe over laughing so hard. From the way we were sitting against the shore Bear Island was the only thing between us and the camp. We both stared out at the tree covered lump of rock and dirt.

Off that little beach was a winding trail through the undergrowth, you couldn't see it from the water. But up that pathway was a clearing at the top of the island, a grassy area where hundreds of boys had lain down to partake of hidden delights. These thoughts coursed through my mind...I didn't know what Brian was thinking.

But as we sat against the shore he swung himself around to face me, the questions were all over his face.

"What's over there?" he asked, his head nodding towards the island.

"It's a good picnic spot. Lots of kids come out there just to get away from the camp. You can eat and then lay in the grass, the trees offer some shade at least."

"And why do you want to take me there...what are we gonna do, Chris?"

I smiled, it was the first time he'd asked me what my plans were. I didn't want to lie, but I wanted something sexual to happen.

"I want to spend time with you, quiet alone time. I'm not sure you understand how important it is to me just to be alone with you, Brian."

I could see the beginnings of a blush on his face. "You want to get naked with me I suppose."

"I do...but only if you're comfortable with that. I suppose we could jerk off, but I would be just as happy if all you did was allow me to hug you."

His blush was complete now, it was adorable and I felt my cock respond. This wasn't how I had imagined; I didn't know we were going to talk about it first.

"I'm a virgin," Brian said, looking down...embarrassed. "I mean a complete virgin...I've never even masturbated with someone before."

My breath caught in my throat, the whole thing now took on a different light. I gazed at him and he looked up into my eyes.

"I don't know if I'll be any good at this, you know...but I like you...I want to make you happy. Just...just don't hurt me, please."

Oh God, I wanted him in my arms that instant. I could never hurt him...he was too precious.

"I...I think you're just so amazing, Brian. You're so beautiful." There I'd said it. I held my breath, waiting for him to respond.

He smiled. "That's sweet...very sweet...and complicated. You don't really know me, Chris...we haven't done anything, but that is just so sweet. Do you say that to all your boyfriends?"

"No...I've never had a real boyfriend. Can we paddle over there?"

This was all wrong, the moment was awkward. I need to have him in my arms for this talk to continue. I needed to feel him pressed against me, and then I could open his eyes...and maybe his heart.

He turned back around and used the paddle to push us off the shore. The camp was on the other side of the island; they couldn't see us from here and so we made a direct approach... well nearly.

The rock formations demanded a zigzag approach. The monster stones passing beneath the canoe were like great teeth reaching up to scrape our bottom. I could see Brian looking down at the rocks and then back at me.

"It's ok, I know the way in," I assured him. And finally we heard the sound of sand scraping on our bottom and we beached. I had Brian get out over the bow and pull us up several feet. I passed out the supplies and he stacked things on the sand before I crept over the bow.

"See, told you, we didn't even get wet," I said. "Now comes the fun part."

We dragged the canoe up the slope and in under the trees. The dark green canoe blended right in with the scenery, I broke off two low hanging pine branches. Brian and I swept the beach of the skid marks and tossed the branches over the end of the canoe.

We carried the food, water, and cushions up through the trees and around the rocky outcroppings. The top was only about forty feet above the lake, but there was only a tiny view of the water from up here. The clearing hadn't changed much except for the litter of a few soda cans. There were always a few pigs that marred the beauty of the place; we would clean up after them before we left.

We chose a patch of grass and set our things down. Brian looked at me, waiting expectantly for me to take the lead...for whatever I had planned.

I sighed. "Ok, I'm going to take my clothes off...I always do that when I first come up here. Feel comfortable,'s always your pressure."

I took off the lifejacket and my shirt. I'd worn sneakers for the trip as had Brian, they came off and all that left was my bathing suit. I shucked that down and put it with my shoes. The dappled sunlight through the trees felt good, I was back in my element.

Brian stood there as I peeled off, trying not to look...but looking all the same. I placed a cushion on the grass and sat down, my cock dangling in the blades of grass. I opened the waterproof box with our food and began to look through the contents. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Brian begin to undress.

One glance and I could finally say we were both naked, and both of us circumcised. His equipment and mine looked much alike, at least in the soft stage. I offered him a sandwich and we sat together.

"That wasn't hard was it?" I asked.

"I've never been naked with another boy before...or anybody for that matter."

"I feel honored to be the first," I said.

"I don't know about that, it feels pretty strange," Brian said.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of, I like what I see."

"You're so tanned You have hair in places I don't, I feel like a little kid compared to you."

"Brian...that's plain silly. You grow on a timetable known only to your body, things change every year, and you know that. I'd say more but I don't want to embarrass you."

He bit into the sandwich and smiled. "Go on, say it."

"You have a great ass and a nice cock, they compliment your body; you're going to make some girl very happy some day," I said.

He shook his head. "Maybe, but I don't know anything about girls...about sex with girls...about sex period."

I laughed. "Well I'm gay; you won't get too much advice from me."

He grinned, crumbs falling from the corners of his mouth. "What is it that gay guys do so differently? From what I hear the act is about the same, it just involves different parts of the body."

"Hmm, that's one way to put it," I said. "The cock is a unique tool, it works on either sex. A female...well there's only one option. And I never could understand how lesbians can enjoy themselves for that matter."

"Yeah, that is kinda funny, but guys sure seem to enjoy talking about it."

"Guys? What about you, you're a guy. I know there's the virgin thing but what do you think about when you masturbate."

Brian immediately blushed. " want me to tell you?"

"Well it's no secret, we all masturbate. I imagine you and I just think about different things," I said.

"What do you think about?"

"Um...sure you want to hear this?" I asked. God, could I explain what a turn on boys were for me?

"Yeah, I'm curious. What did you think about the last time you did it."

I sighed; did I want to tell him? "I thought about...about you."

Brian chomped down on his sandwich and grinned once again. "I figured as much, you got it for me, huh?"

"I was telling the truth before...I think you're the most amazing person I ever met. Now who else would I think about when my mind turns to sex?"

Brian finished the sandwich and brushed the crumbs off his fingers. He swallowed, washing it all down with some of the water.

"I ought to be flattered, you think I'm sexy...never been told that before. But for you that's normal. I don't know that I think about any one thing, the feeling sure, it's the most awesome experience my body has ever gone through."

He stopped a moment. "And I suppose since this is brutal honesty time, I have thought of other guys when I stroke off. Boobs and pussies usually get tossed around in my head, but I think I see my thoughts turning more and more to guys. I've never seen a guy masturbate before; I wonder what it would be like."

He lay back in the grass and I could see his cock was boning up, I was already there. He looked over at me; the glance said everything was all right.

"You want to do it, don't you?" He asked.

"I do. It's the place most guys usually begin...but I want us to do something else first if you will...I want a hug."

Brian smiled...and then reached a hand out. I leaned over and placed my arms around him, pulling him close. There was no way our bodies could not touch and I lay my head on his shoulder as we melded together.

Our bodies were pressed together, our cocks touching, it was pure heaven. Brian began to run a hand up and down my back, stroking me...dare I say it...loving me. Like a fool I began to cry from the shear joy of it all.

My fingers clutched at his skin, his hands roamed my back...and I sobbed. I felt his face against my head, his lips in my hair, on my forehead...and he kissed me, tenderly...oh so sweetly.

I looked up at him and he smiled at the tears on my face. "You really needed this didn't you?"

"Yes, sex is no substitute for affection," I said.

"Well I feel this is pretty sexual, after all we are cock to cock here," Brian said.

"I know, you're pretty brave to allow me to get like this with you...are you comfortable?"

"Its fine, you feel good to me," he said.

"I'm such a baby, sorry," I said.

"No, you're just being honest about your feelings, I respect that. My cock feels good pressed against your stomach."

I felt him press himself against me harder. I moved my body up and down a little to gauge his reactions. Our cocks rubbed and I saw passion appear in his eyes.

"Um...oh, that does feel good," Brian said.

"You want more...I'm all yours."

"I don't know what I want." But his body moved a little, sliding his cock up and down and the passion blazed. His face was right there, his mouth so close to mine I could feel his breath on my lips. I moved a bit and made contact.

Brian didn't pull away, he allowed the kiss to happen and I pressed my lips against his, meaning it to be real this time. I heard a low moan from his throat and his body responded, sliding against me harder and harder. The kiss ended but the rubbing didn't. I pushed myself back against him and he responded. We were simulating sex right here and now. It was a start; I was willing to go the whole way like this.

I could feel things starting to get a little slippery down there on our stomachs, I didn't know which of us had started leaking, it didn't matter. We were side by side and to facilitate this act, I rolled on my back and pulled him on top of me. Brian never stopped moving, but now it was easier.

"You like this?" I asked.

"Umhmm...feels nice," he said. "And you?"

"I think we skipped right over masturbation," I said.

Brian grinned, "Yeah, well we both know how that's done."

I slid my hands down his back, pressing his flesh, feeling his wonderful body. Did I dare, would he object? My hands slid down and I grasped his butt cheeks. I pulled him hard against me and he moaned with delight. Our slow fucking movements continued, it was what we had and I didn't want to stop until we both exploded.

Brian looked down at me and leaned in for another kiss. It was something he liked, something I was more than willing to do...but straight boys didn't kiss...did they? Our lips pressed together and I ventured to lick his with my tongue. He opened his mouth a little and I used that to press my case. His breath was sweet; my tongue danced across his teeth and battled his tongue. I withdrew my tongue and his followed into my mouth.

His movements down below picked up. His cock was really sliding back and forth in the slime between us; I guessed we were both leaking now. I could hear his breathing becoming stronger, I could almost feel his heart beating faster, or was that mine?

Our lips ravaged one another, our cocks kept pressing and Brian began to moan. He took his lips away and gasped, his breathing increased and he groaned aloud.

"Oh...oh...I'm gonna cum...please...can I?"

"Go for it, I'm almost there..." I gasped in return.

I was clutching his ass, my fingers kneading his flesh. Brian was pressing his cock into my stomach so hard I could feel our cocks rubbing against one another side by side. I was close to the brink but I held off...waiting for him.

"Oh...oh...ahhhh, I'm there," Brian groaned and I let myself go as well.

His body went rigid and I felt this sudden gush of warmth spread between us. His body trembled with the aftermath of such a huge effort and I clutched him to me, holding on for dear life. And all of a sudden he was a limp doll in my arms, the pulsing of our cocks stopped and he lay breathless on my chest.

It was without a doubt the most amazing sex I had ever experienced, even better than getting fucked...and it was all because of him. Our mutual pool of cum began to slide down my waist and I giggled.

Brian lifted his head. "What?"

"I've been slimed," I said, and then I burst out laughing.

Brian laughed as well for only a moment and then leaned down to kiss me again. There was so much passion and feeling in that one little kiss I though my heart would stop. But he pulled away and smiled down at me.

"I get it now...I really do." He kissed me again and then pulled away laughing. "I must be gay, that's the most incredible thing I ever felt."

"Whoa...being gay is not just about sex," I said. "Come on...let's go clean up this mess."

We snuck back down to the beach and peeked out through the trees. No canoes in sight so we hit the water, but after a few minutes I got worried being exposed like this. We got back to the trees just as the motorboat came around into view.

"Shit, they'll catch us," Brian said.

"Nope, they're not even looking this way. They don't want to catch anyone." The boat sped away. I knew they were out counting canoes, that was the only bad thing...they would end up one short. We had about another hour tops; I didn't want Mike to get worried about us.

"So ready for dessert?" I asked.

Brian's mouth fell open. "You mean more sex?"

"Or pie...whichever you prefer," I said.

He put his hand on my bare ass and I suppose that was my answer. We went back up the hill and sat down. I wanted to make him happy with what we had already done, but I didn't want to freak him out either. Being a virgin is a delicate matter, I didn't want to rob him of it...well not yet at any rate.

No, he would have to be willing to give himself to me when he felt comfortable enough with as sex partners. When he got ready I would let him between my legs, and then he would no longer be a virgin in mind and body. Taking his ass wasn't even on my mind, but he could have mine.

We lay back and kissed, both immediately becoming aroused despite what had happened only a half hour before. Hopefully this time it would take longer, but we were going there again. Brian went to lay on me again, but I pushed him down and lay on top. I was determined to taste him this time.

The crack about feeling himself to be gay was nothing to me, I knew better...well for the moment at least. That was the sex talking not his heart. Now I wanted to make it personal. I began by kissing his neck and shoulders.

The art of touching someone's most tender places was a delaying tactic. I played with his nipples and tongued his chest. He lay there soaking up the feelings, unsure of where I was going with this. My hands roamed his body and finally grasped his cock.

Brian moaned when I began to stroke him and I kissed his nipples and sucked on them. I could feel his body move and twitch at the sensations I was causing, I loved doing that. But I trailed my tongue down his belly and dove for his balls.

He gasped when I took then in my mouth, nothing like a little emasculation worry to heighten sex play. I contemplated the nasty places further down and decided he wasn't ready for that, tomorrow maybe but not today. He would worry that I wanted his asshole, and I did, but he wasn't ready to surrender that just yet.

I let his balls drop one at a time and began to lick up the underside of his cock, finally taking the head in my mouth. A swirl of my tongue and he almost leaped off the ground so I buried my nose in his pubes.

Sucking a five inch cock was child's play but Brian didn't know that. I went at it slowly, feeling his reactions and looking for the tipping point. I took him to the edge and then stopped, pulling off and sitting up.

"I need some water," I lied. This was just not going to end too fast; I would make sure of that. Brian handed me the bottle and I took a swig. "Having fun?" I asked. The look in his eyes was my answer. He grabbed my face and kissed me long and hard.

We pulled apart. "I never...Oh're amazing," Brian said. His hand slid down my belly and grasped my cock. "Can I try that?"

OK, hit me with a brick, I didn't see that coming. "Yes, I want us to share anything you want," I said. He grinned at me, what a brave one.

I turned my body so he could access my crotch and I fell back on his cock. I felt tentative licks and kisses on my cock, a sensible beginning. He would choke on me if he tried too hard, but right now I would settle for anything he did...anything at all.

I went back on his balls, knowing my spit was drooling down the seam towards his butt hole. Maybe a little play down there was allowable, a finger perhaps. Two minutes later he had my cock halfway down his throat and was slurping and sucking for all he was worth. The finger I had buried in his butt seemed to do the trick.

The level of passion had risen, well...after a brief hesitation as my finger entered him. I know it was a shock but by now he trusted me not to hurt him and the finger only increased his pleasure. I know this because he had his finger up my butt as well.

I could feel his muscles contract around my digit and then go completely soft, his moans told me everything was fine in there. I could almost feel his cum rising, ready to boil over and explode. I wasn't near orgasm myself, but he was trying at least. I couldn't make him hold out any longer, I rubbed the sweet spot in his rectum and Brian went ballistic.

He groaned in warning and pulled off me. "I'm cumming...ahhhh," he yelled, but I was ready for him. I don't suppose he'd given a thought to me wanting his cum in my mouth, but I would feel cheated if I didn't get every drop. His ejaculation was just as awesome as the first one, only I got the benefit.

The sudden burst of his cum in my mouth sent shivers down my spine, or was it his finger prodding my backside? Nope, he'd pulled that out when he let loose, I was on my own. His spurts filled my mouth and I swallowed, allowing the heady scent to fill my sinuses. God, I love the taste of cum.

His erection began to wither so I stopped molesting it. He lay back in awe while I sniffed my finger, savoring the earthy scent of his inner body. I lay back, my senses relaxed, but not my cock. I wondered what he would do about that, he didn't have the drive to continue sucking me, I knew that.

I felt his hand encircle my stiffness and he began to jerk me off. He sat up to do it right and I lay there enjoying his caress. The finger wiggled back down between my legs and I opened wide to allow it into me. His hand was sliding in just the right spot, rubbing that most sensitive area just under the head of my cock. His finger wiggled, hit that sweet spot and I was off to the races.

I arched my back and groaned as I shot straight up in the air, and like a pro he kept manipulating my cock until the last drops of sperm were out and dying in the sunlight. His hand pulled away and I sighed, feeling the glory of the afterglow. And that's when he did it.

I felt a tickling on my belly, a light breathy breeze coming from his nose...and then his tongue. Oh God, the boy was licking up my cum. Tentative at first, and then great swaths of tonguing cleaned my skin and finally, he pulled my spent cock into his mouth and sucked off my remaining cum.

I sat up in amazement and saw him lick his lips, then that grin. "Tastes pretty good, you didn't tell me that," Brian said.

I grabbed him and kissed, tasting...mingling our cum until we both fell back with a sigh. I stared up at the clouds, my head swirling with thoughts about the boy lying next to me. Never did I dream it would be like this with Brian. Two days, I had known him two days and I was blown away with feelings towards him.

"Uh...I suppose we ought to go back," Brian said.

"Yeah...they'll get worried if we stay out much longer."

We stood to dress and I felt his eyes watching me. I looked up and grinned. Things were different between us now, we were sex partners.


"Yeah, Brian?"

"You think anyone will know...I mean about what we just did?"

"I'll know and you'll know...nobody else will unless we tell them." I said. "I don't think you want would make things too complicated."

"Yeah...I only want us to be together. Are we gonna do this again?" Brian asked.

I dropped my shoes and grabbed him in a hug. "Brian...I want us to do it a million times...but only if you want to."

I felt his arms slide down my back and his hands grasped my butt. "I want us to...I want you to show me everything you know, Chris."

I kissed him again and then pulled back. " you think you would feel comfortable my boyfriend?"

Brian grinned. "Are you asking me?"

"Yes...oh, yes...will you?"

Brian kissed me again. "I think I will, you're pretty amazing yourself."

I laughed and went scrambling for my shoes. We gathered up the trash and stuffed it in the food bag, remembering to look for all the lose cans some other idiots had left behind. Brian followed me down the hill and we looked out at the expanse of water.

The coast was clear so we slid the canoe down into the water. Brian held the front as I climbed in and took my position. He hopped in and sat down, pushing the canoe off the beach.

I didn't want to go back to the camp; it would mean our first day together was over. There would be others, but none so exciting. I had a boyfriend...I was in love. The trip back was slow and easy, but as we approached the dock I saw Mike standing there waiting.

"You're overdue, guys," Mike said. "Ten more minutes and you'd have missed chow."

"Aw, sorry," I said. "We stopped to pick up this huge pile of trash I saw on the shore." I hefted the bag up on the dock and the cans rattled around, confirming my statement.

"Yeah...well, OK...but next time you boys come in when you're supposed to, you had us worried. The launch went out looking for you but maybe we didn't see the canoe. I probably ought to get rid of that darn green thing anyways; it looks like it might sink at any minute."

"It's's not leaking," I said.

"You guys go get some chow...I'll see you later," Mike said.

Brian and I hurried up the path towards the cabins. "Are we that late," he asked.

"Yeah, we got a little carried away, didn't we?" I laughed.

Brian put his hand on my shoulder and I resisted the urge to hold him. "We ought to take a shower after supper," he said.

"Oh yeah, now you're talkin."

We could spend the day together, shower together...but we slept in separate cabins. It was probably for the best; at least we couldn't get carried away together after lights out.

Supper was cool. Brian kept his knee pressed against mine under the table; it was the best we could do. But then it was shower time and that would be great fun...even if we weren't alone.

I wanted to touch his body, but there were three others messing around under the spray. I washed my chest, feeling the residue of our sexual encounter stuck to my skin. It was a thrill just to know he had been naked and sprayed his cum all over my skin.

Whoa, thoughts like that would give me a stiffie...wrong time and place. Brian seemed to sense my sexy thoughts and laughed...little bastard. But at least now I could openly stare at his body. He kept turning his tight little butt my way as a tease. I poured shampoo over my head and closed my eyes just to keep the thoughts from giving me a boner.

Brian was just such a sexy creature it didn't work at all. Even with my eyes closed I could feel my cock become erect. One of the other boys noticed and laughed. I looked at the kid and saw his pathetic little worm dangling between his legs. I turned back to Brian and saw he was erect too.

We both laughed and turned to face the wall until the other boys left. OK, finally alone with Brian...but in such a public place. I looked at his cock and he shook his head.

"No way, Chris...don't even think about it."

"Oh damn...," I replied.

Brian seemed to feel just as horny as I was because he smiled. "I'll take care of mine if you take care of yours. At least we can watch each other."

Ok, it was what it least we could get some relief. I squirted shampoo in my hand and grasped my cock. Brian stood facing me and I knew he could watch the door. I handed him the shampoo bottle and he took a handful, spreading it on his cock.

I began to stroke myself, my eyes watching him but my mind remembering what we'd done that afternoon. He must have been doing the same thing because I saw his eyes looking at my cock and his tongue slowly darted between his lips.

The danger of shower room sex and the view of his awesome body made me groan with desire...this was such a turn on. Brian began to stroke, his other hand sliding across his chest and pinching his nipple. The boy was showing off for me, exciting me.

I had never seen him masturbate; we'd skipped that part already. Now I got to see him pleasure himself and it was such a great fucking show. Somehow I just knew Brian didn't act like this when he jerked off alone...I was being entertained...and teased.

It became a contest to see who could do the sexiest things to ourselves even as we stroked towards a common goal. The shower heads were about five feet apart, but as we stroked we seemed to get closer and closer.

I watched the head of his cock grow larger, the head mushrooming out as he slid his fingers back and forth. His fingers were in a tight little circle around his cock head, his hand never going far down the shaft. I usually did the whole length of mine as I stroked, but tonight I did it his way.

It only took a few minutes for the head of my cock to become extremely sensitive, almost painfully so. But the pleasure of those two fingers made me feel the pressure building up inside. I know my mouth was open; I was almost drooling at the sight of Brian's self love.

I heard him groan and he flashed me a sexy smile...he was close, and I was right there too. "Ah...yeah," I heard him gasp. "You there yet?"

"Oh...yes...I'm there," I gasped. My legs were trembling, and I could almost feel the cum boiling up from inside.

Brian took a step forward just as I did, our cocks almost touching as we both let go with huge spurts of cum. We splattered one another and I saw his eyes burning with was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

We both stepped back, allowing the water to wash away the evidence, but his eyes never left mine. He grinned and then leaned against the wall.

"Oh shit...that was awesome," he said.

"You're awesome...I love you," I said.

Brian's face broke into a great big smile. "I kinda figured too."

I would have grabbed him if the door hadn't opened just about then, bringing in two of the younger boys. Brian turned to the wall; hiding his semi-rigid cock...I just never turned around.

"Excuse me," this little voice said behind me, "Can I use some of your shampoo?"

Without thinking I turned to hand the bottle to the boy and I heard him gasp. Oh yeah, my cock was still in a pretty rigid state. The boy was staring down at it and then he looked back up at my face.

"'s huge," he said.

I heard Brian snicker as he leaned against the wall, putting a hand to his mouth to stifle the laughter. This was my embarrassing moment...and mine alone.

"Yeah, well it gets like that if you play with it," I said, pretending to be casual about it. The kid had to be at least eleven, the youngest age allowed at the camp. I looked down at his little noodle and saw it stiffen. "You do play with it don't you?" I looked at the other boy; he was just about the same age. "Together maybe?"

They both blushed furiously and I almost laughed. Yeah, they had, I was sure of it. "Well just don't get caught having too much fun," I said.

The one with my shampoo bottle smiled and looked at his friend. They were both sporting wood by now, little three inch stiffies. The boy dumped shampoo in his hand and handed me back the bottle. The two of them stood under the same shower head, the one boy sharing out the handful of shampoo.

The kid looked straight up at me and smiled, the suds dribbling down his face. "Did you make cum yet?" he asked.

Brian lost it, his laughter echoing off the tile walls and I wanted to punch him. I smiled at the kid, what could I say? "Yeah I did, sorry...I did it up his butt," I said jerking my thumb back at Brian.

"," the kid replied. At least Brian wasn't laughing any more. "Barry wants to fuck me...doesn't it hurt?" the kid said, smiling at his friend.

OK, I was not gonna answer that. The kid was obviously curious but I wasn't the sex education teacher. Suddenly I felt Brian's hands on my waist and he leaned over to look at the boy, his soft cock pressing up against my butt.

"It only hurts if you don't want him up there," Brian said. "Just use lots of spit the first time and don't get caught."

The boy smiled. "OK," he said.

We left the shower and stood in the drying room. I could still hear the two little ones giggling in the background. I smiled at Brian. "Lots of spit, huh?" I said.

"Well you know they're gonna try it, don't you?"

"Yeah, probably." I left the question unsaid, but he knew what I was thinking.

He pulled on his shorts and sat on the bench to tie his shoes. I was waiting, the question was hanging there...waiting for a response. He stood up and rolled up his towel as I gathered up my stuff. And just as we got to the door he paused.

"Unless you have a better lubricant...we'll see," Brian said. He pushed open the door and I followed him into the night.

I slept like a log, my body exhausted from all those orgasms, but still smiling when I woke up. Brian was already at the breakfast table when I arrived, we shared a secret grin.

"What's on your schedule today?" Brian asked.

"Leadership training, that's what they want all us experienced guys to do. Personally, I think they're just trying to recruit future counselors for this outfit."

"You'd make a good counselor, Chris." Brian tried not to laugh but I could tell what was coming. "You could teach all kinds of things."

"I don't think sex education is on the list of manly values they want us to learn...their loss. Besides, I do better in one on one teaching situations."

A blush colored Brian's face and it looked so cute I wanted to kiss him that very second. I could ditch the leadership class, but another trip to the island so soon might not be a good idea.

"Are you afraid of heights?" I asked.

", not really...depends upon how high you mean," Brian replied.

"Did anyone tell you about the water tower we aren't supposed to climb?

"No, no one mentioned that yet...there's a water tower?"

"Maybe not a good idea, the ladder was pretty rusty last time I went up top...I'll think of something else." And I would, I had to be alone with Brian somewhere.

Woodland Lake was surrounded by a pretty dense growth of old forest, much of it private land. Other than our camp there were probably a hundred or more homes for the wealthy folks who came down here for the summer. We often saw them boating or fishing the lake, otherwise the campers had little contact with the residents.

The year before the whole camp had been taken on a ten mile hike just to get us out doing something. A week of rain had made everyone pretty lethargic and the counselors decided we needed a bit of exercise once the sun returned. It had given us a look at several of the rich looking homes along the lake front and a working farm a few miles down the road.

It was the farm that came to mind, Brian would enjoy seeing the animals. I was a suburban kid; cows and horses still fascinate me. But I remember that the farm had a barn, and barns had haylofts,and then there was the old expression about taking a roll in the that was the plan.

Brian cut his wood craft class, I ditched the leadership session. I know the camp tried to get us interested in these things, but most of us would rather run wild and choose our own activities. If they had offered a class in advanced sexual techniques it would have been a sell out.

I lead my young blonde boyfriend down the back trail behind the kitchen and up towards the road. I remember that a mile down the road dipped towards the lake and Brian would get a good look at the dam. A mile or so past that was the lane that led to the farm house, and just a bit further we would come to the barn I'd seen.

The dam was impressive and we saw a few other campers out on the rocks or paddling around in canoes. We left those boys behind and made our way up the road under the trees. The lane was quiet, the shade of the trees inviting, and I slid my hand into Brian's as we walked along.

"Are you sure we'll be alone?" Brian asked.

"I think so, farmers have to work all day and the animals are probably out in the fields." What did I know; I was making this up as I went along.

If I didn't remember exactly where the farm was my nose would have told me, they have a particular smell. We passed the driveway into the farm house and walked along beside the fence to the pasture. Brian pointed at the cows gathered in the distance.

"My uncle has a farm in Kansas, but he grows corn I think," Brian said.

The barn looked bigger then I remembered, but there was an enclosure on one side that held two horses. Still, there was no sign of anyone around and the large doors were wide open.

"Let's go take a peek inside," I said.

"OK, just be careful where you step," Brian chuckled.

The inside of the barn looked like a cave, a large and cavernous space, dark and inviting. We stood at the doorway and listened.

"No one's here...should we go in?" Brian asked.

I looked up and saw bales of hay stacked in the overhead loft so I nodded. "Up there." And I pointed at a ladder attached to the wall. I led off and Brian followed and a good thing because he didn't see the mice scurry away as I got to the top.

Up here we were surrounded by stacks of greenish yellow bales, the fresh smell was inviting. One look told me that sitting on these things would be uncomfortable; the little straws sticking out of them would poke holes in a boy's butt. I followed the roof line towards the back of the barn hoping to discover something better, and I did.

Tucked in the corner by a small door was a bed, an honest to God bed. The darn thing didn't look used much, but there was a clean looking blanket covering the old mattress.

"What's this doing here?" Brian asked. "Do you think someone sleeps here?"

I shook my head, and then had an idea. I lifted the mattress and almost laughed aloud. Dozens of Playboy magazines lay on the springs of the old bed, we had found some farm kid's hideaway.

Brian tried not to laugh, but he picked up a magazine and looked at the cover.

"These are really old, Chris...I bet these have been here for years."

"Do you want to look at them?" I asked.

"Naw, I don't need those to get me excited." With that Brian laid a hand on my shoulder. "So why did you bring me here?"

I blushed, I could feel the heat rising to my face and Brian grinned. His eyes came closer and our lips touched in a warm and welcome kiss. I slid my hands around his waist and pulled him in, and then I could feel the bulge in his shorts pressed against my thigh.

Brian broke the kiss and sat down on the edge of the bed. "OK, I'm ready."

I began to strip and he watched for a moment before pulling off his shirt. I was naked and hard when he began to slide his shorts down. I grasped the waistband and tugged them off, allowing his cock to slap up against his belly.

"Nice," I said, looking down at his body. I fell to my knees and spread his thighs. Brian raised his head to look down at me, and then he flopped down with a groan as I inhaled his cock. It felt really good to slide that cock down my throat, and then Brian bucked, ramming it home.

"Oh God...that feels incredible," Brian said. I'm sure it did, but I was trying real hard not to choke. I pulled off and shook my head, hell, it was probably my fault. But here I was staring up at his balls, and what was beneath them attracted me.

Brian didn't know what to expect as I raised his legs and then he gasped when I attacked his ass hole. I really gave him no choice, my tongue was in his butt too fast and all he could do was groan, I like groaners.

This was going to be my way of teasing him; Brian's ass was not ready to receive my cock. But just the thought of sliding into the heat of his butt turned me on to no end and as I grasped my cock I could feel it begin to ooze. I wanted that, I needed the pre-cum to lubricate my ass, I was about to sit on Brian's cock.

As my tongue got tired I ceased licking him and went back on his cock. By then I had been collecting my own natural lube and applying it to my butt, it felt slippery enough. I stood up and pushed his legs down, then straddled his lap.

I fed his cock to my ass hole. "All you have to do is push," I said, and I started to sit down. Brian thrust upwards and slid into me causing a few seconds of pain, something I was quite willing to endure. "Go...go on and fuck me," I groaned.

The look on Brian's face was priceless and I gave him my best sexy smile in return. His hands slid to my waist and he began to pull down as he thrust, oh yeah, that's what I needed. The position allowed his cock the greatest penetration and the boy was doing his best to use every inch.

"Oh shit...oh shit," Brian gasped.

"Yeah...fuck me hard," I groaned.

I held my weight up with my legs as Brian went into overdrive, humping and pumping in a frenzy that only made me grin. He was really into it and I approved of his dedication. His face became a mask of concentration, he was feeling the rush and a huge groan told me he was about to unload.

"Oh Chris...ah...damn," Brian yelped, and I felt his final thrust and the flood that followed. He'd had quite a workout and collapsed with a smile, his chest heaving, I was his first fuck.

I sat there until he started to go soft on me and then pulled off. My ass felt warm, I was filled with his sperms. This was a wonderful moment, my feelings for Brian soared and I fell on him and began smothering him with kisses.

"God, you're good," I said, and that was no lie.

He laughed and slid a hand down to my crotch. His fingers began stroking and I rolled on my back to allow him greater access, then Brian did the unexpected, he blew me. The first time it had been mutual, now he had initiated the act himself and I was thrilled. I saw that as a certain form of dedication, and a definite sign of his love.

But I was all keyed up; it wouldn't take long for him to get me there.

"Brian..I'm gonna now," I almost yelled. But he held my cock in his mouth as I unloaded and only choked a little as he tried to swallow it all. God I loved this boy.

Brian sat up with a grin. "How'd I do?"

"I love you...I really love you," I said.

He smiled and gave me a kiss, that's when we heard the noise down in the barn. We started throwing our clothes on, afraid that someone would find us like this. We crept along the wall back towards the ladder and heard more noises, it sounded like there were two or three people down there.

"You look after the horses and I'll go get the tractor," A man's voice said.

"Yes, sir," A young voice said.

There was some more noise and a door slammed. "Let's get out of here," Brian said, I could only agree. We climbed down the ladder and made for the barn doors just as the sound of a machine approached.

"Oh shit," I said, pulling Brian sideways into a stall. The walls didn't allow me to see what was happening but the roar of an engine quickly filled the barn and I figured the tractor had arrived. The machine went silent and I crept back to the gate of the stall and looked. There was a man unhooking a large trailer off the tractor and he seemed engaged with his back to us.

Once again I pulled Brian's arm and we did the ten foot dash to the doors in a hurry and slid outside. I was about to suggest we make a run for it when a voice spoke up.

"Can I help you?" It was a boy about my age, the farm boy we'd heard earlier.

"We just saw the tractor and wanted a look," I bluffed.

"You must be from the camp...sure, come on in," The boy said.

Well it wasn't what we wanted but Brian and I followed him back inside the barn.

"Who's this, Neil?"

"Two of the campers, Pa...wanted to see the tractor," Neil replied.

"That's fine, you show them around...I'll go see to the horses," The man said and he walked out of the barn.

Now I'm the perv in any bunch of boys so it caught me by surprise when I saw Neil lookin Brian over as we walked around the tractor. I know that look, I live those feelings, and Neil had a bulge in his jeans that said he was one horny bastard.

I didn't think either Brian or I were in the mood, not after what we'd just accomplished. But Neil needed something and I nominated myself as entertainment director.

"Is your father coming back?" I asked.

"Naw, once the horses are done he'll go up to the house for lunch," Neil said. His eyes travelled from Brian to me and back again. I watched him swallow, that nervous gesture said he was all keyed up and afraid to ask what I knew was on his mind.

"You meet a lot of campers?" I asked.

"Nope, what's it like down there?" Neil asked.

"Fun and games during the day, heavier games at night," I said, leaving the innuendo hanging in the air between us.

"Oh? Sounds like fun."

His jeans were severely tented by now and I could tell Brian had noticed.

"You ought to slip down there sometime, lots of horny campers looking for things to do," I said.

That did it, Neil's hand slid to his crotch and he squeezed his cock through the fabric.

"Oh...wish I could," Neil said.

"You'd have to pass the initiation first, but I don't think that would be a problem, would it, Brian?"

"Huh? Oh yeah?I'm sure he could handle it," Brian said.

"What would I have to do?" Neil asked.

"Depends on how horny you are," I said. I was thinking of getting Neil to suck us both off, but then quickly remembered where Brian's cock had been. "It's just a jerk off game, that's all...we need to see you shoot."

Neil grinned. "I can do that, wanna see it now?"

"OK, where?" I asked.

Now I know who used the bed in the loft, it looked like the kind of place Neil would spend a rainy afternoon. But his eyes said perv, so I wondered at all the girlie magazines. I wondered if he would take us back up there.

"I got a place, up there," Neil said, pointing up to the loft.

I thought Brian would laugh as we followed Neil up the ladder, here we go again. We reached the bed and Neil didn't say a word about the magazines. I didn't care how he felt when he was alone; I just wanted to see the show. That bulge in his jeans said he was hiding something grand, a big old country boy cock no doubt.

"OK, you strip down and we'll get you started," I said.

The jeans were off in a flash and Neil sat down before removing his boxers. He grinned as he slowly revealed his pride and joy. I heard Brian gasp as that monster came in view. I didn't think that horse out in the paddock had anything on this boy, it was a whopper.

"Nice," I said. "I'd pass you just on looks, but we're supposed to see it shoot."

Neil laughed. "Oh it shoots all right; I just might blow a hole in the barn roof."

Brian grinned as Neil began to stroke himself. The both of us were boned up again just from watching so I figured we'd join in and give Neil a thrill. The boy had enough cock for a two handed jerk and that would still leave the head of it sticking out...awesome.

I slid my hands towards Brian's waist and unsnapped his shorts. He stood there with his eyes glued to Neil's cock as I undressed him, then I took off my own shorts. Neil was burning holes in Brian's crotch with his eyes, but he had no idea that it had been up my ass so I couldn't let him have it. I wasn't sure how this was going to go, but Brian was all fired up and I had to do something.

I tuned Brian around and pressed my cock against the crease of his ass as my hand slid around to grasp his stiffness. Neil moaned at the sight and varied his stroke to match the movements of my hand on Brian.

In what was to become another first between us, I watched as Neil lay back on the bed, his legs hanging over the side. Brian turned to face him and I stayed glued to his behind. But then Brian leaned down and placed his hands on either side of Neil's body and stared down at the boy's cock mere inches away.

I leaned on Brian's back and began to slide my cock up and down the crease. From his viewpoint Neil must have thought I was fucking the boy.

"Oh Jeez, you guys are hot," Neil said, increasing his strokes to feed the fantasy.

OK, I was rubbing my swollen cock on Brian's back door and he was pushing back against me, did that mean he wanted it? I was ready; I just didn't know what he wanted. But he made the decision for me.

A hand snaked back and Brian grasped my cock, placing the head against his butt hole. And once he felt it in the right spot he pushed back once more. You could have knocked me down with a feather as I slid into him and my knees got weak.

It was tight, tight and hot, but I was leaking so much that it was also slick enough to penetrate, and in I went. I basically stood there and allowed Brian to control things, but he was still pushing back and I was halfway in when he stopped. OK, that was good enough, I started moving.

"Oh yeah," Brian moaned.

Neil was laying there with his mouth open watching us, his hand never stopped moving and neither did mine. But Brian slid his hand over mine and took control of the jacking, so I placed both hands on his hips and kept moving in and out.

I couldn't see Brian's face but I saw a change come over Neil and quickly figured it out, Brian was mouthing the boy's cock. There was no way he was going to suck that monster, I sure couldn't do it, but whatever he was doing sent Neil into outer space.

The eyes rolled back in Neil's head and he gave a mighty groan. His hand was still moving, but now he was thrusting upwards and his body was shaking.

"Oh God...Jeez," Neil moaned.

Brian put his arms back and his hands grasped my hips, and with a sudden move he pulled me in...all the way in. He groaned from the pressure, I groaned from the heat surrounded my cock and Neil gasped.

"Oh God...I'm gonna cum real soon," Neil said.

I couldn't see Brian handling that blast; he'd almost choked on me. But the whole thing was so stimulating I began to thrust faster, feeling my own balls tightening up and ready for another go. The loft was filled with grunts, groans and squishy noises.

Brian must have been drooling on Neil's cock because that hand was sliding a lot faster and it sounded wet. My cock was fully engaged and I could feel the pressure rising, I was seconds away from filling Brian's gut with Grade A me.

"Its cumming...I'm cumming," Neil warned, but I think we were all about to perform the same maneuver. "Ah...ah, shit," Neil said. His ass came up off the bed as I cut loose with a groan in Brian's ass. I heard Brian snort through his nose so he must have received a mouthful. But his body trembled and I felt his ass muscles constrict around my cock and then turn to mush as he let go.

Three orgasms, a major mess. I slid out of Brian's ass and had to sit down on the bed, my knees felt weak. Brian's face was covered with cum, and a stream of it drooled out the corner of his mouth. He tried a smile and I saw he hadn't swallowed, and then he turned his head to spit it all out on the wall.

Neil looked wiped out, and his stomach, chest and neck were splattered with sperm, his and Brian's. Brian and I sat for a while watching cum dry on Neil's body, until he finally sat up and wiped it off with his shirt.

"Wow...that was...was amazing," Neil said. "Thank you both, I'll never forget this."

Brian and I smiled all the way back to camp, both of us feeling like we had done our good dead for the day.

"So you got your wish," Brian finally said.

"Me? I would say you started it, and I granted your wish."

"It just felt right. God, that was the biggest cock I've ever seen," Brian said.

"Thank you...oh, you mean Neil. Give me a few years, I'm working on it," I said. "I was afraid to hurt you; I love you too much for that."

"I know," Brian said, taking my hand. "I did it because you wouldn't hurt me; I did it because I love you."

We stopped at the top of the hill and looked down on the camp. "God I love this place," I said.

"I do too," Brian said, "But only because you're here."

The month together went too fast, but by the end of that first week everyone knew we were boyfriends. It was a proud thing to openly display what we felt, although the counselors as a whole may not have approved. I know some did, but they were all too afraid of us to say anything.

I went home to my suburban hell in Maryland, Brian returned to his Connecticut paradise. We were miles apart and I spent a lot of time either on the phone or the internet chatting him up and sharing the loss of his companionship.

But I once again decided that life was fair when my father was reassigned to the New York office of his company, we were going to live in Greenwich, that's in Connecticut too in case you don't know. Brian was thirty miles away in Bridgeport.

We spent every moment of our vacation time together, and needless to say that included our summers at Woodland. There's no need to take a canoe out to Bear Island these days, I wouldn't want the campers to be denied the privacy or the time to fulfill their needs. Instead Brian and I tend to spend quiet evenings in our cabin, the one I inherited from the head counselor ... that's my job now.

Do you have kids? Would you like to see a brochure? We take good care of our boys here at Camp Woodland ... and sometimes they take care of us, but only if Brian allows.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

For those who may ask, this ends the story. I actually attended summer camp for three summers in a row. Like my parents, I was glad to be away from me too, it made me grow up.

Summer camps are not filled with pervs, at least not until I arrived. I never worked at one so that part of my story is fiction, I'll leave you wondering about the rest. Thanks for reading.

Chris James

"Bear Island" Copyright © 2009 by Chris James. All rights reserved.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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