Exciting Things by Chris James    Exciting Things
by Chris James

  Sexual Situations
  Rated Mature 18+

Exciting Things by Chris James

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Author Introduction
    Just a bunch of short stuff, things that might have become a short story but didn't. This is fiction, not the personal experience of the author, just the demented musings of his creepy little mind. There is sex between a man and underage teens, drug use and compromising situations, but that's what you're here for ... right?     I normally write about love, these are stories about a man's lust. I don't recommend living a life like this. There is physical gratification, but nothing emotional between the characters, what a shame.
Chris James

* * 1 * *

I went into the bathroom to take a piss. Nice new place, I noticed. The walls were covered with light green tile, except for some random patterns that were done in black. As I stood at the urinal I became aware that there was someone in the stall next to me. Looking to my left I noticed the black tile was shiny and reflective , I could see into the stall.

Sitting on the toilet was a youth of twelve or thirteen. I noticed he was moving, almost bouncing up and down on the seat. A closer inspection showed me that the boy was fisting his large penis. He wasn't flailing away, just an occasional burst of rubbing to keep himself hard as the kid waited for me to leave.

As my cock hardened I began to rub it. Knowing that the kid could see my feet beside him I began to bounce at the same time as I became vocal.

"Uh ... oh ... suck it baby. Oh ... yeah ... take all of it."

Adding to the sound effect I spit in my hand and slathered my cock with saliva. Every stroke became a crackle of moist sound as my fist rubbed the shaft. Just the thought of him over there turned me on. And as I watched the reflection I saw he was jerking off steadily now, we were doing it together.

Exciting Things by Chris James

The room was silent for some moments except for the sound of two hands stroking cock in unison. I could hear the boy beginning to pant; he was working hard over there.

"Stroke it boy, spray it on the ceiling." I wanted to establish a rapport with him.

"Uh ... ah ... uh," the boy gasped. "Oh ... shit."

"Go for it," I gasped in reply. "Oh ... I'm gonna come ... "

"Uh ... me too," the boy yelped.

"Ahh ... ahh," we both groaned and came together. I shot off in the urinal and the kid blasted the wall and my shoe. There followed silence, panting and the sounds of us restoring our clothes.

I wanted to meet him, see him face to face. Finally, when he understood that I wasn't leaving, the door lock clicked. Out stepped this skinny as a rail young black boy, his eyes downcast and embarrassed. I didn't know he was black, the tile hid his identity in the dark reflection.

"Thanks," the boy mumbled, "you helped me get there."

"What was it, third time today?" I asked.

"Eighth ... sometimes I do it a dozen times."

"How old are you?"


"Want to try for a ninth? I'll help you this time."

"Not ready yet ... meet me back here in an hour?"

"Ok, it's a date."

I never saw him again but I'd sure like to thank him for those few exciting moments we had together.

* * 2 * *

The campground behind the beach resort held dozens of camper vehicles and a variety of tents. The beach road looped lazily around the campsites, each marked with a numbered wooden stake. After pitching my tent, I walked the road admiring the people and their vehicles.

At the north end of the loop sat a bathroom and shower facility. I had seen another located at the southern end of the camp nearer to my tent and the camp store where you could buy a fifty cent can of soda for two dollars. I crossed the road and walked to the railing beside the sea wall. Across the inlet sat the yacht basin with all the beautiful boats bobbling in the current sweeping in from the bay .

I watched a cluster of people fishing from the wall and noticed a dark haired beauty standing there amidst his family. I took an empty bench and settled in to watch him. The father caught a few small fish and the boy managed to snag one too. He looked so attractive in his long baggy surfer shorts. His bare chest so exquisitely tanned and muscular.

At one point the boy left the wall and walked back across the road. I followed, as always waiting for fate to bring us together. As luck would have it, the boy went into the bathroom and I followed. He didn't seem to mind as I stood at the urinal beside him hoping for a glimpse of his cock. I judged him to be fourteen, maybe older, and therefore in possession of a working, sperm shooting device between his legs. A quick glance as he shook it confirmed my diagnosis, and what a lovely thing it was too.

The boy went back to the wall and the family packed up their fishing gear. I heard mention of going to the beach and food, they would be off for the day. I ambled along behind them on the road, stopping to read the posted signs and generally remaining unobtrusive. They entered a large camper of the quite expensive kind. I noticed the Pennsylvania tags on the back of the camper and the large utility vehicle used to pull it.

They would be gone for a while, time enough for me to cruise the grounds and see what other attractive things might be found. I walked the road for several hours and didn't see a thing that could match the dark haired boy's looks. I bought a soda and retired to the little patch of sand outside my tent to read. Later I would walk back up the road and see if I could find the boy again.

It was almost six o'clock when I decided to take that walk. I had gone only a few hundred feet when I saw the dark haired boy headed down the road towards me. He had a towel draped over his shoulder and carried a small gym bag. I pretended to read the notice board as he passed me and headed for the shower building. How odd, why would he come down here to bathe?

I hurried back to my tent and grabbed my towel and shaving kit. This would be the best opportunity to see him naked and maybe have a talk. I always knew that if I could talk to them that the chances of anything else happening were greatly increased.

The boy was down at the last shower stall setting his bag and towel on the wooden bench. Each stall had a curtain for privacy and tall concrete walls between them. The boy would shower in private, but he would have to come out to dry and dress. As I watched he took soap and shampoo from the bag and stepped through the curtain. I placed my things on the bench beside his and stepped into the stall next to his.

I could hear the water running beside me on the other side of the wall and a strange low pitched sound besides. It dawned to me that the boy was humming to himself as I turned on the water to wet myself down. The ceiling was low and the sounds bounced over the wall from his side. A clicking sound as the boy snapped open the top of his shampoo bottle, a dull thud as he dropped the soap on the floor. Water gurgled down the drain and still the boy hummed his mindless little tune.

I judged his shower to be almost over and wondered if I should finish first and be waiting or if I should time our exit together. Either way he was suddenly going to be made aware of my presence and I would have to say something to him. As I mused on what words might start our acquaintance I realized that the spray of water was still on in his stall. I had listened to it as he rinsed off but now the sound was different. Now the water was hitting the floor and there was no body in the spray. I figured he was masturbating.

If he leaned into the corner he would be out of the water's flow and make little noise as he stroked himself. I strained upwards to hear the quiet sounds coming over the wall. As I listened closely I heard a faint rhythmic beat against the wall and the squish of a soapy hand. My cock stiffened and I rubbed it in the spray from my shower.

With ears straining I heard the squishing sound increase and finally a few shallow gasps as the boy came. I allowed my own release to wash down the drain and turned off the shower. I stepped out into the drying room and grabbed my towel just as the boy stepped through the curtain. He looked startled for a moment and then he blushed. It was the cutest damn thing, I wanted to hug him.

His cock was still slightly engorged and red from the soapy rubbing it had just received. I watched him reach for his towel and admired his body. He certainly was a beautiful creature.

I put the towel over my head and rubbed my hair. This would allow him time to check out my parts and let me catch him doing it. The boy was above average in size for his age but there was nothing average about the dong I sported. My fat eight inches had scared more than a few kids like him. I whipped off the towel and caught his eyes darting away from my crotch.

"Man, nothing like a hot shower to get rid of the damn sand," I said in his direction.

His back was to me now and I sat on the bench to dry my feet and get a closer look as his tight little ass cheeks. The boy actually bent over as he dried his legs and his cheeks spread giving me a glimpse of his little pink pucker. Good thing I had whacked off or I would have had a pole between my legs that would send him screaming for help.

"It's the salt I can't stand. Sticks to you like glue." The boy had finally spoken to me, but he was still looking away at the wall as he dried himself between his legs.

"Enjoying the beach?" I asked as I reached for my pants.

"Oh yeah," the boy said, "we live in the county outside Philadelphia."

He had turned to face me now, towel draped modestly around his middle. I could still see the outline of his cock pressed against the material until he sat down on the bench. We chatted about fishing, the need for sunscreen and the upcoming school year. He was headed into eighth grade, fourteen, just as I had guessed. His name was Brian and I told him mine was Todd. Once dressed I departed the room, telling him to enjoy the beach and that I might see him later. I walked over behind the camp store and hung around the corner.

Brian came out of the building and looked around. I knew he was looking for me. I ducked out of sight as he walked back up the road. Back at my campsite I popped open a beer and sat down to read in the fading light. But the words didn't hold me, my mind wandered back to Brian as I knew it would all night long.

He had come down to the showers here to get away from his family. His instinct was to be secretive about what happened in the shower. He didn't seem shy or afraid of me even though we were both naked. He had actually admired my cock. Did that mean he would like to see it again? One thing for sure, Brian would be back down here to shower again and I would be waiting for him. Meeting him the first time would seem coincidental, next time he would know I was after him.

I went to bed with a hard on and visions of Brian's wet body urging my hand to greater pleasures. Tomorrow morning I knew the boy would come back. He would be hoping for privacy or wondering if I would be there too. Either way, I would be ready to accommodate him.

I got up with the summer sunrise, mainly because the tent got hot so fast sleep was impossible. Would Brian have breakfast first, go fishing with the family or have a morning shower and jerk off session? I walked over to the quiet shower building and looked over the stalls. He would choose the last one again, I was sure. I pulled back the curtain and then smiled. This stall had been equipped for the handicapped and there was a fold down seat on the wall. That explained the bumping sound. The kid had been sitting here jerking off. I placed my small bottle of shampoo on the high wall, my excuse for later on.

I stayed around the campsite reading until about eight o'clock. Lots of men came and went from the showers but no Brian. Maybe I had him figured wrong, but I didn't think so. At eight-thirty I saw his slender figure cross the sandy lot towards the showers. I grabbed my stuff and followed.

I had given him enough time to go behind the curtain and get the water running. There were several men in the first couple of stalls and then the rest were empty except for Brian in the last. I dropped my things on the bench and undressed. I turned on the shower in the stall next to the boy and took a deep breath. Stepping out of my shower I looked down the room, no one in sight. I placed my hand on the curtain of the last stall and stepped through.

The boy's back was towards me his head and body covered in lather. The seat was already folded down and ready for action. Any second now he would turn and see me, I just hoped he wouldn't scream. I saw his head swivel and our eyes met.

"Oh ... " was all he said.

"Sorry, Brian," I said, "couldn't reach my shampoo bottle up there on the wall."

I looked up at the wall but caught his eyes go down to my crotch. I reached over his shoulder and snagged the shampoo bottle, my cock touching his leg in the process causing it to begin the process of erection. I stood back from the boy and saw the erection between his legs. A smaller cock means faster erection time.

I reached for his stiff cock, my fingers closing around the shaft as my eyes gazed into his face. The soap was streaming off of him as we stood there silently. My cock finally stood out towards him and Brian looked down as the head of it poked him in the stomach. As if in reply to my actions Brian's hand surrounded the shaft of my cock and squeezed gently. I began to stroke him and he did the same to me. This was foreplay to what I really wanted but I let it continue, hoping that he didn't just shoot off in my hand.

I hooked my left hand around his waist and drew him in closer until our cocks were squeezed between us and a hand job was no longer possible.

"Let me give you pleasure," I whispered in his ear. His head was down but his body was still tight against mine as I pushed him down onto the seat. Kneeling between his legs I put my lips around his cock. I can't say it was a great blowjob, it didn't last that long. In thirty seconds the boy was gasping and pumping his come down my throat. I swallowed greedily, wishing there was more to it than this but just glad it had happened.

I stood up and my stiff cock was there between us. I thrust it at him but Brian flinched, he wasn't about to suck on it. But he did bring one hand up to it and start stroking. Soon he had both hands around the shaft and was rubbing away. Maybe I should have warned him about doing that, but he was so intent on watching the head of my cock swell and turn purple I didn't. When I came it took him by surprise as my cock hosed him down with sperm juice.

I came with such force that it splattered on his chest and arm, dribbling down the knuckles of his fist and dropping on the floor. Brian looked up at me in awe.

"Neat, huh?" I said. "Thanks, that was real good."

I pulled him up into the stream of water and washed his chest and arms, rubbing him gently with the bar of soap. Once I had him cleaned off and all the evidence had washed down the drain I sat down on the bench and pulled him into my lap.

"Are you mad at me?" I asked quietly.

"Uh ... no."

"Have you done this before?"

"No ... uh, well, not like this."

"I suppose we better get out of here before someone finds us," I said.

"Are you leaving?" Brian asked.

"No," I replied. "Do you want to meet again later?"

"Uh ... yeah, I guess."

"See you back here, six o'clock?"

Brian nodded and I hugged him, feeling his tight little ass press against my cock. We dried off quickly, dressed and went our separate ways.

We enjoyed showering after that, twice a day until the vacation was over. He headed north and I went back to the real world. I still go camping there, but I've never seen his family return. A clean encounter, the best kind.

* * 3 * *

The boy had a definite erection sticking straight up in his jeans. He wandered across the hotel lobby and went straight through the men's room door. I was excited, curious and definitely horny at the thought of what that kid was going to do. I had been on this pay phone for twenty minutes trying to get through to the airlines, screw them, I wanted some boy cock.

I had just hung up the phone when the kid came out of the bathroom, his erection still quite visible. He looked around and started towards the stairs leading down to the lounge area. I guessed that the bathroom was occupied and he wanted privacy. I wandered down the stairs after him and managed to see the kid go into the bathroom down the hall. I walked after him and passed a cleaning cart pushed in the corner.

Oh why not, I thought. I grabbed the "Closed for Cleaning" sign off the side of the cart and placed it in front of the bathroom door. Pushing the door open slowly I stepped into a small vestibule and closed the door quietly behind me. There was a turn button so I locked the door, the kid was all mine.

Stepping up to the second door I pushed gently praying the damn thing didn't squeak like so many of them did. I thought the kid might be sitting on the toilet jerking his meat but I was surprised to see him standing in front of a urinal. His hand was working away at his crotch but as I stepped into the room he must have sensed my presence. He quickly moved to zip up his pants and stepped away from the urinal. As he turned to go through the door I stood in front of him.

"That's quite a piece of wood you have in your pants," I said.

"Uh ... I gotta go," the kid said.

"Your balls will get sore if you don't do something with that stiff dick of yours, did you know that?"


"If you start to jerk off and quit your balls begin to ache, get real sore I hear."

"I don't ... "

I put my hand on his shoulder and gently pushed him into a toilet stall. I closed the door and stood right in front of the kid. My right hand went down to his crotch and felt the erection still standing straight up behind his zipper. I rubbed the hardness and the kid looked up at me.

"Don't want you to be in pain," I said, "let me help you."

I picked him up by the waist and stood him on the toilet seat. My fingers undid the snap at his waist and pulled down his zipper. A few tugs and his pants were down around his ankles. I saw the little tag that gave his waist size as a twenty-six, such a slender beauty. I pulled down his briefs and the stiffness of his cock kept it flat up against his belly.

And what a nice cock too, long and thin, a small tuft of hair, such creamy skin on his small wrinkled ball sac. He was only thirteen, I was sure. But his cock was demanding my attention.

"Sit down on the tank," I commanded and the boy sat. I pushed his feet back and sat on the toilet seat between his legs. The kid was trembling, not upset, it was more like anticipation. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. As it slid down my throat the kid gasped, yeah, I knew just how he felt. I was twelve when my piano teacher had first blown me, it was an awesome experience.

I sucked this kid's cock and balls, pulling them both into my mouth at the same time. I nuzzled my nose into his pubic hair and tongued his ball sac. The kid began groaning with pleasure. Little piggy grunts came from his throat and I almost laughed, but I knew he couldn't hold out long. I had just slurped him down my throat when I felt him buck, pushing into my face as he came. He was panting and pushing but it was all over in seconds.

I pulled my face out of his crotch. "Thanks, kid, that was nice."

"I'm supposed to be upstairs getting ready for dinner," he replied.

"Then you had better go, I don't want you to get in trouble."

I helped him with his pants. "Uh, do you ... uh, is this something ... " The kid was at a loss for words.

"Do you want to do it again?" I asked.

"Uh ... yeah, if it's all right with you?"

"Sure, how long are you staying in town?"

"Three days, we came to visit my grandmother," the kid said.

"Sure, come down to the pool tomorrow morning, I'll be there."

But of course I wasn't. Why give the kid time to tell on me and then walk into trouble. It was a one shot deal, as are most of them.

* * 4 * *

On the prowl, late on a Saturday night, it's always out there.

"Hey, need a ride?"

"Sure, thanks. I live out by Glenmoor, are you going that far?"

"I can. Do you mind if I make a stop on the way? I have to pick something up."

"That's ok."

Driving with the young man in the car beside me. Looks fifteen, nice hair, cute face ... bet he's got a girlfriend, they all do. He says his name is Matt. I say mine is Greg, the lie sliding off my tongue with ease. Play him some tunes on the tape player, want the kid to relax.

He doesn't seem uptight but I'm a total stranger. Talk about the music, what's your favorite band. Whatever, I like them too. Pull into the apartment complex behind Stoneville Shopping Center. Drive to the dead end and turn around. Old spot I've used for years, no one ever comes down here.

"I just have to run into the apartment building for a moment, be right back."

"Fine, I'll just listen to the music."

I walk to the building and go inside. Exit the side door of the laundry room, the kid is just sitting there in the dark. At least he didn't try to steal my car. I put a hand in my jacket pocket and feel the pipe and my stash pouch. Hope the kid smokes pot, but don't they all at his age?

"Sorry, hope that didn't take too long."

"No problem, this is a great tape, did you make it?"

"Friend of mine works at WXYZ, he gets all the latest stuff, even before they play it on the radio." Lies, all lies, but they serve to amuse the boy. His eyes sparkle in the dim light. I want to take him right now.

"I got some good shit, do you smoke?"

"Really, what is it?"

"I think she said it was from Thailand, they grow some awesome shit over there."

"You buy weed from a chick?"

"Sure, they give honest weight. Besides, she's nice to me."

I let the thought hang in the air, time to ask the important questions as I fill a pipe.

"You're old enough, got a girlfriend?"

"Yeah, I was over there tonight. It's my birthday."

"It is?" What great fucking luck. "How old are you?"


"Hope she gave you a nice present." Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

"Naw, man, all she did was give me a big fucking hassle. Same shit all week long. I party too much and I don't pay enough attention to her. Fuck, we're not married."

"Whoa, this sounds too real. You fire up the bowl first, I think you need it."

The click of his lighter and the smooth sucking sounds as he draws. I figure three tokes of this shit will cripple any chance he might have of saying no to me. He hands me the bowl while holding in his smoke. The sweet smell of this excellent weed fills the car. The stuff is so moist it goes out almost immediately. I fire up and pretend to toke deeply while only making the right sounds and letting the smoke rise off the bowl. No sense in both of us getting fucked up, I might have to drive away from here. I hand him the bowl back.

"This stuff tastes great," he says. His lighter flicks again. That's two and it ought to be hitting him about now. A deep toke, smooth smoke.

"Never liked bad weed. Melanie won't sell bad weed. Hell, Matt, she even cleans it for me."

"You must be getting that," he laughs. His face has that just got socked between the eyes look as the weed changes his perspective.

"I wish. Oh, we did it a few times. She's one kinky broad. Black satin sheets on her bed, loves to give head. How about your lady?"

"Jenny? She thinks sucking dick is gross. I don't want to talk about her."

Ok, that's encouraging. I fake another toke and pass the pipe back. Matt gives it another go but I can tell he's had just about enough. He passes the pipe back and I put it down in the ash tray.

"I'm sorry about your girl. Seems the least she could do was give you a decent birthday present. Man, that shit has gone straight to my face, I can't feel my lips." I did get a residual buzz off the small tokes I took. Matt looks pretty wasted, time to turn up the heat. "How do you feel, I told you it was good shit."

"I'm stoned."

I wait for more but there is only the music filling the air between us. I reach down beside my seat and toggle the seat to recline. Slowly we lay back until we're looking up through the sun roof. Gotta love these American cars. Matt says nothing, his mind is in a fog I'm sure.

"Well, happy birthday, Matt. Sorry, I didn't bring a cake. "

"That's ok. My head is wobbling, it feels so cool."

"Everything feels that way when you're stoned. Let me show you something."

I reach over and unsnap his jeans, he wears no belt. Down with the zipper and I expose the top of his briefs. With the skill of a craftsman I skin his jeans and underwear down to his knees. His cock is soft, but his mind is stoned so this is only a temporary situation. Matt looks on with detached awe. I know he's wondering if this is really happening or is the pot making him imagine it.

"What are ... ?"

He never finishes the sentence as I grasp his cock and guide it into my mouth. If he is going to object it should happen now, otherwise he'll get an erection and get lost in the sensation. Only silence as his cock stiffens in the embrace of my mouth and I begin to tongue the shaft as my lips play around the head.

He's gone to rigid hardness. No point in his objecting now, he's grasping the sensations and finding it to his liking. He's got a good six inches here and I proceed to swallow them all. My hand grasps his ball sac and Matt actually opens his legs wider to allow my grope. I can hear his heavy breathing match my strokes. What a good boy.

I feel him begin to push upwards into my mouth and I withdraw slightly to make his pumping motion increase. Matt follows, pushing up and up, forcing me to swallow his every inch. I am only too happy to oblige. The music plays on as he thrusts in time with the bass beat.

Finally I feel him tremble and buck. Ahh, we must be getting close to the climax. I knead his balls and rub slightly under the sac towards his anus. If he hates my touch on his back door then it will only distract him from coming too soon. Matt gasps, followed by a throaty growl of pleasure. He is going to come, I feel his balls contracting so I shove his the head of his cock into my tonsils.

"Ahh ... ahh," Matt groans. His body bucking upwards as the gush of his sperm laden juice fills my throat. The cloying scent of his come fills the air and I inhale the fragrance. His cock pulses as he shoots, balls clinging to the root of his shaft to squeeze out every last drop of the warm liquor. I relish the taste and swallow when my mouth becomes filled. Grasping the shaft I milk out the final drops as I feel his body relax and sink back down on the seat. I lick the remains from the head and lay back down beside him.

Matt makes no move to pull up his pants, how unusual. He seems to be gazing up through the sun roof at the stars. The music tape plays out and I hesitate to replenish it, I don't want to break the spell.

Matt lets out a tremendous sigh. "Was that my birthday present?"

I'll be ... he likes it. "I didn't know whay you'd say if I asked. Hope I didn't scare you."

"No ... no, it was ... it was heavenly. You must be bi-sexual, that's the term, isn't it?"

"For doing it with guys and gals, yeah, that's it." I don't do gals though, but maybe he couldn't understand that.

"Never though a guy would ... would ever do that to me. Thanks, it was a nice present."

"Sure, anytime."

"I'll be sure and invite you to my next birthday."

* * 5 * *

Everywhere I go things just seem to happen, maybe it's the blue eyes. I find myself mesmerized by a boy's eyes. Boy's with green or brown eyes look me right in the face, blue eyed boys look away. Is it that they see themselves? Conclusion: If you don't have blue eyes you become fascinated by them. Eye color envy?

So I play with it. Let the sun catch these baby blues and watch the boys become mesmerized. I seem to have the best success with them in the grocery store. Like the green eyed boy I brought home last week.

The kid was wandering the aisles and at first I had him pegged as a shoplifter. But this was Lemon's grocery and they had uniformed security all over the place. At first I thought he was with a lady, but then he took off across the store and I realized he'd caught me looking. I followed thinking he might have thought I wore a badge under my jacket. I would need to disarm him, charm him and take him home to bed.

He was hanging around the bakery now so I crossed over to stand at the counter.

"What looks good?" I asked the kid.

He looked over at me, was it an innocent question? "The raspberry tarts," he replied.

"Thanks, I'll buy some."

The clerk boxed four of them for me and I paid up. The kid just stood there watching and it occurred to me that he might be hungry.

"I'm going to take these next door and buy a coffee to wash them down. You're welcome to join me." The kid glanced up at me and I turned my head to gaze into his pale green eyes.

He smiled. "Will you buy me a milk?"

"Yes," I replied, not breaking my concentration on the boy's face. "I'd like your company very much."

A milk and two tarts later the kid, whose name was Barry, was in my car. We headed to my place, ostensibly to feed the dogs. He admired the car while I pondered. He was probably too young for what I had in mind. Oh, he'd take a blowjob, of that I was sure.

I took a quick glance down at his crotch, but his pants hid any prominent features. He was definitely a middle-schooler who ought to know better than to take a ride with strangers. He didn't bite his fingernails, a good sign of confidence. That thought made me bold, I'd give him head and be satisfied.

I drove right into the garage, the better to keep my neighbors from watching the parade of boys I brought home. Barry got out of the car and followed me into the kitchen.

"Nice house, you live here with your girlfriend?"

"Nope, it's all mine. How come a smart boy like you rides in cars with strangers, I could be a murderer." Now why did I say that?

"Are you a murderer? I don't think so, I know people pretty well." Barry sounded quite sure of himself. So he was right, he had nothing to fear from me.

"So what am I?"

"A kind man ... one who does things for people."

"I fed you tarts. I didn't save your life, Barry."

"How do you know that? Maybe I'm a runaway, or homeless because my parents threw me out."

"And why did they throw you out?"

"Because I'm a sinner, my father says. Isn't that a laugh?"

"Do you like to sin?" I laughed with him and made a jerking motion over my crotch. Barry laughed but I knew this was no joke. "I'm sorry. You need a place to stay." It wasn't an offer, just a comment.

"What I need right now is a shower," Barry said.

"Sure, right this way."

Into my bedroom, pausing only to get him a fresh towel. He went into the bathroom and didn't shut the door. I heard the water running. It didn't seem to me that he was homeless, but he probably hadn't been out in the world very long. I watched his pants and shirt hit the floor. My thoughts turned to his nakedness standing behind the door.

"Come in and talk to me," Barry called.

My pleasure, little man. I sat on the toilet and listened to him talk about his parent's beliefs, the obsessions that drove him out. My cock was stiff as a board, straining at my inseam, because he was on the other side of that thin plastic sheet. Water was cascading down his body, running in rivulets through all the folds and valleys of his slender torso. I shifted uncomfortably to ease the pressure. Would he be upset if he knew I was hard for him?

The water stopped, followed by a pregnant pause. "Ta-da," Barry said, and whipped the curtain open. He stood there in all his glory. "Clean as a whistle," he said.

"A naked whistle," I replied. "You have a nice body."

His penis was soft and yet seemed to stick out in front, not even resting on his generous ball sac. A tuft of auburn hair clung to his belly as if it might fall off any moment. Otherwise there wasn't a hair on his muscular frame, not even a wisp under his arms.

"You think so? I'm too skinny, except where it counts," Barry said as he grabbed his cock.

This was his show. He was looking up at me, waiting for some reaction to tell him I accepted him. I threw him the towel. "That's what they all say," I said and then walked out of the room.

"Hey," Barry called, "I don't like being alone."

"So come in here, naked boy."

He slid between the sheets with me and I hugged him. I felt his body relax right away and knew this wasn't a new game for him. I kissed his damp hair, soft strands that smelled of my herbal shampoo. I ran my hands down his back, across his butt and down his thighs. His cock was hard in seconds.

"Can we talk?" I asked. "I want to know what you like."

"I haven't done all that much. But I need a place to stay. Will it hurt?" Barry asked.

"We don't have to go there," I suggested.

"But I want to know what it's like."

"You in a hurry?"

"No. I ... I just want you to know I'm thinking about it."

"We're going to get along just fine," I said.

"I love your eyes," Barry said.

"I know, baby, I know."

* * 6 * *

The corporate picnic is one of the most agonizing events I have to endure. Spending Saturday with the boss and all his minions is all politics and fake smiles. You get to meet the wives, I don't have one, and the kids, who are mostly forgettable. Year after year I dread that day because I'm single and the target of every conniving female in the company.

"Tom, I'd like to introduce ... " The sister, the cousin, the daughter, the friend, I could have cared less. But then the moment would come and some marketing guy or VP would introduce his son. "Tom, this is Bobby, my youngest boy."

I would salivate at the beautiful creature before me and try hard not to stare at the lump in his budding crotch. Often there would be three or four boys that caught my eye. It was window shopping of the worst sort, and for all the money in the corporate accounts I couldn't buy a thing.

I wish that for just once I could come up with a valid excuse. "I'm sorry Mr. Halliday; I have a cold and can't attend the picnic." The company sells decongestant, among other things. I would be the laughing stock of my department. Better I should say, "Sorry Mr. Halliday, but I want to have sex with your thirteen year old son and I'm fresh out of condoms." Now that would be closer to the truth.

The day dawns bright and clear, only a ten percent chance of rain. If the powers above had granted my wish we would have a foot of snow, but this is Southern California, I lose. I hide behind my darkest pair of sunglasses, nodding gracefully to all the chattering women who come my way. There's a baseball game across the way, horseshoes and sack races down by the beach. Americana at its boring best.

"Hi, Tom, glad you came. This is Paul, my youngest. You remember him from last year don't you?"

"Sure do, Mr. Halliday. Goodness Paul, how you've grown."

"Getting bigger every day, Tom. Say Paul, why don't you go and find your sister. Run along now."

"You must be very proud, Mr. Halliday."

"Call me Bill, won't you, we don't have to be so formal here. Hate to say it but the boy is getting a bit difficult, been thinking about sending him to military school."

"Really? I'm sorry to hear that, Bill"

"Well some of his friends are...well, less than manly. That's about as polite as I can put it. The boy needs some discipline in his life that I can't seem to provide no matter how hard I come down on him. Lord, Tom, some of these boys wear makeup and dress up like girls. What's the matter with kids today?"

"Not sure. They don't seem too different than the ones I taught ten years ago."

"That's right, Tom, you were a teacher, weren't you? Don't suppose I could offer you any incentives to tutor my kid. I really don't want to send him away. His mother hates the idea, and frankly so do I."

"You want me to help get his grades up?"

"Right. Throw in a little man to man stuff too. I can get Jenkins to take your afternoon calls. You could pick the boy up after school and get right to it. How's that sound?"

"Well, fine sir ... I guess."

"Got a VP spot opening up next year, Tom. I could sure show my appreciation when the time comes."

"Oh, thank you, Bill. How about I go find Paul right now and have a chat. I always like to be right up front with kids."

"Good thinking, Tom. I know you'll handle the boy just fine."

No, that wasn't a daydream. The conversation was too real. Man to man, get right to it, handle the boy, was that sexual overtone or what?

Little Paul in makeup and a dress? I hardly believe he could swing that way. But I tried to imagine him in a bra and panties as I searched the field and wandered down the beach. Maybe he borrowed stuff from his sister, did she know?

Paul Halliday was a blonde, blue-eyed surfer in the making type. The young macho kids at the beach turned me on, while the wispy waif image made me cringe. Lord, I just hope I'm in time.

I spotted his blonde head bobbing along the shoreline in the distance. He was headed away from the picnic so I ran to catch up.

"Hey, Paul, wait up."

"Hi, Mr. Parnell. Did my father send you to find me?"

"No, he has other toadies for that kind of work, and you may commence calling me Tom."

"Oh ... ok, Tom."

"Yes. I'm your new tutor after school."

"Oh no, not that shit again."

"What got to him, your gay friends?"

"Lay off, what do you know about my friends?"

"I have gay friends too, but they don't all dress up in drag. Do you like to dress up?"

Silence my answer. Too soon or too close to the truth? "Let's you and I take a walk and have a private chat. Is that ok, Paul?"

"I guess."

I hiked him up into the hillside away from the beach. After twenty minutes he was winded. The kid needs exercise. Maybe I should start him running with me every morning. I pushed him until we reached a small grove of trees overlooking the beach where I plopped down on the sandy rock.

"Sit, Paul ... let's talk."

The boy sat beside me, perspiration on his face while I sat cool and calm. I reached over and pushed the strands of sweaty hair from his forehead. Such latent beauty, he was becoming a handsome young man. Suddenly I grasped his head between my hands and kissed him full on the lips. The kiss lasted mere moments but I felt his body go through several stages of reaction. Shock was followed by acceptance and ended with reciprocation. The boy had kissed back so I ended it.

"So you like kissing guys?"

"No I don't, that was weird."

"Because you don't have experience kissing guys or because I'm substantially older than you?"


"Have you ever kissed a guy before, Paul?"

"My father would kill you?"

"If he knew ... are you going to tell him? I don't think boys kiss one another at military school."

"Oh ... military school, his ultimate threat."

"I tutor you and you don't go, bottom line, Paul."

"Ok, Tom, what's the game? You get to molest me while I become the model student?"

I grabbed him again and kissed his face. I nibbled his earlobe and tongued his sweat moistened neck. I held his face close to mine and lay a major kissing on his lips. This time Paul kissed back immediately. I lay back on the soil and pulled him down on top of me. Our lips ground together as I felt his cock stiffen against my stomach. We came up for air.

The look on Paul's face was pure emotion. I had struck a chord within the boy. He leaned over me, our cocks pressed hard between us, and gently kissed my lips. As they say, you can't molest the willing. The pact was sealed, we would begin the subterfuge. Man to man, we got right to it there on the hillside and we both handled it.

* * 7 * *

The boy was showing it to me. He was sitting right next to me with his legs spread and his cock dangling out one leg of his shorts. He held a program, one of those souvenir brochures, in just such a way that his mother sitting beside him couldn't see it. The pink head stuck out mocking me and worse, enticing me to look.

I shifted uncomfortably and took another peek down at his lap. The hardened shaft of his cock lay along his thigh and the head still poked out of his shorts. Poor kid, caught a boner and no place to hide. I looked up at his face and our eyes met. He blushed a deep crimson and lay the program down across his lap. I smiled at him knowingly and put my hand down on the bench between us.

The sun was shining and the audience focus was on the huge expanse of water in the tank below. Up from the depths came an enormous whale that leaped from the water. The crowd gasped as the whale came down and water sprayed over the glass wall onto the nearby seats. The boy gasped too as my hand slid under his program and clutched the shaft of his stiff cock. My thumb grazed across the head and I held him for only one squeeze while everyone was distracted.

The whale leaped and cavorted a few more times and then the show ended. The boy removed his lap cover and I saw his cock had barely subsided. He would have a hard time walking out of here like that. His mother rose and the boy followed, program held modestly in front of his crotch. The kid glanced back at me and I smiled again, he smiled back. This wasn't over yet, I followed.

They went down the steps and out of the aquatic arena to the sidewalk. I dogged their steps, keeping back far enough, not wanting to attract any attention from the woman. The boy said something to his mother and she pointed. I looked and saw the sign for the Men's room as the boy headed that way. Mother went towards the refreshment stand and stood at the end of a long line. There would be time.

I followed the boy into the bathroom. There were several men at the urinals but they ignored us as we walked towards the stalls at the rear. The kid looked at me and I motioned with my head at the last stall. Taking one last look at the other occupants to make sure we weren't being watched the boy and I stepped into the stall.

Oh yes, he'd done something like this before. The kid stood on the toilet seat and dropped his pants. His nice fat cock sprang up at me and I went for it. The kid thrust towards my mouth as I swallowed him whole, thirty seconds later he came. The whale had put on a longer show, but sometimes it's like that.

"Exciting Things" Copyright © 28 Jul 2009 by Chris James. All rights reserved.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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