Strictly Business by Chris James    Strictly Business
by Chris James

        Mamma's gonna worry, I've been a bad bad boy
        No use sayin' sorry, it's something that I enjoy
        Flying high again, flying high again ...
        Ozzy Osbourne
        (© Epic Records) 1981

  Sexual Situations
  Rated Mature 18+

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Author Introduction
    The story contains a moderate amount of light drug use by the characters. A sign of the times and nothing more, these activities are not advocated by the author. If this offends you then turn away now, you're going to miss one hot little story. But this is fiction, just pretend kids don't smoke pot behind our backs. And then e-mail me, I have some swamp land in Florida I want to sell you, you can pretend there isn't any water on your new land either.
    Joking aside, this is a story of two boys who think they have the answer to one thing and discover it is something else all together.

Strictly Business by Chris James

Ozzy and I were floating on a cloud together as the clash of wailing guitars filled my headphones. My hands chopped at the imaginary strings of my air guitar, the riff ending as Ozzy's voice cut through the lead. Oh yeah, take me there man ... flyin high again.

My body moved with the music and I looked over at Tommy, his eyes were closed, hands slashing through the air while his long brown hair flew with every toss of his head.

I knew he was screaming the lyrics but the tiny speakers on my ears prevented me from hearing anything except Ozzy. Tommy had the drum parts down to a science. It looked so awesome the way his hands moved with those imaginary sticks.

But then we were both pretty fucked up at the moment. Life was grand, and not simply because I was in love and had money in my pocket.

I felt a hand touch my shoulder and almost jumped out of my skin. Turning around I came face to face with my Mom. I wondered how long she had pounded on the door before coming in? Removing the headphones I reached over to kill the volume.

"Mercy, Brian," she said, "How many times have I told you not to turn that music up so loud?"

"Sorry Mom ... but it was Ozzy, ya know?"

We both looked over at Tommy, he was still stabbing the air with his hands and singing the words of a song that wasn't there anymore. I started to laugh.

"Tommy," I shouted.

He froze and came back from whatever zone his brain was in. His eyes were blood red from the hash we had been smoking only a few minutes before. My room reeked from the stuff but my mom didn't seem to notice.

"Are you boys hungry?" she asked.

"Uh, sure," I said, "thanks."

"I'll go make you some sandwiches; they'll be ready in about ten minutes, OK?"

"Thanks Mom," I repeated.

She mussed my hair and smiled, damn I hated that. She still thought of me as a little kid but I was almost eighteen, well ... almost seventeen anyway. I thought my Mom was cool, at least she didn't hassle me.

I'd met Tommy's mother and thought she was pretty scary, I was the lucky guy. Tommy said she kept buggin him about doing drugs, but then he was only sixteen too.

My Mom didn't know the first thing about my getting high, I had been real careful about that. She didn't know about the other things I did either ... like the games Tommy and I had been playing recently ...

I've lived in Florida all my life and never even been north of the Mason-Dixon Line. I only went as far north as Tennessee once, to the funeral when my Dad died, but that was over six years ago.

He had a government job so we got a lot of insurance money when the accident happened. I didn't know him very well, he was never home, but it doesn't matter anymore. Mom says the house is paid for and her waitress job pays the bills.

Still, I wish we had money. There were lots of things I never got to have but I'm not complaining. Life is still pretty grand. All I have to watch out for is my Uncle Frank, my mother's younger brother. He tries to be the boss in my life but I could care less. I know all about Frank now, he's nothin but an asshole.

I met Tommy last month by accident. It was the beginning of tourist season and I guess we were both lookin for a friend. The snowbirds from up north come down sometime in October or November and stay until the middle of April. Rich tourists, you don't wanna hear what we really call 'em, it ain't real nice.

They stay for the winter until the snow is gone from New York, or whatever city they come from. Then like birds they split, flying those big jet airplanes back up north for the summer. All of 'em rich, most of 'em old. I sometimes wish I could go with them, Florida can be so boring.

It was two days after Christmas when I ran into Tommy down at the beach. Mom won't let me have a surfboard until I'm eighteen, then she says I can break my neck and it won't be her problem.

I really think she's afraid I'll kill myself. Well, I suppose Brad Matthews did break his neck several months ago, it was a really bad wipe out. So anyway, I was havin to make do with my skateboard and watchin out for the cops.

Skateboarding isn't allowed anywhere it seems, unless somebody figures out how to do it on sand. I spend a lot of time just carrying my wheels around, it's a status thing, ya know?

I do have a bike as my main form of transportation but I don't own a car, just can't afford the insurance. Everything just costs so damn much, seems I'm always scrounging around for some bucks. That's why I occasionally deal a little weed.

I was down past Tunny's Cove, the hangout for most of the serious drunks in this town, when I spied this kid sittin on the sea wall. I thought he looked about fourteen but I knew most of the younger locals so this boy had to be a tourist.

Now I don't mind the tourists, the rich boys aren't a threat to my manhood. All the girls I know have older boyfriends anyway, which leaves me with nothin to worry about. As for the northern girls who come down here, they all seem to be as frigid as the snow they left behind.

I dropped myself down on the wall beside this kid, he looked cool and besides ... he was wearin an Ozzy T-shirt. I immediately realized he wasn't just a little kid but more my age, I guess we were both kinda bored.

"Hey man," I said, "where you from?"

"Chicago," he said. It came out like Shaw-cog-a, what an accent.

"Down here for the vacation?" I asked.

"You wanna know a lot, don't you?" he said.

"Whoa, sorry man ... party on and later to you," I said, standing up to leave.

"Hey, I'm sorry. That came out all wrong, don't go," he said. "My name's Tommy. I ain't been high in a week, makes me kinda crabby, ya know?"

"My friends call me BJ, but don't you be making fun of that. I understand completely. So, uh, step into my office and we'll discuss business," I said.

He followed me across the street and around behind Tunny's Cove. I knew Barry, the owner who lived upstairs above the bar. But it was only ten o'clock in the morning and he slept until at least the middle of the afternoon before he opened the bar at six.

In the enclosed yard behind the bar Barry had a barbecue pit and some tables set up. He let his dog wander the place after hours but Wally was a good old hound, we got along fine.

I unlatched the gate and motioned Tommy inside. Wally came out from under the back porch wagging his tail to greet us and I gave him a good scratching before he left to water the plants by the gate.

The high wooden wall gave us some privacy here and as long as we didn't make too much noise Barry wouldn't mind, we were buds.

"Sit man, this place is alright," I said.

"You got some smoke?" Tommy asked.

"Is the sky full of sunshine?" I replied. "You out to buy?"

"I only got three bucks cash, but I got fifty dollars comin as soon as I cash the check my grandmother gave me for Christmas."

"Ah well, this is a cash business, ya know?" I said. "But you're from out of town; the least I can do is give you a buzz."

"Thanks," Tommy said. "I'll have some cash later on maybe ... if things go well."

"Oh yeah? Like what kind of things?" I asked.

Tommy looked at me and hesitated. Was he into something I should know about? I tried real hard to know entirely too much about other people's business, but sometimes the information was valuable.

"Uh ... hmm, what I mean is, I'm lookin for some guy to spot me a twenty," he finally said.

"Oh, like somebody you know?" I asked. What was he sayin?

"Oh no, I never want to know the guy," he said. "They just give me the money for some of the things we do."

Now I knew what he meant, he had to be kidding ... with strangers?

"You mean for sex, is that it?" I said.

"Yeah, I just let 'em suck me off." Tommy said.

"Ok, I got an Uncle did that for me years ago," I replied.

"You do? Great, just long as you don't think nothin bad about me," he said.

"Hell no, there just ain't nothing in this town for guys like us anyway. Girls only go for dudes with fancy cars, what chance does a kid ever have?" I asked.

"Exactly, it's the same in Chicago," he chuckled. "Weed is getting damned expensive up there, what's it like down here?"

"Cheap man, sometimes bales of the shit wash up on the beach but that stuff tastes really nasty. So like, how did you find out about these guys doin things for money?"

"Some guy hit on me at the park after a baseball game when I was fourteen," he said. "I guess I look young for my age, he thought I was twelve. He looked pretty cool just sitting there on a bench throwing peanuts to the squirrels.

"He asked me to sit and talk with him so I did. It didn't take him long to tell me what he wanted, I was broke and thought what the hell. He took me up in the bushes and pulled down my zipper. It felt pretty cool; I never had that done to me before."

"I guess it feels alright, but I'd rather have a girl doin it," I said. "How do you know who's lookin for it?"

"That's pretty easy, all ya have to do is be there, they'll find you," he said. "I started hanging around after the baseball games, hopin this same guy would come back, but every time it was a different guy who approached me. I guess I've done it thirty or forty times."

"Holy Shit, that many, you must be rich?" I said.

Tommy laughed," Well it comes and it goes, ya know?"

"Oh man, this kinda talk made my dick hard," I said, "Let's party."

We smoked a joint of the weed I had rolled this morning and were soon pretty buzzed. The whole time I was thinkin about what Tommy had said. It had never occurred to me that some stranger would pay cash for it, but why not? There had to be a lot of guys like Uncle Frank out there, why not cash in on the opportunity?

"So like ... whew, I'm wasted," I said.

"Yeah, thanks," Tommy said. His eyes looked like two red grapes with the skin peeled off.

"Do you think these guys would go for me too?" I asked.

"Sure, they like boys like us. You know, long hair and skinny bodies. Hell, with all that blonde hair and those blue eyes they'll be all over you," he said.

"It's still scary, ya know. What if they're like crazy and want to do wicked shit?"

"Naw, most of them I bet you could scare off by sayin "boo."

Tommy laughed and started freakin a little, flicking his fingers at me and sayin "boo" over and over again. It was funny and we started laughin pretty loud but then I remembered Barry sleepin right upstairs.

"Shh, the owner of this place is asleep up there in his apartment, we gotta be quiet," I said.

Tommy muffled his mouth with a hand but I could still tell he was laughing, yeah, some pretty good weed. This boy was a wealth of information so I kept on asking the questions.

"Do you think some of these guys might do it to both of us ... like together?"

"Are you really thinking about getting into this?" Tommy asked.

"Maybe, for a little spare cash. I guess I'd just feel a whole lot safer if the two of us were together," I said.

"Yeah, I understand," he said. "OK, you said your uncle sucked you off, did you ever do anything back for him?"

"What? No way," I said.

"Well sometimes these guys want you to jerk them off. If the cash is right it's not hard to do," Tommy said. "I made a hundred bucks one time."

"Wow, just for jerking him off?" I asked.

"Uh no, I had to do more for that much," he admitted.

"Oh man, I don't know ... damn, a hundred," I said.

"Yeah, the cash is tempting. I might as well tell you in case it comes up; I let the dude fuck me up the ass."

"What? Christ, you gotta be kidding?" I screamed.

"It was hard but I kept thinking about those bills he handed me, it was over pretty quick. I got a hundred dollars for ten minutes of work," Tommy said.

"Oh man, you Yankee boys do some strange shit. How does it feel to have a dick up your ass? Did he cum inside you? Oh, gross."

"No, I made him wear a condom. It felt like a pole shoved up my butt but it wasn't too bad," he said.

"You mean you liked it?" I asked.

"Let's just say it was worth it," Tommy said. He smiled and then I knew what was coming. "BJ, are you a virgin?"

"No, I ... well I almost ... yeah, I am," I admitted.

"Wanna lose your virginity? At least you'll know what it feels like," he said.

"Oh, I don't know ... " I said.

"Look, if we ever score a guy together, I'll even let you fuck me if he pays us big dollars," Tommy said. "This way you won't have to do anything else. We'll make tons of cash that way, I promise."

"Oh man, that sounds too weird for me. I can't be fuckin guys ... no way," I said.

"Look, you might not like it but you gotta try doing it to me. See, there's guys out there that would love to watch us do it together and we can charge them double."

"Shit," I said. It sounded crazy ... me fuckin a guy? I hated to admit it but he was probably right, I just never thought I would find myself in this position. Me fuckin another guy? Sure, I had condoms at home, you know, just in case. But where was this experiment gonna take place?

Wally started barking at the gate but his trail was wagging. The gate opened and in walked Barry.

"Hey BJ, how's it hangin?" he said.

"Damn, I thought you were upstairs asleep," I said.

"Naw, got lucky last night so I stayed over," he said.

"Didn't get much sleep then?" I asked.

"Yeah," Barry groaned, "I'm beat. But that's ok. So, who's your buddy?"

"This is Tommy, he's from Shaw-cog-a," I laughed.

"Ain't even noon and you guys are fucked up already, huh?" Barry said.

"Life's a party," I said. "Say, Barry, can I ask you a question ... private like?"

"Sure, come on up," he replied, "it was nice to meet you Tommy ... maybe I'll see you later?"

"Sure thing," Tommy said.

I left Tommy sitting at the table and followed Barry upstairs to his pad. I couldn't believe what I was planning to do, how did I get myself into this situation? I knew Barry would let me use the apartment while the bar was open; he would be too busy to care.

But I could just imagine what he would say if he did find me with my dick up another boy's ass, I'd have to kill myself from the embarrassment. But think of all the cash, oh man. I sure hope Tommy knows what he's talkin about.

As expected Barry was glad to let me use his bedroom, he gave me the whole nudge-nudge, wink-wink routine; he thought I had a girl. I made him swear he wouldn't interrupt and he did, the whole time he was cutting lines of coke on a mirror to stay awake.

You couldn't get me to touch that powdery shit with a ten-foot pole, but then I wasn't planning to fuck some boy up the ass twenty minutes ago either.

I went back down and told Tommy we had a place for the ... ah, experiment. We bummed around for a while on the beach chasin a few tourist girls and tryin to hit on them. I watched Tommy closely, suppose the kid was queer after all? I knew that I sure wasn't ... didn't I? Yeah right, I wasn't some limp wristed homo; I was in this for the cash. It was strictly business.

Tommy and I split up, promising to get back together at eight o'clock that night in Barry's backyard. I told him there might be some people sitting out here drinking and gettin high but not to worry, all he had to do was go upstairs like he owned the place.

I went home and checked my secret hiding place; yep, the condoms were still there. I ate dinner and watched some television but I was restless so I decided to take a shower.

Standing under the warm spray I watched my dick get hard and wrapped my hands around it. I had a good seven or eight inches but I had never bothered to actually measure the damn thing, never felt I needed to.

Damn, how the hell was Tommy gonna take this thing up his ass? Would it hurt him? I guessed it might but he had been the one to suggest it, I was in this to learn something. Jeez, imagine all that cash.

Oh man, the thought of getting laid was turning me on. Shit, we're talkin about fucking a guy here, what was wrong with me? This was crazy, maybe I shouldn't show up? Naw, it was really all about money and I wondered when we would start making some.

I took off about seven-thirty, wanting to be the first one there. Mom didn't really care where I went in town, everybody knew me anyway and that made her feel pretty secure. I just had to be home in bed by eleven o'clock on school nights but this was vacation, I could stay out late.

I biked my way across the neighborhood, dodging down Second Avenue until I hit the main highway. I crossed at the light and cut through the back lot of the paint store. In three minutes I pulled up to the gate behind Tunny's Cove.

I chained my bike to the fence next to the smelly old dumpster and opened the gate. There were two couples doing shooters at one of the tables but no sign of Tommy ... I went on upstairs.

Good old Barry, he had left me note on the kitchen table. There were beers in the fridge, the note said, and he'd put clean sheets on the bed. He signed it Santa Claus and the postscript said he hoped I would have a good time.

Barry was a nice guy but sometimes he just went too far. My Dad had brought me in the bar when I was a little kid; Barry was just a bartender back then. We'd become close after Dad was gone and I needed a friend, I sometimes think I never would have made it without him.

I popped the tab on a brew and turned on the television. The clock on the wall in the tiny kitchen told me Tommy was already late.

At eight-twenty I heard the doorknob rattle and Tommy walked in.

"Sorry I'm late," he said.

"That's cool, I've just been here thinkin about all the bucks we're gonna make," I said. "But there's just one problem, don't you have to go back to Chicago soon?"

"Oh, I didn't tell you ... we live here now, I'm staying."

"Awesome, welcome to hell," I laughed.

Tommy walked across the room while reaching into his pocket. He produced a twenty-dollar bill.

"For the weed," he said.

"Oh, cash that check already?" I asked.

"No ... not exactly," he said.

I stared at him open mouthed. Shit, he'd been at it already.

"You mean ... " I said.

"Yeah, he was a nice guy," Tommy said. "Gonna bring us some business this weekend."

"Business ... already?" I asked.

"Yeah, there's this New Year's Eve party and we've been hired to put on an entertainment. I told him the fee was three hundred bucks and he didn't even flinch."

"Three bills," I screamed, " Holy Shit...uh, what do we have to do?"

"Only what we're gonna do tonight, they just want to watch," he said.

"I'll be damned ... that's so awesome," I said.

Tommy smiled. "That's three bills apiece too."

He sat on the couch next to me and asked if there was any more beer, I fetched us two more from the kitchen. I now owed him a half-ounce of weed but that would have to wait until tomorrow, unless Barry had any. But besides the half-dozen condoms in my pocket, I had rolled three joints of my best kick-ass weed. I handed him one of the joints and we got down to business.

"Alright, maybe we should talk about what we need to do," Tommy said.

"Like how it happens?" I asked.

"You gotta understand, these guys are so rich. You should have seen the house this guy took me to this afternoon," he said. "I mean there is some serious money here and we could make considerably more than three bills."

"I thought we were just gonna ... like you said, I was gonna screw you?" I said.

"Yeah, we can do that but there has to be more stuff for them to watch," he replied.

"Look, I ain't gonna do some strange shit, ok?"

"Come on, BJ. Just think of the cash and we'll make out big time. I just think we ought to plan this out," he said.

"You're the expert, what should we do?" I asked.

"I think we start off by taking our clothes off real slow, like a strip show thing."

"Alright, that's easy, what else?" I said.

"Well, I'll suck you off and you can jerk me off. Will you do that much?" he asked.

"So I gotta get off twice, a suck and then the fuck, I can do that," I said.

"We gotta get off as many times as we can, they'll go crazy if we do it more than twice," he suggested.

"Oh man, my poor cock," I moaned.

"Please ... haven't you done it more than twice in one day just with your hand?"

"Well, yeah ... but it takes the right stimulation, ya know?" I said.

"Trust me, that's why we're here tonight. We have three days to prepare for the show, we'll practice every day if we have to. I want all the money they have," he said.

"Damn ... you're serious?" I said.

"The bucks are out there, we just have to be willing to make it," Tommy said.

And that was the point after all, I guess I was committed. If these guys liked what we did I could see myself with a car and maybe a whole lot more. Maybe I could even get my own place, and then the fun times would really begin.

"Ok, where do we start?" I asked.

We went in the bedroom and Tommy asked me to strip. It felt awkward taking my clothes off in front of him but he started to undress too. I felt my body respond to the thought of having sex.

Oh shit, I didn't want him to think I was actually turned on by the appearance of his nakedness but my cock wasn't cooperating. By the time I got down to my boxers it was hard as a rock.

Tommy smiled, "You have to lose the shorts too, ya know."

"Yeah, I know ... it's just gonna take me a minute to get used to all this," I said.

"I'll turn out the lights if it will make it easier," he said, "but we won't be in the dark on Saturday."

"No ... leave 'em on," I said, "might as well get to see what's happening."

I sat on the bed and dropped my shorts as Tommy pushed down his jeans; he wasn't wearing any underwear at all. His cock wasn't as big as mine but he had a generous amount of hair in his crotch that traced a line up to his navel.

I noticed he was circumcised and watched as it began to swell, the head flaring out in a perfect mushroom. It was a nice cock I thought, but then why was I thinking about it like that at all?

"Oh good, you're uncut," Tommy said.

"Yeah, why ... does it matter?" I asked.

"Naw, but the contrast between us will add to the show," he said. "Why don't you lie down and we'll get started."

"Uh, before this happens," I said, "I just want you to know I still think this is weird, I've never done anything like this before."

"That's OK, just relax and I'll teach you," he said.

I lay on the bed and Tommy got down beside me.

"It's important that they think we're good at this," he said. "If you relax and just repeat the things I do we'll look professional. I know it seems strange to you, just remember what we have to gain."

I nodded in agreement and he reached out to touch me. His hands felt warm on my chest as he snuggled in close. I was glad he was so experienced, I hadn't a clue where all this was going.

Tommy raised his hands to my chest and brought his lips down to my right nipple. I felt the moisture of his tongue as he licked at my skin and my cock throbbed in response. Damn, that did feel pretty good.

His tongue worked it's way up to my earlobe and I felt the heat of his breath before his tongue went in my ear and I felt my body shudder. His long hair brushed across my face and then he was real close, his eyes staring into mine.

I was startled when his lips met mine, but they were so soft and yielding. I let him kiss me and then felt my resolve melt, I kissed him back. Oh God, he kisses real nice. Our tongues touched as my mouth opened.

My cock was jumpin all over the place now and I was surprised, it had never reacted like this before. We kissed for about five minutes and then had to come up for air.

"Whoa," I gasped, "that was intense, man."

"Just imagine all those guys watching us and wishing that they were kissing you," Tommy said. "Half the fun is knowing you won't let them have it. If we start out like this I'll bet every cock in the place with be hard as hell."

"Yeah, so like teasing the crap out of them makes it more appealing?" I asked.

"Oh yeah ... now you're beginning to understand. What we do is not as important as what they think we might do next. All we're doing is feeding their fantasies and having ourselves some fun."

"Awesome," I said," what's next?"

Tommy didn't reply but began to lick his way down my chest to my navel. His tongue felt rough on my skin and I sorta liked that. He passed by my cock and began to lick at my balls. Oh man, my cock was throbbing again.

He turned his body around on the bed and I watched as his crotch came towards me. Yeah, I guess I had to do some of the work or he might deserve a bigger share of the cash.

As his tongue worked its way up my balls and began licking the underside of my cock I reached for what I guessed was six-inches of his stiff meat. The way our bodies were positioned the damn thing was almost in my face already so I had to bring a hand up to grasp it.

As I squeezed his cock a pearly drop of liquid emerged from the slit. I ran my thumb across it and smeared the slippery goo across the flared head of his cock, feeling it swell in my hand.

By now Tommy's tongue had sought out the head of my cock and his fingers slid back the foreskin to reveal it all swollen and purple. I felt him lick the tip and then his lips closed around my head and sucked me into his throat.

"Oh man," I said aloud, the feeling was incredibly sweet. I mean Frank had done all this before but somehow this was different, I wanted Tommy to suck me.

My hand had begun to stroke his cock, producing more of that slippery juice to lubricate my efforts. I watched his natural lube squeeze out and spread all the way to the base of his cock, now I could do a proper job on him. I was mesmerized by the head of his cock flaring every time my fingers stroked across it. I'd bet he was enjoying this.

His lips traveled down my cock and I suddenly realized he was gonna take every inch, how could he do that? His mouth reached my pubes and I felt myself swell in the back of his throat before he began to back off. His suction never ceased as he slid back to the tip and then went down again to the base. Damn, this was the best.

I ran my spare hand down his back and felt him shiver as I touched his buns, his body seemed real sensitive. What would it feel like when I finally got around to sticking my cock up his ass? My fingers squeezed his ass cheeks and Tommy moaned, thrusting his hips forward and bringing his cock in contact with my nose. I inhaled the scent of his cock and felt his wet stickiness on my skin, he smelled so good.

My cock was starting to feel that tension, the pressure that always happened before I came. No, I couldn't, it was just too soon. My mind focused back on the cock just inches from my face, I wondered what he would taste like? Oh shit, why am I even thinking about that? But his cock was right there ... how about I just give it a little taste?

Before I knew it my mouth moved towards him and my tongue licked the head of his cock. Tommy responded by stuffing my cock back down his throat and his fingers dug into my buns, pulling me forward to take every inch.

Oh wow, just a single lick did that, what if I did more? I had never thought about doing it but my mouth took his cock like it was meant to be there. I pushed myself down past the head a few inches before withdrawing. The result was that Tommy groaned deep in his throat and the vibration made its way all the way to my balls.

Oh man, I'm starting to cum, he's sucking it right out of me and I can't stop. My fingers still stroked his cock and my lips continued to enfold the head but not much more.

Tommy withdrew his mouth," Oh God, you'll make me cum if you do that."

"I'm close too," I said.

He went back down on me and then grasped my balls, kneading the flesh until I knew there was no way back. I grunted as I felt the surge begin, he needed to know he had me there.

Instead I got back his groans and figured he was gonna blast off too. My cock felt like it was gonna explode and his mouth felt like a hot volcano wrapped around my flesh. I felt him tremble and pulled my mouth away just in time to receive his first blast all over my face.

I shuddered and my stomach muscles twitched as cum burst out the tip of my cock. Tommy had it stuffed down his throat and I knew he was gonna have to take it all. His second burst caught me on the neck and the third sprayed my chest. I was coated in his sperm and the musky smell was exciting me further.

I couldn't stop, cum was pouring out of me and yet Tommy didn't flinch, his mouth was stripping every drop of my juice and his throat was swallowing as fast as it could.

I felt his cum on my lips and without thinking I wiped my tongue across it, pulling it in for a taste. It was tangy and yet sweet, not bad at all. My cock had finished the purge and was settling back down to its normal semi-hardness, it would be ready again in minutes. Tommy sat up and looked down at me.

"It looks like we might just get rich, BJ. Are you sure you've never done this before?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. The BJ stands for Brian Johnson not blowjob, OK? But shit, you sure know how to suck cock," I said.

"You didn't do too badly for a beginner, how did it taste?" he asked.

"Almost sweet, not too bad," I said.

"If we do this in the show you can't cum in my mouth like that. We'll have to make up some signals so we each know when it's gonna blow. Those guys want to see our stuff flyin around; it's just a treat for them to see us covered in cum like you are right now."

He leaned forward and licked a dribble of cum off my cheek and then his lips sought mine. I tasted his cum again when his tongue went past my lips; it didn't seem to bother me. Now his kiss felt different, somehow more passionate than the first and I was wondering what this all meant to him, was it more than just the money?

We showered together and he washed my back, running the washcloth up the crack of my ass and around my balls. It was fun and I felt like a little kid again, so warm and secure.

I was beginning to understand that there really was more in this than the money we could make. Tommy's hands rarely left contact with my body and when he touched me he always got an affectionate look in his eyes. Christ, does he have the hots for me?

We toked up another joint while sitting on the bed wrapped only in towels. I was having a different take on him now, this strange Yankee boy with all the experience. His long dark hair and deep brown eyes were really pleasant to look at, was this me talking?

His chest was hairless until you got to the happy trail running down from his navel. He was skinny too, not an ounce of baby fat left over from childhood. He must have done something to have developed all those rippling muscles covering his body and making him so attractive. Oh God, I am thinking this, aren't I?

Tommy smiled at me, "What ya thinking?"

"About you, man. There's so much about you I don't know," I said.

"I won't keep any secrets from you, I promise. Anything special you want to know?" he asked.

"Why are we here?" I asked.

"To be sure we understand each other before Saturday night's little show," he said.

"But I don't think that's all there is to this ... am I right?" I asked.

"Uh, I dunno ... maybe," he said.

I slid my hand across his chest and pushed him back on the bed. I put my mouth over his and kissed the hell out of him, sucking his face until we both gasped for air. The mound in Tommy's towel was straining to burst out so I peeled back the terrycloth and set it free.

"See ... I think this is more than just a business deal for you," I said, "I think you like all of this guy sex."

"Yes, I do," he said, "does that change things?"

"Hell no, now I'll enjoy fuckin your brains out because you want it," I said.

We both laughed and I held the roach to his lips for one last toke before tossing it in the ashtray.

"So now we get to what you've wanted to do all along," I said.

"Oh yeah, and I can see you're lookin forward to it now too," he said.

My towel was pushing up fast and Tommy whipped it off me exposing my lust. He spread his legs, grabbed his ankles and a smile split his face.

"Gonna fuck me real good and hard?" he asked.

"Oh, I wouldn't have it any other way." I said.

It was the first time for me but I worried about hurting him as I snapped that rubber sheath around my cock and lay a large dab of spit on his tiny pink pucker. I pushed my cock into him and he smiled up at me as the heat of his body suddenly took my breath away.

Oh God, I had been missing this all my life, what a fool I'd been. And Tommy as if understanding this had to be the best moment of my life relaxed his muscles as I slid deep into his bowels and took him completely.

His hands on my waist urged me to shove in deep and then guided my rhythm. I pushed and pulled, plunging into the heat and back out until only the tip of my cock remained inside him. Tommy moaned with pleasure and I matched his sound with my own growl of delight.

I knew it was going to take some time before I would be able to cum again, I just hoped the boy was up for it. I held his ankles up in the air and swung my body forward, plunging into him with ever increasing fury. His head thrashed from side to side, hair flying across the pillow like a dark cloud.

Beads of sweat burst forth from the both of us at the strain of concentration and focus on that one little area of our bodies. My cock and his asshole, that's all there was for the moment and how sweet it all felt.

I noticed his cock alternating from side to side across his belly, beating a rhythm to the wet squish of my cock plunging in and out. I rested his ankles on my shoulders and reached around his thighs grasping his meat with both my hands.

"Oh shit, you'll make me cum," he said.

"Lay it on me man, make it blast," I said.

I felt the muscles in his ass contract around my cock, squeezing me tight and driving me up the wall. His body shuddered and when he came it was an awesome sight. I felt his surge and held his cock straight up to watch. A spray of white pulsed from the tip of his cock, squirting upwards and covering my chest before falling back to his belly.

I counted six pulses and felt each one leave his sphincter muscles more relaxed to my thrust. Tommy sprayed his cum all over us both; I'd never seen such a volume of juice in all my life.

The sight of his orgasm and the tangy smell of his cum all over us was really turning me on. I focused on the head of my cock, feeling his muscles contract every time I pulled back. It was time to go for the finish line and I picked up the pace.

Tommy seemed to know I was almost there and he reached up with his hands to twist my nipples. That exquisite pain took me over the top and I gasped as I felt the surge begin in my balls and come shooting out into the condom. Tommy shivered at every blast, feeling my cock throb in his intestines and the swelling pulse of each burst. Sweet mother, I have never experienced such an awesome feeling.

I collapsed on top of him, semen spreading between us and yet I didn't really care if we got stuck together. My head lay on his chest, feeling his heart pound. I had to think for a moment, this had been unbelievable.

My body had responded to the most awesome sex I'd ever experienced, and with a guy. Without a doubt, I had simply loved every second. Oh God ... does this mean I'm gay? Tommy seemed to sense my fear and ran his fingers through the sweaty strands of my hair.

"You don't have to be gay to enjoy good sex," he said. "I know you're worried about that, I was there myself some time ago."

"It was just so awesome," I said. Sitting up, I looked at his face for answers. "I didn't think I could do the things we've just done. Maybe for you it's different but I've never thought of having sex with guys instead of girls ... and now I just don't know if it matters any more."

"That doesn't make you gay, BJ. We could do this for business or pleasure and the results would be the same, we'd both enjoy it. I think you're awesome and we could have some great times but you just do it for the cash if that's all you need."

"But Tommy, I like you this way and we've only just met. The sex we just had was fuckin incredible man, it blows my mind. But what if it makes me gay?"

Tommy laughed, "It won't make you gay, either you are or not ... but it doesn't matter to me. We have something special here and I don't want it to stop. I want you as a friend, BJ. But I'd have it all if you would be my boyfriend too."

"But what about the show, if we do this won't they think I'm gay?" I asked.

"Do you really care what those rich guys think? It's only their money you should care about, business is business. But I want us to be more than business partners; I want us to enjoy sharing things when we're alone in private like this."

Now he'd said his piece and I had to give him an answer. Either we do this just for the cash or we do it for real ... for us. I'd be a dead man if anyone found out but then I didn't have any really close friends except Barry. What would he do if he found out?

He might just turn his back on me and I'd lose the closest thing I had to a brother. But Tommy was right, either I was gay or not, to him it didn't matter. He would probably be my friend any way I wanted the relationship to go; it had to be my decision.

"Don't make the decision now," Tommy said. "I think you need some time to work this out. Besides, right now we're sorta stuck together and I think we ought to get back in the shower, ya know?"

I laughed and we went hysterical as I tried to peel myself off him. Semen sure seemed to have the same properties as glue and there was plenty of it all over the place. He asked to use the toilet before we showered and it gave me a moment alone to consider things.

Tommy had touched a place deep inside me that I didn't know existed, I felt affection towards him that I only thought my mother might recognize. I had not wanted to hurt him when we fucked and yet I felt like a man when I slid into him.

What did he feel when we did that, can a man really take the woman's part in a relationship? His body had actually turned me on, his skin was so smooth and those kisses were awesome.

My thoughts rambled on and my cock responded. The smell of his semen all over me took charge of my body and I reached a hand to my stiffness and started to rub. I wasn't foolin my self now; it was Tommy I thought of as I jerked on my cock.

The bathroom door opened and Tommy stood there amazed at the sight before him ... but not for long. My hand still stroked as I saw him get down on his knees and begin to lick my balls. Oh yes,that's just what I needed. My fingers slid across the head of my cock and I bucked.

Tommy spread my legs and took my balls in his mouth. His lips enfolded me gently, stretching my nads away from my body before setting them free. They sprang back and the impact felt deliciously painful. When I groaned he did it again. My hand was goin to town when his tongue lashed across the flesh of my asshole and I almost went through the ceiling.

"Uhh ... Oh God," I cried.

His tongue took that as a positive and pushed its way into me. Oh man, his tongue was up my ass, the feeling was incredible. Without warning he began to suck on my sphincter while his tongue continued to fuck me and I went ballistic.

It was like he had pulled the trigger in my balls and cum shot out the barrel of my cock. It went several feet straight up in the air and came down on Tommy's forehead. He was covered in my juice as I blasted a final load from my already exhausted balls.

I heard him giggle and looked down at the face between my legs. Cum had plastered his hair and face, his nose was dripping with my goo. I started laughing and we hugged each other, there was so much to this boy I was learning to love.

A second shower led to a third joint and Tommy finally began to tell me about himself. Like me, he was fatherless but only because the old bastard in Chicago was divorcing his mother. He had an older sister and he wasn't sure but he thought she might be a lesbian. She sure did have a lot of girlfriends and never talked about marriage, maybe it was in the genes?

"So do you think we're ready for Saturday?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, but it won't be as much fun as we've had tonight. Remember you'll have to grab your cock and jerk it off to cum. I think we should probably practice this a few more times ... if that's OK with you," he said.

"Damn ... I guess."

"Are you sure? We only have three days until the big show," he said.

"Yeah, I am, let's do it. You know some awesome stuff; it blows my mind how you turn me on. That bit with your tongue produced the most incredible feelings ... is that what it feels like to get fucked?"

"Whoa man ... don't rush your brain in that direction. If you ever decide you want to get fucked I'll do it for you, but it's gonna take some patience," Tommy said.

"I don't know if I'm ready to go that far, but as businessmen we have to keep our options open, right?" I said.

"You bet," Tommy said. "Let's just hope they tip us real nice."

"Uh ... buddy, do we have to do anything for these guys at the party?" I asked.

"Not unless you want to, just don't plan on it. There might be some other young guys like us there but you'll have to make the decision. If it's for business then I won't mind if you do it with someone else," he said.

"Is that jealousy I hear," I asked.

"Yeah, it is. What we do for cash is wide open but I want you all for myself when we're in private ... do you mind?" he asked.

"No Tommy, I don't mind at all," I said.

We dressed quietly and he kissed me goodnight before he left. I watched him slip through the gate and went back to the fridge for another beer. What had happened tonight was still so overpowering and yet I had made a commitment to him.

It was like we were going steady and yet that was still so weird to me, after all ... he was a guy. I suppose Barry won't mind if we use his place for practice, damn, I wish I could talk to somebody about this. No, I would have to deal with this all by myself.

I got home in time to watch the Late Show with Mom but she fell asleep on the couch so I went off to bed. I stared at the ceiling for a long time thinkin about Saturday. Oh yeah, that was gonna be some party on New Year's Eve.

The sun was almost straight up when I rolled out of bed and shuffled down the hall to take a piss. My cock was standing straight up too, like it was callin my name for attention.

Oh God, this was New Year's Eve, the party was tonight and I guessed my poor cock would be hangin low before Tommy and I were done this evening. I drained it out and slapped it a few times just for fun, oh yeah this baby was gonna get one hell of a workout.

Tommy called about two o'clock to make sure I had gotten plenty of rest.

"It's gonna be a long night," he said, "are you up for it?"

"My cock's had quite a time from you the last couple of days but I'm ready to go again, I hope your ass is in gear," I said.

"Cool," Tommy said, "I'll see you about seven, dress nice and make sure it's something that comes off easy." He laughed and I knew he was psyched as much as I was.

I had told Mom that I was invited to a party and she gave me the usual drugs and alcohol speech. She knew I drank and that was alright if I did it in moderation, her words not mine. I worked at chores around the house all afternoon and then went out to the garage and pumped some iron.

It was Frank who had told me that I looked my best when my muscles were all pumped up. I had screwed a full-length mirror on the wall next to the washer just so I could look at myself during workouts.

Frank ... maybe he knew something about me that I didn't know. But he just gave me the creeps now. No way I was gonna ever get with him again, and if mom ever found out ... no way.

After an hour's labor I was covered in sweat and knew my body was at peak performance. Pulling off my wet T-shirt I posed in the mirror, disappointed at how little my body had grown in the past year. I supposed if I cut down on the smoke I could bulk up.

But my body was fine, my arms swollen and my stomach flat. I hadn't developed any body hair as of yet, except for the tuft under my arms and below the belt I was smooth as a baby's bottom. I smiled at my reflection, tossing my head back and watching all that blonde hair fly over my shoulder. Yeah man, I was a good lookin sucker.

Sucker ... did I really mean that? Christ, I was a cock sucker, thank goodness nobody knew about it. I reached over and pinched my right nipple, lowering my head and tasting my sweat from the extended tip. My cock began to swell and if I hadn't made a commitment I would be choking my chicken right about now. I sniffed, man, what I really needed was a shower.

I showered, washing my body twice to remove the stink from my workout, and then I shaved, knocking the four or five hairs off my chin. I dressed in tight white shorts and my best Hawaiian shirt, putting sandals on my feet.

The surfer look was so in right now but I felt a little self conscious dressed this way, some of my friends would have given me shit me for lookin like this. But the image was something I was sure would appeal to the rich Yankees who were payin out the bucks tonight.

I casually rode my bike through the back streets, avoiding my normal route. The six pack of condoms and the four joints I carried were stuffed in my wallet at the small of my back.

I made it to Tunny's Cove and was surprised to find Tommy already there. The sun was just starting to make its dive, the sunset still two hours away. We sat at one of the tables in the backyard.

"So you ready for this?" Tommy asked.

"I brought six condoms; does that give you an idea?" I asked.

He laughed, "Well yeah, it sure does. I hate to disappoint you but you won't be using them unless you find some action after the show. No, tonight you fuck me and blast that spunk of yours all over the place, remember?"

"Isn't that kind of ... unsanitary?" I asked.

"Oh we'll take a shower after each act, how about that?" he said.

"OK, cool. Damn, it might even be a bigger trip without anything between me and those sweet cheeks of yours," I suggested.

"Oh BJ, you sure are learning fast," Tommy chuckled.

We sat there blowin a joint and talking the nerves out of our systems, this guy named Doug wasn't due to pick us up across the street until eight-thirty. Tommy didn't know where the party was taking place, just some place that started with Del Largo or something.

"Marina Del Largo, does that sound right?" I asked.

"Yeah, maybe."

"Holy Shit, every house in there is worth millions ... good goin, partner," I said. "But damn, that's at least thirty miles from here, will they bring us back?"

"Hell yes, they better," he said. "My mother thinks I'll be home by one o'clock, I expect she'll be pissed off anyway, we might not make it."

"Yeah, my mother too. But think of all the cash we're gonna make, it'll be worth takin a little heat for bein late," I said. "Want some more weed?"

"Naw, we better take it easy ... it might be a long night," he said. He put his hand on top of mine. "I'm glad we'll be spending it together."

"Yeah, me too, Tommy," I said. "Guess it can't get much better than this?"

Doug was right on time and found us sittin on the sea wall when he pulled up in his powder blue Cadillac. Tommy hopped in first and I sat by the window. Doug seemed like a nice guy, maybe about forty and thin as a rail. He looked appreciatively at me as I shut the door gently.

"Is this your friend?" he asked Tommy, "nice ... very nice."

"Oh yeah, Doug this is BJ," Tommy said by way of introduction.

"Hi, Doug, thanks for inviting me," I said.

"The pleasure is all mine, I assure you," he laughed and we hit the road.

We took a leisurely drive north along the coastal highway, getting acquainted along the way. Doug was from New Jersey, but then I had already scoped out his accent. The house we were going to belonged to a friend of his, there would be about thirty guys there and at least a dozen of them would be our age or a little older.

Tommy had warned me that some of these guys would be real gay and have their boyfriends along. Tommy held my hand as we zoomed along under the darkening sky and I watched as Doug put his hand on Tommy's thigh and left it there.

Night had just about cloaked the ocean in darkness when we pulled up in front of the most awesome place I'd ever seen. The property sat on the ocean with high stone walls facing the highway. A huge iron gate opened when Doug punched in a code on the little keypad box that sat beside the driveway.

We drove through the opening and up a short tree lined drive to a beautifully floodlit castle. There were so many expensive cars parked on the lawn it looked like a dealership, I know my eyes bugged out at the sight. Doug pulled around the drive and parked.

"Come on boys, I want you to meet Roger before he has one too many," he said.

Tommy kept hold of my hand as we walked towards the mammoth doors to the house, I didn't mind at all, I needed the security of his touch. A butler opened the door for us and we marched into the grand entrance hall, all done up in shades of pink and coral.

There were quite a few guys standing around with drinks in hand, several of them seemed to have brought their own young friends along for the party. But every eye in the place turned as we made our entrance.

"Christ, Tommy, are they staring at us?" I whispered.

"Oh yeah man, we are the hottest thing in the place," he snickered.

We passed a huge mirror hung on the wall at the foot of the steps leading up to the second floor. I happened to glance at our reflection and could only agree with Tommy's assessment, we sure did look hot. I tossed my head and watched the hair fly, guess the fun was about to begin.

Doug led us up the staircase and we walked into a living room so huge my whole house could have fit in here. Large windows faced the ocean and I saw terraced levels going down the lawn towards the water, this place was incredible.

There was a group of guys standing over by the bar and one of them looked over at us with a smile. Tommy squeezed my hand and I snapped back to reality when I realized the man was crossing the room in our direction.

"Roger, come see who I've found," Doug said.

"Oh my ... hello boys, my name is Roger," the man said. "I'm so happy you came tonight, we need something to liven up this dreadful party."

"Oh please," Doug said, "you throw the most wonderful parties. I was just telling Tommy and BJ, that's Tommy and this is BJ. Anyway, I was just telling them about your summer cruise to Mexico."

"Oh yes, that was a fun time," Roger said. "Maybe you boys will join us next year?" he laughed. "And next year is only a few hours away, oh my."

Roger was quite a handsome man, about fifty years old and very obviously gay. He immediately asked me if I drank champagne and I said I'd never tasted it before. He put his hand on my shoulder and I looked back at Tommy as I was steered across the room to the bar.

Tommy stayed with Doug and I saw them go out the doors to the terrace as Roger was regaling me about the proper way to chill champagne. I wondered if Doug was going to try making it with Tommy, the darkness outside was the perfect spot for a little action.

"So, BJ ... may I ask, why they call you that?" Roger said, handing me a glass of the bubbly wine.

"Two reasons actually," I replied. "I have a big cock and my name is Brian."

"Oh my, aren't we the saucy boy," he laughed, "I like that. Maybe I'll show you my etchings later on, hmm?"

"Is that like paintings?" I asked.

He laughed all the harder, "Oh my, and a wonderful sense of humor too." We clinked our glasses together and I tasted the wine, not bad. Roger took my hand and pulled me into a short hallway and from there into a room lined with books. He shut the door and we were alone.

"Look, dear boy, I know you have a performance to give and all that but I'll be quite generous if we get to spend some time together later on. Would you like that?"

"Uh ... sure, Roger, you're the host," I said.

"Before we go, might I just have a quick peek at the goods, you know what I mean?" he asked.

"My pleasure," I said. I unsnapped my shorts and stuck my thumbs in the waistband of my boxers. My cock was already half hard at the suggested meeting and the hard currency he would surely fork over for my efforts.

I pushed my thumbs down along my sides, slowly revealing my pubes and then the base of my cock. I took my sweet time and Roger was almost salivating by the time my cock slipped out and popped up for his approval.

"Oh mercy me, it's glorious ... you lucky boy," he said. "All I want is a wee nibble when you and Tommy are finished ... will you save some for me?"

I pulled up my shorts and put my hands on his shoulders. I kissed his cheek and said, "Yes I will, I'll save the last bit just for you."

"Oh my, I feel faint, you wicked boy," he said. "But you're here for money and I'm sure you need it for something very important in your life, how much will it cost me?"

"Yes, you're right," I said, "the money is important, what are you offering?"

"I'm delighted to make your acquaintance and I hope you'll come visit me often, so how about two hundred, is that enough?"

"What a wonderful person you are," I said, "and you hardly know me at all."

"Oh, we'll take care of that very soon, now won't we?" he chuckled.

"Yes sir, we sure will," I said.

"Now let's get back to the party, I think maybe you and Tommy ought to get ready for your performance. I can't wait to see you ... and I mean all of you," he laughed.

Tommy was just coming across the room when Roger and I returned, the boy's face was flushed and I figured Doug had been playing games too.

"How's it goin for you?" I asked.

"God, that Doug is all hands and mouth tonight, he just about raped me out in the garden," Tommy said.

"Well Roger wants me for a little private thing after the show, how the hell I'm gonna deal with that I sure don't know," I said.

"Is he payin?" Tommy asked.

"Two bills, how could I say no?" I said.

"Doug wants the same, so now we're up to seven hundred and we haven't done a thing yet, awesome," Tommy chuckled.

"So where are we giving the show?" I asked.

"Why in the game room of course, I think it's over there," he pointed back down the hallway from which I had emerged. We walked that way and found the double doors at the end opened into a large room filled with chairs.

The center of the room held a large billiard table on which they had place a large mattress covered with clean white sheets, our stage for the evening. Several guys were already sitting in there and applauded when we walked in.

"Are you boys ready to start?" The question came from a handsome young man dressed in a waiter's outfit.

"I guess, is there a bathroom we could use first?" Terry asked.

"Yes sir, right over there through that door. I'll announce that the performance is about to begin," the waiter said. He looked at me and gave me a wink and a smile. Damn, everyone wants in my pants tonight, I thought.

We went in the bathroom and closed the door.

"Shit, this is as big as my bedroom," I laughed, staring at the gold plated fixtures.

"Are you ready for this?" Tommy asked.

"Wanna buzz first?" I suggested.

"Oh yeah, that would be nice. For some reason I'm nervous," he said.

"Me too, but then we're the only ones who know that, aren't we?" I said, firing up a joint. We quickly toked up, passing the paper back and forth until I tossed the roach in the toilet bowl. I was stoked now for real.

"Shall we?" I asked.

"Yeah ... can I have a kiss for good luck?" Tommy asked.

I embraced him and felt his body tremble as our lips met. He was soft and sensual in my arms and I felt the tension leave us both. Man, this kid was something else. I quickly stashed my wallet and keys under the sink, now we were ready.

I opened the door and the room became hushed, the place was filled with people. Someone had turned on spotlights that shown down on the mattress and as we approached the music began. Awesome, they had picked one of my favorite bands. The familiar strains of Pink Floyd built in volume as we took off our shoes and climbed up on the stage.

Tommy and I knelt in the center of the mattress and embraced.

"You know ... I love you," Tommy whispered in my ear. I hadn't realized things had gone that far between us but somehow it made sense. I held him tight and whispered back. "You're the only boy I could ever love," I said.

There were tears in his eyes as Tommy undid the buttons of my shirt and slid it off my shoulders. I pulled his shirt off over his head and bent to kiss his nipples. We lay back on the mattress and as our lips met the room and all those people went away from our minds. The pot, the music and the smell of his warm skin made my cock swell and fill my shorts. Tommy pushed me down on my back and kissed his way down to my navel.

His fingers went under the waistband of my shorts and I felt the snaps open and his hands began to push them down to my ankles. I lay back smiling in a haze of drugs and sudden warmth, all because this boy loved me.

I heard a few gasps as my cock broke free and slapped up against my belly, they were enjoying the show. Tommy slipped my shorts off leaving me naked as he lay down with his face in my crotch and his cock beside my head. Then his tongue began to work magic on my balls.

I ran my hands down his back and slid them under the waistband of his shorts, dragging them down and tossing them over my head at the crowd. My fingers dug into Tommy's butt cheeks and I began to lick his thighs until his legs parted and I sought out his cock.

Tommy spread my legs and I felt his tongue going for my ass, he knew I liked that. My lips found his cock and I kissed the head while my tongue flicked across the slit giving him shivers of delight.

I felt his tongue penetrating me and moaned in response, he responded by spreading my ass cheeks and tongue fucking me harder. I opened my mouth and inhaled his cock, taking more of it than I thought possible before sliding back to the tip. Tommy groaned and renewed his attack ... so did I.

I gasped when I felt his fingers slide up my rear, we'd never talked about him doing that but my sphincter was so relaxed it felt wonderful. His lips went for my cock and again I heard gasps from the audience as he slid the whole thing down his throat.

I felt the tip of my cock swell in his mouth, I hope he knew this was all gonna make me explode if he wasn't careful. But he knew what I was feeling and he pulled away just as I was beginning to feel the urge. His fingers were still up my ass and what I had thought was only two now became three. Was the boy thinking about fucking me?

I pulled my mouth off his cock, thinking that maybe I could go for another kiss and ask that question but Tommy took advantage of the break, turned himself around and got between my knees. I looked up at him and had my answer because his hand was still working on my hole.

What could I do, I couldn't push him off in front of the crowd, it would break the mood we'd established. The little shit had figured this out for himself already ... I was gonna get fucked.

Tommy knelt down between my knees and raised my legs. I looked up at him and he smiled so I grinned back, I would have to get even later on. I raised my ass in the air and felt Tommy's stiff cock poking around down there. I happened to glance at the row of guys nearest me and saw several of them had their hands wrapped around their own cocks, shit ... half the crowd was jerking off already.

That insistent cock poked at my hole and I raised up until I felt it begin to penetrate. Oh God, I hope this doesn't hurt too bad. I was amazed at how easily it slid into me. A brief moment of panic as I caught a sharp pain and then only excitement as Tommy's cock worked in ever deeper.

I gasped as he bottomed out and began the backward slide ... oh sweet mother, it felt amazing. There were nerves down there I never knew existed and they were all on fire. The friction of his cock in my intestines was producing an amazing heat in my gut and I loved it. Tommy looked amazed when I grabbed his waist and pulled him towards me.

"Fuck me, little man," I said aloud, "fuck me hard."

His face broke into a grin and I felt his cock slam into me, giving me what I had asked for. My cock had been reduced to small sausage as my body focused on the effects of his cock. But Tommy's hand encircled it and soon it was standing proud and ready for attention. I could tell that all this action was getting him there and I wanted to arrive at the same time, at least that was what we had planned.

I felt his body twitch as the pressure from his balls was building up, that was good, his hand was about to make me erupt. Oh God, the feeling of that cock driving in me was taking over my body. I gasped as I felt the pressure begin to start deep inside me.

"Uh ... Oh Tommy ... cumming," I gasped between clenched teeth.

"Oh yeah," Tommy moaned back.

His hand increased its tempo as I felt him slide out of me, and that change was dramatic. I missed him inside me already. I reached my hand down and stroked his cock, duplicating what he was doing to me.

"Oh God," he said and cum began to fly. His spray blasted down on me, plastering my face and neck. My first shot crashed into his left nipple as he leaned back to let go again.

I looked up to see both of us blast a load that arched across one another and landed on each other's chest with a splash. It was all downhill from there as we slowly oozed out the rest of our cum and sat staring at one another.

We both started at the sound of applause, oh shit, the audience. I had completely forgotten about them in the last few minutes, and just as well. Then Roger was standing beside the mattress.

"Oh well done, simply wonderful," he said. He reached down and gave my flaccid cock a squeeze and I smiled up at him. Soon there were others surrounding us, hands touching our bodies and smearing cum all over the place. Tommy and I just sat there grinning at one another ... we were a sensation.

The young waiter stepped forward to show us upstairs to the guestroom where we could shower. But first I ducked back in the bathroom and retrieved my wallet, I needed a toke real bad. The man carried our clothes, all neatly folded, as we paraded naked past the guests and up the stairs. Everyone was all smiles now, we were stars.

"That was quite spectacular," the waiter said. I noticed he had a slight damp spot on the front of his trousers, guess everyone watched the show.

"Thank you," Tommy said. "How long before they expect us to come back down do you think?"

"Oh give it a while, midnight is still well over an hour away and you need to recharge your batteries, well maybe you don't," he said looking at my semi-hard cock. "Simply amazing," he laughed and then we were alone.

"I'm sorry," were the first words out of Tommy's mouth.

"Like hell you are," I said. "Just when did you figure out you wanted to fuck me? You knew I couldn't stop you in front of all those people."

"I'm sorry, it just happened. Christ, your ass just opened up and I thought you could handle it ... and you did."

"Is that the way you treat the people you love?" I asked.

"No ... I'm sorry," he said. I saw his lips begin to tremble, aw shit, I didn't want him to cry. I grabbed him and he felt like a limp rag in my arms, a large cum stained rag.

"Do you really love me?" I asked, "or was that just your way of getting me excited?"

I felt his arms go around me and he squeezed me so very hard, "I do love you. I never met another guy like you," he said.

"So first I think you're into me for just business, and then I discover you really wanted to have sex with me all along and now you love me," I said. I felt his body tense up and I couldn't just keep him hanging there. "Cool," I said, "I love you too."

"Really," he said, "Oh God, that's wonderful. I was afraid you'd hate me for ... you know."

"Hell no, it felt awesome. But now I get to fuck you back and boy is your ass in big trouble," I said.

We showered and shared another joint, which left us both walking on clouds as we descended the stairs. Somehow the crowd had already gathered in the game room and I noticed that they had even changed the sheets, these were baby blue.

Clad only in our shorts, Tommy and I ascended the stage once again. The room lights dimmed and the spotlights came on to the wail of electric guitars ... Ozzy. Tommy smiled at me and then I knew he had given them the play list for our act.

I stood on the mattress while Tommy peeled down my shorts and I kicked them away into the crowd. He began licking my feet and nibbled his way up my legs; my cock bounced in time with the music and awaited his mouth. He reached my balls and sucked them in, stretching them out and releasing them to fly back against the base of my cock.

His hand encircled the base of my cock and his lips opened to take me. As I slid into the heat of his mouth I reached my hands behind his head and pulled him towards me. Holding him by the hair I pumped my cock into him, the face fuck my opening gambit.

I leaned over and hooked his shorts, pushing them down to his knees as he continued to suck. Slowly I went to my knees and Tommy followed me down, his mouth glued to my cock.

In one swift move I lay down on my side and pulled him on top, now I could remove his shorts completely and they sailed into the crowd. His cock was above me and I grasped it, pulling him down and taking his balls in my mouth. I sucked in both of his hairless globes and my teeth closed on the sac, I wanted him to know he was trapped.

Tommy gasped but never left off his intense vacuuming of my cock, my right hand came down in a loud slap across his butt and my left followed suit. I could hear murmurs in the crowd; they knew the action was different, somehow harder.

My fingers felt their way into the crack of his ass and I pried his buns apart. I released his balls and my tongue went where I never thought it would ever go. If Tommy could eat me then how could I not do the same? His body was now mine for the taking.

I plunged my tongue up into the pucker of his sweet pink hole and I felt him hesitate, then gasp as I pushed inward and my lips met his skin. I began to suck as my tongue wiggled around in his warm rectum; Tommy moaned and renewed his attack on my cock. His asshole was wide open now and I knew the time had come for me to ream him a new one.

I pushed the boy up and off me; his weight seemed a trifle as he lay on his side.

"Time to ride the pony," I said.

Tommy squatted down over me and I caught the movement as the front rows leaned over to watch my cock slide into his ass, they got their money's worth. The boy sat on my cock and squirmed his way down until he had all of me inside of him.

He groaned and leaned back, allowing his weight to give every inch of his intestines to match my cock. Balanced on his feet and hands Tommy began to hump his body up and down on my cock. I matched his down with my up until the screech of guitars came to a climactic silence and the only sound left in the room was his gasping for breath and the squish of my cock slamming into his ass.

I was really goin to town but he was in trouble, I didn't even feel the tickle of cum trying to break out, oh no ... this was going to be a royal fuck. In the position Tommy maintained he didn't have a free hand for his cock, I would have to do the honors. But the thing was all shriveled up now, his mind focused on his ass and my pole slammin into him.

I could tell the crowd was getting restless, I'd been pounding his butt for about five minutes now and that was the only thing happening. I happened to glance to my right and saw some guy sitting there. His hand was on the cock of the boy next to him, and then I looked up at his face and almost died. Oh God, it was Barry...what the hell?

My cock slid out of Tommy and he took that as a cue to change position and rolled over on his stomach with his ass in the air. I hurried to my knees and knelt between his legs. Oh shit, my cock was losing it. I glanced back over at Barry and he smiled at me.

"Go get 'em, brother," he said, "give him an inch for me."

Tommy turned his head and gasped, either because he saw it was Barry or because my cock slammed back in his hole. Oh man, Barry was gay? Damn, life sure had stood on its head since Christmas. Happy Fuckin New Year, I thought and shoved my pole up Tommy's ass.

I screwed the hell out of him doggy style and he thrashed and moaned under my assault, it made a good performance. There was a lot of cock being jerked out there and a lot of shit flyin around us, the smell had already reached my nose.

Finally I felt the pressure begin in my balls and rolled Tommy over. There were tears in his eyes, oh yeah; this boy had been fucked for real. I grabbed his cock and stroked it, feeling it swell in my hand. My eyes met his and I saw him nod, he was gonna blast off so I let him.

The spurt ripped its way out of his cock and I felt his muscles contract deep in his body, gripping my cock and holding me in. He blasted four or five good ones and I shot a few of them out towards the crowd before he collapsed.

Now it was my turn and I pulled out of him, grabbing my cock and leaning back with my head touching the mattress. I pumped myself furiously and screamed along with Ozzy as I creamed the whole front row of guys with the first spray.

I was plastered with cum as I collapsed on my back and lay there trembling. The applause was immediate and quite deafening. I felt the crowd begin closing in around me. Barry's face appeared above me and he kissed me on the lips, "Welcome to the club, little man," he said.

"Barry ... " I yelled, but he was gone.

Hands were all over my body, some scraping cum from my belly others just wanting to touch and feel my heat. I just lay there, wiped out and then I groaned. Roger would want his turn after midnight, I didn't know if I had anything left to give. I felt Tommy move and his hands grasped mine and tried to pull me up, I was unable to respond.

"Hey guys," Tommy said, "any of you want to help me take him upstairs for a bath?"

The chorus of assents was followed by my body being lifted off the mattress by a dozen hands and borne up the stairs in triumph until they lay me on the bathroom floor.

"Thanks guys," Tommy called, then he shut the door.

"Oh God, I'm wasted," I said.

"Yeah, well I won't be able to sit for a week," he replied, which only brought a grin to his lips.

"Let's take a bath," he said, "only about thirty minutes to midnight."

"What? I thought we were at it for hours?" I said.

"You should have been on my end, it felt like forever. I didn't think you'd ever cum," Tommy laughed.

We hopped in the tub and washed off the splotches of semen that seemed to be everywhere. The bath felt wonderful but time was short, soon the house would go crazy with the change of the year and champagne would flow, neither of us wanted to miss that.

Fully dressed we descended the stairs towards our waiting fans. I stopped him about halfway down.

"Oh God, I forgot, did you see Barry in the crowd, it freaked me out," I said.

"Didn't know your buddy was gay, huh?" Tommy said.

"Like you did?" I threw back.

"Who do you think invited us to the party?" Tommy said.

"What? My God, it was Barry who gave you that twenty, he was guy who picked you up that afternoon?"

"Yeah, but he swore me to secrecy, he was afraid you might stop being his friend if you knew he was gay. When he told me about the party I figured it might be just the thing to help you understand him...and see, you do. We planned the whole thing just so he could come out to you and look what happened, you came out too ... all by yourself."

Suddenly we heard bells ring and somewhere out over the ocean fireworks rose into the night sky and burst in flaming petals of red and white. The sound of party horns greeted us at the bottom of the stairs and the champagne corks flew ... it was midnight.

"Happy New Year," Tommy said as he slipped into my arms.

"I want to sleep with you," I said, running my fingers through his hair.

"What? You didn't get enough tonight?"

"No, I mean sleep, and with you in my arms."

"I can handle that," and then Tommy laughed, "That's about all I can handle right now."

"Come on, let's find Barry and get a ride home."

"What about Doug and Roger, four hundred bucks ... "

"Shut up, the office is closed ... I don't think we're in that business anymore," I said.

"Partners ... boyfriends?"

"Yeah, you and me, that's all I want," I said.

"That's all we need, screw the money," Tommy said.

"Oh, you did not just say that, you'll hate yourself in the morning."

"No way, in the morning I'll still have you."

"Yeah, you will."

"Strictly Business" Copyright © 2008 by Chris James. All rights reserved.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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