That Blond Obsession by Chris James    That Blond Obsession
by Chris James

Sexual Situations
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That Blond Obsession by Chris James

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Author Introduction
    I write about blondes too much, they've become an obsession. I suppose it goes back to my childhood and the boys I admired from afar. Our silly society jokes about dumb blondes, but most of the ones I've met were clever and sometimes devious. You and I may never have met but you can pick me out in a crowd, I'm the one following that cute blonde boy.

He was just about out the door, but he turned and smiled. I gazed at his lovely face and he hesitated, turning to look through the glass at his friends. I looked beyond him and watched as the others rode away on their bikes, he alone remained. His blonde hair flew off his shoulders as his head swiveled and he closed the door.

"My friends have gone and left me. Are you about to close?"

I nodded, unable for the moment to say the words but then blurting them out.

"Yes ... would you like to stay for a soft drink?"

"Sounds good, I am thirsty."

Fifteen minutes later the can of cola sat on my bedside table as I ran my hands down his chest and grasped his straining cock through the fabric of his shorts. The boy was positively thrusting his crotch towards my face as I pulled down his zipper. A slender lad, so pale and smooth, his young cock was delightful. I tried to be gentle but he would have none of that, his fat young prick darting in and out of my mouth.

Straining upwards he ejaculated his watery adolescent seed in my mouth. How fast the little rabbit had run the race, it was all about the orgasm.

That Blond Obsession by Chris James

Up with his shorts and out the back door into the alley, the small wad of bills from my wallet stuffed hurriedly in his shirt pocket. I watched him mount his bike and spin away from the wall, he would be back. The blondes always came back.

The taste of his reproductive juices in my mouth lingered, so sweet at that tender age. Partial to blondes, I always wondered if they did it for fun or just because they were horny and wanted a little money. But this one had been outstanding, and that reminded me of someone else.

I grabbed my keys and was soon on my way to the market for consumables. The lads were stocking the shelves this evening, my good fortune. I saw Evan down the far aisle, just a darling boy; I could almost smell the testosterone in his veins. Oh, he looked hot in that apron with his little name tag in place.

"Got a break coming?" I asked.

"Fifteen minutes ... see you out back?"

"Done ... bring the apron."

We lie in the dark alley behind the store, stretched out in the back of my van. Evan's pants are around his ankles, his cock pushes up the apron and I grab for it.

"Ah ... ah, oh ... jerk it, Sonny, bring me off."

Evan scrabbles for my crotch as I slide my head under the apron. I swallow his sweet flesh to the hilt and he groans as his hand slips into my pants and pulls out my cock. We suck each other and Evan pops off in my mouth. Great streams of his essence glide down my throat, and I know what's coming.

Evan spits out my cock and goes to pull his pants up. I grab his head and force his mouth back on my cock. My fingers crawl into the crack of his ass and go at his moist hole. His hands push at me as I pin him down and shove my hard cock in his mouth.

He sucks for a while and then pulls off to roll over, he wants it. I can only smile; we've done this a dozen times or more. It didn't take me long to figure out what he needed, and now he would get it.

He gasps for air, feigning pain when I know its only pleasure he feels. Can't accept the emotions of making love to a man, I have to take it every time. I come across his back and wipe him clean with the apron.

Evan was the only gay boy I knew at the moment. He was straight enough to be appealing and didn't seem to ever lie to me. Most sixteen years olds find lying easier than changing underwear, Evan was the exception and I respected that. He didn't live far from me; I would have to invite him over.

Six messages on the answering machine, and twice as many on my PC. I scroll the inbox and pause. There's a reply from the little monster who's been torturing me for weeks. I get blurry jpegs, naked flesh, a partial cock ... he's driving me crazy because I don't know who he is. He won't respond to my replies, maybe he can't?

Tonight it's a whole digital image. A young sizeable cock and fingers grasping it tightly. In the corner of the shot a bit of nose, an eye and wisps of blonde hair ... what did I tell you about them? But it's the background that pulls my attention, there's a calendar hanging on the wall.

I burn a copy of the picture and hurry over to the apartment next door. Larry is at work but his system is always up. I enhance the shot, pulling the wall calendar closer, cleaning up the image. The fire department logo becomes clear, the names and numbers readable ... I'll be damned.

'Littlejohn,' I type when I return home. 'You have developed nice equipment; I would like to see more. How about lunch and a movie this weekend? What say we meet at two on Saturday, corner of Millstead and 2nd Street, that shouldn't be such a difficult walk for you.' I send off my invitation and await his reply.

A window pops up ... he begins to flash his reply. I download the attachment and the jpeg fills my screen. A face, a lovely freckled face appears with the message, 'U R ON' printed on his forehead. Sweet Alan Littlejohn ... it's been a while.

Met him at a pet store up the street from my shop several years back, the boy always had great empathy for the small creatures in their tiny cages. He was so young then, too young to bed but such a pleasant diversion to gaze upon. The puppies were cute and so was this one. The relationship just needed time ... and time was now up.

Alan couldn't wait for the movie to end; he started rubbing his crotch during the previews. And what a nice cock arose in response. We left the theatre and went straight to my place for a little quality time.

The boy was not inhibited; we'd played games the first time we went out. Back then his cock wasn't grown and his asshole could barely handle a finger probe. But now his fourteen year old body was begging for release and I would never deny Alan anything.

We had sex, glorious sex ... real man to man sex. He was no longer a little boy, I felt that the minute he plunged his cock down my throat. He made gobs of cum, not once but twice, the second time in a condom shoved up my ass. My goodness, the boy was a born top man...and that got me thinking.

"Littlejohn, if I brought you another boy to fuck would you be interested?" I asked.

A smile. "What's up, you wanna watch?"

"Of course I do, you know how I feel about blondes."

And then the questions. "Is he older?"

"Sixteen, almost seventeen," I replied.

"Good, I like high school boys."

"He goes to Madison, I think. That's not your turf, is it?" I said.

"Anywhere is my turf. Does he like being fucked?"

"He's passionate, he wants to be raped ... loves the whole idea."

"Oh ... kinky, I like that," Alan said.

"I knew you would."

"He must be blonde," Alan said.

"Yes, the best ones are," I replied. "You guys share a lot of the same qualities."

"Just let me know when, I'm ready."

"You're always ready." And with that I drove him home.

Evan was dubious, he was afraid the boy would talk and I assured him Alan would never say a word, he was younger.

"You want me to sex up some little kid?"

"Evan, I assure you there is nothing little about his cock."

I watched him swallow nervously, he was intrigued. I almost shuddered at the thought of his hard body being mounted by my little Adonis. Littlejohn was the most exciting creature I'd ever met. I thought about it all week, it made things at the store seem easier.

The little blonde on his bike returned late Monday afternoon, impeccable timing, I would close soon. He asked if I had any new DVD's for sale. I kidded with him saying I didn't sell porn to kids.

"You have porn?" He asked.

"A few titles buried in the back," I said.

"Can I see one?" He asked, looking to make sure no one was near.

"I don't even know your age or your name and you ask something personal like that."

The only other person in the store walked to the counter and bought a CD, and then he left.

"I'm Neil and I'm thirteen ... is that enough?"

"I'm Sonny ... what kind of porn do you like to watch?" I asked.

"Hell, I've never seen any."

"Straight or gay?" I asked.

Neil turned several shades of red, and then deferred to me. "What do you like?"

"I like boys ... what do you think?" I asked.

"You like gay porn, that's cool."

I walked over and closed the shades on the front doors, flipping the closed sign in place. "Shall we go see what I have?" I asked and he nodded. We climbed the back stairs and entered my apartment.

He looked around as he had the first time we came up here, nothing had changed. Now he rubbed his crotch and I could see he was already erect. Neil was one of those exceptional blondes, a little hair on his body and what was there seemed almost white. His cock was good sized for his age, a slab of white meat without hair around the base. Smooth eggs in his basket, well developed cum makers.

I slid a copy of 'Boys like it Raw' in the DVD player and started it up. I walked out to the kitchen to fetch sodas and found him sans shorts when I returned. He sat there mesmerized by what was on the screen, his cock standing straight up in his lap.

This was a good film for beginners, splicing three pairs of boys going at it in different ways. Neil's young body would ejaculate with the slightest effort, a shame really. Older boys could hold out, maybe even repeat the performance. But then I didn't know what limits Neil had, but I would find out.

On screen there was sucking, two minutes later they moved to a fuck scene, and two minutes more they were into a sixty-nine. The film was like that throughout, constantly changing the stimulation a young mind might feel.

I sat down beside Neil and set his soda on the coffee table. He reached out and took a swallow, eyes glued to the screen. He sat back and reached over; giving my crotch a squeeze ... he wanted to play.

I removed shoes, socks and pants, then added my boxers to the pile, now we were undressed alike. Again the hand, only this time he grasped my stiffness and started to rub me. The scene on screen changed, two college boys, a major ass fucking. The hand paused.

"Jeez, how can they do that?" Neil asked.

"With practice it feels awesome," I said.

A smirk. "You'd fuck me if I let you." The hand rubbed again, I had yet to touch him. His head turned for a look at my cock and then up at my face. "Would you fuck me if I asked?"

I nodded. "Yes, but not today, I don't want to hurt you ... your butt isn't ready yet."

He looked back at the screen as the scene shifted to the guys in the sixty-nine position.

"I can do that," Neil said, again a second of hesitation. "And if we do ... will you get me ready to be fucked?"

"Neil, what's the urgency?" I asked.

"I dunno, I just think it's something I ought to know."

"Do you know how to suck cock?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, I do that pretty good."

"I'll be the judge of that," I said.

But he was right; he was bold, brash and a daring cock sucker. I positioned him on top so he could watch the screen as we did our version of a sixty-nine. Neil had a creative mouth which was all over my cock. I took him slowly, remembering our first jackrabbit session.

He was clean, soapy smelling clean, and that led my tongue down between his legs. Such a sweet virgin bottom, all pink and inviting. My tongue followed the crease from his balls to his anus and I plunged right on in. Neil pulled off my cock long enough to groan and then redoubled his efforts.

I licked a while and then suckled his balls, then back to the hole and so on. Neil was reacting with little noises in his throat, I found that endearing. But it heated him up and I knew he'd explode if I touched his cock.

Finally I tired of teasing him and wiggled a finger into him, sliding his cock to the back of my throat as I massaged his prostate. Neil pulled off my cock with a gasp.

"Oh shit ... fuck," He yelped and I felt his cock pulse, filling my mouth with his creamy juice. This time it felt thicker, had a definite taste ... I must have inspired his balls to give it up.

No jackrabbit this time, Neil went back down on me with gusto, rubbing the shaft and sucking for all he was worth. Such a worthy boy, I could feel his long hair flopping across my crotch. I gently licked his balls as he tried to finish me off and I gave in to the feelings.

"You got me now ... I'm cumming," I said to warn him.

His motions never ceased, he wanted it ... and so he got it. I heard him choke a bit and then felt him swallow. He'd done everything right; I guess he did want me to teach him how to get fucked and this was the payoff.

Neil crawled off and sat up, giving me a grin. "That was fun," He said.

"You did that extremely well ... lots of practice?"

"Kinda ... sorta, but what you did to my butt felt awesome. Is that gonna help me get fucked?"

"We may have to play around down there a while longer, but you seemed to accept one finger very well. When I can get three inside you then we can fuck, OK?" I asked.

"Three, yeah ... that sounds like a lot."

"You can handle it, give it a few weeks. When are you coming back?" I asked.

"Um, Thursday ... I have band tomorrow and then soccer on Wednesday ... yeah, Thursday. But then there's the weekend, are you free?"

"Um, maybe. I was hoping to set something up for Saturday evening but then the rest of the weekend is open," I said.

Neil smiled. "Got a hot date, huh?"

"Something like that ... we'll get back to our practice on Thursday."

I had a quiet dinner and worked online for a while. Tomorrow I would talk to Evan and invite him over on Saturday night. It wouldn't matter if he had made other plans; I knew he'd drop them for an evening of fun. Adding Littlejohn would make it an exciting evening, there would be two blonde beauties in my bed.

I had opened the little video and music business three years ago, the location seemed perfect. That assessment was based upon competition not blondes, the boys were a bonus I didn't realize existed. Three at one time, I was a lucky man.

The following afternoon Evan carried my sack of groceries to the van and agreed to my invitation for Saturday night. I went home and dropped a line to Littlejohn, reminding him about the time and urging him to keep his hands out of his pants for a few days; I wanted him to bring a full load to the party.

Neil was next up; I had to work him up gently. Wednesday it rained most of the day and at four Neil showed up on his bike.

"I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow," I said.

"Practice was rained out; the field is flooded so I came here." He was wearing a tight little pair of bright blue soccer shorts that showed off his bulging talents. "Can we?" He asked.

I nodded and he smiled, making his way to the back door and running up the stairs to my apartment. I laughed and locked the front door, business had been slow all day, and now I had other business to attend to.

Neil was naked when I entered the living room, but he had left his long striped socks on, how sexy. He did a pirouette and grinned.

"You like?" He asked.

"I love it," I said, and he ran into my arms.

I'd been taking my clothes off by myself for almost thirty years, now I had an excited little teenager peeling me like a banana. He sat on my lap and unbuttoned my shirt, giggling as his stiff cock poked me in the stomach. He pealed off the shirt and then slid down and off, pushing me over and going for my belt.

I sprawled on the couch as he clawed my pants off and then slid his hands under the waistband of my boxers. The moment my cock was exposed Neil lowered his head and inhaled it. I heard him snort air through his nose as he slid my cock to the back of this throat, something different, seems he'd been thinking about this.

I shifted his hips up and over my head until his balls dangled in my face. The scent of soap hit my nostrils and I pulled his ass down to my face. The creamy flesh seemed to blossom as my tongue slid into him, Neil's asshole remembered our last meeting.

I tongued him for a while and then slid him off causing him to break contact with my cock.

"What? You stopped," Neil said.

"Bed ... we're going to do this on my bed," I said.

He grinned and jumped into my arms, a squirming bundle of smooth pink flesh I gladly carried into my bedroom. I lay him down on the bed spread, his blonde hair covering my pillow. The scene reminded me of Littlejohn, he had lain there too ... a vision of beauty.

I pulled the bottle of lube out of my nightstand; Neil's eyes followed my every move. "Raise your legs," I asked.

A slippery finger met no resistance and Neil grinned. "I've been fingering myself when I jerk off," He admitted.

"You probably jerk that thing a dozen times a day; I'm surprised my arm didn't slide right in."

"Give me two fingers," Neil said.

My second digit made him squirm. "Tight up there," I said.

"Yeah, but it doesn't hurt ... try three fingers."

"Neil, let's not rush this."

"Three ... please."

I worked my two around for a while and then moved the third finger in place. It stretched him; I could see the expression on his face.

"OK, that hurts a little ... but not much," Neil said.

"I haven't even pushed it in ... how does this feel?" I asked, pressing my fingers into him.

"Oh Jeez ... that's tight ... ahh, it hurts," Neil said, and I immediately withdrew.

"We'll get there, just not right away ... OK?"

"Yeah, I believe you now ... I'm sorry."

"Sorry? Never be sorry, I'm enjoying the hell out of this," I said, and then I smiled. "I've been meaning to ask you ... are you interested in fucking me?"

Neil's face became a mask of astonishment. "Oh ... I never thought about that. Yeah, that would be cool ... can I?"

"I think it would be great fun for us both," I said.

I rolled a condom on his cock, a little loose but it wouldn't fall off. I lay on my stomach and patted my butt. "Go on, ride 'em cowboy."

Neil laughed and sat across my thighs. I could feel his cock between my butt cheeks.

"OK, here I go," Neil said.

He leaned forward and I felt him press into me, and then he kept on going. I heard him groan.

"Oh ... Jeez," Neil gasped as he hit bottom.

I had a fat little five inches buried in my butt from one of the cutest boys in the world, I was in heaven. I almost laughed as he started to pump in and out, the jackrabbit was back.

I let him go on unabated, enjoying his grunts and groans and the mumbling to himself. Neil was talking himself into an orgasm, and his body must have been listening.

"Oh ... oh yeah ... damn," Neil groaned and I felt him shudder as he erupted into the condom. It took him a full minute to stop moving after that and he collapsed on my back, shoved in far as he could go.

"Oh man, that was awesome," He said. I felt him slowly withdraw and I rolled over with a tissue in my hand for the mess. He grinned down at me. "How was it for you?"

"I love getting fucked and you did it very well, my ass still tingles," I said.

He was so pleased with himself I started laughing and he jumped on me, pinning my arms to the bed. I looked up into those deep blue eyes and saw them sparkle. What was it with me and these blonde boys? The eyes drew me in ... Evan, Littlejohn and now Neil, it was the eyes that held their charm.

But Neil was just a little different than the others, and it wasn't just his youth. Neil finally gave a sigh and leaned down, pressing his lips to mine. I was startled, then amazed, and so very pleased. I kissed him back knowing full well that this was his first real kiss and he had chosen to give it to me.

He suddenly pulled back and looked at my face for approval.

"Hmm, that was sweet, just like you are," I said.

Neil nodded. "I like you a lot, Sonny ... is that OK?"

"Sweet boy, you're so very special."

Neil grinned. "Maybe ... how many other boys do you sleep with?"

Lord, do I tell him? "There are a couple," I said. "It's like all three of you came to me at one time, I usually don't have to make any choices."

"Oh ... only two, huh? Do they ... you know? "

"Honestly, yes. Neil, I didn't plan any of this, it just happened."

"That's OK," Neil said. "I'm going to be better than they are."

I pulled him down and hugged him tight; he was already so very important to me.

I kissed him at the door; he would come back tomorrow afternoon. And he rode away on his bike with a wave and a smile, so very special.

Lord, I had two hot boys coming over on Saturday night for an evening of sexual play, something that ought to leave me drooling for weeks ... and now I felt bad about it. Developing Neil into something seemed more to my liking. He might be gay ... it was too soon to tell.

I lay in bed and remembered everything that had gone right in my afternoon with Neil, my ass still tingled; it was enough to get me off. I had been honest with him and now I had to be honest with myself ... I had a definite crush on Neil.

I could compare them, a gaggle of blondes with tight young bodies. Evan was the kinky one; I enjoyed the feeling of domination even though I knew it was what he wanted. Littlejohn ... Alan, such a sexy little brat, a tease ... and I really loved his freckles.

But Neil ... Neil had come out of nowhere and stolen my attentions with a glance and a smile. Lord, these blonde boys had such a profound effect on me and I loved every minute.

By Saturday morning I had convinced myself that I would let Evan and Alan do their thing and I would just watch. By late morning I was sorry that I hadn't invited Neil over to watch as well, and then I would have a partner for the event. I had no way to reach the boy, how foolish of me.

I closed up shop at five, locked the doors and went up to make sure things were ready; the boys were due at six. Evan was the first to arrive straight from work and I could smell his sweat, fortunately he'd brought his apron. I sent him straight to the bathroom for a shower and no sooner had he closed the door than Alan arrived.

The boy immediately proceeded to strip down and I pointed him to the bedroom to await Evan. I was just about to join him when there was a knock at the door downstairs. Neil? I could only hope.

Neil was all aglow with excitement. "Am I interrupting anything?" He asked with a grin.

"No, they just arrived ... would you like to watch with me?"

He seemed surprised. "You aren't going to...I thought you were going to get it on with them both."

"I was, but then I thought about you and I ... I just can't do that to you ... to us," I said.

Neil slid his arms around my neck and we kissed. Standing there on the stairs I knew he was the one, I could love him. I led him upstairs and he seemed nervous.

"Sonny, I have something to tell you ... I, aw shit."

I opened the bedroom door and Evan was standing there beside Alan, they both laughed when they saw Neil.

"I should have known," Alan said. "No wonder you were always late getting home."

Neil walked over and stood beside the other two. "Known what?" I asked.

Evan smiled, he looked a lot like Alan with that grin, and Neil for that matter.

"I'm Evan Littlejohn, and these are my brothers."

I looked from one to the other ... what a fool, how had I missed the resemblance? The blonde image had blinded me to the truth, they were brothers.

Neil stepped forward and put his arm around my waist. "Sonny is all mine now, I love him," Neil said.

Alan smiled and turned to Evan. "I guess he does, little bro is all grown up."

Evan shrugged. "So what do we do about this?"

Alan swatted Evan's ass. "Guess I just have to fuck you twice as much."

Evan nodded. "OK."

Neil laughed. "Well go on, now I know what you guys have been doing behind my back. Sonny and I will watch."

"That bed is big enough for the four of us," I said.

Neil nodded. "So it is."

I should have had a camera to preserve the scene for posterity. Three blondes on my bed at one time, who would believe it?

"That Blond Obsession" Copyright © 21 Sep 2009 by Chris James. All rights reserved.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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