The Trees Have Eyes by Chris James    The Trees Have Eyes
(Dusty, a Study in Voyuerism)
by Chris James

  Sexual Situations
  Rated Mature 18+

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Author Introduction
    So you live in a quiet neighborhood or do you know better? Do any of us really know who is watching us in the dark?

I was sitting on a tree limb, not the most comfortable place to spend an hour, but I wasn't going to miss my chance again. My balls were going numb and my boxers had become wedged up the crack of my ass. I reached a hand down into the front of my camo pants and rearranged the package, ahh ... the relief. Damn, where were they? This was the fourth night I had climbed up here to see if I could catch them doin it.

The mission, as I liked to call it, had started out as usual when I told my parents good night and yawned. Heading off to my room in the basement I had slipped out of my regular clothes and into full mission gear. The camouflaged pants and T-shirt were a little warm for the month of July, it was still in the upper seventies at night.

But it was part of the plan and the mission had become everything. I applied the camo paint to my face and the back of my hands before checking myself out in the mirror. Yeah, looking good. I tucked my long blonde hair up under the forage cap. Now I was ready. My backpack contained the additional supplies I would need. The small plastic sandwich bags and my dad's video camera were all there ... time to go.

I slid open the window and crawled out into the flowerbed, sliding the storm window shut behind me. My eyes adjusted to the darkness around me and I looked up at the starry sky. The moon was low on the horizon and that was good, I would be in the shadows anyway.

The target was only two blocks away and I slipped through the neighbor's yard to keep out of the dim wash from the streetlights. A dog barked but I was already two yards over before it charged the fence, raging at the empty shadows where I had been only moments before.

I pushed through the pine trees bordering the back of the townhouse development and came to the base of my selected perch. The maple tree was about forty feet tall and had a fullness that caused the upper branches to spread out over the roof of the townhouse at this end of the row. I began my climb.

I was almost twenty-five feet in the air when I came to the branch that had been my lookout for all these nights, it was slightly above the level of the bedroom window. As usual the drapes were open and a light from somewhere to the right bathed the room with a dim glow. I could see the bed right there in front of me, maybe a dozen feet away through the glass. The headboard was on my left and through a doorway on the other side I could see a large walk-in closet.

I unpacked the camera and checked the battery charge, the meter said full. I hung the camera by its strap from the limb above me and aimed it out towards the bed. Through the lens the view was limited to the bedspread and the doorway beyond, this was perfect, now all I had to do was wait.

I was real good at waiting, but my anticipation of what I was going to see unfold before me made my cock shift in my pants. I recalled the first time I had hidden away to wait and watch, my very first mission.

I was thirteen that summer and Jerry Peterson had dared me to hide out in the girl's locker room after swim team practice, a challenge I readily accepted. The locker I chose was at the end of a row looking into the showers, from there I would get to see 'it' ... whatever 'it' was.

Jerry hadn't been too specific, 'it' could mean breasts, butts or even some ... That thought made me shudder, I wasn't doing this to look at girls was I? No, I did it because Jerry got a boner every time he thought about naked women. I just wanted to be able to tell him what it looked like, that ought to lead to something.

I had studied the lockers in the men's room, discovering how the mechanism worked. I would need a small screwdriver to lift the latch to get out when I was done and to jam the door so no one could open it. Being discovered was out of the question.

I had slipped out of practice early and walked down the hall past the men's locker room. The hall was deserted as I slid myself through the women's locker room door. I was feeling confident as I slipped into the empty locker to wait, this was all so easy.

I had been hiding about ten minutes when the girls started pouring through the door. Through the slits of the air vent in the locker door I saw them begin to stand under the showers. It was funny, but none of them took their suits off, damn.

By twos and threes they walked past my hideout towards the lockers to undress. I craned my neck to the right to see through the vent and could only make out a few of the nine or ten-year-olds taking off their suits. Shit, I wanted to see the seniors. You know, the ones with all that hair between their legs and the big tits. I had to be able to tell Jerry something.

The sound of voices soon faded and the place seemed empty, I was listening to be sure before I popped the door. It seemed like the coast was clear and so I lifted the latch but it wouldn't budge. I twisted the screwdriver and it slipped from my fingers falling to the floor of the metal coffin with a clang. Oh shit, I was trapped.

The space was too small for me to reach the one implement I needed to open the door, uh oh. I was just about to panic when I heard the sound of the locker room door open and the rumble of a trash cart rolling across the tiles. The janitor, he would let me out, but then I hesitated. What could I do to explain my presence?

I was sure the pool was probably closed by now, the last of the swimmers and their parents gone home. My bike was chained to the rack outside but my parents would panic if I didn't show up within the hour. The cops would come looking for me.

The janitor pushed his cart into the bathroom and I got a look at the guy as he passed me by. I'd never seen him before so he had to be fairly new, a good looking college boy.

I saw him dump the paper towels out of the waste can in the bathroom and look around the shower area. He walked back towards me and shut a few of the open locker doors. He reached the end of the row and hesitated looking back my way, did he sense my presence? I saw him reach into a locker and pick something up off the shelf inside.

His hand came out of the locker holding a pair of girl's underpants and he smiled. I watched as he fondled them with both hands, bringing the small white garment to his face and sniffing. Oh gross, I wondered what he smelled on the fabric, could it be ... oh yuck.

He licked his lips and then sat down on the bench facing my hiding place. A hand crept to his crotch and he began to rub. Shit, he had developed a huge bulge in his pants, was that his cock? I felt a bead of sweat roll down my face, it was getting warm in here.

The boy unzipped his uniform pants and undid his belt. Slowly he slid his underwear and pants down, dropping both items on the floor. Holy shit, his cock was huge. With his feet on either side of the bench he grasped that enormous cock and began to stroke it as he leaned back against the wall.

My own cock was stretching out the front of my bathing suit and I hoped he couldn't hear my heavy breathing. I was pouring sweat now but couldn't take my eyes off the guy's cock. The head of his cock was huge, it was an awesome sight.

He spit on his hand and spread the moisture along the shaft of his cock as he stroked. I heard him moan and felt my cock twitch in response. I didn't dare touch myself down there, the slightest move might make a noise and bring attention to me.

The guy was really stroking his meat now and I watched in amazement at the expressions on his face as he jerked. I had only been playing with myself for a few months and knew how good it felt to pop a nut but this guy was going crazy. Every move of his hand seemed to make his body twitch and jerk, damn, he was really getting into it.

His moans quickly changed and I watched as his mouth fell open and he gasped. My cock was feeling weird ... and I knew what that meant. Something was gonna happen ... and soon.

Tilting his head back the boy slipped the panties over his face and I watched his tongue lick at the thin fabric. He brought his feet up on the bench and spread his legs, I could see his big pink asshole. His right hand was grasping his cock as he slid his left hand down to his butt. I watched a finger disappear up inside his ass and his body jerked in response.

Damn, my whole body was trembling now and my knees were shaking. Suddenly the boy gave a mighty groan and held his cock straight up in the air. A huge amount of cum sprayed out and flew up towards the ceiling. Oh wow, it looked awesome as he sprayed that white stuff all over the place.

I suddenly felt a trickle of something spit from the tip of my cock. Damn, I had cum and I never even touched it. The warm spermy mess oozed through the front of my suit and began to run down my leg. My knees trembled as I felt another spurt leave my cock and then another. It had never felt this awesome before.

The janitor cleaned up his mess and washed his hands in the bathroom. He put his pants back on and whistled as he rolled the trash cart towards the exit door, the panties now wadded up in his pants pocket. The locker room was quiet once again and I gasped for air. What an experience.

I tried to grasp the screwdriver with my toes. After a few clattering attempts I managed to secure it and bring my leg up until my hand could grasp the tool. I fumbled at the door and finally felt the latch give way, the door swung open.

Riding home that night, with the squish of a cum laden crotch to remind me of what I had just seen, I began to realize something. It wasn't the girl's panties that turned me on, it was the college boy and his big cock. It was a moment of revelation ... and not the last I would ever have.

The tree branch was hard under my butt so I slid the backpack under me as a cushion. It shouldn't be long now, the dial of my watch said it was eleven-fifteen. I imagined when the news was over on television they would be coming up to bed, and I could watch them fuck. Oh yes, tonight they would fuck and I would have a grandstand seat to watch.

A trickle of sweat worked its way down my forehead from under the hat and I wished for a breeze. I chuckled to myself. But not like the breeze that had almost knocked me out of that tree a few years back, that was a hurricane.

I'd been visiting my cousins in Florida when the hurricane stuck giving us three days of high winds and gusting rain. My cousin Tommy and I had been climbing out on the roof every night to have a smoke, I was fourteen then and he was twelve. We were sleeping in the same room and thought cigarettes were the big thing, the forbidden fruit of adult-like behavior.

The second night we were out there in the freshening breeze, long before the storm really came ashore, but it was still pretty strong. I had taken a pair of binoculars with us. Glancing at the backs of the houses across the way I noticed the drapes were open on the house two doors down.

As I watched, a naked woman passed in front of the window. I handed the glasses to Tommy and told him to look at the window. He almost fell off the roof when she came back and just stood there. I smiled as Tommy began to rub the front of his shorts ... he was game.

The following night we had carefully positioned the ladder my uncle was using to board up the house. Tommy and I climbed down into the back yard and crept over the fence. Finally we stood in the yard where the woman lived.

I wasn't particularly interested in the woman, but I was excited about Tommy's cock. Just this morning I had slipped out of bed and gently fingered the lump at his crotch under the sheet. Tommy's cock had stiffened and he moaned in his sleep. It grew nice and stiff...he was ready to play. I hoped this little mission would be the trigger to set him off.

We climbed the slick branches of a grapefruit tree in her backyard. The wind was pretty strong up here and the steady patter of rain hitting the leaves began as we settled in to watch. It was warm outside so a little wet didn't disturb us, but the wind was moving the tree around pretty good.

A light came on in the bedroom and Tommy laughed. The woman crossed the room and began to undress. Tommy grasped my arm in excitement as she got down to her bra and panties, then a man came into the picture. She sat on the bed and unsnapped her bra. I looked down and saw the head of Tommy's cock poking out the leg of his tight little shorts, he was hung pretty good.

The man appeared naked and the woman reached out and grasped his cock. I'd never seen oral sex performed before, this was a first for both of us. The guy had a long cock but she seemed to take most of it in her mouth quite easily. I wondered if I could do that, I sure wanted to try.

The woman got down on her hands and knees on the bed and the man entered her from behind. Tommy already had his hand on his cock, slyly pulling on it as it lay alongside his leg. I guess he didn't think I would notice. It didn't matter, I would do him a favor later.

The tree was swaying around in the breeze, the rain coming down harder and Tommy was slowly jerking himself off next to me. I watched the guy shoving his cock into her receptacle and wondered what it would feel like to get fucked. That's when a gust of wind hit us and I lost my grip on the branch.

I slid almost halfway down the tree before I managed to grab a passing branch. I was hanging by my arms when Tommy tumbled down above me. I held on with one hand and grabbed him with the other, stopping his fall. He was hanging by his arms but his knees were on my shoulders. I looked up and saw his cock dangling in my face. Aw, what the hell. I opened my mouth and sucked it in.

Tommy squawked but I felt his cock stiffen. I had never managed to suck anyone else's cock before, no one had ever let me. Tommy really had no choice at this point, my mouth took firm control on his cock. The taste of his flesh thrilled me, and the smell ... oh yes, the smell of his crotch was overwhelming.

The wind and rain were all but forgotten as I swallowed his cock and heard him groan. And in all, it really took no more than a minute before Tommy squawked again and I felt his cock pulse in my mouth.

A nice gush of cum poured down my throat and it tasted so sweet. I sucked hard, stripping the last ounce of sugary liquid from it before I let it pop out from between my lips.

I braced my legs against another limb and pulled Tommy down beside me. He looked at me in amazement and then smiled.

"Thanks, Dusty", he said ... and that was it.

Well no it wasn't actually. Tommy and I spent the rest of the storm groping each other by day and night. He was the sexiest boy I had ever encountered. I had my first fuck with him, and he with me, we both loved it. I left for home the following week and never got to tell Tommy how grateful I was for the experience.

I saw a shift in the light through the window and John came into the bedroom. John Stuart Langley was the guy's name. I knew that because delivering his morning paper had been my job for the past two years.

Ever since my experience with Tommy I had been hot for this guy, he didn't even know I existed. No, maybe that was unfair, he had always been nice to me, but I was just a high school kid and way too young for his attentions.

I squirmed on the limb and watched the lights come on beside the bed, John began to undress. I turned on the camera and sat back to watch. His friend came into the picture, a tall blonde with a narrow waist. John exchanged a few words with the guy and now both of them were undressing.

I called the other guy Ralph, not because that was his name but because I had to call him something. I saw John laugh and Ralph playfully slapped his ass, pushing past into the closet. John peeled off his briefs and I saw that cock I loved so much.

Twice I had seen them almost fuck on that bed but their sex play had been light and they had orally pleased each other. I had brought the camera to capture the big moment I was sure would happen tonight. Just the thought of being able to replay the moment over and over on my VCR gave me an erection, just like the one that swelled my crotch this very moment.

Ralph walked back into view and reached out a hand to grasp John's stiffening cock. His mouth soon followed and John grasped his boyfriend by the hair, shoving his meat down the guy's throat. Damn, this was exciting to watch.

I unzipped my pants and freed my cock to the warm night air. I looked at John's cock sliding in and out of that mouth, it looked like he had at least eight inches of meat there. Ralph had a smaller cock and that was good, I knew mine was almost like John's.

John interrupted the blowjob and lay down on the bed so he could suck on Ralph, they continued together. Oh I hoped they would fuck this time, I desperately wanted to see John in action. Not that Ralph was unattractive to me, but it was John I had been fantasizing about.

I thought of this mission as a preview. It was a study just to see just how John did it so I would learn to know what he liked. My cock started oozing and I felt the pre-cum smear down my cock as my fingers spread it around. Then I remembered the plastic bag and slipped one out of my shirt pocket.

John was over top of Ralph now and their mouths were locked to each other's cocks. My fingers closed around my cock and I began to rub up and down in the slime. Damn, John had a nice ass, I wondered if he ever liked getting fucked? Ralph was definitely the passive one in their relationship, I was envious of him but then I had my reasons.

Ralph had raised his legs now and John put his face down and started licking between the cheeks of his lover's ass. I knew about such things but had never done it myself, I would gladly have stuck my tongue up John's ass if he asked me to. My cock was responding to the slide of my hand, I wanted to cum for him.

Oh John, please just look my way and I'll give it to you, oh please ... but he didn't. My hand was working faster now and I spread the bag open and slid it over the end of my cock. Oh shit, John. I'm cuming for you.

My first blast of cum sprayed against the wall of the bag and John kept eating Ralph's asshole. White gobs of my sperm coated the inside of the plastic and I slowly squeezed out the last drops as Ralph nibbled on John's cock.

For the moment my cock lay limply across my leg as I zipped the bag shut and stuffed it in my pocket. Come on John, fuck him ... I had to see it.

John was doing pushups on Ralph's face, his cock damn near embedded in his lover's throat. His face was still between Ralph's ass cheeks and I knew he was getting that hole ready for his entry. How long could it take? John sure looked like he enjoyed tonguing that hole.

There was a pause and Ralph rolled over on his stomach ... this was it. John positioned himself and I saw how long and stiff his cock was. Wow, something like that would probably hurt me. Oh yes, John could hurt me all he wanted. My asshole began to tingle as my cock began to rise again.

John's cock moved downwards and I saw him hesitate. Ralph said something and John smiled before shoving his cock between those cheeks. Ralph jumped and an expression of pain crossed his face. Oh man, hurt me John, I'd love to feel that pain. My cock was stiff again and my hand began to stroke.

John was going straight in, pushing himself right into that ass until his body came in contact with Ralph's buns. Oh shit, he was fucking the hell out of that ass. John was moving faster now, stroking his cock in between those cheeks and nailing Ralph's ass hard. I rubbed my erection until it began to hurt, then I spit on my fingers and grasped it again. Oh fuck me John, fuck me, fuck me.

Ralph was thrashing around under the onslaught of that cock. I saw John reach for the guy's hands and pin him down. Oh yeah, he liked it rough too. John leaned over and sank his teeth into Ralph's shoulder. I could almost hear a scream of pain and John laughing. Fuck me John ... fuck me. My hand whacked the hell out of my meat. I had only one desire left, I wanted us to come together. It was too much to hope that he would pull out at the end and spray his cum all over Ralph's back, but I prayed he would. I was starting to get that tingle in my balls again so I reached for the plastic bag.

I could see that John was getting there too. His mouth was open, chest heaving as he gasped for breath. Oh to hear the sounds in that room. The smack of John's body slamming into that ass, the wet squish of his cock in that hole.

John said something and my eyes read the words right off his lips ... he was cuming. My hand raced up and down the shaft of my cock, pounding it furiously, I had to get there with him. Ralph had his head thrown back, his mouth open. I guessed he was feeling like his ass was on fire from all that friction. Oh if it were only my ass. My hand sped along and I spit again for more lubrication.

I was just beginning to feel the rush of cum boiling up from the depths when John pulled out of Ralph's ass. Oh fuck ... yes, do it. John's hand sought out his cock and pumped furiously, I matched his tempo. Oh shit ... here it comes.

Great spurts of white shot from John's cock, spraying all over Ralph's buttocks and back, coating him with spermy goo. And as he came John turned his head towards the window and looked right at me. I groaned out my love to him. Uh, uh ... here it is for you, John ... and my cock erupted in the bag.

My balls felt like they were going to fall off as my hand pumped out the huge load. Oh I came hard, just like John ... just like he had cum for me. I grasped my cock and squeezed the remaining drops into the bag and felt my balls begin to ache. Zipping up the bag I dropped it to the lawn far below.

John and Ralph were kissing now but I had seen enough. I sat there a while as John masturbated his boyfriend and Ralph's climax was nothing special but I let the camera run anyway. Finally they got up from the bed and went about their regular bedtime routine.

I packed up the camera and slipped it in the pack, I was ready to climb down. John pulled his boxers back on and then suddenly turned towards the window. I held my breath as he walked up to the glass. He couldn't see me I was sure. But I leaned back into the shadows of the tree and tried to melt into my camo gear.

John stood there, staring out as if he could almost feel my presence. I blew him a kiss good night. He finally turned away and the lights went out. I began my descent.

I picked up the little plastic bag filled with my cum and headed towards the parking lot. John's massive pick up truck sat in the first parking slot and I slid the bag under his windshield wiper.

He would see it there in the morning and wonder why. Surely he would recognize the contents. Maybe he would even open the bag and smell my essence. Whatever he did I was sure he wouldn't tell Ralph. It would continue to be our little secret until Ralph was gone ... and then ... then I could become John's lover.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The Trees Have Eyes-2 (M/B)
(More adventures with Dusty)

I slammed my return back across the net, tipping the inside foul line and scoring the point. Mr. Fowler, my tennis coach, ran up to the net with his tongue hanging out. He was a pretty nice guy, just a little out of shape to be playing with high school boys.

I was also pretty sure tennis wasn't the only game Fowler wanted to play. The buzz around the locker room was that he had come on to several boys on the senior team last year. I suppose tennis jocks were a little more liberal than say, the football team. Fowler would have gotten his ass kicked if he'd pursued a footballer. Maybe he had considered that and chosen tennis as a safer playground. Either way, I wasn't interested in him, but he sure was in me.

With practice matches over, the team walked back to the locker room. A dozen boys, each with their own style and grace. I knew that Steve Parks was gay, why didn't Fowler check him out? Not that Parks and I have ever done anything but it takes one to know one.

The team showers after a practice and Fowler is right in there with us. He always stands down at the end of the shower room where he can watch the cocks swing. He's discreet but I know his eyes are on me. Parks is like that too, only he always manages to stand next to me so he can eyeball my crotch.

The Trees Have Eyes by Chris James
Dusty, our main character

I still have blonde hair to my shoulders, its been that way since seventh grade. Parks has made several comments about how it must be so hard to manage. Shit, I imagine he would just love to run his fingers through it. I like Parks but I won't go out with him. No, there is only one guy I'd ever let ravish my sweet little ass?and he doesn't seem to know I exist.

John Stuart, I can never get enough of saying that man's name. He is probably about thirty-two years old and the handsomest man I know. I've been watching him from afar for several years now. OK, I've been spying on him.

He has been my recurring fantasy during endless bouts of masturbation. I imagine him kissing me with his sweet lips as I run my fingers through his dark wavy hair. Staring up into his deep green eyes, my legs wrapped around his waist as he plunges his long cock up my boyish ass. Dreams, nothing but fantasies guaranteed to make me blow my wad every time.

The reality of it was that I still deliver his morning paper. My favorite moments with him have occurred on Saturday mornings when he isn't working. I sit on my bike and watch him wash his pickup truck. He likes to wear these skimpy little cutoff shorts that show off his tight buns. Oh, his ass is to die for. As he runs a soapy rag down the side panels I stare at his shirtless torso and that incredibly beautiful ass, the whole time my stiff cock presses into the folds of my newspaper bag.

Oh, it isn't like I didn't know the most intimate details about the man. I've watched him screw his lover a dozen times or so. For two years I've climbed the tree behind his house and watched through the window as John plowed his boyfriend a new asshole. Oh yeah, I know a whole lot about John and so far it has gotten me absolutely nowhere.

My fantasies about doing away with his lover have come to naught. The guy's name is actually Brian. I suppose that short of murder I have no clue how to unseat Brian and slide into his place. I've even stopped climbing the tree and watching them make love, it's just too torturous? Besides I took lots of video during the early months of my observations.

All right, I guess this sounds like I am stalking the man, but I'm not. I took the videos so I could study his methods of lovemaking. John is truly awesome in bed, he can fuck forever without busting a nut. But all this talk of John is giving me a stiffie and I have to hit the showers with two perverts watching my every move.

Fowler passed out the towels and retreated to his office to undress. For some reason Parks wasn't around either as I moved towards my locker. A small piece of folded paper lay on the floor next to Parks' locker, so I stooped to pick it up. It's a piece of lined notebook paper and I begin to read the words written in purple crayon.

" I've loved you from the first moment I saw you. The curve of your neck, the shape of your thighs, the perfection of your beautiful cock. Meet me, ten o'clock on Saturday morning at the bell tower outside the mall. Love,S."

Shit, I looked around but the other guys were undressing, seemingly unaware of the bombshell I held in my hands. S ... who? Damn, was it Samuel Fowler? Where was Parks anyway?

I stuffed the note in my pants pocket and stripped for the shower. Once under the hot spray I started thinking. It couldn't be Fowler, that would be insane. Leaving a love note to a student might cost him his job. But had it been for Parks or me?

One by one the team finished showering, dressed and left the locker room. I was the last one out and still no sign of Parks or Fowler. I glanced at the office door as I left, it was firmly shut. I was halfway to the parking lot before I remembered it was Friday and I needed to wash my uniform.

I descended the stairs to the locker room doors only to find that they were now locked. I put my ear to the crack and heard the distinct sound of water running in the showers, something odd was going on here. I hurried down the hall to the laundry room and pushed open the small hatchway to the towel room. It was a tight fit but I wriggled through and landed in a bin of wet towels.

Cracking open the door to the locker room I heard someone giggle down the hall in the showers. I knew that voice, it was Parks. I hugged the wall and slowly approached the entrance to the showers. Somewhere I remembered that if you didn't want to be seen looking around a corner that you had to lie on the floor. Lying on my chest I scooted my body forward until I could peek around the corner.

Parks was naked and draped across a wooden chair under the spray of a dozen showerheads. His round little bottom was in the air while Fowler was on his knees and very busy eating that little asshole for all he was worth. Holy shit, look at the size of that man's cock.

Parks moaned loudly as Fowler stopped licking his butt hole and stood to insert his huge cock up the boy's ass. How the hell was he going to fit that thing into Parks? From where I lay I could see Fowlers butt cheeks tighten as he pushed into Parks' ass, his huge balls swinging back and forth.

Parks gasped and looked like he was trying to pull away but Fowler held onto the boy's slender hips and drove himself in to the hilt. Parks cried out that it hurt but Fowler reached a hand around and began jerking the boy's cock.

Parks began to moan but I couldn't tell if it was from pain or pleasure. That big cock was steadily pumping up his butt, better him than me. Suddenly Fowler pulled out and I saw his cock begin to spray his spermy juices all over the boy's back and get washed away down the drain.

Parks groaned with delight as the coach's hand kept up the steady pull on his cock bringing the boy to a blasting orgasm. My cock was about ready to blow but I knew it was time to duck out before they discovered me. I stopped in the towel room just long enough to pump my load into the wet towel hamper before climbing back through the hatchway.

On the drive home it occurred to me that these two had probably been developing this for a while. If this was true then they had been very careful about it. Damn, I was envious. Hell, I even knew they were going to meet the following morning. I wondered where they would go to have sex again?

Sitting at the dining room table with my folks and my two younger sisters I kept having flashbacks of that shower room scene. I went to bed early and played back my favorite video of John and his lover going at it, comparing it to the shower scene. I wanted to know what it was like to have a big cock up my ass and so far all my plans had been frustrated.

I looked at the note again. Why couldn't someone have written this to me? And what if I had received something like this out of the blue? Would I have gone to the rendezvous? Maybe I would but I sure would be scared, what if it was all a cruel joke? Hell, I didn't even know anyone I could talk to about this?

Then the thought hit me like a ton of bricks. I did know someone and his name was John Stuart. Of course, this was the perfect way to tell him I was gay and see how he reacted. But what of Brian, he would probably be jealous of some young gay kid coming out to his lover, I know I would.

But I had to try. This infatuation had been going on too damn long without results. If John rejected me then I would have to dump the whole thing and find another man.

I watched John's face and body on the television screen. No, it had to work, he was just so perfect. The picture jumped around a little and for the umpteenth time I realized that the tree had been shaking as I masturbated to the scene of John and Brian screwing. Pretty soon I hoped this would all be history, John would be plowing my asshole instead. I ended my night with an eight inch dildo up my ass and a towel soaked in my cum. I was one frustrated little boy.

My alarm went off at four-thirty, giving me time for a quick shower before cycling down to the corner to pick up my newspapers for delivery. The folded note was burning a hole in my pocket but I kept a slow pace on my route, no sense in finishing before John as up and about.

I wheeled through the townhouse development so I could get a glimpse of John's place. I noticed that Brian's car was gone and that put a smile on my face. I hung out at the top of the court where I could see John's pickup parked in its slot. Where was he? It was just before eight, time for John to wash his truck ... but no John. Oh God, what if he had left with Brian? I had to find out.

My knees shook a little as I walked up to his door and rang the bell, too late to back out now. There was only silence from inside. Shit,he was gone. I turned to walk away when I heard the deadbolt snap on the door. John peered out and shook the sleep from his eyes. I had awakened him.

"Oh,hello, Dusty," he said," What time is it?"

"Oh,uh, I'm sorry Mr. Stuart, it's eight o'clock."

"Stayed up too late last night. I'm sorry, come on in."

John turned away from the door and I noticed that he was clad only in a pair of blue boxers. I watched his tight ass as he lead me into the kitchen were he plopped down at the table.

"I didn't mean to wake you, Mr. Stuart," I began.

"It's ok. I overslept, want some coffee?"

"Uhh, sure, can I make it for you?" I asked.

"Yeah,that would be nice. The coffee is on the counter and the filters are in that little cupboard beside the refrigerator. Thank you, kiddo, it's been a bad week for me."

I busied myself with making the coffee and wondered what he meant by a bad week, I didn't dare ask. Maybe this wouldn't be a good time to show him the note and play my little seduction game.

But with a cup of coffee in front of him, John seemed to come alive. I sat across from him and studied his face covered with a few days stubble. He needed a shave and a shower real bad. Not that I found his odor unappealing, to the contrary. In his present state I found that I just wanted to lick his nipples and slurp up the sweat from his armpits. God, he was turning me on.

"So, Dusty, what brings you here this morning, am I late on my payments?" "Oh no, sir ... I just ... "

Oh shit, I was losing my courage, this wasn't going to work. But somehow I had the note in my hand and I unfolded it and handed it across the table. John looked down at the paper, his eyes traversing the lines of printed crayon and then he looked up at me.

"My, my, this girl sure seems to have a thing for you. Congratulations," John said. He smiled at me and handed back the note. The ball was coming over the net at me, I had to return it with style.

"Uh, see?it's not a girl, it's a guy. And, uh, I don't know what to do," I stammered.

"A guy?" John said, "Now that's unusual."

He stared at me, the silence hanging around us like a shroud, then he smiled.

"So why are you showing this to me, Dusty?"

"Well, I think ... see, I know this guy and I'm not interested in him."

John sipped his coffee slowly, his eyes never leaving mine. Oh man, say something, help me out here I wanted to scream. He set the cup down on the table and leaned back in his chair.

"All right, let's stop playing games, shall we?" John said. "You obviously know I'm gay and you think I might be able to help you, is that where this is going?"

"Yes," I gasped, we were making progress.

"Or maybe I've been wrong about the charming lad who delivers my paper every morning. Maybe the paper boy has been checking me out for some time and finally found an excuse to walk into my life."

"Uh, yes ... maybe," I murmured.

"I see. Well you sure chose an interesting time to do it," John said. "I'm flattered, Dusty, I really am. But it seems you've come at the wrong time. My boyfriend for the past four years just packed his bags and left me this week. Gone off to the big city to discover himself he said. Personally, I think he's just gone away to play the slut and will come crawling back in a few months."

"And will you take him back?" I asked.

"Would you?" John replied. "No, I think Brian needs to see what happens to the unfaithful in this day and age ... they get shunned. I won't have him back, he may be infected by then and I'm not going to risk my own life for a slut."

"Didn't you love him?" I asked.

John stared at me and I began to see tears form in his eyes. I was sorry to have asked at all.

"I suppose I did, we shared a lot more than the bedroom. But he must have needed something I couldn't give him. I'm sorry, Dusty, we shouldn't be talking about this."

"I ... I love you, John," I said.

He smiled. "And how many men have you said that to?"

"None, honest," I said. "I've been looking at you since I was in ninth grade. There have been no others."

"Oh, I guess I should feel honored. But, Dusty, you need a relationship with a boy your own age. You need to discover the wonders of love slowly and explore the feelings for yourself. Young guys with older men never seems to work out these days, we have so little in common. Hell, look at me, I'm a mess right now."

"I don't care. I think you're wonderful just the way you are, the handsomest man I know."

"And so I guess you're the one who's been leaving me those presents under my windshield wipers?"

I blushed at the mention of my small tokens of affection. I'd forgotten about leaving him those little plastic bags of my ejaculate to ponder over every time I spied upon his lovemaking. Damn, he must think I'm a fool.

"I think it was sweet, although maybe a little reckless," John said.

"I'm sorry, maybe I should just go."

"No, why don't you stay and have breakfast with me," John said. "Besides, we haven't settled the issue of this note you showed me."

"I'm sorry about that too. It's a fake, it wasn't meant for me at all."

While he made us some French toast, I told John all about Parks and Fowler. We laughed at the image of the shower room sex and the secret relationship that these two had to maintain. If only John would accept me ours wouldn't have to be secret at all, I had been legal now for two months.

I carried the dishes to the sink and rinsed them off. John put his arm on my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek. I turned to him and hugged his bare chest.

"I could be real good for you right now," I said. "Won't you even give me a chance?"

"And why would you take a chance with me?" he asked. "It seems we both need to know a lot more about each other before saying yes to anything serious."

"I'll wait however long it takes, it can't be any worse than all the waiting I've already done," I said.

Part of me was heartbroken that this wasn't going to happen right now, but I finally had hope, someday it just might. John leaned over and kissed my lips, I clutched him tighter still. The kiss was meant to be brief but he lingered, savoring the feelings he had so recently lost. My head became dizzy with excitement and my cock rose to the occasion.

I could feel John's hardness pressing against me, he had to feel me pressing back. He pushed on my shoulders and we stood apart. He glanced down at the bulge in my shorts and I stared at his face, not daring to look down at his boxers. I hungered to see his cock sticking out at me, but I didn't dare. John swallowed hard.

"I suppose that must cause you some pain. Oh, man, Dusty. You're such a beautiful boy, I can't help myself."

"Then don't say no, take me to bed and fuck me, John. Please."

I could see the leaves in the tree outside the window of his bedroom. The dream had finally come true; I was here with the man I had worshiped for so very long. I felt his hands caress my bare thighs and reach under to lift my bottom off the bedcovers. His lips met my stomach and he kissed me tenderly before taking my cock in his mouth.

The warmth of his tongue brought shudders of delight as he swept it down my shaft and engulfed me whole. I had wanted to ravage him but John had denied me that, telling me that he wanted to prove what loving him would mean. I couldn't tell him I already had all his most intimate secrets stored on videotape hidden away in my closet wall. I let my mind blank out those images. I wanted to feel them as if each precious touch was a new and unknown quantity.

His mouth encased my balls and he lifted me higher, spreading my legs and rasping his tongue across my virgin hole. Oh yes, I had never given it to anyone and now it was his for the asking. My mind reveled at the thought of the pain his intrusion would cause, I trembled in anticipation.

John's tongue pushed against that soft yielding flesh and plunged into me. The sensation was electric, firing the ends of every nerve in my rectum. He was preparing me ... I was going to get fucked.

I opened myself to him and John's tongue was replaced by the tip of his cock pressing into me, sliding into the heat of my body. I gasped and moaned, clasping his arms as he leaned into me, his cock pushed ever deeper as if testing my mettle. Oh the pain was exquisite, so sharp, allowing my mind to feel every inch he invested in the depths of my bottom.

John was slow but deliberate; I saw none of the roughness I had witnessed with his other lover. I already knew he had incredible staying power; he could plow a row for miles before blasting a load. He picked up the pace and I locked my ankles behind his back. I could feel his fingers entwined in my long hair and I tossed my head to feel the pain of his grip.

There were no words exchanged between us, just the passionate lock of our eyes and the heavy sucking of breath between our kisses. The squishing sound of his latex covered cock pounding in my ass was accompanied by my groans of delight. A veritable fucking symphony of lovemaking.

My own cock had long since shrunk into oblivion, overpowered by the slamming action of John's cock in my ass. I began to smell the funk of his unwashed body and leaned my nose up to his armpits to inhale the essence of his sweat. I licked his nipples and tongued the beads of moisture off his chest hairs, he growled with delight.

I began to feel his cock swell inside me, the cum laden moment was fast approaching and I didn't want to miss anything.

"Pull out and come on me," I begged him.

John gasped several times and quickly withdrew his cock. I felt the void like a slap across the face. He roughly pulled the condom off his cock and stroked himself furiously. I leaned forward towards the swollen head, opening my mouth to receive his gift and he came.

His sperm sprayed in my mouth and across my face before my lips could leap the distance and seal themselves around the head of his cock. He filled my mouth and I swallowed, gulping his juice, savoring the smell and taste of his thick creamy essence.

He grasped my withered cock and pulled it towards his mouth, as his tongue brought it slowly back to life. He sucked my cock and squeezed my balls and within seconds I shot my load down his throat. My body was on fire, my ass quivered and my balls ached. It had been a spectacular fuck. Our first ... but hopefully not the last.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The tree service arrived just this morning and I watched them cut down that lovely maple behind the townhouse. John and I lived together now, loved together, and no one was ever going to spy on us through that bedroom window. Dreams can come true.

"The Trees Have Eyes" Copyright © 2008 by Chris James. All rights reserved.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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