The View from My House by Chris James    The View from My House
by Chris James

Sexual Situations
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The View from My House by Chris James

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Author Introduction
    I hope the reader is as engaged with life in the American Southland as I am, for here we go again. I'm what they call a "transplanted Yankee" here abouts, not always a generous description. The life here is slower than with our northern cousins, but life has a quality not to be missed. The trials of youth here are no different than anywhere else, they just might be a little harder.

Picture a small college town, green lawns, well kept homes, a place where everyone would like to live. My house sits at the end of a long park known as Parson's Green. A hundred years ago traveling preachers used to set up their tents on the Green and give the town a dose of fire and brimstone. But now there are soccer games and the crack of baseball bats across the Green, this has become the New South.

Gaston County has always held a certain charm for me. About ten years ago I went away to school in the north but when that was accomplished I returned here to open my practice. Oh yes, the sign out front says 'William Beatty, DDS.' I'm the new dentist in town.

The house on Willow Street has been in my family for generations and now its mine. I live and practice in the old homestead. My folks have retired and moved to sunny Florida. Dad used to run the local hardware store while Mom whipped up prize winning pie recipes in the kitchen.

I'm still a single man which has some of the old biddies in town concerned for my well being. It also causes unmarried women to speak to me at the grocery store. I appreciate what they would like to do for me, but I'm not interested. My life at the northern dental school was filled with hours of intense study, but I had my share of social activity too.

It was there that I discovered my preference for men. I could never speak about this here in Gaston. The town is too conservative and in my own life I've seen what they can do to people who are different. I recall a school teacher who ended up in the hospital, but I really don't want to retell old tales.

My practice is filled with townsfolk. Some I like and others I don't. But it's a business after all and so the welcome sign applies to everyone. It gives me a chance to see people with their guard down. Dentistry makes people uneasy since no one wants to have their teeth worked on.

Among my clients are some pretty good looking college boys with the usual small time emergencies that can't wait until they go back to their homes. I treated one boy last year because he insisted on opening beer bottles with his teeth. A bad idea on his part which finally caused him some real pain from a broken tooth. But you don't want to hear about that now, do you?

I figured that amongst three thousand college boys there had to be at least a few gay ones and maybe I'd get lucky. What I didn't expect was that I found my first gay boy in an entirely different category.

His name was Bobby Sommers and I had gone to high school with his oldest brother. Bobby had been one of my first patients, a bothersome wisdom tooth. I couldn't help but notice that he was a real looker, but I also knew he was only fifteen. Figuring all the girls would be onto him, it came as quite a surprise when he revealed his true feelings.

The View from My House by Chris James

Lawyers have something called attorney-client privilege and some doctors have that aspect to their practice as well. But I've never heard of a dentist being put in the position, until now that is.

A chipped tooth brought him through the door one Friday afternoon just as I was about to close for the day. I examined the damage and told him a cap was the first recommendation I could make.

"So Bobby, you need to ask your mother what she wants me to do."

"Ok, I'll have her call you on Monday. What if it starts to hurt more this weekend?" He asked.

"It probably won't, it's just a little loose right now. But if you find it unbearable I'll be around the house this weekend. You just come on over."

"Yes, sir, I sure will."

"Can you tell me how it happened?" I asked.

"Uh ... maybe," He replied. "But I got to ask you something first."

"All right," I laughed, "Ask away."

"Doctors can't talk about things, you know, things that patients tell them?"

"You're talking about client privilege, I assume. Not sure that extends to dentists but I'll make an exception in your case. But, I warn you, if you murdered someone I'll have to call the sheriff."

I chuckled at the implication that Bobby could be a murderer. Little Bobby, all of five-five and maybe a hundred twenty pounds soaking wet. I'd love to see him soaking wet, he was very cute.

"Naw, I didn't kill nobody," Bobby said. "But if this was to get around I might get myself killed."

"That serious?" I asked. "Then I promise I won't tell a soul anything you say when you're sitting in my dental chair."

"Well, about the tooth. I chipped it on someone's belt buckle."

"Belt buckle? I'll bet that hurt. Did someone hit you with it?"

"No, see that's the secret part, you can't tell nobody. Uh, it's hard to say this, Doc. I was up at the University library and this college boy came over to talk with me. He seemed all right and so we went into the bathroom and locked the door. He wanted his cock done and so I got on my knees but as he undid his pants the belt buckle hit my tooth and the chip fell out."

I don't think a heavy dose of Novocain would have made me feel any number than I did at that moment. Bobby was on his knees to suck cock? He was looking up at me, waiting for my judgment of his actions, my critique of his morality.

"You'll have to be more careful next time, Bobby" I smiled at him, my best noncommittal smile.

His mouth came open revealing that chipped tooth. "You know what I was gonna do, you understand?"

"I heard what you said, Bobby. I can't pass judgment on you, it's your business. I do hope you were going to use protection against disease."

"Condoms, yeah, I got those."

"And what made you tell me this? You could have made up some story ... "

"No sir. I just feel comfortable with you, Doc ... I trust you."

"And you had to tell someone, is that it?"

"Yeah, I never told anyone about this before."

"I wouldn't think so. Is this something you want to talk about further?"

"I dunno, why should we?" Bobby asked.

"I think if this is something you want to continue doing then maybe you need some advice about the dangers."

"You an expert or something?" He asked.

I thought about it. Yes, maybe I was or at least the closest thing to it he'd ever met. But this meant giving myself away and not just because I thought he was cute and desirable, although he was all of that.

"I'm the expert because I'm gay," I finally said.

"No ... really?" Bobby said.

"Yes, and let's hope you don't plan on telling anyone."

"I won't, promise." Bobby said. "You're gay." He said it and I watched his eyes. He was looking at me differently now. "Wow."

"It took me a lot of years before I could say that honestly. It's not something I could have said about myself at fifteen, I didn't know back then."

"You mean you never?"

"No, I didn't. Look at this town, Bobby. It's gotten better but ten years ago they would have shot me for being a pervert. But don't think its all right now; you're putting yourself in serious danger. How could you do it with some strange college boy?"

"He came on to me, Doc."

"But how did he know you were interested?"

"I go to the library and sit in one of the chairs near the psychology books. They have some stuff on gay issues and I just choose one of those books to read. Guy sees what I'm reading and wants to talk about it. One thing just leads to another."

"So this wasn't a first experience?" I asked.

"Not really, I've been going to the library for a while. I wanted to read up on the gay scene, the sex thing just happened. This would have been my second college boy. And yes, I did use a condom the first time, so did he."

"That's a good thing. So where do you suppose we should go from here?" I asked.

"We could have sex to see what its like?" Bobby suggested.

"Probably not one of your better ideas," I said bluntly. "I'm just trying to be honest. I don't want to hurt your feelings. But the age difference, you're a minor and I'm not looking forward to spending time in prison. Besides, even college boys should be off your radar, what about peer experiences?"

"You must be kidding, here?"

"No, you're right. That would probably be a disaster."

"I know. When I was younger it was all sort of playing around stuff. The only kid I ever got serious with doesn't live here anymore. College boys are usually from out of town and have different attitudes. What else can I do?"

"I suppose you could wait like I did. College opened up all kind of possibilities for me."

Bobby slid out of the chair and threw down the little examination towel I had hung around his neck. "I have no more patience for waiting, Doc. College is four years off and I'll be a total nut case by then." He started towards the door, angry and frustrated.

"Bobby, wait," I said. He stopped at the door, his back turned but I could see the slump in his shoulders. Walking up behind him, I put my arms around his body and gave him a squeeze.

"We don't know each other that well but I'm willing to be your friend. You need someone to talk to and so do I. Let's go about this the right way. Things will work out."

He turned in my grasp and wrapped his arms around me. I smelled the conditioner in his hair and felt the heat of his face as he pressed against my chest. I ran my fingers through his curly brown locks and felt his body tremble.

He pushed away to arms length and I saw the moisture in his eyes. The emotions were running high, we both felt it. I leaned over and kissed his cheek, thinking to comfort him. Instead he started sobbing and ran out through the waiting room and left my front door standing wide open in his escape.

It was a completely unrealistic situation. I couldn't have a sexual relationship with a fifteen year old and survive in this town. The boy was right, four years was just too long a wait for someone whose hormones were raging. He would take chances to have sex, in the library and other places. It was likely he would be caught and there would be hell to pay.

I knew his father had died in a construction accident when Bobby was a tyke, I had been there to comfort his brother. Now his mother worked as a secretary at the lumber mill. His siblings all married and moved away. Bobby was alone now and I was feeling guilty. Was I guilty because I'd said no to a very desirable boy? No, that was just common sense. I was sure there had to other boys in town who had gay feelings. I wasn't convinced Bobby was totally gay, just inexperienced.

I spent a quiet evening at home and spent every minute of it worrying about Bobby. His deep green eyes and soft brown hair haunted me as I crawled into bed, it was no use. I masturbated thinking about him placing his warm face against my chest.

Saturday morning I read the paper and drank coffee. It was a day to do some yard work and so I went to the shed for a shovel and wheelbarrow. Turning the soil in the flowerbeds didn't appeal to me but the flowers sure loved it. I was toiling away when I looked up across the Green and saw Bobby tossing a football with an older boy.

The older one wasn't familiar but he looked nice with no shirt on, in fact they both did. Then it hit me, this must be Mr. Belt Buckle. Bobby had brought the guy around to show him off. Was this supposed to make me jealous?

I shoveled and they tossed back and forth. I couldn't hear what they were yelling to each other, it didn't really matter. Finally they stopped the game of catch and stood talking for a while. The older boy laughed and patted Bobby on the head before turning and walking away towards the college campus.

Bobby stood there a short while, looking occasionally in my direction when he thought I wasn't paying attention. Finally he stopped the pretense and came across the grass towards me. I stabbed the shovel into the soil and took off my gloves.

"Good day for exercise," I offered.

"Yeah, sure," Bobby replied. "Maybe you guessed but that was my college boy."

"Your college boy? Oh, the belt buckle?"

"Yeah. He just blew me off, you saw that, didn't you?"

"I wasn't sure ..."

"I told him how old I was. Just trying to be honest with him and it backfired, now I have nothing. Oh well, life's a beach. Want some help in the yard, Doc?"

"Sure, Bobby, that would be nice."

We shoveled and raked for what seemed like hours, working our way right around the house. I admired him for his tenacity and for the way his muscles rippled when he moved. His body was great to look at, very desirable and so dangerous.

By lunchtime we were both covered in sweat and hungry enough to eat a horse, I offered sandwiches instead. Elbow to elbow with him at the laundry room sink we washed off the dirt on our hands.

"That was fun," Bobby said, "What's next on your list?"

"I usually do laundry on Saturday. Maybe dust a room or two, this old house is so darn big it's a wonder my mother could keep up with it."

"Can I help out?" Bobby asked.

"Ok, don't you have anything better to do?"


"Good. You have dirt on your nipples, young man," I said reaching for a paper towel. I passed it under the running water and wiped across his chest. Bobby looked up at me and then grabbed my head. His lips pressed against mine. A little too hard but nice, I kissed him back. One look down told me his cock was hard and thrusting towards me. I wrapped my arms around him and we hugged. The feeling of that hardness pressed between us made me uncomfortable but I was determined not to notice.

His face was against my chest again, my chin resting on the top of his head. He sighed. "You really know how to make me feel special," Bobby said.

"You are special ... and dirty. How about a shower before lunch?"

I was being bad but I couldn't help it. I wanted to see all of him, touch him, and love him. Bobby took my hand and dragged me towards the rear of the house and my bedroom. I was just unbuttoning my shirt when he shucked out of his shorts and stood naked before me.

"You like my body, Doc?"

His flat stomach, shapely thighs and tight buns, oh yeah, his thick hard cock, I liked it a whole lot.

"You make me horny," I admitted, stripping off my pants and revealing my erection.

"Then we better take a cold shower," Bobby laughed, knowing it wasn't going to be like that.

I soaped him and he soaped me. I sucked him and he sucked me. There, we had done it and that was behind us. He sat in my lap as I lay in the tub, the shower raining down on us both.

"I love you, Doc, I really do," Bobby said.

"Call me Will, the doc thing is history between us."

"Don't ignore what I said, I love you."

"You don't know me well enough to be in love. Maybe in time...oh bullshit, go ahead and love me, I want it. I've lusted after you from the moment you sat in my chair. Just you understand that I'm in shit up to my neck with this."

"No one will find out. I'll do yard work for you, clean your house, wash your car. I'll make everyone understand that you're too busy to do those things. Let's say you're writing a book, no one will suspect a thing."

"You'll have to date girls next year or blow the whole image."

"Do I have to sleep with them? I couldn't get it up for a girl, Doc ... Will."

"We'll think of something."

"Speaking of something, is that your cock poking me in the ass?"

"Probably. That's something we haven't discussed," I said.

"I've never been fucked ... wanna try?"

The grass on Parson's Green has never looked better and neither has my garden. The flower beds are overflowing with bright colors and not a weed in sight. My home is a happier place now that Bobby has moved in. His mother, bless her heart, passed away during the winter but not before giving me full custody of her sixteen year old son.

The townsfolk have been kind to us both. To them I am some kind of hero, taking in a poor boy that just lost his mother. Bobby is doing well in school and has even dated a few girls. One even offered to sleep with him but Bobby put her off by saying he wasn't going to sleep with a girl until they were married. After that he now has lots of girls who just want to be friends. As for marriage, Bobby has no plans in that department ... unless it's with me.

We live comfortably together and life in Gaston County goes on as it has for hundreds of years. Except in our little town where the dentist fell in love with a boy and his chipped tooth. I should probably cap that darn thing someday.

"The View from My House" Copyright © 29 Jan 2009 by Chris James. All rights reserved.
    This work may not be duplicated in any form (physical, electronic, audio, or otherwise) without the author's written permission. All applicable copyright laws apply. All individuals depicted are fictional with any resemblance to real persons being purely coincidental.

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