Hunter at Sea by Jevic    Hunter at Sea

by Jevic
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Hunter at Sea by Jevic

Rated PG 13+

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    Hunter, a high school junior, fell into the trap many young closeted youth fall into. He fell in love with his best friend. After finally overcoming the unforgiving torture of fear of rejection, Hunter tells his best friend Jesse that he is in love with him. Hunter gets what he has feared, abject, undeniable, heartbreaking rejection, along with a punch in the face as an explaination mark. To escape, he signs on to help deliver a sailboat to the Florida Keys. What follows challenges Hunter's experience, his endurance and his heart. And Jesse can only watch and wait from afar.

Chapter One

Chapter Two
"Certainty of Truth"

Chapter Three
"Throckmorton Island"

Chapter Four
"Declaration of Intention"

Chapter Five
"Not Gonna Happen"

Chapter Six
"He Said, He Said"

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

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